Dominant Cheerleader
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A mature man runs into the young amazon-like cheerleader he has worshipped from afar; she turns him into her oral slave.

I picked up a new bestseller from the rack and had just finished reading the plot outline on the cover jacket when I looked over at the magazine racks and spotted her. Fuck me! I couldn't believe it was actually her! And wow ... what she was wearing looked incredible!

Sorry, let me backtrack for a second here...

It was Friday evening about 6:30 and I had decided to drop by the bookstore, "Novel Idea", near my place. It was one of those big trendy places with some couches and seating areas that also had a coffee shop attached to it. So everybody was browsing through the books and magazines as they quietly sipped away at their half-calf decaf lattes or frappe mochachinos or whatever some of those things were called. I myself was used to a regular cup of "joe", but then again, I guess I'm kind of old school about some things. Besides, that's my name too ... Joe.

I had been thinking about grabbing a coffee but decided to look around for awhile first and that's when I had spotted her. It was Annette, one of the cheerleaders for the pro football team in my city. I'm not going to tell you which team or which city or too many people will be bothering her once they read this story.

I've been a season ticket holder for about fifteen years now and she was just a few weeks into her second season with the team. I had fallen in love with her after seeing her for the first time at the start of last season. She was the tallest member of the team and had an amazingly voluptuous body compared to the other girls. With her long blonde wavy hair, full soft lips and chiseled Scandinavian features, she definitely had the most beautiful face of any of the cheerleaders that the team had ever had. Her most noticeable feature though was her large massive chest. It was generously shown off in the tight low-cut top of their uniform that also showed her taut stomach as it ended high on her waist, leaving a gap below the clinging top to show off the bare midriffs of the team members. The little skirt that hung on their hips emphasized her trim waist and the wide womanly hips of her classic hourglass figure. Her long toned legs always looked gorgeous in the knee-high boots they were required to wear.

Annette always carried herself confidently and seemed totally sure of herself in everything I'd ever seen her do from my regular seat nine rows above the playing field. To me, she was the most perfect woman I had ever seen; in my eyes, an absolute goddess that I had watched and fantasized about for over a year now. And now here she was standing just a few yards away from me! From the many hours I had spent watching her on the sidelines, I had recognized her immediately (not to mention the number of hours and the many loads I had jacked off thinking about her). She looked so fucking sexy in what she was wearing too!

She had a black purse slung over the shoulder of a little black leather jacket that was open at the front and ended at about her waist. Beneath it, she had on what looked like a tight white cashmere sweater with a number of small buttons running all the way down the front. The top three buttons or so were undone and you could just see a hint of the upper swells of those tremendous mounds beneath her sweater. The sweater hugged her huge tits and the shadows cast by the white material made those beauties look absolutely enormous. The bottom of the sweater lay an inch or two over the waistband of a tight black skirt. The skirt was very short and finished high on her thighs with a little slit in the front of one leg. As she moved and her smooth creamy skin filled the opening of the slit, well, that slit skirt sure was sexy. What seemed to make it even more alluring were the high black boots she wore that came above the knee. Her long toned thighs looked beautiful as they seemed to flow from beneath that teasingly short skirt into the long black leather columns of her thigh-high boots. The boots had a sharp pointy toe and high heels that had her towering over nearly all the customers in the store. I knew from her bio in the team program that she was listed as 5'-10" tall and the boots easily put her well over 6'. All together, she was a gorgeous imposing powerful-looking woman that just seemed to ooze sex.

I noticed a number of other patrons, both male and female, eyeing her up as well while she scanned the magazine she had chosen from the rack. I figured there was no way I would have a better opportunity than this to ever meet her. Basically a shy person by nature, I managed to summon up enough courage to approach her. I kind of sidled up beside her and pretended to be looking at the merchandise on the racks in front of the two of us.

"Ummmm ... excuse me?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes?" she said glancing over in my direction. I thought I was going to melt right there from the low husky tone of her voice.

"You're ummmm, the cheerleader, Annette, right?"

"That's right," she said as she turned back to the magazine and continued flipping through it.

"I ... uh ... I'm a season ticket holder and I've seen you since you joined the team last year."

"Is that so?" she said nonchalantly as she continued to flip through her magazine.

"Yeah. My seat's in the ninth row right at the 40-yard line. I think you're the best cheerleader the team has ever had."

She finally turned to look directly at me. Those ice-blue eyes of hers held my gaze and I felt as if I was being hypnotized as she looked at me for what seemed like an eternity before speaking. "Well, thank you for saying that ... uh... ?" She looked at me questioningly.

"Joe ... it's Joe." I said as I held my hand out towards her.

"Yes, Joe." She ignored my hand and I felt awkward as I slowly brought it back to my side. "But it's really Joseph, right?"

"Well, yeah. But everybody calls me Joe."

"Well, I'm not everybody. And I'm going to call you Joseph," she said with authority. "Come on Joseph ... buy me a coffee." She set the magazine back on the rack and walked over towards the café area. I watched her succulent round ass sway deliciously beneath the short tight skirt and followed obediently until I stood beside her at the ordering counter. My excitement level was rising, along with my cock, at the opportunity to be this close to this goddess who I had worshipped from afar.

"I'll have a tall Americano," she said to the young man behind the counter. I watched his eyes flick repeatedly to her impressive chest as he punched her order into his computerized cash register. "And Joseph, what'll you have," she asked turning towards me.

"Ummmm ... just a black coffee."

"Give him a tall Americano as well," she ordered for me.

"Ummm ... maybe I should make that a decaf," I said to her softly.

"Planning on going to bed early tonight, Joseph," she asked questioningly.

"Uh gee ... I don't know," I stammered in reply.

"No. No decaf. Two tall Americanos," she said as she confirmed our order with the young man. "Pay the man, Joseph. Then bring the coffees over there when they're ready. Cream and sugar in mine." She pointed to a couple of easy chairs sitting a short distance away in the café area and sauntered over. I reached for my wallet and paid the kid while another employee prepared our coffees. I was only too eager to treat Annette to a coffee in order to spend some time with her.

The other kid passed me the two coffees and I got hers fixed up as she had instructed and then carried them over to where Annette was waiting. As I approached the two easy chairs, she dropped her purse beside one and I watched as she peeled off the little leather jacket she had been wearing. Oh man! I felt my cock surge in my shorts as her chest thrust forward as her arms went behind her as she drew them out of the sleeves. The shadows cast by those huge mounds beneath her tight white sweater were unbelievable. Those tits of hers just looked so big and round and heavy. With her jacket off, you could see just the outline of her white bra beneath the tightly stretched material. That thing must have had some serious underwire reinforcement to hold those knockers up. You could even see the full firm points of her large nipples as they thrust enticingly against the clinging fabric.

"Uh ... here ... here's your coffee, Annette," I stammered as I held her coffee out towards her.

"Just put it there, Joseph. And then have a seat," she said nodding to the little end table beside her chair and then to the empty chair opposite her. I set the cup down beside her chair as she had directed and then watched as she settled herself elegantly into the chair. She moved with the grace of powerful jungle cat as she leaned back into the chair and crossed one long sexy leg over the other. My eyes were automatically drawn to the expanse of her soft creamy thighs as her legs moved one over the other. The slit in her skirt was on her top leg and the slit pointed enticingly to the wonderful treasures which lay higher beneath the hem of her short skit.

"Joseph, you're staring," she said as she looked at me with a mischievous look and wry smile on her face. "Have a seat." Once again she nodded to the seat opposite her. With my face turning several shades of red, I sat down quickly.

"So Joseph, it's Friday night. You're not out with your wife tonight?" she asked as I watched those beautiful full lips of hers as she sipped at her coffee.

"Uh no. My uh ... wife ... she uh ... she died about four years ago. Cancer."

"I'm sorry to hear that Joseph," she said with a note of genuine sympathy in her voice. After a lengthy silence that almost got awkward, she set her coffee down and zeroed her eyes in on mine. "How old are you, Joseph?" I was wondering how long it would take her to get around to asking me that.

"I'm uh ... I'm 58." I figured after this, she would finish her coffee quickly and get up and leave. Although I was 58, I was in okay shape. Nobody would mistake me for being in my 40's or anything, but I still looked dignified and you could tell I took care of myself.

"58, eh. Good, I like experience. I'm 26 myself." Wow! I thought to myself. This gorgeous 26-year old that I'd worshipped and fantasized about for the past year wasn't leaving!

"And with your wife gone, you live alone, I assume?"

"Yes ... yes I do."

"That's good." I'm not sure what she meant by that but my eyes were drawn hypnotically to her gorgeous legs as she uncrossed them. I quickly looked towards the dark triangle between her sumptuous thighs and then she slowly, purposefully re-crossed them; my gaze now falling upon the creamy expanse of the outside of her thighs once again. She looked around to make sure no one was within hearing distance and then looked back at me intently. "Joseph, I'm going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer me honestly, alright?"

"Uh, sure."

"No, not just 'sure'. I mean 100% honestly. If you don't want me to get up and walk out of here right now, your answers have to be totally truthful." She fixed me with a laser-like gaze. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes ... yes I do."

"Good." She sat back in her chair and took another sip of her coffee before continuing. "You can still get it up, right?"

For a second I was shocked by her outright question but composed myself and remembered her request to answer her with total honesty.

"Yes, yes I can."

"Good. And how big is your cock?"

"It's about 8" long." Although I was only about 5'-7" tall, I knew from way back in my locker-room days that I had a bigger cock than most guys.

"Really! That's better than I had expected." She paused as she let the intent of her line of questioning settle over me. "How often do you jerk off?"

Wow! I hadn't expected a line of questioning like this! Once again, I knew if I lied, she'd be able to see right through me. "At least twice a day. Usually more on weekends." I could feel myself turning red again as her stare seemed to burrow into my very soul.

"No need to be embarrassed Joseph; that's excellent! And when you jerk off, what do you use for stimulation?"

"I ... uh ... I usually read adult stories on the internet or watch porn videos."

"Is there a certain type of story or video that you like more than others?" She gave me a look that seemed to let me know that she already sensed my answer before I even had a chance to say it. I felt the color rising in my face again and this time I couldn't look her directly in the eye as I replied.

"Ummmmm ... ones with dominant women." There, I'd said it. At least she couldn't say I hadn't answered her honestly as she'd instructed.

"Good. That's what I figured. Look at me Joseph." I looked up into her eyes and wondered if I would find her disgusted with me. Instead, I found a knowing, understanding look. She uncrossed her legs and sat forward. My eyes darted down once again to try and see past the hem of her skirt to the hidden mysteries lying beneath. My cock surged in my pants once again.

"Joseph, do you like to perform oral sex?" she asked as she let her legs drift a few inches apart. My eyes flicked down again and as her legs rolled further to the sides, I caught just a glimpse of white panties at the juncture of her thighs. I forced my eyes back up to hers as she waited patiently for my answer.

"Yes, yes I do." She sat back in the chair again but left her legs parted. My eyes were drawn magnetically back down to that tantalizing display as she grinned devilishly at my apparent discomfort under her playful interrogation.

"So if I decided to see how good you are with your mouth, would you be willing to do that to me for a long time?" Oh my God! I couldn't believe what this beautiful amazon goddess was saying! As she said this, she let her legs fall even further to the sides and I now had a clear view right up past her high leather boots all the way up to her white silky panties. They hugged her warm womanly sex snuggly and I could see the outline of a damp stain on her panties. Obviously her line of questioning was having an effect on more than just me!

"I ... I ... yes ... I'd love to do that!" I almost stammered as I blurted out my reply. "I'd do it for as long as you want me to." I looked up at her with an almost pleading look in my eyes. This was what I had always dreamed of; a gorgeous tall powerful women ordering me about and commanding me to pleasure her. I had pumped out many loads reading stories and watching videos with women like this. When I first saw Annette as a member of the cheerleading team, she had become my number one fantasy with me picturing her and me in numerous situations and scenarios with her requiring me to service her time and time again. I couldn't believe my good fortune! I was so glad I had gotten up the nerve to speak to her or this opportunity would have been gone forever!

"Well Joseph," she said as she crossed her legs again. I looked like a hurt little puppy as she took the view of my desired treasure away from me. "I think we might be able to help each other out here. I was supposed to have a date tonight and was looking forward to a good hard fucking. But unfortunately, something came up and my friend had to cancel." She paused as she looked at me with a sultry look. "I still feel like I want to cum a few times tonight, but I think now I want it to be with someone using their mouth on me. And so, if you do a good enough job, I just might let you cum too. Is that okay with you?" She gave me a smolderingly sensual look which made my cock get even harder in my pants.

"Yes ... yes. Please Annette," I answered eagerly.

"Annette? Now that we have an understanding Joseph, you don't get to call me Annette when we're together. You will refer to me as "Miss" from now on. Do you understand?"

"Uh ... yes Annette ... I mean ... yes Miss." I replied sheepishly.

"That's better. That's my boy." She stood up and from my position seated in front of her, she simply towered over me. Her mammoth chest projected menacingly above me as I looked past those heaving orbs to see her gazing down at me. She reached forward with one blood-red fingernail and drew it teasingly around my lips. "Let's go boy, it's time to get started." She drew her tantalizing fingertip back from my lips, slipped on her jacket and slung her purse over her shoulder as I rose from my chair obediently.

It seemed kind of funny that I was more than 40 years older than her and she was calling me "boy". I didn't care; at this point I was more than willing to do anything she wanted me to. Besides, I kind of liked her calling me that. I followed her out of the store like a little puppy following its master as she made her way across the parking lot to a nifty little sports car. She turned to me as she slid her key into the door lock.

"Where's your car Joseph?"

"It's just right over there," a said as I pointed to my modest sedan about four or five cars away.

"Do you see that apartment building over there?" She pointed to a high-rise building a short distance away. It was a new building that I knew housed some nice apartment-type condos.

"That's where I live. Follow me over and go right into the parking garage and park beside my car."

"Yes Miss," I replied instantly.

"That's my boy." She was obviously pleased at my use of the word "Miss". "Let's go. I want to see if that tongue of yours is good for anything besides talking." I watched her gorgeous legs part as she slid herself into the driver's seat of her car. Her thighs parted deliciously as she drew her trailing leg inside and closed the door. I hurried to my car and she waited for me to pull out behind her before she accelerated and headed towards her apartment.

My God! ... I thought to myself. I couldn't believe my luck! My cock was like an iron bar in my pants as I thought about what this evening might entail. Now I knew why she didn't want me to order a decaf coffee! She wanted me wide awake to service her for as long as she wished; and I was only too happy to comply.

It only took us a few minutes to arrive at her building and I followed her into the parking garage and pulled my car into the vacant spot next to hers. She got out of her car and started walking towards the elevator without saying a word. I quickly locked my car and trotted after her. She pressed the button for the elevator and as we waited for it to arrive, I spoke.

"So how long have you lived here?"

"Did I give you permission to speak?" she said sternly.

"Uh ... well ... no," I answered with a look of confusion on my face.

"Look boy," she said as she moved closer to me. Her massive tall body loomed over me and as she looked down at me with a serious look on her face, I felt like slinking away and crawling into a hole. "You will speak only when spoken to, do you understand?"

"Yes ... yes Miss."

"Good. If you have anything important to ask, put up your hand. I'm not in the mood for idle chit chat."

"Yes Miss. Sorry Miss." The elevator arrived and I followed her in and stood quietly at her side as it rose to one of the higher floors. We arrived at her floor and she strode confidently down the corridor and opened the door to her apartment. She entered and waited for me to walk past before closing and locking the door. She had turned on a small light in the entrance foyer and I could see that it was a nicely decorated modern apartment with a nice warm feel. The colors and tones gave it a comforting yet sharp appearance. She took off her jacket and threw it over a small chair near the entrance and set her purse on a small side table in the entranceway.

"This way," she said as she breezed past me and crooked her finger for me to follow. She turned on a few lights as we made our way through the spacious apartment until we arrived at her bedroom. I stood at the door and looked as she made her way across the room. There were floor to ceiling windows the full length of one wall giving a beautiful view of our majestic city. She pressed a button on a remote and I heard the soft hum of a motor as a series of blinds closed slowly. A light on the bedside table gave a soft glow to the whole room. The huge kingsize bed was nicely appointed with warm rich colors. The whole place had the feeling of a welcoming spa. She put down the remote and turned towards me as she stood beside the bed with her hands on her hips with her feet about shoulder width apart. Fuck ... she looked amazing!

"Come here, boy," she commanded. As if in a trance, I found myself moving across the room towards her, never taking my eyes off her gorgeous frame. Her huge knockers seemed to beckon me as I let my eyes feast on the beautiful display of those full heavy breasts before me. As she loomed over me in her high-heeled boots, those luscious mounds were right in front of my face; mere inches away from my watering mouth.

"You like those tits, eh Joseph?" she asked with a teasing smile.

"Yes Miss. They're beautiful." I said with a gulp as I looked at those heaving swells.

"Would you like to see them?"

"Oh yes Miss. Please Miss?" I answered in a pleading voice.

"Tell you what Joseph. Every time you make me cum, I'll undo another button on my sweater. And then maybe once this sweater comes right off, I might think about letting you cum, okay?" I looked at the number of small buttons remaining and counted nine more; the top three were already open.

"Yes Miss. Whatever you say Miss." I was willing to do anything to have a chance to see those magnificent breasts of hers.

"Yes, that's right. Whatever I say ... Here's one button for free to get you started." She reached up and plucked open the next button which showed a little more of the upper swells of those stupendous breasts. Only eight more to go. "Now get your clothes off." I didn't hesitate and pulled the shirt tails out of my pants and quickly peeled off my shirt and pants and threw them to the side. I kicked off my shoes and socks and stood before her with my cock rock-hard and pushing against the front of my white fitted boxers.

"Not bad," she said as she slowly walked all the way around me, looking me up and down. Her big amazon-like body seemed to dwarf my own and I felt small and insignificant under her inspection. "Now get down on your knees, Joseph." I immediately dropped to my knees and remained silent as she moved between me and the bed. She still had on those sexy thigh-high boots and I could almost smell the warm leather smell of them as she stood before me. My face was level with the hem of her little black skirt and my eyes zeroed in on that teasing slit over one thigh. The smooth creamy skin of her toned thighs looked deliciously enticing as it stood out in bold contrast to the black of her skirt and boots. She sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned slightly back as she supported herself on her straightened arms behind her.

"Okay boy, crawl over here," she commanded. As I started to crawl forwards, she let her legs roll apart wantonly. As the gap between her thighs started to widen, her little skirt rose higher on her hips and I was treated to a view of the soaking wet front panel of her white silk panties. As I moved further forwards, I inhaled deeply; her warm musky scent invading my senses.

"You like that smell, don't you Joseph?" she asked as she had been watching as my sensitive nostrils had flared as I inhaled her strong womanly aroma.

"Oh yes Miss." I was positioned now far up between her spread thighs and her little skirt had ridden well up to expose her smoldering panty-covered pussy. That wet silky material was all that was coming between her steaming cunt and my waiting mouth.

"Lick me through my panties first; then I'll decide if I'll let you have the real thing," she said teasingly. I reached up with my hands to place on the insides of her supple white thighs and just as I was about to touch her, she stopped me. "Uh uh," I hesitated and looked up at her expectantly. "Just your mouth right now Joseph. I haven't decided if I'll let you touch me with anything else just yet." I'm pretty sure she was referring to my cock as well as my hands so I left them in my lap as I brought my face forwards. Her strong musky scent was intoxicating as I breathed deep and it only fueled my ardor even more. My cock seemed to get even harder in my shorts as I extended my tongue. I pressed it against her damp panties at the base of her slit and licked upwards along the full length of her hot wet trench.

"Oh yeah ... you've got it," she said encouragingly as I licked at the sodden silky material. I could taste her sweet nectar as I licked and sucked at the moist fabric. As her womanly taste invaded my senses it spurred me on to lick more enthusiastically. Soon the whole front of her panties was shining with a coating of my saliva as I licked and pressed my tongue against her hidden snatch.

"Well Joseph, you seem quite eager." I flicked my eyes up past her heaving breasts to see her looking down at me with lust-filled eyes. "I like that in my men. Let's see how you do with the real thing. Take my panties off." As she lifted her hips slightly, I slid my hands beneath the hem of her short skirt until I encountered the waistband of her silk panties. I peeled them over her widespread hips and down her legs. I carefully slid them over her thigh-high boots and eased them down until I pulled them right off.

"Give them here," she said as she sat up slightly. I passed her the panties and she turned them inside out and held them out towards me. "Suck on those boy." She pressed the panties against my face and I almost swooned as the musky aroma invaded my senses. I sucked and chewed at the wet fabric as I savored her strong womanly flavor.

"That's my boy. You can keep those as a souvenir. You can suck on those more later. Right now, I want your mouth someplace better," she said as she released her hold on her panties and leaned back once again. I knew where that someplace better was and removed her panties from my mouth and set them to the side. As I turned back towards her, she let her legs drift even further apart. Holy fuck! She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen! She was totally clean shaven and had long pouting pussy-lips that seemed swollen with need. Her whole crotch was shining with her sweet juices. I followed the long line of those moist pink labia upwards until I encountered her large dark pink clitoris. It was so big as it poked out from the folds of flesh surrounding it that it looked like a little cock, erect and begging for attention.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned with pleasure just from the sight of her beautiful exposed womanhood laid out before me. If I was on death row and had a request for my final meal, it would definitely by Miss Annette's pussy.

"Okay, get to work Joseph. I'll let you know when I've had enough," she said firmly. With my eyes glued to her steaming box, I slid my tongue forwards and pressed the flat of it against those wet pouting lips. I licked up the full length of her fleshy labia as I tasted the tart warmth of her delicious secretions. As I got my first direct taste of her succulent juices, I instinctively craved more. I slipped my tongue between the damp pink folds and probed deeper into her hot little box.

"Oh fuck ... yeah ... that's it," she said encouragingly as I swirled my tongue deep within her molten trench. As I bathed the sensitive membranes lining the walls of her vagina, I felt a wave of her discharge flow onto my tongue. I quickly drew it back into my mouth and let the savory flavor coat my taste-buds. I swallowed eagerly and plunged my tongue back deep into her in search of more.

"That's good ... nice and deep," she said as she started to give off a series of low guttural growls. She rolled her hips up against me as I pressed my face flush against her fleshy labia as I buried my tongue as deep into her as I could. I think we had both been turned on by the events leading up to this moment as I could hear her starting to pant breathlessly as I kept my tongue busy deep within her.

"Oh fuck! I need to cum already. Get that tongue on my clit," she commanded. I eased my tongue from between the clutching walls of her tight sheath and slid it upwards. As I encountered the swollen spire of her erect clit, I pressed the flat of tongue against it and bathed it with my saliva. "Oh yeah ... that's good." I flicked my eyes up past her heaving chest and saw her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in pleasure. I moved forwards and drew that fiery little nubbin between my lips and started to suck on it.

"Oh God ... yes!" she hissed as I sucked and licked tantalizingly at her sensitive clit. "Oh fuck ... just a little more ... just a little ... OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!" She let out a long deep groan as her orgasm hit her. Her legs were quivering and shaking on either side of me as I kept sucking and licking at her throbbing young cunt. With my lips wrapped around her pulsing clit, I felt a wave of her juices wash over my chin. As she convulsed and shook through a toe-curling release, I felt my cock surge against the front of my shorts. I don't think I had ever been this hard in my life ... and my cock hadn't even been touched yet!

She kept spasming and bucking her hips up against me for about a full minute as waves of ecstasy shook her from head to toe. As her climax finally started to slow down, I released her throbbing clit from between my lips and quickly slipped my tongue to the base of her slit and licked up her silky discharge.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned out loud as I nursed softly at her sensitive labia as I sucked and licked up her tasty juices.

"Oh fuck. You are good," she said as she looked down at me softly licking at her exposed womanhood. She sat forward and I sat back on my heels and looked up at her. She lifted her hand past the huge mounds of her tremendous breasts and plucked open the next button on her sweater. "There's number one," she said as she let her hand fall back to her side. I looked up at the exposed creamy flesh at the opening of her sweater. I could see almost the full swells of the top portion of those massive tits as they strained at the tightly stretched fabric of her white sweater. A dark line at the top of her deep cleavage was now clearly visible. I was aching to see the rest of that magnificent chest and knew I would do whatever it took to have the chance to even just gaze upon it.

"Only seven more to go," she said teasingly. "Are you ready to get back to work?" She leaned back on her arms with her beautiful sweet pussy laid out on full display in front of me. With her huge tits tightly encased in that clinging white sweater, her little black slit skirt and thigh-high black leather boots, she was an absolute dream. I couldn't believe she had chosen me as her little plaything tonight.

"Yes Miss, whatever you'd like Miss," I said compliantly. I wondered what she had in store for me next. I was only too eager to find out...

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