Legends in the Making
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Furry, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Teacher/Student, Transformation, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Future Legends are born in the days after a Plague stikes Humanity. Those who survive are transformed in Furz - Creatures out of Nightmare "Werewolves". Join Tom as he learns his new tasks, challenged by the Gods and Goddesses of His people to rebuild not only his country but the entire world and as He learns of the Gifts and Responsibility as both the Alpha of all Furz and the Adeptus Primus.

Knocking on my office door offers me a good distraction from the problem I was thinking about. Enter. "We've identified all of those with the mage gift but before we start training them, you and I have to get the classrooms shielded so no one gets hurt. Do you agree Dawnslight with Chekov's assessment? "Only partly Tom. What I see is that we haven't identified everyone with the mage gift and that's dangerous if they suddenly show it." Not as dangerous as you think dear. I've discussed the issue with Checkov and we've come up with a possible solution that should at least protect everyone from a sudden outburst. "Oh? What did you come up with?" The idea is to begin teaching everyone how to channel their fear, anger and such into a reservoir of power that will be used by both mages and healers. This should provide a place for any unexpected power surges to be dumped without hurting people. "Sounds like it might work but how do you plan on teaching this?" It's going to become part of everyone's morning routine as meditation. Help clear the mind and focus. By teaching it this way, I'm hoping the process becomes habit so that when someone needs it, they'll be use it automatically, with the result of calming themselves while adding to the reservoir.

"Okay, I can see what you're thinking and it does make sense even if it doesn't add energy like you hope." That's just one of the side effects of teaching them to meditate. What I'm really hoping for is to calm everyone down and start advancing the martial arts training. I feel that many of the older pups will be able to help me refine the Katas that Shawn and I developed. That's going to be useful once the new training command is setup and we start getting both recruits and any transformed troops that need to be retrained. In that regards, I've asked HQ to assemble a list of all surviving troops plus to pass the word that anyone who has been transformed is to report here for a training review. That's going to be damn hard work though we've at least got Mike and the others run the reviews and select the first batch of advanced trainees. It'll be a couple of weeks for them to be ready for me to start. For the others, Dennis is going to have fun running the first Refresher course just to get them familiar with the changes needed. Sudden laughter from Checkov who then says "I can see it now. Dennis is going to have them sleeping in piles out in the field if you give him half a chance". Thanks Checkov, I can just see it, "Someone wakes up with a tail in his face and his nose placed in some ones crotch." Just thinking about it makes me laugh, particularly after seeing pile of pups sleeping just that way.

You know what Checkov? That's not a bad idea really. I'm going to tell Dennis and Mike to do it. You've both seen how the pups sleep. Someone's nose always ends up in the wrong place though they've adjusted to it. We do need to get the marines adjusted to their new conditions as quickly as possible while working on their skills. Don't ask me why but I feel like the clock is ticking and that in some way we're going to need them and they'll need to be completely comfortable with each other and themselves. Both of them leave the office with smiles on their faces. The idea is so practical and damn unconventional.

Phoning Malecky, I give him the new order that the barracks are to have platform beds just like the kids use here and be prepared for several fights because of where someone's nose ends up during the night. "I think I see where you're going with this. The troops have to be totally comfortable and trust each other don't they?" Yep. It's going to get them used to the differences very quickly and when we start working them through the new Katas, things are really going to start popping. The biggest issue we're going to have to watch out for is bigotry and such. I'm expecting to see shit like happened to the five you brought over and that's got to be stopped before it even starts. Of course there's going to be idiots, you know that as well as I do so there will be a few ass kicking's in the future for me. Damn I hate that part but in this case, it's going to be worth every black and blue mark I end up with. They'll acknowledge me as the Alpha or they wont live very long. "What?" Damn it Dennis, don't scream in my ear. As I said, all of them are going to accept me as "The ALPHA" because there can only be One and I'm willing to enforce that using Lethal Force. Keep in mind that once done learning the new Katas, these pups will be the most dangerous monsters we've ever had to hunt and it's why all of them will acknowledge me as the one and only alpha. The will learn that I can and will beat them and unlike Shawn, if they challenge, it's going to be very quick and dirty because I will kill them if needed. There is too much at risk here and I fear the clock is ticking. No I don't know why it's ticking but I hear it in my mind and things are going to get nasty so these pups have to be ready for it. Since that's out of the way, Tell Gary I expect you and him, along with Johnson for dinner tonight after which, we can discuss any problems that have cropped up.

Hanging the phone up, I take a moment and reflect on the many changes that have happened. The most visible is the transformations the plague has caused. One fear I have is that someone will vilify the survivors as demons or devils since they look like creatures out of legends. Thankfully, we've had little problem with that since farming folks simply don't give a damn most times. If you can do the work and stand by your word, you're accepted on that basis. That's far better than the vague reports that Sam brings me from Crime-net. That's one of the things I'm worried about and why I told Dennis that any transformed troops will have to accept me as The Alpha. Something to discuss with them is the command structure as I suspect the normal structure wont work with the morphs if they accept the pack mentality I'm pushing for, which means we're going to have issues with "Beta's and Gamma's". The main problem there is that Beta's are usually second only to the alpha and that's got to be addressed. I'd prefer sticking with the standard ranks and let each unit figure out who their Beta is but that's where the trouble is coming from. We're going to have to separate the Beta's from leadership unless they have the rank and get it through their heads that the NCO's and Officers have command. It's the same as with any recruit. Some don't realize that Command is not just being the boss and we'll have to watch things closely.

Having gotten a handle on that, it's time to find Checkov and start shielding the mage classrooms. Damn that just gave me another thing to worry about. We're going to have to test all of the troops for mage and healer gifts. Any that show them are going to end up here for training, which means my idea of incorporating meditation into our morning routine will have to be done for the troops. Now that's not a bad idea. If we're successful, it should help cut down on many of the problems we'd normally face while providing a very large reservoir of energy for future needs. Let's get started on those classrooms, I say having found Checkov in the Salle. Entering the first room, we close the door before beginning and stand in the center of the room. How do we do this? "It's fairly simple. All we have to do is switch to mage sight and draw strands of power over all of the walls, ceiling and floor." Ceiling and Floor? "We are shielding the entire room Alpha, not just the walls. If something goes wrong, it could just as easily go up as into the ground, so we shield everything." Okay you start and I'll follow this first pass.

Seeing how Checkov lays the barest of frameworks, I'm soon able to duplicate what he's done but with far greater strength and soon the first room is fully shielded. The next rooms take but minutes to shield, which gets me thinking about the reservoir we need to create. Asking him "What method are we going to use to create that pool?" I don't know is his answer. "I haven't really thought about it and it might be more in line with Spock's abilities then mine." I thought mages were all the same. "No Alpha. We're not all the same. Just like troopers, some are better in one area while others are better at something else. In this case, I've got the knowledge needed to lay the shields and start teaching but Spock's different. For some reason, she is linked with you and knows far more then I do. She's also much stronger than me" he says in a whisper.

Yes, for good or ill Spock and I are linked and have been since I found her on my porch. Looking at him with Mage sight and say "Yes she is stronger but then she is older and at full strength now while you are still a pup, though babe in arms is more app and nowhere near adult strength as she is." Suddenly seeing the future, Prophecy strikes me and I shiver.

Checkov stands before the gathered army, desperation written large upon his frame yet calm and determined is his expression. A horde of demons. Creatures from the lowest pit of hell attack, slaying many as he casts the spell to send them back."

Looking at me in worry, he asks, "what is wrong Alpha? I smell fear and anguish from you yet see nothing to cause it." Striving to keep my tone calm and even, I know it's a lost cause as he's already smelt the worry. I now understand a dream I've had many times over the years is a prophecy of what may come though I dearly hope it does not. It also explains why I feel like the Clock is Ticking and an urge to hurry and get the training base running along with the school we are developing. Shaking a bit to dispel the affect of prophecy before heading down the hall I suddenly remember the Dinner meeting with Gary and Dennis to discuss any problems they've not found solutions for. Calling Checkov back to my side I tell him, Find Spock and meet me in my office for Lunch. We've got some things to discuss about how we're going to work the marine training once they start arriving. Stepping into the kitchen, I give Callie a quick hug before grabbing my lunch tray. I'm now in the habit of having working lunches in my office during the week and today is no exception, so Callie provides me a tray full of finger food that can be nibbled on during meetings and once there, I brew a fresh pot of Tea as I can no longer drink coffee and it seems to be an issue for all mages. Spock and Checkov soon arrive and we get to work. The first problem we need to discuss is mages and how we are going to find and train the new ones that will be with the troops coming for retraining. How did you two determine a person had the gift? "We don't know dad. All we have to do is look at someone to see if they have the gift small though it might be." That'll work for the time being but we either have to find others who can do the same thing or develop a simple tool that anyone can use. Suddenly sniffing the air, I look at both of them and ask, alright, who needs a bath? Checkov answers with "it's not something a bath will fix. Spock is coming into heat." Is that what I smell? How's it affecting you dear? "What? You can't be serious Checkov. I'm not ready to breed yet!" "Don't blame me sis. It's part of life and yes that's what both of us are smelling, faint though it is. I wonder how you are able to smell it because I can barely scent it yet." Hel, I don't know but I'm going to have to think how this will affect the incoming troops since I've seen how single minded dogs can get when a bitch is in heat. Making a note, I'll take it up with Gary and Dennis as a problem we have to think about. Don't need anyone coming up pregnant though it'll happen soon enough as things settle down.

Gary, Dennis, I've got a doozy of a problem and it's going to hit in a few weeks. Simply put, Spock has started her first heat and I'm worried what'll happen when all the girls enter heat at the same time. Will it be anything like what happens when any bitch comes into season. All the damn dogs in the neighborhood try to get to her. Do we want to try to control the situation and if so, what options do we have? Right now I don't have any ideas simply because I don't have anything to base them on. "Oh boy Tom. That is certainly going to be interesting for all of us. Right now, we're fairly well off on base as there aren't too many females in the service that survived the plague. The option is simply to keep them restricted to base and work their tails off so they don't have the energy to get into trouble." The big question Dennis, is how many will go into heat at the same time? If it's anything like dogs, it'll be anything between ten to twenty percent at the same time. If they all go into heat, then all I can think of is to hide in the basement. I don't want to get involved with that. What do you think Gary? "For some reason, I'm not too worried about the issue and no I haven't a clue why. Thinking about it, I suspect things are going to be closer to Wolves then Dogs, meaning that only the Alpha and one of two others are allowed to breed. This does depend on local resources though so when hunting is slim, only the Alpha breeds. When things are plentiful, then a few more but the control is the Alpha. Now if things go like the dog breeds, there will be two heats a year. Anywhere's between ten to twenty percent will then go into heat and drive us nuts for a couple of weeks then things settle down to the normal quiet roar we've gotten so used to." Gary, If we follow the pack mentality as closely as I suspect, we're going to have issues with "Beta's and Gamma's". Betas are seen as second only to the Alpha, who is also the Pack leader and that's going to cause problems for us. Gammas though are the grunts and real backbone of the pack because they're as common as grunts are. The smart ones end up as Betas while the strongest betas eventual end up as Alphas or dead trying.

Finally, we have to deal with the Mage and Healing gifts. Right now only Checkov and Spock have the ability to detect those with the gift, so all of the trainees will have to be reviewed by them. Once we know who has the gift, they'll start additional training here under Spock, Checkov and Myself for mages and both Dawnslight and Doc Sloan for healers. There is some overlap and as part of the new training, I'm going to introduce all to the new Katas I've been developing with Shawn's help. He is also going to be one of the primary trainers of the new form even though only a pup. Right now, it's likely he could easily kick anyone's ass even as a lowly U-Ki as he is and yes that includes Corporal Johnson. One thing I need both of your help with along with Mike's is this when I suddenly transform into a morph. "Shit! Where did you go Tom?" Saying "I'm right here Dennis" he looks at me in shock. Yep, I've managed to follow a plague transformation far enough to duplicate it on myself but and it's a big but I don't know how to reverse it for anyone else. This is to be kept absolutely secret. I don't want anyone finding out that I'm able to do this, especially Callie, so do I have your word? The problem I need your help on is this, I can't do anything other than fall on my ass and need someone who doesn't know me to help me as I learn this form. Once that's done, I will be surprising Shawn with it and letting everyone here know of the new ability. I'm going to introduce it through as a true mage ability that anyone can learn. This wont help survivors but once I introduce it, we can begin working on possibly reversing the plagues effect.

Now that I've informed Dennis and Gary, it's time to go work out with Shawn and give him a surprise. I've figured out how to do to shape shift. The plague gave me the key for at least the Werewolf form that many have been hit with. In my case, I'm able to reverse it for myself since I seem to have an Innate body sense. All of this is related to my journey into power, it gave me a complete sense of my body and everything within it so I'm able to reverse the transformation from Werewolf to Human once again. Leaving the office, I'm soon headed to the Salle where I will work with Shawn on his Katas. In the last three months, he's made phenomenal progress, learning what I've been teaching him like a sponge soaks up water. Since the first morning, he's been dedicated and he's grown into what would have been a fine young man. One thing that has been impressive, is his dedication to teaching. It has been so solid, that he is now leading the basic Katas that everyone has to learn, so it's going to be interesting how he reacts to my surprise transformation.

Bowing to each other in respect and not in challenge, we approach the practice square. The Square defines our limits and represents the four corners of our art.

The first is calm, second is wisdom, third is skill and fourth is strength.

A calm mind sees what is truly there and does not react in anger or fear. Wisdom comes from calmness. The ability to think clearly. Skill comes from practice and dedication. Much can be accomplished only after. Strength comes from understanding your weakness. Remaining calm and with wisdom, allows you to use the least amount of force to reach your goal. After meditating on the ancient wisdom, we begin our Kata. This first Kata has a very interesting history. It was not a military Kata to begin with. Its purpose was to help fight fires with buckets of water. It gradually became part of the beginning Katas of the art when it was realized that Firefighting was a community wide effort. Stretching, reaching, dancing through the Kata, I soon reach Zen. Mind and Body are one, Calmness descends and I am able to see Shawn's mistakes. The bobbles he makes while performing this Kata. Those errors are of balance and strength. The difference between Plantigrade and Digitgrade stances and he has a tail. Finally seeing the problem, I surprise Shawn by transforming in the middle of the Kata only to land on my ass. Damn, Shawn must be far better at it then I realized. A tail changes things dramatically. My balance has shifted as I no longer stand on heel and toe, instead being on the ball of my feet, leaning forwards with my tail as the counter to the lean. Knees? Those aren't knees, that's my new heel. Knees almost disappear being so close to the hip. Staggering around like a drunken sot before falling on my ass again, Shawn just has to laugh, causing me to laugh. I see who's actually the better here Shawn and it's certainly not me but it does give me enough to rework the Katas with you to take advantage of natural strengths.

Damn! It looks as though it'll take longer then I thought to get used to the new form I think to myself before saying, give me a hand up Shawn. I need to learn to move instead of falling on my ass. Laughing as he helps me stand, I realize that I'm no longer taller than him. Sniffing the air, I suddenly realize I stink. Damn how sensitive is your nose Shawn? "I can track a wild cookie clear across town". Seriously, even though I've always known dogs had better noses then us humans, I stink right now and am trying to figure out why. "Well Alpha, it's not strong or even a bad odor, just soap, grease and your breakfast." Now that you mentioned it, I'm hungry. Might be the energy needed to transform so let's see if I can change back.

Reaching for the bands of color, I gather the energy and return to my human form with less struggle then the transformation. While still focused on the bands of energy, I look at Shawn and see none of the web I'd seen for my transformation. It's like he'd always been a morph and there is nothing I can do to reverse it. Not surprising really but it means I have far more to learn before I can even hope to reverse it for anyone and by then, it may simply be best to leave well enough alone instead of creating more trouble. "Damn Alpha! Why the flash of light when you changed back?" What Flash of Light Shawn! " It was a bright flash Alpha. So bright it blinded me for a moment." Hmm. That's a first. Let me look at you. What? Shawn can you see this? "Where'd those come from?" Guess you're going to join the Mage classes since what you see are energy threads. Each one represents a different element and is important to a mage as you're becoming. Now all we need to do is figure out why the gift is waking in you now since Checkov and Spock thought they'd found all our potential mages. Hunger, fainting, sensation of falling. Voices fading into the darkness "Mike, Tom's collapsed. Get a healer fast."

Touch is the first to return followed by smell. Strange I think as hearing starts returning. "Damn it Shawn, what happened?" I don't know Callie, he just passed out after our workout. "Well it's not a sickness that I'm familiar with, there's no fever, so he doesn't have the bug everyone else has caught. Damn it I'm calling Doc Sloan and Mike! You're going to take him to the hospital"

No! before saying I'm awake as my stomach rumbles loudly. That's part of the problem. I'm always hungry and don't know why. Hell Callie, you make sure I'm well fed but as much as I'm easting I haven't gained any weight. Unlike any illness I've heard of, I'm not tired all the time as when I am, there's always been a good reason such as working out with Shawn. "Well I'm still calling Doc Sloan and making an appointment for you to see him. You will see him and no arguments Tom, you're too important to be stupid about it." Okay, okay, I'll go but under protest as I'm rarely sick. "The point is Tom that You Passed Out and there's no reason I can see." Enough! I've agreed to see Doc Sloan, so make the appointment and then bring me something to eat before I start on one of you. I'm that hungry.

After eating, Callie forces me to take it easy for the rest of the day after say "You're to see Doc Sloan tomorrow at nine and Chuck is going to take you." Alright dear even though I was planning on starting the morning meditation class tomorrow. I'll see the doc and start the class the next day. For now, I'll be in my office dealing with paperwork with Kevin. He's been after me for a few days so I guess he'll now be happy.

Meeting Kevin at on the way to my office, I tell him "meet me at my office with those reports and paperwork you wanted me to look at" getting a "Yes Sir" in response, I continue, only to encounter a couple of pups trying to empty a trash can. Stopping to ask them "why are you trying to empty this?" I get in response, "We been naughty and Gordon assigned us to trash duty for the day." What did you do that got you into trouble, I ask. "We made a mess in the locker room and didn't' put our dirty clothes in the hamper." I bet Gordon got on you for leaving them just lying around for someone else to pickup didn't he? Of course he probably told you that picking things up is part of your responsibility to help make things easier for those who get that duty as you're seeing today. "Yes, he did remind us that everyone has to pitch in and we've had too many times that someone didn't bother putting it in the trash can" she says with a growl. Makes the message stick I see. Well I'll give you a hand getting the bag out, it does look a bit full, then I have to meet Kevin in my office.

Kevin begins his report with "Tom, Crime-net is not looking good. From what I've seen so far, the plague cost us a lot of good people and folks are taking it out on plague survivors pretty badly. The number of furz that have been hurt or killed is starting to look bad and the Colonel is worried about a possible civil war." Why in hell didn't he say anything during our meeting the other day? Sorry Kevin, I guess I didn't give him or Malecky a chance to discuss it or is it new info that's got him worried? "I think it's what came from Crime-net the other day. There was a big dust up over in Gleason where a batch of marine survivors were attacked and they didn't react gently, instead they almost completely wiped out the attackers, most of whom were fellow troops." Damn! Anymore reports like that need to be brought to my attention immediately though there's not much I can do about them right now. Picking up the phone, I first call Sam, then O'Leary and ask both to come over immediately. While talking with the Colonel, I also tell him to bring Mike and Dennis as Kevin just told me about the Crime-net report.

Looking up in response to a knocking on my office door, I see the two pups on trash duty and ask "What do you need pups?" Your trash Alpha and a hug. Pulling my waste basket from under the desk first, I then give both pups a hug and scritch behind their ears. "One of you go tell Callie that I'm having a working meeting in my office and need a snack tray." Each of them looks at the other trying to decide who's going, when I have an idea. "Let's flip a coin and the winner gets to go." But I don't want to go, I want to stay with you Alpha" said the younger of them. Why? "I'm sleepy and wanna hug." Looking at her, I see something that shocks me.

Children screaming alerted us to a raid upon the compound and the Marines were off in pursuit. Stronger and swifter then the raiders, we soon catch up with them and using the rage they've raised in me, I manage to throw a paralyzing spell that takes all of their legs out and freeing the two youngsters they'd grabbed. Mike gets there before me and is almost ma enough to kill them right then when I shout, No! in command. Put these collars on them and bring them back, they wont fight and I want to get to the bottom of this.

Getting back, I call an assembly in the Salle, saying the raiders have been caught. As everyone assembles as ordered, I look over the five raiders and notice they've got no real weapons, lack of any real clothing and that they seem to be almost skin and bones, which explains why we caught them so easily. Asking them why they raided instead of asking us for help I get no answer from them, so I pick up the one who appeared to be the leader and growling now, I ask the same question of him directly only to get one in reply. Would you have helped us? If you were to work honestly, why shouldn't I help? Or do you prefer being thieves and criminals? What you were before the plague doesn't matter any longer, it's what you do now that sets the course of your life and right now I need to decide if you're even worth keeping as slaves. What? You can't keep us as slaves. That's against the law. Laughing cruelly, I remind him that the law is whatever I want it to be and right now I'm not even sure you're worth the effort.

This sight tells me that she is one of those captured but what does it mean and when does it happen. It must be soon because once the retraining base is opened, there will be too many people for something like this to happen. Holding out my arms, I have both climb into my lap saying "When Kevin gets back, he can go tell Callie we lunch".

Sometimes it seems that all I do is comfort the many pups and kids with just a simple hug or scritch. It looks as though simple recognition that they exist is what most kids need and it doesn't cost anything most times. Kevin soon returns, only to be sent off to Callie with my message about the working lunch.

Soon I have to send the pups on their way saying "Finish your task" since everyone has arrived for the meeting I called. All of them pull up chairs, Gary to my right, Sam next to him with Dennis and Mike on the left. Starting the meeting with "Kevin told me about a Crime-net report involving marines this morning, so can you tell us anything more Sam?" There hasn't been much more other than this. The marines involved were not attacked by other troops but by a mob. Someone pushed those people into attacking by riling them up though so far, that person is unknown and hoped to have been killed in the attack." I hope we don't see too many more incidents like this or we'll have a civil war on our hands, which will get damn bloody. It's another reason that all of the furz will have to accept me as the "ALPHA" because we simply can't afford what a Civil War would do. One thing I do need to warn everyone about is this "there will be an attack in the next few days to a couple of weeks at the most with some folks grabbed from the compound. Mike, I want you to start working with the troops assigned here on tracking and fast response because when it happens, you're going to be leading them and I want them alive". Mike asks, "Do you know exactly when?" Sorry Mike but I don't. All I know is that I wont be here when it happens though I do arrive shortly afterwards.

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