Cinema Bonus
Chapter 1: a chance meeting

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, DomSub, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: a chance meeting - Joining an adult members only cinema gives me some wonderful experiences.

A little about me, I am 23 years old, six foot tall slim build with powerful abs from working out in the gym five times a week. My features are best described as chiselled and my piercing blue eyes off set my square almost granite chin, I could almost be classed as Nordic in my ancestry as my hair is pure blonde. I never normally had a problem with finding girls and they were usually delighted by my 9 inch cock which is almost as thick as a wrist. But it seemed my girl pulling was on the wane just of late as I had not managed to pull a girl in three months.

I was bored with my own company, feeling a little lonely and so decided to hit the cinema to kill a few hours. I headed off to the local cinema complex but could not find a film I wanted to pay the earth to go and see, as I wandered around the back streets thinking of where I would go I came across an almost hidden cinema. The name above the door was erogenous view.

I would never have suspected it was a cinema had it not been fort he large brass plaque beside the door announcing it as an adult only members cinema. I pressed the buzzer and when the door clicked I entered, into a smart looking, welcoming foyer. A maitre Dee type gent approached me and asked to see my membership, I told him I did not have a membership at the moment and was here to check out the details with a view to becoming a member.

He led me over to a door on the right of the entrance and ushered me into an office, invited me to sit down whilst he got me the details I required. The impression I got from the moment I entered the building was that the members privacy was utmost in the scheme of things and I thought it bode well for the reputation of the cinema. Now here I was in an office with the door closed and therefore could not see any of the existing members arrive or leave.

I quickly read the conditions of membership and liked what I read, especially the sections concerning other members privacy and the rules regarding contact between members. Thought the fact that they stipulated no means no and is a sacred rule was great. Although the membership was steep at £100 I thought it was well worth it considering the lengths they went to in order to protect your identity.

I quickly filled in the application form and paid the membership fees and expected to be told I would have to wait for at least 48 hrs before my membership became valid but the guy pressed a button on the desk and a screen on the wall flickered into life, suddenly a computer desktop screen appeared and he typed in my details and home address and with in 30 seconds a green box flashed up approved.

The Maitre Dee looked at me and smiled; he sensed my pending question and answered before I even asked it. We pay for a secured link to the police criminal records database and it checks you details for any sexual offences like alleged rape or interfering with kids. You obviously have no record or your application would be rejected.

With that the printer on the side wall whirred into life and my plastic membership card was printed with my personal details and just before the screen went blank it logged my membership number to my details and wished me a happy and long membership.

I asked the guy how much my entrance fee would be to go into the cinema today and again he smiled and said your membership fee covers your first six visits after that you pay a flat fee of £15.00 per month; however if you fail to pay for three months your membership lapses and you have to reapply.

I was soon stood back in the foyer and was shown to two doors adjacent to each other; the Maitre Dee spoke softly as he said the left hand door is for heterosexual films the right hand door is for homosexual films. With that he smiled and turned and walked away back into his little office. Now I have nothing against gay men being a little bi sexual myself but today I wanted to see the heterosexual films, so I chose the door on the left and entered.

I walked along a short corridor passed the ladies and gents toilets before turning left and passing through a set of double doors into the auditorium. The place was already dark and as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see maybe three or four people in the room. I glanced along the back row and saw it empty. I chose to sit on the back row to give myself the best view of not only the film but also any activity which may develop. I selected the third seat into the row and was surprised how much leg room you had in the soft cosy seating.

I expected the cinema to be a bit drab and possibly the floors to be really sticky but it was clean and presentable and smelled of fresh lemons. I began to take an interest in the film which was currently running on the large screen. It showed a blonde haired white woman chained to a bed as a large black cock was being fed into her mouth. The woman looked to be enjoying sucking the cock but her look changed to one of fear as the large cock kept pushing its way into her throat.

Mean while another coloured guy was between her legs eating her cunt, suddenly a close up showed him scraping his teeth along her clit; the woman jerked like she had been hit with a bolt of lightning. Suddenly the first black guy laughed and waved over to someone off camera. A weak looking white man approached and meekly stood beside the woman her hand snaked out and found his puny little three inch cock and she squeezed it tightly.

Then the white guy was heard to say, "Yes sir, I freely give my wife to the superior black brothas, to use her as the whore and slut she is and to become your breeding machine!"

The black guy with his cock in the woman's mouth smiled and ordered the white wimp to prove his intentions were true by sucking the other black guys cock in readiness for it sliding into his own wife's cunt. I thought the story line was a little weak because I would never submit like this although I must be honest; it was having the desired effect upon me. I slipped the zip down on my trousers and fished out my now semi erect prick; I had already almost twice as much as the white guy on the screen and I was not fully hard yet.

I noticed a dispenser on the back of the seat in front which clearly held tissues, and I thought that was a brilliant idea and so thoughtful. I was just about to grab some when I saw movement off to my left, a couple were moving along the back row and the woman was going first. I looked casually over at her and she seemed around early 20's and quite presentable with large tits and fairly flat stomach and she was clearly dressed for fun as she wore a short skirt which barely covered her crotch and a loose fitting blouse.

As she neared me she looked me in the eyes and smiled, her partner indicated to sit four seats from me but she moved to within two and sat. The guy she was with appeared a lot older than her and I put his age around late 30's he was five six tall and slim almost weedy built. He looked at the two seat gap between where he was trying to sit and his partner and then looked up in my direction. Again I smiled, his partner pulled him to her side and whispered something; he again glanced in my direction and then meekly sat down beside the younger more dominant woman.

It suddenly occurred to me that in all this I had still had my cock out on display and yet the woman had not really stared at it or given me any indication she had seen it, so I thought, fuck you and slowly wrapped my hand around it as I began to slowly stroke it.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her smile and point to the screen as she said something to the man. He immediately looked in my direction and as he did so he blushed; I then saw him whisper something back to the woman who immediately looked at me and slowly rolled her eyes down to my hand stroking my cock. She then licked her lips and patted the seat beside her. The man she was with almost began to say something until her stare cut him short.

I looked at her and smiled but instead of moving closer to her I simply released my cock and allowed her to see it in its full 9 inch erect state and mouth the words no you come here if you want it bitch. The man beside her nudged her arm as if to say no please don't, but she ignored him and stood up moved to the seat beside me and then without sitting down she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. I instinctively brought my hand up between her legs and rubbed the back of my hand against her cunt lips. As I suspected she was ready for some action for her cunt was not only panty-less but shaved too. She was hot and wet and I told her to open her fucking blouse. She simply turned to her man and called him to her side; once there she leaned close to his ear and said something.

He instantly began to reach around her from behind and began unbuttoning her blouse to reveal to me her large tits. As he did so she apologised for her useless fucking husband, he was normally much better trained than this but he would be suitably punished later.

Soon her large cherry tipped nipples came into view; they were like organ stops and stuck out from her breasts a good half inch. I reached up and pinched one of them hard between my fingers; as I asked what punishment she had in mind for her husband.

"I think he should be made to suck your cock, until it is wet enough and hard enough to show me what a real man feels like up my cunt! Then after you give me your load I should make him give me his underpants to wear whilst we get back home. There he would be required to firstly lick my spunky cunt clean and then suck any drains from the pants and as he has been so troublesome I think he may well get twelve spanks with my tawse before having his weedy cock encased to stop him playing with him-self!" She answered.

I suggested I would like to see that but with one exception; that whilst she was spanking him I would be spanking her tits with a leather paddle; she shot me a look which said, yeah if your man enough to try it.

Now the man had her tits on display to me and then he slid past her and knelt on the other side of me. He face was inches from my cock and he was licking his lips. I pulled the woman's nipple hard towards me and as she leaned forward I said, "I am man enough, bitch. Now if you want my cock up your worthless fucking cunt, you had better agree to my terms or the wimp here will get to suck my cock but he will get the juice direct from my cock and you won't get any!"

Taken aback by my warning, she suddenly changed her attitude and smiled offering a weak, of course master! I now ordered her husband to suck my dick making sure it was as wet as his slut of a wife's cunt. Then I ordered her to turn around and whilst her wimp if a husband sucked my cock she was to sit on my lap trapping his head on my cock.

I then allowed her to rise and had her husband guide my cock into her cunt, god was she tight and oh so hot. She soon began bouncing on my cock as my fingers pinched and twisted her nipples. She was just on the verge of cumming when I heaved her off me she crumpled over the seat in front and I instantly had my cock in her husband's mouth and made him clean her cunt juices off it. Then I allowed him to suck and lick her clit till she climaxed as I went round in front of her and had a hand job till I shot my load all over her tits.

Soon I ordered her to stand up and to put her fucking spunky tits away and to make herself presentable as we were going to go to her home now and I was going to watch her punishment of her wimp of a husband. She asked why I was not cumming up her cunt so he would have to eat her out at home and I slapped her loudly across her arse and warned her never to dare to challenge my authority.

Meekly she dressed and then we all left the auditorium together, I discovered the couple were obviously well to do as their home was in the exclusive part of Highgate village and once we arrived and no sooner was the door closed then her husband was already divesting himself of his clothes in anticipation of the punishment to come.

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