Chapter 1

Most Fridays are welcome but this was a Friday with a difference. Bill Ainsworth had not had sex for a year since divorcing his adulterous wife. No new women had turned up in his life and, in many ways, he was too choked off to admit any. To hire a girl for intercourse was totally against his moral code. All the same he had rung the agency. His stipulations had been small but curvy, educated, intelligent and, of course, pretty.

She was: raven haired, with violet eyes, a little turned up nose and generous smiling lips. She was also curvy but still slim. Bill reckoned she might be a gymnast or a games player.

When he opened the door to her ring she did a little dip, almost a curtsey.

"Hello, come in," he said smiling. "Are you a sub?"

"Probably," she replied.

He took her jacket and hung it in the cloakroom. He told her to drop her suitcase in the hall.

"What's your name?"


"OK, Wendy. Mine's Bill.

She nodded.

"Before we go any further, Wendy, I want to know what you're up to and what your limits are."

She nodded again.

"Straight sex in various positions?"

She nodded.


Another nod.

"Come in your mouth?"



"Preferably not."

Bill smiled. "Understood," he said. "What about spanking?"

"Hand or, if you must, slipper but no belts, canes or whatever."

"Final important question. Do I have to use a condom?"

"Yes, agency policy."

"OK. I can't think of anything more at the moment. Shall we say that if anything else occurs to me I'll run it past you?"

She nodded.

Bill relaxed and his face softened. It was not as though he intended to indulge in any of the things he had mentioned. He had wanted to see what kind of a girl she really was. The use of condoms was important though and he was pleased with the agency's stance. The last thing he wanted was to become infected.

"Wendy, I'm sorry if I sounded threatening. I just wanted to know your boundaries. From now on we enjoy ourselves, I hope."

"Thank you," she answered with a shy smile.

"So," Bill said. "What would you like to drink?"

"White wine?"

"No problem." He led her into the kitchen. "Sit yourself down. I've brought you in here so that I can continue getting supper ready."

He took a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured it into a lovely cut glass crystal wineglass. He handed it to her and picked up his own tumbler of whisky and soda.

"Cheers!" he said.

"Cheers!" she answered automatically.

"I hope you like steak," he said.

"Oh yes!" she replied showing the first sign of enthusiasm.



"Good that makes two of us."

Bill popped mats, cutlery and a couple of wine glasses on the table.

"Me at the end and you on my right," he said and disappeared reappearing moments later with a bottle of red wine which he opened, decanted and placed on the table.

"Got to let that breathe for a while before I do the steaks," he said. "In any case we're going to have to wait for the spuds. So, what are you reading?"

Wendy looked at him in amazement.

Bill grinned. "I asked for an educated and intelligent girl," he said, "so you must be at the university and doing this to help pay for it."

Wendy smiled for the first time. "You've got me sussed, haven't you? Aeronautical Engineering."

That set the conversation off. Bill discovered that her father had died six months ago and, even though he was reasonably well off, it was doubtful that the money he had left would keep her mother properly and pay for Wendy's university fees. That was why she was here. In turn, he told her his situation. She was quietly and, Bill thought, genuinely sympathetic.

The conversation continued easily though dinner which was delicious, Wendy complimenting him on his culinary skills. He made them coffee and poured them each a brandy which they took it into the sitting room where they sat side by side on the sofa.

Wendy made no move but did not resist when Bill pulled her to him and kissed her cheek gently.

"Lie across me with your head on my shoulder," he instructed. She did so and he fed her coffee and brandy. After a while he leaned forward and kissed her gently. She actually leaned into the kiss and it developed. His hand cupped her breast and she placed hers over it pressing it to her.

"We're not teenagers making out," he whispered. "Let's go to bed."

She nodded into his shoulder and he stood with her in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed.

"There's no need to go for your case," he whispered. "There's a new toothbrush in the bathroom. Nor do you need a nighty."

She nodded, rose from the bed, stripped to bra and panties and padded off to the bathroom. Bill undressed, slipped on his dressing gown and followed her. She was sitting on the loo.

"Oh, sorry!" he said and backed out quickly.

Moments late she called him back. "It's all right now," she smiled. "Just ablutions."

Bill chuckled. "I'm still stuck," he said. "You've got the basin and I can't pee."

Wendy gurgled with laughter. "Oh yes you can," she said. "I won't watch."

Bill stared at her in amazement. "Really?"

"Yes, really. Fire away," she said encouragingly. So he did.

"Better now?" she grinned.

Bill nodded and gazed at her almost naked body spellbound as she leant over the basin. Her bottom, clad only in a thong, particularly caught his eye. It was trim but well rounded and, as far as he could make out, without blemish.

She finished, smiled at him and went back to the bedroom. Bill washed his hands and face and then as an afterthought his cock. He followed her back into his bedroom to find her curled into a foetal position, still in bra and panties, on the right of the bed with her back towards him.

He slipped in behind her and, nestling up, put his arm round her.

"Are you all right, Wendy?" he asked gently.

She nodded and then began to sob.

"Oh hell," he thought. "Just when I thought that at last I was going to get some relief with a pretty, intelligent girl I get a flood of emotion. Damn!"

He continued to hold her until her crying abated and then turned her to face him. He ran his hand through her hair and then gently held her against him.

"Go on," he whispered. "Tell me."

"I'm just being stupid," she said. "You have been so different from my other clients, all three of them. They took me out for a quick, cheap dinner and then just screwed me till I was sore, and then some with one of them. You have treated me like a person and, I'm sure, will make love to me rather than just using me. It made me realise that there are nice men but it also made me ashamed of what I've descended to. That's what made me cry. I'm sorry. I'll pull myself together."

Bill continued to stroke her hair. "I hadn't realised you were that new to this business," he said softly. "Do you hate it?"

She nodded dumbly.

"We don't have to do any more although, I must say I'll be disappointed, having enjoyed your company this evening and having been on the wagon so long."

That caused a further outburst of tears and she clung to him. "There you go again," she sobbed, "being gentle and understanding instead of demanding your money's worth." She pulled back and looked him in the eye. "Get on with it. I want to make love with you." She clamped her lips to his and kissed him passionately.

Bill was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and began to caress her body. He managed to disengage their lips, slipped on a condom and, unclipping her bra, began to kiss and lick his way down her body, lingering at her breasts and eliciting gasps of pleasure. As he reached her tummy button he pushed down her panties. She drew up her legs to help him get them off and spread them. With his lips and tongue he brought her to orgasm. By now the limits of his own control had been reached and he entered her but that one inward thrust was enough to send him over the edge.

"At least," he thought, "I brought her off first, just."

He rolled them onto their sides.

"Thank you," she whispered. Just as she had imagined, he had not taken her selfishly but had put her pleasure first. "What a stupid woman his wife must have been," she thought.

Without disengaging she began to kiss and caress whatever was in reach and it was not long before she felt him respond. She replaced his condom.

"Again," she murmured in his ear.

He did as she asked and this time lasted a great deal longer taking her to a second peak before reaching his own.

She removed his condom and, grabbing the other from the bedside table, scuttled off to the bathroom returning a few minutes later with a warm, wet flannel with which she wiped him clean. She took it back to the bathroom and came back to bed. She snuggled up to him and they fell asleep.

Bill woke briefly during the night. They were still in each other's arms and her breathing was slow and even.

"You poor girl," he thought. "Forced into doing something you hate and I still take advantage of you. A bloody hypocrite that's what I am. At least you appeared to enjoy it."

When he woke the next morning he was devastated to find himself alone. If nothing else he had wanted to say goodbye to her. He had already paid the agency.

Stark naked he dashed downstairs and found her fully dressed sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee.

He sat down across from her. "Were you planning to snuck off without saying goodbye?" he asked accusingly.

She nodded shamefacedly.


She looked down. "Because I ... didn't ... want to make ... another scene." She looked up again apprehensively with tears in her eyes. "Sorry!"

He reached for her hand and she clutched it convulsively.

"You don't have to go. If you want to stay until Monday I'll pay you for it."

She shook her head. "I can't. I've got work to do and I've got another appointment this evening."

"New client or a repeat?"


"Which one?"

"The insatiable one."

"Ring in sick and get them to find someone else."

"They'll sack me."

"I very much doubt it. Anyway, there's no need to dash off this early. Let me go and grab a dressing gown and I'll make you a decent breakfast."

She smiled at him. "No. You show me where everything is then go off and get up properly. I'll make breakfast."

"You're on," he said delightedly, showed her where the food and the utensils were and then went off to shave and get dressed.

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