Battlemage: Book 6 - Scarlet Rage Unleashed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Aric and Brianna left their home to protect Brianna's secret. Now they are traveling as Nathan and Ariel Michaels exploring a new land. But in giving Brianna some of his power to save her life, which in turn enhanced her physical abilities, the question is now raised, is Brianna possibly in for any "other" surprises after receiving power from a Battlemage...

Nathan sat looking out over the lake with his back against a tree in just his underwear, which were cut in a boxer like style. He really liked their loose fit.

As he sat with no other clothes on but those, he watched as Ariel bathed in the lake. She was standing topless in not quite waist deep water.

The afternoon sun was soon going to set, and combined with the amber autumn colors, seemed to make her red hair look that much brighter.)

She had long since cut her long hair that used to hang down well past her hips so that it was now shorter than it used to be. It now just reached past her shoulders to a little higher than the middle of her back and wasn't much different than how most of the women around them wore theirs.

She had cut it just a touch shorter when they first arrived in the area three months ago.

She also no longer wore it in a French style braid, but kept it pulled high and tight in a free swinging ponytail. She said that she liked the braid better, but she adjusted to this new style that was common around them because it was close to what she liked.

But right this minute it was hanging freely around her head as she turned her head to the side to wash it.

And as Nathan watched her, he couldn't help but feel himself starting to grow hard at the beautiful sight of his wife topless as she bathed. He still found her truly incredible. And he was so grateful to have her in his life.

Watching her as he did, he again took notice of her proudly hanging breasts and her narrow waistline. She didn't have the softness that most women had, but she wasn't overtly or heavily muscular either.

She was lean and had just enough muscle definition to show off her curves and valleys to her greatest advantage. She had a sleekness that one couldn't miss while watching everything she did.

Her breasts were still as large as they had ever been, without being too large for her frame. Nathan couldn't help but think that they were still warm, firm, and soft to the touch. And he did enjoy touching them as much as possible.

But even from here, though he couldn't see the dimples or green eyes that he knew she possessed, he couldn't help but call them to his mind's eye as he completed the picture he thought of as perfection by her.

No man could want for a more beautiful companion he always thought.

As he managed to briefly tear his eyes from her and look away, he once again took notice of the letter off to his right side lying folded in the thick grass.

They were able to eventually find someone in the port town that would hold any mail they received for them until they returned back this way every few months to check.

It took awhile because they needed someone they trusted enough to do this for them, and it didn't hurt that most were taken with Ariel either. But they didn't appear to abuse the trust them place in them so far, and they of course paid them well to hold the letters.

But in keeping with their taking no chances as well, their oldest child, their daughter Rayne, had sealed the letter with a high level magic that couldn't be opened unless by a very high level mage or by the ones it was intended for, Nathan and Ariel.

She then wrote her letter using Blue magic so that it would look like blank paper to anyone normal or again not a very high level mage.

The plan was for her mother to be able to receive the letters if needed as well, but her father would be the only one to read it in case someone got a hold of the letter after it was unsealed.

Though that was the plan, strangely they found out that Ariel was also able to read the letter, but she couldn't write one like it.

It must have been her enhanced eyes that allowed her to do this. They were still exploring and finding out the full scope of what she was capable of with her newly and magically enhanced body.

They already found she had extremely well developed low light vision. If any light existed at all she could use it to see clearly with. And her hearing was not to be discounted by any means.

But they took all the precautions they could, and they felt they were doing the best they were able to given the circumstances. They needed to stay in contact with the family.

In the latest letter Rayne had mentioned that everyone was doing well, thanked them again for the gifts they had sent to them and that they loved them and were getting a lot out of them, and said that they had finally told all the kids and their mates what happened.

Galen was having a fit because of who all knew, but they felt it was truly unfair and cruel to let close family believe she was dead. Galen finally relented but wasn't happy about it.

They had taken a trip to the academy to see the boys and to the Sisters of the Sacred Blade guild to talk to the girls.

The boys took it well and they didn't tell anyone what was going on. But they already heard the rumors of what their grandfather did with the Dragon and it only made them that much more popular with the staff and fellow student body.

Like their father and grandfather, they seemed to be fighting off the young, and in some cases older, co-ed females who seemed to be after them with a mission.

Before just hearing the reference to their grandfather was enough to attract the girls, but now the young ladies were determined to be the only ones for the boys when Aric became more famous.

But so far they were staying concentrated on their studies. Rayne said that they told them they didn't have time to party with the women if they wanted to surpass their grandfather. And knowing the boys Nathan believed them.

But they were very glad to know that their grandmother didn't get killed as the reports suggested to them. But just knowing that if they let it slip she was alive could get her killed ensured the boys will never speak of it to anyone.

The girls took it hard at first when they thought Brianna was dead. Especially after they just were taken as slaves and freed.

But once they found out that their grandfather ensured that she was safe, and that both of them were alive and well, the girls were better.

But Rayne felt the need to let Cassie and Anne-Marie in on the secret since she knew that Beth would eventually find out as well.

Rayne said that Cassie was too close not to be considered family in the complete sense of the word. And Annie-Marie needed to know because she was in charge of the girls and she would notice something wasn't right when the girls didn't seem to grieve like they should.

Both of them understood the need for secrecy for their fellow Sisters life and they said they would never tell anyone else and would carry the secret to their graves.

But Rayne also said that Annie-Marie just shook her head and asked "What will that man do next? I find myself often wishing it had been me that had found him all those seasons ago." when told of both the whole story killing of a dragon and of Nathan saving Ariel's life.

The secret would just stay with immediate family members and never be spoken of unless Nathan and Ariel change their minds or something changes it for them.

But the best news of all was that Rayne and Matt conceived another child recently, and while Rayne was only four months along, if it was a boy she said that they would named him Aric Nathaniel Spencer.

They originally wanted to wait until his birth before they said anything, as Rayne would be forty seasons at delivery. But Rayne said she already knew it was a boy so to expect his name to be that.

That made Nathan and Ariel very happy to hear. They knew before long they would need to sneak back for a visit and see their newest grandchild.

The only other new news was that the city was unhappy to hear that Aric left to wander the lands after the apparent death of his wife.

A few of the single, and some not so single, women of all ages wanted to fill what they felt was an available open slot with him for his next wife and they were all very disappointed they wouldn't get the chance.

But the city guard had the Dragon stuffed, mounted, bronzed, and then had it positioned in front of the opening to the city gates.

They also commissioned a new plaque to be made to replace the old one that now hung over the Dragon's head and read:

The city of Mariner's Deep

Home of Aric Griffith, Battlemage and Dragon slayer!

And his wife Brianna Griffith the Scarlet Blade and city guardian!

Rayne said that the grandchildren were never so happy to be known as their grandchildren than they were from the honor the city gave them all. The city experienced an influx of tourists and new residents wanting to see the dragon Aric had slain.

But knowing of the honor really didn't make much impact on Nathan as he laid back and closed his eyes.

He was just enjoying one of the few autumn days of rest they've had since they landed in the new city an entire continent away and planned to enjoy it with his wife of over forty seasons.

"So I see that you are no longer interested in watching any of the scenery around you," said Ariel softly as she approached Nathan.

He was still sitting with his eyes closed leaning back against the tree.

Without opening his eyes, Nathan could feel her standing over him and blocking out the late afternoon sun that was previously shining on him.

"No, I could never grow tired of that sight. I was just remembering when we first came here a few months ago and what's changed since then," said Nathan as he slowly opened his eyes and looked up.

Ariel was still naked, but had dried off as she approached him. She had pulled her wet hair back into a ponytail once she stopped to face Nathan. Her hair had an almost blinding sheen to it while still wet and her clothes and weapons were lying in a neat pile not too far from Nathan, next to his own.

As Nathan sat looking up at her he once again felt himself growing hard.

He had no idea why his libido had never decreased for her over the seasons, but he had to admit he loved the fact that it hadn't either. He couldn't picture not wanting her every day if possible. But she was always able to make him grow just by a look.

As Ariel stood over him watching his reaction she had a small smile on her face.

She could see his desire for her rising as he slowly looked her over and she also could see his shorts prominently tenting now as well.

She always enjoyed that she could get his complete attention whenever she chose to over the seasons, and was still very happy to know that this would never change either.

"You know, it's been almost two days since we were last together don't you?" asked Ariel softly with her eyes half open as she lowered herself still naked to straddle his lap.

The one thing he immediately noticed as she slowly lowered herself was that she continued shaving for him down below. But of course Nathan didn't realize that he wasn't the only one who enjoyed the feeling of her going bare.

As she seated herself on him she knew nothing short of a fire burning around them would pull Nathan's attention from her. And even then he might not care. But to be fair the same could be said for her as well.

Once fully straddling his lap Ariel started to slowly kiss his lips. As she did she slowly ran her hands through his thick curly brown hair with its single silver forelock and started massaging his scalp with both hands.

She then started to slowly move her right hand down his head, to where she then placed it at the base of his neck, to hold him in a much more insistent kiss than she started with.

Her left hand slowly moved down to where it was now lightly touching his chest.

Before long her kisses seems almost hungry in her determination to be with him and Nathan started to enjoy himself as she aggressively went after him. She has always been the most aggressive of the pair and that is what he has always enjoyed the most.

And while she was doing this, he was slowly reaching around with his left hand to cup his wife's naked buttocks and with his right he was slowly and softly massaging her breast, but doesn't come anywhere close to her nipples at all.

He intentionally softly squeezes and caresses his way around her breasts but refuses to touch them.

He then places his hand on her waist and travels slowly from her waist, across her flat stomach, and back up to caress and squeeze her breasts while still avoiding her nipples.

After a few moments of this he starts to feel her squirming around in his lap on his cock.

He knows her nipples have always been very sensitive and she always enjoyed having them fondled and touched, and sometimes even lightly nibbled on. Since he's known her it has always causes her juices to start flowing.

But over the last few months she has suddenly become even more sensitive to that than she has ever been before they came here.

And he has also found lately during their times together, if the conditions are right, he could even make her orgasm just by playing with her nipples before he ever gets inside her. He always enjoys watching her face when he does this.

And suddenly he wonders if today is one of the days he can make her orgasm again just by playing with her breasts without penetrating her first.

As he continues to massage the breasts all around Ariel's nipples he starts to feel her growing more desperate and frustrated with each passing moment for him to touch her nipples. But he continues to avoid them in his travel up and down her body during their kiss.

She has now taken the hand that she was using to hold his head, and the one which she was at first using to slowly rub and massaging his chest, and switched to using both of them to squeezing his chest hard as she continues to squirm around in his lap.

After a few minutes she starts to seek out his nipples with her hands.

At first she lightly pinches them, but as the moments pass, and as her desire to have her own nipples touched grows, she unconsciously gets more insistent for him to touch her. She then starts pinching his nipples almost to the point of starting to make it painful for him.

But Nathan still is taking his time stroking her all over her body while avoiding her nipples.

Just as he starts to feel her starting to grind down even harder on him, and feels her starting to softly whimper into his mouth with need, he reaches around with the hand he was using to cup her butt and starts to lightly play with her clit between them.

As soon as he does he feels her catch herself right before she jumps hard, then she really starts to really grind on him faster in time to his rubbing on her.

She suddenly breaks the kiss placing her hands on his shoulders to lean back and stare at him hard.

This is the only other look he likes on her face almost as much as her half lidded, dimpled, and seductive smile.

It's the one right before she is going to have a really hard orgasm.

She now has that look on her face once again.

The best way to describe the look he loves would be to say that it appears almost as if its one of deep desperation, and it is now the look she is displaying once again to him as she continues to grind down hard on him.

While still looking her in the eyes he lightly flicks her nipple with his finger and hears her sharp intake of breath right before she moans deeply. As she does, he then also notices that his shorts are starting to really become wet between them in the cooling autumn afternoon air.

She was really starting to soak his underwear with him only doing this to her. He couldn't believe how wet he was making her by just refusing to touch her where she wanted him too.

Still continuing to maintaining eye contact, he ever so slowly lowered his mouth over her left breast, ran his tongue lightly over her very large areola a couple times, and then started to suck hard on her nipple.

He always did enjoy the feeling of her overly large areola's and nipples in his mouth. He still couldn't believe the nipples were as large as his pinky when erect, but did enjoy the soft spongy feel of rolling them around in his mouth while he used his tongue he sucked on them.

And her reaction to what he did this was almost immediate and expected.

Ariel grabbed his head with both of her hands as she then threw back her head, gritted her teeth, and arched her back suddenly and harshly.

Nathan quickly had to use both of his hands to hold on to her at first, as she started to shake very hard in his arms.

But after a moment, while he continued to suck at her breast non stop, he was then able to use his right hand to firmly pinch her other nipple in between his fingers.

She then appeared as if she was trying to look behind her upside down at the afternoon horizon, she wasn't even focusing on anything in particular. She just had her eyes opened wide staring off into nothing.

Suddenly she cried out "OH MY GOD! AAHHHHHHH! OOOOHHH GGODDDDD!!" where as she then squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she then flipped her head the other way trying to touch her breasts with her chin, but she continued to shake hard through out Nathan's sucking.

Ariel also continued to hold on tightly to his head trying to stabilize herself, and he could feel her shaking deep in his ear drums.

This was one powerful orgasm by her.

As Nathan continued to suck hard on her nipple he lowered his right hand to also use his thumb to lightly rub her clit again and she suddenly tried very hard to keep from screaming out as a second orgasmic wave washed over her, but she ended up failing and she suddenly cried out very loudly, and then could be heard gasping harshly.

A few seconds later, once she had finished her second orgasm, she started to breathe hard in an attempt to catch her breath.

After a minute her breath returned to normal and Nathan stopped what he was doing and started to smile up at her.

As she opened her eyes and looked down, with her bright green eyes only half open, she asked in a husky voice "You just can't wait to do that to me can you? My nipples are just so sensitive lately and you just keep doing that. You know I lose complete control when you wait so long to touch me."

"True, but it's such an unbelievably phenomenal sight to witness that I just can't resist doing it," grinned Nathan up at her.

As she smiled down, she switches to her famous dimpled smile and she feels Nathan getting even harder underneath her.

While maintaining eye contact, Ariel then reaches between them and savagely pulls at his short to remove his cock from them. Nathan lifts his hips to assist her.

Once free of its confines, and without completely removing his shorts, Ariel positions his cock so that she can now lower herself on Nathan, where once she is fully impaled she starts to grind herself deeply on him to make sure he's fully embedded.

Then she starts to slowly ride him. Ariel is so wet that he slides almost all the way in at the start with no problem.

She returns to kissing him deeply and hard, but also returns to lightly pinching his nipples with both hands as she starts to softly moan in his mouth.

Nathan reaches behind her to hold onto her almost muscular hips, and while holding her he helps her grind down on him. And once again he marvels at the smoothness and firmness of her butt as he feels it flex every time she grinds down on him.

After several minutes, and all too soon, before they both realize it they are now both on the verge of going through mutual orgasms.

Ariel has been tightly grasping at his shaft the entire time and it was only a matter of time before Nathan could no longer take what she was doing to him.

Ariel starts to lean forward into Nathan, as she arches her back away from him while refusing to break their kiss, and Nathan is moving Ariel up and down and back and forth while trying to quickly still maintain their rhythm before he himself explodes.

But he starts to lose control as she starts gripping his shaft even more powerfully at the start of her own orgasm. The fluttery quick and powerful grab and release sensation by Ariel is far more than he can take.

Just as Ariel cries out into their kiss at the height of her orgasm, where she then placed her hands on his shoulders squeezing them hard, Nathan a few moments later catches her by the waist to pull her down as he himself then rises slightly to push up as deeply as possible into her, while seeming to grunt his way into his own.

Ariel can feel Nathan when he suddenly orgasms deep inside her, where he seemed to be quickly pumping everything he owns into her. To her it almost feels like its going to flow out of her and onto the ground it's so much.

And once again she can feel how hot and thick it feels inside her as he releases.

And lately she can feel everything he does to her almost a thousand times more intensely than ever before.

So when he finally erupts it triggers a fourth orgasm by her where she cries out a second time into their kiss as it overtakes her.

For a moment when the new orgasm hits she loses total control of her body as she twitches hard and her hands slip off Nathan's shoulders, but she catches herself and steadies her body as the orgasm seems to continue unending.

Before she realizes it, Ariel recovers in the midst of the orgasm and puts her hands on his chest so she can quickly and savagely grind down on him, and then immediately changes to where she then starts hammering down on him as hard and as quickly as humanly possible.

Nathan thinks it feels like she's trying to press him into the grass. Almost like one would drive a stake into the ground with a mallet. Her doing this seems to be extending his own orgasm somewhat.

He has a fleeting thought he'll need to check to see if an imprint of his butt is left in the soft earth once they are done. But that is soon gone into a white haze of his lingering bliss.

Suddenly she stops, squeezes his shaft suddenly and unbelievably hard, squeals one last time again into his mouth, and they both collapse as she falls onto his chest. They both are now very sweaty from their exertions.

Ariel now rests her head on his chest as she gasps deeply for her breath.

"WOW! Been saving that up long?" asked Ariel haltingly and appearing to be quite a bit out of breath.

She could now feel Nathan's seed slowly leaking out of her and onto the ground between them. Even now it was still very warm she thought as it seemed to flow out of her.

And she didn't believe he had quit coming through out the last orgasm she had. She really wasn't sure, but it sure felt like it to her that he hadn't.

"No you just bring out the beast in me whether I want it out or not," said Nathan with a smile also winded.

"But wow, that was completely incredible. I really can't remember anytime it hasn't been satisfying between us," said Ariel as she smiled from his chest looking off to the side.

"I know what you mean. I know I just love our time together," said Nathan smiling down at the top of her head

"But you know," said Ariel in a quiet whisper a she sat up to look him in the eyes, "ever since we left our former home if anything our times together have become even more intense for me. And I can't explain why.

"Before it was fantastic don't get me wrong, but now it's completely out of this world. My body seems so much more sensitive to your touch. I can even tell you how many veins you have down there every time you enter me. And when you do it slowly, some times that's all it takes to set me off."

Ariel was always careful to not talk too much about their past. One could never know who was listening somehow to them. Then she smiled seductively as she leaned in to kiss him again.

As she broke her kiss she asked "I wonder if it's always that way for those two as well?"

"I don't know, but there are some things a father will never ask," said Nathan with a smile. "But thanks for the tip on going slow. I thought that may have been the case, but now that I know for sure I may have to add that to my list of tricks now as well."

"Well I would love to say that you better not, but it will be me who enjoys it the most in the long run, so go for it. And as long as it's the two of us, it will probably never be more incredible than it is right at this moment," said Ariel smiling at him. Then she switched to doing it as seductively as she can.

She feels him starting to twitch hard again. Yeah, she still has it.

"Soooo, are you interested in going again, or do you want to take another bath?" asked Nathan softly as he looked deep in her eyes.

He had started to grow again from what she was doing.

Ariel again leaned in to kiss him deeply and he felt her smile into the kiss as she then said "What do you think?" directly into his mouth.

She then put both of her arms around his neck and pulled him over on top of her as they started their dance once again.

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