Dickie Gets Even
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A years old grudge settled.

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It started in third grade during a dodge ball game. I managed to hit Dickie Moore a pretty good lick and after that he became my very own personal nemesis. In that grade and at that age I had no idea what a class bully was, but Dickie was one. That afternoon on the way home from school I found him waiting for me. I had no idea what was coming; after all, Dickie was not only my classmate, he was my neighbor so when he walked up to me and without a word punched me in the face it came as a total surprise. Then he pushed me down to the ground, kicked me once and said, "That's for hitting me with the ball." He walked away and I got up and ran home crying.

My nose had bled all over my shirt and I was still crying when I got home and my mother wanted to know what has happened and I told her. That night I heard her and dad talking about it in the kitchen. Mom wanted dad to go over to the Moore's and have words with Mr. Moore "about that little brat of his." Dad listened to what mom had to say and then he said, "Maude, you know that ain't my way."

"You're just going to cause more trouble Don."

"The world ain't nothing but trouble Maude and the boy needs to find that out now."

Five minutes later dad called me into the kitchen and asked me what had happened. I told him and then he asked, "What did you do boy?"

"I didn't do nothing but hit with the ball dad, honest."

"That ain't what I'm asking you boy, what did you do after he hit you and pushed you down?"

"I ran home."

"You let him get away with it? You didn't get up and go after him?"

"No sir."

"Why not boy?"

"Because momma said I shouldn't fight; she says that it doesn't solve anything."

I saw something change in his eyes and he said, "Well boy, there are some things that me and your ma don't agree on. You're a Dixon boy, and Dixons don't back down from nothing or nobody. We fight back boy and even if we lose we find a way to get even. It don't matter none if it takes years boy, we always get even. When you go to school tomorrow I expect you to bloody that boy's nose just like he did yours."

"But he's bigger than me."

"Don't make no never mind boy. You fight him until you win or lose and by losing I mean you fight him till you're so tired you can't lift your arms to hit back. There's people in this world boy who will walk all over you if you let them. When they try you have to let them know that they can't get away with it and that if they try they will have to pay a price. You don't let nobody get away with nothing boy, at least not without fighting back. Now you run along and do your homework and when you go to school in the morning don't forget what I told you — you're a Dixon."

The next day at school during recess I walked up to Dickie and without a word I punched him in the nose, knocked him to the ground and kicked him.

"That's for what you did to me yesterday" I said, "Now we are even."

Dickie's response was to come scrambling up from the ground and the fight was on. We beat on each other for maybe two or three minutes before a couple of teachers pulled us apart and marched us to the principal's office. The parents were called and the usual, "He started it" and "no I didn't" took place and a whole lot more followed, but the bottom line was that both Dickie and I knew that the fight wasn't over, just temporarily interrupted.

Over the next ten years Dickie and I duked it out a couple of times a year. Sometimes he won and sometimes I did. That is until the ninth grade. There was a Boy's Club of America chapter in our town and I joined. On of their programs was teaching boys to box so they could participate in the Golden Gloves Tournament. I participated and by the eleventh grade I was putting Dickie on his ass every time he started something and he started a lot. Dickie might have been a bully, but he was no coward and he kept on coming back at me.

Just before the senior prom we got into it over a girl that we both liked. She seemed to prefer me to him, he called her a few names, made some accusations and I called him on it. That fight turned into the worst we ever had and before it was over I had knocked out four of his front teeth, broken his nose, and left him lying out cold in the Werth Theatre parking lot. That was the last time I saw Dickie before I headed off for college.

The next twenty years went by. I went to college, graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and went into the Army to fulfill my ROTC scholarship requirement and met and married Tammy. I landed a solid job when I got out of the service and five years later I started my own company.

Business was good, the company prospered and grew and I was sitting pretty when the invitation to my high school class twenty-year reunion arrived. It was at a busy time. I had several construction projects going, a couple more that I was bidding on and I was in negotiations to purchase a piece of land that I hoped to build an office complex on. Not necessarily a good time to be gone, but I would be less than human not to have a desire to go back and show my classmates what a success I had become. How I had gone from dirt poor and living on the wrong side of the tracks in Dutchtown to a successful businessman in twenty years. But being a successful businessman means taking care of business so I tossed the invitation into the trash.

"Why did you do that?" my wife asked.

I gave her my reasons and she said, "Hogwash. It's a weekend. I know that you think you are indispensable, but things can get along just fine without you for that long. You know you want to go back. Do it, it will do you good."

I let Tammy talk me into it and three weeks later the two of us walked into the hotel ballroom where the reunion was being held.

The first person I saw was Dickie Moore and he saw me at the same time. He stopped talking to the woman he was with and headed straight for me. Oh shit, I thought as I braced myself. I didn't know what to expect, but I was betting on something unpleasant so I was surprised when five feet from me his face lit up in a smile and he extended a hand for me to shake. Warily I took it and we shook hands as he said, "I wondered if you would be here for this. And I suppose that this lovely lady is your bride?"

I introduced Tammy to him and he said, "Come on, let me introduce you to my lady and he led us over to the woman he had been talking to. Another surprise — his wife was Kim Baker, the very same girl who had cost him four front teeth and a broken nose. Dickie invited us to sit at his table and before I could say, "Thanks, but I'd like to circulate a little before we sit down" Tammy said that we would love to join them. I was a little uneasy because my relationship with Dickie had never, ever been cordial, but what the hell, that had been twenty years ago and people do change.

Dickie (he preferred to be called Rich now) was charming the pants off Tammy, regaling her with tales of when we were young.

"Did you know that your husband and I actually fought over Kim?"

Kim blushed and Tammy looked at me and said, "No, I don't believe that. You really didn't do that, did you?"

She could tell by the look on my face that it was true and Rich laughed and popped out a partial plate and showed it to Tammy.

"Oh yes indeed he did and I have a constant reminder. God, but the stupid things that we did when we were kids." He chuckled and said, "You always hear people say that they wish they could go back. Not me. No way I'd want to go back to being that way."

The drinks flowed and I circulated saying hi to old classmates and introducing Tammy. I danced with Kim a couple of times when Rich danced with Tammy. Once, when I was sitting at the table with Kim while Tammy and Rich were out on the dance floor Kim caught me looking at her.


"Just a little."

"You never figured it out, did you?"

"Figure out what?"

"That it was always Rich I was interested in. He was the one I wanted, but he wasn't really interested in me. I wasn't a real bright kid back then, but I did know how your relationship with Rich worked and I knew that the quickest way to get him interested in me was to let him see me with you. He doesn't know that by the way, and I would just as soon that he never does. If he found out he'd hate me almost as much for costing him those four front teeth as he hates you for knocking them out."

"He sure isn't acting like someone who is carrying a grudge."

"Don't let him fool you Slick, he's never forgotten and he's never forgiven. Watch your back Slick, watch it real close."

Either I didn't watch it close enough or it was all ready too late.

About half an hour after talking with Kim I began to feel dizzy and disoriented. I was feeling real bad. Tammy was out on the dance floor with someone and Rich said, "I think that you need to lie down for a bit. Come on, I'll help you up to your room and then I'll come down and let Tammy know what is going on."

Something wasn't right, but I couldn't quite grasp it. I started losing things mentally. I didn't remember standing up, but I remember getting on the elevator with Rich. I didn't remember the ride up to the room, but I did remember getting off the elevator and Rich helping me to the room. I didn't remember going into the room, but I did remember Rich sitting me down on the floor in the corner of the room.

"There you are Slick. Comfy? Got a good view of the bed? I certainly hope so because I don't want you to miss a thing. In case you are wondering what is going on I'll be happy to fill you in. Your drinks have been laced with Ketamine Hydrochloride, sometimes called Super K or Special K. It's a date rape drug and I do have to admit that this is the first time I've ever heard of it being used on a man. What it does is make the user lose control of their body, but leaves them vaguely aware of what is going on. That's what I need from you Slick, to be aware, but unable to do anything."

I remember him getting up and moving over toward the bed, but I don't remember what he did when he got there and I don't remember him coming back over to me. Then he was leaning down and looking into my face and talking.

"You get to sit here Slick and watch as your wife gets fucked silly. I've laced her drinks too, but she got a cocktail that is a mixture of twenty percent Special K and eighty percent Ecstasy. The Special K will disorient her long enough to get her up here and get her clothes off of her and get her on the bed and by then the Ecstasy will kick in. She'll be a nympho Slick and you'll get to watch it all. I've told several of my friends that you are into kinky stuff — that you like to watch other men fuck your wife — and they will see you sitting over here in the corner and think nothing of it. Hey, got to go. It's time to go down and get the main attraction, the star of your very own porn show. Don't go way now, hear?"

Rich left and I faded in and out for I don't know how long before the room door opened again and I heard Rich cry out, "Honey, I'm home." I saw him carry Tammy in and put her down on the bed and then I watched as he undressed her.

"I'm leaving her nylons and high heels on her Slick. I mean what porn show would be worth a shit without high heels and nylons?"

He rolled Tammy over on her stomach and then he stripped and got on the bed with her. He pulled her up on her knees and lined up his cock, "You have no idea how good this is going to feel Slick" and he pushed himself forward. Tammy moaned as he worked his way into her, but her body was inert, she pretty much just laid there as Rich used her pussy. I faded out for a bit and when I came back it was to the "slap, slap" of flesh meeting flesh. Tammy's hands were clutching the bed covers and she was moaning. Her eyes were open, but I'm not sure that they were seeing anything. And then slowly, almost imperceptibly, Tammy started pushing back at the cock that was pounding into her.

Rich laughed, "Your wife is starting to get into it Slick. You awake over there? I don't want you to miss this."

He started fucking Tammy with hard strokes and her moans turned into words. "Yes, yes, yes" she grunted as Rich slammed into her and she pushed back. "Hey Slick, I'm getting ready to cum in your wife. I hope to god she's not on the pill or wearing a coil or something like that. I'd love knowing that I knocked her up. Her it comes sweetie, the first of a lot" and he pumped his sperm into her. Just as he pulled out of her pussy there was a knock on the door and Rich got up to answer it. He opened the door and three guys came in. They stripped and headed right for the bed. I have no idea how long it went on. I faded in and out and all I have is disjointed memories of men coming into the room and men leaving the room. I remember seeing Tammy taken in ways that I had never thought possible. I saw her with cocks in her mouth, cocks in her pussy and cocks in her ass and I saw her with cocks in all three at once. I remember her head tossing from side to side as she screamed for some one to fuck her. I heard her beg some one to fuck her harder and I remember Rich walking around the bed with a video camera.

Then Rich was kneeling in front of me. "I've thought of you every day for the last twenty years Slick. Every morning when I brush my teeth and I see this" and he popped out his partial plate and held it in front of my face, "I remember you Slick. God only knows how many times we fought, but they were only fights Slick. But you were brutal on that last one. It wasn't a fist fight, you set out to do damage and you did and I've never forgotten it."

He put his plate back in and stood up. "This plate cost me eleven hundred dollars Slick and tonight I'm going to get some, if not all, of my money back. There is a pool hall over in NiggerTown and I hear that the boys over there just love to get their hands on white pussy. But I'll be fair about it slick, anything over eleven hundred she can keep. We are going to leave now Slick, but I don't want you to feel lonely while we are gone so I'm leaving you some company" and he dropped a small cloth bag in my lap and the lights went off and I heard the door close.

The next thing I remember is some one shaking me. "You all right mister?"

I opened my eyes and saw the maid leaning over me. My head hurt as I tried to get to my feet and the maid chuckled, "You sure must have laid on a good one last night mister. You got to be careful drinking that much."

I staggered into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. The events of the night before started to come back to me and I turned in panic and looked at the bed, but Tammy wasn't there. I started to run from the room and the maid called out, "Hey mister, you dropped this" and she held out a small cloth bag to me. I remembered Dickie dropping something in my lap and I took it from her and looked inside and saw four teeth.

I ran from the room and went looking for Tammy. I headed for the part of town that was called either Darktown or Niggertown because that was where the majority of blacks lived and I began looking for pool halls. I found seven of them, but all I got was blank stares when I described Tammy and asked if anyone had seen her. I stopped at a phone booth and looked up Richard Moore in the phone book, but either he had an unlisted number or he didn't live in the city any more. I decided to go to the hotel and see if Tammy was there yet. If she wasn't I would call the police.

Tammy was lying on the bed when I got back to the room. She was naked except for her nylons and they were ruined. She had bite marks all over her body and there was dried cum everywhere. She was passed out and the way she had been laid down was deliberate. Her legs were spread wide so that I could see the red, raw and wide-open hole that was her pussy. Cum was leaking out of it and there was a lot of it. Some one had written, "Black cocks deposit cum here" on her stomach with a magic marker and had drawn an arrow pointing down at her pussy. I saw that her asshole was wide open and leaking also. I noticed something on the dresser and went over and looked at it. There was videotape and an envelope. The envelope had a note, some pictures and a bunch of bills in it. The note said, "Hey Slick, before you call the cops you had best watch the video. Nowhere on it is the lady anything less than a willing participant. You might not have a VCR in your hotel room so I took some pictures to give you some idea of what you will see when you do get around to playing it. True to my word she got to keep everything over eleven hundred. She did good Slick. You have quite the little moneymaker there. By the way, you can keep the bag and it's contents."

I shook the photos out of the envelope and the money spilled out and fluttered to the floor. I picked it up and saw that there was just over nine hundred dollars there. The pictures were of Tammy and a series of black men doing everything that I had seen done to her in our hotel room. I tore the photos up and flushed them down the toilet and I put the money, the video and the bag of teeth in my suitcase and then I sat down in a chair and looked over at the bed. I had no idea what was going to happen when Tammy woke up. Only God knew how she was going to react and what the evening's events were going to do to us.

What I did know was that Dickie had fucked up big time. I would spend every dime I had if it was necessary, but I would find him and I would find out every last little thing that there was to know about him. I would find the one thing that he loved and prized above all else and then I would take it from him; take it from him and grind it to dust before his very eyes.

As I looked at Tammy I heard my father's words in the back of my head, "You're a Dixon boy, and Dixon's don't back down from nothing or nobody. We fight back boy and even if we lose we get even. Don't matter none if it takes years, we always get even."

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