Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Just a brief interlude during my recent holiday.

Nine o'clock on a warm September evening, there were a couple of bottles of beer on the table and two mugs of tea. I picked up my beer and Joanne took hers. Jeffery (never Jeff, Jeffery disapproved of being called 'Jeff') looked disapprovingly at her then returned to a conversation with my wife regarding opera, or was it Gaudi this time. Buggered if I knew, far too highbrow for me.

Then came the shocker. "Darling," said SWMBO, "Jeffery is going down to Barcelona tomorrow; he has two tickets for La Traviata."

"Oh good," I said, not really interested. "Have a nice time Jeff."

Jeffery smiled at me. "I will," he replied. He must have practised that smile while sucking lemons.

"Do you like Verdi, Joanne," I asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know anything about motor racing."

Jeffery almost had a coronary. "He composed the opera my dear." The last two words were hissed by someone who dearly wanted to yell at his other half but was in company and so didn't. I was sure he would do so later, and longer and louder to make up for the delay.

I laughed. I think that I saw what Jeffery didn't. Joanne knew who Verdi was and was just having a little fun. And why not? They were on holiday as were SWMBO and I, though I think we were having more of a holiday than they were.

SWMBO continued, "Err ... Joanne doesn't like opera and in her condition." Joanne was about seven months pregnant and showing it very much. "She doesn't really want to traipse round Barcelona all day and then suffer La Traviata."

"No," I said in agreement. "You should get into the pool Joanne, let the water take that weight and cool down a bit." It had been unseasonably hot for the past week.

"I can't swim. I've been meaning to try, but..." she looked at her bump.

SWMBO jumped into the half second of silence, "Jeffery has offered to take me down to see it. And you know how long it's been since I last attended a Grande Opera."

"Oh!" I looked at Jeffery, he looked a little nervous as did my wife. Was something going to happen? Well I don't know. But I did know that if they intended to 'do something' (that sounds better than fuck like bunnies doesn't it) then they would do so. They would think of some excuse to get away together. Here was an ideal time and excuse. They could be alone for the day and do what they felt that they needed to do. I would see what else was in the pipeline. "That's nice. Do you have a dress suitable for the opera?"

"I brought my blue one, the A-line one with the front panel." I tried to look as though I knew what she was talking about but had been left behind after the word blue.

"That's nice precious."

"We were looking at Tosca on Wednesday as well." Jeffery put in.

"Can you get tickets?" I asked.

"The hotel have offered me a good deal on the tickets if I book for the two days," Jeffery admitted. He smiled at the thought of saving a few Euro on the good deal. Or was it the thought of screwing a new acquaintance's wife that made him smile. Ummm, from my (short) experience of Jeffery it was probably the money.

"Well, it seems stupid to return here from Barcelona just to drive back again. Why don't you stay over the extra night." I suggested.

"What will you do," SWMBO asked.

"Me," I shrugged my shoulders, "I've got my writing, and you know I like slobbing on the beach. In the evening I'll eat on site and then have a couple of beers at the bar. Get some more writing done then, too." I looked at Joanne, "I might take Joanne for some swimming lessons and give her a good groping while she's helpless."

"PAUL!" SWMBO was scandalised. Jeffery looked at little unsure of what to do. I don't think anyone had ever offered to grope his wife in front of him before.

Joanne though, she was another story. I don't think anyone else noticed the involuntary movement her hand made towards her breast, or the way her nipples suddenly showed through her blouse.

"I need to pack, and you can help me," SWMBO ordered. I think this was supposed to be a punishment for my comment about groping Joanne.

Jeffery and Joanne left their drinks and went back to their caravan. We were on a holiday park halfway between Barcelona and the French border, on the Bay of Rosas. The caravans were thirty-two foot static vans kitted out for the English tourists with all the comforts of home including showers and flush toilets.

We packed what SWMBO thought would be enough for two nights away (i.e. about a weeks worth) into a wheelie suitcase. As SWMBO didn't drive (that's what she had a husband for), and I thought that Jeffery wouldn't want to slum it in my small saloon, I assumed that they'd be taking his Mercedes.

SWMBO went to bed early as she had an early start in the morning. I back went out to finish off my beer; looking over to Jeffery and Joanne's van, I saw her sitting alone on the veranda.

I walked over carrying both bottles of beer.

"Want to finish your beer?" I asked.

She looked at me bright-eyed and smiling. "No," she stood up, "I want a fresh one. Will you buy me a beer at the bar?"

"I'll buy you two if you want."

I put the bottles back on my table, ensured that the van doors were locked, that being the sign to SWMBO that I was going to the bar, and walked over to her.

Joanne linked her arm in mine and we slowly walked to the bar.

"Would you really try and teach me to swim?" Joanne asked timidly.

"Aren't you afraid that I might take advantage of you if I did that?" I looked at her, her head was down but I could still see the signs of a blush on her cheeks. "You know that I would have to hold you up while you're in the water and you don't have that many legal places left for me to put my hands."

With her head down, and so quietly I could hardly hear her she replied, "Maybe you'll have to use some illegal places then."

And now I really could see her blush.

"Maybe I should buy you three beers," I laughed.

"Paul! Are you trying to get me drunk?"

"Will that help me get to the illegal places?"

She looked at me sideways, her smile lit her whole face. "I don't know. I can't remember the last time someone was trying to have their way with me." She stopped and turned to me, "You are trying to have your way with me aren't you?"

"Oh yes." I replied.

"That's OK then."

We had a pleasant evening talking about ourselves. She was open and answered freely, even when I asked about her marriage. I had an enjoyable hour with her and walked her back to her van.

"They're leaving early and having breakfast on the way," Joanne told me, "come over when they've gone and I'll do breakfast for us."

"Thank you, I'll look forward to that."

"Bring your swimming trunks if you want." She glanced at me.

"You should remember that flirty little girls get smacked bottoms."

She ran her hands over her bump, "And what do big girls get?"

"They get smacked on their bare bottom."

She smiled and entered her van.

I went to my van and slipped into bed. SWMBO was unusually restless that night.

The alarm went off at seven thirty. I had been up since six o'clock and had made mugs of tea though I didn't think that SWMBO would want to drink that much just before a long drive.

SWMBO had a shower using my things while I finished her packing. Last night I made sure that her mobile phone was charged and had credit. At ten to eight she was ready to go. I wish she was that quick when she was going out with me.

Joanne and I waved as the car drove out of sight and then she looked at me.

"Am I going to be safe with you?" she asked.

"No." I answered as truthfully as I dared.

"Good, you can come in and have some breakfast then."

"How about we take a slow walk up to get a paper first?" I suggested.

"You're not suggesting that they might come back trying to surprise us are you?"

"Who me?" I asked in all innocence. We did, however, slowly walk up to the bookshop to get our papers. As we left the shop we saw Jeffery's car drive quietly back towards our vans.

"The suspicious bastard!" Joanne hissed.

Walking, we could use shortcuts that brought us to the vans only moments after the car had arrived. We could see SWMBO leaving our van, though the door to Joanne's van faced away from us.

"They're not in here." SWMBO called.

"Nor here." Jeffery emerged from behind his van.

They stood in the middle of the road looking away from us.

"Hi you two. Did you forget something?" I called.

Both almost jumped out of their skins. SWMBO leapt to the attack, "Why did you do that? You know I don't like frights." She only attacked like that when she felt guilty about something.

Jeffery was a little more composed. "Err ... yes, we've got it now. Put it in the boot already. Oh Joanne, you've brought my paper." And he took it from her without a word of thanks.

"Well, we'll be off now. Bye," said SWMBO.

Again Joanne and I waved as the car drove away.

"Well, have you got your trunks?"

"No, I forgot them."

"Ummm ... skinny dipping for you then."

We went into Joanne's van and she started to make some breakfast. I joined her and put the kettle on. There really isn't room for two people in those kitchens so I got in her way almost immediately.

"Get out of my way, you, you ... MAN you." She ordered waving a spatula at me.

"Glad you noticed." I said staying behind her and lifting her dress.

She looked round at me, "Can't you think of anything better to do?"

"What, there's something better than looking under a pretty woman's dress. Sounds dirty, tell me what it is."

She turned and advanced on me waving her spatula threateningly. Unfortunately there isn't much room to advance there so she walked into my arms which I wrapped round her.

"What do you..."

I shut her up with a kiss. She allowed my tongue to enter her mouth and explore. Her hands came up to my chest but didn't try to push me away. Then I felt her tongue hesitantly slide along my lips and then push its way into my mouth. I dropped my hands to her bum and felt her ass cheeks. She responded by pushing her hips forward onto my growing erection.

Feeling the hardness at my crotch she pulled back and looked at me. "What's this?" she asked dropping her hand to grasp and stroke the offending object.

I pulled up the front of her dress exposing her bump and ran my hands over that while she continued to stroke my erection. "You mean that you have one of these," I gave her bump a little squeeze, "and you still don't know what one of these," I placed my hand over hers and pressed it into my hardness, "are?"

"Oh no," she said shaking her head, "you're not going to fool me like that. I know what a prick is, I've seen Jeffery."

"Well, I can agree with that."

"Nooo," she slapped my arm and squeezed my erection a little harder. "I mean I've seen Jeffery naked."

"Oh you poor dear, are you still having therapy?"

She slapped my arm again.

She continued, "And his prick isn't half as big as this. So you're obviously hiding something in there that you're going to attack me with." She smiled at this, so obvious, deduction.

She looked down at my hand still roaming over her bump. "Are you groping me now?" she asked innocently.

"No," I answered. I slipped my hand down over her panties and between her legs. "Now I'm groping you." I said.

"So groping is when you run your hand over my panties?" she asked.

I slid my other hand up under her dress and ran it over her thin bra cup, "Or your bra." I replied.

She nodded. She was breathing a little faster now so I pinched her nipple and tugged it, and then rubbed against her clit hood too. Her knees almost buckled at this twin attack.

"How about if your hand is inside my panties or bra?" she asked. "Just to confirm things you understand."

"Oh, that's not groping. Only outside your underwear is groping."

"I'm glad I got that cleared up." And then she yelped as she saw the bacon was burning.

"Now look what you've made me do!"

She rescued our breakfast and waved her spatula at me again. "You sit down over there," she pointed to the small dining table, "and let me burn this stuff myself." She turned back to the frying pan, "You men have no idea how difficult it is to make cornflakes properly."

Joanne placed a plate of fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes and toast (all perfectly cooked) in front of me, she held another and sat beside me. Waving her fork at me she warned, "And don't think that you can grope me while I'm sitting here, because you can't. See, I've fooled you and taken my panties off."

"Bugger!" I said in disappointment before starting on my breakfast.

Joanne got up from the table and piled my plated onto hers. "Stay there!" she ordered, waving an egg encrusted knife at me. I'm going to have to restrict her access to sharp metal objects, I'm getting a little concerned for my skin.

She started washing up in the small sink. Her bump making her lean forward to reach into the water. This was an opportunity I couldn't miss.

Quietly getting behind her I lifted her dress.

"I told you I haven't got any panties on so you can't grope me," she said still continuing to wash a plate.

I ran my fingers along her slit and found it sopping wet. I rubbed copious amounts of her girl juices onto my erection and gently slid into her.

"Oh ... OH... OH!" she leaned forward resting her head on the draining board.

As she leant forward I had easier access and could get deeper into her. I started stroking slowly in and out, running my hands under her dress to grasp her bra covered breasts. I thrust into her as she moaned and squirmed under me. Leaving her tits for a moment I unclipped her bra and her engorged breasts fell free from their restraint.

Now I slid my hands round and cupped both hanging tits as I thrust into her again and again. Lifting up for a moment Joanne lifted her dress over her head and dropped it onto the wet draining board. With a shrug of her shoulders her bra fell onto the floor.

I reached down and started to massage her clit while pounding her sopping cunt and tormenting her nipples with my other hand.

Less than two minutes later her moans became cries and then a cut off scream as she bit down on a towel. I continued and she looked round at me wide eyed. She started panting again and suddenly another climax hit her, then I was able to keep her in, or near, a state of orgasm for nearly five minutes. When I, too, came the felling charged through me and I thought I was going to stab her to death, my cock felt so hard. I shot inside her time and time again, finally reaching the end of my semen. It was going to take a week to replace that lot.

Wearily Joanne looked round at me, "I knew you had a big fucking club in your pocket." She laughed weakly.

"Now get out of me 'cos I've got to empty this lot out before my daughter starts getting used to a semen diet." She stood holding her vagina lips together, "Any deeper and I'm sure you'd have been fucking her too." She gave me a kiss and walked naked to the bathroom. "Coming?" she asked as she paused by the door. I followed my rapidly growing erection which was following this hot woman.

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