Steve and Chuck
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve Sharp and Deputy Marshal Chuck Johnson are back from the vacation to Hawaii. Their lives continue but are interrupted by events close to them. (This story is best understood if you are familiar with the characters from the Vacation and Job Hunt stories that are found within the "Florida Friends" series.)

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual  


Since our family returned from our sailing trip through the Panama Canal, up to Washington State, all the way to Alaska, and Hawaii, a lot had been going on. Dewey and I were spending more time talking on the phone than we talked in person during our vacation. Perhaps we bit off more than we could handle. We had purchased three resort complexes and an airfield in Hawaii, in addition to the hotels, and land for a new hotel, in Anchorage, Alaska.

We both think we were nuts to invest so much money while the rest of the economy is in the toilet. Dewey says that he isn't losing money on any of his investments right now and he wants to shore up and diversify. I would rather just buy land that we could plant a gigantic garden on and feed everyone. If we were to do that, Hawaii would be a good place to do it.

Personally, I think the management staff of the three resorts would keep them profitable even in the strange economy. There was work planned at all three, but everything was in place for it to be done. The airfield was going to be the long range project, as something like that has to be built from scratch. We had made a good deal, and I know in my heart that the trio of Dewey, my new friend, Chuck Johnson, and I would make the deal lucky and bring all of us a lot of satisfaction.

Crystal and Bear will be running the airfield and be the S&S contact in Hawaii, overseeing the construction of hangars, the new expanded operations building, and the Holiday Inn Express next to the field. We decided on a franchise hotel as it would be the easiest to find a manager for and it would not be concerned with tourist trade.

Dewey and I needed our own business representative in Hawaii. Someone to handle the day to day stuff at all of the venues we had there. Someone who could stay in constant contact with the various managers and to help get things moving when stagnation set in at one place or another. I know a guy that would be perfect, but he has so many commitments right now that it would be tough for him to do what we need.

Ruth and Tiny were going to travel with Crystal and Bear to help them set up their business office. Ruth would work on setting up personnel records that would be a part of the S&S database back here in Florida, and Tiny would work with the accounting firm to make sure all of the venues had the right kind of banking support without being underfoot.

Our little vacation in Hawaii added almost a thousand people to the payroll. The three new hotels up in Anchorage added another three hundred people, but that was almost an under the table deal. The owners had held the properties as an undisclosed asset and since it was not exceeding the original speculation numbers, they wanted to quietly unload it. Dewey thought the principals were probably laundering money, but the deal was too good to pass up, so Dewey now had more Alaskan properties, but this time with me and our Irish friend involved in the ownership group.

I was sitting, pondering whether I should try to withdraw from some of these investments when Chuck Johnson, my Deputy Marshal friend, sat down with me. Chuck said, "You look like you're wondering what to do with all of your new obligations in Hawaii."

Smiling, I answered, "You got it. We did go hog wild over there."

Chuck said, "You know, I can't believe I've actually bought into two huge hotel and resort complexes, complete with golf courses, plus an airfield. I just reviewed the blueprints of the airfield complex the way you have begun building it, and I'm in awe of what you are planning."

Chuck continued, "Where are we going to get the mechanics to fill the two huge maintenance hangars? Where are we going to get the customers to keep them busy? I'm just staggered over the cost projections over the next three years. I know we'll be receiving revenue well before then, but wow, Steve, that is a huge undertaking."

I said, "Don't fret over the airfield, Chuck. Remember that the Hawaiian Islands are spread out and the fastest way to commute is by air. Helicopters are easiest because they don't need runways but there are enough little fields all over the islands that we can be close to almost anywhere. More and more people will be using small planes to commute around the islands. We will become the training center for all those people who want to fly themselves. We will become the maintenance center where they have their planes repaired. We will be the airfield where you can rent an airplane. And soon, we will also be the dealer who sells airplanes to the public."

Chuck said, "There can't be that big of a market for new and used airplanes, you're not going to have that big of a turnover."

"You're right, Chuck, but we will also be selling and repairing helicopters. We will probably sell and maintain as many helicopters as fixed wing aircraft. We'll have to go to the customer sometime, but most of the work will be preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled service."

I said something that did get his attention, "We are going to market a full line of our carts in Hawaii and will have a warranty and maintenance facility at the airfield. In an effort to provide quick material transport between islands, we found a CV-2 or DHC-4 Caribou that will be our king sized toy over there. Jimmy's dad used to fly them in Viet Nam and is going to be the head of maintenance over there. We can use this cargo plane to haul several carts at a time to just about any location with fifteen hundred feet of clear space. The plane only needs twelve hundred feet to take off under load."

Chuck said, "I'll bet that thing was expensive."

I told Chuck, "It was, and the freight getting it over there is expensive too, but it will be worth it. They will have it here shortly and we will overhaul everything on it then take it apart for shipping. We'll have a lot of calls for emergency shipping of items between the islands when they just can't wait. It is kind of silly, but we figured on painting the plane like our S&S planes here and consider it an advertising expense."

Chuck looked at his watch and said, "Good, after five." He then went to the big converted fridge, pulled out two frosted mugs, and began drawing a couple of beers. When he had them filled, he brought both back and gave one to me.

I asked Chuck, "You weren't instantly called out to take care of problem somewhere. Is the world settling down?"

Chuck said, "I think it is settling down a little. We've locked down all of the federal prison areas so tight that even the open campuses would be difficult to escape from. The deputy who I have looking for whoever was sponsoring the escapees and why, says that he thinks he's real close to some answers and has sent me some interesting information. It reads as if we are close to what we want to find out."

I told Chuck, "It would be nice if you didn't have to be in danger quite so often. I know there will always be something, but you were going into dangerous situations constantly there for a while. Hell, you even had to do it in Alaska and Hawaii. I know I'm glad you aren't out getting into mischief, and I know the ladies are, as well."

Thinking of the ladies, I asked, "So what did all those women go out to get anyway?"

Chuck said, "My five ladies are remodeling their house for the arrival of three or four babies and the future arrival of at least two more. Their house is really big, making it easy to create some smaller rooms within the areas where the bedrooms are. Their place is in shambles right now and they've been staying with me. The girls are a lot of fun, but the more we're together, the more I feel as if we're going to be like a brother and sisters with kids, or something like that. They all say they love me and they all enjoy being with me, but they all want to make sure I know they will be staying together. I don't know, Steve, but I think I'm going to have a bunch of children who know me as dad, but will not be under my roof most of the time. The only thing I can think of is, we'll see."

I smiled at Chuck and said, "Perhaps you should move all of them to Hawaii and build a big house there for all of you. You could work on our projects there and oversee our holdings."

Sue and Mercy came into the patio carrying packages. Sue said, "Wow, that was fun. We haven't shopped for babies for a long time. Chuck, you won't believe it, we took Frieda to her sonogram appointment this afternoon. Wait until she shows you the pictures. You can already tell at only two months."

Mercy was looking at Chuck as if they were communicating. They did that a lot lately. The two of them just smiled as they went about whatever they were doing. Sue said, "You two, you are so bad the way you communicate. You smile and we don't have a clue as to why. It's almost rude."

Mercy said, "I asked him if he was ready for twins. He didn't answer, he just smiled."

"You were not supposed to tell him, Mercy," Sue said, sounding disgusted. "Frieda should be the one to tell him."

Chuck spoke up, "I figured it was twins anyway the way Frieda has been. She's been absolutely bubbly while she was a pretty serious personality before."

Sue admonished, "Just don't say anything, let her be the one to spring this on you. She's so excited about it that I'm surprised she's not already in here."

Kathy and Juanita came in and gave me a kiss, then went to sit with Chuck. They were bookending him when Frieda came in and sat on Chuck's lap. She said, "Honey, you've done a good job on me. You are going to be a dad," she paused a second, "and again." Frieda kissed Chuck and leaned back with a smile, "I'm having twins."

There was a mass transition as all five of the girls swarmed Frieda and Chuck at the announcement of twins. Nancy said, "I feel so inadequate, I'm only having one."

Judy was trying to wedge herself in closer to Chuck and said, "Me too, I'm only having one, but I'm so happy. I think I'll be a great mother."

Tiani and Brandy were sitting in chairs across from Chuck, grinning. When there was an opening, Tiani pushed her face up to Chuck's and said, "I'll be next when they get these on the ground. Brandy and I will be good mothers too."

As fast as the five had crowded around Chuck, they were gone, talking babies with the experienced women from the patio group.

Chuck was worn out from the intensity of everything he had been worried about and laid his head back. I don't know how, but he fell asleep in a rowdy patio while his ladies were commiserating with mine. Now that is someone who's beat.

My women and Chuck's women were really going into the planning that takes place when women consider babies. I let Chuck remain knocked out while I enjoyed my beer. Abe came in and joined me with a beer and said, "I'm planning a trip out west before it gets cold. I'm going up to Montana to visit with a couple of Indian reservations that have indicated they might be open to supplying labor for a manufacturing facility. If we were to create a cart factory up there, we could supply most of western Canada with carts. If it turns out we can only produce a limited amount and not expand, we'll build a plant in western Canada."

Tiny said, "Abe and I went over the logistics of a plant up near Helena and decided we could do this and it could manufacture twelve months a year. I think it would be good for our projections."

Chuck came out of his stupor and said, "I need to make sure the other girls know I'm here." He fished his cell phone out of his pocket and called. He was saying, "Glad I caught you, Lena, see if Tina is in and have her bring you out to the trailer park. We'll eat out here tonight. If Lisa is there, bring her too."

He made another call and said, "Hey, Star, I know you're probably getting ready to go to Hawaii, but do you know where Lisa is?"

He paused then said, "As soon as she's free, tell her I'm at the trailer park. No, Star, I'm not staying at John's place tonight and I don't need company. Come on, Star, you know I've even got more women to worry about than Steve."

After pausing a second, Chuck said into his phone, "I didn't know that, but he does only have his chosen four."

Chuck paused again, then said, "Fine, talk to my business manager. You're too much, Star, both you and DeDe."

When Chuck closed his phone, he was shaking his head with his eyes closed. I asked, "Is Star being aggressive again?"

"Always, she is so sweet, but I don't need any more women who want to spend time with me. The crazy cavalry think it's cool to bring some women home, but they don't think that some of those women may want to take me away from them. I don't know what I want, but I don't think I need any older women to confuse me."

I was laughing along with Tiny, Abe, and Henry. Nancy was hugging Henry's arm and said, "They just want to find out what you're like, Chuck. Your girls talk about what a great lover you are so the single ladies, and some of us experienced married ladies, want to know what they're talking about."

Chuck was blushing, big time. "Please, Nancy, I'm just a regular guy with an unusual group of friends."

Bonita was trying to get Chuck's attention, and finally climbed up in his lap. Chuck hugged her and with an exasperated harrumph, she said, "Will you teach me some more? Mommy said she's trying to get me a teacher but I don't have one yet. Please, will you?"

"So, Sweetheart," Chuck said to Bonita, "what do you want me to teach, guitar or piano?"

Bonita was now smiling and said, "I want to play some more on the guitar. Teach me another song, please?"

Chuck and Bonita left the patio for the house. Kathy came over and said, "I do have a guitar and piano teacher coming tomorrow afternoon to work with all of the kids. Bonita is going to need some extra time with someone good. I promise to keep looking." We hugged and kissed a minute before Kathy was up blending into the women's group, talking about babies. Kathy was an expert on babies.

Bear and Crystal came in and sat on the couch opposite me. Crystal asked, "Have you made up your mind on who's going to take my place?"

"Sure, Crystal. The obvious choice was Kevin all along, but we needed to get some confirmation on that. The new guy, Mark, really summed it up and he's only been around a couple of days. He noted Kevin as being the guy to follow in your footsteps."

Crystal was nodding and said, "I agree. I've been so worried that this complex would suffer because Bear and I took off for Hawaii. This is such a big transition, Steve. Bear has had some worldly experience, but I'm really a novice, a real rookie."

I smiled and said, "If there is anyone that I don't worry about, it is you, Crystal. Between you and Bear, I think it is predestined for the airfield over there to be a success. We have a lot to do before we have it the way we want, but it will work, bet on it."

Both Bear and Crystal were smiling while hugging each other with one arm, and sucking some suds with the other.

When Mercy and Sue came up to me, my world mellowed for a second as these two women were my all, everything that I could have wanted times two. I should have known though, as they are always plotting together. Sue said, "Chuck's ladies want us to help get Tina and Lisa to be a more important part of their group. They know that Chuck and Lisa have a special connection and they know that Tina finds Chuck important to her, but they want Lisa and Tina to be the Super Seven instead of the Fab Five. Their words, Honey, not mine."

I was smiling at the thought of Chuck with seven women when I spied the super tall girl that is a sister to Chuck's ex. "Uh, so, ah, doesn't that big babe come into the picture? Is it the Super Seven or is it the Crazy Eight?"

Mercy punched me on the arm and said, "It's not funny, Steve, Chuck is really confused about all of his women. He's nuts over Lisa, but just adores Tina. Then his original five have him mesmerized. He loves all of them, but knows he can't really have them. He's going to have four babies from them and is looking forward to that, but he's still looking for something he doesn't have. That's why all of us ladies were so attentive to him. We wanted him to just blend into us and forget all of those others. He won't, so now we have to figure out how to blend all of them into us."

Sue said, "I just think Lena is so sweet. Her whole family is just the nicest group to know. I've talked to her mom and dad, and we both know Millie. I can't wait to meet the little sister. I'll bet she is a hoot."

Mercy butted in, "Don't forget Lisa. She's nuts over Chuck. Tina really likes Chuck and looks at him as kind of a pressure reliever, but does spend a lot of time just thinking about him. Lisa wants him, I mean wants him exclusively, then she remembers she likes girls perhaps even more than him. Chuck is like you Steve, he doesn't mind us women being into other women. He just wants family, lots of family."

I was nodding and commented, "This place is just one big family. We need to bring him into our family more, but I know he resists. Let's just let it play out a while to see what happens. The way he's attached to Bonita, at this point, Kathy is going to be the one to bring him in before anyone else."

Sue and Mercy were nodding and I could see Mercy thinking of something. No doubt plotting to get what the two ladies wanted. Thinking of our vacation and how all four, or was it six or seven, of the ladies related to Chuck, I couldn't believe they didn't have the deal wrapped up, under contract, and done.

Lisa came into the patio with John and asked, "Where's Chuck?" Kathy took her by the arm and led her into the house. Kathy came back out with a smile, but without Lisa and without Chuck.

I did notice Kevin and Susan talking to Tina at a table. Tina wasn't upset, but I could see she was concerned about something. She was gesturing and pointing toward the Fab Five and Lena quite a bit, but you could tell she was just discussing the situation.

Chuck, Lisa, and Bonita came out of the house carrying guitars and sat in front of Kathy, Juanita, Sue, and Mercy. How convenient the four mothers were all together. Bonita said, "Mommas, I wanted to play something special for you. Chuck and Lisa helped with this. I heard it on one of Chuck's CDs he left with us. Lisa and Chuck are going to help, but I'm singing it."

Lisa and Chuck began doing a rhythm, with either Chuck or Lisa picking out some key notes. Little Bonita, not long past five, began singing,

"Everybody's going out and having fun

I'm a fool for staying home and having none.

I can't get over how she set me free.

Oh, lonesome me.

There must be some way that I can lose these lonesome blues

Forget about my past and find someone new

I've thought of everything from A to Z

Oh, lonesome me.

I'll bet she's not like me.

She's out and fancy free,

Flirting with the boys with all her charms

But I still love her so,

And brother don't you know

I'd welcome her right back here in my arms"

Between every verse, Chuck or Lisa did a little extra with their guitars, but when it ended, I think everyone on the patio had their mouth open at this little girl who just sang a complete song while playing a rhythm background. Chuck and Lisa were looking at each other grinning, while the whole place just sat there with their mouth open.

Glenda hollered, "You go, girl."

The rest of the place went nuts clapping and hollering. Bonita's smile was a beam of bright light as she glowed with accomplishment. Chuck and Lisa came over to me and said, "You know we just taught her that. She had listened to it several times and knew the words but couldn't get all of the key changes until we helped her. We practiced it about an hour and you just heard the result. Stevie, you've got one hell of a singer on your hands. Wait until she's older, there's no holding that one back."

Kathy had tears in her eyes, and I had Bonita on my lap congratulating her on how well she sang. Bonita said, "Get me more CDs so I can learn more songs. Chuck and Lisa will teach me how to play them and make music for me."

Sue and Mercy were grinning at me, which meant that I would be busy getting something done they wanted to have happen. I guess with all these kids, there had to be at least one with some special talent.

Chuck and Lisa were at the bar, having a beer with Tina, when Chuck's five women converged on him. They swarmed around him and they soon were all laughing. The swarm must have been a good swarm.

When supper was called, we had a great fettuccini casserole, along with some sautéed squash, and some green beans. For dessert, Nancy had made some Italian cannolis that were heavenly.

After supper, everyone talked Chuck and Lisa into playing several ballads and singing several songs. The two made some special music together. They kept talking about the passing of Les Paul and how he and Mary Ford had created so many special songs over the their lifetime together. Lisa was telling Chuck, "I'm not going to be like Mary Ford. When I make up my mind to make a couple, that's it, only once; we'll be a couple forever."

Mercy had heard that from me and was smiling at me. I think we were that way too.

The patio crew soon slowly slipped away to go home and get ready for another day. This was the special time I always spent with Glenda, the same as in the mornings. We were sitting, enjoying the remnants of our last beer, when Glenda said, "I'm sure glad you're back. Since you've been back, there has been a lot going on. We have that new guy, Mark, Mark Robins. He's been buzzing all over fixing things for people. You've told him you'll take care of the parts and the guy has gone nuts. Crystal got him a cart, but you need to find him a place within our family. He's involved in a divorce, but is making friends everywhere. Check on him, Steve, he's one we want to keep."

"Thanks, Glenda, you're the second or third person who's brought him up. I'll get Ruth to check him out and be sure to get him more involved in our group."

Glenda was smiling, "I am glad you're back, Steve. I missed all the kids, and I missed my coffee buddy. I'll see you in the morning."

Glenda got up and walked across the separation between our trailers, knowing I was watching. I sat there and thought of Chuck and his group, then thought about this new guy, Mark, and what he could add to the group.

Sue came out and sat on my lap and gave me a gentle kiss. She said, "It's time, Honey, come to bed. I think we're all too tired to attack you tonight, but if you're in the mood, I'm sure one or all of us would be happy to make us all feel good."

I closed up and shut everything down, making sure the big coffee pot would start dripping at five forty-five and the kitchen pot would turn on at five fifty. After washing up, I crawled in the middle of my women who snuggled into me letting me know, a snuggle would be best. I was smiling as I went to sleep.

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