The Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three people are hired into new jobs that turn out to be way more than they seem.

The Ad:

Amy Beijar nudged the door shut with her foot as she rifled through the mail she had grabbed on her way up to her apartment. Bill, bill, bill, final notice. Damn she thought, I have thirty days to move out. This on top of my student bills was bad, but with me losing my job today because of that bitch at work made it much worse. Wouldn't do much good asking for an extension. That old biddy wouldn't let her own mother stay one second passed the rent being due. Well just gonna have to find a new job and a new place to live, because I am not going back home nor back to the dorm. Amy threw the rest of the mail on the table and turned to head back out the door. She brushed her long blonde hair out of her face as she reached for the doorknob.

Motion on her right stopped her for a moment as she turned to look into the full-length mirror on the wall next to the door. Golden blonde hair framed a heart shaped face before falling down to the top of her ass. Eyes the blue-green of a cresting wave on a bright summer day peered down a pert, slightly upturned, nose. Full red lips set above a cute little chin. Dimples were reveled every time she broke into a broad grin, which she did constantly. Her eyes traveled further down to where 36D breasts pushed out her college t-shirt. Perched high on her chest, the low neck line of her shirt showed a modest expansion of cleavage. Though not visible now, she knew that when excited her nipples would poke through her bra and shirt, becoming fairly obvious to anyone looking. And they did look, both men and women would follow her as she walked down the street, the hall, or through the Quad. It wasn't just her chest people stared at either. Turning slightly Amy glanced at her ass and legs. She always felt she had big hips but could never complain about her firm ass cheeks. Those nice cheeks flowed into soft but taunt thighs. Volleyball and swimming had kept her in a toned but not over muscular physique. With a sigh and a toss of her hair, Amy left her apartment to go job hunting.

Holding the newspaper and classifieds under her arm, Amy struggled to get the key in the door. From inside she could hear the phone ringing. Throwing the papers on the table on top of the mail from this morning, she picked up the handset and hit talk.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hey sexy, busy tonight?" Hearing Brad's voice always sent a shiver through her body. His was a deep sensual voice to match his movie star good looks. The all-American football hero look fit him well.

"A little, I have to find another job." As she talked on the phone she was kicking off her shoes and flipping them toward her bedroom. The small one bedroom apartment meant that everything was within easy throwing distance.

"What? Did you quit? Its about time, I always thought you were wasting your time at that place."

"No I didn't quit! That bitch Ginny convinced the manager that I was hitting on customers and setting up dates afterwards, and you know his rules. Didn't even give me a chance to tell my side of it."

"Well you were not making much money and it is better that you are out of there. I never did understand why you wanted to work in an adult toy store."

"I have told you before that my reasons are MY reasons," she shot back as she thought about the collection she had amassed while employed there. Brad had never seen them, didn't even know they existed. The one and only time she brought up using dildos during their sex Brad had reacted very negatively asking if he wasn't good enough on his own. Then proceeded to try and prove he didn't need assistance from some battery operated piece of plastic. Key word there is TRY, she mused. Bless his soul he had a magnificent cock, but he sure didn't know how to use it, or his tongue. But those eight inches that she could barely fit her fingers around was the reason she was still with him.

"Tell you what, I have this thing I have to do with the guys, but we should be done by 7:30-8:00. That will give you a few hours to look in the paper, make a few calls then I can take you out to eat and maybe catch a movie?"

"Sure, that will be fine. See ya then." She hit the end button and set it back in its cradle. Figuring on taking a shower now and give her hair time to dry while looking through the papers, Amy began to strip as she headed toward the bathroom. Catching sight of the mirror over the sink, she once again paused to study herself. Even without the bra's support her breasts didn't sag. Areolas the size of half-dollars circled thick nipples that when hard stood out half an inch or more. Working out and some lucky genes gave her big but perky tits. Looking down she followed the slope of her tummy to the thick patch of hair just above her shaved pussy lips. Almost twice as wide as the popular "landing strip" cut, the hair was downy soft and a darker blonde than the hair on her head. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature before stepping into the shower stall. The apartment was so small it didn't even have a bathtub, just this barely big enough standing shower.

With a towel wrapped around her head, Amy used a second to dry herself off then grabbed the papers off the table and plopped down on the couch and began to skim through them. Between part time, experience needed, and the low starting pay it sure isn't a worker's market. Wait a second...

Wanted: Live in maid/part-time cook

Room and board plus negotiable spending money.

Please call to setup an appointment.

Room and board plus spending money. That would kill two birds with one stone. She snatched up the phone as she glanced at the clock. It was still within the set hours to call. After three rings a cheerful female voice answered.

"Hello, this is Nancy. Are you calling about the ad in the paper?"

"Yes I am, could I ask a couple of question I had Nancy?"

"Sure, but could I get your name first and which paper you saw the ad in please?"

Amy told Nancy her name and the name of the classifieds she found the ad in. Then she ran off a few of the questions that had popped in her head as she was reaching for the phone.

"First, where is the house located?"

Nancy gave the name of a neighborhood on the better side of town. It would place her an added six or so miles away from her college.

"Second, what would the duties be?"

"Cleaning house and cooking a meal two or three days out of the week. You will get one day of the week off. As long as the job is done the rest of the time will be your own as well."

"OK and what did it mean about a negotiable spending money?"

"Depending on what other extra duties and odd jobs you take on the boss is willing to pay out extra for them. An extra night of cooking, odd errands around town things like that."

"The boss? Aren't you the woman of the house?" Amy was puzzled as to why Nancy answered the phone if she wasn't the woman hiring her.

"Oh no ma'am," Nancy answered with a chuckle. "I work for a temp agency and the boss and his wife hired me to be secretary for this ad."

"They hired a temp, to take calls about an ad for a live in maid?"

"Well the live in maid is just one of the ads they have out. I think there are three openings in the boss's household that they are trying to fill."

"And what are the other two may I ask?" Amy was getting really curious now about this 'Boss'.

"Sure, one is a Personal Assistant and the other is a chauffeur. The PA pays more but the chauffeur. and the maid get room and board."

Chauffeur? Personal Assistant? Just what kind of household are we talking here? These thoughts tumbled through her mind as she setup an interview for the next day. She was told that if she wanted to apply for the chauffeur. position she would need to bring her drivers license and have a clean driving history.

"And what would I need if I wanted to apply for the PA?"

"Oh the boss is leaving that one open. Says it gives him a wider playing field to find someone that he can click with."

"For a temp you seem quite comfortable with this 'Boss' of yours?" there was a note of a question in her voice.

"I have been here three days and have found him to be one of the easiest people I have ever worked for in my years as a temp. Very outgoing sort of person."

"Well that is good to hear just in case I get the job." Wrapping up the call by repeating the address she would need show up at, Amy hung up and looked at the clock, 6:20pm. Still enough time to skim some more through the ads.

All in all, by the time 7:10 rolled around she had only made three more calls and setup just two other appointments, both for later in the week. Getting up she went into her room and started getting dressed. Pair of lacy panties with a matching bra, the bright white coloring setting of her tanned skin. She slipped on a green button up blouse with the top two buttons undone, showing a fair amount of flesh. A pair of khaki capris finished the outfit. She wasn't dressed to kill but she would still turn heads tonight. Grabbing her keys she walked out to meet Brad out front.

The door made a loud bang as she forcefully slammed it behind her. Why did such a great piece of cock-meat have to be attached to such an arrogant inconsiderate asshole? Dinner was great, little mom and pop steakhouse with good food and pleasant waiters. The movie blowed, they left with over half the movie to go. With it still being early the drove out to their favorite necking spot. Things heated up more than expected. She finally had enough teasing and had fished his cock out of his pants. She loved wrapping her lips around that fuck-tube. She drove him up the wall, bringing him close just to back off before he blew. After doing this two or three times they moved to back seat. And then it happened. Instead of returning the favor, Brad just climbed on top and stroked himself into her. She was OK with it but after only a half dozen or so thrusts he slammed into her and began to shoot off. Even that didn't make her angry because she enjoyed the feeling of cum blasting onto her pussy walls. Really quick of the trigger tonight. But did he have to immediately start getting dressed again and talking about getting home to meet up with his friends? What about me? I got just excited enough to start getting into it and then nothing. The fucker even had the nerve to ask what was wrong when I wouldn't talk to him on the way home and got mad when I wouldn't kiss him good night when he dropped me off.

While the memories of the night ran through her head, Amy was stripping off her clothes and heading for her toy box. Pulling out her favorite she giggled at a stray thought. It might not be as big as Brad, but at least it won't stop until I am satisfied! With toy in hand she moved to the bed. Laying back with her head propped up, she grabbed one of her many throw pillows. Lifting up, she placed it underneath her ass, thrusting her pussy up. Bringing the vibrator to her lips and slowly started to kiss and lick the flesh colored plastic. Taking it into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat, she coated it with her saliva. Once it was good and slick she removed it with an audible "pop". Switching it on low, she placed the tip against the skin right above her clit. In small circles, she brought it down until it hit the hood hiding her pleasure button. The tingling vibrations sent shivers up her spine as she applied more pressure. Her other hand came down and with two fingers pulled back the flesh surrounding her clit. With the frustration of the misfired sex in the car building her anticipation, she came just as soon as the tip hit her button directly. Keeping it in contact with her clit she brought her other hand back up and started to pinch and pull on her left nipple. The slight pain was able to prolong her orgasm, leaving her slightly breathless once the shudders subsided. Flicking it on high she moved the dildo further down to her now wet and engorged lips. With a single thrust she was able to bury half of it inside her. Pulling out slowly, she paused with just the tip inside her, then pushed it back in, not stopping until her hand holding the base hit her lips. A few more such slow then hard thrusts caused her pussy walls to clamp down on the pleasing intruder as her second release of the night hit her. Again her other hand was pulling on a nipple to extend her pleasure. After the convulsions settled to a stop she rolled onto her side in the fetal position breathing deeply to calm herself down. Once she was completely recovered from number two she started over, striving for number three. Before she fell asleep that night she managed to bring herself off twice more. With the vibrator turned off, but still buried deep inside, she dropped off to sleep thinking about how she was gonna tell Brad it was over. Her last thought before unconsciousness rolled over her was how much she was gonna miss that beautiful cock.

The Interview:

The alarm woke her at 7 am. Reaching to turn it off she felt her toy shift inside her. The movement brought back memories of the night before. With a wistful smile she grabbed the base of the vibrator and flicked it on low. Using long slow strokes she gave herself a mild orgasm to start the day. After cleaning up her toy she headed to the bathroom to shower. Once there she washed off last nights and this mornings mess. Rubbing her nether lips with the rag sent tingles up her spine, so she tossed it a side and started rubbing her clit directly. The hot water cascading over her sensitive nipples helped prolong the sudden release. As she came down from her orgasmic high, she finished showering and turned off the water.

Drying off as she walked toward her closet, Amy tried to decide how she was going to dress for the day. Hmm. Should I go sexy, business, or casual? If it was a male interviewing me, sexy would help. Even if it was a woman, it might still help, then again it might hurt too. Casual is just that, casual; I want to present a relaxed but competent front. She settled on a white button up blouse with a scooped neck. With the right bra it showed cleavage, but not too much. The dark blue skirt she took down was knee length but split on the sides to mid-thigh. Pulling open her top drawer she pondered what kind of panties to wear with it. She finally picked up a white thong whose front patch of cloth was almost transparent. She ended the ensemble with a pair of white thigh highs and white pumps.

Freshly showered and dressed for the day, Amy noticed that she still had a little over an hour before the interview. Figuring early was better than late, she grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She had a driver's licenses but being a poor college kid she didn't own a car. The local metro service was great though. Climbing up the steps she swiped her bus pass and went to find a seat. The bus wasn't very crowded this early in the morning, so she was able to find a completely open seat. Amy threw her purse on the seat and plopped down beside it. Looking around she noticed the woman sitting across the aisle.

An interesting mix of genes produced a stunningly pretty woman. She was about an inch or two shorter than Amy's five foot nine inches, though hard to determine with her sitting down. She had oriental coloring; black hair, dusky skin, and dark eyes, but didn't appear to be as small or lanky as most Orientals. Her hair was feathery light, hanging around her face, barely brushing her shoulders. The slightly canted eyes had a mischievous spark in them. A thin aristocratic nose sloped down to a full set of lips. Her breasts looked to be a 34 or 36C and were perched high on her chest with gravity defying firmness. The hard tips suggested no bra under the blue t-shirt she wore tucked into blue jean shorts. The shorts were tight and ended about mid-thigh, showing ample acreage of well-toned flesh. Strong calves suggested a runner or skater. White ankle socks disappeared into blue sneakers.

Nnniiiccceee, Amy thought, almost licking her lips. Very nice, it has been a while too. That was another thing she had never brought up with Brad, especially after that night with Karen.

It had been at a get together after a football game few months ago. Her, Brad and a few of his teammates with their girlfriends were just chilling out at one of their houses. Karen had been dating one of the Defensive Backs but he didn't show up at the party. Being in a few of the same classes she decided to hang out with Amy and Brad. Amy had been attracted to Karen from the first time she saw her in class, and had been testing the waters to see if she partied her way. She figured tonight would be able to put a yes or no on that question.

Brad had been hanging with his friends while Amy and Karen had been talking on the couch. The talk between them was light and giggly, their manner open and friendly. Karen kept reaching out and laying a hand on Amy's arm or thigh while she laughed. When she did she would leave it there just a bit longer than necessary. Often rubbing a little before lifting away. Amy realized that Karen was flirting and felt herself moisten with arousal. Each new touch sent bolts of pleasure through her body. Just as she was about to start flirting and touching in return a voice intruded on them.

"Trying to pick up my girlfriend, Karen?"

Amy looked up to see Brad standing there with a beer in his hand and a disgusted look on his face.

"Well good luck, Amy doesn't go that way and you can't offer her what I can." This was said with a not so subtle thrust of his hips, drawing the eye to bulge in his jeans. Grabbing Amy's hand he pulled her to her feet. "Come on honey, I am ready to go."

One the ride to his house he launched into a tirade about lesbians. When she mentioned bisexuals he answered, "wishy-washy people that can't make up their mind." She was quiet for the rest of the ride.

Coming back to the here and now, Amy realized that that night was the beginning of the end for her and Brad. She was enjoying the sex, but couldn't live with out the gentle touch of a woman. Brad was just not adventurous enough in the bedroom to match up with her wilder side. Maybe when she broke it off with Brad she would look Karen up and see what she was doing. She glanced back over to the Oriental beauty across the way. Dark brown eyes met hers and there was a spark of interest in them. The dark-haired girl gave Amy a once over, not hiding her actions. She glanced up with a small smile and then settled her eyes back down again. Looking down Amy noticed her skirt had bunched up when sitting down and now showed the a small strip of skin above her thigh highs. Jerking her head up she found the stranger looking straight into her eyes. What she found there made her nipples harden and moisture to began gathering at the junction of her legs. The bus lurched to a stop and Amy realized that it was time for her to get off. On impulse she reached into her purse for pen and paper, jotted down her name and cell phone number and handed it to the dark-haired beauty before hurrying off the bus.

Reading the directions Nancy gave her last night, Amy walked two blocks north of the bus stop to a small building on the corner. The sign above the door offered office space to rent by the week, with temp secretaries included. Inside was a single desk in a room with half a dozen doors leading off of it. Behind the desk sat a middle-aged woman in a conservative dress suit. She looked up with a smile as Amy walked in.

"May I help you?" she asked pleasantly.

"Yes I have an appointment this morning."

"And your contact ma'am?"


"Whom you spoke to over the phone."

"Oh, I spoke to Nancy."

"OK ma'am, she is in number 6. Over there in the corner." She pointed to her left.

Amy walked across the room to the far corner. After knocking on the door she opened it with a muffled "Come in". Inside was another desk identical to the one in the main room and several chairs. All but one was filled with women filling out paperwork.

"Hello, my name is Nancy." The woman behind the desk was in her late twenties with light brown hair, brown eyes and a cheerful face. "I need you to take a clipboard and begin filling out the application please." Amy took the clipboard being handed to her and sat in the remaining seat.

Settling her skirt to cover herself, Amy looked around. Four of the five other women were busily filling out their applications. The fifth was sitting quietly looking around. Amy set the clipboard on the arm of the chair and then noticed there was not a pen attached to it. Looking up at the desk she saw that the only pen was the one Nancy was using. So she delved into her purse for her own. She then browsed through the paper attached to the clipboard. The first page was a standard application asking for personal information, schooling, and previous job experience. Then there was a release form asking for the right to call prior employers. At the back was an unusual form. It was titled "Employer Requested Information" and the paragraph on the first page gave the promise that all questions were optional and no information gathered with be given out or sold. All information was for Employer review only. Any questions should be held until the interview. Intrigued, Amy turned the page and began reading the questions. It started off normal, asking her for her name, contact phone, and date of birth. Then the questions got unusual. One asked what she thought of nudity, was it disgusting, indifferent, exciting, or arousing. Deciding that honesty was the best policy she marked both exciting and arousing. Then the next question asked her sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual. Again choosing honestly she marked bi. The questions continued in the same vein; was she uncomfortable showing off her own body, and her favorite: Are you still a virgin? Amy thought later that if it hadn't been for last nights activities and the incident with the Asian beauty on the bus she might have chosen not to answer some of the questions. Her state of arousal at the time she filled out the form put her in the mood to be adventurous and see where it would take her.

She double-checked everything she had filled out and then stood up to turn her clipboard back in to Nancy. As she was returning to her seat the phone on Nancy's desk rang. Nancy picked it up.

"Yes sir?" she said into the phone. "Yes sir, six of them sir. Are you ready? Very good sir." She set the replaced the headset and smiled at the one woman that had already finished her form when Amy walked in. "You can go in now Samantha."

The short brunette stood up and went through the other door behind Nancy's desk. Looking at the other four women and realizing she would be waiting a while, Amy pulled out her reading assignment from Professor Grell and turned to her marked spot. She had only gotten through three pages when she heard a commotion coming from behind the other room. The door was slammed open and every one in the room heard the tail end of Samantha's rant.


With long forceful strides, Samantha crossed the room and slammed her way out the exit.

"Nancy" a calm and appealing male voice floated out of the room. The other women shared a glance as Nancy stood up, gathered the folders from her desk and disappeared through the door. After five minutes of tense silence, Nancy returned to her desk, she was still smiling brightly. Some ten minutes later the light on the phone lit up.

"OK Susan, you may go in now." Nancy looked at the brunette sitting next to Amy. Unlike Samantha, Susan was tall and willowy. She stood up and approached the door; she hesitated slightly before turning the knob and going in. Obviously Susan was not upset or offended by what the interview had to say, because it was thirty minutes before the door opened again. Cheery laughter followed Susan out the door. She was still giggling as she set a folder on Nancy's desk and left the room. Another ten minutes passed when the phone lit up again.

"Mary, its your turn."

The only redhead in the room stood up and walked confidently through the door. Like Susan, she was in there more than five minutes. Unlike Susan she walked out the door and left without dropping off a folder. As she walked out of the door another woman walked in. A petite blonde in a business skirt, she looked more like an applicant for a corporate job, not a live in maid or even a personal assistant. She grabbed her clipboard and took the seat next to Amy.

Amy gave her a once over. Elven was the word that came to Amy's mind. Small, thin, and fine boned. Pretty in her own way, but not really the sort Amy usually went for. She turned back to her book to wait her turn. After an hour she heard her name called. Closing the book, she placed it in her purse and stood up. While she was reading two other women had come in, both in their late thirties and looking as if they new each other as they chatted away.

Amy opened the door and stepped into a softly lit room. It was windowless with lamps standing in the corners. A single chair faced the mid-sized desk that took up most of the room. Behind the desk sat a man not much older than Amy. At most she would say he was thirty to her twenty-one. His dark hair hung to his shoulders in soft waves. Eyes so light brown they were almost golden were set under a rugged brow. An aquiline nose and a sensual mouth complete a handsome face.

"Before we begin would you step over here please?" He stood up and stepped over in front of a blank wall. Standing he was easily six foot tall, carrying around 210 pounds on his frame. "If you would stand against the wall for me please."

Amy stood with her back to the white wall as the man picked a camera off the desk. With a smile he asked her to relax it was just for the file. Amy stared into his eyes as he snapped a picture. The flash blinded her for moment and caused spots to dance for the next few minutes. Gesturing her to the chair, the man held the back of it as Amy sat down, then walked around the desk. Sitting down and leaning back, he studied her for a few minutes. Amy shifted nervously but decided to let him break the silence. After almost a full 5 minutes, he grinned.

"Good, very good, you have patience." His voice was rich and smooth. "Now, my name is Zack Quentin. After looking over your application, I need to ask if you have a valid driver's license?" Taking the card Amy dug out of her purse, Zack turned and placed it in the scanner next to him and hit a button. Turning back he continued, "Very well, with that out of the way I am happy to inform you that you are qualified for all three positions. If you had your choice, which would you want?"

"Well, I am pretty sure what the chauffeur entitles, as well as the head maid. Though I do have some questions about the details of both, so could you tell me what you expect in a Personal Assistant?"

"You would be my glorified go-fer. You will find information I ask for, take care of my schedule and appointments, and accompany me on my business trips, both here and abroad. There are two possible salaries for the position, $18 an hour or $1200 a week."

"That is a big difference in pay, why two for one position?"

"You can take it as live in position and make the $1200 a week, or work a normal 8-5 shift and get the $18 an hour."

"Why would I be paid more if I do it as a live in? Wouldn't room and board mean you should pay less?"

"Normally yes, it would. But with the room and board comes the dubious honor of being on call all the time. And fair warning, I am something of a night owl."

"So I would get more money, but you might come knocking at my door at one in the morning?" Amy looked him over again. I don't think I would mind him knocking on my bedroom door at any time of the night, especially if I am dressed for the occasion: as in, not at all. "Since you are talking about three live in positions, what kind of room does each position get?"

"The head maid gets a room in the Work Wing, the chauffeur gets the one room apartment over the garage, and the PA would get a suite in the Home Wing."

"A suite?" she asked. "What kind of suite?"

"A sitting room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. The only door to the rest of the house is in the sitting room. It is a true self-contained suite."

"Interesting, why would you build it like that?"

"My house is built to my own personal design, and it was set for a married employee or an employee with a child to live in."

"Very interesting, even if I don't get either job I would like to see the house."

"That can be arranged, now do you have any other questions?"

Amy asked about the head maid and chauffeur duties. As the head maid she would, of course, keep the house with the help of two others. She might be asked to cook two or three days of the week, and would have one day off completely to herself. The pay was $600 a week.

"As my chauffeur, your pay would be $16 an hour, and your hours would be from 10am to 10pm. If I ask you to drive me around outside that time frame you will get double pay for all hours away from the house. Sunday and Monday would be your days off. If I need you on one of those days it will be triple pay." His eyebrows lowered and a stern look filled his face. "One thing I absolutely will not tolerate is drinking and driving. If you are found to have drunk even one small drink in the hours you are supposed to be on, you will be terminated without question." He grinned a little. "Sorry, drinking and driving are one of my pet peeves."

Amy, who had been a victim of the same thing, nodded her head in agreement.

"Since you are qualified for all openings, tell me your preference order."

"PA, maid, and chauffeur," Amy rattled off quickly. "But I do have a few more questions."

"Oh. OK, go ahead."

"The Personal Information form asked some unusual questions, why?"

"Ah yes, that. Well these are live in jobs, and I am very picky about who I allow into my home. I want to know as much as you will tell me about yourself." He looked down and turned a few pages in the folder in front. "You are the first to answer all of the questions. Why is that?"

"Well I didn't see anything wrong with the questions, just unusual. For instance, what would it matter if I was a virgin, or if I was lesbian?"

Zack leaned back and sat for a moment. How much should I tell her? He thought, arguing with himself. What would be acceptable and what wouldn't. According to what she filled out she is quite open minded. Deciding that discretion was still best, he made his decision.

"The nature of my business brings all types to my house. I want to be able to tell them what is and is not acceptable behavior around you."

"Acceptable behavior?" Amy cocked an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"We will leave it at that for right now, if you join the staff all will be explained. Any other questions?"

"I guess not."

"Very well. I want to thank you for applying." He took the two print-outs and paper clipped them to the inside of her folder, closed it up and set it in an empty basket on the corner of the desk. He then stood up and reached across to shake hands with Amy. "We will be in touch. Have a good day."

Amy stood up and took his hand; he then came around the desk to walk her to the door. A quick look at the clock showed she had been in there close to an hour. Looking back around, she almost stumbled as she was walking toward the door. Sitting in one of the chairs was the Asian beauty from the bus filling out an application. She wasn't in all blue this time. Her white shirt was a button-down blouse, almost mannish in appearance, with black slacks and black low top slip-ons. Her hair had been pulled back into a severe bun. This made the slant to her eyes stand out more.

Amy had made it to the door when the stranger from the bus looked up and made eye contact. A big smile lit up her face as she set up and reached into the open neck of her shirt. When she removed her hand she revealed the slip of paper Amy had given her earlier. She put it back, and then blew a kiss at Amy before returning to the forms in her lap. Amy smiled back, startled and a little pleased. Then she turned and walked out the door.

Kathryn Higgins continued to fill out the application as she thought about the blonde that had just left. The name on the paper was Amy, and she looked like one too. Kathryn thought about what she saw on the bus. Great legs, nice ass, and a well-filled top. And apparently interested in me too. Life is looking up. If I get this job it will be really great. Kathryn had recently got out of a disastrous relationship with her current boss. And even though he wasn't angry about it, the job felt weird. So Kathryn decided it was time to move on. When she saw the ad for chauffeur she felt she should try for it. Her thoughts turned back to Amy and the bronzed thighs she was showing off on the bus. She wondered when would be a good time to call her, whether right after the interview or wait until tonight. Being preoccupied with Amy, Kathryn went through all the forms without really thinking about what she was reading. Kathryn became the second woman to answer all the questions in the Personal Information form. She handed it to Nancy behind the desk and sat back down thinking about where to take Amy tonight if she was willing.

The wait for her turn was a long one and she spent most of that time planning that night. One thing broke her train of thought. Roughly an hour after Amy left a man walked in. More a boy really, maybe six or even seven years my junior, these thoughts came from the lofty age of twenty-five. Kind of handsome actually, in a farm boy sort of way; the sun streaked brown hair, the muscular build, and a nice tight ass, Kathryn admitted she had always liked a nice ass. She doubted the top of her head would come to his chin. Looking around she noticed one or two of the other ladies in the room practically licking their lips. He took his clipboard and sat down. He studiously filled out his application. Kathryn watched him from the corner of her eye. He looked up every now and again only to hurriedly glance back down. One time he seamed to look at one young lady waiting, blushed and quickly ducked his head. So good looking he may be, but it seams he is inexperienced as well. Hmmm ... I could enjoy teaching him. About that time her name was called and she got up to go in for her interview. Walking past the young man, she found him looking at her. Deciding to have a little fun, she made sure he was looking directly into her eyes as she licked her lips lewdly, winked and blew a kiss at him. He blushed deep red and moved his eyes back to his paperwork. Kathryn chuckled to herself as she closed the door behind her.

Jacob Stone could feel his face heat from the blush as he tried to adjust himself without being obvious. Just watching that woman walk toward him had caused a tingle in his loins. When she licked her lips and then blew him a kiss, he swelled to full size, making his jeans almost painfully tight. He wanted to move to a less painful position, but he didn't want the women to see that he was erect.

Jacob was nervous; this was the first job he had tried for since he arrived in town. He had no experience, no true qualifications, and he didn't even have a state driver's license. He figured he didn't need to know much to clean a house; it couldn't be any harder than cleaning our barn back home. Not having ever filled out a job application, he found the Personal Information form questions to be very personal; but figured all applications asked these questions now a days. Jacob became the third and last person to complete the Personal Information form.

After handing in his clipboard, Jacob sat and tried to avoid eye contact with the others in the room. Thirty minutes later the door opened and that amazing looking woman came out. She caught his eye and grinned at him. When she walked across the room toward the door her hips seamed to sway more than normal. She stopped at the door and turned. Jacob jerked his eyes up from where they had been glued to her ass. Once again she blew a kiss at him, grinned at his blush and left.

As Jacob sat and waited for his turn, memories of the last few weeks ran through his head, though the pictures of a gently swaying ass kept intruding. Even though he was 21, basically he had run away from home. He could not take the situation in his hometown anymore, or the blatant way his parents ignored what was going on. Every time he tried to tell them, they punished him for lying. Now that his sister was being pulled into it, he had to leave. He hoped he could get a good job and setup a home so he could go get her before it went too far.

He could still remember that first time with Rev. Jones. He was 11 and had absolutely no clue about sex or anything sexual. He knew now that what the Reverend had done was hideously wrong, but at the time he was scared and didn't want to get in trouble with his parents. So he did what he was told to do, and kept doing it every time the Reverend asked. Then when he was 16, the Reverend's wife watched him and Rev. Jones one day, the next she had Jacob over to her house to "do yard work and help around the house". The sessions with her were more painful than the ones with the Reverend. He knew now that she was a sadist, and a dominatrix as well. When he turned 18, the sessions with Rev Jones stopped, but the ones with Mrs. Jones continued, and got worse, still as painful but more sexual in nature. Any time he tried to skip out on a session, they told his parents some lie and they punished him. The last time he tried to tell his parents what was actually happening, his father took him behind the barn and promised to beat the devil out of him until he stopped telling lies. Two black eyes, a broken nose, dislocated jaw, broken arm, and several bruised ribs convinced him he was not going to get his parents to believe him. But the day he heard Rev. and Mrs. Jones talking about his sister Sara and her 18th birthday, he finally screwed up the courage to just leave. He figured he would come to the city get a job and apartment, then go back and get her. He over heard enough to know they will not do anything until she turned 18. He had 2 months to go.

"Jacob Stone?" The female voice interrupted his thoughts. He stood up and Nancy pointed him to the door. "He will see you now."

Jacob got up and stepped through the door. The office had subdued lighting. The interviewer was standing waiting on him. He shook hands then made for the chair in front of the desk.

"Just a second if you would please?" Zack asked. He was holding a camera and gesturing toward a blank wall. "A quick snapshot for the file and then we can begin." Jacob stood there with a nervous smile as the man took the picture. Then sat down in the chair he originally went for.

Later Jacob would have been unable to tell you what was asked, or even what he answered. He only knew he tried to get across how much he wanted this job. What he couldn't tell Zack was that his initial funds were running low. He was paid up at the motel for the next week. After that he would have to find somewhere else to sleep. The food he had stocked up was almost gone as well. If he didn't get this job or another really soon he didn't know what he would do. He thought the $3,000 he had saved up would last longer. He was trying to be thrifty with it but it was still disappearing at an alarming rate. Zack's voice brought his attention back to the here and now.

"So are there any further questions?"

"No, sir." Jacob answered politely.

"Are you sure? No other questions at all?" There was an inquisitive look on Zack's face. Jacob felt he was missing something, but could not figure out what Zack was hinting at so he just shook his head.

"Very well," Zack closed the folder in front of him and set it in a basket with two others. "We will be in touch." He stood and held out his had for Jacob to shake. Jacob stood, took Zack's hand and then headed for the door. In the outer office he noticed that there were no other applicants waiting, his had been the last interview. He smiled a goodbye to Nancy and then left the building. Outside the street lamps were lit even though the sky overhead still had a glow to it. Checking his watch he found that it was already 7 o'clock. Not wanting to spend any more money, and having nothing better to do, he headed back to his motel.

Kathryn took a shower as soon as she got home and then found the slip of paper with Amy's number on it. She picked up the phone next to her bed and sat down as she dialed the number. After two rings a voice answered "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Amy?" Kathryn was a little nervous but was determined to go through with her plan.

"Yes this is Amy, who is this?"

"My name is Kathryn and you gave me your number on the bus this morning."

"Oh yeah, umm ... How are you?" Amy kind of stuttered for a moment. She wasn't sure why she had given this girl her number, but it felt right at the time. Now she was nervous about how to handle the situation. Should I ask her out, should I let her ask me first ... what should I do?

"I am doing good. I was wondering if we could meet later for dinner? Or just meet for a drink would be fine with me." Kathryn had heard the nervousness in Amy's voice and decided to go slow with the seduction.

"Actually," Amy said, deciding to be bold, "I was about to cook supper. I can easily make it for two if you are interested?"

"That sounds like a better plan." Kathryn was excited; she might not be the inexperienced girl I took her for ... this could be fun. "Shall I come over now and help you cook?"

"Mmmm ... yes I would love for you to cum over and help"

The pure desire in Amy's voice caused Kathryn's nipples to harden. She felt herself get moist as thoughts of what this night might bring danced through her head. This was going to be really fun.

"So" Kathryn drawled, "Where is this hot date taking place?"

Amy gave Kathryn the directions to her place, and then hung up the phone saying she was going to get ready and get started on the food. Kathryn stared at the phone few more moments then set it back on the bed side table. As soon as she took her hand away it rang. She quickly picked it back up.


"Is this Kathryn Higgins?" It was a male voice, and it sounded familiar.

"Yes this is Kathryn."

"This is Zack Quentin, you applied for the chauffeur position I have open."

"Oh yes, what can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if you would like to come in for a second interview?"

"Sure, when?"

"I could have my driver pick you up right now."

"Now? It's 8 o'clock already."

"Is it a bad time?"

Not wanting to let the opportunity slip by her, Kathryn assured him it wasn't a bad time. After providing directions for the driver she hung up. She realized she would have to call and cancel with Amy. It hurt her to do so, but this was important.

Amy had just turned on the oven to get it heating up for the French bread when the phone rang. She recognized the number as Kathryn's.

"Hello sexy, miss me already?" She gave a soft laugh at her own joke.

"Ah man, that just makes this harder" Kathryn's voice was subdued and a little agitated. "I have to cancel our plans tonight. I am so sorry, but something really important just came up and I don't know how long it will take. Can we reschedule for tomorrow night, please?" Kathryn was almost begging by the last sentence. She truly wanted to meet Amy, but she needed this job to get her back out of her parent's house.

Amy was startled and not a little afraid that she had went to fast; inviting Kathryn to her house the first day they meet. "No, that's OK I can understand. Yes we can set this up for tomorrow night." After a few more apologies and a confirmation on the plans for tomorrow, they disconnected.

Damn ... I was too bold. I went too fast, I know it. The ringing of the phone interrupted her thoughts. Hitting the talk button she asked, "Hello?"

"Ms. Beijar?" a male voice asked.


"This is Zack Quentin, I interviewed you earlier today for a job opening. Do you have a minute?"

"Oh, of course, I didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"Well I will be honest and tell you that I liked what I saw and are you willing to go through a second interview?"

"Oh yes ... yes I am. When?" I don't have any classes tomorrow as well. This would be perfect.

"Is now a good time?"

"Now? This late?"

"I believe I warned you that I was something of a night owl. So are you busy right now?

"No. Not really, where do you want to meet?"

"I will have my driver pick you up, where should I send him?"

Amy gave him her address, and stared at the phone for a few minutes before heading to the bedroom. Then she stopped, turned toward the kitchen, and started cleaning up and putting the stuff away that she had wanted to cook tonight. Then she went and got dressed.

Kathryn was waiting outside on the porch for Mr. Quentin's car. She had told her parents she was going to be out late and to not wait up as she had her own key. Even though she was 25, her mom and dad worried about her. She had kept the button down shirt, but had changed to a skirt that fell to mid thigh. Headlights played across the yard as a black town car pulled into her driveway. Kathryn headed toward it as a middle aged gentleman stepped out of the driver side door.

"Ms. Higgins? My name is Roger and I am Mr. Quentin's driver."

"If you are his driver, then why is the chauffeur position open?"

"I am moving on to my own business just as soon as I show you the ropes."

"I see. Well I have driven a limousine before..."

"You may have, but you have not driven for the Boss. If you would step this way."

He held open the passenger side front door. Kathryn daintily slid into the seat, arranging her skirt as she did so. The inside was a deep charcoal coloring, giving it a deep, somber feeling. Installed into the dashboard was a top of the line navigation system. On the screen right now was a map showing her house. On second glance she saw that the navigation screen was actually something out of the ordinary. It looked like a computer built into the dashboard, with the LCD screen and a tiny keyboard folded out underneath it. The driver's side door opened and Roger got behind the wheel. He touched something on the screen and it changed. Then with deft movements, typed in a new address. While it worked to show the proper route he leaned back and buckled his seat belt.

"The Boss is a stickler for a few things. Drunk driving and seat belts are two of his major ones. Being late is another. He prefers to show up at his destination 5 to 10 minutes early. Get used to it." He then indicated she should buckle her own seat belt, which she did.

As he drove, Roger explained how the computer system worked. "It is your navigation system and time clock rolled into one. Plus it is linked to the house network by a satellite connection. If the car moves more than 20 yards from the house without a driver logged in, the house is notified. If it is turned off, they are notified as well." He went on to explain the detailed workings of it. "You will be driving him around his businesses in town, when you go to certain ones you will be allowed to wait inside. With your uniform on you will be served food and non-alcoholic drinks. Please do not ask for any kind of alcohol. It will get you fired on the spot and possibly the waiter that serves you as well. That is how I got the job. James was waiting in the club for the Boss and he got a new girl to serve him a drink. He was fired and she was docked his cab fair home and my first day wages. I was a doorman at the club when it happened and he asked me if I could drive. Been with him for a year now."

"Why are you leaving?" Kathryn was intrigued by this glimpse at her possible new boss.

"I have an idea for my own business and Mr. Quentin is willing to back me on the venture. So I am here until we find a replacement. After looking over your file I believe it will be you."

He continued explaining her duties as he drove to another part of town. He pulled into an apartment complex. Kathryn's eyes widened; there was Amy in a different, shorter, skirt and a dark blouse. Roger stopped, and got out.

"Amy Beijar?"


"I am Roger, I am Mr. Quentin's driver. If you would come with me please."

Holding open the rear passenger door, Roger assisted Amy in climbing into the car. When she was settled she looked up and straight into Kathryn's face.

"Hello Amy," She said.

"Kathryn!? Is this why dinner was canceled?"

"Yes, I am sorry again but I really need this job. Why didn't you tell me on the phone that you were gonna be busy tonight too?"

"My call came in after you called and canceled."

"Oh ... well good luck to you."

"Yes and to you too."

"So what position do you think you are getting?" Kathryn asked.

"Well he told me I was qualified for all openings. So I don't know."

"PA" Roger's voice intruded on their conversation. "You are going to be the PA and Ms. Kathryn is taking my position."

"Then what about the Head Maid," Amy asked.

"A mister Jacob Stone. The only man to apply."

"The only man? Then he is not a man. From what I seen he is barely out of his teens." Kathryn went on to describe what she had seen in the waiting room. Amy thought that Kathryn was holding something back, but didn't feel right about calling her on it.

"So we have a female chauffeur, a female Personal Assistant, and a male Head Maid," Amy stated. "I guess Mr. Quentin doesn't follow stereotypes."

At this statement, Roger burst out laughing. "No," he gasped, trying to catch his breath. "The Boss is anything but ordinary. And Mrs. Quentin marches to her own drum as well."

Both girls perked up, this was the first mention of a Mrs. Quentin. They had both thought that Zack was not married.

"So do you two girls know each other?" Roger asked.



Both girls looked at each other.

"Well yes we kind of do..."

"I guess you could say we don't..."

Once again they spoke over each other, then with a second look, started giggling. Finally Amy stated, "We ran into each other this morning and we would like to get to know the other better." There was a slight catch in her voice as she said this. Kathryn caught it and gave her a slightly smoldering look. Roger caught it and the look as well and just smiled to himself. These girls are gonna fit right in. He took a surreptitious glance at Kathryn's thighs showing from beneath her skirt. I wonder if they will be fully settled in before I leave? Man, I hope so.

Roger pulled into the parking lot of a motel. Jacob was waiting at the curb. Roger stopped the car and got out; opening the driver side rear door he motioned to Jacob to get in. "Mr. Stone, if you would please."

"How do you know my name?" Jacob was a little nervous.

"The picture in your file."

"Oh yeah. Forgot about that." Jacob climbed into the back seat. As he was getting in he caught site of Amy sitting on the passenger side. "Pardon me ma'am," his voice tried to crack, but he held it steady. He then turned to look forward and met Kathryn's mischievous grin. He flinched back into the seat, a little startled. Then the memory of her swaying ass popped into his head. He felt himself flush and start to harden. Kathryn chuckled like she knew what he as thinking. He saw her glance at Amy and turned to look. She had an eyebrow cocked in an inquisitive way as she looked at Kathryn. The look set Kathryn to chuckling more. Amy turned his way and appeared to study him in-depth. After several long moments that felt even longer to Jacob, she seemed to reach a conclusion and turned back to Kathryn with a grin of her own and another cocked eyebrow. Kathryn returned the look with a subtle nod.

While this was transpiring, Roger had already gotten them back in motion. The two girls started up the conversation again, talking about little things they liked and disliked. Roger kept to himself and concentrated on the road. Jacob sat back and kept sneaking looks at both the girls when he thought they were not looking. He didn't know but, they did notice, and shared secret smiles every time they caught him at it. The trip to their new job/home took another 30 minutes.

The girls chatter faltered and fell silent as Roger pulled into the Quentin estate. In front of them was a 10-foot high wall, with a gate stretching 20-foot across the driveway; behind it they could see a dense wooded area. Each 10-foot leaf of the gate was fashioned of wrought iron in the shape of a rearing dragon in profile, wings out spread. When closed the dragons were locked claw-to-claw. The driveway curved to the left just inside the gate. Inside the brick wall, trees and brush grew unattended; or so it appeared at first glance. The paved path curved around through the unchecked woods then into a cleared area. A mansion dominated the clearing from atop a small rise.

"Mr. Quentin keeps about 20 feet of uncut, untouched woods between the wall and the rest of the estate for added privacy."

The driveway split off, one going to the circle drive in front of the house and the other going along the left wing to a garage in the back. Roger took this fork instead of heading to the front. As they came around the house toward the garage, they saw Mr. Quentin and a woman in her late twenties or early thirties standing there. Roger pulled to a stop in front of the waiting pair. He climbed out of the car but before he could do anything, everyone else had already opened their door and was climbing out.

"Thanks Roger, that will be all for now, I will page you if either of them need a ride home." Zack gestured at the three potential employees.

"Very well sir. I will be waiting." Roger got back in the car and took it into the garage.

Amy, Kathryn and Jacob gathered in a line in front of Mr. Quentin and the mystery woman. "If you will follow me please?" Mr. Quentin turned and headed to the door behind him. The three fell in behind him and followed him into the house. The mystery woman brought up the rear.

The door lead to a big kitchen. Anything metal was silver, counter tops and the flooring was granite. Several recessed lights as well as the big windows gave it a light and airy feel. Through the kitchen they made their way to a hall with hard wood floors. Then up a back stairwell to the second floor. Then they entered what could only be a waiting room to an inner office.

"I know normally it would be ladies first, but I think it would be best to get Jacob settled because we had to change up some things about his job. So if you ladies would wait here I will be with you in a moment." Zack gestured Jacob toward the other door. Jacob stepped into the room followed by Zack and the mystery woman. Once inside Zack sat at a monstrous desk made out of highly polished mahogany.

"Before we begin, Jacob, there has been a rearrangement. Instead of taking the head position. I have decided to move Martha here up and you will take her spot as a normal staff. Your salary will drop to $400 a week. Is that acceptable?" Jacob hurriedly agreed; he would take anything as long as he was getting paid. " Instead of a room of your own, you will be sharing a double room with the other maid Sharon"

"Don't worry Jacob," Martha spoke for the first time. "Sharon is a good girl and won't bother you at all."

"I would now like to inform you of certain aspects of my household. I apologize in advance for being blunt, but that is my nature." He smiled; he had an infectious grin that Jacob answered with his own. "First, I am nudist. While on these grounds I wear little to no clothing. What you see now is my concession to your sensibilities. My wife is also a nudist and you will see her in various states of undress. Most of our friends and regular guests will also strip down while they are here. Now, I am going to strip down to my comfort level. Does this bother you?"

"No, it doesn't," Jacob answered still a little nervous.

Zack stood and with no further ado, stripped down, handing his clothes off to Martha. He watched Jacob as he did so. Hmm, not the usual reaction to seeing another grown male naked. He is not disgusted, or interested, if anything I would have to say he was a little scared. I wonder what has happened to him in the past. I will have to go careful with him. Once finished he sat back down

Jacob was looking around the room trying not to obviously avoid his new boss, but not feeling comfortable looking in his direction at the moment. Then he noticed Martha stripping down too. Like Zack, she had worn the minimal, shirt and pants, no underwear at all. Her mouse-brown hair fell just short of covering her nipples. Her body was in great shape, no flab or fat, but also no protruding bones or ribs. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair nestled between firm thighs. He caught himself staring and jerked his eyes away, right into Mr. Quentin's. Zack grinned. Fear swelled in him, he quickly fought to quell it.

"As you can see, the staff are free to follow our customs as well. But I do not enforce it. If you want to go ahead, if not no one will care."

"I think I can handle that, but maybe not all at once." Jacob replied, putting effort into making his voice steady and even.

"That is good. What ever you are comfortable with."

As Zack finished saying that, the door opened and in walked a nice looking red-head. She was dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She wasn't a raving beauty but she wasn't plain looking either. At 5'4" and about 120 pounds, she was well worth a second look. She didn't have the usual pale skin and freckles that come with such red hair.

"Ah, Sharon, right on time." Zack greeted the new comer. "This is Jacob and he is our new ... domestic help." He said this last with a grin at Jacob. "He is in your care now, show him around and make sure he is clear on the duties of the house and the schedule."

"Yes sir." Her voice was soft and had a southern drawl to it. She turned to Jacob, "Follow me please?" She then turned to head out the door, Jacob in tow.

While crossing the waiting room, Jacob nodded toward Kathryn and Amy. Once out of the waiting room, Sharon led him off through what seemed to be a maze of hallways. He knew they went down at least one half-flight of stairs. After what seemed like a long time, but was probably only a few minutes, she stopped outside a door like all the others.

"Here we are, this will be our room." She had a little grin on her lips as she said this, and was giving Jacob a good once over.

Jacob felt a blush coming on and could do nothing to stop it or hide it. Sharon laughed then opened the door. Inside was a spacious room. Jacob judged it to be 24 feet across by half that deep. On the left hand side was a simple twin size bed with the headboard against one of the two windows in the room. There was also a dresser and night stand with a lamp. On the right was the same in mirror image but the bed had a light-purple comforter set on it. The walls had pictures up and a poster or two, and one painting.

"As you can tell, my side is on the right, you can do anything you want to your side except paint the walls." Sharon walked over to her side and pulled her t-shirt up over her head. Opening one of the drawers on the dresser, she neatly folded the shirt and put it away. After kicking off her shoes, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and wiggled out of them. Like Zack and Martha, she wasn't wearing anything else. Turning away from the dresser, she opened a small door that Jacob had not noticed, it lead to a decent sized closet. Once inside she took down a hanger and placed the jeans on it and returned it to the pole.

Jacob wanted to look away but couldn't. She so unselfconscious about it, I might as well not even be here for all she is concerned. Sharon's activities had given Jacob plenty of opportunities to see all of Sharon's assets. The t-shirt had shown off the size of her chest (a 38 C he found out later) and the shape, but not the fact that her areolas was much, much darker than the rest of her breast and about two inches across. The breast it self was nicely tanned, with no tan lines. Her nipples took up half her areolas but didn't stick out more than a quarter of an inch. Her tummy was flat with out being toned or rippled. Her thighs were well rounded and firm but not muscular. Jacob thought her ass was her best feature though. The smooth golden half-globes bubbled out from her body in an oh so inviting way. The fleshy cheeks just screamed out to him to grab them and maul them; to run his fingers through the deep crack, to massage them and squeeze them. And then to follow his fingers with his tongue...


Sharon's cough brought him back to the here and now. Once again he felt his face flush with embarrassment. Looking up at her, he found her grinning with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"If you would like to get comfortable, that is your dresser now and you can stow your clothes away there, then we can continue your orientation." Then she sat on her bed with a challenging grin.

She is daring me to strip, he thought, she wants to watch me do it. She probably knew I was watching her and did all that on purpose. Not really feeling up to the challenge but knowing he would have to get used to nudity if he wanted to fit in here, Jacob turned and walked to the dresser on the opposite side of the room. Pulling his shirt over his head, he tucked it away into the empty top drawer. Kicking off his shoes, he placed them between the dresser and the foot of the bed. He opened his closet door and saw empty hangers there as well. He shucked his jeans and placed them on a hanger. Walking back into the room with just his socks and boxers, Jacob caught sight of Sharon sitting cross-legged on her bed. The position caused the outer lips of her pussy to spread slightly, revealing the pink inner flesh. The sight caused a predictable reaction in Jacob, who flushed and then whipped around to hide it. He heard a small laugh behind him, then moments latter he felt her hands on his shoulders turning him to face her. He looked down into her eyes and saw something unexpected. There was want there, almost a need, and lust; yes lust, but not the perverted lust he was used to.

"I could help you with this, if you want," her hands had found the opening of his boxers and was lightly stroking him. "Then we could go show you around."

Her soft and gentle touch was an extreme contrast to what he knew. His experiences from back home were all rough and painful. He couldn't stop a moan from escaping him when she ran her finger tip down the underside, following the vein from tip to root. Sharon sank to her knees in front of him, drawing his boxers down as she went. Her warm breath sent shivers though him. Parting her lips, she slid the head of his dick into her mouth. With skill and passion he had never encountered, she began to lick him and suck him deep into her throat. Her gentle touch was pushing back the fear he had been feeling from back in the office. After no more than four or five thrusts he felt his balls churn as he spurted off, her milking throat massaging every last drop he had to give. His knees buckled, and he found himself sinking to the ground in front of her. When he recovered he found her kneeling in front of him with a pleased look on her face.

"Now that that is taken care of, lets get to showing you your duties in this house." She then stood up, offered her hand to him and pulled him up beside her. She kept a hold of his hand as she led him out the door.

After watching Jacob leave with the red head, Kathryn was called into the office. She sat in the chair and Zack went through the same speech as he did with Jacob, then disrobed once again. Kathryn felt herself get wet while watching him. He was toned, no gut or flab. He had lite patches of hair covering his chest, arms and legs. She noticed when he turned to hand his clothes to Martha that his back was hairless. When he took off his shorts she found that he wasn't wearing underwear and that his crotch was shaved. She studied it without seaming to, noted his hanging balls and judged him to be 4 inches long even in a flaccid state. She looked over and saw that Martha had also disrobed. Kathryn gave her a good long look and received on in return. Then looked back to Zack, who was once again sitting at his desk.

"Yes, the employees are also allowed to be nude. You may do so if you wish, or not as it suits you. Now as my chauffeur you will see many things in the back of my cars. Both myself and my wife have high sexual cravings and will satisfy them anywhere and everywhere. The same goes for most of the staff."

Kathryn sat up a little straighter at that, eyes wide as she tried to take in what she just heard. "You mean..."

"Yes, my staff and I have a close relationship. As does my wife. You will not be required to take part in anything you don't want to do, but you will happen across any combination of employers and employees having some fun." He turned and smiled at Martha, who returned the smile, but Kathryn noticed that her nipples had hardened.

Before she could say anything else, the door opened and Roger walked in.

"Well, this interview is over, do you still want to work for me?" Zack looked at her, waiting for a response.

"Yes, I have no problems with anything you have revealed so far. I would like the job and feel that I could fit in here without too many problems."

"Good. In that case, Roger here will take you in hand and show you what you need to know. I hope you enjoy your time here with us."

Zack got up and shook Kathryn's hand before she turned and left with Roger. In the outer room she saw Amy sitting and looking a little nervous.

"Don't worry, and please take the job, I think we could have a lot of fun here." Kathryn put special emphasis on "fun" while smirking. Amy returned the smirk with a raised eyebrow.

"Sorry ladies, but me and Kathryn have to go and get started, plus the Boss likes new hires to come into the office without really any preconceptions." Roger held the door to the hallway open and looked at Kathryn in a pointed way.

Kathryn chuckled, "I can see that, OK I am coming." She walked out into the hall. Roger closed the door behind them.

"We are heading back out to the garage. Follow me." He stepped up to lead the way when Kathryn started walking ahead of him. Watching her ass sway as she walked, Roger decided to hang back and see if she could find the way out. Kathryn lead him unerringly to the door they came in and even headed toward the garage before Roger caught up to walk beside her.

"Got tired of staring at my ass?" she had a giggle in her voice as she asked him.

"Not really, but decided I should show you were we are going instead of watching you walk around in circles. Not that that wouldn't be fun." He gave her a very open, honest and lusty grin when she turned to look at him. She smiled back.

Their little exchange brought them to a side door of the garage. Instead of a doorknob, it had a little device on the side. Roger waved his hand in front of it and they heard a click as the door released. Roger pushed it open and motioned for Kathryn to proceed him. Inside was a large open space housing two town cars, one limo, and one stretched limo, all black. It also had a black SUV and a candy apple red Mustang convertible.

"OK, here on the wall is the lock box with the keys. You will more commonly be driving one of the town cars. The limos are for special occasions and the other two you won't touch. They are the mister and missus' personal vehicles." He walked over to a corner containing a desk with a computer setup on it. Pulling out the chair he sat down and logged in. "Here are all the maintenance records for all the cars. Here is the software that hooks with the GPS to let you know where each car is. This is an address book of the most common destinations. These are also programed into the cars' GPS favorites as well." He was opening programs as he explained the different records she would have to keep up to date on the machine. Logging off the desktop Roger stood up and pulled out his wallet. Retrieving a credit card he showed it to Kathryn. "This is the card for the account used to fix and maintain the cars. It will be your responsibility to make sure nothing breaks down at the wrong time. So timely tune-ups and such are a good thing to keep in mind."

He led her back outside. Further down the walkway was a set of stairs leading up to the apartment above the garage. The door in was another one without a knob. With a swipe of his hand Roger let them in. It was a loft. A huge single room containing the bed, table, and kitchenette. The only door lead to a bathroom with a shower instead of a tub. One corner held a sofa and recliner facing a large screen TV. For the abode of a bachelor it was neat and clean.

"Martha usually comes by once a day and straightens the place up. I don't know if Sharon will do that for you or the new guy. You will have to see. But anyway this will be your home." he grinned again, his white teeth flashing from his dark skin.

Kathryn had been feeling the sexual tension since she left the office with him. Deciding to see how far it would go, she started looking around the room, the sway back in her walk. Ending up at the bed she bent over, making sure her skirt would ride up to show what she wasn't wearing. She felt his gaze on her wet center almost like a physical caress. It caused her to get wetter as she looked over her shoulder, directly at Roger's crotch. She licked her lips and then turned back to the bed, placing one knee on the edge. She heard clothes rustling and felt him draw closer to her. She shuddered when she felt his hands touch her hips and slide under her skirt to grip her ass. His thumbs moved to the inside of her thighs and gently pried them apart. Instead of the hard tip of a dick that she expected, a warm wet tongue pressed lightly against her shaved neither lips. With quick sure movements he slipped his tongue between her outer lips to the wet core behind them. Roger stroked his tongue from her hood to her rosebud, pressing slightly as he passed her hole. After several minutes of this, Kathryn was wiggling and shuddering from the pleasure of his oral skills. Gripping her ass harder, he plunged his tongue deep into her, literally fucking her with his tongue. Pulling out he latched onto her clit, touching it for the first time. Wrapping his lips around it, he sucked it in and flicked it with the tip of his tongue while applying a small amount of suction. Kathryn screamed as she came, flooding his face with her cream. Roger kept up the teasing, slowing down enough to keep her orgasm rolling without hurting her.

"Enough," she gasped, pulling away and collapsing forward on the bed. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she rolled over and looked at Roger. His face was coated in her juices, making his black skin shine in the overhead light. "So much for black men not knowing how to eat a woman. So, if that rumor isn't true, what about the others?" She arched her eyebrow as she looked down to the bulge in his slacks.

Roger just grinned as he stood up, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Pulling it open and off his shoulders, he let it drop to the floor behind him. The undershirt went quickly, barely smearing the coating on his face. He unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. They dropped to his ankles revealing a sizable bulge in his boxers. A moment of shuffling and he had kicked off his shoes and let the pants fall behind as he stepped to the bed.

"You tell me if rumor lies." He stood there with his hands on his hips, thrusting his crotch out for Kathryn to touch.

Coming to her knees on the edge of the bed, she grasped his boxers and jerked them down. When the waistband cleared the head of his dick, it bounced up, almost hitting her in the face. It wasn't the monstrous cock she had feared, but it was still one of the largest she had ever had. Nine inches of hard ebony flesh strained towards her as if it had a mind of its own. Wrapping her dainty hands around him, she found that just the tips of her forefinger and thumb could touch. She was able to place both hands on the shaft and still leave the head for her to play with. And she did just that. Leaning forward she flicked the tip of her tongue across the slit in his mushroom shaped head. Clear pre-cum was already leaking out. The taste was sweet with a hint of tang. Opening her lips she slid them down his head, moving her hands to his balls as she engulfed as much of him as she could. When he hit the back of her throat she found that she was just shy of touching his dangling nut sack. Pulling back, she twirled her tongue along the flesh as it left her mouth. When just the tip was left inside she reversed and went back down, slightly faster this time. She kept up this steady rhythm, increasing speed slowly until her head was bobbing on his cock. After minutes of this, his shaft was dripping in spit. She stopped with him deep in her mouth, moving her hands around to grasp his ass cheeks, Kathryn began forcing more in her. Relaxing her throat she forced the head to slide in. She pulled back to the tip and then slowly moved back down the shaft, this time not stopping until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt his tip move down her throat but the angle was wrong and making it uncomfortable. She shifted her knees back and dropped her upper body until her shoulders where in line with his hips. Tilting her head back opened her throat and allowed him to move easier and her to breath better. Digging her nails into his firm ass, she began to move him back and forth, speeding up until he was almost fucking her throat.

Roger was loving the attention his dick was getting, and when she moved around to start deep throating him, he thought he was going to blow on the first stroke. He concentrated on anything he could think off to hold off his climax. Finally it got to be to much and he reached down, grabbed her head and moved her off his dick. Bringing her face up to his, he kissed her long and deep, allowing her to taste herself on his lips.

She broke the kiss and whispered, "Why did you stop me?"

"While there might be other times in the future, I didn't want to go that way first. Lay back and let me enjoy your sweet body."

Kathryn fell backwards on the bed, shifting her legs out from under her and spreading them as wide as the skirt would let them go. Reaching to the side, she unzipped the skirt, lifted her hips off the bed and pushed it down her legs. With a light kick she sent it flying across the room. The junction of her legs showed a close trimmed patch of black hair cut into a triangle. The rest of her pussy and groin was baby smooth. Roger let his eyes travel up her body as she undid the buttons one by one. When she got to the last one, she pulled the sides open to revel a flesh toned push up bra. Reaching between her breasts she unhooked the front clasp, allowing her tits to spill out. The dusky skin of her fleshy mounds was the same as the rest of her, but her aureoles were so dark as to be almost black, with her nipples hard and pointing. He crawled onto the bed and up her body. About to kiss and lick her left nipple, Roger was surprised when she grasped his head and forced him further up for a kiss. Moving her lips around his face, she cleaned her cream from him. Trailing kisses along his cheek, she moved to his ear.

"No more foreplay, put your cock in me and FUCK me." Her breathy whisper tickled his ear and sent shivers down his spine.

Never one to refuse a lady's request, Roger pushed himself up until just the length of him lay against the top of her mound. With small movements of his hips, he began to run his cock along her slit, sliding it through the juices that were seeping out. Some deft maneuvering put the large vein running along the underside of his dick in contact with her clit. Each long slow stroke brought shudders and moans from Kathryn's oversensitive body.

"Please," she begged. "Please stop teasing me, Please!! PLEASE FUCK ME!"

On the back stroke, Roger pulled far enough to allow the head of his cock to slide down her slit until it was lined up with her opening. In one long smooth thrust, he buried himself in her. She was tight. Tight enough that as he pushed in he rubbed against that special spot. The whole nine inches of hard silky flesh moved over that one spot. After the first two inches she came screaming, two more brought her again. Then she seemed to have one long orgasm as the other five were forced deep into her gooey center. When his hips hit hers, she felt the tip of him pressing against the opening of her womb. She felt full, pleasantly, mind numbingly full. She wrapped her legs around his waist to hold him still while she adjusted to his size. Once the slight discomfort passed she loosened the grip of her legs, allowing him to slide out and then back in again. Propping himself up on his hands and knees he began to steadily increase the pace until his hips were a blur with the speed of his thrusts. Kathryn started cumming on every other stroke. Writhing beneath him her pussy walls spasming around his rapidly moving tool. Kathryn's eyes rolled back in her head as the biggest orgasm yet pulsed through her. Then she felt him swell to bigger proportions, then with one last thrust she felt his hot seed splash into her. He pulled back and thrust again, shooting another blast of cum. Several strokes and two more shots later, he slowed and collapsed across her upper body. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she hugged him tight

"Thank you," she whispered into his ear. "Thank you very much."

Roger's voice was hoarse as he whispered back, "No ma'am, I thank you. That was exquisite."

"And quite a turn on too."

The unexpected voice caused them both to jump and turn their heads to look. Sitting on the recliner was Martha. Both her legs were over the arms of the chair, and both hands were buried in her twat. Raising one hand to her mouth she began licking it clean as she looked at the spent couple with unsatisfied lust in her eyes.

Amy watched the door close behind Roger and Kathryn with a touch of regret. She knew Kathryn had taken the job, but she still wasn't sure she had gotten hers. A few minutes later, the door opened and Martha invited her inside.

Amy walked in to see Zack seated at his desk. Martha directed her to the one of the chairs across from him. She then went to stand off to the side.

"Well, I will not be able to give you the same welcoming speech I reserve for the rest of the staff. Your job is too tied up in my personal life. So here it goes." He paused, took a deep breath and then continued. "Which would you prefer first? Personal or Professional."

"Professional, then if I can handle that, the personal," Amy answered rather quickly.

"OK I have a big slice of the adult industry in this area. As well as being partners in nationwide and worldwide companies of the same nature. Now I do have a few things that are not related to the industry but the bulk of my business is. As my PA you will have to accompany me to these places." He handed across a list of several businesses; a movie studio, two photo studios, a theater complex, three strip clubs, some kind of nightclub, what looked like a few houses for web cam sites and several adult stores. One of the store names jumped out at Amy, she gave a snort of laughter before she could stop herself.

"Is something funny?" Zack asked.

Amy turned the paper to him and pointed at one of the stores. "I got fired from this place yesterday." Then she couldn't help letting out a chuckle.

"Really," Zack leaned back in his chair. "I am going to have to ask why."

"Another employee accused me of setting up 'dates' with customers. She had two of her own male friends say I propositioned them while in the store. The manager would not let me tell my side of the story, he just fired me."

"And do you have proof that the two men are lying?"

"I have proof that they are more than friends with Ginny." Amy tried to maintain a calm exterior, but inside she was nervous, thinking that this would keep her from getting the job. The palms of her hands started to get damp and she discreetly wiped them on her skirt.

Zack was quiet for a minute or two then he leaned forward again. "As my PA, when I travel to these places, and abroad, you will see activities that relate to the job. I have been called onto the set at both studios during shooting. Do you think you can handle that?"

Amy was happy that he seemed to have put the issue of her last job behind. She quickly answered him. "Yes, I would have no problems with either of those scenarios or any of your other businesses. To be honest I am curious about what goes on at most of those places. I have always been curious about the porn industry but never felt I had what it would take to make it in the business."

"Very well. Now, about the personal side. If you take the live in position you will have to contend with my way of life."

Amy jumped in with, "I would like the live in position and I feel that nothing you do in this house would change my mind."

"Are you sure?" Zack had what could only be called an evil grin on his face. "Very well. I, and my wife, are nudist and swingers. We wear little to no clothing around the house. The staff usually follows our example. We also engage in sexual activities with most of our staff on a regular basis. We often throw parties for our friends and business associates that are more orgies then anything else." Through out the speech, Zack had been disrobing. When he finished he handed his clothes to Martha, who was also nude.

Amy had already started to get aroused by the thought of actually being on set during a porno shoot. Now each revelation sent another jolt to her pussy. She was dripping so much her panties were soaked. When his dangling cock was revealed it brought an inadvertent moan from her. She tried to stifle it, but it escaped anyway. She hoped that neither of them had heard it, but looking at Zack's face, she knew he had.

Zack looked over to Martha as he laughed. "I believe we have a winner, don't you?"

"Yes sir, I do." Martha answered quickly. There was a tone in her voice; a lustful tone that both Zack and Amy picked up.

"Go on about your duties Martha, I can take it from here." He grabbed his clothes back from Martha.

"But Boss..."

"See someone else about that, I am going to show Ms. Beijar here to her new home." With that, Zack got up put his rolled up clothes under one arm and held his other hand out to Amy. Helping her rise from her chair, Zack gave her another once over. She is definitely a winner. Looks and lusts, Zack thought as he headed toward the door Martha held open. Zack led Amy through the outer room and into the hall. Martha followed them, watching Amy's nice ass in her tight skirt, wondering if she would get a chance at the cute blonde. She then turned to head outside, thinking that Roger should be done with Kathryn by now.

Zack led Amy to the other side of the mansion. "This is what we call the home wing. Your suite will be here on the second floor." He started up the grand stairs in the front hall to the second floor. Walking a little ways down the left hand hall, he started up a second set of stairs. Amy watched his nut sack swing with each step.

"I thought you said my suite is on this floor."

"I did, but since you said you were comfortable with the way I am in my house, I am going to my room to put these away," gesturing at the bundle he carried.

On reaching the third floor, he turned to head toward the back of the house. The hallway they walked down contained five doors, two to a side and a larger one at the very end. Pointing at the two doors on either side, he explained that these were the special guest rooms. They were used by very close friends and family when visiting.

"The normal guest rooms are down on the second floor with your suite. The other staff quarters are in the Work wing. The first floor of this wing has the library, the game room, the den, and the movie room." The end of this speech brought them to the larger door. Zack pushed it open and walked in, beckoning Amy to follow him.

The room they were in was large but wasn't a bedroom. It held two comfortable chairs facing a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall opposite the door. To the left was two doors and on the right was a third. Zack headed to the door on the right. Amy followed. When she reached the doorway she paused; inside was a room that held plenty of space around the huge four poster bed. The mattress looked bigger than a king or queen, but that wasn't what caused Amy to pause. A auburn haired, well endowed woman was on her knees gripping the headboard, while a heavily tanned young man shoved a decent sized dick into her shaved and very wet pussy. Zack walked past the bed to a door in the corner, not even giving the fucking couple a second glance. Amy was mesmerized, she had watched pornos galore, but had never watched two people having sex. She couldn't take her eyes off of the guy's shiny shaft as his continued his rhythm without missing a beat.

"Amy," Zack's voice drew her eyes away from the bed, and toward a site that was almost as good. He had put away his shirt and shorts, as well as taking of his socks and shoes, he stood there completely nude. She couldn't stop herself from giving him another look. Well muscled without being overly bulky. Light patch of hair on his chest with a trail leading down to his groin. Once there it either petered out, or was shaved along with the rest of his pubic hair. His soft, flaccid cock dangled a good four inches, only to be overshadowed by his ball sack. Nuts the size of racquetballs hung in a wrinkled sack completely devoid of hair.

Damn, what would that be like when it is hard, Amy thought, and if what is on the bed is not enough, what would it TAKE to get it hard?


Again, Zack's voice brought her to herself. Looking back up into his eyes, she couldn't help blushing at getting caught staring.

"I am sorry," she stuttered "You were saying?"

"This is my wife Dawn, and the pool boy Carlos."

Amy realized that Carlos was Hispanic, not tanned. She also noticed that he was holding his hand out to shake. Her walk was a little shaky as she approached the bed and took his hand.

"Hello," his accent was very slight, almost non-existent.

She looked into his eyes as she returned his greeting. Then her eyes flicked down to where his body joined Dawn's. Jerking her eyes away, she saw that Dawn had turned and was offering her left hand while using her right to keep herself upright on the headboard. Amy moved to forward to take Dawn's hand. Dawn turned her head to face Amy as they shook.

"Welcome to the house, dear. I hope you ... ah..." Her breath left her in a whoosh. Looking back, Amy saw that Carlos had started thrusting again. "I hope you ... oh yeah ... enjoy your ... ugh ... time here ... oh yes ... just like that." Dawn took back her hand to braced herself against the headboard and started rocking back to meet Carlos' thrusts. Amy turned and hurried to the door where Zach was waiting.

"So ... do you still think you can handle living in this house?" Zack was grinning at Amy's obvious discomfort while closing the door behind her.

"Yes, I just didn't think it would be that sudden or that blunt."

Zack took a deep breath. "Or that arousing either?" Zack cocked an eyebrow, wondering if she would lie about her condition.

Amy blushed a little at being caught out. Hiding her eyes she nodded, not trusting herself to speak right now. With a laugh, Zack headed to the outer door. Amy followed, feeling the wetness between her thighs squishing with every step. Back out in the hall, Zack set a steady pace, heading down the stairs and turning back toward the rear of the house. Once again the hall ended at a door, but this hallway held four doors to a side, not just two.

Reaching the door at that end of the hall, Zack turned and waited for Amy to catch up. With a gesture, he indicated that she should open the door. Amy turned the knob and stepped inside. The first room was half the size as the room above. The only furniture was a love seat and two matching chairs. Between them was a low coffee table In the opposite wall were two other doors with a third door on the right hand wall. The left contained a big window.

"The door on the left is the bigger bedroom, the one on the right is the other one. The door in the right wall is the bathroom. This door here, and all of those doors lock."

Amy turned to look at the first door again. She saw that not only did it lock it also had a dead bolt installed.

"There on the coffee table are the keys to both locks. We respect each other's privacy here, but they are there for your own sake if you need them." Zack stepped around her and headed to the left hand door. Amy followed him. Inside the bedroom was a king size bed pushed into the far right hand corner. A large window took up most of the back wall. The left wall was all glass with a door leading out to a balcony. A matching dresser set was placed on either side of the double doors leading to a walk in closet on the right. The bed was made with a basic white sheet and the widows was shrouded in white curtains, the closet stood empty.

"If you wish, you can change, or we can continue our tour as we are."

"Change into what?" Amy was a little confused because she hadn't brought any other clothes with her. Then it dawned on her. He had told her that the staff usually goes about naked too. And they fuck their staff, Amy's thoughts went back to Dawn and Carlos. I wonder if he wants that too. Does he want to fuck me, here and now? That thought sent more pussy juice gushing into her already soaked panties. Zack saw comprehension dawn in her eyes. He just stood there and waited for her to make a move either way.

Amy was so hot and horny that if she didn't get relief soon she was going to scream in frustration. Deciding that the bold approach was probably best in this house, she stepped to the closet and slipped her blouse over her head. She deftly slipped the blouse onto a hanger and placed it on the rod. Unzipping her skirt, it soon hung beside the blouse. Leaving the closet, she moved to a dresser and opened the top draw. Reaching behind her she unhooked her bra and placed it in the draw. Slipping her thumbs under the waistband of her thong she slowly slid them passed her knees. With a sexy wiggle of her ass, they dropped to the floor. Instead of kneeling down to get them, she bent over straight legged, knowing this would show her wet pussy to Zack. After placing her panties beside her bra, she shut the draw and turned around.

So that is what it looks like hard. It is as long as Brad's, but looks thicker. Now what will if feel like sliding over my tongue or deep between my pussy lips? Zack's cock was rock hard after Amy's little show. Amy walked toward him and then dropped to her knees. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the thick meat hanging in front of her. Her thumb and forefinger could not touch. My god, this is going to feel so good inside me, so damn good. Leaning forward she stretched her lips wide to take his head into her mouth. After taking the head in, she locked her lips around the ridged of flesh defining the helmet shaped tip. With quick light flicks she tasted him. Running her tongue over the slit. She moved her head down and took more of him inside. The smooth velvety feel of him on her tongue sent shivers down her spine. She was a little over half way down him when he hit the back of her throat. Sucking in, she slowly drew herself off of him. When just the tip was inside, she reversed course and went back down him. She continued this slow gentle rhythm from lips to throat for several strokes. Then on the down stroke she started moving her tongue around the invading flesh. She kept up this pattern for several strokes, then removed him from her mouth to tongue her way down to his big ball sack. She kissed first one and then the other, she tried to suck one into her mouth but it was just too big. So she settled for placing her lips next to it in a kiss and started to hum. The vibration caused Zack to moan. Opening her lips a little she added swipes of her tongue to the humming. The new sensation caused Zack's knees to tremble. Reaching down he grabbed Amy's head and forced her off his balls. Looking down into her eyes he smiled. "My turn."

Using his grip on her head he tugged her to her feet. Wrapping his arms around her, he bent and placed a light kiss on her forehead. Tightening his arms around her, he trailed kisses down her face until his lips touched hers. His lips moved in the age old dance of sensual passion. His tongue trailed along her bottom lip until she opened them to let it in. The two wet muscles dueled inside her mouth. Withdrawing his tongue, Zack took her bottom lip between his teeth and bit it gently. He then moved down her neck to the slope of her breasts. He grazed his teeth over her succulent flesh, trailing butterfly kisses and little nips as he worked his way to her nipples. Amy threw her head back, thrusting her mounds toward his hot mouth. Zack closed his lips over her left nipple, sucking it in and flicking it with his tongue. As it grew to its full length, he bit down lightly, dragging his teeth back and forth over her sensitive nub. Amy moaned low in her throat at the tingling feeling spread from her tits to the pit of her being. Her juices were dripping from her pussy down her thighs.

Zack continued to feast on her ample breasts as he forced her step by step back toward the bed. He placed his hands on her ass, lifting her up as his mouth trailed down her stomach. She continued to lean back until her shoulders hit the mattress and his face was nestled between her legs. Maneuvering around a little, her legs wound up over his shoulders, with his strong hands cupping her ass and holding her pussy against his mouth. Once in position, he began to lick around her nether lips. He slurped up her flowing juices, licking her thighs to get it all. Once he had cleaned the outer lips, he drove his tongue deep into her to sup on her wet center. Amy's moans had grown louder, filling the room. When he thrust his tongue into her, the bridge of his nose connected with her engorged clit. That, combined with the overall situation, was enough to set her off. Writhing and jerking, she rode his face through her orgasm. Through it all, Zack continued to lick and suck her twat. Once she had settled down, he moved his tongue and lips to her clit. He gave it the same treatment he gave her nipples. After only a few minutes, she was cumming again. He continued his assault on her juicy core until he had brought her three more times. When he finally laid her down on the bed, she was limp and almost lifeless. Kneeling between her legs, Zack grabbed his swollen cock and rubbed the head against her wet pussy lips, slicking it up for its pending performance. After several strokes, he felt it was slick enough. Zack placed the tip at the entrance to her channel. With one long slow push, he buried his cock into her tight opening. Amy had barely revised from her back-to-back orgasms, when she felt his love muscle make its way into her. She was still sensitive enough that she came when he bottomed out. She locked her legs around his waist and held him tight as she rode out her fourth orgasm in less then ten minutes. Grasping her by the hips Zack pulled himself out as far as her strong legs would let him, then thrust himself back in. He repeated his actions, and then again. Soon he was making short fast strokes into her tight pussy. Amy moved her legs from around his waist and placed them on his shoulders. Zack let go of her hips to place his hands flat on the bed, pressing forward until he was hunched over her, driving his cock into her juicy folds from tip to root. Flexing her calves and thighs, Amy pulled her hips up to meet his thrust, forcing his big dick to the very back of her cunt. With a slight shift of his hips, Zack changed the angle of his pounding cock, causing it to rub against Amy's clit with every stroke. This new stimulation caused Amy's orgasmic euphoria to reach new heights. After several minutes of this, they were both moaning and grunt. Sweat flew from Zack body as he continued his assault on Amy's pleasure center. Amy had entered into a continuous orgasm; only the second time it had ever happened to her. She felt Zack's dick start to throb as he neared his own release. With a final thrust that buried his dick deep inside her, she felt him shoot his scalding hot cum onto the opening of her cervix. With another thrust, he let loose a second blast, and then a third. After the fourth thrust, she could feel his cum leaking around his softening dick and flow down the crack of her ass.

Roger and Kathryn watched at Martha stood up and approached the bed. With a lite push on his shoulder, Martha rolled Roger off of Kathryn. Kneeling down, she leaned into the junction of Kathryn's legs.

"I love the taste of Roger's cream. But I bet it tastes even better leaking from your sexy pussy." Her tongue flicked out and caught a wayward drop of cum. With little licks and swipes she made her way down the tanned thigh to Kathryn's wet twat. Without hesitation, she buried her tongue deep into her pussy. Placing her mouth entirely over the dripping cunt, Martha began to suck; slurping Roger's cum out of Kathryn. The wiggling tongue, the suction, and the feel of Martha's lips on her clit was enough to set Kathryn off again. With a shudder she climaxed, shooting a mixture of her juices and Roger's cum down Martha's throat. After swallowing all Kathryn had to give and licking up the few remaining drops of cum, Martha sat up, licking her lips.

"Mmm ... thats nice. You taste good and you add something special to Roger's already sweet cum. Now, how about returning the favor? I am so hot right now I could fuck a broomstick."

Kathryn quickly got off the bed and exchanged places with Martha. Taking a moment to admire the older woman's body, Kathryn had to admit that Martha was in good shape and a fine figure. Full breasted, slender waist, and hips that a man, or woman, could grab on to. A light brown patch of hair sat at the junction of her legs, but when Kathryn grabbed her knees and pulled her thighs apart, she saw that the rest was completely shaved. Martha's arousal was plainly obvious from her engorged lips and the juice running halfway to her knees.

Being slightly impatient and really wanting to taste her, Kathryn bent to Martha's knees and started licking up the juices there. Normal she would have started at the feet and teased her way in, but she felt Martha had been teased enough. With long sure strokes of her tongue she cleaned the juices from Martha's thighs before plunging deep between her shaved lips. Stiffening her wet muscle, she drove it as far into Martha's pussy hole as she could. She bottomed out with the bridge of her nose rubbing Martha's erect clit. Shaking her head from side to side and wiggling her tongue as best she could, Kathryn tried to get Martha off as fast as she could. Between the pressure on her clit and the agile tongue inside her, Martha popped off quick, flooding Kathryn's face and open mouth with her creamy sauce. Her quick release almost caught Kathryn off guard, but she hungrily slurped and swallowed the large flow.

Sitting back up, Kathryn trailed her fingers down Martha's thighs, ending up in the swampy center. With light caresses of her fingertips around the opening and hood, she soon had Martha back up to a fever pitch. Motion in the corner of her eye caused her to turn and look. Leaning back against the wall, Roger was slowly fisting his rejuvenated cock. With a grin on her face, she crooked a finger at him, beckoning him closer. Roger got up and knee walked his way between Martha's legs as Kathryn slid around. Her fingers never leaving the wet twat they were playing with. Lifting her leg over Martha's head, Kathryn settled into the 69 position. She removed her fingers from Martha's wet center, leaned forward and grabbed her legs behind the knees. Sitting up, she pulled Martha's legs up and back, opening her pussy for Roger's throbbing dick. Sitting up also ground her mound against Martha's talented tongue.

Lining up his prick with Martha's now open hole, Roger plunged in with one long stroke. Whatever sound Martha made with this sudden invasion was muffled by Kathryn's dripping snatch. Roger's bent over position brought him face to face with Kathryn. Actually it was more like face to boob, which Roger took full advantage of. Latching on to Kathryn's right nipple, he used his lips, tongue and even teeth to bring the Asian girl pleasure.

The three soon setup a rocking rhythm that hit all the right spots. In a few short minutes Martha was cumming around Roger's cock. Her first one was mild, but she soon hit a plateau where she was popping off on every other stroke. Even while she as climaxing, Martha was working overtime on Kathryn's wet pussy. Martha's tongue was everywhere, circling her clit, dipping into her hot hole, lapping around her little rosebud. She was slurping down all of Roger's cum and the girl juice Kathryn was producing. After four or five minutes of this, Kathryn too slipped into one continuous orgasm. Even with the little ones popping off, both ladies were ramping up to a big blow out. Roger braced himself and really began to pound into Martha's upturned hips, sliding his cock from tip to root on every stroke. He felt the tingling sensation in his nuts that signaled the imminent eruption. Grabbing Martha by the hips he slammed his dick as far in as it would go, holding himself deep inside Martha as he felt the first rope of cum shoot from the tip of his dick. Pulling back until just the head was inside he slammed back in, releasing another shot of cum.

The feeling of hot jism coating her inner walls, set Martha to moaning and shaking, pushing her over the edge of the big one. Her whole body spasmed, and if it weren't for Roger and Kathryn being on top of her, she would have shook herself off the bed. Martha's moaning sent vibrations through Kathryn's loins, setting of her own climax. Looking down she noticed that Roger had finished and fallen to the side. The sight of Martha's freshly fucked pussy, leaking ample amounts of cum and cream brought a moan of hunger from the sexual Asian. Falling forward, she brought her mouth to Martha's opening, licking, sucking and slurping all the tasty juices from the still writhing woman.

After Kathryn finished cleaning her up, Martha pushed her off to the side.

"No more, I can't cum no more..."

Roger started chuckling, then Kathryn joined in, soon all three was laughing so hard they were struggling to breath.

Jacob had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Sharon's ass and on his surroundings. Only when the cool night air hit him did he realize that they had walked out side. Looking up and around he saw that they were at the pool. He stopped and stared in stunned awe. The wings of the house created a large U-shape. Situated between the two short sides of the U was an odd shaped pool. The side opposite the house was Olympic length with a buoy rope and painted lane line. The near side curved in around an enclosed gazebo some twenty feet across. On the right was what looked like a volleyball court in about 2-3 feet of water. On the left was a series of diving boards topped with a high-dive platform several feet over the water. Overall it looked more like a pool at a water park then a private pool. Sharon took his hand and lead him to a raised deck on the right that held several outdoor chairs. Pushing him into one she threw her leg over him and sat down in his lap.

"Wh ... What are you doing?"

"I decided that I can show you more of the house and our duties later. I think we need to have a talk first and this is the more comfortable environment." She wiggled around a bit and felt some stirring in his tighty-whiteys. Throwing her arms around his neck she stared him in the eye. "I won't asked what happened, I won't asked how it happened. All I will ask is, will you let your past overshadow and control your future."

"I don't know what you are talking about." He tried to be nonchalant, but it was difficult with her so close and his dick getting so hard.

"You can't kid a kidder, Jacob. I know something happened to you. I can see the marks it left on you."

He knew for a fact that Mrs. Jones did not leave any marks. She was absolutely careful about that so that he would not have any physical proof of what her and her husband did to him. So he tried to brush the conversation aside.

"I still don't know what you are talking about." He forced his voice to be calm and even, but sweat broke out on his forehead. His fear of her was returning and he wasn't sure he keep it under control.

"Like I said, I don't want to know what or how or even when. But tell me this, why are you here?"

"You brought me out here."

"No. Not here on the chair, but here in this house. Why did you need money so bad you accept a job in a house such as this?"

"I just needed a job. This one was open, didn't need any experience and I also needed a place to stay."

"Don't give me that shit. I saw how you acted around Martha and the boss; hell even around me. The sight of Zack naked neither excited you nor disgusted you, it frightened you. You liked looking at Martha, I could tell, but you were afraid of her, even more so than of Zack. Then back in our room, yes there was lust in your eyes as I dropped to my knees, but at first there was more fear than anything else. So, why do you need the money so much you would accept a job working around people that you are afraid of?"

He sat stunned by her speech. Had he really revealed all that to a total stranger? How could she read him so accurately in such a short time knowing him? Then it dawned on him.

"You have been hurt too haven't you?" His voice was quiet but his gaze was intense as he stared into her eyes, willing her to tell him.

She dropped her eyes and then turned and looked away. "Yes, a long long time ago. But Martha and Dawn helped me when I needed it most. So, maybe one day I will tell you what happened. But for now just know that it is the past and it can not hurt me ever again." She spoke so low that he had to strain to hear her.

"Any way," once again her voice was its velvety southern self. "Why do you need the money? I want to know because if it is something stupid like you owe someone for drugs or other stupid shit the Boss needs to know. He has his pet peeves and drugs is one of them. Idiots are another."

"NO, not drugs. I ... I want to get my sister out of town before what happened to me happens to her too. I came to this city to find a job, make enough to get a house and then go back and bring her here. Now I guess I will just save up the money and get her an apartment nearby."

"Thats sweet, but stupid. Even with the wages the Boss pays, you couldn't afford even a one room apartment on this side of town. That is if you could even find one. Tell me, how old is your sister?"

"Marissa will be eighteen in two months. That is how long I have to save the money I need."

"Why? If she turns eighteen she should be able to leave on her own."

"I ... I can't tell you. Just it is important that I get her out of there on or before her eighteenth birthday. Very important." The fear he was feeling changed, morphing into the same despairing fear he had felt ever since he overheard Rev. and Mrs. Jones.

Sharon's heart went out to him as a look of utter hopelessness covered his face. She bent down and softly pressed her lips to his. With gentle movements she covered his mouth and cheeks with soft butterfly kisses. She felt him growing under her, as she worked her way to his ear. Sticking her tongue out, she flicked his earlobe with the tip. Shifting further down his lap she ran her nails through his chest hairs. Reaching the waistband of his underwear, she gripped them and started to tug them down. Jacob lifted his ass up to allow her to take them off. As the elastic moved over his crotch, his dick sprang free, already hard from her actions.

"I already know it tastes good, now I want to know what it feels like buried deep in me. Please?" She moaned the last word.

Wordlessly Jacob nodded. She finished pulling his underwear off then climbed back up his body. Grabbing his cock she placed the head at her opening. Slowly she lowered herself, feeling the mushroom head spread her outer lips then plunge into her hole. Each thick inch sent shivers through her as he relentlessly forced herself down on his pole. Once she was fully impaled, she leaned forward for another kiss. With her lips parted she darted her tongue into his mouth, twisting and twining around his. She reached behind him, to a latch on the chair. With a sudden lurch, Jacob fell back to lie prone beneath her. The hight of the chair was just about perfect for her to place her feet flat on the deck to help lift her up as she rose above him. When the head of his prick reached her opening, she reversed and started sliding back down. Up and down she moved, in slow even strokes. Jacob just laid there, letting Sharon set the pace. He was accustomed to being used. Absentmindedly he moved his hands over his head with his wrists crossed. That was how Mrs. Jones always wanted him. No touching but what she controlled. Sharon continued her slow pace.

Dawn and Carlos exited one of the side doors. With a brief kiss on the cheek, Carlos went left toward the pool house. Dawn walked toward the copulating duo. Grabbing a deckchair of her own, she adjusted the back to the angle she wanted and sprawled out in it. After making herself comfortable she looked up. Sharon was watching her with out missing a stroke, Jacob seemed oblivious to her presence. She watched them for a minute or two. She stood up and walked to them, coming up from behind Sharon, she leaned in and whispered into her ear. She looked over her shoulder at Jacob's face. His eyes were wide, his jaw clenched, and one hand was latched on tight to the other wrist. She could see the cords of muscle bunched in his arms.

"Jacob, isn't it?" Zack had told her about him. She was delighted to see that he was right about the young man's looks. She had always wanted variety in her lovers, so new male employees were always welcome. It never took them long to get into the swing of the house. But something was off about Jacob right now. She couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Hello, my name is Dawn. My husband Zack hired you."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Are you enjoying our household Jacob?"

"Yes, ma'am."

That's it, she thought, he isn't showing any emotion in his voice. For all it matters to him, he could be doing anything else, instead of here having a pretty young woman riding his cock. The last thought angered her a little. She knew Sharon to be a warm, caring, and gentle lover. One who thought of other's pleasure before her own. This young man didn't seem to be appreciating all she was doing for him. She bent back to Sharon's ear.

"What is wrong with him?" she growled in a hoarse whisper.

Sharon's eyes snapped open. She took in the scene before her. The hand grasping the wrist, the strain in his arms; all of it. It hit her then, the thing he didn't want to talk about.

With a gasping cry she forced herself up and back, pushing Dawn with her as she felt him pop out. "Oh you poor thing. That's it. That's what happened. And here I am putting you right back in the same position. It must have seemed no different in me pleasing you and ... and HER," she loaded that one pronoun with such contempt that even Dawn backed off a step or two. "Her using you for her own pleasures. What you must think of us. How you must think you have jumped out of the pan and into the fire. Well that is going to stop. From this point forward no one, and I mean NOONE," she sent a look Dawn's way, "is going to touch you without your express permission."

Jacob setup. He reached for her hand and latched on. "Please, don't stop. What you were doing was so different; so soft, so gentle that I was really enjoying it. I just looked up and seen her and I got confused about where I was and who I was with. And I don't even know why, Dawn looks nothing like Mrs. Jo..." Suddenly he realized what he was saying and clamped his mouth shut. He wouldn't talk about it. No one would believe him anyway.

"She had to be in control didn't she?" Dawn had finally caught on to what was actually going on. Her anger at him was gone, but in its place was a greater one toward whoever had abused this young man. "She was one that wouldn't allow you to touch her unless under direct orders and instructions. Did she actually restrain you, or just punish you when you moved from whatever positions she put you in?"

"I ... I don't know what you are talking about." Jacob was not very convincing as his eye bulged out of his head and his words stumbled over themselves.

"Fine, have it your way, just remember. In this house NO means NO, to ANYONE. Now if you would like to continue what you were doing I am going to go sit over there and watch Carlos clean the pool." So saying she walked back to her chair and arranged herself in the most comfortable position she could.

"I am so sorry, I thought I knew what you had gone through but I guessed wrong. If I had known I wouldn't have done what I did." Sharon was still standing at the foot of the chair. Her face was downcast, her eyes big and filled with unshed tears. "I ... I would understand if you wanted to go. I can show you the house later..." Her voice trailed off.

"No, like I said I liked what you were doing. You are absolutely great. Please I would like to continue but I am not sure I can do it here where they can see us."

Her lips quirked up in a half smile and her eyes cleared as she looked at his now half hard cock. "While I would love to take this back to our room, I think it would be best for you if you tried to get into the mood and attitudes of this house. You will find that as you clean, you will come across the Boss fucking, sucking or being sucked by any of the female staff and his wife over there. You will also see just about every combination of any two or more of the staff also enjoying themselves together. And you will probably be walked in on while doing any activities you choose to do with myself or others here. So, since this is a mild setting I think it would be a great one for your first time."

"But first," she stepped forward and grabbed the back of the chair, bringing it to the upright position. She then straddled his lap once again. This time she wrapped her arms around him, drawing him to her. When he just sat there, she moved her hands down his arms, catching his hands in her own. With gentle pressure she moved his arms around herself, placing his hands on the cheeks of her ass. When he seemed to have a good firm grip she moved her hands back around his neck. Leaning forward she started kissing him with slow measured movements. He gradually started kissing back. His arms tightened around her hand his fingers dug into the supple flesh of her ass. She felt his revitalized dick prodding her from below. With deft twitches of her hips, she managed to get him back into her. Once again she started stroking up and down, all the while kissing and nibbling on him. Her hands were always in motion, sliding up his arms to his shoulders. Down his back to feel the muscles move under his skin. To his chest, holding onto him for a few strokes and then back to his face to hold him in a kiss. They lost themselves to the moment, not caring who saw them, only seeing each other, and knowing only the pleasure they were sharing.

Once they had a chance to catch their breath, Amy and Zack got out of the bed. Looking at each other, they realized this was just the first of many such encounters. Amy had a little grin on her face as the realization struck her. Damn, she thought, I could be fucking him ever day for who knows how long. And his wife, and Martha, and don't forget Kathryn too. Plus there is no telling how many others he brings into the house. A whole smörgåsbord of men and women to play with. Amy shivered at the thought. She always knew she had a high sex drive, but her new enthusiasm for multiple partners surprised even her. I am a slut, a sex crazed slut. The thought really bother her. It stuck in her head as she walked out of the room to the suite's bathroom. With it bouncing around her mind she was unable to notice the tasteful design of the room. After relieving her bladder, and expelling most of Zack's gift, she used a washrag she found to clean up. As she stepped through the door back into the first room she noticed Zack staring out of the window. She looked at him. His nice ass, his muscled back. She liked him. She wasn't going to fool herself and say she loved him, he was married. But she did like him, a lot. He turned and noticed her in the doorway. Beaconing her over, he turned back to the window. As she stepped up next to him, he put one arm around her shoulder and used the other to point down to the pool area. There in a pool chair was Jacob and Sharon. Neither had a stitch of clothes on and it looked like Sharon was enjoying her seat in Jacob's lap. In a chair not far from them was Dawn, equally naked. Judging by the movements of her hands she was enjoying the show. At the pool was Carlos, wearing what Amy was coming to think of as the house uniform (IE. nothing), actually cleaning the pool, but even from two stories up it was obvious he was enjoying the show just as much as Dawn was.

"So, do you still want to take this job?" Zack's voice startled her out of her contemplations.

"Yes. Can I get a car to go pick up my things tomorrow?" She decided she did want to be here. She liked all the she had seen and done. She would worry about if that made her a slut later. For now she was just looking forward to what tomorrow would bring.

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