Company Dominated Cuckolds
Chapter 1: The combined plan of mother and son

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: The combined plan of mother and son - Following suggestions from a memebr on here. A on going story jumping 25 years ahead from the story entitled ELEANOR'S DESCENT. where George is now married but still liking to be a cuckold, unbeknown to him his son plans to do just that.

For the back ground story of George; you may like to read Eleanor's descent as this high lights his acceptance of being a cuckold. The tale I am going to relate now takes place 25 years after the above mentioned story.

George is 48 years old now; married to Stella 44 years old with one son Jonathon nineteen and had been running his own financial advice company for 12 years. Stella stands five eight tall medium build with average sized tits; 36 C; whilst Jon is six foot tall slim build and a seven and a half inch cock. Stella was aware of George's past when they married but was happy that he was trying to be the alpha male even if it was sometimes not enough.

This year though George had experienced more than a few problems; his company had gone bust and his public liability insurance whilst paying off most of his creditors had left a £50,000 shortfall so he had remortgaged their home to pay off the last of the bills. He had been lucky to find employment as an accountant at a well known firm; but he missed the excitement of working for himself.

Whilst the pressure of his business going bad had been happening; he had began to neglect his marital duties to his wife and unbeknown to him his son had stepped in to that role willingly. It had all started when George had to go away to sort out some problem with one of his biggest clients; Stella had been hitting the bottle feeling unloved by George and one night almost pissed she had been laid naked on her bed and temptation got the better of her for she started to fuck her cunt with the wine bottle; one thing led to another and her moaning had reached a peak which had disturbed Jon's sleep.

He had gone to investigate the noise and had witnessed his mother's debauched act but instead of being disgusted he had been turned on and had begun to stroke his hardening cock through his pants. His mother seemed to pass out with the bottle still stuck up her cunt and he had foolishly gone up close to examine her cunt. He took the bottle from her open soaking cunt and she had opened her eyes and grabbed him. She devoured his face in kisses and in her drunken stupor had managed to get her hand around his cock and refused to let it go till it had been fitted into her cunt.

Jon slid his cock into his mother's gaping cunt and began thrusting thinking she probably would not even be able to feel him in her drunken state; so he was shocked when she began grunting and gasping as her orgasm hit her. Over and over he slammed his prick in as he fucked his mother's sopping cunt; until he felt the tingling in his balls which preset his own spunk blowing climax. Even when his cock spurted its load into her cunt he continued slamming into her as he satisfied his own deep seated lust.

Thinking his mother would never remember this anyway he decided to fuck her and get it over with; he was wrong on two counts; firstly he was not prepared for the thrill he experienced fucking her and secondly she did remember it the next morning.

For at breakfast he had come into the kitchen to find his mother slouched over a coffee; but as soon as she saw him she was on her feet and her arms draped around his neck as she slobbered on to his chest her deep felt thanks for the fucking he had given her last night. Of course there were some regrets but the excitement and passion outweighed any of that and they decided that they would continue to be lovers as long as it hurt no one. Jon asked how could she accept his continued fucking when she was married to his dad; Stella sat Jonathon down and explained about his dad's past and how it had been a great struggle for him to continue to act as the alpha male just for his son's sake.

She hinted that Jonathon should now become the alpha male of the household and make his dad happier. It was strange but to Jon it made sense what she was saying; he had often wondered why his dad had been only too happy to do as his mother had said even though it was not really in his own best interest; now he understood and could see the sense. Jonathon kissed his mother full on the lips and as he did so he slid his hand up her night gown; when his hand came into contact with her panties he suddenly pulled back from her and demanded she remove the offending items. Shocked but smiling as she realised it was just Jon's way of letting her know he was going to take charge of the home and the woman; even if the woman was his mother.

Quickly she raised her night gown and allowed Jon to see her slip her panties off; even more so she enjoyed the thrill of showing her shaven cunt; Stella thought to herself that with the thrills she got from showing her cunt to her own son she surely must be at least a little bit of an exhibitionist. Now with her knickers around her ankles Jon's mother stood waiting for his next command; he turned and told her to drop her nightgown as he did not want to look at her horny fuck slut of a cunt. Shocked by his language Stella dropped the hem of her nightgown and moved to get her son and lover's breakfast; she simply stepped out of her panties and passed her son; she was rewarded with a sharp stinging slap on her arse.

Jonathon sat at the head of the table and demanded coffee; Stella meekly brought him his cup of coffee and almost regretted doing so for she was grabbed and put over her own son's knee; her nightgown was raised over her arse and she had to endure six sharp slaps with the flat of his hand. In between each slap she had to apologise for not being topless to serve his coffee and promise to do better in future. Stella immediately did as she was told and to be honest she did sound genuine and truly sorry for not knowing his wishes. He for his part began to feel great with this power over his mother and began to wonder how far this new found dominance would actually go.

He toyed with the idea of making his mother serve him and two or three friends a meal and drinks for an entire evening whilst naked; no he thought that would be too easy; maybe she should be topless with a carrot shoved up her arse and aloud buzzing vibrator up her cunt. Imagine the embarrassment when his mates asked what the buzzing was and her havening to raise her skirt and bend over open legged to show them.

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