Blazing Angels
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, Space, Rough, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Adventures of a group of start up mercenaries. Set loosely in the Mechwarrior universe.

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The sounds of the ceremony still ringing in their ears, the graduating HAMr class of 3048 continued their celebrations in various clubs throughout the Menihein.

The sounds of merriment echoed through as a group stumbled into the Broken Missile Inn. A strikingly handsome woman with blue tattoos propped up one of her classmates near the bar and gave the young girl behind a warm grin

"A round all round for my compatriarts!!!", she said as she placed a few strings of hard currency down."and some food!"

With a wink she turned around and her group settled down in the corner of the Inn. Stunned the young girl blushed and went to comply. She was a new waitress at this bar and this was her first time on the evening shift. She usually dealt with the more male of the species and well older. She was a bit alarmed, not that the woman was in here, but by the tattoo on her face. This being a university world for HAMr pilots or Mechpilots it was not unusual for them to be tattooed, but the fact this tattoo covered most of her face was the exception.

She sigh in envy as she got their drinks, the tattooed woman surround by and obviously adored by her companions. The woman gave her a smile and a wink, she could feel herself blushing and getting a bit bothered. So she quickly got them drinks and left asking Mauri to cover that table for her.

"OOOH, V she's a nice one."

A chorus of agreements followed with comments and laughter.

"If you are not careful you may have yet another Dyari."

"Well, if I got another Dyari maybe you guys would stop bugging me." The woman replied with a grin. More cheers though some grumbled good naturedly. "Besides I don't know if I could afford to support the Dyarae I have now. You guys are sending me broke."

They all laughed good naturedly. Vin mused and caught the eye of the serving girl and gave her another wink, the girl's face going bright red now and studiously cleaning mugs. Vin mused watching her, it had been a while since she was with one of her Dyari, she could use a little release. The girl looked up and saw her watching steadily. The mug fell out of her nerveless hands. It shattered and she excused herself.

Vin took another gulp of her drink and got up to follow her. Her companion noticed, but acted like they didn't. One grabbed her arm with a sulky look on her face. Annoyed she looked down, seeing the pleading in her eyes, Vin caressed her along the jaw in such a way that made the girl shivered.

"Vaya will take care of you," she said gently. with great reluctance the girl let go and Vin continued to the back room.

The serving girl took in a few deep breaths. She was not sure what was going on, just looking at that woman make her feel things, let alone being around her. She had better get that mess cleaned up and went into the store room to get a pan and broom.

At least it was nice and cool in here. She mused as she opened the door and a waft of cool air kissed her face, it did make her nipples firm up a little though. She shook her head trying to get the thoughts of that tattoed woman out of her mind and started rummaging around. She was so busy trying to look for a pan and broom and not to think about the woman that she was oblivious to object of her futile efforts walking in the room behind her.

Vin leaned again the door frame admiring this girl. She was very cute, blonde hair caught up in a bow, fresh faced and it looked like from the country. Was she talking to herself? Vin mused.

"Stupid! She is a customer, probably mean and an old hag under that paint."

"I hope that is not me you are referring to," Vin spoke softly. The girl squeaked as she spun around, her face paled and then flushed. "because I can assure you that I am merely 19 birth years old. I have never been deliberately mean to any one except when asked and as for a customer, well that is at least correct."

"I ... I..." stammered the girl, clutching the handle of the broom. She was mortified that not only was the woman about her age, but also that she had overhead what she said. "I need to get back."

She scurried to the door wanting to escape, but the tattooed girl blocked her path and she was loathe to try to push past. She had a lazy seductive smile on her face and it seemed the closer she got to her, the more breatheless she became.

The tattooed girl slowly righted and firmly blocked her way. She frowned, her mind going crazy trying to think of what to do and say. All thoughts then fled her mind as the girl leaned forward and nuzzled her neck softly.

She whimpered as it sent goosebumps down that side of her body, her nipple puckering. Her knees gave way then as she the long slow rasp of her warm tongue along her neck.

Effortlessly it seemed this tattooed amazon picked her up and sat her on a barrel. She didn't know how, but she then felt her long blonde hair caressing her back, long hands squeezing her buttocks, something thing warm tugging on her nipple.

"Oh please," she gasped. She unsure whether she asking for the girl to continue or to stop. She shuddered as she felt fingers slip into her and the palm of that hand gently massaging her now highly sensitive nub.

The hand was moving slowly up an down and around. She felt the pressure of her orgasm build with intensity unlike what she usually felt. The hand continued it's slow seduction of her, making her gasp and flail her head wildly, she felt that she was nearing her peak, when the hand paused a little.

She was about to get her own hand to finish herself off, when the hand suddenly pushed hard and strong. It was all she could do to cling to this strange woman, her teeth biting into the shoulder of the leather jacket she wore to muffled her cries.

She didn't know how long it lasted for, but she felt sleepy and could feel herself being cradled and crooned to. She soon fell asleep.

Vin lay the girl down comfortably on a sack and fixed up her clothing as best as she could. It took a lot of control to not wake her and continue. She ran a hand through her hair, took a deep breath and composed herself. She was about to leave, but then took off her jacket and lay it over the girl, not wanting her to get too cold.

She grabbed the broom, pan and closed the door quietly behind her. She was half way back to the main room, when she ran into the innkeeper.

"Dang where is that..." Thomas then spotted Vin. He saw the slight glow of her face and eyes. "Aw, cripes V you didn't."

"No, T. But she will be out for a while."

Thomas sighed, "Well let's fix you up then."

Vin ambled along behind Thomas as he went to his office and then opened a secret door behind on of his shelves. Inside was a sterile environment with metal chair bolted to the floor. Vin took off her shirt and pants, leaving only her shorts and corset.

"You know Vin, it never ceases to amaze me how much control you have, considering..." Thomas commented as he readied some needles and vials. "Also considering how many Dyarae you have that you aren't always spent."

Vin grimaced a bit as the needles bit into her arms. "Just lucky I guess"

Thomas snorted as he attached vials to the needles collecting her blood. "Have you told them?"

"A few."

"They aren't going to be happy."

"I know."

Thomas sighed and replaced the two vials already filled with blood. Vin sighed and rested her head against the coolness of the chair, eyes closed, the heat simmering down. Thomas looked at her, she would be striking even without the tattoo on her face. She not only had brains but a body too.

He with drew the needles as the vials were full. "Only four this time?" Thomas looked, she still had her eyes closed. He went to place the blood in a special container and he heard her moving about and putting her clothes on. He would swear that she strips just to tease him.

"Given the concentration. I think four is as much as they can handle. Besides that should have taken the edge off. Now go out there and enjoy yourself."

"Yes Dad" Vin mocked lightly as she sauntered off.

When Vin returned to the table it was like she had never left. There was talk all round about what they were going to do and where they would go. Talk of the times at the university. A few more Graduates trickled in. The inn had settled quickly into companionable drinking.

Then in walked a grad who was out of place, which was something given the laxity of the area. She was a small thing who took one dismissive look and then went to the bar and order their most expensive wine.

Great! I wonder if any of these could be of any use to me. This wine doesn't even rate a mention. I guess I will have to ask the bartender perhaps if I ask in a loud enough voice I may be over heard.

"Barkeep!" called Katrina, "I am looking for some outstanding mechwarriors to be a part of my exclusive company".

"Take a look around you girly, they is outstandin as you is eva goin get".

A few sidle up to Katrina proposing something other than joining her mech company whom she all shot down in rapid fire. Then she overheard conversation about someone called Vin the Vicious? She wracked her memory. She thinks that she remembers something about one of the lower class HAMr pilots who though not a high scorer was considered the best.

Although how they could be considered the best without high scores is really beyond me.

She found the conversation coming from a table in the middle of the room with what looked to be almost a whole class of mechwarriors, judging from their tattooes. She shuddered, such a barbaric world. In her mind the facial tattooes of this world paled in comparison the stars and insignias that she wore.

Right if she is ever going to get this company off the ground it looks like she will have to be the one to make the first move. If that nick name was anything to go by she maybe able to put up with some stupid oafish male behaviour in hopes that there was some skill to go with it.

"E hem!" ... all conversation stopped as the whole table looked at her, no doubt admiring the rank and impressive aura I project, she thought. "which one of you men is Vin the Vicious?"

They all looked at each other with amused eyes and this highly over dressed person. One of the big guys with a red bandanna around his forehead asked, "Who is asking and why?"

Aha, bingo! "Katrina Walker of the Deluvian Family, Mr Vin" Katrina said directly to the Red Bandanna, "And I would like to invite you to join my exclusive mercenary company the Blazing Angels."

Red Bandanna laughed out loud. "You hear that guys the little Kat here would like Mr Vin to be an Angel."

All those around the table laughed ruefully. Katrinas mouth compressed in a tight line. a scowl starting to form. And these are the best graduates there are! Nothing but coarse ruffians. Maybe there is another inn with the same name. She doubted it though.

"At least she got the Blazing right" Cried another. They now laughed aloud except one a female who looking at Katrina with some interest over the rim of her beer mug. Katrina was about to walk away in disgust when Red Bandanna asked, "and what would be the pay?"

Now, we are talking.

"Standard pay for your rank to be deposited each month in your own nominated account. A site better than the military I would wager."

Red Bandanna, "What about Salvage Rights?"

Katrina's eyes narrowed warily. "What about it?"

Red Bandanna, "I would be offering mister Vin first choice of a Hamr if mister Vin finds you anything significant."

Katrinas lips again threatened to disappear. That would serious set back her plans, but she didn't have any Hamrs at the moment so she really didn't have much to lose. "Alright first salvage rights of any Hamrs, provided there is more than one. Do we have a deal?"

Red Bandanna, "I dont know do we?"

As his head turned to look at woman guzzling down the last of her beer. She slammed it down looked at Katrina with a smile and said "Sure we do if she can get it in writing tomorrow I will sign."

Katrina quickly masked the shock and annoyance that these brutes where playing with her and for Vin as a female to side with them! But she quickly put it out of her mind as she remembered the fairly good deal she had made she has gotten one of the supposed top Mech-pilots this side of the galaxy. Well graduated anyways and she would only have to pay her according to her rank, which wouldn't be much. This would be the beginning of the greatest Mercenary unit of all time.

"Excuse me please?", said a cultured voice from behind Katrina. "Are you really hiring on Hamr pilots?"

Katrina turned to see another female graduate fairly average with build slimmer than that of the average Hamr pilot the only thing really unusual about this one was her eyes were a strange green/ bluish colour.

Katrina said smoothly, "Sure, what is your name and what sort of skills do you have?"

"My name is Aliya Askani of the Styr family and I pilot my own LAM", said Aliya proudly.

Katrina could barely contain her glee. From her history lessons she learned of the Styr family who produced exceptional pilots and were very well connected. Vin and now Askani in her company she was going to be infamous. "Okay then both of you meet me at the mercenary hall tomorrow at 10am. Happy Celebrations." With that Katrina swept out.

Vin watched the would be little general sweep out the door a thoughtful look on her face.

"Hey Vin! Your not serious about joining up with that Harshimano." Red Bandanna was incredulous.

"Well Harden it might be worth taking a trip around the Verses," replied Vin.

"Yeah but Vin shes a wet back." Everybody cheered in agreement.

"Ah back off guys sides it might be interesting to see what they learn over at the CC."

"What how to polish their stars and embroider?" Good natured cheering followed."Hey do you think she will have enough for all of us?" a chorus of agreements ensued. Vaya and Vin shared a glance. Now was not the time. "Well I hope so..." jeered another. "cause how else will she keep our Vin in control."

"Come on guys, drink up," Vaya interrupted. "The last one under gets to spend in with our Dyaro."

They all began ordering and drinking in ernest. Vin sent Vaya an appreciative smile and settled back to watch her Dyarae compete to spend the night with her.

The next morning Vin woke up early entangled in the middle of her large bed with three of her dyarae. She was grateful that Vaya made sure that they were so imbued last night that it would be difficult to wake them this morning. She slipped easily out of the bed and padded out quietly, closing the door softly as she went.

She still lived in the University dorm, had done for years so she had no problems finding her way around in the pre-dawn light. She found the closet which held her clothes and the basic equipment that she had pre-packed and decided to take. She slipped on her shorts and corset, grabbed her boots and moved outside, where she would finish dressing and not disturb anyone.

"So you haven't changed your mind?"

She immediately assumed a fighting position. Vaya stepped out of the bushes a steady look on his face. She righted and started getting dressed.


"No, Vaya I haven't."

All was quiet as Vaya watched Vin his Dyaro getting ready to leave them, possibly for ever. Anger and resentment bubbled up inside him. "How can you leave us?" He demanded in an angry whisper. He grabbed her and forced her up against the building his body pining hers. He was one of the only ones to be able to match her in physical strength and size. "Look at me! HOW!"

Slowly Vin's pale blue eyes sadly lifted to his, the anguish plan in his eyes, the abandonment, anger and desperation. She knew it would be difficult to leave them, some of them would try to seek her out. Vaya at least could keep them in line being one of the more senior Dyari.

"Vaya. Love I have to go."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do."

"No!" He grabbed her shirt and ripped it. "I won't let you. I can make you stay. Make you want to stay." Then he ripped her shorts as she hadn't put her cargos on yet.

"Vaya!" her protest was muffled by him desperately kissing her. He had one hand tangled in her hair silencing her with his mouth. The other hand had grabbed her leg lifting it up to hook around his waist allowing him to access her easily. He thrust into her all the way delighted in the little involutntary sounds that she made. Confident he could make her stay.

"You like that don't you?" he whispered in her ear as he pushed slowly and rhythmically. He could hear her breathing becoming deeper and a little ragged, trying to control herself. "I could give this to you when ever you want, you know I can. All you have to do is stay with us."

She felt her heat rising, but her resolve still stayed the same. "No" Vaya stilled, the with an angry cry threw her down on her back in the bushes and mounted her.

"STAY" he thrust into her viciously.


"You've got to stay. Your Dyarae need you. I need you. Stay! Promise you'll stay. Promise you'll never leave." He plumbed into her with every word.

"Why? why? why? why? why? why?" He grabbed her shoulders desperate to make her stay giving it all that he could. He felt her legs wrap around him her arms embracing him. YES! he thought as her hand pushed his head down to her neck in offering. He bit into her and drank deeply. Pleasure wracking his body his body as she gave him what he so desperately sought. Answers.

"This is why."

As images and pleasure assaulted Vaya he collapsed on top of her. His breathing ragged he finally understood. He wept with the realisation of what he had done.

"Forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive." Vin whispered as she stroked his long hair. "Now get off me I have to go."

"I ... yes" Vaya sat dejected on the grass, watching numbly as she got dressed. She discarded her torn shorts, put on her cargos and her shirt. Well nothing to do about that except tie the front together. She sat next to Vaya putting her boots on.

"I won't be gone forever Vaya."

He just nodded, still watching silently and with guilt. Before she got up to leave she leaned in to kiss him on mouth tenderly. "And thanks for the going away gift. I didn't know you cared so much." she said with an impish grin, wiggly her bottom as she walked off.

Vaya watched her as she strode out of sight and then lay on the grass looking at the dawn approaching. Only she could ease his guilt over something so unspeakable, though not entirely. He gave a great heartfelt sigh and fixed himself up. He had better get ready for the uproar when the other dyarae found out that she was gone.

Katrina fingered the datapad in her hand in agitation. She had been waiting here outside the mercenary hall for about five minutes. Glancing at the clock set above the entrance to the mercenary in annoyance. They were 1 minute late in opening. That was just not good enough! If only she was able to use her real name she was sure that she would have been granted entrance before any one else.

She was also nervous that Aliya and Vin might not turn up. She had scoured other inns and outside the hiring halls yesterday and did not meet with much success. She couldn't believe that the graduates from hear didn't jump at the chance to get off planet and be a part of her elite mech company. What can you expect from such a back water place, they even use paper here! Though thankfully the Mercenary Hall was at least computerised.

Katrina quickly smoothed over her features when she saw Aliya approaching. Katrina had to admit that she was quite good looking, though not as beautiful as she was she did garner the occasional look from some of those in the square as she approached. Aliya however either was not aware of the attention or it didn't bother her.

When she reached Katrina, she merely nodded and then turned to survey the square with her, both waiting for Vin. They were not long in waiting. Vin's tall figure came loping across the square. Vin was tall, taller than Katrina thought, but then when they met she was sitting down. She would have had to have been close to six foot tall. Plus she looked a mess, her clothes rumpled her shirt torn and tied at the front showing a good deal of corset.

No doubt all of the those that looked at her as she ran towards Katrina were remarking on her inappropriate stat of dress. Not wanting to be seen with her in such a state. Katrina turned and started going into the hall, which had by now opened. Aliya hesitated for a moment and followed, catching up to Katrina as she strode into a reserved consulting room.

Glancing back Aliya could see Vin making her way towards them and she waited in the doorway. Aliya blinked at Vin's state. She must not have gone home last night. Vin reached Aliya, breathing heavily, she gestured Aliya in first.

"You have a twig in your hair." Aliya said with a half smile trying not to laugh at the puzzled look on Vin's face.

"Thanks" She grinned as she removed the twig and went in after Aliya. Katrina already had the hard copies of the sign up documents laid out on the table. They both sat and perused the documents.

It seemed to take forever to Katrina as both Vin and Aliya looked over their contracts. Aliya she could understand, she was cultured and well bred and wouldn't sign anything unless she read it first, but Vin? Katrina doubted that she even understood what was in the contract and was doing it merely because Aliya was.

They finally finish reading, Aliya pulls a nice pen out of her pocket and signs it with flourish. Vin on the other hand appeared to rub a pendent on her necklace and then placed her thumb on the paper. When it came off there was clearly a bloody thumbprint where the signature would be.

"Don't worry," Vin said as she licked the blood off her thumb, "it is legally binding."

Lips compressed Katrina excused herself to lodge the contracts. The clerk, who by no means looked like your typical clerk, but a fighter, briefly flicked through the documents checking to make sure that everything was fine. He stamped them as approved.

"Could I please have a data copy?"

The clerk nodded, and handed her a stick.

"Um, I was wondering. Is that contract ... the one with the thumbprint legal?"

The clerk almost looked offended.

"It is just that I have done a lot of contracts, but never with one signed with a thumbprint."

"I can assure you that it is entire legit. It is the way her people do things and we accept all forms of legally binding agreements."

Her people? Oh she was probably from some primative area of the Verse.

"Is there anything else?," the clerk inquired in a tone that belayed the helpful question.

Katrina raised her chin and replied coolly, "No thank you."

She turned around and saw both Vin and Aliya not five paces behind her. Briskly she sets off. Hoping that they didn't hear that exchange.

"Right we already have a contract. Basically babysitting and we leave in 2 hours. We are going to an ice planet so pack warm." Handed them some data sticks. "Here is the brief, looking after some sort of surveyors/geologists. I will meet you at the ship."

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