I'm Eighteen
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Brother, Sister, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John is fresh out of high school, no longer a boy but not quite a man. Not certain what to do with his life, but he knows what he wants. Typical of most of my stories, Incest themed. Hopefully I'll finish this time, but I'll be very slow to write. Please be patient.

I use to be the most popular guy at my high school. With a different girl on my arm every day, and a guaranteed date lined up for each Saturday night. A busy schedule that had me make love to at least three girls per week, as I moved from one willing partner to another, and romanced at least two thirds of the female portion of my graduating class.

But I haven't had much luck with girls since I finished with high school. Not since I broke up with Carly, and after I caught her cheating on me. When I went to see her late one night at the restaurant that her father owns, and where she works as a waitress. After I told Carly that I wouldn't be able to come over, because unknown to her, I was scheduled to see someone else that night.

But my other date ending up being a bust, and so I decided to head over and surprise Carly. But it was me who got the surprise of my life, when I found Carly in the kitchen, and being fucked up against the counter by her own father. A rather large man, who was steaming like a freight train at full speed into his daughter's pussy, and while she obviously enjoyed every second of it. With her arms around his thick muscled neck, and with her legs spread wide to his sides.

I watched in silence as they both came, and then I quietly left by the open front door. I'd get over Carly. Home to bed, and my memories of past conquests. Not my first connection with Incest, as I've personally witnessed the taboo art before. A night of passion that had me underneath my girlfriend Debra. Who rode me on her bed for quite a length of time, and before we were interrupted by her little kid sister.

A freckle faced runt who handed Debra a cordless phone, and said it was their mom calling to check on them. The girls' mom being in Tahiti with their new step dad, who Debra had confided in me was making sexual advances towards both sisters. A man who had even gone as far to say that he wanted to be the first to cum inside both of his new step daughters, and right in front of their own mom.

But he was already too late for one of the two sisters, as I had taken Debra's cherry a few weeks before. This was just our third time together, and Debra allowed her younger sister to stay in the room after she hung up the phone. As we resumed making love, and while the thirteen year old girl laid beside us on the bed.

An innocent enough session that saw the young girl strip down, and play with her own pussy. Until Debra invited her kid sister to sit on my face, and so I could see if both sisters tasted alike. Like fruit right off the vine. What began a not so innocent threesome, as Debra kissed, and made out with her younger sibling. A night that ended with another ruptured hymen, as I drove my cock deep into the younger girl, and while Debra kissed away the tears from her sister's face.

A second lost opportunity for their new step dad, and another scratch on the post of my bed. Though I haven't seen either of the two sister's since that night, almost one year ago, and the rumor is that Debra is seven months pregnant with her step dad's baby. But at least I had been smart enough to pull out of the two tight pussies. Where I watched a cum swap take place, as both girls lapped up my cum, and until both their pretty faces were shiny with my sperm.

Sarah was my last girlfriend, and the one I took to the high school prom. Who broke up with me after we graduated, and after she decided that she's now strictly a Lesbian. Of course, Sarah and I have been in several threesomes, and so I already knew of her strong appetite for pussy. But I never expected her to break up with me, or leave me for another woman. A genuine heartache that was worsened when Sarah immediately began dating my sixteen year old sister.

Sarah and Jenny have actually been best friends for years, and ever since first grade. Though I had no idea that my sister is into other girls. Or maybe she's also bisexual, and like most girls I know. Even my friend Jessica has a desire to be with another woman. For at least one night of passion, as she stretches the boundaries of her sexuality, and tastes another woman's pussy for the first time.

Jessica and I don't consider ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. We're simply best friends, and happy to leave it as such. Though she does give me the occasional blowjob, and we have been regularly sleeping together for the past several weeks. With neither of us dating, or seeing someone else. What hasn't been a factor for me since Sarah went gay, and my overall attitude went right into the toilet.

Jessica hasn't been dating since she caught her former boyfriend with another man. With a quick phone call to me, and a night that left Jessica crying on my shoulder. I moved into her apartment, and into her bed the very next day. But we still don't look at ourselves as lovers. It's just a convenience for both of us, as we turn to one another for support, and while I attempt to help out with the rent.

But it's still nice to wake up, and find a hot young body at my disposal. An eighteen year old beauty with a pair of C cup tits, and a tight little figure beneath. A beautiful young woman who is quick to take my cock into her mouth, as she looks to bring me pleasure, and before we both go our separate ways in the morning.

Part of a ritual that has me on top of Jessica, as she spreads her legs for me, and allows me to cum in her beautiful bald pussy. With no condom between us to diminish the feeling, as Jessica allows me to cum all the way inside her. My early morning fuck toy, before Jessica takes her pill, and heads off to work. While I ponder what to do, or if I should even get out of bed. A lack of interest, and energy to do anything. But I know I can't stay here forever, as I put on some clothes, and head back to the house where I spent most of my early life.

I don't listen to much older music, but for some reason Alice Cooper's song, I'm Eighteen, really speaks to me. Almost like it has been written specifically for me, and somehow based on my life. Though I suppose all teenagers experience just as much confusion in their lives. As we try and decide what course to take for the future, and what career paths to follow. Or simply whether or not to put jam on their peanut butter toast in the morning.

Sometimes it's the small decisions that really stump you. As I scan through our local newspaper, and while holding onto the knife and jar for an unusually long time. And all under my sister's very impatient glare. But after awhile I decide to take at least one small chance in life, as I cover my toast, and prepare to try some naturally sweetened preserved fruit.

"I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen asleep, big brother."

"Shut up, Jenny. Or better yet, blow me."

I half expect my sister to say something smart. Like, fuck you, or, give me a magnifying glass and I'll try to find it first. And I can clearly see the smile begin to form as the retort is generated inside her tiny pea of a brain. But our Mom breezes into the kitchen before Jenny can get her mouth open, and just like that the opportunity is lost. As the words become stuck somewhere in mid chew, so all I'm rewarded is a rather nasty smile, and a quick look at her pink tongue.

"Be a lady, Jenny, and don't stick your tongue out at your brother."

"Fine. But the big twirp deserves it."

"Now I'm sure that's not true, and you should show support for what your brother is doing, while he's looking for work."

"Thanks, Mom."

"That's alright, honey, I love you. And what are you planning on doing today, missy, besides making faces at your older brother? And are you even going to get dressed?"

Mom is taking note of Jenny's attire this morning. Or lack of attire, what is typical for my sister, as she sits with legs completely exposed, and only a pair of panties on below. A light blue this morning, and what I might call Robin Egg. With a t-shirt so short that I can clearly see all of her midriff, as well as the very bottom curve of her where her breasts take form. All of which I first noticed when my sister first walked into the kitchen, and what gave me a very nice erection below the table. Especially as I thought of some not so brotherly things that I would like to do to my own sexy sister.

"You know I hate it when you prance around the house in just your underwear, young lady."

"But it's only you, and Johnny in here? And can I have Sarah stay over tonight?"

"No, you most certainly may not. You know I don't approve of you and Sarah, and I certainly don't want that girl sleeping in your bed."

"But, you allowed Sarah to sleep in Johnny's bed, and when they were dating!"

"Yes, but that was different, and they were practicing healthy heterosexual sex. Now I have to go to work, and your brother is in charge until I come home."

"But Johnny doesn't even live here anymore, and why should I take orders from him?"

"Because your brother is older and wiser, and that's enough out of you this morning, little missy."

That wipes any remainder of a smile from Jenny's face, as she looks from Mom to me, and then down to the half eaten toast in front of her. And now I'm the one who's smiling as Mom kisses each of us on the cheek and heads out the door to work. Which leaves me to continue my look through the help wanted ads in the paper, as I try and find a way of generating some badly needed income.

"So, do you have to go out anywhere, Johnny?"

"Nope. I'm here all day, sis."

My sister is quite obviously checking the length of her chain, as she should, and I don't really blame her for trying. Cause I would do the same if I were in her shoes. But if this old dog isn't getting any action today, then I'm certainly not going to let my bitch in heat sister out to play. Who I expect to return right after school, and be here when Mom gets home from work.

"Why are you even here this morning, Johnny, and aren't you staying with Jessica?"

"Yeah, but she had to go to work this morning, and so I decided to come over here. Read the news paper, and hopefully find a job. And I just wish I could help pay some more of her rent. I feel like a mooch, and maybe I should tell Jessica I'm moving home."

My sister chews away on a mouthful of toast, and doesn't offer any solutions to my problem. As if she could possibly be interested in my life, or in helping me in any way. Though she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to go anywhere, after she finishes off her tall glass of milk, and remains at the table beside me. With a look of genuine interest, as she continues to watch, and while I look through the last few pages of the paper.

"No luck?"

"No, nothing."

"Maybe you can hire yourself out as a gigolo. From what I've heard, sex is something you're really good at."

"And who told you that, cause I doubt if it was from Sarah?"

"Well, even though you graduated, you're still a living legend at the school. Even a couple of the female teachers talk about you. But in this case, it really is Sarah who said that you were great in bed. In fact, I think she misses you, cause she talks about you a lot."

"Pillow talk?"

"Well, yeah. Though Sarah and I don't get together as often as I'd like, and you just saw what mom thinks about my Lesbian relationship with my girlfriend."

"She obviously doesn't approve, and I guess I'm honestly sorry about that, sis. Really I am."

"And thank you. It sucks big time, and I just wish that Sarah and I had a place we could go. Somewhere we could be alone, and make love. Like how you sleep over at Jessica's apartment."

I'm not overly concerned with my sister's sex life, and her relationship with my ex girlfriend. Though I no longer feel any animosity, or in any way hostile towards either of them. But it's also nice to hear that Sarah thought I was a good lover, and that she misses me. Not that I have any doubts in my capabilities, as I always endeavor to make a woman cum. But it's a nice boost to my otherwise low spirit this morning, as I toss away the news paper, and give up my search to find anything that resembles a job.

"I need money bad, sis, and what am I going to do?"

Jenny doesn't offer me an answer, but I can see the genuine concern in her eyes. My sister and I have always been very close, and we rarely fought as children. A relationship that has continued, and even after Jenny stole my girlfriend away from me. Proof given as Jenny stands up from the table, and hugs me around the shoulders. While one of my arms naturally moves around her scantily clad body, and so that my hand settles down on her panties.

Not that my little sister minds, or even appears to notice. Before she bounces back upstairs, and to get dressed for school. While I'm left all alone, and to myself for the rest of the morning. What starts just another typical day for me, as I finish my breakfast, shower and shave, and settle down on the sofa to watch some early morning television.

A rerun of Baywatch, a little Bert and Ernie, and followed up with an hour or two on the Sega. All and all a good use of my morning, and even though I'm suppose to be out looking for work. But the morning's activities tire me out by noon, after I nuke some dinner, and settle down for my usual afternoon nap.

My old room has become more of a storage area, and I can't even see the bed where it remains covered in boxes. So instead I sleep in Jenny's bed. Where I can get a few hours shut eye, and while I await her return from school. Though I didn't expect to wake up, and find two girls beside me on the bed. As Jenny paints her own toe nails, and while my former girlfriend brushes her new lover's long blond hair.

"Hey, Sarah, and how are you?"

"Good, Johnny, and you?"

"Not bad. But I didn't expect to see you today, or ever, for that matter."

"Your sister invited me over. She said your mom wasn't going to be around, and that you might be okay if I spent the afternoon here."

I could shoot my little sister right now, and for putting me in such a bad spot. But I also understand young love, and how hard it can be to find some alone time together. A moment of compassion that sees me give up my spot in my sister's bed, as I make tracks for the door, and with intent to watch some television downstairs. With the volume turned up loud, and so I don't have to listen to anyone's orgasm.

My former girlfriend is a screamer, and I should certainly know. But Jenny follows me into the hall, and gives me another big sisterly hug. With her boobs crushed into my own bare chest, as I had previously removed my shirt, and before I crawled into her bed. Though my jeans stayed on, and just to keep things proper. Which is why I easily feel as my little sister stuffs something into my back pocket. What feels like cash, and I remain quiet as I wait for some sort of explanation.

"You said you needed money, and I said I needed a place to take Sarah. It's a fair deal."

"Okay, and Sarah can stay for a couple of hours. But where did you get the money?"

"Sarah and I both gave blood after school, and that's the money they gave us."

The hug I give to Jenny lasts a little longer than the one she offered me, and I squeeze her with a little more pressure than I should. But she doesn't seem to mind, as I look over her shoulders, and where I watch as Sarah removes her shirt. With just a red bra to prevent me from seeing a set of tits that I once knew all too well, and what my own sister now gets to enjoy. A heavy feeling of loss as Sarah and I momentarily lock eyes, before I release my hold on Jenny, and continue on my way downstairs. Where even the television doesn't block out the sound of the cries from upstairs, as both girls cum several times, and where Jenny proves to be an even louder screamer than Sarah.

Eventually the two girls end up on the sofa, and with one girl on each side of me. As it was in the old days, when Sarah and I were the ones dating, and the two girls were merely best friends. As we watch some mid afternoon cartoons, and before I get the extreme pleasure of driving Sarah home. Another price for being such a good brother, as the two girls cuddle at my sides, and hold hands across my lap.

"So, Johnny, I hear you're living with a girl these days?"

"Yeah, I suppose. But we're just friends, and not really dating or anything."

"Too bad, and you know I only want the best for you."

Sarah sits on my right. Dressed in a short shirt and panties, and just like my sister on my left. With one of my hands on each of their deliciously long legs, as the three of us have long since been accustomed, and with no sense of discomfort. Even as I warmly rub the inside of my sister's thigh, and move dangerously close to her panties. While Sarah runs one of her hands through my short dark hair, and leans in and gives me a kiss on the right side of my neck.

A simple, but loving gesture that Jenny soon copies. Nothing unusual between a brother and sister who have always been close, as I offer up two kisses of my own, and plant one on the cheek of both girls. Though I'm more than a little surprised as each is quickly returned, and this time right on the lips. The first time that I recall kissing my sister this way, as our mouths come together for several pleasant, but awkward seconds.

The one with Sarah lasts even longer, and I can't help but wonder what is on my ex girlfriend's mind. In fact, I begin to wonder what the two girls could be thinking. Evidence I try to gather as I turn from one to the other, and while their attention has returned to the television in front of us. An uncomfortable moment in time that has both girls move closer, as we continue on in silence, and with no further interruptions.

"So you're really not dating anyone, Johnny?"

"No, and why the sudden interest in my sex life, Sarah?"

"Because your sister and I have something to ask you, and we just want to make sure we're not stepping into someone else's turf."

My sister actually moves away from me, and puts a little distance between us. But she doesn't go too far away, as I await to hear what the two girls have in mind. Another truly uncomfortable moment that sees Sarah on her knees beside me, and her arms around my neck. As my former lover launches into another round of slow kisses, and while my sister merely watches from nearby. With no sign of disapproval, as her girlfriend and lover practically makes out with another guy. A guy she once dated, and who she left after she decided on a preference for his little sister.

"Jenny and I want to go on a weekend trip together. But we already know my parents, and your mother will say no. Unless we tell them that a responsible adult is going with us, and then they might just say yes."

An interesting idea, and I could really use some time away from this stuffy old place. An opportunity to see something new, and maybe even find a really good job in another town. What reminds me that I certainly don't have enough money to take a trip right now. Just a rundown Camaro that will probably give out just past the county line. Unless I can convince Jessica to lend me some money to fit it up, or maybe even go with us, and that way I'll have someone to share a bed.

"Can I invite a friend?"

"A guy friend?"

"No, a girl. The one I'm staying with."

Sarah and Jenny both nod in agreement, and from there we begin to make plans for our trip. An adventure that will lead us to who knows where, and hopefully we will have fun on the way. But only with financial backing from Jessica, and of course we still need Mom's approval. A lesson in diplomacy, as I promise to watch my sister like a hawk, and with no mention that Sarah will be tagging along.

Jessica absolutely loves the idea of a weekend vacation, and is eager to fill the spot in our adventurous foursome. Who will ride shotgun next to me, as we make the long drive down the California coast, and then a left turn towards Las Vegas. Our ultimate destination, as the four amigos make this a trip of a lifetime, and one that we will not soon forget.

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