The Traveling Wizards
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A traveling couple stops helps a Queen with her problems.

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom far away, there lived a King and Queen. Now King Brent was a handsome man, a warrior still in his prime. Six feet tall, tanned and fit from sword practice, dirty-blonde hair hanging loose to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes looking out from a rugged face. Queen Gwen was slightly shorter, a statuesque woman with raven black hair and sensual green eyes, who retained her beauty and figure even after having three wonderful children. But there was a small problem in this land of happiness. Lately the Queen had been dissatisfied with the King's inattention. They argued now, and in one such argument he said he was just tired of it all and wanted her to leave him alone. He then moved out of their suite into rooms of his own, leaving her to an empty bed and lonely nights.

Now, Queen Gwen was not a person to just give up. She secretly sent messengers out to seek help for her situation. She offered a great reward for anyone who could rekindle the flame in her failing love life. Many charlatans answered her call. Some offered powders and potions to slip into his drink, others offered amulets for her to wear to arouse his lust, and even more offered "magical words" to whisper into his ear. None of them worked. Some even pushed him further away. Gwen fast approached despair of ever getting her love life back again.

Then one day a man and a woman called upon the castle. He introduced himself as Meric and the woman as his wife, Megan. They were just passing through, and looking for a place to sleep for the night. Being the kind rulers that they were, the King and Queen allowed them to stay in an unused guest room, ordering a page and a maid to tend to their needs. While settling the guests in, the maid, Rachael, dropped one of their bags. Out tumbled many strange items and devices.

"Oh", she exclaimed, "What are those?"

Megan quickly gathered them back up while Meric answered, "Just the tools of our trade, my dear."

"I have never seen tools like that m'lord." the maid said.

"Well they are very special tools, my dear", he said with a wide grin on his face, "for a very special trade." Then he winked at her.

"Are you wizards!?!?" she gasped.

"No, we just have a few tricks to make live easier to live."

Megan spoke up from the corner where she stashed the bag, "If you want, you can come by after dinner and we can show you."

Meric swept his eyes over the maid. Nice body, little thin in the hips, but a full bust. Young though, might have seen twenty summers if that. "Yes, my dear, please come by after dinner. We would be glad to show you our tricks of the trade."

Dropping a quick curtsy she then hurried off to help the Queen prepare for dinner.

Back in the guest room...

"You really want her to come back?" Meric asked his wife, as he watched her begin to strip off her traveling clothes.

"Yes, she is cute, and the Queen did say she is to attend our every need." There was a special look in her eyes as she said that, one that foretold an eventful night.

Dinner was served in the great hall. Three tables forming a "U" in the middle of the room. Sideboards loaded with delicious meats and breads and other dishes. Meric and Megan sat as far from the King and Queen as you could get and still be at the tables, but they were served with no less courtesy than anyone else at the table was. Entertainment was provided in the form of jugglers and a bard performing in the center of the tables. After dinner Meric and Megan retired to their room. Shortly after they had bathed there was a knock at the door. Meric answered it while his wife finished toweling off and was getting dressed for bed.

"Requested my presence, m'lord?" she asked with a slight dip of her body.

"Yes. If you would, help Megan finish dressing please. I will be out here getting ready to show you our trade." He answered with a grin on his face and twinkle in his eye.

Rachael hurried across the room to the door of the sleeping room. There she stopped to take in the site before. Megan had dried off from her bath and was rummaging in her bag for a nightdress. Her pretty face was turned in profile to show a small nose with an upturned tip. Her strong chin sat above a sturdy neck. Her pleasantly plump breast hung just a little over her stomach, which pouched just a tiny bit. Long, thick legs flowed from hips just right for childbirth. The thing that caught Rachael's eye the most, though, was her hair. Long, full, fire red hair hanging damply down her back to brush the top of her ripe, round ass. The trimmed bush at the fork of her legs proved she was born with that color. Somehow sensing her presence, Megan turned. Sensual gray eyes the color of a stormy sky widened slightly then a mischievous look entered them as she turned.

"So you did decide to join us." She murmured as she approached Rachael. Her moves were graceful and sensual, causing a flush to creep up the young maid's body while a small fire seamed to spring to life in the center of her being.

When less then a foot separated them Megan reached out and ran a finger down Rachael's cheek. Dropping from her face, Megan's hand fell into the small amount of cleavage shown off by the castle livery. Rachael gasped as Megan began slowly undoing the laces of the dress, exposing more of the valley between her heaving breasts. Like a stunned doe, Rachael just stood there as Megan pulled the dress off her shoulders to fall to the floor in a heap around her ankles. Slipping her fingers into the top of her under-things, Megan tugged Rachael further into the room and spun her toward the bed.

"M-m-m'lady," Rachael was finally able to stammer, "what are you doing?"

"Showing you some of our tricks of the trade my dear." Megan's voice was husky, and a hungry look came over her face as she stared at the lush body before her. Like her husband, she believed Rachael's hips were a little thin, but those long legs looked toned and strong. The breast-band held her tits in place, but did nothing to hide the creamy white skin. The dark aureoles were showing through the thin fabric and the fat nipples poked out, proving that the girl was getting excited.

With a quick swoop, Megan knelt and reached around behind Rachael to ties holding the band in place. Her nimble fingers made short work of the knots and the piece of cloth fell into Rachael's lap. As soon as the right nipple was free, Megan bent and flicked her tongue across it.

Rachael had never felt anything like it. A jolt raced through her body, flashing from her nipple through out the rest of her body. The fire that she felt earlier swelled and moved down into the juncture of her legs, causing her to get moist. Another jolt followed the first as Megan continued to lick, then suck her nipples. Megan's hands were not idle during all of this, but roamed from Rachael's back, to her tummy, then down her legs and back again, stopping only to play with her other nipple. Then Megan switched her mouth over to the other breast and brought her hand up to play with the now hard nipple. Once it too was hard, she then alternated back and forth, back and forth, stroking the fire in the pit of Rachael's being until she thought she would burst from it.

Suddenly cold air assaulted her nipples as Megan stepped back then pulled her to her feet. Kneeling down, Megan gripped her under-things and pulled them down to show a dark, untrimmed bush. Droplets of moisture clung to her hairs; evidence of the lust coursing through her body. With the cloth at her feet, she was again pushed onto the bed, this time onto her back. Feathery touches traveled from the inside of her knee to the area around her navel and back to the other knee. Looking down, Rachael saw Megan lean in and plant a kiss on the inside of her thigh. Megan's hands traveled back to her knees and began a gentle push outward. More kisses followed, and slowly Rachael's legs fell open allowing Megan complete access to her dark pleasure spot. Megan's fingers, so nimble on the knots of the dress and band, now blazed trails of fiery lust through Rachael's thick bush and wet folds. After stroking her pussy lips, Megan's fingers then plunged in, wiggling and squirming the whole time. Pushing and stroking, Megan got two fingers in, then setup a gentle in and out rhythm. In and out, faster and faster until her hand was a blur. The whole time this was going on, her other hand had never stopped stroking and playing with Rachael's lips. Then Megan's head dipped and her tongue joined her fingers in exploring the secrets of Rachael's now drenched pussy.

Rachael was lost in a world of pleasure, no longer caring what happened as long as Megan never stopped. The fire in her coursed out of control as wave on wave of sheer bliss flowed through her body. Suddenly, what felt like a bolt of lightning hit her pussy as Megan's tongue flicked over her clit. Again and again the lightning struck until she could stand it no more. Screaming out her rapture, Rachael burst the fire inside erupting and pouring out of her. Her limbs shook and her body spasm as the pleasure kept building and building. Then she passed out.

When Rachael regained conciseness, Megan was laying beside her stroking her skin and playing with her nipples and clit.

"My turn." She said with a grin.

"Your turn?" Rachael stammered out.

"Yes, I want you to do the same thing to me ... Don't worry, I will tell you what to do."

Megan moved up the bed to lean against the headboard. Rachael moved her head tentatively toward Megan's nipple. Her tiny tongue slipped out from between her lips to give it a cursory swipe. Then again, and then once more. After a few more licks, Rachael lowers her head some more and takes the nipple in her mouth. Lightly grazing the nipple with her teeth, Rachael forces as much of the big tit in her mouth as she could. Feeling Megan shudder a little empowered her to try more, sucking on the nipple while flicking her tongue across the tip. Also bringing her hand up to pinch and play with the other nipple. Megan's shudders grew larger and more frequent. Her breathing grew heavy and she started gasping out; "Yes, that's it. Pinch those nipples, bite them." Feeling bold with power, Rachael moved her lips down Megan's nice body. Leaving a trail of light kisses and butterfly licks, Rachael finally reached Megan's fire-red bush.

Hesitating now, not believing what she was doing, Rachael moved her face into the fork of Megan's legs. Then the aroma hit her, this musky fragrance rising up from Megan's pussy, curling into Rachael's nose and seaming to shoot straight to her brain. Something clicked in there, gone was the shy quiet maid. In her place was a lust filled woman who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it. She didn't put her face into Megan's pussy, she dove in, licking and nibbling. First attacking the clit then lapping all around it. She slid her tongue into Megan's hole to slurp up her juices. All this time her hands are still up pinching and playing with Megan's now sensitive nipples. It wasn't long before Megan shuddered her way through a larger orgasm. But Rachael wasn't finished yet. Repositioning her self, she brought her hands down to join the fun. She slipped a finger deep into Megan, burying it to the knuckle. Twisting and wiggling it she brought Megan to the brink of release, but no further. Soon a second finger joined the first, thrusting in and out while the thumb joined her tongue in tormenting Megan's clit.

It's unbelievable, Megan thought, this could not be the same shy girl that showed them to their room this afternoon. This was an experienced woman that knew just how to bring another woman to the brink of ecstasy and keep her there. She would approach release and Rachael would slow down, then speed right back up, bringing her to the edge again and again.

Rachael lifted her head from Megan's pussy. "Tell me what you want." She hissed, "Beg me for it..."

"P-P-P-Please, m-m-make me cum. Let me cum." Megan whispered, gasping for breath.

"What was that? I can't hear you"

"P-P-P-P-Please!" she cried out, "I need to cum"

"My pleasure." With that, Rachael redoubled her efforts. Fingers a blur tongue everywhere at once. Then she felt Megan stiffen, then begin to shudder as one orgasm after another racked her beautiful body.

Megan cried out as her back arched, her muscles locked and what felt like a flood of juices gushed from her pussy, drenching Rachael's face, hands, and the bed. Spots danced in front of her eyes and stars burst in her head as Rachael maintain her activities, prolonging the pleasurable agony. Then the fingers slowed and the tongue stilled as Rachael brought her down out of the clouds and back onto the bed.

Once Megan had settled a little, Rachael looked over her shoulder at the door. There stood Meric, nude and sporting a raging hard on that he was lightly stroking.

"Well, you going to stand there and waste that nice hard cock, or are you going to get over here and fuck me?"

Meric took a moment to study the once quiet maid. Her ass was in the air, wiggling provocatively, her face peering at him from over her shoulder was still wet from his wife's pussy juice and a look in her eyes that promised a sex filled night lay ahead.

"But of course my dear, I hate wasting a good opportunity." And with a slow grin on his face he strolled to the bed.

Meanwhile in another part of the castle...

Queen Gwen sat on her bed and cried. She knew the end of her marriage was near if not already here. On the way to her rooms tonight she seen one of her ladies-in-waiting slipping into the King's chambers, wearing little more than a thought. Tired of staring at the same four walls, she stood up and absently threw a robe around her nightgown and left her rooms. Wondering the halls she pondered about what had gone wrong in her marriage. They like a lot of the same things; hawks, horses, hounds, the tournaments, and even hunting. The bedroom games were fun and energetic, so she didn't know why he had stop touching her, stopped loving her, stopped wanting her.

She heard a door open in the distance. She leaned around a corner; she was next to the King's chambers. There, still wearing little, was the lady-in-waiting she had seen earlier heading this way from his rooms. Before she turned a corner, Gwen got a look at her face, she had seen that look before; She had looked at it in the mirror every morning for the last 10 years, contentment. She wanted that again.

As she was thinking this she had resumed walking again. Her feet lead her into the guest area. Another sound intruded on her thoughts. This time it was a low, human-made sound. As she got closer to the source she realized what they were, moans. Pleasure filled moans. The kind made by a person in ecstasy. As she drew nearer she realized that the sounds were coming from the quarters she settled that traveling duo into.

Making a decision, knowing it wasn't decent; she quickly stepped around a corner. Five hurried strides brought her to a seemingly blank wall. Touching a stone, she pushed; a hidden passage opened up. She stepped in and closed the wall behind her. She moved to the first peep hole, the one showing their greeting room. It was empty, so she moved to the next. Sliding the panel out of the way, she leaned in and placed her eyes even with the holes.

At first all she could see was Meric, naked, standing behind a feminine form kneeling on the edge of the bed. His hips were rocking, thrusting his cock in and out. She could see the wet sheen on his dick every time he withdrew. Unconsciously her hand drifted down her body to the fork of her legs. She watched as Meric's dick thrust into the dark-haired pussy. She could see it stretching out the blood-engorged lips every time his hips moved. The sound of skin slapping skin was loud in the room. His hands were on the woman's hips, pulling her back to meet his thrusts. As she watched, her fingers had moved between her own puffy lips, sliding from her hole to her clit. Her clit started to swell, and her hole to leak, as she became more and more aroused. Leaning against the wall, her other hand joined in the fun. Soon she had one finger slipping in and out of her pussy, while the fingers of her other hand played with her clit and pussy lips. Then she heard Meric start to grunt and growl and she watched as he picked up speed. His hips were a blur as he growled louder and louder, and her hands were moving just as fast, building up her release. Suddenly he slammed into the woman hard, holding her in place as his ass clinched and his body jerked. Knowing that he was spraying his seed into his wife almost brought Gwen to her own release, but not quite. Her hands picked up sped, rubbing and thrusting harder, striving for release.

She watched as Meric's hands moved up the outside of the shapely body in front of him, then pulled her up. A head of dark hair flung back, resting on his shoulder, and then the face became visible. Gwen gasped in shock; it was her maid Rachael. Before her mind had time to take it in, Megan's head came into view. Gwen watched, amazed, as Megan took one of Rachael's nipples into her mouth and started sucking. That was it, Gwen's body and mind could not take anymore, she came. A body racking, earthshaking flood of an orgasm roared through her. Little bolts of passion arced from nipple to nipple and traveled down to her now sopping pussy. Her knees trembled as she fought to stay upright and keep her eye on what was going on in the room. She heard them talking.

"It's still hard." Rachael breathed in wonder.

"But of course it is, my dear," Meric murmured in her ear, "Not much use otherwise."

"Want some more of it?" Megan asked. Her mouth still moved from nipple to nipple as her fingers played with their conjoined sex.

"Yes!" She cried. "Yes! Please!"

Rachael was in another world. A world defined only by pleasure, by the fire in her pussy, the tingling in her nipples and the over all feelings in her entire body. Meric's dick twitched and throbbed even after he had released his seed in her. She could feel it squishing out of her, leaking onto his balls, and dribbling down her thigh. Megan's fingers at her clit were maintaining her level of arousal.

"Please!" She moaned, "give me more. I want MORE." Her voice fairly dripped with lust. She seized Megan's head and pulled her into a fierce kiss. Their lips moved against each other as Rachael's tongue forced its way into Megan's mouth, twirling and twining with her tongue. Then she felt this emptiness in her, and realized that Meric had removed his dick and was sitting on the edge of the bed. Then Megan pulled her down until she was once again kneeling on the bed with Megan under her. Megan broke their kiss, and pushed on Rachael's shoulder, moving her into a new position. Rachael found herself staring at Megan's pussy only inches away. With out further prompting, she dived back into the sopping wet pussy. Again the musky aroma assaulted her nose. Again the tangy flavor of her juices trickled onto her tongue. She fell back into the bliss of pleasing another woman, barely aware of Megan returning the favor on her own over-sensitive pussy.

For a few minutes they stayed like that, trading lick for lick, finger stroke for finger stroke. Then a new sensation jolted through her. Meric's dick was driving back into her willing hole, thrusting deeper and deeper. Megan's tongue never missed a beat, continuing to lick her clit, occasionally moving to Meric's swinging ball sac. Back and forth, he slid his dick in her, faster and harder with every stroke. Rachael's passion climbed higher and higher as the husband and wife duo continued to enjoy their newfound toy.

Gwen could do believe what she was seeing. Her shy, quiet, timid little maid Rachael had willingly put her face into that woman's crotch. AND Megan had done the same. The squishy, slurping sounds were rivaled only by the women's moans of pleasure. She watched as Meric crawled towards his wife's head, then guided his ridged dick into Rachael. Her view was perfect. She could see right between his legs to his plunging dick, his ass clenching and unclenching as he drove himself into Rachael. She watched as Megan's tongue traveled over her pussy and his dick. Rachael's loud moans proved she was enjoying it.

All this time, her hands had staid busy at her over-heated pussy. She had brought her self to release three times watching the trio in the room, and was fast approaching a fourth. She continued to watch for several minutes, achieving another release in the process. She heard Rachael cry out her own release several times as well. Then she saw Meric remove his cock, and she watched him place the head of his dick higher up. NO, He is not putting that in...

Rachael felt Meric withdraw his dick, then felt the head of it prodding at her bum.

"No!" She tried to scream, pushing her self up, but right at that time Megan moved her legs up and wrapped her thighs around Rachael's head, trapping her face against her pussy. At the same time she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Rachael's ass cheeks, holding her in place.

"Relax, you are going to love this." Megan then buried her head back into Rachael's now empty pussy.

All this time, Meric had been slowly pressing forward; inching his was into her ass. Rachael felt as if he was splitting her in two. Then she felt a small pop, and the head was in. The pain lessened a little bit, but she still felt the burning sensation traveling deeper into her. After what felt like an eternity, but was really only a couple of minutes, she felt his hips hit her upturned ass. There he stopped, and waited. All this time Megan's tongue had never stopped working on her clit. Gradually the burning feeling left and she started to feel less uncomfortable with it in her. Finally she started to rock her hips, letting him know it was OK to continue.

As soon as he felt her start to twitch, Meric slowly withdrew his cock, then pushed it back in. With a gently rocking motion he gradually picked up speed. After a few minutes he heard her start to moan again and begin to push herself backwards onto his cock. That was it, he grabbed her hips and picked up his pace some more. It wasn't long before he felt the tingling feeling signaling that he was about to cum.

The new sensations of having a dick in her ass were driving Rachael to another orgasm. Megan's actions on her clit brought it on even faster. Her pussy clenched on emptiness and her ass tightened around his dick as the passion raced through her yet again.

Meric felt her ass contract on his cock, and over the edge he went. Wave after wave of cum poured from him, coating the walls of her ass and leaking out of the side and onto Megan's face.

Gwen watched as Meric removed his dick and collapsed sideways onto the bed. She then saw Meric's cum start to dribble out of Rachael's ass, down her pussy lips and into Megan's waiting mouth. She was revolted and fascinated as Megan moved her mouth to Rachael's ass and began to lick and suck her husband's cum.

After cleaning Rachael's newly used hole, Megan pushed her off and stood up. Megan stretched, turning toward the wall where Gwen's eyes roved over every inch of her. She then leaned over and pulled Rachael to her feet. Turning her to also face the wall, Megan moved behind her, wrapping her arms around in front. Megan's hands went straight to Rachael's pussy, as she placed her head on Rachael's shoulder.

"I want you to CUM back tomorrow night. I still haven't shown you our tools yet. That is if your Queen would graciously allow us to stay another night." With this last her eyes darted to the holes barely visible in the stones of the wall.

Gwen jerked back as Megan's eyes seemed to make direct contact with her own. That comment about her ... but no she thought they could not know she was here ... but her eyes. Gwen moved back to the holes in time to see Meric join his wife in playing with Rachael's pussy. She caught a glimpse of his dick ... it was still hard! Twice she had seen him cum and his cock was still ready for more. Then she heard him say.

"Yes, my dear, please cum back tomorrow night, we want you to SEE every thing we can do." As he said "see" his eyes also seemed to make contact with her own. Then he smiled this little inviting smile, like he was daring her to spy on them again. But he can't know she was there, she never had made enough noise to be heard over their-own sounds of pleasure. They were strangers to the castle so they could not know of the secret passageways. She focused back on the room in time to see Rachael experience another orgasm. Meric and Megan held her in their arms as she slowly regained composure. Then she watched as they both dressed her like a large doll. Sliding her under-things back on, placing the maid uniform back over her shoulders and retying the laces. For some reason watching them slowly dress her maid brought her to another release. This one was just as strong or stronger than the ones she had earlier. She saw them leading Rachael out of the room and decided to make her own exit as well. Leaving the secret doorway behind, Gwen moved to the intersection just off the guestrooms. She waited until Rachael came out, then followed her back to the servant's quarters.

Rachael walked in a daze, she never would have thought such feelings were possible, and with another woman no less. She made it back to her room without ever really seeing her surroundings. She stood by the bed and stripped. The smell of her recent adventures still permeated her skin. She slid under the covers and rolled over to go to sleep. Unconsciously her hand moved to her sticky pussy. In this position she drifted off to sleep, her last thought being what they would do tomorrow night.

After watching Rachael enter her room, Gwen headed toward her own. She had a lot to think about. And some decisions to make. In the back of her mind she was already thinking of how to sneak back to her hiding place before Rachael got there. She wanted to watch everything from the beginning this time.

Back in the guestroom...

"So how long do you think she was there" Meric asked his wife as they lay in the bed.

"She showed up right after you started fucking that little bit from behind." Megan's voice sounded drowsy. She curled up against his side; her hand came down on his still hard dick. "You can let this go now."

"Why don't you do it?" he said, as he pulled her on top of him, kissing her neck and the top of her breasts.

Megan laughed as she climbed on her husband for one last ride for the night.

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