Madison Addison

Hi, my name is Madison Montserrat Sainz. My dad is Puerto-Rican and my mom is French-Canadian, and I'm just a mutt, and we live in California.

I first encountered nudism a few years back, when I was 14. That was when I found out my new friend Katie's family were nudists. She and I had been hanging out together for like a month or so, but I had never spent much time at her house, until this one three-day weekend, when my parents were going to visit my grandparents out of state, and, because of a cross-country meet (I was on the JV cross-country team), I really didn't want to go with them. I took my running pretty seriously back then. So, I suggested I could stay with a friend, to my parents, and they said fine if I could find someone. So I asked Katie if I could stay with her for the three nights, Friday through Monday.

She seemed more hesitant than I would have expected of my new best bud, and she didn't give me a yes right away. I remember getting all nervous that she wasn't as cool a friend as she'd seemed, or maybe I'd done something to make her annoyed with me. But then, after school, like the Wednesday before, we walked over to her house (it wasn't that far) and when we got there she said there was something she had to tell me. I was afraid she was going to tell me she didn't want to be friends with me any more, or something, as she seemed kind of nervous.

But instead, she took a deep breath and explained that her family were nudists, and that was why she wasn't sure about me staying the weekend. Of course I had heard of nudism before, but I really didn't know anything about it. So I told her exactly that. She said that as long as she could remember they'd been 'casual nudists' as she described it, and said all it meant is that most of the time on the evening or weekends, especially if the weather was nice, they would wear no clothing around the house.

I remember asking, isn't that kind of weird, being naked with you parents? But she said she was used to it. It was just her mom, dad, and her, and sometimes her uncle and aunt when they visited. Frankly, on first impressions I thought the whole thing extremely disturbing, but I could tell that Katie was both embarrassed yet also defensive about it. Finally, I asked her if she was saying I would have to be naked, if I was going to stay at her house.

She laughed and said no, no one should be nudist if they didn't want to be, but that she was telling me because her parents had always said that if she was going to have friends over, especially over night, they had better be ok with their 'lifestyle.' Katie's parents were kind of hippy, nonconformist types, I guess - after all, Katie's full name was Cloud Katherine Addison. And, actually, one of the things I liked about Katie was how free and unique she seemed about stuff - it gave her an air of maturity and confidence lacking in most high school freshmen, including myself ... It was like she was already wise.

I think I said something then like "well, that puts you ahead of me - at least you've gotten to see, like, a guy's you-know-what." She thought this was funny, and said it didn't really count, being her dad's and her uncle's. So we talked some more and finally I said I was cool with whatever her parents did as long as they were ok with me staying over. So it was set. I wasn't actually too cool with it - I was nervous as hell as Friday approached. But I was young and insecure and so I pretended I was cool with it and figured I'd deal with it. I didn't dare tell my parents, though - imagining that if they knew, they'd prohibit me from staying. In retrospect, they were hardly prudes, however. Just more conventional I guess - at least by habit.

I got my things together, Friday morning, and brought them in a duffle to school, and went home directly with Katie that afternoon. My mom and dad had left work early, had picked up my brother Tom at the junior high where he went, and left town directly. Maybe I expected to immediately be ordered to strip when I got in the door, as my heart was pounding a mile a minute. But of course Katie was a latchkey kid just like me and my brother were, and she'd already told me that not only was it fine for me to stay dressed the whole weekend if I wanted, but that she probably would too, just to "keep me company."

So we hung out, messed around with her playstation a little bit, listened to some music, and in general had a fun time. And her parents both got home from work and stayed dressed and were really very nice people, and soon enough we were having dinner and talking and they seemed like a totally normal family to me, even if her dad looked kind of like a burned out rock star, and her mom would have worn a name like "Rainbow" or "Starchild" without disturbing the cosmic order in the least. Actually, her parents' names were Bill and Tammy, which they immediately made me use, instead of Mr. and Mrs. Addison, and I noticed Katie called them by their names, not mom and dad, which was also a bit far out.

After dinner, as we were watching tv, Katie even leaned close, warned me that now was when her mom would probably go take a shower and, if it was like most days, come out naked and watch tv or something, and that if I was uncomfortable we could go "hide" in her room, now. But they were being so laid back about it that I just shrugged, bravely, and waited to see what would happen.

To summarize the next few hours, I saw both her parents naked, that evening, and I think I was pretty successful not staring. One thing that was funny was when Katie and I were going to bed - I was on an air mattress on the floor in her room. Katie stripped off naked and got into bed just like that, while I was fishing out a night shirt and putting it on. For some reason I was like, "you sleep naked?!" all alarmed, and Katie pointed out that it didn't really make sense to hang out naked during the day and then put something on for bed - unless it was cold or something. I was embarrassed for not having thought of that.

But I still put on my nightshirt and kept my panties on. I was even more weirded out when Katie got up to pee a little while later, after we'd been talking for way too long, and she went naked down the hall to the toilet like it was the most casual thing in the world, and I even heard her talking to her dad. But I kept quiet and tried to tell myself that new experiences were character-building.

On Saturday I had my cross-country meet, so I walked over to school with Katie (who came to cheer me on), ran my meet, and we came back in the afternoon. I did really well in the meet, too, helping the team place 2nd overall, and setting a personal best. I was really excited, and Katie, though not into sports the way I was, was totally excited when she saw it. It was super convenient how close she lived to the school.

When we got back, her mom was running errands or something, and she said her dad was probably getting work done in the home office, so we got a snack and then Katie suggested we go in their hot tub - she thought that it would help me relax my muscles from the meet, which was definitely true - I loved hot tubs, but hadn't known they had one. I did know they didn't have a pool, like we did at my house, though, so I hadn't brought a bathing suit.

When I told Katie about not having the bathing suit, she laughed at me, and said I really didn't need one. And I realized she was right, but it still made me really nervous. Finally, I asked if it was ok if I stayed in my underwear, and she said sure. And she kept her bra and panties on too, "in solidarity" she said, and we went out on the patio and into the hot tub. She made me laugh, when she commented that she felt really strange, as it was the first time she'd ever been in that hot tub while wearing something.

But the hot water was definitely relaxing. Then her dad Bill came out to the patio and offered us sodas and crackers, naked as ... well, completely naked. And then he asked if we were ok with him joining us in the hot tub. Katie said it was totally up to me, and I just nodded and tried really hard not to stare at her kind of handsome, buff dad with all the hairiness and the dangling equipment and whatnot. Once he was below the water, it was easier.

We chatted for a while and I mostly forgot the situation, and found myself really relaxing from the jets of hot water. But I remember a scary moment when I started remembering a time in another hot tub, at some friend's house, where I sort of discovered I could use the jets of water at the edge of the seat the same way I used the shower massager thingy at home, and proceeded to get myself WAY too horny. Just remembering it, made me self-conscious and excited, and I carefully positioned myself AWAY from the water jets in Katie's hot tub.

I hate the way I start obsessing about sex at all the most embarrassing, totally wrong times, like when talking in front of class, or stuck in the back seat of the car with my brother on a long drive. Or sitting in a hot tub with my new best friend's naked father, for that matter. I always thought I was way abnormal, that way. I even had a secret word for my abnormality: obsexive-cumpulsive disorder (instead of obsessive-compulsive, get it?). But finally I willed myself to think about other things, going through some things I had to memorize for a geography quiz or something in my head.

Bill said something like that I looked very relaxed, but it was probably just me being glassy-eyed from trying to distract myself. I'd leaned back and put my arms along the sides, holding my soda, and I suddenly realized this raised my chest just enough you could see how transparent my bra was from being wet. I lowered my arms again reflexively, pretending to stretch at the last moment so hopefully I didn't look like a spazz.

I don't know how long we were in there, but finally Bill got out, and me and Katie got out after. There were bunches of towels nearby on the patio, but I realized my predicament as I watched Katie unself-consciously peel off her wet panties and bra and begin to towel off. Now she was naked and I wasn't, and I realized her "solidarity" really did mean something, as I felt kind of stupid toweling off my damp bra and panties ineffectively, while she was right there so comfortably naked. But not stupid enough to make the leap to nudity.

She strolled into the house naked as a jaybird, right past her naked dad in the kitchen where he was starting dinner, stopping to ask him how long it would be, and primping her damp golden locks as she did so. I followed, in my damp and half-transparent bra and panties, and went ahead up to Katie's room where I shut the door, stripped off the underwear and borrowed a fuzzy terry robe Katie had said I could use - we were both about the same size, kind of petite but wiry, with "boy-butts" as she put it and both, depressingly, rather flat-chested. But I suspected I was stuck with my A-cups for life, since my mom was the same way, while Katie's mom's figure held out the promise of many cup-sizes of potential growth, for Katie. We'd even had a silly conversation about that, about whether it was genetic or not.

Katie came into her room a few seconds later, and immediately apologized, sensing how uncomfortable I'd been back in the kitchen. "You know I just don't even think about it," she said. But I put on my bravest face and told her it was ok, it was her house, and I was getting used to it. Then she actually gave me an option - did I want her to get dressed again or was I ok with her staying naked? Told me it was my choice, whatever made me comfortable. Of course, I would've been more comfortable with her putting something on, but I bravely told her she could stay naked, as I could tell that's what she preferred.

So we went back down to dinner with me wrapped in the robe and Katie naked, and were joined by Bill and Tammy (who'd returned), both also nude. Dinner was really good, though, and I was tired from the day's athletics, so it was easier to let my eyelids droop a little and just kind of ignore the nudism thing around me, as we moved to the living room to watch a movie Tammy had rented. It was like an R-rated movie - which my parents also generally let me watch, too, so it wasn't like shocking or anything, or even a special treat. But it was like a sort of romantic thriller (I honestly don't remember much about it) and there was one scene where it gets kind of steamy.

Katie and I were sitting on this couch, her mom was curled on some cushions, and her dad was in a recliner to the side. Katie kind of elbowed me to get my attention, and used her eyes to indicate to look at Bill, and whoa if his penis wasn't undergoing that mythical (well ... mythical, from sex-ed?) transformation - it had flopped back onto his abdomen and was growing fatter and straighter, and I realized I was witnessing my first live erection - I'd seen a few pictures and pornos on the internet - what teenager of this day and age hasn't? - but this was certainly the first actual one - "in the flesh" as they say. Haha.

I realized I was staring, and looked away, but couldn't help but notice Katie wasn't shy about continuing to look. Her dad seemed oblivious, and her mom was kind of in front and lower down so she would have had to have turned around to notice what was going on. Feeling totally embarrassed - as much by my reaction to Katie's lack of shyness as anything else, I fled the room, mumbling something about using the bathroom. Which I did, but I then went and laid down in Katie's room instead of going back downstairs.

After about 20 minutes, Katie appeared. I'd slipped off the robe and crawled under the covers. Naked. Not out of some emerging commitment to nudism but because I was feeling a discomfiting erotic charge and there was something very adult-feeling and sensuous about getting under the covers naked. I'd never done that before. Katie got under her own covers and grinned down at me where I lay on the airbed, chin resting on the edge of her bed. "You ok?" she asked.

I must have sighed or something, as she started to apologize again. "Don't apologize," I told her, "you warned me." I added, "But, I guess you really didn't have to, like, point it out to me. I might have never noticed." Katie laughed and said it didn't happen very often, so it was a bit of a novelty to her, too. And it occurred to me that despite her worldly-wise patina, she wasn't really much more sophisticated than I was, when it came to things like erections and man-mechanics. So we shared a laugh over it and changed the subject, gossiping about people we saw at the meet that afternoon and stuff like that.

I fell asleep pretty early, tired from the long day, and woke at like 3 am needing to go pee. I got out of the bed and had reached the door before remembering I was still naked. I nearly turned back for the robe, but the house was dark except for night-lights, and I felt compelled to try it. The cool air of the hall felt delicious on my skin, the sensation of going into the bathroom and just plonking down on the toilet without having to pull down any panties was oddly thrilling and intimate all at once. I remember thinking that I felt like a wild animal. Very cool.

I returned to bed a transformed person, because something inside me had clicked - nudism was FUN. I'm not saying it's like that for everyone who tries it or experiences it, but that's the way it was for me, at 3 am that night at Katie's house, all alone while everyone slept.

When I woke up in the morning, I stretched under the covers and luxuriated in my nakedness. Katie was still asleep. Quietly, I rose, put on the robe, and went to the door - I needed to pee again, and always liked to brush my teeth when I first got up, too. But I paused, remembering the middle-of-the-night excitement and discovery. And, taking a deep, shuddery breath, and despite hearing Bill and Tammy's voices in the house beyond my friend's bedroom's door, I quickly shucked the robe and strolled out into a new universe.

I guess Bill had just gone downstairs, as I emerged, but I sensed Tammy was still moving about in the master bedroom down the hall, making the bed or something. I went into the hall bathroom and did my business, and came out, only to meet her in the hall. She was so cool about it, not even doing a double take, just, "good morning Madison" and a big smile, and then her own naked self disappeared down the stairs, with that flowing blond-grey hair she had. She managed to move with the grace of a dancer despite her seriously curvy (not fat, not at all) figure. More like what they call rubenesque or something like that.

I peeked my head back into Katie's room, but she was still drooling daintily on her pillow. So I decided to be socially adventurous, with my new found confidence. I went downstairs, and finding Bill in the kitchen starting breakfast, offered to help. He cheerfully gave me a task chopping some veggies for a nice omelet, while he finished getting the coffee started. I realized that among other things, the Addisons also seemed to be vegetarians, though they had plenty of eggs and cheese, so they weren't like radical vegans or something. Katie and I had talked about a guy at our school who was vegan and acknowledged the appeal of the idea, though. Well, maybe it was just cuz he was pretty cute, in a kind of punk-gothic way.

Bill pulled out an apron and put it on before starting cooking the omelet, joking, "nothing worse than getting splattered from a hot skillet," or something like that. I guess even nudists see the point of clothes in some situations. But that's the closest anything anyone said came to referencing the fact of our lack of clothes ... until Katie showed up, bright eyed, and said, with glee, "Well, LOOOOK at YOU." So full of admiration for her friend, I wasn't even embarrassed - I blushed instead with pride. We grinned stupidly at each other. Later, Katie told me I was the first friend she'd ever had, who, starting as a non-nudist, had essentially become one because of her and her family, and in a weird way, it totally cemented our friendship for years to come. I think that was day she started introducing me as "Madison Addison, my honorary sister." It did sound cute.

That Sunday, we sunbathed in their very private back yard for a while, and then helped Tammy with a project involving some stepping stones in the garden, and spent time in the hot tub, all completely nude. Me and Katie decided to cook dinner that night, and successfully concocted pasta with fresh marinara sauce, garlic bread, and salad greens, while wearing little matching yellow aprons, teasing each other about how cute our skinny butts looked under the floppy bows of the apron ties behind our backs. Actually, the marinara sauce wasn't exactly the best I've had, and the garlic toast spent too much time in the oven ... but it was good fun, and Bill and Tammy were diplomatic.

Monday was overcast and cooler, so we lazed around playing on her playstation, and gossiped more about guys and school. Bill's work didn't give him the day off, so he took off early and had said good bye just as I was stumbling bleary eyed from the room, which was actually one of the more awkward moments I felt, because of course he was all dressed for work and I was standing there shamelessly nude. But Tammy was around, tinkering with some project (she had like a zillion indoor and outdoor little craft projects ... she was like the perfect customer of one of those arts and crafts stores that sell fake flowers and baskets and yarn and garden gnomes and crap like that). Then she asked if we wanted to come with her and run some errands, and for the first time in a day and half I got dressed, and it felt odd. I remember whispering to Katie as we went out to the car, "You must feel this weird every day, going to school." She just nodded.

That was the end of my first nudism experience, because by the time we got back, it was only about an hour until my parents would be picking me up, and Tammy seemed to understand instinctively that she would be dressed for that encounter. So in a little while, my parents and bro stopped by, introductions were made all around, and it was almost with sadness that I left for my own "textiled" home. But after that, my "sis" Katie was definitely one of the closest friends I felt I'd ever had, and still is to this day.

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