The Rifleman
Chapter 1: The Mail

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction, Time Travel, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Mail - The Rifleman Meet William Viking, a blind man who is the next person to be recruited. He has lost his job where he worked. His life is disintegrating in front of him except for his neighbor who has always been there for him.

Day 1


9:05 AM Monday




"Damn it! Who is bothering me on my day off?" I snarled as I sat up.




"All right! I'm coming!" I shouted as Traveler started barking.

Reaching around, I grabbed my robe off the back of the chair and slid my arms into the sleeves. Sitting down I was reaching down to the floor when Traveler came over and butted my hand. Sliding my fingers down his snout, I smiled at him when I felt my slippers in his mouth.

"Good boy," I said as I rubbed his head and took the shoe.

Taking the slipper, I slipped it on my right foot, and then took the left one that he brought to me.




"Damn it, I said I would be right there!" I shouted again.

Standing up, I tied my robe, and walked out of my bedroom. My fingers scraped along the doorframe. I took six steps out of my room and turned left. Taking ten more steps, I stopped at the door and said, "Who is it?"

"Mister William Viking?" said a voice.

"Yes," I replied.

"I have a certified letter for you."

"Just a minute," I replied.

I picked up the phone on the wall, and speed-dialed my neighbor, Sandi.

"Hello?" replied her soft voice.

"Hi, Sandi. Sorry to bother you. But could you look out your peephole, and see who is at my door? He says I have a certified letter," I asked.

"Sure, give me a second," she replied.

I listened at the door, and heard Sandi open hers.

"Can I help you?" Sandi asked.

"I have a certified letter for Mister William Viking. I'm waiting for him to open the door, said the male voice.

"I'll take it for him. He is blind, and won't answer unless he recognizes your voice."

"Oh, ok. Can you sign?"

"Yes, I can," Sandi said.

I jumped as Sandi knocked on the door.

Opening it, I said, "Thank you, Sandi."

"You're welcome, William. You need to stop being afraid of the door," she replied.

"I'm not afraid. It's just that being blind; I don't know who they are. You could say you're a policeman, and I wouldn't know it, for a fact," I said as I took the letter from her.

I frowned as I read the return address with my fingers. It was from my work.

"What's wrong, William?" Sandi asked when she saw my frown.

"It's from my work. I wonder what it is?" I said.

I tore the envelope open and ran my fingers over the Braille. I staggered back, turned and went to my chair. Sitting down, I sighed as I thought of having to move.

"William, what's wrong?" Sandi asked with concern in her voice.

"I've been laid off," I said sadly.

"They laid you off? How could they?" she said as she sat beside me.

"The recession. They say that due to the economy, they are shutting the factory down," I replied.

"What? Let me see that?" she said as she took the paper from my hand. She read the printer version and frowned. "This is so wrong. The belts and stuff you people make, sell good. I don't understand how they could do this. Unless..."

"Unless what?" I asked after she stopped talking.

"Unless they are going overseas. Yes ... I bet that's it. They are moving the company there, and then they can get away with paying less. That's the only answer I can think of. What are you going to do William?" she asked me as she handed me the letter back.

"Guess I'll have to go down to Social Security, and see about getting my SSDI back," I said with a sigh.

"Want me to drive you?" Sandi asked.

"Would you? That would be so helpful! I wouldn't have to ride the bus, and spend hours on the transfers," I said.

"Sure. Go get a shower and get dressed. I'll go throw something decent on, and we'll head down there. Do we need to stop at the factory?" she asked as she walked to the door.

"No, my check is direct deposit. So I should be ok, there," I replied as I stood.

I heard Sandi as she walked back over towards me. Then she kissed me.

I touched my cheek and asked, "What was that for?"

"Because you looked like you needed it ... and because I do care about you," she said.

"Thanks," I mumbled and felt my cheeks get warm.

Sandi giggled, kissed me again, and left the apartment. I sighed as I thought of what she looked like. I assumed she was beautiful, because of her voice, but I know that is deceptive. Even if she isn't on the outside, I knew she was on the inside and that's where it mattered. Turning, I went into the bedroom and stripped. I made sure each piece of clothing went into the right hamper. When I was naked, I went into the shower and cleaned up. I was out of the shower in ten minutes and was drying off when the door bell chimed again.




Going to my bedroom door I stuck my head out and shouted, "Who is it?"

"It's me. Can I come in?" Sandi shouted back.

"Sure," I said and closed my bedroom door. I heard the front door open and close.

"Hurry up," Sandi said as I heard her pull a chair out from the table.

"Give me a few," I replied and started getting dressed.

After I was dressed, I picked up my wallet and opened the wooden box on my dresser. Taking a ten out of its holder, I folded it lengthwise and then pulled a twenty out that I folded in half. Grabbing a five, I folded it into a triangle and then put ten ones in to the back of the wallet that were not folded. Closing my wallet, I slipped it in my front pocket and picked up my cane as I closed the box. Going out of my room, I called Traveler to me and I slipped the harness on him.

Sandi stood up from the chair, and I heard her slide it under the table. Then she went to the door. I stopped at the door, and took my keys off the hook. We walked out of the apartment, and I closed and locked the door. Sandi guided me to her car. I knew she drove a Corvette, as I had been in it several times. Opening the door, I sat down and had Traveler sit between my legs before Sandi could get in. I fastened my seatbelt. I sat back and petted Traveler, as Sandi started the car.

We drove across town, to the Social Security office. I went upstairs and pulled a number. Sandi told me my number was twenty-six, and they were on seventeen. So we sat and waited for my number to be called. Thirty minutes later it was called, and we went back to see my caseworker.

Olivia Howards

10:57 AM

"What may I do for you Mister Viking?" I asked as we sat down.

"I need to get my SSDI reinstated. I lost my job and I need it to survive," he said.

"Do you have a letter of termination from your work? Or did you quit?" I asked.

"Yes I do," he said and pulled an envelope from his breast pocket.

I took the paper and opened it. Looking at the paper in my hand I read the termination notice and brought up the young man's file on my computer. I started entering the information I was given and when finished, I hit enter.

"William, it will take about ten weeks until you get your first check. Everything will have to be verified," I said.

"Ten weeks? Why so long?" Sandi blurted out.

"The government moves at its own pace, and they will have to verify that Mister Viking is still disabled..."

"My god. He is blind, what more proof do you need?" she snapped at me.

"Ma'am he has been working for nine months. He will have to be reevaluated. He will need to refill out the application and submit it as well as his doctor's papers..."

"This is wrong. I am calling my uncle, he will straighten this out," she said and pulled out her phone.

"Sandi, it's ok, I have enough to survive on. Can you just help me fill out the paperwork," William asked.

"No, it's not 'alright'!" she said and hit the speed dial.


I was fuming inside! How dare they say it would take ten weeks for a blind man to get his check? I waited for the phone to be picked up.

"Senator Bedford's office, this is Madeline speaking. How may I help you?" said a voice as soon as it was picked up.

"Madeline, this is Sandi, is Uncle John busy?" I asked.

"Let me see Sandi," said the voice and ten seconds later the phone was picked up.

"Shu-Shu, how you doing?" her uncle said.

"Uncle John, this is serious," I said.

"Sorry Sandi, what do you need?" he asked.

"I am down at Social Security with William, the young man I brought to the house several months ago..."

"I remember him, he's a nice man. Even his dog is a charmer. Cody just loved him ... but that's not why you called. What's wrong?" he asked.

"William lost his job at the factory where he made belts. So he came down to get his SSDI reinstated. His caseworker says it will take ten weeks for him to get reinstated. Uncle John, that is unacceptable. He was on SSDI before I helped him get the job. It shouldn't take a reevaluation to determine if he is still blind," I snapped.

"I agree, who is his case worker, so I can have a letter sent from my office," he asked.

"Her name is Olivia Howards, and she is his case worker here. Let me hand her my phone," I replied. She looked at me like she wasn't going to take it, so I said, "Senator John Bedford of the United States Senate wants to speak with you."

I watched as she took the phone and started talking to my uncle. I wanted to giggle at how her attitude changed. She said goodbye and handed me the phone back.

I took the phone and said, "Yes, Uncle?"

"I think I have it dealt with, but you let me know. Also, why don't you bring William for dinner on Saturday, out at the ranch," he said.

"We will be there. Thank you uncle," I said and hung up.

I missed what the woman was saying to William, but he stood up and shook her hand. He took Travelers harness and we walked out of the office. We headed down to the car when I said, "Let me buy you lunch."

"No, let me buy you lunch," he said.

"How about we decide it after we eat? Ok?" I said.

"Sure, where do you want to go? And where do we have to be?" he asked.


"Uncle John says I have to bring you to dinner Saturday night. I said we would be there," she said as we stepped out of the elevator.

"Cool. Those steaks we had were good. I wonder what he will serve this time?" I asked as we walked across the parking lot. I heard a set of tires squealing and Sandi yanked me back against a car. Traveler's walker was ripped out my hand, and I heard a yelp and a thud. The blood drained out of my face as the car sped off. I could hear Sandi on the phone as I knelt down. I slid my hands across the ground until I found him. He was lying on his side, and he licked my hand.

My hand was bloody. I felt tears running down my face as Sandi knelt beside me.

"Boy you're going to be ok. We will get you to Doctor Suri, and she will make you all better," Sandi said.

I could hear police sirens in the distance and as I slid my hands under him, I stood up. The golden retriever weighed in at eighty pounds, and I stood there waiting for Sandi to do something.

"Sandi, I have to get him to the vets."

"I know, just a second," Sandi said and I heard her run away from me.

Sandi was back in less than a minute, and she led me over to her car. I heard her open the trunk and then it was slammed closed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Putting a blanket down on your seat and the floor," she said, and I heard something snap then she continued, "Come on over."

I followed her voice, and she grabbed my arm. She had me turn around and sit in the car seat. Sandi closed the door, and I waited with my face buried in Travelers neck.


I helped William to sit, after I laid the blanket out. Turning I ran over to the police officer who was taking a statement from another lady.

"Excuse me, but I am taking my friend over to his vet's. It's Doctor Lisa Suri over on Fifth Street and Tenth Avenue..."

"Ma'am you can't leave. I need your statements," Officer Jefferson said.

"We will be at the vet's, my friend is blind. That dog is his eyes. It's just like if one of your police dogs were hurt. You would want them to have proper medical attention. Now meet us over there, if you want our statements," I snapped and walked to my car.

Jumping in, I fired up the big block 427, and revved the engine up. I pressed the gas pedal to the floor. Leaving a trail of smoke behind me as I shifted, I tore out of the parking lot, and swung onto the main road. I just loved my 1965 cherry red Sting Ray Corvette. Leaving a trail of smoke down First Street, I whipped around the corner of Fifth Avenue, and was doing seventy down the road. The car went airborne at the railroad tracks, as I whipped around slower cars. I flew through a yellow light at seventh, and I saw flashing light come on behind me. By the time the cop car turned onto the road I was slamming the brakes on as I whipped into the vet's parking lot.

I had the engine off, the keys out of the ignition, and was bailing out of the car with my purse over my shoulder before the smoke from the tries dissipated. Running around the car, I yanked the door open as the police car pulled in. Taking William's arm I guided him towards the door of the vet's, as the cops jumped out of their car and raced after us.

I kicked the door open and shouted, "We need a vet, here!"

The vet techs came out of the back room, and jumped to do their work. We carried Traveler down the hallway to the examination room, as Lisa came into the room.

"What happened?" she asked as she pulled on her rubber gloves.

"Some fucking asshole tried to run us down. I yanked William out of the way, but Traveler did as he was trained to do. He took the hit," I said with anger in my voice.

Doctor Suri nodded her head, and they pushed us out of the room and into the waiting room where the police were waiting for us. The officers came over and started giving me a hard time for my speeding over an animal.

I snapped at them, and said, "Just give me the god damned fucking ticket. I will give it to my uncle Senator John Bedford."

The cop wrote me a four hundred dollar ticket, and started giving me hell. I told them to leave.

Turning, I helped William into the bathroom and started cleaning his face and hands of the blood. Cindy, a vet tech, came in with some 'wet wipes'. I used them to help get the blood off his face. He was sitting there, crying. I wrapped my arms around his body, and pulled him into me.

"He will be ok," I said.


"I hope so," I replied, as I cried on her shoulder, "I have had him for five years. He has been my best friend."

Cindy came out and said, "William, why don't you and your friend go across the street to the diner and get something to eat. Doctor Suri is taking him right into surgery. We will call over there, when we know what his condition is."

"I can't. I have to..."

"No, you don't. Go eat, have something to drink. I will call you when I know anything," she said.

"William, it's a good idea. Come on," she said and pulled me to my feet.

"Ok, we will. Please save him. He is my best friend," I said.

"We will. Now let us do our job," Cindy said.

"Ok," I said.

We went across the street and went into the dinner. Going to the table, we sat down and ordered a breakfast. Five minutes after we sat down, Sandi excused herself, and I heard the door open as she went outside. The waitress brought my food, and told me where each item was. I started eating as Sandi was outside. She came back in after five minutes, and apologized to me.

"Sorry. That was the policeman from the Social Security office. They caught the man, and he will be prosecuted by the D.A ... We'll have to wait and see," she said.

"It's ok. I am glad they caught who did it," I replied.

"Me, too. The police think all he will get is a fine, since no 'human' was injured. Fucking bastards," she snapped.

"It's ok. If they take his license, I will be happy," I replied as I finished eating.

"Can I get you anything else?" the waitress asked.

"No, thank you," I replied as I waited for Sandi to finish.

I sipped my coffee as I thought of Traveler, and the day I got him. It was the second happiest day of my life when he came home. He had aced his qualifications, and he was also crossed trained to pick up items I would have accidentally dropped. I searched around the table for the bill but couldn't find it.

"Where's the bill?" I asked.

"I am paying," Sandi said as she stood up.

"Sandi, I said I would," I said.

"You need your money. After we get your SSDI going. I will let you take me out. Now, let's go," she said.

"Ok," I said giving up.

I extended my cane, and we walked to the cash register where Sandi paid the bill. After she was finished, we walked across the street to the vet's, and went inside. I heard Cindy come out of the back. I always knew it was she, because of her walk. She came over and sat beside me.

"I think he will be ok. They are closing him up, now, and Doctor Suri will be out to talk with you," she said.

"Thank you, Cindy," I replied.

She patted me on the shoulder, gave me a big hug, and then she went into the back. We waited for ten minutes, and then Doctor Suri came out and sat down next to me.

"William, Traveler has a couple of broken ribs, his left foreleg is fractured, and he lost a lot of blood from the wounds. He should be fine, though. I have him on an IV, and I've set his leg. I've wrapped his ribs, and he should be able to go home in a few days. He is going to be hurting, but he should recover," she said.

I listened to Lisa tell me what was going to happen, and I felt dread on how I was going to pay it and I told her my fears.

"Doctor Suri, I don't know how I am going to pay this. I just lost my job, and the government says it's going to be ten weeks before I get my SSDI reinstated."

"You let me worry about that. Now go home and get cleaned up. I will call you if anything changes," she said as she stood up.

I stood up, and she hugged me again. Then we went out the door. We got to the car and Sandi cursed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I forgot my purse in the bathroom. Be right back," she said.


I ran back into the vet's and to the counter. "Cindy, come here," I said.

"Yes, Miss Bedford?" Cindy asked.

"Put William's bill on my Visa, please," I said as I slipped her my card to her.

"That's nice of you to do that for him," she said as she took the card and swiped it through the reader and quickly printed up a receipt, which I signed.

I took my copy, and folded it up.

"I like William a lot, and he needs all the help he can get, at this time," I said.

"Yes, he does, I hope they catch the bastard," she said as she was typing on the computer.

"They did. I'll see you later," I said as I ran to the door.

I walked outside and helped William into the car. Climbing in, we drove home and pulled up outside the apartments. Going to the elevator, we went up to the ninth floor, and started walking down the hallway. I grabbed his arm when I saw William's door was open.

"What's wrong?" William asked.

"Your door is open. I know you locked and closed it," I said as I dug out my cell phone.

We walked to the door, and I looked in. The apartment had been trashed. Dialing 911, I reported the break in, and they said to not enter the room. I guided William to my apartment and opened the door. Stepping in, I had William sit down while I watched for the police.

Fifteen minutes after I called them, they showed up. I watched as they went into the room, and started searching for clues. The CSI unit showed up and started processing the room for evidence.

They let me get some clothes for William. I had him take a shower to get the blood off. While he was in there, the police finished up, and I watched as they left.

I then called the manager and told him what was going on, and that William needed his door changed out, because of the break in. The man said he would have a new door up in an hour.

I could hear the water running. I stripped and slid into the bathroom. I could see William through the glass, and I liked what I saw. He was leaning against the wall, and I knew he was crying. Going to the door, I slid it open and stepped in behind him.


I jumped when I felt Sandi touch my back. I turned around and started to ask her what she was doing when she kissed me. I could tell she was naked, and I started blushing when she placed my hand on her breast. We separated from kissing, and she started on my neck.

"Sandi, what are you doing?" I asked.

"What do you think I am doing? I am getting the man I have wanted in my bed for several years. Now take me to bed and make love to me," she replied.

"But ... but we're not married," I gasped out as she grabbed my cock in her hand.

"I know, but I don't care ... William, are you a virgin?" she asked.

I started blushing and nodded my head.

"Then come my little virgin boy. Let me make you a man," she said.

She led me to her bed, after we dried off.

She turned me around and started kissing me again; I lifted my hands and gripped her sides. I was going to gently push her away and cried out in surprise as she pushed me backwards. My legs hit the edge of the bed, and I landed on my back. I started to sit up when I felt something moist take my cock. Reaching down, I felt soft hair that I knew was Sandi head.

"Oh, God!" I groaned out as she gave me my first blowjob.

I didn't know it at the time, but Sandi was grinning as she worked on my cock. I groaned and came in her mouth. I could hear her swallowing, and she never let up. She sucked me so good, that I never went down. She finally let my cock go. She pushed me down onto the bed, climbed up my body, and kissed me. I wasn't sure about kissing her, after she had given me a blowjob, but she was insistent. I felt her hand stroking me, and then I felt something warm and wet sliding down my shaft.

"Oh, damn! You're big!" Sandi gasped out.

"Sandi we shouldn't do this," I said.

"Shush, let me worry about it," she said as she started riding me.

We fucked for hours. Sandi opened a new life for me, and I didn't know what to make of it. She was insatiable, and would barely let me rest, before she came back for another go at lovemaking.

We fell asleep. I slept deeply as she held me in her arms. My eyes opened, and my ears reached out for whatever had disturbed me. Getting up, I listened and went into the living room.

I could see a glowing image standing in the corner of the room!

With fear in my heart I said, "Who's there?"

"A friend," said a voice.

"How can..."

"How can you see me? The reason is simple. I know you cannot see, so I am sending my image to the backside of your eyes, with our advanced technology. My name is Nadil, and I am here to offer you a wonderful gift, if you want it," the voice said.

"A gift?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, we want..."

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