Everybody Does Allison
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Meet Allison, she runs the business, her elderly husband owns it; but she falls prey to handsome workers, who teach her a lesson about her own submissive nature and prepare her for other adventures in submission.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   DomSub   MaleDom   Gang Bang  

They took her slowly from the platform back down the ladder, not allowing her to dress at all. Although they were both clothed now, Allison remained naked all the way back to the door at the roof level.

"Okay, Rapunzel," Tony said with a leer and a slap to her ass, "Back to work."

Allison was terrified that they meant what they said, forcing her to go back into the building totally naked.

"Oh, please, sirs," she said, sinking to her knees by the door,"I've done everything you've said, haven't I; I've been a good girl for you, haven't I? Please let me have my clothes."

Both Tony and Marco were laughing at the pleading, naked woman kneeling in front of them. Eventually they did give in and allowed Allison to have her dress to put on. They kept all of her underwear, slip, bra, panties and girdle, which they had nailed to the wall of the shack up on the platform with her name on it.

"Okay, now thank us, bitch," Marco demanded, while Allison was still naked and on her knees but now clutching her dress to herself with obvious relief.

Allison thanked them profusely, as they demanded, and, after slipping into her dress was ready at last to get back to work.

"Good lookin' bitch," Marco said to Tony, "Yeah," Tony replied, "Almost as good looking in that white pleated skirt dress as she was naked." Marco laughed at that, "Yeah but not quite."

Allison's secretary, Marie, wanted to know if she was all right, when she got back from her long lunch.

"Yes," Allison said brightly, "I just ran into some friends and we were longer than I had supposed. I probably stay a little later today to make sure that we're up to snuff with everything. But you needn't wait." But Allison knew that Marie would wait, she was faithful that way.

It was later that day, with dusk closing in on them that Tony found his way to Allison's department. Everyone had already gone home but Marie was still at it, and, Tony had discovered, so was Allison.

"Can I help you?" Marie asked Tony, who was carrying a bag.

"I'm here to see your boss, I'm a friend of hers."

Marie, who was very protective of Allison and her privacy wasn't sure about this guy at all, and said that Allison was really pretty busy.

"Oh, she'll want to see me," Tony said with a laugh, "Just give her these, my pal and I got these from her at lunch."

Opening the bag he handed Marie a pair of almost destroyed panties. Marie just stared as Tony smiled. She got up and hurried into Allison's office with the panties.

Allison looked up from the work that she was trying to finish. She had at least taken the opportunity about an hour before to take a shower in the executive suite, so that she didn't smell like sex when she went home.

"Yes?" she said to Marie, who looked truly alarmed.

Marie almost stammered out: "Uh, there's a man here with a hard hat to see you; he sent me to give you these."

Allison's eyes went wide and her face reddened, when Marie handed her the pair of pearl colored panties.

Marie asked in a tiny voice: "Allison, are they yours?"

Allison sighed a deep sigh and said: "Yes, sweetie," (She was always affectionate with Marie.) "They're mine; I ran into these two guys after lunch and, well, things got out of hand."

"Oh dear!" Marie said, "Did they rape you?"

"Oh, no," Allison said quickly, "Nothing like that only good old fashioned seduction and screwing. Look, Marie, stay here, when he comes in; I don't want a repeat performance and these guys are really persuasive." Marie nodded firmly and went to get Tony.

Tony smiled as he entered the room. He had a bag in his hand.

"Hi, Rapunzel," he said brightly.

"Hi," Allison muttered, "What can I do for you, Tony?"

Tony's face darkened and he took a step toward Allison, who was visibly cowed by him now. Tony dumped the bag, containing the rest of Allison's underwear on her desk, and said harshly:

"You can remember your manners, especially in front of your assistant here."

Marie was wide eyed as Allison's demeanor visibly changed.

Allison said, in a clear voice, one that carried conviction: "I'm sorry, sir, how crude of me to forget. If I can do anything to help you, I certainly will."

"Yes," Tony said smoothly now, "I'm sure you will. And who is this lovely lady?"

"That's my assistant Marie; Marie, this is Tony."

Tony grinned at Allison and asked: "Is the lovely Marie going to be here for our interview?"

Allison stammered a bit and said: "Yes, I thought so."

"Hmm," Tony continued, "Some protection?"

"Uh, yes, sir maybe." was Allison's hesitant answer.

"And maybe not." Tony laughed. "But since your lovely assistant is here, let's tell her what happened after lunch, shall we?"

"Do we need to?" was Allison's quiet question.

"Well I think we do," was Tony's response, and, turning to Marie, he asked: "You want to know, don't you, dear?"

Marie, still wide eyed, shook her head 'yes'.

"Good," Tony said with a smile, looking at Allison again, who resembled an animal caught in the head lights of a car now,"So that's settled. But this is turning you on isn't it?"

Allison hesitated only a moment, causing Tony to bark at her: "Answer me!"

"Yes, sir," Allison said, again with a red face, "This is turning me on." "I thought so." was Tony's reply.

"But let's tell her," Tony went on, "We met at the elevator and you went willingly up to the roof with me and Marco, isn't that right."

"Yes, sir," Allison said, "that's right; I went willingly with you two to the roof."

"Then," he continued, "We had to climb the ladder to the work platform, correct?' Allison shook her head 'yes', and this caused Tony to bark again: "Talk to me, damn it!"

Allison quickly said "Yes, that's right; forgive me for being silent, sir."

Marie was dumbfounded by the change in Allison, and realized that she was kind of turned on by it too.

Allison was certainly turned on, the inside of her thighs were getting wet.

"What happened on the ladder?" Tony asked with a grin.

Allison spoke up immediately: "At first, I didn't believe I could climb it but you kept tickling the back of my knees and Marco was rubbing my breasts."

"Your what?" Tony shot at her.

"Uh," she quickly added, "My tits, I meant my tits."

"Good girl," Tony said and added, "Then?"

"Then," Allison picked up the story, "Then you took my skirt off, when I agreed to go with you to the platform. You said you'd write my name on a pair of crotchless panties that you had and throw them over the building edge otherwise."

"Is that the only reason you agreed to go to the platform?" Tony asked.

"No, sir; at that point I really wanted to. And then you lifted my slip up so that it was over my head and, since I had my arms in the air, I was trapped in the slip, and you pulled my panties down and played with me."

"With what?" Tony barked.

"Uh," Allison stammered, looking at Marie, "Uh at my, uh, you know."

"Say the words," Tony demanded gruffly or I'll start to slap you; I might do that anyway."

"Sorry, sorry," Allison babbled now, "You played with my pussy, my cunt."

"So I did," Tony said with a smile. "And?" Tony prompted her.

"And," she continued, "Marco took my blouse off and was playing with my tits."

"What happened to your panties and bra?" Tony prompted her."

"You cut them off with a knife." Allison admitted.

Marie gasped at this admission.

"And then?" Tony pushed her on.

"And then I got to suck both of your cocks and get fucked by both of your wonderful pricks."

"Just like a?" Tony added for her to finish. "Just like a common slut." Was Allison's brief admission.

Again Marie was gasping.

"But now there's one place that we didn't have time to fuck you, isn't there?" Tony added.

"Yes," Allison admitted wide eyed now.

"Tell me," Tony said quietly.

Allison hesitated only briefly and glanced at Marie who was still wide eyed but breathing heavily.

"She won't help you here," Tony said with menace.

Allison then said quietly: "You didn't fuck my ass, sir."

"Right the first time," Tony fairly shouted. "Now Marco had to go home but I have time and I'm here to correct that little oversight but a slut like you won't mind, will you?"

Allison, completely cowed by him now and breathing heavily herself, said: "No, sir; a slut like me won't mind at all."

"I thought not," Tony said. "Now take off your clothes and give them to Marie and be quick about it or you go home with no clothes on at all tonight."

Allison immediately went for the buttons on her dress removing it and giving it to Marie, who'd come over to help at Tony's instructions. Then Allison was left wearing only her shoes.

"That's the way we like you, slut," Tony muttered, "Bare ass naked!"

"Looks nice, doesn't she, Marie?"

"Yes, uh, yes, sir" Marie muttered, "She does." And Marie was glancing appreciatively at her naked boss.

"Bend over the desk," was Tony's next order, leaving Allison, once she had complied, bent over from the waist with the globes of her naked ass lewdly pointed at Tony and Marie. "Now wiggle your ass like a slut in heat." Tony said next with a kind of a cruel smile. He could see how this was affecting Marie, who was taking it all in wide eyed.

Allison did as she was told and began to wiggle her ass for them, gyrating and wiggling as though to some unheard music.

Tony stepped up to her and told Marie to come over closer also. Marie was hesitant but complied and came over to where her naked boss was still busy moving her ass cheeks around.

"Now," Tony said, taking hold of Marie's hand at the wrist for emphasis, "Slap her ass."

Marie, as though in a trance, slapped the shapely ass in front of her.

"Harder!" Tony demanded and Marie complied and slapped Allison's ass harder. Tony kept on demanding "Harder!" and Marie kept hitting Allison, who was now grunting from the inflicted pain but still wiggling her ass lewdly. Marie left off the slapping and simply rubbed her hand over and over the surface of Allison's ass cheeks with a kind of a grateful look on her face.

"I love you," she whispered, and then once again "I love you." With that she bent over the surface of Allison's ass and planted a wet kiss directly on the red spot where she 'd been spanking.

"Okay, doll," Tony said, breaking Marie's concentration. As Marie looked up now at him, she gasped seeing him standing there naked with a large erect cock.

Marie just stared at it for a moment, when Tony told her to go an fetch some oil of some kind. Marie did as she was told, getting some light oil that was available in the medicine area. When she returned with it, she was momentarily rooted to the spot by the sight of Allison now kneeling and sucking on Tony's cock.

"Oh dear!" was all that she could manage.

She gave Tony the oil and he ordered Allison to turn around again and bend over the desk. She did. Tony approached with some oil on his hands and began to rub it into the cleft of Allison's ass. Eliciting further moans from Allison.

"Go to the other side of the desk," Tony told Marie, who did as she was told.

When she got to that spot, Tony said to her: "Now take your panties off and stuff them into her mouth."

Allison looked up at Marie, as she reached up under her skirt and pulling her beige panties down, though red faced, deposited them into Allison's open mouth.

Tony now moved with his cock into position and forced an entrance into Allison's asshole. Allison wiggled and grunted into the panties in her mouth as she pushed backwards at Tony's thrusting cock.

Marie was transfixed. It didn't take Tony very long to get his cock into Allison's greased asshole, and he was accompanied in his buggering by her squeals of delight all silenced by Marie's panties in Allison's mouth. Nor did it take him much time to deposit his load into Allison.

Finished, Tony gave Allison a loud and hard slap to the ass, as he pulled up his pants and got ready to leave.

Allison simply sunk to the floor on her knees.

At the door Tony turned and said brightly: "Thanks for the ass fuck, Rapunzel, we'll be in touch."

Allison looked up at him with a strange look on her face and said quietly: "No, thank you." and he was gone.

When he'd gone, Marie hustled over to Allison and, sinking to the floor on her knees, put her arms around her. Allison laid her head against Marie's breast and sobbed for a few minutes.

"I don't know what's happened, Marie," she said. "It's just that Tom is no longer interested or able;he's a lovely man but he's old now, just old. I guess maybe serves me right for marrying such an older man. But these guys are brash, and manipulative, and ... and I just love it."

Marie was stroking Allison's hair as she talked. "It's just kind of opened this vista that I've held in check for so long. Geez, I never thought I'd be so turned on so much simply by someone telling me what to do. I've just kept that in check so completely all these years. It kind of shows me a submissive side, a really, I, uh, don't know, sexually submissive side to me that is wholly new. Or that's at least out in the open now."

Looking up at Marie's adoring eyes, Allison continued, "I mean, it even turns me on now to be here in the office with you; you know, with me naked and simply, uh, kind of available and you fully clothed."

There was a brief silence, which then Marie filled, as she got up and went to the door to lock the door: "Not fully clothed, Allison, remember I don't have any panties on."

Saying that to the still kneeling woman, Marie went to the office chair and pulling it around to the side of the desk said quietly to Allison, "Come here."

As Allison started to get up from her kneeling position, Marie put in: "No, crawl." Allison looked at Marie and said a quiet, "Yes, ma'am."

As she crawled to where Marie was sitting, now with her skirt up around her waist and her legs apart to accommodate Allison's smiling face.

Allison nestled her face into the wetness of Marie's curly hair covered snatch. Using her tongue and her lips, she serviced the outside lips and sought the softness of the inner lips and Marie's clit. Marie was soon writhing in her chair as Allison's tongue and lips found their mark. Allison slipped her hands under Marie's ass cheeks and held on while continuing to plunder the soft wetness of her pussy.

Marie clutched the back of Allison's head, pulling her face tight against her pussy as she came in her naked boss' face and mouth. It was a huge orgasm for Marie. When it was done, Allison slipped back into a kneeling position.

Marie slipped from the chair with tears in her eyes and, surrounding Allison with her arms, said to her tearfully, "I'm so sorry; I don't know what got into me. It was all so strong and heady and when you said..."

Here Allison interrupted Marie by putting her arms around her and launching into a long, wet, open mouthed kiss.

Then it was Allison's turn to comfort. "Quiet, quiet, dear," she cooed. "This is only our little secret. It was wonderful."

Allison raised Marie from her kneeling position and said: "I must take another shower now." It kind of galvanized Marie into action, so that, by the time that Allison was out of the exec shower, Marie had gone out and bought a pair of panties and a bra for her boss.

"I thought you might need these." Marie said simply. "Ahh," Allison simpered, "You take such good care of me."

"Yes, if you let me." Was Marie's reply.

Allison was pleased with the bra and panties. The bra was a light almost shiny blue fabric with underwire for her rather large sized 36 cs. The panties matched and were sufficiently transparent to show both pussy and ass.

"I guess that you had ulterior motives in this purchase," Allison said smiling.

"I did," crowed Marie.

And Allison slowly spun around to show Marie how they looked.

Then Marie turned serious for a moment, saying to Allison: "I just, uh, want you to know that I will in no way let what we've done here get in the way of doing my job the way it is supposed to be done."

Allison put her arms around Marie and said quietly: "I know that, love; but we must take time now and again for you to kind of take me in hand."

Marie laughed: "I can certainly do that."

She slapped Allison's panty covered fanny, as she said it, causing Allison to 'yip' and jump.

"Ah, yes," Allison then said, "Home and Tom."

"Who knows," Marie commented, "Tomorrow might bring more adventures. After all, the hard hats are still working for a few more days."

"One can only hope," Allison said with a lewd grin, kissing Marie an 'end of the office day kiss, ' as they left.

It was two days later. Allison went to work thinking that they, that is Tony and Marco would be finishing that day, and just wondering, wondering. When she got to the office, Marie was there waiting and had coffee for her. Marie followed Allison into the office and closed the door. When Allison turned Marie was standing there with a strange grin on her face.

Allison's heart skipped a beat, as Marie said: "There's a note here for Rapunzel." "Ohhhh," was all that Allison managed at first.

Allison put her hand out for it and the smile on Marie's face changed ever so slightly.

She withheld the note and said crossly: "Put your greedy hand down or you get a spanking."

Allison understood immediately and apologized: "Sorry, Ma'am, I was getting greedy; it's just that I have been wondering."

"Yes, I know, my impatient love; you want to go and get those holes of yours all stuffed up; don't you?"

Allison smiled.

Marie demanded again: "Don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am, I realize that I really do want to get my holes stuffed up."

"Okay then," Marie continued, "Here's the note: 'Rapunzel, today 11:00 AM come up to the roof; take the lock from the bag; lock the door from the outside. Take all of your clothes off and put them on the chair by the door. Climb the ladder to the work platform naked. We're here." It was signed, 'The Guys.'

"What you've been waiting for?"

"Yes, ma'am." was Allison's answer.

"Good,"Marie answered,"Then, love, you go and I'll cover for you. I'll be back in at 10:30 to remind you."

"Oh, thank you so much, ma'am." Allison said, sinking to her knees as she said it, and grasping Marie around the waist and letting her hands fall down until they were clutching Marie's ass cheeks.

Allison looked up with a kind of adoration in her eyes. These were newly charted waters that she was unsure of but certainly liked. Being the pawn in all this was a turn on for her. Marie smiled and raised her skirt above Allison's hands, so that her hands were now on the fabric of Marie's pale purple panties. Allison buried her face in Marie's crotch, blowing and breathing and licking.

Marie shuddered and said, rather sadly, "Work now; work. You have a big day ahead."

Marie was there to remind Allison at the appropriate time. She said she'd be able to cover, while Allison went on her lunch. Allison took an elevator to the point where she could reach the roof. She was surprised to find Duane, one of the younger guys who ran the shipping department coming from the direction where she was heading. So intent was she about where she was going and why that her normal authority simply failed her.

Instead of demanding what he was doing there, she just stood for a moment.

"Hi, Ms. Preddy," he said with a grin. "Going to the roof to see if they're almost done?"

"Uh," she stammered, all authority lost for the moment, "Uh, yes, I just wanted to see, you know." Then she kind of recovered and said: "And you?"

Again, however with very little authority.

"Oh," he smiled at her, "A mess to clean up over in the attics."

(The store rooms over across from where they were, were called that. He smiled, a very strange smile and left. She caught herself looking back at him, not sure that she believed him, and really not knowing what to do about it, and she saw him glancing at her, as she ascended the stairs. She hoped he didn't really notice anything but wasn't sure; 'he was, after all," she thought, "Coming from the other way.'. ) So she kept going up the stairs. Getting to the top of the stairs, she was turned on to find, immediately inside of the roof door, a bag with a key in it. It had her name on it and gave the instructions to close and lock the door and then strip naked before ascending to where Tony and Marco were working.

She wondered just for a few seconds about whether Duane had seen this but dismissed it in her eagerness for what was coming.

She realized quickly how turned on she was about the curtness of the orders.

'This is like a new me, ' she said to herself, 'Years of holding the line and telling myself that sex wasn't all that important, certainly not to Tom any more and therefore not to me, and one day's being treated like a slut and I find that I actually am one. It's so strange that a part of my mind even hopes that young Duane did see the bag and the instructions.

She exited from the door and was able to lock the door with the key.

"Now it begins," she said to herself. She was further surprised that she had no qualms about this. "Tom is so much older than me," she told herself any number of times lately.

Last night," her musing continued, "I even woke up and sucked his cock and didn't even wake him. But this is exciting."

These thoughts were swirling around in her head as she unbuttoned and took off her blouse, followed by her bra. The sun and the wind on her tits and nipples felt good to her. She giggled as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Next went her panties, no girdle for her today, and then even her shoes. They were quite clear that they wanted her to ascend to the work platform totally, absolutely naked.

Allison was really turned on now. It was all that she could do to keep from sticking her fingers into her pussy here and now but she wanted to wait for it and for them. She strode across the roof, naked to the world and started the ladder ascent, not liking it but putting up with it because by now she really, really did want to get fucked, and soon.

(She didn't see the door that she forgot to lock open again; she didn't see Duane take pictures of her walking naked to the ladder platform; she didn't see Duane take pictures of her naked during her ascent; she didn't see Duane reach into the bag and take her panties and bra and replace them with a note. He smiled hugely and then closed and locked the door.) She was surprised that the ascent this time, though she was naked, was easier, since she didn't have the guys pawing at her, and stripping off her clothes on the way up, although remembering the sensation of having her slip above her head, hiding her eyes, while Tony pulled her panties down still gave her goose bumps, and nipple erections.

She got to the platform with less trouble that she thought she'd have and poked her head above the platform edge only to be noticed by Tony, the only one of the two guys in sight.

"Here she is," Tony wailed, "Right on time and bare ass, bare titied naked to boot."

He was exultant. Allison came up onto the platform and said a quiet: "Hi, Tony. I've, uh, done as you told me to do."

Tony laughed,"Of course you did, Rapunzel, my darling; you get off on doing what you're told. Fuck, girl, you're the genuine article, old enough to like to fuck, maybe not getting enough fucking and at your ripe age discovering the turn on of being as submissive."

Allison was shocked at how right he was about her, exactly right. Almost as if he could read her mind, he chimed in: "Am I right, Allison?"

"Yes, sir" she admitted, "you're right about all of that."

Tony then turned and wailed again, "Hey, get out here. Our slut's here."

Then the door opened and Allison saw Marco come out toward her smiling, but he was followed by three other men.

Allison was dumb struck. "Five?!" she said with what might be called incredulity.

Marco and Tony both laughed: "Five, sweet ass; you up to it?"

"Uh, sir," she said as humbly as she could, "I'm hoping that I'm up to whatever you want me to be."

"That's my girl," Marco laughed.

"Kneel here." he demanded and then Allison, 40ish married business executive, was kneeling naked in a circle of fully clothed men, high up in the sky above the building, and what was more, she was willing and prepared to be used in any sexual manner that they wanted.

Marco took over at that point. "So, slut," he said, "That is what you are; around here they think you're a business exe but we know what you really are, don't we?"

"Yes, sir," she responded, "We do."

"And what is that?" Marco added being determined to humiliate her among the guys.

"I am a slut, sir; your and Tony's slut."

"Good," he continued, " How many times have you've had sex since Tony and I had you up here?"

"Uh, twice, sir." Allison answered. "Tell us," he demanded. "Once when Tony came to my office after work that day and, uh, fucked me in the ass, sir."

They whooped at that.

"And," she continued, "last night I sucked my husband off in bed."

"What time?" Marco demanded to know. "It was 2"15 AM, sir; I looked at the clock."

"And did he like it?' She hesitated now but Marco was not to be put off; "I asked you a fucking question," he bellowed.

Allison shrank back in fear and quickly said: "He didn't wake, sir, he's really quite a bit older than I."

The guys were hooting again. "No wonder you strip bare ass naked and shake your pussy to get up here among the men." Marco said. "So, are you going to get fucked or are you going to suck cock?" he continued.

"I hope to do whatever it is that you want and need me to do," she answered.

"Then you have to get back to work?"

"Yes, sir," I do, she said. "Too bad it's our last day on the job," Marco said, "But we'll maybe contact you."

"I'd like that," she said to him.

One of them spoke up then and said: "Yes, and we won't finish this job unless we get back to it. So, come on, Marco, it's your party; get it going."

It was obvious he was the boss. Marco led the way by opening the zipper of his work jeans, and the rest followed suit.

Allison leaned forward without being told and had Marco's cock in her mouth immediately and reached out a hand to hold the stiff cocks of two more, while the other two played with her nipples and ass.

At one time she could tell it was Marco doing the playing because of the pain that was radiating from her pinched nipples.

The pain itself was a stimulation; and that was new news to Allison. The pinching caused waves of feeling to simply ripple through her, good feelings, feelings that spurred her on in her efforts at sucking the cock in her mouth at that time.

The overwhelming amount of stimulation was almost too much for her. But she was discovering more and more that she actually like, enjoyed sucking cock. It was a private hoot last night to have Tom's cock in her mouth, after all this time. She enjoyed the texture, the taste and the sense of being so filled with a prick in her mouth and throat.

As soon as she had given a round of blow jobs and was then getting fucked by a few of them, although three of them only took the blow jobs, she started to cum.

They quickly had her quivering and wailing to the wind as she got fucked both in her pussy and in her mouth at the same time, with the two guys participating switching places now and then.

Allison felt like she was making up for lots of lost time and lost fucking. She had other orgasms, not counting them and finished tired from her workout.

But the boss was adamant that they would get back to work. He sent the other four back to work and ushered Allison back to the ladder.

He whispered to her: "I' m sorry if my boys got rambunctious with you, ma'am. The tension and excitement of the whole scene came crashing down on her all at once and she put her arms around his neck and sobbed.

"I loved it," she whispered to him; "It was so real, so alive. I ... uh, just loved it."

She went carefully down the ladder to dress and go back to work.

That was when she received her next shock. She got back to the bag on the chair by the door only to find her skirt and blouse but no panties, no bra.

She had a stricken look on her face and knew that now she'd have to deal with Duane. At least she hoped, really hoped it was Duane. He was the only one around.

She remembered the way that Duane had looked back at her; she remembered the feeling, so close to the way she felt when especially Marco, the cruel one, was ordering her around.

It was a feeling, she realized, that had lain deep within her and was now surfacing. Feeling or no feeling, she had to talk to Duane. When she got to her office and had given Marie a description of what had happened, she went to the exec bathroom to clean up a bit.

Then she called Duane on the phone.

She got him in his office: "Uh, Duane, Allison Preddy here;" she began.

He cut her off and said with exaggerated pleasantness: "Ah, Ms. Preddy, back at work?"

"Uh, yes, Duane, I am," she said quietly to him. "Can I come and speak to you?"

He was silent for a moment, and she realized that she needed to go further: "Please, Duane?"

"Well," he answered, if you put it so nicely, of course, come ahead."

She went to him; she knew she had to. She had to find out what it was all about with him. He was all smiles as she entered.

She didn't know if she should be direct with him or not. He solved her that problem quickly.

With a kind of a smile that really penetrated her, he said: "So, Allison, you don't mind me calling you Allison, do you?"

"No," she responded quickly, "Of course not."

"So, Allison," he then continued, "How many of them were there, up on that high platform?"

She looked at him with a stricken look on her face.

"Tell me!" he barked at her. It moved her into action quickly.

She responded to his tone of voice: "There were five!"

"Wow," he said, "And did they all fuck you?"

Allison had her head down and said quietly, "No, only three did."

"Only! What the fuck is 'only, ' woman, about being fucked by three men at lunch time?"

"Yes," she sighed, "you're right. I fucked three men during my lunch time."

"And," he prompted. Allison went on then: "And I sucked all of their cocks, some more than once."

"Busy girl," Duane sneered.

"Yes, I'm afraid so." she answered.

"But what do you want from me?" He asked innocently.

"Uh," she went on slowly and carefully, "Do you have my panties and bra?"

"Yes," he answered, "And I have these." He flipped some photos out onto the desk; they showed her naked striding across the roof and climbing the ladder.

"Ohhhh dear!" she said. "But please, Duane, the panties and bra were a gift and I must have them."

"You're going to cry, aren't you?" he asked.

She nodded her head, as the tears started to course down her cheeks.

"Well, then," he asked, "What do I get?"

She looked at him and realizing what she was about to say clearly, said: "You get whatever you want, Duane, you know that."

"Yes, I do," he laughed. "How about that, Allsion Preddy, the ice maiden, my own personal sex slave. Nice concept, don't you think, cunt?"

The name calling, she realized, turned her on.

"Yes, Duane, sir, yes, I do." His mixture of abusive language and charm was keeping her off balance.

"So, first," he said, "Tell me all of it, every bit."

She'd been standing all this while and asked if she might please sit.

He considered this and said: 'Not just yet; stand in the middle of the room; put your hands behind your back and hold your hands together."

She did as she was told, and realized immediately what it did, the position. It made her feel like a school girl who was on the carpet for something. It had a kind of a shrinking effect on her authority that she actually found exciting.

"If he as this good casually,..." she thought to herself. But she didn't have time to finish the thought.

He said quietly but firmly: "Well."

"Yes, uh, sir," she stammered, struck once again by her situation: she, management, senior management, indeed, part owner, whereas he just worked in shipping. Yet she stood here as though she were on the carpet hoping to please him enough that he'd give her back her panties and bra.

"Shit, this is exciting!" She thought. It was as though he were crawling into her mind.

He asked her: "What are you thinking right now; tell me, and if I ever catch you lying, you're gone, out of here for ever."

"Yes, sir, quite right too; but I was thinking just then 'Shit this is exciting.'"

He laughed softly, "I thought that might be the case. So, sing, little birdie."

So, she did. First, she told him about her marriage to a man 30 years older; a marriage that had its excitements but for the main part was just not sexually exciting. And that she'd long ago come to the conclusion that this is a normal life and simply pushed down and out of the way the thoughts and desires she had about being taken in hand, kind of, and molded into something else she desperately wanted to be.

"Very nice," he commented, "Go on."

Then she told him of the activities of the past few days: the meeting with Tony and Marco, their challenge about going to the roof; the ladder ascent and her being stripped of her clothing on the ladder, then being fucked by both of them and made to suck their cocks.

She stopped at that point to ask him with some concern: "I hope that my language doesn't offend, sir?"

She had lapsed into this role with Duane even more surely than the role with Tony and Marco.

"Not at all," he answered, "Remember that I know you as a member of senior management here and hearing that kind of language and the use of the 'sir' is a turn on for me."

"May I continue?" she asked. "Yes," he said, "But please be seated, Allison."

She thanked him and sat. Then she told him the story of the business trip and her being spanked, humiliated and fucked by the staff in the closet.

"Very exciting!" was his comment to the story. Then it was about Tony "coming to her office to fuck her ass and her ending up eating Marie and being spanked by Marie.

He kind of perked up at this and asked her with deep interest: "How did the spanking feel?"

"I don't know exactly," she answered honestly, "It almost seemed to me that it was the biggest turn on of all."

"Hmm," he said, "I see."

Then she walked him through the events of today with her arriving on the roof and the platform totally naked and getting fucked there and sucking all those cocks.

He paused a moment or two and asked her: "Is this turning you on now?"

"Yes, I admit that it is." was her answer.

"I know," he continued, "I could take advantage of that but I also know that five men are five men in any combination, and that you're probably tired. It will, I think, serve our purpose better if you go from here a little excited. But I want you to think about this and tomorrow, if you want this relationship, whatever it will mean for us, and it will certainly mean that I will be in charge of you, for sex, for use, for punishment, for play for any reason that I choose, if you decide that you want that, I want you to wear pink panties and a pink bra tomorrow and then I want you to find me at work some time tomorrow and in front of others allude to the color pink. That will tell me that you consent to the kind of sexual slavery that I have in mind. It's a chance to back out gracefully. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir, do; and I thank you for being so considerate."

He looked up at her expectant face then and said with a smile, reaching into his desk, "Yes, here are your panties and bra, very pretty. But you need to undress here and put them on."

"Yes, sir," she said with an obvious smile. This, for her, was better than Tony and Marco both. Although she didn't think that she'd heard the last of them.

Smiling at Duane, she unbuttoned and removed her blouse and set it aside, giving him a free view of her large tits and stiffened nipples. Then it was the skirt that went and she was naked except for her shoes.

"Is this the way they wanted you?" he asked, "Bare ass naked?"

"Yes, it was."

"Take them," he said, "think about it and tomorrow will see."

"Thank you, sir" she said again, putting on the panties and bra, her skirt and blouse and leaving his office with a smile. She knew that she needed to think about this tonight.

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