Battlemage: Book 7 - the Sound of Sensual Justice
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Magic, Fiction, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nathan and Ariel are busy trying to learn all about Ariel's new power and two questions came up. What would happen if they met someone who felt so betrayed and so grossly wronged in their life that they felt intense rage about being completely "powerless" to do anything about it? And what would happen if one day that person is given "power"? One time, in a city, during the summer, there was this woman...

As the woman with the long jet black hair looked down she could see that her companion was enjoying himself.

Her hair was so long that it could have possibly hung down to her hips, but at this moment it was now softly resting on her shoulders as she had just returned to looking at her companion after tilting her head back and shaking it to keep it out of his face.

Her companion was amusing himself by playing with her large breasts as they swayed back and forth in time to her rising and falling on him.

The man's face appeared almost as if he was sneering up at her, as he then harshly pinched first one nipple and then the other in his somewhat feminine looking hands.

And as he did this the woman then lowered her chest just enough that he could roughly suck on a nipple before he then switched over to the other. Then he put them both in his mouth to suck on them at the same time.

The woman started to lightly moan in a throaty way as he did this to her. And then while moaning she started to grind down on him a little harder. As she did the man tried to lift his hips a little before he decided to just lay back and let her do all the work.

As she rose and fell on him he couldn't believe how tight she was. She was almost as tight as a sixteen season old virgin, and he should know. He grinned as he thought about how he knew that fact among other things about even younger girls.

And during the whole encounter the man thought it was a trick of the low light as the woman's eyes kept seeming to twinkle as he looked into them. Those bright sky blue eyes of hers seemed to just suck him into their depths.

He had already kissed those puckered ruby red lips more than once tonight, and he was torn between kissing them once again or continuing to suck on her nipples.

When she had gotten him hard earlier by blowing him he couldn't believe how firm but soft the blowjob was. The way she used her tongue on him was magic. But she stopped all too soon and told him it was time for her to mount him.

As these thoughts went through his mind he noticed that the expression on the woman's face that had started as a deep lusty look had now moved to one of deep concentration as she moved in a rhythm above him. The man was now using his hands to direct her to move in time to what he wanted.

He planned to experience more than one orgasm before the night was over.

But the man would have been surprised to know that the woman already knew what he liked and how he wanted it done. And she was very much aware that he liked to feel like he was in control.

As she once again looked down into his face she was already reading his mind to see what he liked that his lovers did for him and what he didn't like that they tried as well.

She knew how much pressure to push down with, how to swirl her hips so that he got maximum penetration and feeling. She even knew how he liked to hear his women moan as they had sex with him.

When she approached him tonight she even knew that he liked dark haired women, preferably ones with glossy black hair, more than any other types of women. He liked very large breasts and plush hips best of all.

In all she was the ideal woman for him in all aspects and she was taking him to sexual heights he had never dreamed of before.

But as she took her time grinding firmly down on him she could feel the build up of pressure and she knew that he could now feel his own orgasm approaching. It had taken him almost twenty minutes to get to this point she thought.

As she now used her internal muscles she willed herself to clamp on to him and then used them to massage him deep down in a new rhythm that she knew he wouldn't be able to resist for long. All the while she was still continuing to grind on him because she knew he loved the feeling of a woman on top.

Soon she was rewarded with him quickly squeezing his eyes closed, trying to thrust up hard, and loudly groaning into an orgasm that seemed to go on for several minutes.

After a couple minutes suddenly the man's eyes popped wide open and his face took on a new look of abject terror as his orgasm didn't appear to be stopping. At some point during the orgasm something felt off and he now felt weird but he wasn't sure why.

No orgasm had ever felt like this before. It felt as if his strength was now leaving his body. His body felt too heavy for him to move properly. Like he was drowning

The man tried to scream but found he now had no breath with which to do it. It felt to him as if he was now holding his breath. No matter how much he gasped he couldn't catch his breath.

As the man now thrashed frantically around on the bed the woman kept grinding down on him, and not once did she stop or break her rhythm.

The woman slowly leaned forward with a seductive smile as she then softly said "You have a responsibility to protect the people who look up to you. As a Noble you are responsible for taking care of us, all of us.

"You shouldn't have blackmailed that maid into having sex with you just so she could continue to work to help her family. You then told her husband what she did and you tried to destroy their marriage, all because you were bored. That was very naughty of you."

The man's terror took on a new edge to it as he heard this. How did she know about that? It only happened a few days ago. It couldn't have gotten around that fast yet!

But as he continued to thrash around in fear his movements appeared to get weaker and weaker by the moment as he struggled.

"You know, normally I can make this much easier on you, but tonight I believe I'll take my pleasure as well," said the woman softly as she leaned closer and kissed his lips almost with a feather like touch.

The man's eyes were still open widely in fear as his struggle went on for about another five minutes.

Meanwhile as he continued to weakly struggle beneath the woman, she closed her eyes and threw her head back, as if to look at the ceiling and she then lightly pinched her own breasts.

She almost seemed as if she was lost in another world as she now also appeared to be clearly going through her own orgasm.

Her moaning took on a new and higher pitch as her breathing got faster and faster.

Suddenly she jerked hard twice, with her eyes still squeezed tightly shut, as she pitched forward and grabbed the pillow on either side of the man's head tightly in both of her fists and lightly shook as she too now seemed to be holding her breath.

Before long they both stopped moving at all, right as she finished her climax.

As the woman opened her eyes and looked down she saw his eyes were no longer capable of seeing or focusing on anything that was in the room with them.

She reached down and closed his eyelids. She then softly kissed his lips once more before she slowly got off the bed.

Once on the floor she closed her eyes and seemed to shimmer once and her appearance changed to a very pretty brown haired woman with shoulder length hair and with deep brown eyes.

As she looked back over at the man on the bed one final time, her look now was no longer one of seduction but one of complete and total disgust. Her eyes seemed to flash with deep seated anger.

She thought to herself as she looked on at his body that this was one less Noble to force himself on or trick a woman who was unable to protect herself from his power and position.

While he might have been the son of a distant Earl, he was still responsible for his actions while in the city. They all were.

As she swirled her cape around her shoulders and started to disappear into a mist that would transport her out of this room, she again felt satisfaction in what she just did.

Because the city needed her as protection from all these leeches who preyed on women unable to defend themselves from their forced sexual advances.

And as she finally disappeared from the room, the thin plain gold ring that adorned her left hand seemed to be the last thing to disappear as the swirling mist dissipated.

"Did you hear that the Earl of Lancewood's son Lord Micah was found to have died in his sleep two nights ago?" asked a woman. The woman was average in looks and build with her dark brown hair tied up in a bun.

She was folding the laundry she had just pulled off the clothes line that was left out to dry as she spoke to a second woman.

"No I didn't hear that. What is he, the second or third one to die in his sleep like that?" asked the second woman who had been weeding the fence between them, but stopped to talk to the first woman.

She was an older woman, could have been estimated in her late fifties, with her salt and pepper hair pulled up into a bun as well.

"No he was the fourth Noble so far in the last 2 months. It's almost like there is something wrong with the Noble's line or something. They seem to be so weak to be passing away like that. So many have passed away in their sleep over the last 10 seasons," said the first woman.

"Well it might not be just the Nobles. A few months back Jake Potter, one of the manor guards, also seemed to have passed away in his sleep as well. They were still surprised to find he had taken a room in an Inn and died in his sleep when he had a home so close by," said the first woman.

"Well Jake had a problem keeping his hands to himself once he had a little drink in him. If he could have kept from cheating on that pretty young wife of his, then others might have missed him more.

"A shame really, now that he's gone his wife has to either find a new husband soon or she's going to have to find a job to support her and their two kids. Most of the men who will want to hire her will only want her to work on her back for the money with her looks," said the first woman.

"That would be a shame if she has to resort to that. Jake for all his faults will be missed as a husband and a father, but I for one can say that Lord Micah won't be missed at all," said the second woman.

"Did you know Dinah Michelson? The pretty maid who used to work at the Summerton manor? Did you know that Lord Micah forced her have sex with him?

"He said that he would hold up her wages and then tell everyone she had been earning all of her pay on her back with him if she didn't sleep with him. He told her that if she did it once no one would have to know. Then afterwards he took her panties and personally returned them to her husband and told him how much he enjoyed his wife," finished the second woman

"Oh my god, no he didn't! Why would he do that to her?" asked the first woman shocked. She was shocked anyone would be that cruel to someone.

"I don't know, but it was rumored that she wasn't the only one he forced to have sex with him. But one of the other maids said that she overheard him say that it pissed him off that he had to work so hard to get her to have sex with him, and that since she was so worried that her husband would find out he would just tell him himself. And so he did," said the second woman scowling.

"What did her husband Tom do?" asked the first woman still in shock.

"He was going to divorce her after Lord Micah made it a point to tell him this in front of their house with a few of the neighbors watching as he gave him back her panties. But some friends of theirs forced him to talk with her first, and once they talked for a few days he agreed to give it another go. You know, you can see something is missing from the marriage now and Dinah seems so depressed all the time.

"But at least she no longer works at the manor. Their new problem is that they are barely making ends meet on just what his job pays, but she says that is what she has to do to keep her marriage alive. I feel so sorry for that child, her husband, and their children and I'm sure she also is one who isn't sorry to see that bastard Lord Micah go either.

"That family used to be so full of life, but all of them now including the kids, seem to be suffering from a marriage that now seems to be hanging by a thread thanks to Lord Micah," said the second woman as she gave a scowl and a look of severe annoyance.

"I didn't know all of that. I just knew that they were having some problems. Sometimes Tom would be wondering the streets looking lost. It was heartbreaking to see his face, but no one was saying why. How did you find all of this out?" asked the first woman.

"My cousin works there as a wine steward and he mentioned it to me one night when we had him over for dinner. Tom's neighbors had the decency not to tell everyone what Lord Micah did, but Lord Micah couldn't wait to start bragging to what friends he had, and they thought it was funny as well. My cousin just happened to be in the room at the time.

"And poor Tom had to try and pretend that nothing was wrong once everyone at the Mill eventually found out. I hear no one said anything, but he knew that they knew all the same. I'm surprised he didn't fall into a bottle somewhere and try to drown his sorrow," said the second woman.

"It's a good thing he didn't. No good ever comes from that and his family needs him to be there. There isn't any way all four of his kids and Dinah could survive if he wasn't around. She was working to bring in extra for them all that they normally couldn't afford. But as it stands I don't believe that marriage will last much longer like this," said the first woman.

"But speaking of strange deaths, I'm still surprised that Davy Morrison died like he did last season. His mother still hasn't gotten over the grief. I spoke with his mother last week and she still wants to know what happened. She said that he was getting ready for marriage to Katie Olman that following week.

"But on his eighteenth birthday some of the fellows talked him into going to an Inn and they got him really drunk, and they all swear that Katie was there in the Inn and Davy followed her outside to catch her. But as drunk as they were they weren't really sure if it was Katie, but they thought it was.

"But Katie and Davy's mother Karen said that Katie was with her all night visiting and waiting up for Davy.

"Regardless they didn't think anything about it as drunk as they were when he didn't return, but the next morning they found him stretched out between the Inn and the blacksmith shop with his pants around his ankles and he was dead. But they couldn't find a wound on him and he still had all his money," said the second woman.

"I remember that! And I remember that everyone thought it was weird that no one remembers hearing anything. And no one could remember who the woman was or where she went. His death was horrible. If my child passed like that I would want to know how too.

"And the boy was so sweet. He never said anything mean to anyone and always tried to help everyone. He never chased after other girls and just doted on Katie. She too was crushed to hear of his death. I wonder how that happened to him," said the first.

"That is still a mystery and I hated to see such a good young man gone. He would have been a real asset to the community, but scum like Lord Micah will never be missed," said the second woman as she returned to weeding, scowling as she kneeled down.

If both women had been paying attention they would have noticed a very pretty young woman with long brown hair who had been passing by, but stopped by the corner of the house and listened to their conversation.

As she listened, she wasn't sorry that she had to end Lord Micah's life.

He was a parasite that preyed on the manor staff and some of the ladies in the city. She only had to find out about what he was doing from a few of Dinah's neighbors and then his days were numbered.

She also didn't feel sorry for Tom Michelson, and if he hadn't stayed with his wife he would have joined Lord Micah.

The brown haired woman tried once to seduce Tom when she overheard him talking about getting payback on his wife Dinah for cheating on him with Lord Micah, but he was too drunk to take her up on the offer when she made it.

But after that night he wouldn't talk to anyone and kept to himself. And if she tried to talk to him, no matter where he was, he always walked on as if he didn't hear her.

And she did keep an eye on him, but lately all he does is work extra hours at the mill and go home and then right to sleep regardless of the hour. He doesn't ever talk to anyone beyond what it takes to do his job. He doesn't go anywhere but work and home.

No, she didn't feel sorry for him, but she did feel sorry for what his wife had to go through with Lord Micah. No woman should have to be forced like that. It was Lord Micah's fault that Dinah had to endure a horrible marriage now.

She was glad Lord Micah paid for his selfishness with his life for doing that to her.

And Jake was another one that had to go earlier this season. His wife was too devoted to him to have him treat her like she didn't matter.

All she needed to do was walk past him and he was up out of his chair like a shot after her with his tongue all hanging out. He was so easy to get at it was laughable.

It didn't take much to get him alone and polish him off. He actually insisted on anal as the last act he would ever perform in this life.

It was a shame she didn't get to see his face as he died. But as he slumped across her back, she knew that he was dead. But at least he got to go doing what he wanted the way he wanted to do it.

And she almost felt sorry for Davy Morrison who the women spoke of that she ran into last season.

But he shouldn't have followed her outside and kept calling her Katie.

And almost at the last moment he realized his mistake and tried to weakly push her away. But he was soon caught up in an orgasm, as she had long since dropped to her knees before he tried to struggle away from her, and had already fished out his cock for a quick blowjob while he was trying to drunkenly talk to her in the alley.

But if he had really been devoted to her then he shouldn't have been able to let her get him that far. If he really loved his girlfriend he should have known that she wasn't her. Even if he was that drunk. He should have been able to resist her if he was truly that devoted to that Katie woman.

It wasn't her fault that he gave into temptation with her and paid for it with his life. She didn't force him to follow her or to think that she was Katie. She didn't make him let her give him a blowjob either. He was willing all the way.

Besides she was there for someone entirely different when he found her.

And someone at the time must have been really attracted to his girlfriend because apparently she took a similar form to hers as she went after that man. And that wasn't her fault either. That was the fault of the man who was lusting once again after a woman who was spoken for. Both of them were nothing but animals.

There were too many evil men leading women to do things that they wouldn't normally do. Davy should have kept his distance from her and he would still be alive if he had.

But there were still too many men not capable of controlling themselves and as it is she is the only one who can get rid of those predators.

Women deserved to be happy in life and not forced to live a life of misery. They should be able to expect more from their cheating and abusive men or mates.

As she turned away she set her face once again with grim determination and headed away from the women as she started getting further and further from their homes headed back towards the city.

And as she did she searched the area, and at not finding anyone close by, her outline suddenly shimmered and she was soon a light blonde woman with shoulder length hair and light brown eyes with green sprinkled in them heading into the city in the dusk light.

She went from her normal 5'8" height down to 5'3" and her figure was pixy shaped with an almost impossibly small waistline.

She had a well rounded face and mischievous eyes. Her bottom lip was full and rounded, but her top lip was thin and firm. The smile was so seductive that the murmurs from men and women reached her ears as she strolled through town.

Her breasts, while they fit her frame, were much smaller than they are normally. They were about the size of large oranges. Even though she was short her hips were well rounded and her legs were well formed, even though her feet were tiny.

She appeared to be wearing a knee length black skirt and a blouse that was white and short sleeved. But both pieces seemed almost as if they were painted on her.

And as she walked down the street her hips had a sway that caused your eyes to follow long before you saw her and well after she was long gone. And as she moved down the street she just oozed sex appeal.

As she approached the Barristers Inn, one of the premiere upscale taverns in the city of Ravenswind, she stopped at the entrance and she mentally searched the inside. She smiled as she knew that once again Thomas was inside and wouldn't be able to resist her appearance.

She now looked very similar to his last mistress. And as the secretary to the Marquis he had more of a responsibility to his wife than to be cheating on her as blatantly as he did.

And as she entered she had the thought that she would enjoy making his last night on earth a pleasant one.

Well, pleasant for her at least as his filth was soon removed from this world.

And with that last thought in mind she smiled as softly and seductively as possible and reached for the double doors.

The thin plain band on her left hand was clearly visible for all to see as she touched the double doors and entered.

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