Battlemage: Book 5 - End of a Legacy and New Beginnings
Chapter 1

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"See the red head over there? Yes, the one with the long braid hanging all the way down her back? Yes her, she is the one that I'm paying your guild to take care of," said the woman with shiny black hair.

(Long low whistling sound)

"You weren't kidding were you? She is really gorgeous. And you said she is almost 40? Wow, I never would have thought that from just looking at her. I think I may really enjoy this job," said the man grinning as wide as possible.

Unconsciously he compared her to his dark haired companion.

While his companion was still very attractive, and as they traveled to this city he found her an interesting, very experienced, and very eager bed companion, he now suddenly found that his target was much more appealing to him.

He suddenly knew that he would enjoy this job very much!

"You know, I'm paying you extremely well to complete this job. Think you can keep it in your pants until you're finished?" asked the dark haired woman frowning at the man.

"I'm a professional, I always keep it in my pants until my job is finished," said the man frowning back at her.

"Well just so you know, she is still just as dangerous as everyone has always heard and I'm very nervous because I don't want anything to ruin my plans after planning this long to get my revenge," said the dark haired woman with a grim smile.

"They will be leaving either today or tomorrow and I want to make sure we have everything setup the way it needs to be and the men are ready to move at a moments notice when everything falls into place," said the dark haired woman.

"Just to make sure I know what I'm doing, I want to confirm how many are we talking about one more time?" asked the man.

"Fine, fine, from the information I paid for I was told it will be seven, four young girls, two older women, and her. She can use both Magic and weapons. So she is the most dangerous one," smiled the woman with a grim smile moving her hands dismissively.

"I know it's none of my business, but you really want your revenge don't you Ms. Van Shelton. While it's no skin off my nose and this is a job I really enjoy, almost ten seasons is a long time to work on a plan to still try for revenge on someone," said the man

Since she was paying for his services she always insisted everyone address her as "Ms." in any conversation with her.

"While it's not any of your business beyond what I pay you, I think I'll humor you today because everything is going well so far and I'm in a good mood.

'It took me this long just to get all the info I had on them, get your guild to work with me, and then later to raise enough money in secret to cover the requested fee. I couldn't pay your fee through normal channels or it would leave a trail back to me. I needed a way to get my revenge.

"And she will pay for interfering in my life and taking the one man who was supposed to be my husband from me. And by now I'm sure that slut has long forgotten about me," said Vanessa.

"But why did you want to come with me to follow them and make sure that everything was prepared?" asked the man. "I'm just scouting for the rest and we already have your files on them."

"Because I want to be there once it is finally over and make sure that the last familiar thing she ever sees will be my smiling face when she realizes that I've finally paid her back for what she did to me," said Vanessa as she now smiled with glee at the retreating form of Rayne's back.

Rayne was enjoying the walk back home as she exited though the city walls. She was humming a happy tune to herself as she walked the path back to her home.

Today she had finished getting all the needed travel supplies because her, her mother Brianna, and Cassie were starting their trip tomorrow to head to the Sisters of the Sacred Blade guild.

The youngest girl, Gail and Jaden's daughter Haley, had turned 10 last month.

Darla and Caelan's daughter Gem had turned 10 three months earlier. And after speaking with Ann-Marie they decided to bring all the girls up to the guild at the same time once the youngest turned 10. It would allow Brianna, Rayne, and Cassie to train them as long as possible. Brianna had taken to treating Cassie as if she was another one of her children.

Rayne chuckled to herself. She was right that Caelan, Jaden, and her father all balked at the notices from the guild. A few months after each of the girl's birth, their daughters (Aric's grand-daughters) would receive a notice that said that they were now registered and one day they would be expected to join the guild. And as she predicted, Brianna needed to convince everyone that it would be for the best.

Rayne chuckled to herself again. Her father was the only one who probably always enjoyed his convincing she always thought.

Rayne thought back as she walked about the children and the changes over the seasons.

There were six kids born over the seasons. There were four girls and two boys that were born with-in the family.

Caelan and Darla had two kids, and both were mages. They named them Gemma or "Gem" and Michael "Aaron" Griffith.

Michael was born first and is 12 seasons old. Since they couldn't really think of a middle name the both just had to have, they decided to name him after Darla's father.

Gem came along two seasons later and Darla badly wanted to name her after her mother. And Caelan didn't have a problem with that. But they decided to call her Gem for short for short to keep it from being confusing.

Gemma was flattered and didn't mind her being named after her, but really didn't want her called "Gem". She felt that it was to close to her given name Jewel. And she was still trying to keep Aaron from thinking back about that time.

But Aaron came to the rescue and said that it was time to let go of that foolishness and that the child had done nothing wrong. Gem still needed to live her own life, and honoring her grandmother would be a fine way to start it.

Then he held her and said that she was too precious to not be the Gem of his eye and smiled at Gemma. She just smiled at them both as tears ran down her face.

Gem was a cute little girl with green/brown eyes and jet black, and her brother had Brown hair and blue eyes.

Even though Caelan tried hard, neither child had any real aptitude for weapons. Gem was just considered passable with a Bo staff by Brianna's standards, but that probably made her better than average for any child her age and size. But they were very good at magic.

Michael favored green magic like his father but Gem appeared that she was going to be a blue mage, as she was very strong with different aspects of blue.

She had already demonstrated abilities with telekinesis, hidden shields, and making herself invisible seemed to be one of Gem's specialties. Michael was already into his third circle already seeming to favor lighting attacks similar to her father, but Gem was just starting to master the second circle.

But even though they enjoyed their children, they lost Gemma and Aaron last season. That was a sad time for them all.

Aaron and Gemma had always taken to walking under the stars for seasons in hand in hand, but one night last season Aaron must have known something was wrong because when they took a walk that night Aaron sat Gemma down on the bench, sat next to her, smiled and said that he has loved her very much over the seasons and couldn't have asked for a better wife and gently kissed her lips. To always remember that he loved her very much no matter what happens.

Gemma cried and hugged Aaron and said she has loved him for so long she was so happy to spend her life with him.

But the next morning Aaron was found having passed away in his sleep. He looked peaceful, but he was 82 at the time.

Gemma was heartbroken. Darla and Bryan tried to do what they could for her, but it was apparent to everyone that Gemma no longer had the will to go on living.

While Aaron was alive she was always energetic and smiling no matter what. But she became quiet and despondent after his death. She would take to periods of sitting alone staring off into the distance not responding to anything anyone said to her.

A few months after Aaron's death Gemma was found in her bed having passed away now herself. But everyone thought she was happy because she had a peaceful smile on her face once she was found. Everyone thought she might have been dreaming of Aaron and happier times.

Darla and Bryan were heartbroken as well. They lost both of their parents pretty close to each other. But everyone realized as well that they loved each other enough that no matter who went first the other would probably go soon after. But Caelan and the family did whatever they could to help Darla and Bryan get through this.

But over the seasons Darla's personality has changed from what it was when they were children. She is now more outspoken and less shy and quiet. But she is still the sweet person she ever was and still worries about her neighbors all the same. And she still loves Caelan as much she did from day one.

Gail and Jaden both had two children as well. They have a 13 season old boy they named Ayden who has curly brown hair and brown eyes, and is an excellent mage he has already mastered his third circle of magic and is starting to learn his forth.

And they have a 10 season old girl named Haley who has brown hair and dimples and is very good with a single sword or a bow. And she has excellent control for someone her size. She is petite and half a head shorter than the other children. But she seems stronger than she should be. She is a very cute little girl.

The family still always jokes that as much as Jaden and Gail are absent from the family they were surprised they didn't have more children. A joke like that would have had Jaden blushing when he was younger, but he always grinned big and asked if they were jealous.

Jaden and Gail still take to ribbing each other, but nothing vicious or hurtful. Over the seasons when Jaden pulls Gail close and pat her on the butt she leans back, grins wickedly, and strokes his chest while she stares him deep in the eyes. Usually right before she gives him a deep kiss.

Gail still gives everyone the impression that given a spare moment she would drag Jaden off to the nearest bed. Sometimes if the night seems to go on too long for her, she'll also give the impression that a bed no longer is needed to be factored into her equation. Jaden never fails to pick up on those hints from her and they soon disappear.

Most of the other women can't understand how she manages to keep that high of a sexual interest in her husband. But somehow she does and Jaden clearly doesn't seem to mind.

Cassie and David have a 12 season old daughter Elizabeth named after David and Matt's mother. "Beth" as she prefers to be called, takes after her mother in looks and temperament, and is also a sword user.

But in training with the other kids, and with Brianna and Rayne, she has learned that she can also use pole arms quite effectively. She is quite good with either. She looks like her mother with straight black hair cut in a page boy style, her fathers ice blue eyes, and has a very nice figure for her age.

Early in Cassie and David's marriage a couple of younger women in the city took to trying to seduce David whenever they saw him in the city, and they tried to lure him to their homes by saying that they had need for some design changes to their homes.

Cassie always tried to keep her composure because David always took her with him when he went to a client's home regardless of who asked for him, and he never met clients after work. So she always trusted him and he never gave her any reason to doubt him.

But at a party when a few of them kept trying to monopolize David under the guise of asking about work, and also kept trying to ask David to dance all the time using the same excuse right in front of Cassie, that was the breaking point where Cassie had had enough.

A couple of the women had eventually gone into the rest room, and Cassie went in not too long afterwards herself.

No one quite knows what happened next, but eventually Cassie came back out to their table sweating a little and seemed to really enjoy the rest of the party with David undisturbed, and the other women never returned to the ballroom.

Eventually it got back to David that both of the other women, in the company of their friends, had to leave the party early because both of them managed to slip and fall, hitting their faces on the sink, and didn't want to be seen with black eyes.

David smiled when told and never spoke of that party again.

But now even seasons later Cassie and David hold hands everywhere they go and that makes everyone smile to see it. It's like they are a couple of teenagers sometimes as they laugh and kiss.

And Cassie only rivals Gail in radiating lust for her husband whenever he is around. And like Jaden, David doesn't want to rock the boat either.

Rayne and Matt had a daughter themselves not to long after they married.

Rayne always thought they had her early because of all the practice her and Matt put in to create her. At times they were up to 3 - 4 times a day everyday for the first season.

She once asked Matt early in the marriage if she was forcing him to have too much sex and Matt just grinned and said you can never be forced if you're enjoying what you're doing. And even that was remotely the case that he would never complain for fear of Rayne stopping. If the price he had to pay was that he had to die with a smile that is how he would go, loving every minute of it.

Rayne and Matt named her Ariel Caitlyn Spencer. They took both of their mother's middle names to make hers.

Ariel took after her mother and grandmother in looks and build at 12 seasons old, with the expected red hair. But instead of their trademark green eyes she had her father's steely blue eyes that seemed to flash if she was ever angry.

Like her mother, and different than the other children, Ariel was a twin sword user. And she was quite proficient as a 12 season old, but she still had a ways to go to be good enough to beat her mother, but she was well on her way.

Her and her cousin Beth were as close as sisters and it wasn't lost on the boys in the city that they were two of the more attractive girls around. But with a family of mages and warriors running loose no boy tried anything that might bring the wrath of that family on them.

As Rayne was finally reaching her house she stopped in front of an oak tree and took a good look at it. As she looked up at the tree without realizing it she was launched into a long forgotten memory.

"ARIEL CAITLYN SPENCER! You get down from that tree this instant!" said Rayne to her six season old daughter.

Her husband Matt stood close by on the porch watching it play out. If someone had to climb the tree after her both of them knew Rayne was by far the better choice. And both of them also knew that both of them yelling at her would really not serve any purpose in getting her down.

"No, Daddy will spank me!" cried Ariel.

"No he won't! And just why did you hit Michael in the eye! It's black and blue! That wasn't very nice!" said Rayne to her daughter.

"He was making fun of me and Beth! He said we were just going to be muscle head because we weren't smart enough to do magic like him. That we were just to dumb to ever learn! That wasn't nice of him either!" screamed down little Ariel.

"Ariel you need to climb down and we need to talk. And you need to apologize to your cousin. Did you ever think that that maybe he's jealous of you? That maybe he wishes he had some of your physical skill? Come down so we can talk," said Rayne.

"No! Daddy will spank me! I'm scared!" said little Ariel.

"Ariel why do you keep saying that? Your Daddy has never spanked you," said Rayne.

"But he will this time, I know he will! He'll spank me like he sometimes spanks you!" said little Ariel.

"Wha..." said Rayne as she turned to look at Matt. Matt too shared a look of confusion on his face.

"Sweetie, Daddy doesn't spank me. What are you talking about?" asked Rayne looking back up at her daughter.

"I HEARD him! I got up last week to get a drink of water and I heard you softly crying then I heard him tell you through your door you had to come to him. Then I heard him spanking you and you were saying Daddy's name over and over so he would stop, and you were still crying! But he never did! And eventually you screamed for God to come help you really loud and then Daddy stopped! I don't want that to happen to me! I don't want Daddy to spank me like that!" cried down little Ariel with a stricken look.

Rayne's face turned bright red as she turned to give Matt a stricken look, but Matt was laughing so hard he was now lying on his back on the porch with tears in his eyes.

Rayne could hear him softly saying in his laughter "I must have said come for me not to me."

"Matt! Get a hold of yourself and help me here," hissed Rayne quietly, while frowning at Matt.

"Oh no, this is one of those mother daughter moments that I doubt I can bring anything new to the table since she's scared of me. Of course this also explains why she was so good the last few days and did everything I asked, ' smiled Matt at Rayne.

Rayne turned and looked back up at Ariel.

"Ariel, Daddy would never hurt me. He loves me. We were playing a game, but sometimes Daddy cheats and Mommy has to call him on it. But it was something that Mommies and Daddies do together. I promise you Daddy wasn't hurting me. Daddy loves you and me and would never hurt either of us," said Rayne with a smile.

"Promise?" asked little Ariel slowly.

"I promise," said Rayne smiling.

Ariel climbed almost all the way down the tree and dropped to the ground from the last branch. And once there she kept looking down at the ground.

"I'm sorry I hurt Michael. I'll go apologize. But he should apologize too," said Ariel stubbornly.

"I'll talk to uncle Caelan and I'm sure everyone will understand," said Rayne giving her daughter a hug.

After a minute Ariel pulled back and looked over at her father.

"Daddy, please don't cheat when you play games with Mommy or spank Mommy anymore. That scares me," said Ariel seriously.

"Honey we'll make sure to find another way to do Mommy and Daddy things so we don't scare you anymore," smiled Matt as he got up to hug his daughter.

Rayne blushed as she relived that moment.

And she also remembered that from that point forward they quit doing it on top of the blankets and did it under the sheets to muffle the noise, and that she worked hard at trying to keep her voice under control.

But if she was feeling really in the mood they would make sure to tucker out Ariel so they could really relieve some stress.

But as she headed for the house she was making sure that everything looked right for their trip out of the city tomorrow.

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