The Lotto
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Harem, First, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - YALS: Yet another lotto winner story. Jake put off his mid-life crisis till his fifties. He was too busy until he sold his company and then won the Lotto. Now he was older and smarter, he intended to get maximum return on his windfall. And that included the women he met. First of Jake's saga now concluded.


It happened ... All the numbers came up right. I sat and just stared at the screen for minutes. Then I looked down at the slip again.

Still there ... all six numbers ... worth face value of 176 million.

If I said my heart raced I'd be lying, I think. I was numb.

And my mind DID race.

The cash value would be about 80 million. After taxes, maybe 50.

I got up, walked over to the bookcase and picked out the L volume ... and stuck the slip inside then went back to my computer and did some researching.

"Blind Trust"

I had determined long ago that I wouldn't publicize any winnings if I ever got lucky.

I don't like having to make tough decisions and letting people know you have sudden wealth just invites those.

Within a week, I had a lawyer and a tax accountant and the Lawyer took the slip had it verified and I was rich.

So was my wife. She took her half of the winnings, I'd actually set up a subfund for her, and she filed for divorce. Fair enough, I'd been a lousy provider since the downsize and she'd been working 50 hours a week to support us.

We remained friends and partners as we'd always been but she no longer had me around her neck. And she wanted to travel and spend money on woman things, including a big house with a big yard to landscape. Which I didn't have to mow.

And I bought a house of my own, on the other side of town, in an older, upper middle class area, big, roomy, a large enough garage, heated, for three cars and a full basement.

I bought it from an elderly widow who was moving to Florida and into a retirement condo and that was good ... I convinced her to sell me the furnishings she wasn't moving — meaning almost everything- for another fifteen thousand. She could have easily gotten three times that much at auction, they were a little dated but very high quality, but this way she didn't have the hassle, so we both made out.

I now had a plan to try something I'd always wanted to check out.

The house furnished, I started looking for a car to fit my plan and I also put an ad in the regional Auto fancier newsletter

"Secure storage for rent, heated dry garage complete with alarm system in very good neighborhood"

I stared getting calls almost immediately.

In the first 3 days I had four well fixed guys come over to see the garage. I hadn't named my price and I chatted them up to find out what they wanted to store ... if it was something like a Mustang or older Corvette, then I just asked much more than it was worth. The last man actually DROVE the car he wanted to store and it was love at first sight ... an immaculate Lamborghini Contach. He couldnt believe the sum I named. I explained that I just wanted to pay for the heat and alarm system for the house during the winter, while I was in the Bahamas, and his rent would do for half of it.

He hesitated when I said I would need a key ... I told him he could put it in a tag-sealed box if he wanted, to ensure it wasn't used but I needed to be able to move the car out if there was an emergency. That satisfied him.

Meantime I'd located the car I wanted, a 5 year old Bentley Saloon. Essentially what an average person would call a rich man's car.

I also had myself fitted out for some top of the line casual clothes, bought a nice looking Rolex at a Pawn shop and picked up some accessories, like a calf-skin wallet and a nice leather covered briefcase.

I also noticed as I was shopping for these things that I was getting some rapt attention and admiring looks from some equally admirable women ... all the better for my plan.

I had also advertised in the campus paper "Jobs' section.

"Part time help wanted. Graphic arts, photo experience, good personality and attractive. m/f'

Well, that brought in a lot of applicants I didn't want but I had time. The women, I interviewed but they didn't know they had no chance. Several even flirted to sway me, one practically offered to screw me, but I was only looking for good looking well built guys to complete my plan.

Got him on the third interview. A senior - former varsity soccer player who'd blown out his knee for the second time 6 months ago, decided he didn't want to take any more chances with it. Very good looking and obviously an athlete, very winning personality great smile good teeth. The women would love him.

I was careful in sounding him out. Did he have a monogamistic relationship? No ... no steady girlfriend. I didn't want to spook him, I told him there were a couple candidates but actually I was sounding him out slowly as I met with him several times. And I found that he liked several women but none seriously. He didn't just screw around either.

I told him he was hired... $15 an hour for 20 hours a week.

Sandi and Mandy

The next Saturday we went "shopping".

I told him to wear his best casuals and we took the Bentley on a little tour through campus, Brad drove. The attention we got was astounding. But I wasn't looking for just any prize.

"Pull over there" I said pointing to two very attractive women walking our direction.

"Excuse me ... can you direct us to Benson Hall?"

I now noticed the women were very similar in features though obviously different in age. The younger giggled...

"Seen enough, mister?"

I couldn't help but smile...

"Sorry miss, I get distracted when I'm around beautiful women."

It turned out they were going to the very dorm I had asked about. I asked if they wanted a ride, three guesses whether they accepted a 2 block ride in a Bentley.

Since the reference to Benson Hall was simply a gambit, I surreptitiously pushed a speed dial button on the car phone, which rang my pocket cell.

"Oh ... I understand ... sure ... no problem."

To Brad "Jerry just called and said he got subbed into playing LaCrosse at the last minute."

Of course there was no LaCrosse ... just as there was no "Jerry".

"Well, we can drop you off, ladies ... I'm just sorry it's such a short ride."

From the looks on their faces I could see that they were, too.

"Or ... I could treat you to a late lunch at Cirardi's."

In fifteen minutes, we were seated at the best table in the most popular expensive restaurant in town.

Turned out the women were mother and daughter as I had surmised, Sandi being divorced and about late thirties ... Mandy 20 was a Sophomore, taking engineering courses, bright kid.

When they excused themselves to use the facilities, Brad turned to me.

"What's up?"

"In three hours -MAX- my friend, we'll be fucking them"

"You're awful sure of yourself!"

"Slam dunk! Notice the navel jewelry and tattoos? Even Sandi has them and that says something about them, don't'cha think?"

While both women's tattoos were small, tasteful and done professionally, they exhibited them and I had enough experience to know this meant the person was, euphemistically, 'free-spirited'.

He nodded.

Change of Plan

Well it took longer than three hours, in fact six days, to get them naked and creaming because the conversation over lunch led me to regard the two as more suited to my long term plan than a pleasant diversion for a day.

Turns out that Sandi had been married to an investment banking exec who had been caught fiddling his clients books and was now serving a short 3 to 5 in one of our better federal pens.

While she didn't complain, there was no doubt that the two were short on money. In fact Mandy was only in college because she got a full ride on an academic scholarship. Like I said, bright and ambitious!

So instead of putting the make on them and heading off to the local Hyatt Regency, I invited them to see my new house and, while they both paused to think, they accepted, as I was sure they would.

As we pulled into the driveway, I 'accidently' hit the wrong garage door button, letting the Lamborghini — dust cover off- be displayed. I saw the two exchange looks.

I laughed.

"No ladies. Not mine, just storing it for an acquaintance"

I have never liked lying. But a little 'spin' while essentially telling the truth...

As the girls walked through the house ooohing and ahh-ing over the size of the rooms and furnishings, we both remained silent and non-committal. Out back, though, Sandi exclaimed

"Oh, a pool too!" she dipped a hand in the water. "And HEATED!"

"I wish I could offer you both a swim, but Brad and I are meeting someone for supper. You're more than welcome some other time, if you'd like."

I thought I saw a little flash of disappointment on both their faces, all the better to play it cool so after some more exploration and small talk, we took the women back to Benson Hall then I drove Brad to his apartment.

"I thought..."

"I changed my mind. Look at these two as a long term investment, or more."

When I got back to my house I got busy and started setting up the rec room in the basement to use as a small photo studio, then got on Ebay and started bidding on mid-line photo equipment.

Later, I called Sandi and asked if she and Mandy would do me the honor of being my first dinner guests.

"I'd be delighted. Will Brad be there?" Evidently she or Mandy ... or both ... liked Brad.

"Of course."

Came the day, I prepared the braised lamb and had Cirardi's cater the rest to suit.

The women were animated and the dinner talk ran the gamut from careers to politics and the college football team.

After dinner, I poured brandy and asked the girls if they had brought their suits. It was a warm evening and "I thought a swim would be fun".

"Oh No!" Sandi replied... "We didn't think..."

"That's okay, I might have something for you"

I went to the spare room and brought out several pairs of bikini's, size tags on them.

After looking at several, Mandy found her size and looked me quizzically.

"That's handy. Do you keep a stockpile?"

I laughed.

"No, I have a friend who imports swimwear for wholesale and he told me to hand them out to friends and find what they liked and didn't like about them."

The girls went to the guestroom to change while Brad and I did the same and took some wine out to the pool.

Mandy and Brad lost no time frolicking ... and it was an obviously a prelude to more intimate physical play...

Sandi stayed close to me but not being overly aggressive.

"She really likes Brad. What exactly does he do for you?'

"He's a sort of all round majordomo for me, but I hired him to help run my promotions company ... he knows graphic arts and is a photographer"

"Oh ... what are you 'promoting'?"

I poured her some wine

"Well, that swimwear you are wearing, for one."


"Yep, I'm putting together a portfolio of the line so he can sell it to a clothing chain"

"I'm starting to hire models next week."

"I'm surprised you work at all. I mean with all this..."

"Oh this is from a trust fund ... I couldn't afford to live like this, otherwise. I need to work for spending money, like anyone else ... otherwise I'd be house-bound, or city-bound, anyway"

A small fib, but technically true since I'd set limits on how much I could draw per year.

She smiled. "I know how you feel, I get some living expenses from the divorce but Jack's trial took almost all his savings and I have to work as a secretary. Mandy couldn't even go to school on a full scholarship without Jack's parents kicking in."

I nodded and waited.

"If I were twenty years younger, I'd be badgering you to model..."

I feigned surprise

"I didn't realize it was that tough for you ... but why does your age make a difference?"

I looked at her up and down with an appreciative expression.

"You would be a great model for this line!"

"Oh, no ... I am too..."

"You're just perfect to show how the suits flatter a grown woman!"

"Oh look at my belly ... like I'm pregnant..."

"Six weeks pregnant, if that ... it's very pretty!"

She smiled at me so I kept on...

"That little bulge is as sexy as the more obvious features you possess!"

She leaned herself against me and kissed me on the cheek, but lingered ... her breasts full against my chest.

"And I hope I'm not too forward but I couldn't help noticing you don't sag anywhere either. Your bust and butt are beautiful!"

She giggled "You certainly have a way with words." I couldn't help but think there would have been a different inflection to that if I didn't have money.

I smiled and sipped from the wine. We hadn't been paying attention to Brad and Mandy ... but I looked over when I realized I wasn't hearing laughter and giggles anymore, and the reason for that was their mouths were otherwise busy in a lip lock ... And something else - these suits were made of a material that floated and the bottom to Mandy's bikini was floating three feet away from them.

"Woo ... I whispered, "I hope Brad isn't taking advantage"

"I think it's Mandy that's taking 'advantage'", Sandi giggled. " She hasn't had a boyfriend since she started this term"

I looked at her with a question on my face and Sandi immediately got it.

"Oh ... she doesn't hide anything from me ... in fact we've double dated before"

Just as I had thought from the beginning and I'm seldom wrong about those judgments.

"Brad's a lucky guy, then!"

Sandi took a deep drink of wine and giggled self-consciously.

"Oh, you can be lucky too ... all you have to do is roll the dice"

She pretended or maybe it wasn't pretense, to be shocked at herself.

"Oh listen to me ... I've drunk too much. You must think we're sluts."

Well, I did ... but no more slutty than any other healthy woman. And I certainly couldn't justify throwing stones, as this whole thing had been set up on deceit.

"Not at all! I think you're a beautiful desirable woman and you flatter me by being so bold! I like that."

No more sparring needed, she leaned into me hard ... full body contact and went for my lips. My cock stiffened on cue and pressed into her belly.

Feeling that she'd achieved the desired result, she reached around and pulled the string to her top. I cupped one naked breast, bent and took the other's nipple in my lips.

Which caused her to grind her crotch on my thigh rhythmically. I wondered if she could get off on just that so I pinched her nipple while biting the other gently then sucking on it hard. She moaned then pantingly yelped as she seemed to catch her breath.

Yep, guess she could. But she didn't spend much time savoring the orgasm ... she reached into my trunks and gently grabbed my cock ... her hand exerting just the right amount of pressure to get it to full hardness.

I pushed my trunks down and she smiled at me then she ducked underwater ... I felt her lips close around the head of my cock, her tongue finding the groove for a few licks then, the most amazing sensation ... she was exhaling through her mouth while probing my cum-slit and the air bubbles alternating with the water was something I'd never experienced.

She came up gasping. "I've always wanted to try that!" She said, giggling.

' ... ALWAYS wanted to... '? Hmmm, good effect for the first try.

I pulled her over to the side and lifted her up to sit on the thick beach towel. She knew what I wanted and skinned out of her bottom then leaned back ... well, sure what SHE wanted too.

I was too ready to spend more time with foreplay ... I just swept my cockhead through her pretty slit as she lifted and rested her calves on my shoulders.

She was more than ready. I toyed with her clit then dropped the head to her opening. It was small and tight. I pushed slowly till the head popped in, then pulled back ... she moaned and shifted as if to pull it in.

I love teasing so I took very short slow strokes teasing the head in and out, Sandi's calves were now quivering, she was so ready!

I leaned forward and took a nipple between the thumb and fingers and tweaked gently. I pulled out until I was just nuzzle to the entrance then swiftly plunged my cock into her to the bottom as I pinched her nipples hard.

The effect was outstanding! She yelped, gasped and I felt her clench hard around me ... she had cum already.

I woke with her snuggled to my back, her nipples grazing my shoulder blades. Ithad been a long time since I felt so content ... it was good.

Slowly I disengaged her arms ... and turned to her. She mumbled something and went back to sleep ... I couldn't help but touch her, my fingers working their way to her mound. It was crusted with my cum ... and hers' I assumed. How deliciously decadent of her to not wash.

I worked my middle finger down her slit and she automatically opened her thighs to it and tilted forward, while slowly coming awake.


Hi, yourself."

"My bum is tender"

"I hope!"

She was wet again already, she reached for my cock, which was starting to stand. We fucked slow and lovingly for quite a while ... finally cumming into her.

After showering, we walked together, naked under our terry robes to the kitchen. Passing the guest room, the door slightly ajar, sounds of lovemaking ... we both looked in and saw Mandy riding Brad ... her tits bobbing as she plunged up and down on him.

Sandi cooked breakfast, I had no idea what Brad preferred but he would just have to make do with eggs bacon and toast.

They arrived just as we sat down, also in terry robes. Sandi made no pretense of ignoring the sight of Brad's cock as it hung below the hem of the robe ... hmmm.

Brad ate quickly as he had a tutoring appointment at 10. Mandy gave him a peck as he left and told us to stay at the table as she cleared it. I followed her with my gaze as she bent slightly to set the dishes in the sink. She has a wide stance and I saw the pearly stream of Brad's cum still on her labia.

Sandi saw my gaze. "Like mother, like daughter!" she laughed. I had long known that many women love to feel the results leaking after the act. Delicious!

Sandi had to go to her office for a few hours to catch up on end of week paperwork. Mandy had nothing scheduled and asked me if she could stay and swim. Sure, I said. As Sandi left I thought I saw her give Mandy a little wink but I couldn't have said for sure ... then.

I was in the studio unpacking and setting up the last of the equipment and props as Mandy came through after showering.

"Is that fence really privacy? I mean no one can see into the pool, can they?"

"As far as I can tell," I replied.

She nodded and went on out to the pool and shucked the robe, beneath it she was nude. I admired her for a while, she swam fast steady laps as if it were second nature.and was obviously a long-time swimmer though there was barely a hint of swimmer's shoulders.

After 30 minutes or so, she came up behind me as I was adjusting diffuser stands, she slipped her arms around me and hugged and I could feel her stiffened nipples against my back.

"Mom and I have had such a good time, thanks, Jake!". I squeezed her arms and replied...

"Thank You ... you been delightful guests!"

"It's just so much fun seeing how the other half lives."

"What are you talking about..." I chuckled, "I'm in the same half you are!"

"Okay, here's the deal"

Sandi looked up at me quizzically...

I told Sandi the story of the day we met, and the line about directions to the dorm, and the call about 'Jerry' was made up on the spur of the moment because I needed a reason to talk to two attractive women. That it wasn't malicious intent but made for a possibility of a plausible 'out' if the initial conversation didn't go well. She wondered if there was anything else that I was fibbing about, like 'was I married?'

"I was married for 30 years, I'm divorced but I'm not looking for another wife. I still consider her my partner, just that NOW she's my silent partner."

Sandi didn't change expression except for a wry smile at my little joke. Good!

"I'm finally free of all encumbrances and I want to enjoy the rest of my active life and the time for me to compromise for domestic bliss is over."

Still she didn't change expression but she finally spoke

"I understand that, but what's that got to do with me? That's the same thing I want"

Ah good, we understand each other.

"Thanks for that!' I hugged her and squeezed her boob gently

"Besides, I don't want to feel like a dirty old stepdad when I lust after your daughter!"

She slapped me playfully and laughed 'Well what would that make me, pimping my own daughter!"

I knew she knew full well that it was a little late for that.

"Seriously, Jake, if you wanted some quick and fast sex and it's turned out this way, then we both have used each other. But we're old enough to know that's what a lot of life is about."

"What do you mean?"

She chuckled again. "Surely you didn't buy that dumb bimbo act I put on in the pool."

I've always had a problem with my facial tics, and Sandi picked it right up.

"You old goat!"

"Well," I admitted, "I wondered whether it was an act or not. I couldn't be too sure"

She smiled again and squeezed me. "I don't know where this is going to lead, but I like you a lot, Jake, and I make no apologies that I'm happy that the guy I hooked up with is relatively well off."

I know she was reading my face and she knew I knew.

"No, don't worry about me just being some gold-digging wench. But I know what it's like to be well fixed and now I know what it's like to be wondering where you're going to get the rent."

"And there's a point to the old maxim that you are who you associate with. I can make it through every day when I know I have a friend I can count on, and I have a hint of the good life while my daughter and I get back on our feet."

The look on my face could not have been a pleasant one.

"I'll make no apology for telling you that, either ... because I'm telling you straight up, it's how I am. I would still be here if I had all the money I needed or wanted, but what I'm asking is for you to take me at face value and treat me as if we'd been friends and lovers for years, because that's how I feel."

She looked straight into my eyes. "Now, were you going to say something about taking Mandy and me for easy pieces?"

She grinned, gave me a peck on the cheek and bounced into the bathroom.

And Mandy, too!

It was just the next day that Mandy succeeded in enticing me into my own bed. My decision to bed her was probably affected by the talk I had with her mother, but I won't insult the reader by pretending it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

"What are you chuckling about?" I asked, once I had caught my breath.

Mandy turned onto her side and stroked my cock ... still sticky with her juices.

"I was just thinking how much like a fantasy this is..."

"Yours or mine?"

"Well, mine ... but I would hope yours too"

"You know men well! Or I guess, being you are a woman, you think we're all the same aren't we"

She smiled. "I thought that fell under the label of 'common knowledge'."

She hugged me " I always had a fantasy of being able to share a man with mom, and I felt guilty about it. I always thought it would be like incest. But you made it seem natural ... almost, anyway."

"Well, your mom didn't waste anytime getting Brad into bed, either, so I guess it works both ways!" I said that with what I hoped was no tinge of jealousy but why did I feel like I WAS a little jealous.

"What other fantasies do you have?" I wanted to get off that subject.

"Well I always wondered what it would be like to have sex pictures on the 'net."

I got serious. "Sweetie, I think you should really think hard before doing that ... Check out the 'net, look at the pictures you see there. There's no shortage of pretty, girl next door types getting their pussies reamed."

"They have nothing on you but you would just be another one in thousands. And the REAL downside is that those pix are gonna be out there forever."

"So sometime in the future, when you're no longer carefree and adventurous, there's a very good chance that they'll show up and embarrass you ... like supposing you decided to run for public office. Or you were up for a promotion to a high level job in whatever company you work for?"

"You know, at first I thought that's what you set up that studio to do." She smiled but I could tell she was serious.

"I actually thought about it, but I wouldn't do that with friends, in fact, I'd tell any of my other friends the same ... don't do it."

"What about girls who ARENT friends?"

I set up and leaned against the headboard ... she clearly had an agenda here.

"What are you trying to say?"

She smiled.

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but there's a lot of girls I know that fantasize about getting fucked on the net."

I was a little skeptical. Not about that fact, but about the meaning.

"Given all the guys running around trying to recruit girls, what's stopping them?"

"Just what you said, they don't know how to do it, meaning who they could trust."

"The answer to that is obvious. They cant trust anyone."

I had an idea and took Mandy over to my PC and pulled up the erotica.female binary group.

"Now, just browse through there and you'll see there is no shortage of 'girl next door' types showing off!"

"Ummm true ... I see why they do it though"

"I don't. Why have that come up later when you've got a stable life ... husband and kids?"

"Young and Dumb, I guess" she laughed. "Whoooo ... how do they get that much meat up their bumholes!"

"Practice!" My turn to chuckle. "And plenty of lube!"

She started to squirm, I could see, I went to the nightstand, got the k-y, a pillow from the bed, and dragged over an armchair. Mandy saw what I was doing and got up, moved the desk chair out of the way ... she made no other move, though ... so I glommed her meaning.

I threw the pillow over the low chairback and moved her to bend over it ... after removing her robe, then pulled her arms back so that she knew I wanted her to spread her cheeks ... She pulled them full apart, as a sign she was more than willing as I squirted a long stream of k-y on her crack.

Using my fingers I pushed the gel into her resisting bud-mouth and gradually it resisted less until I could just fit in two fingers. Her breathing quickened with each insertion and withdrawal. Wiping fingers on her robe, I rolled on a condom. I saw her watching and commented.

"Only an idiot takes a chance on spreading yeast"

She nodded and turned her head down.

My cock was at full stand and I paused to take in the scrumptious sights of this beauty ready to take me into her bowel ... she pulled her ass cheeks out a little further to signal her impatience so as I nudged the cock-head onto her pucker she exhaled. I just pushed and let off so as to lube the end of the condom. But she didn't understand and moved back as far as she could ... well if she's THAT ready!

I shoved forward

"ooooh, Ahhh" she screeched a little but didn't recoil as the head of my cock popped in. I let her sphincter settle for a moment then steadily pushed in without withdrawing until she screeched again...

But still she wasn't flinching, so after another wait, I sawed in and out a little.

Her breathing now was ragged ... I pressed in more ... she released her cheeks and reached farther back to my hips and pulled.

"Ass Slut!" I murmured lovingly.

"Yes-s-s-s, fuck me ... hard!"

I bent my knees a little, pulled back and rammed my cock into her to the hilt.

"Aiiiiaaaaahhh!" My balls were hard against her cunt and I could fell her wetness literally dribbling down my scrotum...

I heard the door latch and looked over to see Sandi gawking. She smiled and walked on in.

'Darn, you started without me! Oh, carry on, might as well"

To the sound of clothes rustling as Sandi peeled off I pulled out till the head pulled her tight gripping gate out at least two inches, paused and slammed back in ... each time to a little yelp and even harder gasps ... she was near coming and I wasn't so I slammed into her quickly five-six-seven times and she screamed like a banshee and went limp.

I held myself full in Mandy's ass, my balls drenched with her cum and felt Sandi's breasts against my back and her pelvis thrust against the back of my thigh ... her fingers around my nipples tweaking them hard.

I looked around into Sandi's eyes and shook my head ... not now.

She retreated and I pulled my cock out of Mandy with a soft plop, she was still draped over the chair inert and breathing ragged.

I scooped her up and carried her to the bed. she smiled tiredly, "Wow"

I returned the compliment.

Then I ducked into the bath, shucked the condom and washed off quickly. When I got back out, I still had a woody and Sandi was at the PC skimming the dirty pix and rubbing herself. I walked up behind and softly cupped her breasts ... a little purr and she leaned back against me.

"I see you saved some for me and didn't leave it all in my daughter"

"You are one nasty mama!" I whispered

"You bring out the worst in me"

"Me? ... I'm just a normal guy!"

"Yeah but sexy and you make a girl feel safe"

"Thank you, ma'am" I kissed her neck.

"That's what Mandy and I were talking about" I said. "She wants to walk on the wild side and I told her why she shouldn't"

"Good for you, she needs male guidance, even from a male that's porking her!"

"But enough about her, what about me." She reached down and squeezed my cock.

"I am yours to command ... where would you like it?"

"Have him do your bumhole, Mom; it's great"

We had forgotten about Mandy who we realized had been watching and listening.

But Sandi, being more than a little kinky, had her own ideas.

She steered me to the big chair and knelt in front of me, then started licking and sucking my cock to full stand.

As soon as it was hard, she began to deep throat me and I could swear I could feel her glottis opening and closing on me.

Ever harder as my cock was, Sandi would take a deep breath then lunge down and actually try to swallow my cockhead. Exquisite and in no time I was shooting what load I had recouped since cumming in Mandy's ass, directly into Sandi's stomach.

She just looked up and smiled and went over to hug Mandy.

Hmmm I wondered what went on with these two when they were alone and horny. But I'm a gentleman and don't ask for what isnt offered.

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