Terran's World
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Magic, Slavery, Gay, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I sat down to write and this is what came out. Terran and his sister Miara and the royal Prince and Princess of their world. When Cassius, a rough and rougish villain manages to overthrow their rule, will they be able to resist his perverse and perverted ways. Will Terran be able to regain control of his world or would they forever end up under Cassius' thumb? If you enjoy this, I'll add more just let me know!

The leash snapped around his neck, choking him and forcing him back. He landed upon his knees, his long, slender fingers digging into the black thin collar that had been forced upon him. Humiliation and pain sent blood to his cheeks and he glared with eyes that sparkled like emeralds at those that had chained him.

"Let me go!" The command was supposed to be a demand but it lacked dominance as he was jerked back once more.

The man at the other end of the leash laughed. "You've yet to learn, pet. You no longer command, now you serve." He tapped his pet's bare back with the tip of a flogger, unwilling to scar the smoothly muscled hide. "Fetch me my cup."

Terran Daniels, once ruler now caught and chained, glared at the mostly nude man who held the other end of his leash. "Get it yourself."

The flogger landed again, this time harder, raising a welt. Terran lashed out with one hand, capturing the weapon and then breaking it upon his bent knee. "Don't fucking touch me."

His captor rose, the heavy heel of his black boots striking sparks off the stone floors. He reeled the leash in, dragging Terran across the too slick floor. Lifting him by the collar, he pulled him up to stare into the emerald eyes that had fascinated him since he'd first seen the handsome Prince so many years before.

"Admit you're mine," he growled, his immense strength easily holding the muscular prince. "Admit it and save yourself the punishment that you now deserve."

"Whip the flesh from my back, I will never be yours."

Cassius, the man who'd captured Terran and now held his kingdom prisoner, laughed. "Perhaps pain will not work to control your disobedience, Terran." He pulled the captive closer, his nose nestling against the handsome prince's neck. His tongue licked out, caressing the long corded muscles of his neck. "Perhaps teaching you the pleasure of my hand will better cow your wayward ways."

"Pleasure?" Terran pulled his head away, his hands coming up to fight the man who held him. "I feel no pleasure at your touch. You're a man and I will never want a man's touch."

The soldiers that sat at the wide tables scattered throughout the throne room, laughed. Most of them had been forced to endure Cassius' ways. They knew that Cassius wouldn't be discouraged by Terran's words. He would find himself pumping away on Cassius' thick cock before the night was out.

Holding Terran by one mighty hand, Cassius reached down, cupping and caressing Terran's wrinkled sack. He heard the man growl and felt him begin to fight, balling up his fist to strike out at his captor.

"No!" he cried, struggling futilely. His face was a rash of embarrassment and shame as he felt his cock jerk against the man's wide palm. "Stop! You disgust me!"

Cassius laughed, dragging the prince back to the throne he'd left to prove to him a point. That point was growing harder against his hand. The prince's cock was well formed, long and thick with a helmet-like head that only now began to drip lubricant.

"Do you really want me to stop, Terran?"

The disgust welling inside of him was off set only by the hated pleasure that was causing his cock to betray him. Unwanted tears glistened in his jade colored eyes. "Yes," he growled, hating the man who'd taken his castle hostage almost more than he hated himself right now. "Stop."

When Cassius pulled his hand from Terran's cock, he smiled, seeing the weakness he'd found. He would exploit it, use it for his own pleasure, but for now, he had a castle to control and a people to cow. "Bring her in." He sank back down upon the throne, forcing Terran to sit upon his knee, his hand stroking the Prince's thigh, going ever closer to that still hard cock.

Terran's humiliation was almost complete as the guards brought a woman into the room. She was as naked as he, her body slim, slender but curved in all the most pleasing of ways. The guards began to clap as she was dragged forward, her long, thick hair glowing like fire in the light of the torches. She too, had jade colored eyes full of hate as she took in her brother's dilemma, her eyes widening as they landed upon the cock that Cassius now stroked thoughtfully.

"You bastard," she growled, fighting against the men that held her. Her eyes fell upon the swords crossed on the wall above the stone fireplace and Cassius could see her desire. He laughed.

"Bring her closer," he ordered his men, leaning over Terran to pick up a matching collar to the one the Prince wore. "On your knees, Princess."

She fought but her valiant strength and ire were no match to the guards who held her. She felt her knees give and then the stone that bruised them and she was forced to crawl forward, her hair pulled until she lifted her chin. "No!" she screeched. Her hands coming up to bat at his.

Cassius gave her a pointed look, taking the collar in the other hand. "Hold her."

Then he swung his other hand, watching as she rebounded against the men, her eyes closing as the pain tore through her. "Now, will you behave?"

She glanced to her brother, seeing the hatred and the loathing the man felt for their captor. "Never," she managed to whisper from her bleeding mouth.

Cassius smiled. "I was so hoping you'd say that." He nodded to his guards and heard the Princess as she gasped. She was raised her body coming off the ground to hover ever closer to Cassius. Each guard took one leg, parting her slender thighs to show off the pelt of red curls that covered her mound. She gasped in horror as she felt the brute's thick fingers moving over her most personal flesh, pulling the thick lips apart, then pushing into her dry sex.

Her scream of pain was like the sweetest song to the ears of the madman who'd captured their home and she struggled, but was no match for his immense strength. "Don't touch me," she sobbed, kicking her feet but never coming close enough to strike him.

"You two sing the same tune," Cassius said, humor in his voice. He hadn't enjoyed himself this much since the first castle he'd razed. His name was still spoken in horrified whispers by the people of that town. But never, not once in the many years that he'd been raping and pillaging had he ever had a more attractive couple at his command. "Perhaps her brother's tongue will change her tune?"

"No," Terran growled again, staring at his sister's struggling body, still impaled upon Cassius' hand. "Leave her be. I will do whatever you want if you'll leave her alone."

"You'll do whatever I want anyway," Cassius said, pulling his hand away from the princess' tight cunt. Using the same hand, he pushed Terran to the stone floor and then thrust his face into those sweet red curls. He leaned forward, stroking her slender thigh even as he spoke into Terran's ear. "Make her moan, Terran. Make her claw at your head while she orgasms upon your face. If you don't, poor Princess Miara will find herself opening her thighs for every guard, serf, and stable lad in this place. Do you understand?"

Terran nodded, his love for his sister overwhelming the teaching of his father and the morals he'd been raised with. "I'm sorry," he whispered brokenly. He'd made love to many women in the palace but his sister he'd put on a pedestal, treating her with gentle care and doing his best to protect her from all evils. This man, this Cassius, he was the greatest evil of them all. The only way he could protect her was to give her pleasure, to tease her cunt and make her come in front of the entire castle.

For a second, he used nothing but the tip of his nose, gently pushing it into her sweet smelling pussy. He found the hidden bud of her clit, nuzzling it and hearing her gasp. "Terran, no," she whimpered, her fear overriding even the pleasure he was already bestowing upon her. "Stop, brother. Do not do this to me."

He looked up and into her eyes, eyes that were so like those he saw in the mirror. "I must, sweet Miara. If I don't, you'll be ripped apart by the guards. Relax, my beautiful sister. Let yourself feel, please."

Her head shook frantically even as she felt the first tentative touch of his soft tongue. It stroked her, running between her thick lips to tease at the tiny button at the top, sending a shock of pleasure through her. She knew she was becoming wet, and worse, she knew that Terran could feel it as well. Her legs kicked, her heels drumming into his back and she begged for him to stop, not to embarrass her before the entire court.

"He saves you, you stupid bitch." Cassius shook his rugged head, laughing into Miara's face. "But if you'd rather, I know I could probably find another volunteer. I could take you myself if that would let you save face." He took her hand, forcing it against the leather that covered his massive cock. "Think you could take this up your cunt?"

Miara's cry of disgust was thick and she tried to curl her fingers away but Cassius wouldn't allow it. "Perhaps I should have him fuck you, Miara, or would you like to feel his thick tool in your mouth?"

"Don't touch me," she cried, tugging her hand away and holding both behind her back. But she couldn't escape Terran's gentle caresses or deny the pleasure she was beginning to feel. "Y-you disgust me."

"But Prince Terran does not. You're wetting for him, aren't you?" He took his hand, pressing it against her lower belly, forcing one of his thick fingers between Terran's tongue and Miara's wet pussy. He lifted his hand, moving it so that all could see her juices shining against his thick fingers. "You wet for him, does that make you the castle slut?"

"No," she gasped, unable to fight the pleasure that Terran was causing, feeling his tongue, thick and agile, brush against her clit. "You force this upon me, you bastard."

Cassius laughed, but he sat back in his chair, his eyes upon the two in front of him. Seeing Terran's engorged cock, rising thick and hard against his stomach, he laughed even harder. "I do believe that Prince Terran no longer minds this punishment." He reached down, grabbing Terran's hips and pulling them up. "No, do not lift your head. If your mouth leaves her cunt, I will force her to fuck me and then you," he threatened. He pulled Terran back toward his lap, laughing as the Prince struggled with the almost impossible angle for his tongue to reach her sweet pussy.

Cassius pulled the leather that covered his loins to the side, releasing the thickening hardness of his cock, tugging Terran's hips back until he butted his cock against the tiny rosebud between the muscled hardness of Terran's ass. When Terran began to lift his hand, he waved to another guard. "Hold him there. If he tries to move, if he stops licking at his sister's cunt, you shall be third in line to fuck her."

The guard put his hand into Terran's black hair, forcing his face even harder into Miara's wet pussy. His other hand went to the Princess' breasts, his fingers twisting her nipples with a lascivious look upon his plain features.

Cassius reached between Terran's thighs, tugging gently upon the Prince's still hard cock before spitting upon that tiny rosebud. His finger rimmed his puckered flesh and then began to push against the thick ring of muscles that tightened against him. "No!" Terran cried, his voice muffled by his sister's cunt.

"Wrong word, my Prince," Cassius said, using the very end of the leather leash he held to flick across Terran's ass. "Ask me to fuck you," he ordered, pushing into the resisting flesh until he was buried up to the first knuckle. "Ask me."

"No!" The defiance was almost as thick upon his tongue as his sister's sweet juices were. His hips wiggled as he tried to draw away from the intruding finger, though the invasion was no where near as terrible as he'd thought it to be. When he felt the lashing of the leash again, he forced himself to be still, almost moaning as Cassius pushed inside of him even farther, rubbing against the inside of his hot rectal sheath.

More tears stung his eyes and he let them fall, knowing that no one would be able to see his weakness. His tongue moved over his sister's sweet flesh, trying desperately to ignore what the bastard was doing to his ass.

"I think he's beginning to enjoy this," Cassius said, amazement evident in his tone. He'd never expected Terran to so easily give in to him, or expect him to so quickly begin tongue fucking his sister. If it hadn't been so amazing, he might have actually felt disappointment. He pulled his finger almost all the way out of Terran's ass, spitting more of his saliva onto the puckered flesh before adding another finger to stretch it out further.

With a wave of his hand, a man who'd stood behind his throne rushed forward, falling to his knees in front of the royal couple. With a groan, he dropped his hands to the floor, his mouth opening to engulf the head of the Prince's hard cock.

Terran moaned as heat flushed through him. There was an agile tongue plying under his cock, tickling and teasing as it pulled away only to rush back before he could moan his disappointment at the burgeoning pleasure dispersed.

Voices rose as the scene before the people of the court grew more perverse. Tongues wagged as they compared thoughts and more than one gown was ripped from a serving maid who was then bent over the end of a chair to find herself impaled upon a hard cock. More than one breast was mauled, fingers plucking nipples as others wended their way between sleek thighs.

Silence was only resumed when Cassius removed his fingers from the Prince's ass, tugging him even closer to his chair. He waved for the men holding the Princess to lift her higher, watching as the Prince did not miss a lick. The man sucking the Prince's cock moved forward upon his knees, the Prince holding his head and doing his best to fuck the hot mouth that pleasured him.

He cried out when Cassius tugged him down, the captor's thick cock pressing into Prince Terran's no longer virginal ass. Moving his hips, Cassius slowly went deeper until he was buried balls deep into the heat and tightness that Prince Terran had tried so hard to deny him.

"Gregory," he growled, waiting until the man pulled Terran's cock from his mouth to answer him politely. "You tell me when he comes. I don't want you missing a drop, understand?"

Miara glanced down, shock widening her eyes even as pleasure spun through her. "Oh, oh Terran," she moaned, throwing her head back, her hands digging into his dark hair. "Don't stop, brother, please," she begged.

Cassius slapped Terran's hip. "Fuck his mouth boy," he growled, feeling Terran move upon his cock. "Fuck it good."

Growls of pleasure were coming from Terran's mouth, growls he buried in Miara's soft cunt. She'd wetted upon his face once but he'd found himself addicted to the taste of her and he didn't want to let her go. The cock in his ass throbbed and rubbed at something inside of him that made what pain he felt strangely like pleasure and the mouth upon his cock was talented, sucking him deeply. He could feel the tightness of the throat that swallowed around his cock and knew he'd never known pleasure so perverse, so primitive and he didn't want it to stop.

"That's it, Terran," Cassius said aloud. "Fuck my cock with your hot ass."

Terran moaned, the embarrassment making the pleasure even sweeter. He couldn't resist and he used one hand, pushing his finger between his sister's thick lips, invading her weeping cunt. She was tight and silky hot, making him long to bury his cock between her thighs. He growled her name, his teeth catching her straining clit, his tongue flicking over it as her cunt tried desperately to milk his invading fingers.

"God!" he shouted, moving his hips even quicker, feeling Cassius' hands roam over his stomach and down his thighs. He dragged him down even harder and his groans as his cock jerked, his balls clenching as they emptied into the Prince's still tight ass.

"Come," he growled at Terran, finding the man's balls and rolling them in his hard hands. "Come in his fucking mouth, boy."

Terran let himself be pushed over that sharp edge of pleasure and into the abyss of bliss, growling into Miara's cunt as she spilled upon his face once more. Her body arched as the spasms of pleasure overwhelmed her, her breasts pressing against the mouth that now surrounded her nipple, sucking it into heat. She felt her brother's mouth fasten upon her spasming cunt, sucking her juices into his mouth even as he filled the man's mouth on his cock with the thickness of his royal sperm.

His ass clenched around the cock that jerked with pleasing spasms inside of him and he dropped his hand to Cassius' thigh, letting the man know that he'd been cowed. He would fight him no more as long as he allowed Prince Terran to continue to feel such bliss.

Miara was first to push Terran's face from her overly sensitive cunt. She moaned as her legs were dropped and the guards steadied her upon passion weakened muscles. Her juices, the ones that Terran had not swallowed, slipped down her shaking thighs and she laid one hand upon his shoulder, leaning forward to kiss his talented mouth.

Terran jerked against her, his tongue parting her lips, letting her taste her own juices upon his mouth. He hummed his pleasure even as the man on his cock let it slip from his mouth, rising to show Cassius the cum that filled his mouth. He swallowed it down with a pleased moan then resumed his position behind the throne, licking his lips and moaning at the taste.

Only Cassius remained where he was, his cock still hard inside Terran's ass. He smacked the boy's thighs. "Do you want more?"

"M-More?" Terran asked, his voice shaking. He held Miara against him, hiding her slender body from the prying eyes of the men in the throne room.

"Yes, boy, more. Do you want me to fuck you again?" He forced Terran's hip to rise and then fall, feeling the heat of his spilled sperm ease his passage.

"Y-yes," Terran said, his cheeks flushing with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure.

"Then put this collar on your sister's neck, boy. Then present her to me as mine."

Terran's body shook as he fought the desire for more of the pleasure he'd just been shown. His love for his sister was strong and he desperately wanted to deny Cassius' wishes. He glanced down, seeing his sister's stunned face and he could still taste her sweetness on his tongue. A tear streaked down his face and he raised his hand, holding it out for Cassius to place the thin black collar on his palm.

His expressive eyes showed his pain even as he fastened the collar to her neck, closing the tiny latch and allowing the clasp to lock. "I'm sorry, Miara." His eyes begged for her understanding as he took her hand in his. Cassius pulled his cock from Terran's heat, forcing the man to turn and place his sister's hand in his. When he had, Cassius held her to one side, forcing Terran to his knees. He grabbed the boy's head in one strong hand, his eyes never leaving Miara expressive face as he forced him to take his cock into his mouth.

"Hmm," he moaned softly as Terran's tongue moved over his thick shaft. "I understand your pleasure, my dear." He drew her closer, forcing her to straddle her brother's head, to bring her mouth to his. His tongue forced its way past her lips, his tongue rudely and roughly fucking her mouth as her brother cleaned his cock.

"You know, while I would love to be the one to take your maiden's veil, my sweet, I think I'll give that pleasure to another just as deserving." He pointed to two of his men, forcing her to go to them, standing rigidly between them. Their hands went to her breasts, mauling her roughly, bruising her tender skin.

"No," he said with a laugh, pulling Terran's mouth from where it hungrily nursed on his stiff cock. It popped from his mouth, coming up to slap against Cassius' thickly muscled stomach. "I think your brother should be allowed the pleasure." He motioned two of his other men forward, letting them take Terran's arms. "Chain them to the wall," he said, motioning to where two of his more skilled weapon mason's were installing a strange looking contraption. He watched as they were forced down, their wrists encased in metal cuffs, a short leash attached to each collar.

Miara was forced to straddle her brother's legs, his stiff cock poking into the soft flesh he'd just pleasured between her thighs. His legs were held straight, ankle shackles holding them that way. Thick leather straps bound Miara's waist, forcing her even closer to her brother and then one of the mason's reached between them, taking Terran's cock and placing it at the shallow opening to her cunt.

The humiliation and embarrassment of both could almost be felt as Terran tried fruitlessly to stop his hips from flexing and pushing his once more hard cock into his sister's pussy. She was wet, hot and oh so available, only a scant inch away. It grew worse as the men force her forward, strapping her arms around Terran's neck, her breasts now thrusting into his face. Her nipples were rigid and she moaned as his lips pressed against them for only an instant.

"No, Terran. We mustn't let him do this to us," she begged, desperately trying to force more space between their bodies but it was impossible. All she did with her squirming was force more of his cock into the wetness between her pussy lips.

Terran fought the sensation but her wiggling was causing his brain to short circuit. All he could think about was the closeness of her tight pussy, the way it had felt when he'd thrust his tongue into it. His cock was hard despite the blow job he'd been given and whatever Cassius had pressed against in his ass was still sending throbs of pleasure through him.

"Miara..." he gasped, his hands fisting as he fought to keep from pressing her down. "Don't move, please."

"Aww, the poor boy, look at how hard his cock is," Cassius said with a mean and nasty laugh. "Who among you wants to help him out?"

He gazed out at his men, his eyes resting upon them, seeing the eagerness in every eye. Pointing at one, he waved the man toward the chained couple, watching as he moved toward them. "May I sire?" the man asked as he stood above them.

"Oh, most certainly. Enjoy." He held his hand out behind him, pulling the man who'd given Terran his blow job out from behind the chair. Having him kneel between his taunt thighs, he pushed the man's mouth onto his cock, groaning as he latched on strongly.

"Come on, Terran. Fuck the bitch. Show her who's boss here." Terran felt the guard's hand come between his thighs, stroking over his hard cock before resting his other hand on Miara's pussy, parting her lips and rubbing the head of his cock against her wetness. A moan left his lips and his mouth opened, his eyes closing her as her nipple teased at him. He could feel her being forced down upon him, the tightness of her cunt stretching over the head of his cock, enveloping it with heat. He felt her veil stretch and then heard her cry out as his cock popped through and he threw his head back at the sensation.

She was tight and hot and he was her first and only. That thought sent a thrill through him that made him doubt his sanity. She was his sister and he was eagerly thrusting his hips from the floor, wishing the man above them would push her down harder. His hands grasped her hips and he tried to pull her closer, wanting more.

"I'm sorry," he cried. "I-I can't stop, Miara. Move your hips, baby. Fuck me back."

Miara growled and Cassius laughed, watching as she did as Terran bid, even as his mouth wrapped around one of her nipples. The guard was mauling the other, reaching down into the leather loin cloth he wore and pulling his cock free. He stroked it quickly, pushing the head against her soft mouth. She opened, tasting the mustiness of her first cock, sucking upon it with the same hunger that Terran had upon her breast. Her cries of pleasure was muffled and the man's hand dug into her hair, setting a fast pace as he used her mouth to jack himself off with.

Her fingers stroked over Terran's back and she gagged as the cock in her mouth thrust too far, her lips stretching obscenely around the turgid shaft. Her hips moved the few inches she could move, meeting Terran's with loud, wet, slapping noises. She could hear the men talking, the lewd things that they were saying making her even hotter.

With a cry of pleasure, also muffled by the twitching cock in her mouth, she came around her brother's hardness, her juices running hot around his flesh. She felt his hands grab her ass and he pushed down as far as he could, thrusting up with his hips and filling her sweet cunt with his sperm, unable to stop. She groaned, the vibrations tickling the cock in her mouth and she felt him drag her even closer, her nose buried in his pubic hair as he jerked, his spunk flowing down her throat and into her stomach.

Cassius laughed uproariously, his eyes on the spent royal siblings. He saw Miara swallowing his man's come and his fingers dug into the hair of the man fucking his cock. It was perverse, degrading, and utterly lust inspiring and he grunted, shooting another load into the man's mouth.

When he pulled out, he watched as Miara let her head fall to rest against her brother's shoulder. He let his rest against her cheek. Both had tears of humiliation as well as pleasure in their eyes. He would let them rest and then ... he already had ideas for the next lusty bout.

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