Hard to Handle
Chapter 1: Baby Here I Am

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Superhero,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1: Baby Here I Am - (Impervious III) Tavi Smith goes to college. How does a young superhero stay out of trouble with all that freedom?

"What are we doing here?" Alexx Chaze asked.

"What are you doing here, Miss Chaisse?" Mispronouncing Alexx's last name made her dark blue eyes flash.

"It's pronounced Chase." Flash!

"In fact, what are any of you doing here?" I asked with a smile. Not that seeing Special Agent Diana LaDon and her pair of female FBI shadows was something to complain about. Elis called them; fucking hot, fucking hotter, and can you be any fucking hotter. Morgan dropped dime on her man by telling the agents about the nicknames. They cornered Elis to find out who was who. In one of those rare moments of geek-cool, Elis explained the names were mobile day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour, depending on who he saw first, what they were wearing--I tuned him out at the phases of the moon. Elis capped the entire thing by telling Morgan if she were up to it maybe Alexx would like to spend Spring Break with them. He made me promise to keep the almost fainting afterwards between us.

Morgan called them 'The Elite' and behaved like she was a junior member.

To me, they were the three little stalkers.

Catherine, my adopted mother, stayed true to her were-bitch form. After graduation, she sold the house, emptied the accounts, and drained the college funds. The ink was barely dry on my diploma before Catherine disappeared with Ahmo. Candice and her husband took me in. Michelle, their daughter, adopted me as a helper in her favorite game, Miche-zilla destroys Lego-Metro City. A few weeks of erecting cities only to have a toddler gleefully stomp them flat proved relaxing.

I tried to have a conversation with Candice about my future before I graduated but she distracted me with sex. Candice not wanting to talk about it was an excuse not to think about it. A couple of weeks after graduation, I glanced through the want ads. Candice ripped the paper out of my hands. She had other plans for my future.

My father died doing a duty entrusted to him for years. It left a lot of people feeling indebted to his survivors; something Catherine should have considered. Honus City beat with the heart of a small town; you don't stay Sheriff in a small town for as long as my dad without burying certain inconveniences and embarrassments. Having a particular image of my dad, I chose not consider how Candice knew things that were supposed to be between my father and a shovel. One dinner in benefit of Sheriff Smith's 'family' was all it took to put my feet back on the collegiate path. Considering I recognized a few assemblymen and some Metro City socialites at the party, Candice announcing I'd be starting college during the summer and living off-campus did not surprise me. Between the town's money, a college fund Candice had built up for me, and grants, I had nothing to worry about. I wanted to argue about living off-campus, but Candice kept getting naked.

Elis wanted to start classes early too, so we looked for a place together. I did sit Elis down for a man-to-man. Why would he want to live off-campus? Girls away from home for the first time roamed freely in freshman dorms. I could visit him, thus catching glimpses of young ladies in various states of disarrayed clothing. I did not appreciate Elis' tone when he told me: I already fucked enough, he had a girlfriend, and I could not be trusted on my own. Fucking unnecessary!

Candice assigned Morgan to assist in the housing hunt. Morgan doing the legwork, paperwork, and pretty much all the work worked for me. She found an awesome house! Even if I didn't know our price range, I didn't see how this place could possibly be in it. The owner recently bought the house but was being sent to Europe on long assignment. She was loathed to give up her dream home, so she decided to rent it out at a price that would tempt someone into a lengthy lease. I questioned the wisdom of renting it to college kids. She studied Elis and me before raising an eyebrow. So maybe we're not the party type of guys, how about the benefit of the doubt though! The extra bedrooms were writing on the wall. Morgan was living in the dorms, but she obviously planned on a best of both worlds package. The price of doing all the work turned out to be not having the rent discussion with us, as in the rent she wouldn't be paying ever.

Elis and I came to the same conclusion about the house, either we were the luckiest fucking freshmen in history or something was up. Candice offered no help in figuring out which one since she chose to focus on Morgan's body that weekend while I watched. I'm really not that easy, but Candice Card p-o-u-r-e-d over Morgan! Come on!

The summer sucked! Candice wanted me to take classes as a distraction and to give me the option of a lighter class load during the year. She did not visit much since the go at baby number two proved successful. Morgan only came down for the weekends and spent most of her time with Elis. My sexual toy, Erin, took off for a European summer, which became a European year. None of the girls in my classes were anything to write home about, much less take home. I studied, swam, and tried to figure out how far I could take my exercise regimen before the neighbors came investigating.


Freshman year proved only slightly better. More time with Elis meant Morgan had some time for me. Unfortunately, Tavi-time ended when Morgan pledged a sorority. Candice was still too busy being pregnant and then taking care of the newborn to be a part of my first year at school. I gave more serious thought to making a connection with some of my classmates, but for all the freedoms of college, dating them seemed a step down.

The only excitement of my freshman year came after spring break. I ran into Special Agent Diana LaDon on the Quad. She bought me coffee and asked the expected questions about dealing with my father's death and the changes in my life. The university and local police called in the FBI to get a handle on a new date rape drug making strides on the scene. The drug wiped memory more effectively than previous ones of its ilk, making it difficult to get traction on dealers and users.

I wanted to stay out of the FBI's way; Elis had different ideas. One of the sorority sisters was raped, and he did not take kindly to the possibility of Morgan as a victim. Being that a pissy Elis did not the best of friends make, I did what I could.

And I was bored, so whatever.

It did not take much to bring down the house of rape. I snuck a touch on the sorority sister, grabbed her rapist by the throat behind his dorm, and pumped the dealer with some of his own poison before delivering the stash, dealer, and the rapist to the front step of the university police building. I lay low for a bit, but it wasn't too bad. Of course, Morgan figured out the story being passed around by the cops was a load of crap. A hop, skip, and a glare in the general direction of her boyfriend got her the real story. Suddenly, our house was a hangout and meeting place for her sorority, probably having a lot to do with the semi-enclosed hot tub, huge backyard, and the entertainment systems in various rooms.

Sophomore year had more to say for itself.

Candice acquired a partner in the practice and reduced her hours. I thought it meant financial trouble, especially considering her help with my college bills. She came by for a night and explained (after some amazing sex) about a new consulting job. Reading between the lines, I figured it had something to do with the conversations Candice avoided, like Special Agent LaDon being assigned to a newly opened local office of the FBI. More of Candice's time for me meant the sleeping dogs could lie to their hearts' content.

The sorority sisters clued in on the sexual mechanics of Morgan, Elis, and Tavi. I thought 'bad fucking jelly beans', but some of the sisters proved to be quite liberal about sex especially while between boyfriends. If the pussy brings itself to your house, it's a great life. When it brings pizza, that's balling!

I saw Special Agent Diana more often; she spent a couple nights a week reading at the local coffeehouse and sometimes ate lunch in the Quad. Surprise! She was legacy in Morgan's sorority, which came with an open invitation to their parties. I appreciated a more relaxed Diana at the less crowded get-togethers even if she kept her distance. We had coffee a few times; she liked to talk about her troublesome cases. Morgan tried to sell me on applying a little push whenever a case hit a major block, especially cases attached to rewards for information. Morgan assured me the money transfers were confidential. I did not want to be a part of it but that was before a threesome with one of the hotter sorority sisters and Morgan. Her new car spoke volumes to my inability to say no pre-coitus, mid-coitus, post-coitus, or whenever coitus was on a table. Everybody, including if not especially Diana, seemed happy with the arrangement so I kept my mouth shut.

I thought Junior year would see the beginning of the end. Candice might avoid the subject; Morgan might avoid telling me rewards for information were being paid through Candice's consulting company; Diana LaDon might completely avoid touching me; but regardless of all the avoid-dancing, the house of omissions was leaning hard. The Feds knew about me! I had decided to kick the thing over when the other two female agents showed up and all three Feds started hanging out at the corner of my eye.

How far would Candice and Diana stoop to keep their house upright?

It wasn't that the agents were hot--well, it wasn't completely about them being hot. Elis had it right--they were hot as fuck! I did have private nicknames for them. April 'Are Those Things Real' Hunt, red hair, a temper to match, green eyes, short, stocky, fan-tit-ulous breasts matched perfectly with an over the top ass. I'd solve a few cases to see April naked and a lot more for oiled and naked! Alexx 'Please God!' Chaze, wavy to curly brunette, dark blue eyes, fit and symmetrically kicking body, with a smooth coolness to make you wonder how good it would feel have her naked on top of you during a summer nap. Diana was my favorite! I'd been around her lovely, brunette elegance the longest so the accumulation of desire played a part.

They stalked me Junior Year. Diana was just there as if that's where she should be. April had a more confrontational style. If I was having lunch at the coffeehouse, she sat at my table. She never talked to me, but she did not hide that she was tailing me. Alexx dressed the part of a college coed who happened to show up everywhere I might be.

They were fucking with me so it's only fair I fucked with them. Elis pegged the situation--the two new agents had not been told everything. The frustration of following some random college junior and not knowing why when your superiors acted like it was a matter of national security?!? I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Toppling over the house of omissions would have to wait until somebody other than me cracked under the pressure.

Alexx gave me the girlfriend eye.

"It's highly unfair for you look at me like that when you're not my girlfriend," I told her.


"Stop it!" Morgan came up from behind me and grabbed my earlobe. "Did you consider Alexx might be trying out the whole being your girlfriend thing to see if she likes it?"

"Yeah, right!" April laughed. "Alexx going out with the uber-geek!"

"I am not a geek," I said, pulling my ear out of Morgan's grip. "I don't have the grades, computer skills, or interest in some esoteric matter only twelve people in the world have heard of."

"Why are we here?" April stifled a yawn.

"Have you ever heard of D&D?"

"Exactly!" April exclaimed at the other women. "Uber-geek! Super-Geek! Bat-Geek! Geekie-Geek!"

"If you didn't have those breasts, he'd hate you, April," Morgan said.

"Don't forget the ass," Alexx said.

"Yeah, it's pretty clear he likes that part of her," Diana said. The two new agents stared at me waiting for the normal reaction of a guy fitting the classification they gave me. Diana studied them; a muscle in her cheek twitched. If she weren't a straight-laced FBI agent, I'd say the two agents' frustration amused the fuck out of Diana.

"So why are we here?" Alexx asked again when they got tired of waiting for the flustered reaction a geek would exhibit at having three attractive women talking about his desire to be cock-deep in any of their asses.

"Do you know what D&D is?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah, geek-speak for God chose not to make me one of the cool, beautiful people so let's create a world where I can be whatever I want, namely the guy who gets all the hot elf chicks," April answered. "They should get over high school and wake up to the fact that cool, beautiful people are less than one percent of one percent of the population and get on with their lives."

"Advice from one of the cool, beautiful people who takes every opportunity to put a geek in his place," I snickered.

April's hands tightened into fists.

"Don't," Diana said without looking at April. "You'll regret it in ways that will surprise you."

The two agents stared at Diana. Morgan smiled at them; I bumped her hip before she could add to my challenge. "My dance, Morgan!"

Morgan nodding automatically gave April pause. Diana treated Morgan like she did the two agents. The women stared at me again. They were getting closer and closer to pushing for the information they wanted about their assignment.

"Elis ran this huge Dungeons and Dragons campaign freshman year," Morgan continued. "The comic book shop sponsored the game and a lot of people participated. Each player had to have three characters drawn up for it."

"Why three?" Alexx asked.

"Generally, the Dungeon Master is friendly about the adventure," I said. "He does what he can to lead the players down the right path and even protects them somewhat. Elis played it hardcore."

"He worked on the thing for most of high school," Morgan said.

"So he finally got to play it and show he's the Geek Master?" April asked.

"We lost," I sighed.

"What?" Alexx gave me a look.

"It was Elis and Tavi trying to destroy the world while everybody else tried to stop them," Morgan said. "My boys lost."

"We're here to celebrate the geek-squad saving their geek-world?" April really liked the word geek.

"Nope," Morgan said. "One of the players is getting published, a fantasy trilogy. The first book came out and the dedication included Elis. This is a book signing."

Morgan bought a dozen books, all signed so she could show her boyfriend's name in print to her family and friends. Thankfully, none of the three Feds pointed out the obvious, getting a book dedicated to you isn't really that big a deal. I mentioned it to Morgan the day before and needed a new TV. The agents showed Morgan-approved levels of awe. It is just a dedication! And the guy didn't include his true nemesis, Tavi the Wise-Cracking Barbarian. Of course, it could have something to do with how many times I died and needed to be resurrected by the Lich Lady Elissande.

The comic book shop went all out--free drinks and snacks. The core of the party was the players, Elis, and the new author. A few of the people in the store weren't the type found at such an event, which made some of the participants skittish. Morgan invited her sorority; the three hot FBI agents were also dressed a little nicer than casual Fed wear. The geeks couldn't figure which was more fascinating, the great looking female company or the guy who scored their dream job. Well, the dream job one step down from game tester or two steps down from the real dream job, game designer.

I wandered over to the adult comic book section to see if they had anything new. The owner glanced over at me when I pulled a couple of items out of their plastic protection. I bought too much stuff and Elis still ran a few small games so he didn't say anything.

The FBI agents kept glancing at me. The new agents were not what I expected. Things like how they were exercising their sexual claws on guys way below their own class. From watching them, you would have thought Alexx was Elis' girlfriend instead of Morgan. By no means were the three stalkers as big a mystery as I must be to them, but there was enough strangeness to leave me with an itch at the back of my mind.

poppoppop Gunshots!

"Everybody down!" Diana yelled. The three agents pointed their firearms at the back door. "FBI! Get down, damn it!"

Diana's eyes were on the back door while she waved the badge for everyone to see. A couple of sorority sisters screamed. Morgan was on them in an instant, forcing the girls to the ground. The rest of the group smartened up and planted their faces to the floor.

I crouched.

"April!" Diana shouted. April pulled out a second gun and kept low while heading to the back door. More shots! Alexx changed to a position covering April and moved towards the door too. Diana's head swiveled back and forth from her agents to the kids in the room while she followed.

"Aren't you going to help?" Morgan hissed.

"Three capable, well-armed FBI agents," I pointed out. "They can handle it."

Popping the door open, April rolled out. Diana and Alexx blasted through the doorway.

"Okay, get the front door!" Morgan ordered. "If whoever is shooting gets out of the alleyway, they might try to take hostages."

The gunfire intensified. I looked at Morgan, "Those three are really good."

"The Mutant Alien Baby will cover the front door or I'm not buying any more replacements for the panties he regularly tears off my body!"

"You don't have to be like that about it!" I grumbled. "And you don't buy them anyway."

"By not replacing, I mean if someone who isn't a cop or an FBI agent gets in here, you're not getting in my panties for a very long time or ever again!"

"Okay! Okay! Fuck! Let's not get excited!" I hissed.

"What are you doing?" a few different people whispered at me as I walked to the front door. I waved them off. The windows were pretty covered up so nobody could see in. I couldn't see out either. Morgan might take the shooters setting a foot inside the place as a failure to do what she wanted. One of her more adventurous sorority sisters introduced me to the joys of tearing a girl's clothes off. I really liked doing it to Morgan's panties. Fuck me!

Opening the door, I stepped outside. Nothing doing except a nice moon on a clear night. I took a few steps into the street to look around. The shots were more deliberate. I should probably have done my thing, but I had the feeling Diana would not take kindly to me getting involved. They were the F-B-I after all, plus I was enjoying the other two agents not knowing why someone had them tailing me.

Three guys ran out of the alleyway and bore down on me.

"Hostage!" One of them pointed at me. "Get him!"

"Hmm." Point to Morgan and not a fucking chance in hell I would ever tell her.

The lead guy slowed down and reached for me. His head made a yucky sound when it hit a minivan's rim. The second guy came in too fast to react to the new danger. I picked him up and slammed him to the ground. Concrete. Ouch! The final fellow got shots off on me. After three bullets did nothing, he looked as his gun as if he'd caught it fucking his best friend.

I winced, "Heels!"

Incoming fearsome threesome! I covered the ground to the shooter. He tried another shot at the up-close and personal range. I threw him against the wall.

"Tavi!" Elis said from behind me. He took off his jacket and handed it to me. I finished zipping it as the ladies arrived.

"It was him!" I said pointing at Elis.

"Tavi!" Morgan spat.

Diana surveyed the damage calmly. My other two stalkers wore very confused looks.

"I guess joining our classes is really working out for Elis," I told everyone. Quite proudly, since it was my idea for Elis to firm up a little by taking some martial arts classes. "You should've seen him."

I bounced like a boxer. "That cat was fast as lightning!"

I juked left and threw a couple of kitten paw punches, "He was frightening."

Pausing, I made as if whispering to my audience, "Not that I was scared. He is my best bud. We go back a long way; he could never hurt me."

I did the girl kickee-punchee thing with a bad roundhouse kick thrown in for effect, "The man has expert timing."

Jumping up I threw a horrible back kick and tripped over my legs. It made for a spectacular crash. I turned onto my back to see Morgan standing over me, "Tavi, you're an idiot!"

"I heard gunshots," Diana said. "Is everybody inside okay? The windows look intact."

I got up and didimaoed back into the comic store. April and Alexx surrounded Elis. Who is the smarty-pants now, beeyatch? Morgan stared at the sky and shook her head. She moved in to breakup the twosome before they could pull out the anal probes.

Elis got much nicer attention inside--I told the sorority sisters all about his masterful use of the Vulcan kung fu grip to protect them. The bastard didn't thank me! What the fuck does an over-statted barbarian sidekick have to do to get some appreciation?

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