What the Camera Does Not See
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Celebrity,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Catherine Bell, movie actress, made some early movies that really displayed all of her theatrical assets -- in a variety of forms. There was one film where things went on that were not caught on all the cameras. It was very hot. So is she.

Catherine Bell wasn't sure if she would be able to make it as an actress or not. She knew she had the innate desire and she felt she had the acting ability it required, but she wanted to do everything she could to enhance her future as an actress. When the film director mentioned to her that there would be some extra requirements for her acting role in the film she'd been signed to do, Catherine's mind ran rampant as to what he was actually referring to, but she'd really never imagined that he was telling her that while one camera caught her and her male co-star in what was, of course, supposed to appear as a hot lusty sex scene, the other two cameras would in fact capture her co-star's cock penetrating her and actually fucking her. But, as the director of the film gave them their final instructions before they got their final makeup and wardrobe done, he took her aside and quietly said to her, "Catherine, you do understand what I just told you, right?"

"Yes, I think so," Catherine replied.

"Here it is in black and white, OK? You're to let Tony fuck you while the scene is being shot. Everybody is aware there are really two films being done out of the same set and the same scene, but in one of them it's going to look like you and Tony are fucking. The other cameras will undeniably document that you and Tony have fucked, you will have acted in a porn film before those cameras. Any problem with that?"

"No, OK, yes, I get it. I can do this," Catherine said and part of her wanted to say, "No way, I am not going to fuck Tony in front of a camera crew." But, the other part of her knew this might be her only chance to break into acting and she was going to do whatever it took. "Yes, I'll give you the best acting I can and I'll do just what you're looking for," Catherine answered, knowing in her mind that she hoped her performance in the next few minutes in front of a camera crew of several folks would launch her acting career on the path she was hoping it would.

Catherine and her male co-star got ready for the filming of this scene and Catherine began to feel more comfortable when they arrived back on the set, and she'd had a chance to share a little small talk with the actor she was partnered with. She suddenly thought of something to tell him to break the ice, and she quietly whispered, "Give it to me slow at first when you come inside, OK, and then when you're good and wet, really give me a banging, right?" and without saying anymore, the director called for "Action" and Catherine and Tony began to run through their lines and act out the parts called for at that point of their script.

Catherine was dressed in a business suit and underneath she'd been given some very hot sexy lingerie to wear that was designed to do just what the film portrayed -- give her the needed outfit to seduce her male co-star. Her male co-star, Tony, was good; both as an actor and as an on-camera sex performer. He knew not only how to play out the lines of the script but also how to not only seduce and turn on his female partner, but how to give the cameras the shots they needed to make the film really hot and nasty for the eventual viewers. Tony quickly took Catherine in his arms and began to kiss and caress her. He could tell instantly that not only was Catherine hot to do a good acting job, but he was also quickly getting her hot and juiced up for their on-camera fuck scenes.

Then, in order to move the action along with the desired timing and scenes, Tony pushed Catherine's jacket back away from her shoulders and then he began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it back away from her chest to uncover her full bra-encased breasts. He loved the sight of her front-closure bra clasp and as Tony moved his lips to Catherine's and began kissing her hotly, he allowed his fingers to quickly unsnap the single clasp holding the cups of her bra together. Instantly Catherine's large tits were freed and he moved his face back, peeled both bra cups away from her tits and took the turgid nipple of her left breast in his lips and began suckling it as his left hand moved to her other nipple and began playing with it and pulling it. Catherine's lusty moans told him that not only was she a pretty hot porn actress but he was getting her more than ready for their fuck.

From their performance, it looked to the camera as though they were both lost in the urges of their mutual lust and attraction for each other. That was partially true, but with Tony it was only part of what was motivating him to carress and kiss Catherine. The other part was being a professional fuck film actor, and wanting to give the film crew and the camera the best shots and the best show possible. Tony knew Catherine was mostly acting too, but he and she both knew that in only a few moments (just enough to audience titillation, but not too long) they needed to get in a position where Tony could mount her and consummate the fuck that those buying the XXX-version of the movie would expect.

Catherine was actually overwhelmed by how hot and sexy Tony was touching and kissing her. She could hardly believe that they were acting; it felt more like a seduction on a Saturday night with some hot lusty man she'd just met in a night club. Tony's lips and hands on her tits were making her so hot, and she felt her pussy growing very wet and very needy for his big hard cock to penetrate her and give her a hard lusty fuck.

Tony had Catherine sitting on his lap, her bra and blouse unfastened, and now his cock was more than ready for hot action. He reached down, lifted Catherine slightly off his lap and grabbed the hem of her short skirt and pushed it quickly up the upper part of her thighs until her thong panty was totally uncovered. Then, he reached down to her right thigh, took the thin strap of her thong and broke it, allowing him to peel the thong back away from her cunt and baring her for his final moves. Catherine felt the cool air hit her very wet sopping cunt as the thong was pulled away, and she knew they were about to get very serious.

Tony ensured his cock was fully exposed and he knew from his arousal that getting Catherine impaled on his hardon would be no problem. He took her right hand, moved it down to the shaft of his cock, and Catherine (like any woman about to fuck her hot man) knew precisely what he wanted her to do. She moaned as she felt the hard thickness of Tony's exposed hot cock, and she nearly fainted as she felt him grab her waist and maneuver her so her wet pussy lips were just above the full swollen head of his hardon. Then, Tony relaxed his grip of Catherine and she moved downward onto his cock, the head pointing straight into her cunt and then spreading her pussy lips as she was impaled and his cock slid smoothly up inside the tight grasping channel of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssss," Catherine moaned, not a portion of the script but the most natural thing that would come from her lips as her co-star began to fuck her. She knew the director and film crew would love it, and Catherine wanted to go into a totally XXX-rated dialogue, but the other camera was not ready for any of this explicit sexual action that was now taking place there in the dimly lit room between her and Tony. Catherine was fully mounted on top of Tony's hard rampant cock, and as she felt him tighten his grasp around her waist, Catherine beat Tony to the punch by pressing her feet downward on the floor and she started riding back up his cock to the point where they could fuck while the alternate camera only caught what "appeared" to be their actual hot lusty intense fuck together.

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