Sex and Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charisma, a beautiful doctor, has yet to find love or great sex for that matter, is it possible to have it all, a career, family, a hot lover and hot sex?

Another lonely night, that's what loomed before her and she thought to herself how fucking boring her life was. Not only was it boring, it was sexless and that was driving her over the edge. She knew that yet again, her favorite toy would be her companion and after the day she'd had, she was more than ready for release.

Her name was Charisma Cannon, she was 24, single and beautiful although she didn't think was in the least bit pretty much less beautiful. She had finished school early and was a doctor at a local hospital. Although she was a career woman and extremely smart, she was funny as well. Her long blonde hair and big blue eyes always caught the attention of interested and horny men but that's not the kind of man Charisma wanted. Dr. C, as her staff called her, was more interested in a man that would offer her stimulating conversation as well as hot sex. That combination was proving to be impossibly difficult to fulfill.

So that left her again, this night, heading home to fire up old faithful, her blue thriller as she called it. It was a good ten inches long and very thick, just how she loved them. This 'man' did talk stupid, leave messes or fake enjoying her company.

After eating yet another tv dinner, she headed for the shower. The steam poured out instantaneously and she stepped in. The soft pink nipples on her size 36D breasts perked right up under the water. She kept her sex shaved, cleanliness was important to her. After washing her hair, she purposely took an extra long time scrubbing her breasts and hairless joy box.

While washing herself, she rolled and pinched those pink nipples to a painful peak. Her juices began to flow and her mind wandered. She dreamt it was a sexy man touching and caressing her, taking her breasts into his mouth and sucking, rolling and even biting somewhat. Soon, her hand slipped down to her protruding nub and she began to flick and roll herself into frenzy. She realized she was pruning and stopped long enough to dry off before frantically trying to find her blue thriller. Opening her nightstand, the trusty hiding spot, she lubed it up and stretched her already tight opening.

Her free hand massaged and twirled her nipples back into their pulsing, painful peaks while her other hand gyrated with her hips and pounded into her wet sheath. Her walls stretched and sucked at the vibrating toy. The extra appendage to the toy hit her swollen clit and she twirled it back and forth as she brought herself closer to release. Because the toy was curved ever so slightly, her sweet spot inside was rubbed and began to engorge with each thrust. Soon, she was moaning and panting, her walls were vibrating and it didn't take long before her many orgasms hit her like a tidal wave. As usual, she gushed and squirted several times before she was spent. And as usual, while she was physically satisfied, her emotional needs were far from met. She had no one to hold and kiss, the blue thriller just didn't offer that aspect of satisfaction. After another shower for a quick clean up, she slept soundly and peacefully not knowing that tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of her life.

Far across town, Luke Rogers prepared for another dad at the office. He was one of the city's top attorneys and was very well-respected. Although he could be a wealthy man taking on high powered clients, Luke chose to take those cases that affected the little man. He took on big companies and helped those in dire need of a knight in shining armor. Luke was very humble but his looks would make any woman cream her jeans with just one stare. He was a little over six foot, had sandy blonde hair and eyes so green they looked emerald in the sunlight. His full sexy lips could do things to a woman's body that would send her to another realm.

Luke stepped into the shower for a quick rinse before work. As he soaped up, the warm water ran over his muscular chest and trickled down his sexy v. Luke's morning sex drive was just as driven as his evening one and as he soaped his flaccid cock, his mind flashed to a sexy woman he used to date. Being alone for so many months left him no other alternative but to masturbate as often as he w anted. His cock was no small thing and when erect, it was a full ten inches with a three inch circumference. He knew how to please the woman but not just with his steely rod, his full lips and soft tongue were quite talented as well. He did so miss the taste of a woman squirting in his mouth.

While stroking, his soft hand rolled the sensitive tip that was now engorged with blood and had turned a nice shade of purple. The veins swelled with each stroke and with each stroke, they pulsed and his balls ached for release. His sack, large and clean shaven, quivered as he neared completion. His fingers fluttered over the tip with each upward stroke and he felt his sack draw up in an anticipatory finale. The final stroke brought the first streams of thick, hot cream. It spattered across the shower doors and his firm ass clenched with each spurt. After four large streams, a fifth and sixth followed until he was panting, spent and worn out but feeling satiated. Sadly, like Charisma, while he felt physically relieved, the emotional attachment wasn't there and it was something he desperately desired. His friends teased him that if he didn't love woman so much, they would assume he was gay because he was so fucking sensitive and thoughtful.

On this day, things would change.

Dr. C. arrived at work thirty minutes earlier than expected as this was her norm.

"So, Dr. C., still no man huh? Girl, you need to get fucked but good," her black nurse Debra told her. Dr. C. laughed.

"You have such a way with words," she shook her head and finished off her bagel.

"Honey, my man keeps me satisfied in more ways than one, when you do find the right one, come see me girl, I got the hook up," she winked at her and headed to the nurse's station. Charisma, on some small level, knew that Debra was right but she wanted more, so much more, than a fuck buddy.

Would this be the day things changed? Time would tell...

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