Sharing the Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Light Bond, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - how tying up the wife went to using toys to really sharying her with another man.

I have been married to Linda for 12 years and we have two children Lucy aged 10 and David aged 8. I work in a large lawyer's office and deals mostly with car accidents. I have worked their 14 years and assistant manager to 11 guys in out office. My wife and I have a nice house and a good standard of living.

Our sex live has been on a steady down turn this last few year and my working longer hours and Linda looking after the kids and house and gardens have meant we have not had much real time together and when we get in bed were mostly to tiered for sex. It not that our sex life is not good Linda is a very sexy woman and has but she has put on a few pounds after having the kids but still looks very sexy. She is now a cuddly 38D 32 40, she had a nice firm ass and what I call childbearing hips. She never really dresses sexy and it very conservative in her dress sense.

One night Linda put the kids to bed and then had a bath and came down in just her bathrobe and cuddled into me on the sofa. I was watching the football and she tried to get me sexed up but pushing her hand inside me shirt and also rubbing the bulge in my pants.

I was enjoying it a lot more than the football but I made out I wanted to watch the match. She started ticking me and we started to roll about on the sofa and some how my wife got under me with her back to me and her robe was undone. I grippe her wrist and tied her belt of her robe round her wrist and then did the same with the other hand so I had her hands tied behind her back, she was struggling and giggling and calling me a pervert and I was having a great time. It was the first time I ever had my wife at me mercy so to speak. I pulled her robe of her shoulders and as far down as her tied arms would let me and I started kissing and licking the back of her neck. She loves it when I do that. I worked down her back till I got to the small of her back and her bathrobe and I moved down the sofa and lifted one of her feet so her leg was bent back at the knee and I started kissing and licking the sole of her foot and then sucking on each toe in turn. She was struggling a lot and giggling but I could tell she really liked it too. I moved to her other foot and she did not struggle so much till I sucked her big toe. I then pushed her robe up and I rubbed her big bum cheeks and then started kissing them all over as my fingers started playing with her pussy. I was shocked at how wet she was and it was then I realized that she being tied up excited her as much as it did me.

I moved both hand to her bum cheeks and spread them and looked at her pussy and her bum hole. I have never licked my wife's bum but I suddenly had an urge to do it and I dropped my mouth between her parted bum cheeks and started licking. My wife jumped and I think she was shocked at first more than anything and she started to struggle even more and I moved one hand under her and rubbed her pussy mound and felt for her clit with my thumb and then started to rub it as I licked round her anal opening that was clenched tight shut. She kept moaning, "No not there ... it dirty ... nooo..." but I took no notice and tried even harder to push the tip of my tongue into her very tight anal opening. After maybe 2 minuets I felt my wife's body shake and she started to whimper and her bum relaxed too and I even got the tip of my tongue inside her as she climaxed s hard, I could taste her bum and she tasted a little bitter but not unpleasant and I sort of enjoyed licking her there and making her climax so hard too. When she came down from her climax I rolled her over and got between her legs and run my cock up and down her very slippy pussy slit before I pushed my cock in her and fucked her so hard. She still had her hands tied and I was so excited I only lasted maybe 2 or 3 minuets before I started climaxing. Seconds after I cum in my wife she cried out and climaxed again and it was the first time I think I made my wife climax twice and I was so pleased with myself when I had my breath back I untied her and we kissed for ages and we have not kissed like that in years and then she dragged me off to bed and we fucked again before going to sleep. It was the best night of sex in 10 years if not more.

It was another few weeks before we did it again as my wife had her periods. I can't get her pregnant as I had the snip after our second child so I can happily cum inside her and she needs no contraceptive.

This time we were in the bedroom and I tied her to the headboard. Only her hand and left her legs free. I again kissed her all over first then started kissing her pussy and licking her slit and her little bud. It only took a couple of minuets to make her climax and this was the first time I had made her climax using just my tongue as last time I used me fingers on her clit.

I then slid up on top of her and fucked her as hard as I could and she was moaning so loud was I scared she would wake the kids and I had never head her moan so loud. Boy did she climax hard. Her body shook and she was whimpering as I pumped my seeds into her and we lay for a few minuets before kissing and me untying her and we both slept soundly.

Over the next few months I tied her up most Saturday night and teased her with my tongue and made her climax using my tongue or my finger then I would fuck her hard and she loved it as much as I did I also loved licking her tight anal opening and at first she made out she did not like it but the way she squirmed about left me in no doubt she liked it as much as I did.

I went on the net looking for something better than my neckties to tie her hands with and there was a sex aid shop only a few miles from my work that sold cuffs that fastened with Velcro and I had a small chain and push them down behind the headboard when I did not use them. They were ideal. That Thursday I got of work at 4pm and got to the shop with 40 minuets to spare, I had a look round and it had one wall full of sex toys and I picked out the set of cuffs I wanted and I had an idea and I picked a big black latex dildo that was about 8 inches long. I'm average and I'm about 6 inches. I picked the black one as it looked the realest and had balls and everything. The white cocks were smaller and looked like a toy vibrator more than a cock. I also got a blindfold the ones like you use when sleeping. I left my toys in the car till Saturday morning when I sneaked then into the house and when the wife was shopping with the kids I fixed the cuffs to the bed and adjusted the chain to the right length. I took the big black dildo out the packet and felt it and it felt so real and the guy in the shop told me put it in a sink of warm water for 5 minuets so it got warm and you would not know the difference from real. I hide the dildo under the sink in the bathroom and put the blindfold under my pillow. Everything was set.

That night seemed to drag and it seemed ages till Linda put the kids to bed and then bathed. I hoped she did not look under the sink or there would be hell to pay about me getting a black dildo. She never had a sex toy and they way she spoke would never look at one much less touch one.

But the time she finished her bath I had been hard and soft for maybe the 10th time since dinner. When I went to the bedroom she was drying her hair and when she finished I started kissing her and she knew it was tying up time. I took of her robe so she was naked and laid her on the bed and kissed her a little before pushing her hand back on the pillow and then I got the cuff and put her wrist in it. She was shocked but let me fasten it and then I did the other wrist and she said not to tie her feet and I said I was not going too. I then got the blindfold and she was puzzled about it but still let me put it on her. For the next 10 minuets I licked her body paying attention to her nipples and then worked on her feet and I know she liked her toes being sucked and I sucked both feet then worked up the inside of her leg till I got to her wet pussy,

I parted her pussy lips with my thumbs and licked up and down her slit till she was squirming her ass about on the bed and I kept licking and sucking till she climaxed strongly and just as she climaxed I jumped up and got of the bed. She asked what was wrong and I said it was someone at the door. She started to tell me to let her up but I walked out the room naked and went first to the bathroom and put the dildo in some hot water and then went down to the front door and opened it and said hello and closed the door and got my dictation machine out my pocked and put on the recording I took talking to my work buddy about football at dinner time the other day and I put on loud enough she would just hear two people talking but I hoped she did know what we were saying. Then I put on my shoes knowing she would hear the leather soles on the laminated flooring and walked slowly up the stairs and switched off the recording and when I got close to the door I whispered just loud enough she would hear. "Now remember you don't speak a work understand..." I lowered my voice and gave a grunt. I went in our room and made sure she could hear the shoes on the wooden floor then I stopped and mumbled, "WOW!!!" with my hand over my mouth to try and disguise it was me and I started rubbing my cloths about and dropped them on the floor hopping she would hear them dropped and then I took of my shoes and let them drop onto the floor and saw my wife jump when she heard the thud. I could see she was breathing heavy and her breasts were heaving up and down like she had run a race and her mouth open bit and it was if she was straining to hear and she looked really nervous and had her legs tightly closed as if trying to hide her pussy. When I sat on the bed she tried to move away from me and I put my hand on her belly and Linda moaned, "Robert??? I don't like this!!! Take my blindfold off ... Please..." I leaned over her and kissed her and tried to calm her down a little as I could see she was very nervous and I told her to relax and to trust me but I saw she was really scared and I started kissing her breast and down her belly and she had her legs tight shut and she did not want to open then so I said, "open your legs Linda or I get a rope and tie them open. She slowly opened her legs and I moved between then and licked her pussy and when she was getting excited I stopped and went to the bathroom and got the dildo that had been in the sink the last 10 minuets and thankfully still felt nice and warm. I went back to the bed and I tried to be clumsier the way I bounced on the bed. Linda called out my name a couple of times and I could see she was scared but her nipples were rock hard too! Her legs were tightly closed again. I gripped her thighs harder than I would normal would and think I hurt her a little as I forcefully pushed her legs open even more and I heard her gasp loudly. I started to put some lubrication on the tip of the big dildo and I moved over her keeping her legs wide open with my legs and I and pushed up on one arm and held the fake cock against my cock and I moved it to her wet slit. When she felt it she seemed to realize instantly it was thicker and she let out a loud moan and called my name again and she sounded scared and she moved her hips as if to get away as I tried to push in, but it kept slipping up her slit and I did not think it would be so hard to get it in her but it was a good bit thicker than my cock. On my sixth attempt I managed to push the head of the big dildo into her and she let out a loud cry as if it hurt and then lay still gasping in breath and I heard her moan, "Oh god no..." and I did not move as I thought I had hurt her with the dildo. I did not move for about 30seconds and leaned up and looked down at the big dildo stretching her so much and it looked amazing seeing that big black dildo stretching my wife's pink pussy lips then I pushed again and again she let out a painful moan and mumbled it was hurting and to stop. It took me a good minuet to get 6 inches into her and she was gasping for breath with each push and then letting out moans as it was pulled back and then I pushed hard and all 8 inches were in her and she screamed out, "Oh god ... its so big..." she knew it was not my cock and she could feel his balls against her ass too and I was still not sure if she thought it another man. I started to fuck her slow with my dildo and she was soon gasping and moaning in pleasure and climaxed after another minuets or so, I was shocked by just how strongly she did climax and she was whimpering so loudly too and her whole body shook under me for a good 30 seconds, then I started to fucked her as fast as my hand could. I rammed the dildo into her real hard every now and then it was too hard and hurt a bit but she as scream but she loved it as well. She had her legs over the back of mine as I fucked her with the fake cock. Finally she started to climax so hard and I sat up and swapped hands and started jacking off as I used the dildo in her and just as I was about to cum I pulled the dildo out her and almost instantly started cumming over her belly. I think I shot twice as much as normal. Once I had recovered my wife lay moaning I got up and made out I was dressing and again put on my shoes and mumbled like I was talking to someone walked downstairs and went to the kitchen and washed the big dildo then before I opened the front door and said "thanks that was great watching her being fucked..." I said it nice and loud and opened then paused and shut the door and put my recorder back in my briefcase along with the dildo and stepped out my shoes and went back up to the bedroom. My wife looked so sexy with my cum splattered up her belly and I went in and kissed her and at first I think she was unsure who was kissing her then she realized it was me and kissed me back and then I took of her blindfold and she looked shocked and as I undid her cuffs she moved her hand to her belly and she was still out of breath a little and I watched as she wiped it in my cum and looked at me in shock and almost screamed. "My god Robert ... you let another man fuck me ... and he didn't even use a condom..." with that she jumped off the bed and run for the bathroom and I could see her using a douche and she must of thought it was another man and she did not seem that upset more worried about getting pregnant. I started to get hard and I went into the bathroom and turned her to me and kissed her and at first she did not kiss me back but soon we were kissing passionately and I pulled her back to the bed. She was insisting she wash her pussy first but I said no and I made her open her legs and I started licking and sucking her and she was telling me no she was dirty but in less than two minuets she climaxed and I got on top of her and fucked as hard as I could and in about two minuet she started to climax again and I fucked her so hard for another couple of minuet then I cum in her and we lay panting till I rolled off her and she jumped up and run for the bathroom and she then douched herself and she was in the bathroom a good 30 minuets before I think she checked on the kids then came to bed still naked. She slipped under the sheets and I put out the light and we kissed and hugged a little. After about 20 minuets she said, "how could you Tom ... how could you let another man have sex with me..." she did not sound mad and at first I was going to tell her the truth but then I just said, "I thought you needed a bit of excitement..." she seemed to think for a while then asked, "did it not bother you seeing another man having sex with me..."

I told her it really excited me and that it really excited her too judging by how hard she climaxed and how often and again there was a pause then she asked, "Tom he did not use a condom I could get pregnant... ?" I said, "He promise to pull out and he did..." she then sat up and asked, "shit what if I had aids or a sexually transmitted disease and she started to get in a right panic. I took hold of her and hugged her and said, "Do you think I would risk that ... I know he was as safe as me. I can't tell you how I know but I know. You can't catch a thing from him..." she lay back down and later I asked, "How did his cock feel compared to mine..." again she took a few minuets to answer and she said, "different, it felt much bigger and hurt at first..."

We talked for another 30 minuets and she wanted to know who it was but I said I could not say and she said what if she met him in the street and I said you wont know so it makes no difference, she wanted to be sure he would never say anything and I gave her that assurance and then we kissed and went to sleep. Next day nothing was said but she seemed happy and we had a good Sunday dinner with the kids. That night we had great sex but no tying up. When it came round to Saturday I could see she was nervous most of the morning and I knew she was wondering if her lover was going to show up again. It was 10.30 before she had a shower and then I went up and stripped off her bath robe laid her naked body down on the bed and she put her arms up above her head as if she wanted to be tied up and I started to put the cuffs on her hand and she asked if he was coming over again tonight and I said I was not sure. I put the blindfold on her and asked if she wanted him to come over and she did not say a word but I knew the idea excited her because when I parted her legs her pussy looked so wet and slippy and when I asked if she was so wet thinking about her secret lover and that it seemed she wanted to feel him inside her again, she said, "I'm not sure Tom maybe if he used a condom..." I told her to hush and I picked up the bedroom phone and dialed my work knowing it was closed and just keep ringing. I said, "Hi its Tom, My wife was wondering if you were coming over to please her body again..." I waited for a while and said, "Okay that's fine I'll leave the door open and see you in 5 minuets..." I knew it would drive my wife wild think of who we knew that lived 5 minuets from us. I hung up and started to nibble her nipples and finger her very wet slit and there was no denying she was excited and she started to tell me she was not sure she wanted to do it with someone else again but I took no notice of her and kept fingering her and getting her worked up.

The night went much the same as the last time and I stopped fingering her and said I thought that was the door opening and I went down stairs and again put my shoes on and got the warm dildo out of the warm water and I did everything much the same as the last time, when it came time to push the dildo in her she seemed more relaxed and she only moaned when it first went in her and I knew it hurt but not as much as the first time and I was soon fucking her with all 8 inches. The fake cock had a rubber bit behind the balls and shaft that could fit in a hardness but also make it a good place to grip with my hand and I knew she felt the big latex balls hitting her bum cheeks when I drove it fully into her. She had her knees bent back this time and her feet flat on the bed and she was humping up off the bed at the fake cock and moaning even louder and this time and she really climaxed so hard and I felt she was close to cumming a second time but I could not hold back any longer and I had been dildo fucking her for a good 6 minuets and my arm was tired and now I was fucking the dildo in her with my left hand and jacking off with my right and when I cum I made a point of pulling the dildo out her and resting it at the start of her slit almost on top of her slit that just showed through her puffy red lips and I started cumming on her pussy hairs and also cum on the tip of the dildo, I squeezed the last few drops out of my cock onto the fake cock and the head had about 3 globs of cum on it and then started slipping the head of the big fake cock down between her pussy lips as the last of my cum leaked out and dripped onto her pussy wide open pussy slit and I was shocked when she started moaning and moved her hips and ass and it was if she was trying to get my fake cock in her again and I let her get about an inch or two of it in her so her insides were a coated just a little with my sperm then pulled back making sure I wiped the sperm on the inside of her opening and looked at her pussy lips wet with my sperm and her juice. I got up and I slipped on my shoes and went down stairs and started my littler recorder so she could hear two people talking again as I washed the dildo and gave my cock a wash and then I had a drink and put my dildo back in my brief case with my recorder.

This time I spent about 15 minuets downstairs and I made a coffee for two and drunk both cups and left them on the coffee table before I make out her lover was leaving. When I went up I was starting to get excited again and I could see some of the sperm had run of her pussy hairs and was on her pussy lips. She was begging me to let her up but I fucked her first and she kept saying she had sperm on her pussy but that only made me more excited. When I had cum in her and let her up she pushed me out the way as she bolted for the bathroom to wash and again, she was in the bathroom for a good 30 minuets washing and she also showered this time. She was a bit more upset when she got back to bed telling me he cum on her pussy and was sure that some of it was just inside her opening and I was loving this and her getting upset just seemed to make me even more excited and she really thought it was another man and not my toy cock. After about a minuet I said, "maybe next time he'll cum in you... ?" She started saying there would be no next time and she put the light out. I tried to cuddle in but she pushed me away and said, "how could you let him cum on my pussy..." I lay thinking I might have gone to far and I also started to think what it would be like with another guy really fucking her. I never found out if she would have gone through with it next Saturday as her periods started that Friday night.

The idea of another man fucking her really got me excited and I started to think of who I could get from the office but after going through them I knew half them would tell and the other half would have a heart attack seeing my wife naked and there was also the problem of her getting a sexual transmitted disease and that was just to much of a risk to take.

I started looking in some mags and there were a few guys near me and I started to think more about it on Friday my car packed up and had to be towed to the garage and I never though but the dildo was on my locked case in the boot with my recorder so I was home Friday night and no dildo and I could not get it till Monday now. I was not sure if my wife had enough after saying about him cumming in her but that night and it had been almost two seeks since the night I cum on her pussy and as I lay reading and she was in bed with me maybe 30 minuets she turned and asked, "if I was going to chain her up tonight." I looked at her and said, "I thought you told me that was the last time..." she turned on her side and she cuddled up and then said, "I was scared he would get me pregnant..." I started to feel a bit wicked and started to push it a bit and said, "I hope not! How would we explain a black baby?" she let out a gasp jumped up and looked at me and I could not help but smile and I don't think she could speak for about a minuet but then she gasped out, "He was black... ?" and I smiled and said, "yes..." she moaned, "Oh my god ... no..." and she turned away from me and said, "no more..." and just lay there and I was going to tell her it was really a black dildo but I started to enjoy her discomfort and after a couple of minuets I put the light out and lay thinking about how she was so easily fooled. I was almost dropping of to sleep when I head her asked, "why did he not come over here tonight..."

"I told him you were to afraid of getting pregnant ... and that he got some of his sperm inside you last time..." there was a long pause and I was getting comfy again and I did not think she was going to say any more about it but maybe 10 minuets passed when she said, "what did he say when you told him I was scared..." I thought for a couple of minuets and I said, "maybe it's for the best he said as it was so good he almost did not pull out last time..." she turned round and looked at me and I could make out her expression in the darkness and then she really surprised me when she said, " Did you really get turned on seeing a black man having sex with me..." I said, "It was the hottest thing I have ever seem and the way you climaxed was such a turn on ... I almost cum in my pants watched you both ... and I loved the expressions on you face when you climaxed so hard... ?""

it did not upset you seeing him make me climax..." she almost whispered and I said, "No I though it was so sexy and I wanted to fuck you so badly right after him..." I was getting hard thinking about it.

Again there was a long pause as she moved on her side and cuddled into me again and she thought a bit longer and then said, "Tom what ... What if he had cum in me ... and got me pregnant what would you do..." I said almost instantly, "I would do what ever you wanted..." again she was thinking for a while and then said, "what if I did get pregnant and I said I would have his baby would you bring up a black mans baby..."

I said instantly, "it would still be your baby so yes ... and it would be mine too as I would be his or hers dad, it would not matter the child's color to me..." my wife kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tightly and then said good night and left me having all sort of thoughts about her and maybe a real black man.

The rest of the next week all I could do was think of my wife with a real hung black man and I looked every day on the Internet and I wanted it to happen for real more and more. That night in bed she again asked if I was going to chain her up and she was so disappointed when I said, "no." I could see the disappointment all over her face.

She asked if that meant that my black friend would not be coming over again and I told her, "he said he liked fucking her so much he doubted they he would pull out next time! And maybe it was better stopping now."

My wife was quiet for maybe 15 minuets and then asked, "How would you feel if he did come over again..."

I said, "I found it so exciting and you looked so sexy ... but like he said he would probably not pull out any more..."

Again there was a very long pause before she said, "would it make you mad if he did not pull out..."

"No! It would not make me mad but I thought it was you that was scared of him cumming inside you..."

"Yes it was ... maybe he could wear a condom..."

"No... ! I asked him and he said no, he did not get any feeling with a condom on..."

Again there was another long pause and I started to dose when she whispered, "I'll leave it up to you..."

I asked what she meant by that.

She said, "if her comes over again then I know it alright with you if he cums in me but if he don't then I know that that would upset you and I go along with what ever you decide."

I thought for a few minuets trying to tale it in and then I asked her, "So if in say a few weeks I chain you to the bed then you will not scream and shout if he cums in you..."

She leaned over and kissed my cheek and she said sexily, "she might scream and shout but it wont be for him to stop..." she started giggling and I said, "I might want to fuck you right after him and then you would have two loads of sperm in you..."

All she said was "lets hope it's your sperm that gets me pregnant and not his... ?" with that she rolled over and went to sleep.

Saturday morning my wife went shopping with the kids and I went straight on the Internet looking for a man to satisfy my wife. I had joined a couple of interracial sites and had been chatting on them for almost a fortnight. I got chatting to a guy I chatted to last week and his name was William and I ended up telling him all about my wife and what I had done with the dildo and her being chained to the bed. I also told him of my fears of her maybe getting aids or something and he seemed to understand.

He told me not get involved with guys saying they had 12" or 14" inch cocks as my wife could not take more then 10" and that it was better to get someone experienced that say a guy in his 20s. A guy in his 40 would probably be better than some you guy that only wanted to cum in a white girl.

We chatted for over an hour and I asked if he would be interested in helping me out. He asked where I lived and I told him northeast London and William said he was only 35 minuets away in the tube. He asked if my wife had ever had sex with anybody but me and I said, "to the best of my knowledge I was her first lover..." he wanted to meet me and wanted a picture of my wife first but I had none on the computer and told him I had none of her naked. He only wanted a picture to see how she looked and told me to bring one on her recently and it did not have to be sexy just a normal picture! we would meet at a café next to the tube station near my home that next Friday.

He sent me a picture of him so I'd know him and said he was 51 years old and he was 6"4 and weighed about 230lbs and his cock was a good 10 inches long when fully hard. He also assured me that he would make sure my wife got the utmost pleasure before he would cum in her and he said he had never had a sexual disease and up till a year ago he was married with three grown up kids but his wife passed away 14 months ago and he has not had sex since and before that he only had sex with his wife in the last 30 years.

I sat worried that he might be too old and he would not satisfy my wife in the same way the dildo did. I did feel comfortable he was clean and he said he would bring her death certificate to prove he was married up till 14 months ago.

He seemed nice and his picture showed a man that did not look 51 but more in his 40 and his head was shaved and he was very black.

By the time the kids and wife got home I was in two minds if to meet him or call it off.

That night in bed my wife snuggled up to me and asked if I was going to chain her up again. I told her I was thinking about it but the first guy no longer could come over as he was moving jobs. My wife seemed really disappointed and lay hugging my arm.

I told her there was someone else and he seemed interested in coming over and to my surprise my wife jumped up onto her knees and started asking me about him.

I told her everything I thought she needed to know and that he was clean and that his wife had died recently and up till then he only has sex with her. He was a bit older but he was a bit bigger too. My wife asked bigger in body or in penis ... I said he was bigger in both and all my wife said was, "WOW..." she asked if I was sure I wanted her to do this and I told her I thought it was good for out marriage and had made out sex like a whole lot better. We lay talking for about 30 minuets before I was so horny I rolled over on top of her and fucked her as hard as I could.

She climaxed seconds after I started to cum in her and as I rolled off her I asked if she was thinking of me! Or the new black lover I had lined up! She shocked me as she shouted back to me as she run to the bathroom to wash out my sperm, "I was thinking of you both honey... ?"

After we cuddled up and went to sleep. The next few days I was a bag of nerves as this time it would be a real black guy fucking my wife and I was having second thoughts and the thought really had me so turned on that I ended up fucking my wife every night that week.

Friday after work I met William in the calf and we had a coffee and talked. I explained that the kids would be up till about 9.30 and it would be 10.30 before they would be asleep.

My wife did not go to bed till at least 10.30 and by the time I had her hands chained up and her blindfolded it would be 11pm at least. I thought he would arrange it for next Friday but he wanted to come to my house tonight.

We talked over what would happen and he would come in thought my back door at 11pm and I explained my bedroom was the second door on the right up the stairs and the kids rooms were on the other side of the hall and for him to wait outside the bedroom door till I came for him.

When I got home I was really nervous till the kids went to bed and the time seemed to drag by. When my wife went up to bed at 10.20 I knew she was keen to be chained up and I went up after her about 10 minuets later and I made sure I left the back door open.

I had her hands chained up and her blindfolded by 10 45 and I started licking and sucking her nipples and working down to her pussy and she asked me a few times if she was getting a visitor tonight but I did not answer her and I worked on her clit and I managed to make her cum by 10.55 and then I got up and went down stairs telling her I thought I head someone at the door and I could see she was nervous but exciting too.

William was 10 minuets late and I was getting worried he would not turn up. When he got there he said he could not find my street and I led him up to the bedroom as he took of his coat and I whispered for him not to speak. We entered the bedroom and my wife was laying with her hands tied above her head and to the headboard and she was blindfolded and she had her legs together and William pointed to the chair and I knew he wanted me to sit down as he stripped off his cloths. I watched as he dropped his pants and saw the size of his huge cock and it looked even bigger than the ten inches he said it was and it dwarfed the size of the dildo.

He stripped naked then moved top the side of the bed and started kissing her nipples in turn and feeling her breasts with his hands and I think his hands were cold as my wife jumped at his first touch and he worked on her nipples and they quickly went rock hard.

He then kissed down to her belly button and he licked around it and I watched as my wife slowly parted her legs for him and he moved between her legs and started licking her pussy.

My wife was now moaning and gasping and I watched as he pushed her legs back so her knees were either side of her big soft breasts and he started fucking her with his long tongue and I was standing so I could get a better view.

My wife started to climax for the second time of the night; the first was on my mouth and now on Williams's mouth.

I watched as he let her come down from her climax and then he slowly moved over her.

He looked in good shape for a guy of 51 and he was very muscular on his upper body and arms and only had a little bit of a belly on him and I watched as he pushed up on one arm over my wife, as she lay under him with her knees bent and open wide.

I could see her breasts heaving up and down and he gripped the huge black cock and he touched it against my wife's pussy lips and she jumped and then moaned out.

I watched as he rubbed that big black cock head up and down her very wet and slippy slit and she was moaning all the time now.

He shocked me when he lowered his head to Linda's open lips and he kissed her. I think she was shocked and did not kiss him back at first then he kissed her again and the third time I saw his mouth opened wide as he kissed her and could see his tongue push into my wife's open mouth and this time they kissed for a couple of minuets and all the time they kissed he was rubbing his cock head up and down her slit.

When they stopped kissing he whispered in his deep dark voice, "do you want to feel my cock in you... ?"

I did not expect him to speak and his voice was so deep and my wife knew this guy was not me and she took a few seconds before she moaned, "Yes ... YES..." then she screamed out and I looked at his cock and he had the big head inside her.

Linda started moaning that it hurt and he leaned down and started kissing her again.

It was maybe a minuet before he pushed in another couple of inches and she again moaned in pain.

I watched as slowly that huge black penis pushed deeper and deeper and I knew it was hurting Linda but she was not telling him to stop or pull out. When he had about 8 inches in her he started to very slowly fuck her and she was soon rocking her hips up to meet his thrusts into her.

I watched my wife being fucked by a black man for the first time and I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum on my belly and I took my cock out and started rubbing slowly.

He fucked her slow for about 5 minuets and my wife climaxed so hard her whole body shook and she whimpered so loud too I was scared she would wake the kids.

When she came down form her climax William again kissed her as he kept up his slow fucking and after kissing a couple of minuets he whispered, "you want to feel all my black cock in you..." Linda moaned, "Yes ... oh god ... Yes..."

He fucked her another few times then seemed to pull back out so just the tip was in her and then he rammed in so hard she screamed out so loud I jumped. He rammed in again and this time she did not have the breath to scream.

I looked at my wife's face and she seemed to pass out. I think William must of knew I was worried and he pushed up on his hands and I saw his cock was fully inside my wife and his black curly hair was tangled with my wife's ginger red curls and he was grinding his pelvis against her pussy mound, he looked back at me and said in his deep voice, "My cock has burst past her cervix and it always hurts at first. Give her a minuet or two and she be begging for me to fuck her even deeper... ?" just then my wife gave a moan and started to come round.

William then shocked me when he leaned down again and suddenly pulled off her blindfold and started kissing Linda. It took about 40 seconds before she kissed him back but soon she was kissing him with the same passion he was kissing her with. He broke the kiss and told me to undo her hands and my wife looked up and me and then down as me holding my cock.

I could see the tears running down her cheeks but again William started kissing her and she kissed him back almost right away.

I undid her left hand and moved round the bed and undid her right. William started to fuck her real slow and she started to moan through there kisses. William broke their kiss and Linda moaned, "Oh god ... it hurts..." William started kissing her licking her tears on her right side then whispered, "it will feel good very soon ... relax ... I wont hurt you again..." with that he licked the tears on her left cheek and I was shocked when she put her arms round his strong black neck and lifted her head a little to kiss him.

I moved to the bottom of the bed but his big balls blocked the view and I knew by the movement of his hips he was very slowly fucking her. After maybe a couple more minuets I saw he was not taking longer and deeper thrusts and Linda was moaning even louder and I watched as her knees pulled back and her legs moved over his muscular thighs.

I knelt down and I could see his cock when he pulled back and he was fucking her with about 7 or 8 inches sliding out of her with his 11-inch cock. When he pulled back her pussy lips seemed to suck on to his huge thick shaft and when he pushed in his cock seemed to push her pussy lips right inside her and she was stretched obscenely wide.

He had been slow fucking Linda for over 25 minuets and I had cum twice watching them and I could not understand how he stayed hard so long.

He started to fuck her harder and Linda started to climax again and she again whimpers loudly with that high-pitched squeal,

William really started to pound into her hard now and Linda was moaning, "YES ... Yes ... Yes..." with each thrust. I head him asked if she wanted him to fill her uterus with his seeds and she moaned, "oh god ... Yes..." he fucked her for another minuet and then grunted like a bear and rammed so hard and seconds later Linda screamed out in another climax and again her body shook violently. After 30 second she moaned, "Oh Robert ... I feel him cumming in me..." she put her hand out to me and I took her hand as she climaxed again. After her climax faded William pushed up on his arms but kept his cock in her and she looked exhausted.

He leaned down and kissed her again and she instantly kissed her back. Its was strange I did not mind William fucking Linda but it did bother me when they kissed.

They kissed for about 4 minuets then he started fucking her again and after a minuet he rolled over taking Linda with him and he helped Linda sit up on top of him and he started playing with her breasts and it only took a few seconds before Linda started fucking up and down on his cock.

I did not know if he was still hard but it was hard enough for her to fuck herself. She fucked him for about three minuets then she dropped on top of him and she climaxed again. He pulled out and I was shocked his cock was still hard and he moved Linda round so she was on her knees with her back to him and he moved her so she was on her hands and knees and he got of the bed and pulled her back so her feet were of the side of the bed and I watched as he slowly entered her very red and swollen pussy and he started fucking her from behind.

He fucked her like that through two orgasms before putting another load inside her and she climaxed again when he cum. He lay on her back and then they both rolled on their side and he told me to go sleep on the sofa as Linda and him needed to sleep for a while.

I don't know why but I left them and shut the door and went down to the living room and had a drink.

I must of dozed off around 1 am but woke about 4am when I head Linda climaxing and I could even hear the bed squeaking, that went on for almost 10 minuets and then it went quiet.

I woke about 7.45 and make some coffee and I head them at it again about 10 past 8 and then the shower going at 8.30. I went up and checked on the kids but thankfully they both were asleep. Linda came down with William just after 9 and Linda was naked and her hair wet and William was dressed and he asked if I could dive him a run down to the tube station. I put on my shoes and watched them kiss for about 10 minuets before we left. William said Linda was a fine woman and I was a lucky man. He must of seen how worried I was and he reassured me he was not going to try and take her away, he was only going to give her some sexual pleasure and that Linda loved me so much for letting her share him.

He said to talk it over with Linda if we wanted him to come back next Friday.

We chatted in the car for maybe another 10 minuets and I must admit I liked him and he thanked me for a wonderful night and then he shook my hand when I dropped him off and I drove back home not sure if I wanted there to be a repeat of last night.

When I got in the kids were having breakfast and Linda gave me a quick but passionate kiss and she took my hand and dragged me out the kitchen and into the downstairs toilet and she had my trousers down and my cock out in a flash and she sucked me like she was desperate for my cock, she sucked me so good and for the first time in my life I shot off in a woman's mouth, up till now she had sucked me to get me hard but never ever let me cum in or near her mouth. What's more she swallowed all my sperm and it felt like I had cum a lot too, she then stood and kissed me and I could taste my sperm of her tongue that was soon in my mouth, when we finished kissing she thanked me for last night and said I was the most wonderful husband a woman could have.

I had lots of thinks to ask her but she said the kids would be wondering where they were and she slipped out the bathroom leaving me to sort my pants and trousers.

It was almost midday when the kids went out to play and me and Linda could talk! The first think I asked was how many times he fucked her and she told me 5. I thought it only 4 but she told me he had fucked her from behind in the shower and that was the fifth time but she had no idea how many times she climaxed! It could be between 15 and 25. I told her I was worried that he might have got her pregnant but she said she this was the week after her periods and she should be safe? Well about 95% safe.

She asked if I had enjoyed it and I said, "I though she looked so sexy and so hot and I wanted to fuck her so badly I was a little jealous ... what did you think of him..." she said, "I was scared and excited but it hurt a lot at first but was really shocked when he took of my blindfold?

I told her I loved her and we started kissing again and she took me up to the bedroom, I was not sure about fucking during the day with the kids just outside but she said I needed it and she only took off her panties and then pulled my cock out my trouser zip and in seconds I was pounding away at her pussy. I only lasted a couple of minuets and I said I was sorry for coming so soon but she hugged and kissed me and said it was fine and she had climaxed so much last night and that was thanks to me.

She pulled on her panties and started to go down stairs and I asked if she was not going to wash and she said, NO ... I want to feel my husbands sperm leaking out me the rest of the day.

I could not keep my hands off her and if it was not for the kids out in the garden I would of fucked her in the living room and the kitchen as she had me so turned on.

That night we again had great sex and this time she climaxed with me, and then she lay with her head on my belly and licked and sucked my cock till I was hard again and then she got on top of me and my wife fucked me for the first time. After that we were exhausted and were soon sleeping. We slept late and the kids woke us about 10 in the morning.

We went grocery shopping and it was raining all day so the kids were in the house so no sex by I still slipped my hand up her skirt and felt her pussy more than a few time.

By Monday I was feeling great and what happened on Friday did not scare me any more as I knew Linda loved me so much and if anything having her take a lover had brought us even closer.

I started to think if I should ask William over again this Friday?

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