Becoming Sammi
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sammi, an Embassy official, is forced by a brutal police chief in a foreign country to pay for the release from jail of her boyfriend with a blowjob. It's only the first step on a long journey into the dark side of sex for Sammi.

She was leaving, and it would be soon. She was pleased but unsettled. Don was history now with her. She knew that she'd liked him and wouldn't mind them getting closer but she had to admit that his being gay did change all those thoughts.

The vision kept coming back to her of her accommodating Mpele in his office; sure, she'd told herself that she was doing it to help Don but she just wasn't sure. It had been so intense, so dirty, so delicious for her. At the time it felt like the pressure of the world was on her. Don arrested, for no reason that anyone could or would answer. And finally that fateful interview with Mpele in his office, and the shocking news, given to her by Mpele himself with an absolutely straight face that to get Don out, she would have to kneel and suck Mpele off.

She almost cried on the spot. There was a guard who watched it all, watched her get on her knees and crawl to the government's chief policeman like a common slave; watched as she let Mpele play with her tits, pinch her nipples and force her to strip to her panties and then take his cock, that big black cock in her mouth.

It had been surreal, and it had never, ever left her mind for a second since that time. The transfer was going to be just what she needed. The incident helped her to find out about Don, to be sure, but she was now beginning to think that it had also helped her to find out about herself. And she wasn't sure about that at all, not sure that she wanted to know or should know.

So that, when her transfer had come through, she found herself suddenly having mixed emotions about it. A thought struck her but she resisted; but the thought, the desire to go and see Mpele again was almost overwhelming. A little voice accused her of wanting to go to debase herself in front of Mpele again, and she found it hard to deny.

She shook off the thought and let it sit there, which it did tormenting her constantly for a day and a half, as she wrapped up her embassy work. She was kept in a constant sense of turmoil by it, playing over and over in her own mind the scene in that office, the grinning guard, the smug sure look on Mpele's face, and then that large, threatening and ultimately satisfying cock, right in her face and then, right in her mouth.

She was home, and fighting these thoughts all over again. Finally in an effort to calm herself, she took a shower. It didn't seem to help. She dressed almost automatically after the shower and only when she was partially dressed did she discover that she'd slipped on pale pink, transparent, nylon panties and a matching bra, showing her nipples to anyone who had the good fortune to see her wearing it--she playfully called them, when she'd bought them, her "whore's underwear."

She smiled grimly to herself as she realized the appropriateness of the description, because she knew that she was going to do it.

She was going to visit Mpele one more time. This time to make an important discovery about herself. This time there would be no leverage of her boyfriend in prison to hold over her head. She knew that she must find out about the truth of her incredible arousal by the way that man had treated her. She knew deep down that she should have been upset by the treatment, not turned on constantly as she was, seemed to be.

As she was getting ready, her mind took her back to the significant places that she'd been. She knew that if she were to take a long look at her life and development that there were three places that she'd stop for deep reflection.

Sammi settled back, firm in her decision and thought about those significant past things.

Her first stop, in her memory process, was the boys' 'club' in the near woods back home. She'd been 12 then, and dearly wished to be included in the club. But they were insistent that girls were not invited.

That changed one day. Jeffery, one of the club officers, told her that she could join them in the club house that day but she'd have to submit to the 'rules for girls'.

Sammi remembered being thrilled. She asked him then what those 'rules for girls' were. Jeffery got red in the face but drew up his courage and told her that to be admitted into the club house, she'd have to take her clothes off at the door. He finished with a huge grin on his face.

Sammi wasn't sure if it was just a ploy to keep her away or if they were really intent on getting a naked girl in the club but she was determined. She also realized that there was an unsettled feeling that she had inside about the group of boys telling her that she needed to take her clothes off.

She tried to ignore the feeling but knew it was there, and knew it was, in some way, and for some reason, exciting her. But she didn't know if it was the possibility of taking her clothes off for the group of boys or the mere fact that they were telling her that she must do it.

She simply decided to sort that out later.

She hardly recognized her voice, when she said:

"I will need to keep my panties on' please."

The last word came automatically for her. It excited Sammi that she was showing these boys that she was willing to do what they ordered her to do. That part of it was an almost overwhelming thing.

Jeffery looked almost thunder struck but apparently quickly recognized that he had the advantage here. He told Sammi to stay where she was and that he'd have to put it to a vote.

Sammi waited, still determined. When Jeffery came back, he told her that they had voted to allow her to keep her panties on, when she came into the club house.

Sammi was overjoyed; she was pleased to be getting her wish but also, she realized, she was pleased that she was going to be made to strip for this group of boys. It was a 'dirty' thought but one that she found pleasant, and it was becoming clear to her.

She went to the club house and they were all there, six of them. They informed her that she was only a visitor and as a visitor she'd always have to wear only a pair of panties and do what she was told. She promised solemnly to abide by that.

Then the moment arrived. Jeffery told Sammi to take her clothes off. It as right then that Sammi had the biggest jolt of this entire scene. She realized that this was the most exciting thing that had happened to her, ever!

She took off her blouse and her sneakers, and socks then, shyly but also trembling from her own feelings, she took her shorts off and went among them only wearing a pair of tiny blue panties.

And Sammi was struck by the fact that she didn't mind being undressed with them. Her tits were only small knobs then and she did have some hair on her pussy. She knew that her pussy hair was showing through her thin blue panties. She also knew that the boys were staring.

It made the boys bolder. They told Sammi that they were going to have a circle jerk and that any visitor would have to do the jerking. Sammi was aghast and further excited at the prospect of being told to jerk them all off.

She did it!

She went around to them one after another and by the third one, she was doing a fairly good job at jerking them off.

She also did it a number of times after that, when she went back to the club to be with them. It was never more than that, and it always sent Sammi home with the desire to touch and play with herself. But she became their 'jerk off queen'.

Sammi stopped the whole association, when she got a bit older but always held that memory in the back of her mind.

Then there was the junk yard. Her Uncle Bunky owned a junk yard. When Sammi was a teen, she went to work for Uncle Bunky at the junk yard.

Up to then she hadn't really been close to Uncle Bunky, and she found him strange but she began to like him right away. He paid attention to her and was really, really nice.

It all changed one day, when the workers were gone at noon and she and Uncle Bunky took a walk through the piles of metal. Sammi loved walking among the piles of different kinds of scrap metal.

Her Uncle started the conversation:

"Got a boy friend, Sammi?"

"No, sir," she said, "I don't."

"That's a shame," he continued, "A pretty girl like you."

"Thank you, Uncle," she said.

Then he said something strange:

"What do you do for sex, Sammi?"

Sammi stared at him, and gave in to her first reaction: she giggled.

He smiled, and said: "You know what I mean."

"Oh, there's not much of that, not since..." then her voice trailed off, realizing that she'd said too much, or almost said too much.

But he'd caught her: "What was it that you were going to say?"

Sammi hesitated but he insisted: "Tell me."

Sammi found that she couldn't resist it when she was directly ordered by her Uncle to tell her; it gave her the same kind of feeling that being with those boys had given her, when they told her to take her clothes off and jerk their cocks.

So, she told him. She told him the story of the club and wanting to get in. And then, she gulped and told him about being the 'jerk off queen' of the club.

Her Uncle laughed. Sammi got red in the face but her Uncle pressed his advantage:

"Gee maybe we need a jerk off queen around here."

"Uncle Bunky?!" she said but realized that the very notion was exciting her. "I couldn't do that," she concluded.

Bunky laughed and said: "Okay then, not all the guys; they'd get rough but maybe just me. How about that?"

There was something about the way that he said it; it made her feel exactly like she'd felt going into that club house as a kid. She hardly recognized her voice as she said:

"Okay, just you, Uncle Bunky."

He grinned at her then and took her to a lane between huge piles of scrap metal. He told her that some of the same rules would apply here. When she jerked him off, he wanted her to wear only her panties.

"Take off your clothes," he concluded.

"Here?" she asked him in a meek voice.

He was even pleased at the tone of her voice; he knew from the sound of her question that she was going to submit.

"Right here," was his order.

"Yes, sir," she said and proceeded to strip off her tee shirt, bra and shorts.

She'd developed a great deal since those flat chested club house days. Her tits were one of her best features, and her Uncle could hardly keep his hands off of them. He stroked them and pinched her nipples a bit. It gave her goose bumps and really turned her on.

Then he produced his large stiff cock. Sammi stared at it first. It was the first adult cock that she'd ever seen and it was big.

She reached out and touched it, and then went to work on it; she certainly knew how. Her Uncle came quickly. She squealed and jumped out of the way of the spurting prick.

When it was all finished, he said to her: "We'll have to work on that a bit; you don't need to be afraid of my cum, you know."

"Yes, sir," she said, standing mute by him wearing only her white nylon panties.

Bunky smiled and said: "We'll see if we can't practice a bit again tomorrow."

There was no question about it; he was just stating how it would be. Sammi was pleased with that. The decision to do these delicious, dirty things would not be hers but his. That was fine.

They didn't do it every day but they did frequently for that first week. It was the second week, when her relationship with her Uncle Bunky was firmly established.

It was lunch time and they'd gone walking and ended up in a kind of blind alley among the metal scrap. Bunky turned to her and said peremptorily:

"Strip, girl."

"Yes, sir," she said, struggling out of her tee shirt, bra and shorts.

"We're going to do something different today," Bunky said.

As was her custom with him by then, Sammi simply said: "Yes, sir Uncle Bunky."

"Kneel," was his next order to the subservient girl. She did as she was told, getting onto her knees in front of him.

She looked up at her Uncle Bunky and was happy to see him smile. She knew that she was pleasing him, and that pleased her, to be serving him well.

With that, Bunky took out his cock but told Sammi to open her mouth. She knew what was coming then, and found herself aflame with her own sexual feelings.

She did as she was told and her Uncle Bunky guided his cock into her mouth. She didn't do well her first time but Bunky told her that she'd develop into a good cock sucker with practice.

And that's precisely what she got during that time, when she worked for her Uncle. She became his cock sucker. He called her, in a flash back to the club house days, the "cock sucking queen." It always made her giggle. And Sammi became really, really good at it. She also slowly realized that this was a form of sex that she dearly loved.

The image always stayed with her: lunch time. She and Uncle Bunky would take their walk. After they rounded the corner and got among the piles of metal, she'd shed her tee and shorts and bra and walk ahead of him with her ass wiggling in her panties until he was hot and ready for his blow job.

She discovered that she liked the taste of his cock, the sensation of it in her mouth, the fact that he wanted her kneeling in front of him in subservience to do it. It was all a huge, lovely turn on for her.

He never went farther with her than a blow job. He was careful about that.

This was her second major step on the journey of becoming what she was. The third step was Mpele.

That had all been confused at first. She was told that Don had been arrested but no one knew what the charges were. She had said that she'd go and find out herself.

She went, she thought representing the embassy. Mpele had received her cordially. When she raised the issue of Don, however, he had prevaricated, and said that it was a 'state security' matter and that he couldn't discuss it.

She pressed the issue, and realized that she was becoming upset about what might be happening with Don. It was only with that desperation in mind that she finally said to Mpele:

"Please, sir," she began, as politely as possible, realizing in some dark part of her that the politeness in the situation itself was a turn on, "Tell me what is going on. I have not only a professional interest. You see, uh, he and I are to be engaged."

"Ah," Mpele had said then, "So, I see you must be anxious to get your boy friend back."

"Yes, sir," I am, she said quietly.

He spoke to her softly then: "It is so much lovelier, so much more exciting when you understand your place, English, and are polite with me."

"Yes, sir," she continued, hoping she was making some progress.

"Ah, good," he said then, "So we begin to understand each other."

"Understand?" she asked, still beginning to be upset and not really sure where the conversation was going.

"Yes, I believe so," he answered smiling.

"Please, sir," she said then, realizing that her tone was more subservient than it maybe should have been as a representative of Her Majesty's government, "Tell me what has happened and what needs to be done by our government."

Mpele laughed: "By the government, nothing at all; by you, English, something, I believe."

She looked at him and the realization began to dawn on her. She gulped and said quietly:


"Ah, so you understand, English or may I call you now 'English Whore'?"

The word slammed into Sammi and she was in heat because of it instantly. She answered almost automatically then; right then and there she was the 'club jerk off queen' of her youth, and Uncle Bunky's 'cock sucking queen'.

She answered in a strangled voice:

"You may call me what you wish, sir."

"Good enough, English whore; then do as you're told and take your clothes off. Give them to the guard."

She'd forgotten about the guard but soon he was holding her clothes and she was dressed only in panties heels and thigh high stockings.

"Get over here, English whore," Mpele ordered.

She loved his tone and did it immediately, all the while telling herself that it was for Don's sake.

Mpele had ordered her under his desk, where she barely fit. Once there, kneeling, he produced the largest cock she'd ever seen, and it was black. She took the cock obediently into her mouth and used all of the talent that Uncle Bunky had taught her.

While she was sucking Mpele off, two people, one after another, had come in to talk with him. He continued to discuss business, while keeping a hand in her hair, pulling her mouth further onto his cock. She was humiliated by the fact that each of the two who came into the room could see her naked back and panty covered ass under Mpele's desk, as she sucked his cock. They also knew who is was who was slated to see him at that time.

She was able to take him all in; her Uncle had taught her well.

Mpele came in her mouth and then made her suck off the guard too. Then, smiling, he told her that he had something to show her.

They went to the prison section of the building and, through a two way mirror, she saw Don in a small room with a black guard. Don began to plead with the guard:

"Please, there's time; no one's coming for me yet; please!"

The guard looked at Don with contempt and said:

"You're so anxious to get my black cock in your English mouth?"

"Yes, yes, I am," Don said earnestly.

"What about your English bitch?" the guard wanted to know.

Sammi sucked in her breath, knowing that they were talking about her.

"You know that whenever I dropped her off, and you were available, I'd come to get your lovely prick in my mouth; you know that full well," Don wheedled.

"Yes, I know your talents but if we are caught, it would be severe," the guard continued.

"Please," Don begged, "Lock the door; let me do this for you, please. We don't get opportunities like this very often, and I want your cock so."

"Then strip, English," the guard said.

Don happily stripped himself of all of his clothes and got, naked, to his knees before the guard.

The guard stood at the door watching with a contemptuous look on his face. Don crawled to where the guard stood, and looked up at him with a beseeching look on his face. The guard simply nodded his head.

Don reached up and almost lovingly retrieved the guard's big cock from his uniform pants. Then Don began eagerly making love to the black guard.

She watched in disbelief as Don began to lick the head of the big cock and then began to slurp it into his mouth, bobbing his head and sucking loudly.

"You suck well, English," the guard said.

"I wonder if your English whore sucks cock as well as you do," the guard said next.

"I bet she doesn't," Don said, looking up and smiling, as he licked around the head of the cock, which he held in his hand.

Mpele leaned forward and whispered into Sammi's ear:

"I think you do, English whore; I think you're better than him. I've had his mouth and I know."

Sammi sucked in her breath. It all turned her on, especially discovering that maybe she and Don were roughly the same in their desire to have a commanding cock in their mouth. But she warded off that thought.

Mpele was smiling as he said to Sammi:

"So, English Whore, this is your boyfriend's true nature. We don't need him further. We shall let him go. Your mouth was what I wanted and it was made available for me. Now let us leave here; you can dress and go."

She left then but this third major incident in her life piled on top of her to push her in the direction that she was moving. Once again she loved the raw sexuality of what she was becoming. It was as much a treat or more so, as being the 'jerk off queen' of the club, or being Uncle Bunky's 'cock sucking queen' at the junk yard.

She put the thoughts aside then. She took a taxi. Her adventure had begun.

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