Echoes of the Black Knight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Sister, Father, Daughter, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, First, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sir Daniel Pascov wanders the land as a travelling Knight, taking jobs as a mercenary. But he hides a dangerous secret in his past. Three years ago he was the Black Knight, the scourge of Appalania, the man who raped whole villages and fought whole armies. Now, for the first time, he is forced to come face to face with the results of the actions in his previous life and has to make a choice: does he deal the consequences or carry on running away from his memories.

I heard the screams and the whips from over the hill.


I'd done worse I suppose, but something about keeping someone in servitude for years rankled me.

Spitting on the ground beside my horse in disgust I shifted my shoulders and legs, checking my armour was on properly. Sighing, I pushed my will at Alfred my baggage horse to keep him there. Whinnying quietly he snuffed but stayed there while I encouraged my steed to move up the hill. The sun was at my back and charging down the hill with them blinded should give me enough of an advantage that I wouldn't have to use major magic.

As I reached the top of the hill I looked down. I was right, it was slavers. I could see a procession of about ten slaves, with metal shackles on their wrists and around their necks attaching them to each other and dressed in the rags not yet whipped from their bodies. Most of them were young women but there were a couple of men too. Around them, keeping them going with their whips were four slavers. All men, all dressed in leather, all armed with swords and a long, vicious whip.

I didn't feel like giving them much warning, especially if they could start to kill the slaves. Trotting downhill I mentally pushed my horse forward into a gallop as I lifted my shield and drew my sword. The nearest slaver turned to see me, shading his eyes from the sun as the nearest slaves watched me with hope in their eyes.

Swinging my sword, so heavy only the strongest men could use, and that in both hands, it slammed into the neck and torso of the slaver so hard that it removed his head and arm. I felt his lifeblood spurt out onto my side and back as I continued past with a grim smile. I hadn't done this in way too long.

The other slavers were aware of me now and starting to react. As they reeled in shock from the sudden death of the first I continued up to the next. Pushing the thought of a snake into my horse's mind I rolled my body around and jumped off, relying on my horse to stamp the man to death.

Two down, two to go. I charged forward, forcing myself not to go faster than a normal person would. The slaver had dropped his whip and was trying to pull out his sword, tugging at the scabbard as it stuck as if that would make it go faster. With his eyes wide in fright and a scream at the back of his throat he let go of the hilt and thrust his hands in front of him in an effort to protect himself.

It didn't work.

I stabbed my sword into his chest, feeling the ribs break in protest, and then shoved his dying body back with my shield. One left.

With my magical instincts warning me of the threat just before it happened I spun around and used my shield to defend myself from the whip moving faster than sound at my head. Wincing slightly at the idea of the whip tearing off some of my face I looked over to see the last slaver on the other side of the slaves to me. As they screamed and winced at each whip crack I tried moving around the group. The slaver kept moving in the opposite direction, keeping the mass of slaves between us and whipping at me.

I growled low in my throat, then bellowed "Get down!" at the slaves. Giving them only a second to react I charged at them, shaking my arm to fling away my shield then somersaulted over the slaves, pressing on the chains with my now free hand and landing right in front of the slaver. Too close to use the whip, his face whitened in fear.

I almost removed his head before remembering who I was now. Instead I merely slashed his throat out and stepping sideways to avoid the spray of blood as he grabbed his throat and fell to his knees, dying.

Pausing a moment to stretch, I wiped my sword before sheathing it and moved back to the first slaver, lifting the body from the pool of blood. Ignoring the thanks of the slaves I searched for keys to the shackles and chucked them at the slaves. As they freed themselves I carried on searching, this time for money.

Collecting my shield and putting it on my horse I turned to face the former slaves. I felt pretty empty, my stores of energy mostly used up. I needed more. And they were going to give it to me.

They quieted as I leered at them, making some of the women shiver.

"Um, sir?" one of the more courageous, or possibly more stupid, men said. "What are you going to do with us?"

"You? Nothing. I freed you from the slavers because I don't like them. No charge. But, if you want me to take you back to your village, I do want something." I grinned evilly.

"Umm ... wh-what?"

"I'm going to fuck one of you."

They complained of course. They always do. But, in the end, one of the women volunteered to have sex so that I'd take them all back. Calling to Alfred, he came over the hill and I passed out some of my supplies since I assumed they hadn't eaten properly for a while.

I left most of them there while I called the woman over to the river. Once there she stood waiting sullenly. "Strip." I ordered.

With eyes full of hate she took off her clothes as I watched. She was about 25 and had obviously had a child or two already, with wide hips and large breasts. Her dirty blond hair was straggled with dirt and some blood in it. She had a few whip marks but not many; she'd obviously behaved while a slave.

"Your name?"

"Helen, sir" she spat.

"Lets wash. Be nicer for both of us."

"Oh, gosh, why thank you for making this so nice." she said sarcastically. "Lets just get this over with." She climbed into the water and started rubbing at herself, shivering in the cold.

I shrugged and took off my clothes, smiling as she stopped a moment at the sight of my chest. I'm pretty proud of my body. It's taken years to get it this way. Seemingly that of a youth of about eighteen, just over six foot with strong, well defined muscles and broad shoulders. I've been told by some women that they love my bare chest, love running their hands over it and feeling my firm belly.

If she paused a moment at my chest, she stopped and gasped when I removed my trousers and showed her my seven inch erect cock, nearly as wide as her wrist and hard from looking at the water running over her body and dripping off. Pretty soon it'd be my hands running over her. Stretching out and tightening my muscles, I glanced down to see her unknowingly momentarily lick her lips.

Striding forward I walked straight into the water, wincing as the water ran over my hips. I ducked down into the water, holding my breath and rubbing over myself. Moving over I picked up Helen as I climbed out the water. Standing on the shore I kissed her forcefully, gently tugging at her bottom lip before thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I could feel the sparks of sexual interest in her and I pushed energy into her, making them into bonfires and making her yearn for me. Almost unwillingly she responded, kissing back, as I started to feel energy flow into me.

I love the feel of sexual energy. Tense, energetic, yearning. My limbs become full of energy and my sense of touch gets almost painfully sensitive. When full of it I can sense every woman around me and what she feels. I use it for strength and speed, to increase my skill and reactions. I use it for magic, to heal myself, to call up fire, to push thoughts into minds and to seduce.

Right now I could feel some starting to build up in her, in her nipples, just below her skin throughout her body, but mostly just above her pussy in a small ball of heat that was going to explode in pleasure. Kneeling down I laid her on the grass and straddled her, grasping and massaging her breasts and nipples as I kissed her.

She arched her back, pressing herself into my hands as she moaned in pleasure. Moving back a bit I rubbed my cock against her pussy, feeling her wetness. Another time I might have licked and sucked at her but I was too empty. I pushed slightly inside her, then slowly but forcefully took her, seemingly pressing out her breath as I pushed into her. Breathless, with a smile on her face and gently biting her lip she looked at me with wide open eyes filled with pleasure.

I smiled down at her, then started thrusting into her. She panted, trying to breathe, pushing back at me with her hips, grunting when I rammed into her hard. Just to see what she'd do I stopped a moment halfway inside her and she moaned loudly a moment, then grabbed my hips and tried to pull me deeper, begging me to fuck her.

Grinning, I did so, fucking her harder and faster as I got closer and closer to my orgasm. I bellowed as I came, thrusting into her as she too orgasmed, half coming anyway, half in reaction to my pleasure. I breathed heavily, trying not to lean on her too heavily.

She looked up at me with lidded eyes, drunk with pleasure as I felt the sexual energy flowing around my body. "We done now?"

I smiled and shook my head. I pulled myself half out then into her again and she gasped as she realised I was still hard. "This time you fuck me." As she shook her head I rolled over, pulling her on top of me. Grabbing her hips I started lifting and dropping her, thrusting upwards at the same time. She leant her hands on my chest, rubbing up and down as she moved her legs under her then moved up and down.

Pretty soon she started fucking me herself, and I let go and started groping her breasts as they swung down, swaying beautifully. Reaching up with my mouth I suckled one nipple and she stopped a moment and gasped, before thrusting harder for a while.

As she started slowing down I grabbed her hips again and started rubbing her in circles against me at the bottom of each squat. I could feel her clit rubbing against me, and her pleasure as it pressed against my hips. She started moving again, lost in the feelings, experimenting with her movements.

I could feel her slowly building up to another orgasm, body sweating, breathing heavily, eyes staring unseeingly. Squeezing her breasts she came, and I rode along with her as the storm of feelings rushed through her. Fucking back at her she rolled over into another and I came along with her this time.

Finally, with her laying on top of me, her breasts squashed onto my chest and my cock still hard inside her as her pussy squeezed in aftershocks, we relaxed. While I was still hard, I didn't think she could take another fucking and I had enough energy for a while.

Smiling up at her, I laid back with my arms behind her head as I let her sleep, pushing energy back into her to heal the whip marks and tighten up her muscles. I'd leave her with firmer breasts and tighter thighs. Seemed the least I could do.

I left her there by the river, recovering from me, as I checked on the other ex-slaves. I think they were surprised that I was even awake after the half hour of sex I'd just had. They looked at me with fear and maybe a small amount of awe, and a few of the women with consideration. I made sure to give a knowing smile to them.

A couple had fallen asleep on the spot, the stress and fear of the whip and the constant herding now gone. Since I could see the sun just starting to set and the sky reddening, I decided we'd make camp here overnight then start off in the morning.

With that I decided to hunt. The smile across my face widened at the thought. Giving orders to set up a fire I left my armour by Alfred and picked up a skinning knife, checking it and attaching the sheath to my belt. Walking into the forest I stretched my legs slightly for the run ahead of me.

Five minutes or so into the forest I stood silent, my senses outwards and listening with my ears, touch and mind. I could almost feel the breathing of the small animals in their burrows, nooks and crannies around me. But I was hunting for larger prey.

Just on the edge of my senses I could feel a deer eating. I started in that direction, doing my best to be silent. Unfortunately I'm not all that good at it. Almost fifty years of ravaging and pillaging will do that to you. As I got closer I kept a feel on the deer for whether it could sense me.

At only a hundred feet or so it stopped, startled, just hearing me. I paused, taking a couple of deep breaths, before sprinting at it. It turned and fled as I chased. My blood flowing, world narrowing to me, it and the path between, I ran through the forest, jumping ten foot at a time over fallen trees and small depressions, slamming my way through bushes.

It's nostrils flared, terrified out of it's wits, the deer galloped away, not used to things faster than it in among trees. With a huge grin on my face I was catching up. Everything else in the woods kept out of our way, escaping as we drew close.

As I reached the deer I leapt forward, grabbing it around the torso. We fell, rolling in the ferns and fallen branches. Moving forwards I grabbed it's neck and twisted violently. It stilled, dead, and I knelt over it, breathing hard, adrenaline flowing, wanting more. On the edge of my mind I could feel the bruises starting to form painfully.

I sat there a few minutes, relaxing, letting my heart slow down. That was fun.

Once calm, I dug a small pit. Pulling out my skinning knife I slit it's throat over the pit, letting all the blood out. Once done I stabbed into it's leg just through the skin and pulled out a small tube. Wizard made, though he thought me an idiot, it was about hands length and hollow, about the thickness of a little finger. Pushing one end into the hole in the leg I'd made I blew into the other.

Over a few breaths the skin expanded. Weirdly, though I've killed and raped I've forgotten how many, this part still freaks me out. With the skin loosened from the flesh I could easily remove it. Butchering the rest quickly I wrapped it back up in it's own skin. Taking off my shirt and wrapping it around my waist I lifted the package of meat and put it across my shoulders.

The walk back to the camp took a while. I always forget how far I've run while chasing down fleeing animals. I walked out of the forest into the dusk, striding over to the fire and dropping the meat off by the fire. Dropping the knife by it I nodded to the women moving towards it to prepare it. While I can and do cook if by myself, if there are women to do it for me I'll let them.

Looking around I saw Helen again. She avoided my eyes, embarrassed by her reaction to me. I walked towards her and she winced away as I approached. I just grabbed her hand and pulled her with me towards the river again. While the other women were cooking I was going to take my pleasure from her again.

I lay there, resting on my blanket. Full of energy once more, I was watching the glimmering stars above me as I felt my eyelids twitch and try to close. I could feel the others sleeping, Helen still passed out from my fifth fucking, her orgasm suppressed by my power until I came. I smiled again at the memory of her screaming silently out into the night, eyes impossibly wide, unaware of anything but her body exploding.

With that thought in my mind I blinked and I...

I shouted out a challenge to the village. They would give up their weapons and let me take what I wanted or I'd burn down their homes and then take what I wanted anyway.

Silence a moment, then a knight rode out to meet my challenge. I smiled to myself. Just one knight? He didn't stand a chance. He wore a white and blue tabard over his gleaming iron armour, with a shield on his arm and a page running along at his side doing his best to hold a lance. I looked over his heraldry and tried to recall his house and ancestry but didn't recognise it. Not just one knight but one unknown knight.

I tilted my head and smiled sarcastically as he started shouting out to me, though he couldn't see my face through my pitch black helmet. With my black armour and my huge, powerful warhorse Terror I was an imposing sight.

"Give up your challenge you knave. You are no man, to rape and kill defenceless women and children. I will stop you here."

"You? Stop me here?" I shouted back, using my magic to add depth to my voice and fear to those listening. "You are but one nameless knight. Whereas I am the Black Knight, feared for forty years, scourge of Appalania. You. Can't. Stop. Me." As the wind changed my stallion Terror reared up and I could feel his excitement; the knight's mare was in heat. As he tried to move forwards I calmed him and reduced his urge with my magic before he got distracted and I lost control of him.

With the force of my threat and the sudden movement of my horse he and his horse shied away before he found his courage and faced me again. "I say again, you will leave or I, Sir Widdlingham, will stop you. Remember your honour and stop this rampage."

I laughed in scorn, before calming, and in a low, threatening tone said "This is what will happen. I will stop you. But I won't kill you. I will tie you up and make you watch me rape the women here. You will watch my horse rape yours. And then I will find out where you come from and fuck your mother. Maybe her next child will be more of a man than you."

I could see his face redden in anger and heard him splutter. With a growl he reached down and almost fell as he grabbed his lance from the page. He straightened himself and then with a loud yell charged me.

With all the time in the world I pulled my huge two handed sword from my back and held it behind my head. I didn't bother charging at him, but as he drew close I pushed Terror to move to the side and I swung my sword down, shattering his lance.

Seriously, a lance? What was he thinking?

As he slowed down to try and turn, dropping the remains of the lance and drawing his sword, Terror trotted up to him and I shoulder barged him off his horse. As he rolled around, trying to get up I jumped off my stallion. Waiting for Sir Widdlingham to get up I dropped the point of my sword to rest on the ground. Without even bothering to turn my head to look, with my now free hand I pointed at his mare and loudly, bluntly, ordered "Fuck it." Releasing my hold over Terror's sex drive he moved over, his huge cock already hardening.

Pissed off, not thinking and incredibly angry, Sir Widdlingham stood up, almost slipping in the mud and falling over. I didn't even bother with grace, using my huge sword to slam into the shield, almost dislocating his shoulder, then hitting his sword so hard it flew out of his hand. Dropping my sword for a moment I pulled off one gauntlet and grasped Sir Widdlingham's forearms. Concentrating a moment I squeezed the metal of the two gauntlets together until his own armour crumpled and became shackles for him.

I knelt over his body to see him smiling up at me. I paused, wondering at the smile before I had a sudden awareness of impending danger behind me.

The whole thing was a trap I realised as I heard more hooves galloping towards me. I tried to get Terror to come to me but he was fully in Sir Widdlingham's mare, fucking it madly. Quickly grabbing my gauntlet I tried pulling it on as I looked up to see three more knights charging at me with their lances pointing at my chest.


Well, on the bright side, this is much more of a challenge than Sir Widdlingham. My sword was too far away for now so I stood up to face them as they charged towards me, the ground shaking as they came.

The lance points rose to my chest and as they almost hit me I dived forwards under them. Rolling forwards I pushed off the ground with my hands and legs, slamming into the horse's legs. I think I broke several ribs and I was thrown backwards onto the floor again, but I shattered the horse's legs and flung the knight a distance onto the floor.

Forcing the pain behind a wall I bellowed in anger as I stood ready to continue fighting and I...

I almost threw myself up onto my feet, a shout at the back of my throat and my mind not yet aware I was awake. My heart pounding, I looked around to hear the birds singing and the sky brightening.

It took a few minutes to get the vivid memory out of my head, helped by jumping into the cold river. It was nearly three years ago that I'd left the Black Knight behind me, fooling some idiot into believing that it was the armour that was magical not me, then killing him in front of everyone.

I'm still not sure whether that was the best of ideas. I get to fight less, but I get more willing partners. And I don't get small armies trying to kill me. I shrugged and gave up on that train of thought. That life was behind me. I had to keep pretending I was a normal human, although if I kept my body at eighteen I'd have to leave the country for a while.

With another dunking of my head into the river I cleared my mind and walked back into the camp to wake the others and get them ready to return to their village.

We travelled through the day, my nerves still slightly on edge from the dream. I hadn't dreamt of the Black Knight in weeks, although I also hadn't killed anyone for weeks either.

I didn't bother fucking any of the ex-slaves as we travelled either. I was slightly scared I'd start raping the others too. I remember one time as the Black Knight at the convent when ... I quickly tried to get away from that thought, since while I'd improved my saddle with a hollow depression for my cock it still wasn't comfortable to ride with an erection.

Finally, in the evening, we arrived at the village. Ignoring the thanks from the villagers I went straight to the inn and had a beer, taking in the news. Just like the last three villages, nothing of interest to a travelling knight. After a comfortable night in a bed I was quickly off again in the morning, to look for more jobs.

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