Cape Cod Summer: Columbus Day Weekend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continuation of the lives of characters introduced in Cape Cod Summer. Just a boy and his girl(s?) on Cape Cod.

Columbus Day weekend is one of my favorite holiday weekends. Never mind who we're celebrating or why or even if we should. It's a great time of year on Cape Cod. The tourists have -- for the most part -- gone home. School is in session and that limits travel for families with younger kids. The weather, however, is often still great. The water -- in the ponds, lakes, bays and oceans -- usually hasn't cooled off too much to be uncomfortable again unless we've had a lot of cold nights.

This year was one of those great years. Summer just seemed to "keep on, keepin' on," as the saying goes. The nights in September and early October had been warm. Even the weather forecasters on TV were noting a slower than normal progression of fall colors. In normal years, northern parts of New England would typically be past the peak of foliage season by the holiday weekend. Not so this year. Many people were still heading north for 'leaf peeping'. Spots of color still abounded on the Cape, but the real peak for the area wouldn't happen for another week or two. Maybe more given the weather pattern. That suited me just fine. I could sneak home from school while everyone was headed the other way and enjoy a nice quiet, fall respite.

Molly called me mid-week before the long weekend.

"Hi sweetie," she began cheerfully after my roommate had handed me the phone. "Are you going home this weekend?"

'Home' for me meant the Cape. Molly's family also had a house there, but theirs was a summer place, even thought it dwarfed my families modest year-round home.

"I was planning on it, unless you had a better offer," I smiled.

"Can you pick me up?"

"Sure. Are you planning to stay with me or at your place?" I asked.

"My place. I ... er ... we'll have it to ourselves if you can break away from your family."

"I'm a big boy," I offered truthfully. My parents knew how I felt about Molly and weren't prudish enough to realize what a 21-year-old college senior did with his girlfriend.

"That you are," she teased. "Can you pick me up around 3 o'clock? My last class gets out at two and that should give me enough time."

"It might be closer to 3:30," I said. "My last class doesn't let out until 2:30, but I can pre-pack the truck. I only need an overnight bag for two days anyway."

"When's your first class on Tuesday?"

"Not until the afternoon," I answered. "Why?"

"Mine got canceled. I don't need to be back until Wednesday," she offered.

My mind raced a bit at what we could do for nearly four full days and I nearly got hard just thinking about it. I stifled my thoughts for a moment. "I only have the one class on Tuesday. I'll check with the professor tomorrow. I'm already way ahead in my reading and doing well. He probably wouldn't mind me skipping it."

"Oh, goody," she squealed. "I'll meet you at my apartment after three on Friday then. Bye, sweetie!"

"Bye," I said.

The rest of the week -- all two days of it -- took an eternity to pass. The professor for my Tuesday afternoon class was cool, at least, and said it wasn't a problem to miss that class. He was planning a quiz for Thursday, but Tuesday would be part lecture and part review. As long as I was up-to-date on my reading, I could just get the notes. I asked a friend in class to take good ones and wished her a nice long weekend as I left the class on Thursday.

Friday's morning classes were pretty much a waste of time. The professors were either planning their own long weekends in their heads or sensed that the student body had already checked out and were mercifully short with their lectures and homework assignments. Many of the classes were under-populated (as expected) and I think the professors knew it was fruitless to cover too much new ground. One took obvious exception to those students who decided to leave early and dropped a pop quiz on us. A personal, quiet groan was quickly followed by the realization that those not in class today would get big, fat goose-eggs for their quiz score. I ended up doing fine, but I think the professor ended up giving those of us that did show up a bit of a freebie grade. Not such a bad guy, I thought, with a smile.

A quick review of my notes (both mental and hastily scribbled) and my current progress as I walked to my apartment showed that I'd only need to bring one textbook with me for the weekend. Even that was just so that I could perform a quick review. I was ahead of things in all of my other classes, so I had nearly the full weekend to just goof off and have fun with Molly. I might pay for my lax weekend with some catch-up work next week, but it would be worth it.

I secretly hoped that Molly was as diligent about her classes as I had been to start the semester so we'd have as much time together without our noses buried in books as we could get. This would be our first full weekend together since Labor Day and I planned to make good use of the time. My mind wandered again ... and nearly caused me to get hit by a bus crossing the street to my apartment.

Surviving that, I ran through my apartment, threw a few bare necessities into a duffel bag and headed for my truck. After a quick fill-up before leaving town, I headed for Chestnut Hill, the home of Boston College. Traffic on Route 128 and the Mass Pike was mercifully light heading south (and then east). The folks trying to get to New Hampshire and Vermont weren't quite so fortunate. Calling the northbound traffic bumper-to-bumper would be putting it mildly.

Molly was waiting outside her apartment when I rolled up a few minutes early. Before I could even get out and help her, she ran to the pickup waving madly and smiling brightly, tossed a backpack and a soft-sided suitcase into the back, and hopped in the passenger side door. Before I could even say "hello," she slid over quickly and planted a warm kiss on my lips that quickly turned steamy. It had to end eventually, and when it did, I threw the truck in gear and wrapped my right arm around her. We hadn't spoken a word yet and she seemed content to snuggle up to my side as I made my way back towards the highway.

I took a chance that most people would be headed north of the Friday before a long weekend and was rewarded with reasonably light traffic on the Southeast Expressway. Once we hit the highway and settled into cruising speed, Molly piped up.

"So ... what nefarious plans did you have in mind for me this weekend?"

"The usual," I joked. "Lust, gluttony, and maybe one or two more of the seven deadly?"

"I want to go biking," she said matter-of-factly.

"As in motorcycles?"

"No, silly ... bicycles. The rail trail is beautiful this time of year and I know of a few out of the way places off it. We could have a picnic. Or maybe go skinny dipping? Both?"

Skinning dipping got my attention. Molly and water were usually a good combination. Get her on it, in it, or even near it and she seemed to get extra horny and adventurous.

"Sure, but I haven't ridden in years and I don't think I have a proper bike," I said, not really sure I wanted to go anyway. Molly's suggestions were tempting to say the least, though.

"You know what they say," she quipped. "It's just like riding a bike..."

"Yes ... but they say that about other things, not actually about bike riding," I said, laughing.

"We have a bunch of bikes of different sizes in the garage for us and guests. Something's bound to be the right size for you. You'll be fine. We're not entering the Tour de France here, sweetie, we're just going for a nice ride with some side ... umm ... activities thrown in." That last bit brought out a mischievous grin.

"Yeah ... but your house is empty and we could do those 'activities' in the privacy, comfort, and warmth of your heated pool."

"Nonsense," Molly offered. "It'll be fun. So it's settled then. We'll check the weather and maybe go tomorrow. We'll have to stop and pick up a little food for the house anyway. No one's been there since Labor Day. We'll just pick up some sandwich stuff and pack a nice lunch."

I knew when I had been bested, and I wasn't arguing that hard anyway. Just trying not to be 'easy'. If I sounded reluctant, maybe my reward would be greater for my capitulation.

"Did you have to bring a lot of schoolwork," I asked, changing the subject and then saying a small prayer as I awaited her answer.

Molly lifted her head off my shoulder and looked up. "Hardly any," she said, smiling. "You?"

I smiled in return. "An hour or two of review that I could probably skip. Otherwise, I'm all caught up. I might pay for my slothful weekend with you next week, but it'll be worth it."

"See ... there's another of those sins already," she laughed.

Damn Catholic schoolgirls, I thought. Wait... "Hooray for Catholic schoolgirls," I cheered. I got a playful elbow in the ribs and Molly settled back onto my shoulder.

We hit the Sagamore Rotary with a minimum of fuss and were soon over the bridge. Molly dozed quietly for most of the drive and we made great time to her house in Harwichport. As I pulled into the crushed shell driveway, she stirred, apologizing for sleeping most of the way.

"You're cute when you sleep," I offered. "It's OK."

"I stayed up late the last few nights getting extra work done so I'd have more time with you," she confessed. "But that was a nice catnap. Let's toss my ... err ... our bags into the house and get to the grocery store for some dinner and supplies. You are staying here with me, right? The house will be so empty alone."

I had plans other than grocery shopping, most of which included Molly naked and horizontal -- well ... at least naked -- but I answered, "I'll have to give my folks a call, but they're having out-of-town company this weekend and would probably welcome the extra space."

"Goody," she said. "Take the bags to my room and make that call. Then come help me turn a few things on and we can get that shopping over with."

"Why don't we just catch a pizza quickly tonight and get some deli sandwiches tomorrow. The Mason Jar is still open," I offered, hoping to avoid more seat time in my truck. I loved it, but after over two hours in the saddle, I could do without for a few hours.

"Boys," she groaned. "I'm so sick of pizza and take-out, I could scream. I don't get to cook for my 'man' very often, and I'm going to do it tonight, capisce?"

I know when she's broken out the Italian to let the matter stand. After tossing the bags into Molly's room, I quickly made my phone call. My parents would miss having me for the weekend, but really did need the space for their company. I promised that Molly and I would at least stop over for dinner one night and suggested Monday since their company would be gone but Molly and I didn't have to be back to school until Wednesday. While I made those arrangements, Molly handled the utility turn-ons. And after a quick pit-stop, we headed for the local A&P. Molly picked up some cold cuts, some nice rolls and condiments and several other picnic-related items. She grabbed a ton of fruits and vegetables and several other supplies. It was way more than I thought we could eat in a week, never mind a weekend, but Molly seemed intent on doing a lot of cooking for -- as she had put it -- 'her man'. That made me feel great.

We had talked on the phone a lot since school started and had spent one Saturday night after a BC football game at her apartment, but we were both in our senior years and driving ourselves hard to get good grades and finish college on a high note. We hadn't really discussed exclusivity while back in school, but it was my intention to stay away from other girls and I was pretty sure Molly felt the same. We should probably have said it in words, but I think we both knew. And as hard as we were both working, it didn't leave a lot of time to find romance ... even if we had been looking. I certainly wasn't.

Molly didn't approve of the seafood selection at the A&P, so we stopped at George's Fish Market on the way back to her house and she picked something more to her liking. She wouldn't let me come in, and the white, paper-wrapped package didn't really give me any clues as to the dinner menu. The A&P bags didn't reveal much, either.

The sun was nearly down by the time we got back to Molly's house, but the house was brightly lit by the lights she had left on, and the sky was gorgeous. Autumn oranges and reds lit up the few fair-weather clouds present, and the sun was turning a deep red of its own as it rapidly headed towards the horizon.

"Are you starving?" Molly asked as we unloaded the bags and got the food put away.

"Not ravenous," I said, my mind wandering and my cock stiffening just at the thought. "What did you have in mind?"

"Let's go for a quick swim," Molly said. Without waiting for my answer, she headed for the pool dropping clothes where they fell on her way.

If you've never had a beautiful woman walk away from you shedding clothes at a rapid rate, I highly recommend the experience. About the only better experience I can think of is a woman walking *towards* you shedding clothes. In this case, Molly wasn't running away, she was running to her family's beautiful, infinity-edged pool just as the sun struck the edge of the horizon. She was doing it in such a casually, sexy way, it took me a few seconds for my brain to drop my body into gear. The sunset light show as it struck her body was mesmerizing and I was again awed by her beauty.

When I finally picked my jaw up off the floor and followed her out, she had already reached the pool's deep end -- at this point, completely nude -- and executed a beautiful dive right into the still water. I continued my fumbling and stumbling out the sliding glass door, thoughtfully closing it behind me, I might add, and managed to pull off the last of my clothes before my own, less spectacular dive.

Molly had surfaced on the other side of the pool and smiled at me as I slowly, but purposefully, swam to her. She opened her arms as I approached and we embraced fully for the first time in nearly a month. My erection was almost painful and was pinned at an odd angle between us, but she felt so good just as she was that I didn't want to break the contact. We just melted together in the warm pool for a few minutes, leisurely stroking each others backs (and backsides), kissing, and generally engaging in the age-old heavy petting session.

"Remind me to thank your father for not having the pool closed down yet," I smiled during a short breather.

"I'm not sure he would completely approve of *why* you're thanking him, but it's the thought that counts," she smiled and melted back into my arms. "I need you," she said, looking back up at me. "Don't go slow. I'm about to explode already."

"Your wish," I started, but she brought her finger to my lips and shut me up.

"Just fuck me. Now," she commanded. She put an arm around my shoulder and lifted herself up. With the other hand she grabbed my cock under the water, set it at her entrance, and dropped herself down with an audible "Umpfh!" as she impaled herself. She quickly put her other arm around my neck, pressed her lips to mine, and began driving herself onto my cock with force. I grabbed her gorgeous ass and began to assist her, meeting each downward motion of her whole body with an upstroke of my own. We quickly gathered speed and each of us worked towards release. I was very thankful that Molly was so worked up, as I didn't want our first lovemaking after such a long absence to end because of my lack of control. Lovemaking was probably a misnomer for this, though. This was fucking, but we apparently both needed and wanted it this way.

Before I knew it and not a moment too soon, Molly thrust down on me one last time and stayed put. Her arms were acting like a vise around my shoulders and neck. She groaned, but her groan turned from something guttural to more of a keening wail. Her pussy contracted tightly around me as she came, and the force of the squeezing pussy pushed me over the edge. I unloaded what felt like a month's worth of sexual tension into her and just held her to me as I pumped four, five, and six strong shots into her. Her arms relaxed slightly even while her pussy continued to spasm periodically. I was still hard, but the pressure was gone and when I sensed she was probably done for a while, I relaxed further and ever-so-slowly began to soften. She wimpered just a little as I fell from her, but she looked up and smiled.

"God, I needed that," she said, her face still flushed and her eyes a little glazed.

"No more than I did," I offered as I kissed her again softly.

In an instant, Molly's expression changed, and she slid her arms off me. I gave her a puzzled expression, but she just smiled and put my sudden bout of fear to rest as she swam for the ladder to exit the pool.

"I'm starving!" she announced as she ascended the ladder, her awesome butt swaying enticingly. My half-masted friend started to spring back to attention. "I'm going to go make dinner. You swim for a bit."

"I'll come help," I offered and headed for the stairs myself.

"No way," Molly scolded. She stood at the top of the stairs, and put a foot on my head as I got halfway up the ladder. She gave me a playful push, sending me backwards into the water. When I came up sputtering a bit, she smiled and said, "Thank you for offering, but I want to make you dinner. I don't need help. It's quick, and I want to do this. You spent two hours driving us here while I napped. Relax for twenty minutes in the pool. I'll be done in a jiffy. No more arguments." And with that, she walked off, teasing me further by -- I'm sure -- swishing her hips extra forcefully, making her cheeks dance in the waning rays of the sunset and my cock stiffen further.

I wanted to argue more, but she had given me 'the look'. I knew it well enough to know she was serious and had gotten it into her head that she was going to do something. You don't get in Molly's way when she's given you that look. I didn't. I still felt guilty about it, but I swam a few leisurely laps. The first few uncomfortably as my dick was still rock hard, but as I put a little more effort into swimming, it took my mind -- just for a while -- off Molly's body and my problem mostly went away. The sex just a few minutes ago was satisfying in its own way, but I didn't doubt I was ready for more as soon as Molly was.

The sun went down and the air started to cool, but the pool was warm and I didn't see any towels nearby, so I relaxed just a little longer. Just as I was about to get out and head into the house to help with dinner even if I did get in trouble for it, Molly came out with a towel, a robe, and a beer.

Good heavens, this woman is perfect, I thought and not for the first time.

"Are you pruned up yet?" she teased.

"Not quite, but I was just about to come help, with or without a dry towel."

Her hair was still damp, but combed out and she had on a robe of her own. "Don't you dare," she admonished. "Truly ... it's almost done and I really want to do this."

"Alright," I agreed. "At least let me do the clean-up?"

"That's mostly done, too, but here's what you can do. There are some candles and torches in the cabana. There should be matches or a lighter, too. The evening's still warm enough. Go setup the outside table on the deck. It'll be ready when you finish that." Her instructions given, she skipped back into the house. Even in a silly terrycloth robe, she looked great. I quickly dried myself, put on the robe, and headed for the cabana.

True to her word, Molly met me at the table with two huge plates of food just as I was lighting the last candle. As I had been setting up, she had brought two wine glasses, a bottle of wine, and a second beer for me. I had barely dented the first, but realized I was thirsty and the light-bodied beer went down quickly once my brain registered that thirst.

"Ta-da!" she said with a huge smile as she arrived at the table with the food. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but I was sure it was some sort of scallop and pasta dish. That would explain the speed of preparation. Scallops cook quickly and the angel hair pasta she was serving them on did as well. As Molly well knew, scallops are also one of my all-time favorites for seafood. I had forgotten that the season had started commercially in late September or early October, and knowing George's market, these were sure to be fresh off a boat that day. The meal was fabulous. I asked her what she called it, and she just smiled and told me it was a family secret. Having a few of those recipes of my mother's stashed away at school, I let her have her secret. Maybe one day I would be family and could find out. That thought popped unbidden into my brain and cause me to smile.

"What?" Molly asked.

"Huh?" I said, not understanding the question.

"You just got this wonderful shit-eating grin on your face and looked like you were a million miles away," she smiled.

"Oh ... I just had a nice thought. No ... a great though, but it'll have to be my little 'secret' for now."

"Fair enough. So you like my cooking?"

"I love it," I responded honestly. "Kind of like how I feel about the cook."

Molly blushed, stood up, leaned across the table and planted a big kiss on me. "Me too," she said. "Now let's go finish cleaning up and watch a movie or something."

"Not exactly what I had in mind," I teased, "but I guess it'll do for now."

"Plenty of time for that, Romeo. Clean up first."

And we did. Molly was true to her word again and there was almost nothing to do. I scrubbed the pan that had been used for the scallops and cleaned the pot and colander for the pasta. Other than that, and a quick wipe of the counter-top, there wasn't much left to do. She had cooked just the right amount of food and there hadn't been any leftovers. I was still nursing my second beer, and she was on her second glass of wine. With all the food we'd eaten, it wasn't having much effect, other than providing us with a nice, mellow mood.

"Popcorn with the movie?" Molly asked, holding up an un-popped bag of the microwave stuff.

"I'm not a big fan of the stuff," I said, "but make some for yourself if you want. Can I fill your wine glass?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" she teased.

"No. Yes," I answered. "In that order."

"I don't think you have much to worry about on the second count," she smiled. "As to the first question ... sure ... pour me another glass. Can I get you a beer or do you want some wine?"

"I'll have some wine with you if you don't mind sharing."

"For you ... anything," she said, finding the second glass and handing it to me to fill up. "What kind of movie?"

"You pick," I said. "My stomach so full and I'm tired enough that this glass of wine will probably do me in. I might not make it to the end."

Molly scanned the movie channels on cable and settled on a romantic comedy. Kind of cliche, I know, but she liked them and had seen this one before. I had not, but the long day, the wonderful meal, and the alcohol must have caught up with me. I fell asleep part of the way through the movie only to awaken later to a warm sensation around my groin. I came to slowly, and found Molly working on my cock with her hands and mouth. It looked like maybe she had been at it for a while. My robe was wide open and my dick was very slick with both saliva and pre-cum.

"Were you dreaming?" she asked between licks.

"I'm not sure. Why?"

Molly paused again and smiled. "Because this thing started poking me about fifteen minutes ago just after you fell asleep and wouldn't stop. I figured I'd take matters into my own hands ... or elsewhere."

As she said this, she let her own robe fall off her body as she slithered up my body. Her full breasts made short contact with my crotch, then stomach, and then chest. When she found the spot she liked, she started to rub her pussy up and down the length of my cock, using some of my wetness to add to her own. She had little worry. From what I could tell, she was soaked and ready. She must have realized this a few seconds before me, because as the thought entered my head, she was already impaling herself and beginning slow strokes up-and-down, in-and-out.

Our lovemaking on the sofa in the soft glow of the muted television -- when had she done that, I wondered -- was much slower than our previous encounter in the pool. Molly rode me for a long time and had a small orgasm in the process. She paused for just a few second and let the feeling wash over her, and then she rolled us over and untangled me from my robe as I began some more earnest stroking from above. She heated up a bit more and met each stroke of mine with a thrust of her own. We quickly found a nice rhythm and just enjoyed the sensations and the contact.

It really had been too long. We had spent nearly every day together during the summer. Not every day was filled with sex, but we at least had contact and could touch and kiss, even stealing a few moments at work for a quick grope or hug. Going back to school had been very difficult at first, adjusting to a sudden lack of physical contact. I think we had both started to adjust. Hopefully this weekend, enjoyable as it was shaping up to be, wouldn't set us back too far.

After what seemed like a long time, I could sense Molly getting ready for a strong climax. I had been right there for a little longer, but had focused on a few other thoughts and managed to hang on. I saw her getting ready, her chest fully flushed, her eyes becoming unfocused -- looking at me and through me at the same time. I knew I could probably let go. I quickened my pace just a little. The slight speed increase was enough and Molly and I came together in a huge orgasm. We quivered together for a long time as my balls emptied themselves into her warmth. We signed with contentment at the same time and basked in the afterglow. I nearly fell asleep again still on top of Molly and still in her as well.

"Let's go to bed," she suggested, weariness -- or maybe just satisfaction -- in her voice.

"Again?" I teased. "I'm not sure I can."

"Sleep, silly, sleep."

"Oh ... that. Can't we just stay here? I'm comfortable." I was, too, laying on top of Molly, her breasts against my chest, her legs still lazily wrapped around me. "It's warm and soft right here and it smells nice."

"No. We've got a big day tomorrow and I'm not that comfortable. I love having you near me like this, but I'm not sure I can sleep with you on me. Come to my bed."

She extricated herself gently from beneath me and grabbed both robes, throwing them over her shoulder. She stood and put out her hand for me. I kissed it first and then let her help me up and we walked up the stairs arm-in-arm. She pulled back the sheets of her bed and we got in. It was cold and she shivered a little as she spooned against me, but we managed to warm each other up in short order and fell blissfully asleep within minutes.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. It wasn't going to be a hot day -- it was October after all -- but it was looking like a warm one. The air was dry and crisp at this hour, but it looked to be a great day in the making.

I awoke a little disoriented. Molly was missing and I was in unfamiliar territory. I'd been back at school and at my tiny shared apartment for over a month. This wasn't my apartment and Molly's bedroom (in her summer home, no less) was nearly as big as my whole two-bedroom place at school. As my brain started to catch up with my slowly waking body, I smelled something. It smelled delicious. Was she cooking for me again? I wanted to feel guilty, but she seemed to have enjoyed herself immensely cooking dinner last night. I had been taking care of myself since being back at school and it was nice to be a little pampered. But who would pamper Molly?

I hopped out of bed and hit the bathroom quickly. I went looking for my clothes, but didn't see my duffel where I thought I had left it. I figured we were alone and I wanted to go help with breakfast, so after a quick brush of the teeth and splashing a little cold water on my stubbly face, I headed downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen, the sight of Molly cooking breakfast stopped me cold. My cock sprang to attention first and I stood slack-jawed in the doorway. Molly was at the stove making what I guess -- by the smell -- was bacon and eggs. Coffee was percolating somewhere. She was naked, except for a short cooking apron. From behind, it really covered nothing, but I'm sure it kept the bacon grease from spattering on her sensitive bits. But just that hint of clothing was sexy as hell. The swell of her breasts was visible and her glorious ass was beautifully on display, the string of the tied apron hanging enticingly in her crack and pointing the way to at least two treasures that I knew about.

She was humming to herself as she fiddled with the eggs, so I tried my best to sneak up on her quietly. Not to scare her, mind you, just to enjoy the sights as I moved in for a closer look ... and touch. I reached her without her turning around and my cock touched her first, finding the soft cheeks of her ass and settling between them as I hugged her from behind. She clearly wasn't startled and must have heard me coming. My hands easily slid inside the front of the apron and she moaned as I grabbed both of her tits in my hands and gently squeezed them, tweaking her nipples which became instantly hard in my warm hands. I lowered my lips to her neck and nibbled gently.

"Mornin', sexy. Can I help with breakfast?" I asked, continuing my gentle assault on her best bits. One hand on a breast, the other between her legs softly exploring her damp folds. I continued to kiss her neck. Her ear. Her cheek. She turned her head enough for a short, but passionate kiss and she melted back into me for a moment. I groaned as her ass cheeks clenched around my cock.

"Just finished, but I'm trying to decide if it'll keep warm," she replied, continuing to grind her backside into me.

"It looks and smells delicious," I offered between gropes and nibbles. "Maybe we should eat?"

"OK," she nodded, resigned. "Still plenty of time for that other stuff, I guess."

"Did you happen to see my duffel?" I questioned.

She laughed. "I stole it so you'd have to come down like that," she smiled, turning around and looking me over from head to toe. "I'm glad I did. That was a lovely 'good morning' hug ... and more."

"Little minx," I whispered as I turned away to grab some plates from the cupboard and silverware from the drawer. My cock protested being removed from Molly's sweet ass-cheek embrace and she seemed a little disappointed, too, as a small pout flittered across her face.

"Are you complaining?" she asked with a wink.

"That wasn't a complaint ... it was a statement of fact and I love you for it. Among other things..."

Molly smiled warmly at that and began to dish the scrambled eggs -- with what looked like cheese, peppers and onions -- onto plates along with a couple of strips of bacon. She turned off the stove and with the danger of splatter gone, tossed the apron onto the countertop in a lump.

My own lump got fuller seeing her completely nude. I couldn't decide if I liked the bit of clothing hinting at the rest better, but my dick decided it liked Molly completely free of anything that would otherwise hide her body. I decided if I wanted to eat, I'd better stop just standing there taking in her beauty. I turned and got orange juice and milk from the fridge and grabbed two glasses from the cupboard. Molly had started coffee, too, so I grabbed two mugs from their hangers below the cabinets and went back to the fridge for the small carton of cream she had thoughtfully bought the previous day.

"You're spoiling me rotten," I said as I joined her at the small breakfast table that sat near a huge window overlooking the pool. "Thank you."

"I love doing this for you, sweetie," she said. "I don't actually cook that often at school. I'm on the mealplan -- Mom and Dad insisted -- and the food choices are pretty good. They actually offer healthy choices and the cooks are better than average. Most of it's quite tasty. Not your typical institutional food. I only make a couple of meals a week and I usually only cook for myself. Keiko's schedule is pretty chaotic and she spends a lot of time at the library or with her study groups. It's nice to cook for others and have them enjoy it."

"Will you at least let me pack the picnic?" I pleaded. Molly looked down while blushing. "You didn't?"

"I slept so well and woke so happy and refreshed, I already packed it," she confessed. "Didn't you see it in the fridge?"

"The coffee hasn't kicked in yet," I said by way of excuse. "Thank you again. Will you at least let me clean up breakfast?"

"If it means that much to you," she teased, "sure. I'll go get showered and changed for biking. You still want to go, right?"

"How could I turn down any request after this," I said as I pointed to the breakfast spread and the unseen picnic in the refridgerator. "It'll be fun and something different. I'm looking forward to it."

We finished our breakfast while chatting about school. My erection never went down, though, as Molly was in a great mood and all her stories ended with her laughing, causing her breasts to jiggle and bounce. She laughed at my stories, too, which resulted in even more motion. I was stiff, but not really uncomfortable.

Molly jumped up after her last bite and headed upstairs. "I'll be in the shower if you can get cleaned up fast enough," she announced over her shoulder as she exited the kitchen.

That was all the motivation I needed and I quickly collected the plates, glasses, mugs, and pans and loaded them into the dishwasher. Between the breakfast cookware and the dinnerware the night before, there was probably enough for a wash, so I scrambled around madly looking for the detergent and thankfully found it. I did my best to set the machine on the right cycle and raced upstairs after turning the dial to start the contraption.

I found Molly in the large shower in her parents master bathroom. She was just finishing up shaving her legs. She smiled as I entered the big walk-in shower, my rigid cock leading me to her like a divining rod. She handed me a soapy washcloth and I went to work gently scrubbing every inch of her. I saved the best places for my bare hands and lovingly mauled her breasts, ass, and pussy with my soapy mitts. She cooed and moaned, but I didn't sense any burning desire in her or need for release. When I was done washing her and was already starting to get pruny, we changed places and she worked me over with the washcloth. She stood behind me, and her bare hands found my cock, balls, and ass. She seemed to enjoy washing me almost as much as I had enjoyed washing her. I think she realized how worked up I had gotten over the course of the morning and spun me around.

"You'll have enough for me later?" she asked, moving me slightly out of the steadier shower stream and dropping into a crouch in front of me.

I groaned and nodded and she smiled and took me into her mouth. She was warm and soft and slippery and she used her tongue like a master. She had me on edge almost immediately, but instead of just quickly pushing me over, she kept me there for a few minutes really building me up. When my moans became almost a constant stream of noise, she finally took mercy on my aching balls. Not content for just a plain old blowjob -- do they ever get plain or old, I thought -- Molly really went all out. She quickened her pace markedly, and just as I was about to cum, she took a soapy finger and gently worked it into my ass. That certainly pushed the right button, and I exploded into her mouth. She moaned as several spurts of cum erupted into her mouth and she smiled up at me warmly as she made a show of swirling some of my spend around in her mouth before swallowing hungrily. She milked the last few drops out with her mouth and then stood up and hugged me tightly.

"May I reciprocate?" I asked.

"Later," she whispered. "I enjoyed that almost as much as you did. You tasted great."

We stepped out of the shower and dried off slowly with a little more petting. Molly began to dry her hair and I got her to tell me where she'd hidden my bag. I shaved quickly at the second sink. I found a pair of comfortable shorts in my bag and a t-shirt. I grabbed a sweatshirt ... just in case.

As she came out of the bathroom, Molly pointed to the sweatshirt and said, "You can put that in the backpack or the panniers on the bikes. Leave it with me. I'll pack it. Go get the bikes and I'll meet you outside with the lunch and other stuff."

I didn't know what kind of 'other stuff' we'd need, but I left the sweatshirt with her to pack and headed downstairs. Molly had given me the code to the garage and noted where the bikes were. I had a pickup, but she indicated that there was a hitch-mounted bike rack that should fit on my truck and it would keep the bikes from getting banged up as much -- even if bungied down -- in the bed of my truck. I found the rack and the tools needed to mount it. It was a simple enough affair. After doing that, I pulled out the bike that I knew was Molly's and looked for another that might suit me. There was another bike of the same brand and style, a name I'd heard of, that was slightly larger in size. Molly's bike had the panniers, but the one I picked had a seat bag with what appeared to be some emergency supplies and tools in it and a shelf over the rear wheel. It looked like it might be a good place to store the picnic, so I pulled the two bikes out of the garage and parked them near the rear of the truck. I wanted to be sure I had picked an appropriate bike, so I hopped on and rode around her driveway. It seemed fine, but I adjusted the seat upwards a little and then took another spin. I figured we wouldn't be riding very hard, and the bike was comfortable and well-maintained. I waited for Molly to approve in case I had done something dumb.

Molly came out of the house with a backpack and a small soft-sided cooler. She looked great. While I wasn't a big fan of the stretchy bike pants on men, on her they looked great. She had put on a tight-fitting white bicycle-style top as well. Not as form-fitting as the pants, surely, but snug enough to show off her impressive chest. She had it zipped low enough to show off some nice cleavage and I didn't think she was wearing a bra.

"Did I do OK?" I asked, indicating the bikes.

"Yeah," she answered, "that one should be great for you. If you think you can manage, we'll put the cooler on yours and I'll strap the backpack to mine when we get to the path. For now, just load them up on the rack and strap them down. Did you have any trouble hooking it up or finding the tools?"

"Nope," I answered honestly, "but you can double-check my installation if you want."

Just for safety's sake, she did and smiled her approval. "Perfect," she announced. "There should be a bungie or two in the garage and that'll keep them from swaying around too much. I'll get 'em." After securing the bikes with an extra bungie cord, she tossed the backpack and cooler onto the floor of the passenger's side of the truck and asked, "Are you ready to go?"

I nodded and smiled and we hopped into the truck, Molly taking her usual place right next to me with my arm around her loosely. The ride to the parking lot of the bikepath was short and uneventful. We offloaded the bikes and set up the cooler on my bike. Well ... Molly set it up. The 'other stuff' went neatly into the panniers of her bike. A couple of extra waters. A blanket. A couple of sweatshirts. It didn't look like we'd need them, but in October in New England, you never know. Hell ... you never know in August in New England.

We made a final equipment check, locked up the truck, and headed on down the path at a leisurely pace. The full distance of the path was 20 miles or so stretching from Dennis all the way to Wellfleet. I didn't figure we'd cover that much ground, and the pace Molly set was slow to start. The path runs along -- or I guess over -- and old railway right-of-way which makes it great for recreational cyclists, particularly families. It's very flat; trains don't like steep grades.

There were a lot of families out on a beautiful autumn day and it was fun watching them in all manner of caravans. There were more tandem bikes than I ever remembered seeing and lot of bikes with tandem attachments and/or baby trailers. Sometimes both. The kids all seemed to be having a great time, either when riding alone and working hard to keep up, or dogging it on the back of a tandem. I smiled in sympathy each time I saw a Mom or Dad struggling up a slight grade while a kid on the back sat freewheeling.

The landscapes were beautiful, too. The trail tends to mostly run down the middle of the Cape, so you don't get many ocean views, but in autumn with some of the trees already turned, it was a beautiful ride. There is plenty of water to see along the way as the trail meanders past numerous ponds and lakes and past cranberry bogs. A few of these were recently flooded -- late September and early October is cranberry harvest season, too -- and a few others showed signs of recently having been dry-picked.

After what the signposts told me was about 5 miles, we stopped for a short drink and snack break overlooking a small pond with a beach. I wasn't really tired, but my legs were certainly seeing more exercise than they were used to and I felt a slight burn each time we encountered an uphill grade. I was sure I'd feel these muscles again in a day or two as my body recovered. Molly had been biking most of her life and spent the summer commuting the few miles to and from her house to the club on her bike. She was in better shape than me.

We hopped back on the path and continued north. After another couple of miles, Molly indicated she was slowing down. I pulled up along side during a long straight section of the path. We had otherwise been riding single file, as the path wasn't that wide and I got to stare at Molly's spandex-encased butt that way. Plus, she knew the path well and set the pace when approching the many crossings.

"I'm looking for a pull-off coming up soon," she said without a hint of exertion in her voice. "I know it's along this stretch, but I haven't been in a couple of years, so it might be a little overgrown. It's a dirt path, so be prepared for a slightly rougher ride."

I nodded feeling a little more winded than she was and dropped back behind her as we came upon some traffic heading in the other direction. We were riding I guess what today would be called a "hybrid" bike. Sort of a mountain bike frame and components, but with less agressive, more road-friendly tires. They were substantial enough to stand a little off-roading, but wouldn't do well for anything really rough.

After several hundred more feet, Molly raised her hand and slowed down dramatically but smoothly. She let a family of four on tandems pass, and then crossed the path and entered a narrow dirt pathway. I could see water in the distance through the trees and my dim recollection of Molly mentioning 'skinny dipping' suddenly jumped to the front of my consciousness. I set that aside for the time being so that my daydreaming wouldn't send me into a briar patch or into the side of an oak tree. I concentrated on following Molly down the path.

A few minutes later, we stopped and Molly got off her bike and stretched her legs, bending at the waste and stretching. Of course, she did this with her fantastic butt pointed right at me.

"Tease," I said jokingly, getting off the bike and stretching a little myself.

"A tease doesn't deliver, sweetie. I do."

I gave her a half-groan, half-growl in response and she laughed.

"Let's lock up the bikes to a tree here and take our picnic and backpack. I've also got a towel we can share if you're in the mood for a swim?" she asked smiling. "There's a nice little beach just down this footpath and it's a steep drop to it. We won't be able to ride the bikes much farther anwyay."

I agreed and took the cable lock from her and set it around the bikes and the tree. There weren't likely to be many bike thieves roaming the woods of Brewster, but better safe than having to walk several miles back to the truck. I grabbed the picnic off the back of my bike and she grabbed backpack containing the sweatshirts, towel, and blanket from hers. We set off on foot down the path towards Molly's secret beach.

As it turned out, Molly's beach wasn't such a secret, or at least wasn't hers alone. After about ten minutes of hiking, we approached the steepest part of the path just before it went down to the beach. We noticed two more bikes leaning against the same tree. These were fancier rides than our own -- expensive-looking road bikes or touring bikes -- and I was surprised the riders had taken them this far off-road. They had large saddlebags hung over their panniers and front-mounted bags, too. Clearly these were intended for long-range travel.

Molly looked a little disappointed that we might have to share 'her spot', but as we were about to crest the last little rise and head down the steepest part of the path to the beach, she froze on the path. She scooted to the side and partially screened herself from the water with a tree and a small boulder. Without taking her eyes off the scene below, she reached her hand out behind her and motioned me to sit behind her. I hadn't see what she had yet, but when I did, my breath caught in my throat for just a moment.

The wind must have been blowing enough on this day to keep the sounds of the activity that was taking place on the beach below away from our ears as we approached. As soon as we sat down quietly, we could hear it a little better: the distinctive slap-slap-slap of two people fucking. As the wind came and went, we could hear a moan or two occasionally.

Down on the beach, the two people fucking didn't seem to notice us at all. The man was screened from us by several branches of trees with not yet turned or not yet fallen leaves. He looked althletic. Average build and muscled in that sinewy way cyclists often are. The woman was clearly visible to us, on her knees, her head on the blanket, but with her face turned away. She was a redhead with typical light skin, but she had a slight tanline on her backside. I couldn't see any on the top, but she had large breasts that could be seen somewhat squashed beneath her. Her hands were outstretched before her, almost in a praying position. She was incredibly fit as well although busty and curvy, and her long hair had fallen to her side. She was clearly enjoying herself and the wind continued to play tricks with the amount of sound Molly and I were able to hear coming from the pair. Little did we realize that the wind that was masking the sounds being made by the couple on the beach was carrying the sounds we made right to them.

"We should go," I whispered in Molly's ear.

Molly shook her head almost violently. I was pressed against her back, crouched down and looking over her shoulder. My cock was already hard, given the scene below and the -- what now seemed lost -- promise of skinny dipping. The day was warm, but she was shaking just a bit. Before I could get up, she reached back with her left hand and grabbed my left wrist, moving down and holding and then squeezing my hand.

"No," she gasped, clearly a more out of breath than she should be from our walk. She repositioned my hand in her own -- her palm on the back of my hand -- and moved it up to her breast, pushing on my hand almost painfully hard, begging me to squeeze. Keeping that hand in place she put the towel down under herself and dropped to her knees with her legs spread widely. I was still crouched a bit, when she reached back for my other hand and took that and placed it on her mound. The spandex there was an inferno. I knelt down behind her and watched the scene below a little more while rubbing Molly's breast and pussy through her spandex bike shorts.

Even without skin-to-skin contact, Molly was on fire. She began whimpering quietly as I rubbed her breast and mound. When she took her hands off mine and stopped forcing the contact, I took the opportunity to reposition myself a bit. I got a little more comfortable behind her, partly on the towel, and took my hand off her left breast for just a moment. Her sharp intake of breath made me think I had hurt her, but she sighed contentedly as I quickly zipped the front of her jersey down all the way, freeing her breasts. I reached across her body from behind and began mauling her right breast.

The direct contact with her tits, the un-zipped jersey, and her momentary distraction gave me another opening, and I quickly moved my right hand up to her belly and forced it into her shorts. It was a tight fit inside the spandex pants, but not uncomfortably so, and I worked my hand down to her pussy. Her heat was magnified inside her shorts and she was soaked. The extra strength of the contact was tolerable, I guess, because of her wetness and I proceeded to finger her slit and clit frantically. It seemed the harder and faster I went, the faster Molly's breathing got. She was starting to lose control and her quiet moans were getting louder. To make matters more frantic, she somehow managed to reach back behind herself and get a hand into my shorts. I'm not sure how, but she found (or made, as I would discover later) an opening and had my cock in her hand.

I was pretty turned on at this point and pre-cum was leaking from me in copious amounts. Molly was able to slick up her palm really well with my juices and started to give my cock one hell of a hand-job. I managed to keep my composure, though, and really focused on bringing her off. After all, I'd already had an incredible blow-job in the shower that morning. She was one orgasm behind. I tried my best to keep the wonderful feel of her hand out of my mind and really went to work on her, thrusting first one and then two fingers into her pussy while using my thumb as well (and as hard) as I could on her clit. All the while, my left hand was busy on her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples not at all gently. I finally got a bolt of inspiration and was able to start Molly on the road to a huge orgasm.

"You like watching, don't you? Total strangers on a beach." I whispered into her each while my hot breath bathed her neck. I nibbled her ear a little. She moaned ... maybe too loudly and I could feel her pussy contract a little on my fingers. I checked the scene on the beach and the woman was still getting pounded from behind. Did her head just turn away, I wondered. I couldn't tell, but the man was really giving it to her now and her right arm that had been stretched out in front of her allowing a view of her ample, albeit squashed, tits, was now busy between her legs. I couldn't tell if she was frigging herself, or gently kneading the man's balls, but she was making more noise now and so was he.

"You're a dirty little voyeur! Wathing other people fuck like that!" I emphasized 'fuck' and got another moan ... even louder. Molly and I didn't often use dirty talk in our sexplay, but every once in a while the mood would strike her. Usually she'd ask for it, but once in a while I'd break it out of the bag of tricks and just throw it at her. I didn't really enjoy doing it that much, but once in a while was fine and it often would really push her buttons. This was one of those times.

"Filthy little slut," I rasped into her ear, nibbling and biting. Now her moaning was guttural. It was loud, but it was pitched lower. She was almost there. My fingers were being squeezed almost painfully by her pussy, but I kept up my assault on her clit with my thumb and kept thrusting two fingers into her. I grabbed a breast and squeezed it as hard as I thought she could stand.

"You are my nasty little whore, with your tight little cunt, aren't you?" I moaned into her ear. Her hand had fallen away from my cock, which was just as well. It kept me from cumming all over her backside and let me concentrate on her. Right about when I enunciated the 'T' in 'cunt', Molly let loose. It wasn't a scream, but it was a loud, guttural release of sexual energy. She thrust her pussy forward and down, pinning my hand between the ground and her pussy. At the same time, she thrust her chest into my hand forcing me to squeeze her even harder. I guess she could take a little more, I thought. Her pussy was spasming hard on my fingers and a flood of moisture oozed around my fingers. It felt like a puddle had formed, but it was warm and glorious and I knew that Molly had just had a titanic orgasm.

As I looked down at the beach, my eyes met the redhead's. We were had! Shit! But the look on her face was one of pure pleasure and not of shock or anger of even annoyance. She smiled at me and her eyes fluttered and closed a little as her own orgasm seemed to overtake her. She shuddered beneath her partner and as she did, he pulled out of her and shot jet after jet of semen onto her back. His spurts were so strong that they nearly reached her head and her back was covered in pearly white beads. She screamed in pleasure and I could see her hand fall away from her own pussy. He roared his release and yelled something unintelligible to my ears. I just sort of moaned and fell back onto my butt in the fallen leaves, my dick angry and it's swollen, purple head sticking out of my shorts covered in pre-cum. Molly snapped out of it a little when she heard the couple below scream in passion.

And then from down below we heard, "If you're going to get it on and watch, why don't you come on down. Turnabout's fair play, after all." It was followed by a friendly laugh from the woman and another bit of something I couldn't understand from the man. I saw her 'shush' him and smile. She turned and took his softening cock into her mouth, licking their combined juices off and stifling any argument he might have been about to make.

To my shock, Molly stood with her top still un-zipped and her breasts exposed, grabbed the towel, blanket, and backpack and headed down towards the beach. I zipped myself up, somewhat painfully as I was still hard as steel, and followed. When Molly reached the beach, she casually waved to the man who looked a little surprised, but was relatively calm for being caught 'in flagrante delecto' by a half-naked woman and her painfully erect boyfriend. She finished taking her top off, and then pulled off her bottoms, too. They hit the blanket with an audible 'plop' soaked with her juices as they were and she giggled, turned them inside out, and laid them out to dry. She sat and removed her cycling shoes and then looked at me and smiled that beautiful smile.

"You're a little overdressed, sweetie," she said matter-of-factly. She rose and came over to me. She took the picnic cooler from my stunned hands and put it on the blanket. Then she came back and began to undress me. It didn't take much effort and I didn't exactly fight it, but I was a little embarassed to be the only one sporting a very visible sign of arousal. The man was mostly limp, but seemed to be checking out Molly's fine shape. The redhead was simply beautiful. Her pussy was still swollen and red and glistening with her own arousal, but that didn't really compare to my jutting reminder.

When Molly had me in my birthday suit, she said, "Let's go for a swim!" and ran for the water's edge. I couldn't believe she was going to leave me in this state. We hadn't even introduced ourselves to these people and I was standing there with a painful erection and a really dumb look on my face.

The redhead said, "Are you really going to leave the poor fellow like that?" as Molly continued towards the water.

"You can finish him if you'd like," said Molly over her shoulder casually. I was dumbstruck. "I'm Molly, by the way," and she introduced me as she waded in quickly and soon disappeared into the water in a dive.

"Ginger," said the redhead, "and I don't mind if I do. Oh ... this is Johan," she said pointing over her shoulder at the man relaxing on Ginger's blanket. She crawled towards me, and I was still standing there with a stupid look on my face. She took my cock in her hands and rose up on her knees and engulfed half my length at once. I moaned loudly and nearly blew right then and there. I was so worked up that I wanted to, but I felt I should enjoy this moment for a little while longer. I closed my eyes and let Ginger work her magic as she took more and more of me into her mouth, and eventually her throat. I grabbed her head gently, not to force her but just to enjoy the feeling and she increased her efforts, taking my full length into her throat, her nose bumping into my pubic hair each time she took it all in. I had a momentary thought that Molly was somehow testing me, until I felt her behind me. She was still dripping from the lake and beads of water were all over her body sparkling in the sunlight. My eyes had been closed enjoying the moment when I felt her behind me. I turned my head and met her eyes and they were filled with lust. I hadn't often seen her so intense, but she was now and I knew I was in for a long, enjoyable day of sex.

"Is she good?" Molly whispered in my ear from behind. She was stroking my ass with one hand and my chest and abdomen with the other. Her hand would occasionally drop to my cock and hold it for a little while while Ginger would gently bob up and down just on the head. Or Molly would fist my shaft while Ginger was tongueing my balls. I couldn't really take much more and Molly sensed it. "Better get ready, Ginger," Molly warned.

Ginger moaned and put her mouth back onto my cock. Molly was massaging my balls when she whispered into my ear, "Fill that little slut's mouth with your cum, baby!"

And I did. The force of it seemed amazing to me. It felt like I was emptying a part of me into Ginger's hungry mouth. My knees buckled just a bit, but Molly and Ginger both steadied me until I had finished spurting. I was still weak-kneed, and when Ginger pulled off, I dropped to the ground and found myself face-to-face with her. She had a huge smile on her face. There was a little cum splattered on her lips, but it looked like she had gotten most of it and she confirmed this by opening her mouth and swirling it around her tongue. I groaned again and Molly dropped down next to me.

"Share?" Molly asked. My brain didn't quite register the question at first until I saw Molly lean in and kiss Ginger full on the lips. Their mouths opened and their tongues did battle for a while and both of them moaned and sighed softly. When they broke apart, they both smiled at each other. I looked over at Johan apologetically, but he just smiled and gave me the 'thumbs up'. He was hard again and gently stroking his own cock. Molly caught my eyes. "May I?"

I just nodded. I hadn't actually been around when Molly was with another man, but it didn't bother me. In the past she had been there when I took her sister's virginity. She had set me up for a wild week with her goregous aunt. And she had brought her super-sexy roommate into our bed on many occasions. How could I deny her an occasional romp with another man? I loved her. She loved me. A sexual fling just for sex's sake once in a while wasn't going to change that.

Molly crawled over to Johan and took him into her own mouth. He was sitting and she knelt beside him. He was able to fondle her while she sucked him and soon they were both moaning their approval of the others actions. I hadn't actually heard Johan say anything up close and he wasn't speaking now, just enjoying what Molly was doing and smiling. Ginger woke me out of my reverie by grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the water.

"Let's rinse off a bit," she said smiling. "You got me a little messy." She pointed to a few spurts that must have landed in her hair. "I'll meet you in a second. Head on in," she suggested while pointing to the water. She ran over to a backpack that was sitting on the blanket where Molly and Johan were. Johan had laid down and they were now in a '69' working each other over to more approving moans and groans. I waded into the water, marvelling that it was still warm for October and enjoying the feeling of the day's sweat being washed away. Ginger joined me and had something in her hand. When I gaver her a questioning look, she held it out. It was a bar of soap.

I smiled and took it from her and began to lather her up. She was a lovely woman. I guessed she was in her mid-20s. Her long red hair was loose and a little mussed. I motioned for her to dunk her head and when she came up, I took the soap to her head and began to lather her hair. She groaned and stood in front of me just enjoying the sensation.

"Are you always this nice to total strangers?" she asked, moaning some more as I continued to lather her head.

"Only the total strangers that blow me," I answered cleverly. At least I thought it was clever.

"Touche," she replied. I had enough of a lather going and handed her the soap. She turned around to face me. We were about waist-deep in the water and she moved close, her pendulous breasts pushing into my own chest and feeling wonderful. I took some of the suds from her head and worked on her back for a while and then eventually moved to her tits, alternating washing them and playing with them in equal parts. They were large and I guessed they were at least a cup size larger than Molly's stellar 36Cs. Ginger was smaller, too, so on her frame, they seemed huge. They didn't really look out of place on her and seemed to fit her body type. She had a nice bubble-butt to match her upper story and it gave her a serious hourglass figure. She was trim elsewhere, though, something I had noticed from the top of the hill, but her body overall seemed made for sin.

A noise from the beach got my attention momentarily and I looked to see Molly on her knees, her pussy grinding down on Johan's face. He was still rock hard, but he must have been doing a good job on her pussy because she had momentarily abandoned her blowjob to enjoy his oral assault on her slit. I was still rubbing all over Ginger's upper body, but she re-acquired my attention by grabbing my cock under the water and jacking me off a bit with her soapy hands. The soap didn't last too long and the friction became a little much, but it certainly got my attention.

"Are you OK with that?" she asked, her head flicking back to indicate the scene on the beach.

"Yeah. Sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you," I answered apologetically and bent down to kiss her neck. I reached my hand under the water, too, and started to stroke her pussy. She was pretty slick from her own fluids and my finger slid into her with ease. She moaned appreciatively as I pumped my finger in and out, trying to flick her clit when I could. It was a bit awkward face-to-face, so I spun her around again. She ducked under the water to wash off the soap and spent a few seconds under there making sure she was rinsed. Before she came up for air, she spun around again and took my cock into her mouth. The water was warm, but her mouth was warmer and the sensation was great.

When Ginger came up for air, she had spun around again. "You love her a lot, don't you?" she asked as she backed into me and pulled my arms around her.

"I do," I answered honestly, "an awful lot."

"She knows that. That's why she's so comfortable with Johan up there. She knows you love her just the way she is. She loves you just as much, y'know."

"And you know this after knowing us for twenty minutes?" I asked. I was actually a little annoyed and taken aback by her statement.

"I do," she said forcefully and turned once again to look me in the eye. "Trust me, I know the look." Her sureness and easy-going nature put unease to rest immediately and I smiled back at her, instantly regretting my annoyance a moment before. Something about her was just 'right'.

"Thanks. Do you feel that way about Johan?" I asked.

Ginger laughed. "Johan and I met two days ago on the road. He stopped to help me fix a tire and we ended up sharing a bed in the hostel that night. He's a good lover, but he only speaks about ten words of English. We managed to communicate that were were travelling the same route and we've been having a great time as fuck-buddies for the last two days. I'm afraid my miles-per-day average has gone to shit, but I'm not really complaining. Don't worry. He's a good guy and he's clean. Molly's in good hands. Now ... speaking of hands," she said as she spun one more time and put my hands back on her giant tits, "put yours back to good use."

I did as I was told and as I began kneading her tits and pinching her nipples, she reach under the water to check on the state of my prick. Finding it to her liking, she leaned forward a bit, set it at her entrance and pushed back onto my pole with a hard thrust. She managed to seat herself in two strokes and we were well and truly fucking in the water in short order. I checked on Molly and she had spun around and was riding Johan. Ginger moved us a little deeper into the water to get her a little more buoyant and made sure I had a good grip on her tits. She then leaned forward a bit more and picked her legs up. She was basically weightless now, her only connection to the ground through my dick embedded deep in her pussy. It was a nice sensation and she used her legs somehow to propel herself in and out. I matched her thrusts pretty easily. The water sort of slowed us down a bit and the fact that I had come not that long ago meant I felt I could go on for a while. Ginger was more worked up than I was, though, and after only a few minutes in our current position, she groaned loudly and forced herself down on my cock. She stayed set for a while and screached out an orgasm. It was loud enough to get Molly and Johan's attention and Molly smiled when our eyes met. I smiled back and enjoyed the sensation as Ginger's pussy spasmed on my shaft.

When she had recovered a bit, she suggested we get out and continue our fuck on the blanket. My legs were getting tired and I didn't think I could cum with the water slowing down our actions, so I agreed. We quickly soaped up any bits we had missed and rinsed off before heading out. Ginger assumed the same position that Molly and I had found her in a while ago: she put her ass high in the air and put her head and shoulders onto the blanket. Her pussy gaped open gorgeously from this angle and I knelt behind her and buried myself in her wetness in one hard stroke. Molly and Johan had switched positions again and she was now facing us, riding Johan reverse-cowgirl so that they could both watch Ginger and I fuck. I tried to put on a good show, and Ginger kept urging me on with lots of 'Harder!' and 'Slam it into me!' comments.

Ginger came again -- hard -- while I was plowing her from behind. I had slowed my pace a bit but had made sure my stokes were as deep as I could go. I reached around to play with her clit, and when I did, she exploded and her lubrication nearly burst from her pussy. I hadn't fucked someone that had that much cum before. I'm not sure she would be considered a 'squirter', but there sure was a lot of juice. I continued to pound her through her orgasm and wasn't sure I was going to cum at all. It felt awesome, but I was tired and suddenly really hungry. I was sure that it was well past lunchtime, but I had no idea what time it was.

Ginger brought me back to the present quickly and I forgot my hunger when she growled, "Fuck my ass, baby! Please?!" She and I looked at Molly at the same time and Molly just smiled and nodded. She had assumed a position on all fours and was getting reamed pretty good by Johan while they both watched. "Fuck my ass!" Ginger pleaded again.

I pulled out of her pussy and my cock was covered in her cum. I was about as slick as I was going to get without some sort of outside help, so I set my tip at her rosebud and pushed a bit. I put a hand onto her pussy and collected even more lubrication and managed to get a couple of inches of my dick in on the first push. By the third or fourth, I was fully seated and Ginger was babbling a bit. She grunted and moaned with each stroke as I pulled myself out fully before plunging back in. After several more strokes, her grunts and moans turned to shrieks and screams. I was thankful this was a secluded spot because people would have thought I was killing her. She turned her head, though, and the look of bliss on her face was apparent, even as her expression scrunched up with each shriek. Her ass was a lot tighter than her pussy and I was going to blow sooner than I wanted. I whispered my intent in Ginger's ear and she shrieked, "Go ahead baby! Come in Ginger's ass!"

As she said this I looked over to the other blanket. Molly's face was a mask of pleasure and she shrieked her own release. Johan went at the same time, pulling out and shooting another impressive load onto Molly's back. With these images in my head and Ginger's constant shrieks, I took just a few more strokes and buried myself to the hilt in Ginger's ass cumming as hard as I could given the days activities. This seemed to set Ginger off yet again and she wailed and collapsed downward. I managed to stay buried in her as she fell and I just lay on her as we both collapsed in satisfaction. Molly and Johan had collapsed as well and were spooned up on the other blanket. Their eyes were a little glassy and distant.

"Fuck, that was hot," Molly said, breaking the ice.

"Ya," Johan said, the first thing he said that I actually understood. "Fuckin' gud," he added and closed his eyes.

"I hate to complain," I said while looking at Molly, "but I'm starving." I looked at Ginger. "Do you mind if we eat?" I asked.

She just smiled and closed her eyes. She gave me a slight 'shoo' motion with her hand and I took that as a sign she didn't mind. Molly got up, too and we quickly hit the lake. Her to rinse Johan's cum from her back and me to give my dick a quick scrub with Ginger's soap. Molly gave me a hand and whispered in my ear, "Thank you for loving me and being comfortable with this once in a while. I love you."

"I love you, too," I whispered back and we hugged for a little while until both our stomachs groaned at the same time. Laughing, we exited the lake and dried off quickly. Ginger had moved over to lie down with Johan and they both looked asleep. They looked cute together, satisfied grins on their faces as they spooned one another. Molly and I broke open our picnic cooler and devoured its contents in short order. Sandwiches. Some potato salad. A few cookies. We felt bad for not having enough to share, but Ginger said not to worry. They had eaten their lunch already. We basked in a sun for a while and took another quick dip in the lake, but it was getting late and we had several miles to ride back to the truck.

"Leaving so soon?" Ginger asked as we started to pack up.

"Unfortunately. We've got a ways to ride to get back to our car," Molly offered. "Do you guys have a place to stay tonight?" she asked. "You could come stay with us."

"Thank you, but no. We're booked into the hostel just a ways away from here and we're heading in the opposite direction, I think. We're catching a ferry from Provincetown to Boston tomorrow to continue our trip." Ginger rose and came over to give us both a hug and a kiss. "Thank you for joining us today," she said. "I know I enjoyed it and I'm sure Johan did, too. He'd tell you that if he spoke a lick of English," she laughed. She looked serious for a moment and then said, "Keep loving each other, you two. I know you will."

I shook Johan's hand and he smiled but said nothing. Molly bent over and gave him a kiss. We packed our things, dressed ourselves and headed back up the path. We found our bikes just as we had left them and secured our items back to them. At least we'd have less to pedal back, although the food and water that was in our cooler was now in our stomachs. At least we'd have more energy to work with.

The path was much quieter so late in the day, and we made great time as we were able to go a little faster without having to avoid so many small children and families. Molly set a firm, but comfortable pace, and we got back to the truck with plenty of daylight to spare. We smiled as we strapped the bikes back onto the rack and threw the rest of the gear into the truck. Molly hugged me again for no aparent reason, and we drove to her house without needing to speak a word. It had been a great day ... and it wasn't quite over yet.

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