Alana Asserts Herself
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hubby was going to make her quit.

I sat in my office staring out the window with thoughts of murder on my mind. Murder would be the quickest way to go and it would definitely be the most satisfying, but I also know that there is no such thing as the Perfect Crime - not for an ordinary guy like me anyway - and I have no desire to go to jail. Who would I like to do in? My loving wife of course, and all because we both love sex.

Alana and I married after a whirlwind courtship. We met at a cocktail party in LA on a Thursday night, spent all of Friday and half a day Saturday in bed and then drove to Vegas and were married on Saturday night. I know, I can hear it now, "You met and got married in the space of twenty-four hours and you got marriage problems? Well duh!"

Actually that would be a wrong assumption on the readers part. Alana and I were made for each other and the marriage lasted more than ten years trouble free. It has been in only the last three months that things have gone to hell and, admittedly, it is as much my fault as Alana's that things have gone bad. As I mentioned before, both Alana and I love sex and are always trying on new things to add spice to an already spicy marriage. The trouble started when we decided to add role playing to our repertoire. It began with simple stuff like Alana going into a bar and acting like a prostitute looking for a John and letting me pick her up in front of all the people there. I'd fix her car and she would pretend I was the mechanic at the garage and she would offer to fuck me in place of paying her bill. We tried the burglar surprising the lady of the house in bed, the service man coming to fix the (fill in the blank) and the lady of the house fucking him because she didn't have the check book and had no cash. Then we progressed to light bondage and Alana would have me tie her to the bed, use a feather and dildos on her and then fuck her.

After a while we discussed the possibility of taking on a third person, male or female, it didn't matter, as long as it added spice to the marriage. We were both secure enough that we felt we could handle so we tried it with another woman and it was great. Then we tried it with another guy and it was just as great. We limited our use of extra partners to once a month, more with the idea of keeping things new and exciting than anything else and it worked out well for us. There were two women and three guys that we used on a rotating basis and for two years things went along fine.

As I said, the trouble began about three months ago and I have only myself to blame for it. I had been gone on an extended business trip and Alana had been without sex for almost two weeks. I know that that doesn't sound like a long time, but for a woman used to getting laid five and six times a week it can seem like forever. I was due to be gone another four days, maybe five, and during my nightly call to Alana she told me she was climbing walls and she asked me if she could please call one of our three studs in waiting. I saw no harm in that so I told her to go ahead. When I called her the next night she thanked me for letting her 'get settled down' and then she said, "The boys damn near wore me out."

"The boys?" I asked.

It seems that Dave and Fred were not answering their phones and when she called Todd he said he couldn't come over because he had an out of town guest - his old college roommate was staying with him. Alana was so desperate that she told Todd to bring his buddy along with him and the two of them had worked her over most of the night.

"I knew you wouldn't mind" she said, "and now I should be able to hang on until you get home."

Didn't think I'd mind? Of course I minded. I was letting other guys fuck my wife, but I'd always had some say in the matter. I'd always checked them out before granting approval and I didn't know anything about this friend of Todd's. I was pissed, but I kept a rein on my emotions and told Alana that I would be home in two days and that, unlike her, I had gone without and she was going to have to take up the slack when I got home.

We fucked up a storm the first five days I was back and then we fell back into our normal routine. At the end of the month, when it was our usual time to bring in a third person, she told me that she wanted to do Todd and his buddy, "I've never had three men at once and I think it would be fun."

I wasn't all that keen on the idea, but it was Alana's body and I didn't feel that I could tell her that she couldn't have what she wanted, at least not since we had opened the door to extra partners. Given that I'd not been given the chance to check out Tim before allowing him to join our little circle I was predisposed to dislike him before he even walked in the door. When he and Todd arrived I took an instant dislike to him and it didn't help that he had a permanent smirk on his face or that his attitude toward me was condescending. He acted as if he was there to do me a favor. Alana positively gushed over him and I soon found out why - he had a cock that would have done a stud horse proud. I suddenly understood why Alana had been so insistent on having him come back with Todd. Don't kid yourself by thinking that size doesn't count. The only people who say that are the women who can't get one or the guys that don't have a big one. For Alana's sake I kept my thoughts about Tim to myself and let the evening proceed. I do admit to a certain amount of fascination as I watched Alana taking every single inch of that monster cock and then beg to be fucked harder. When the two guys left in the morning Alana couldn't even walk; I had to carry her to the bathroom. The next day I told Alana that I didn't like the "arrogant bastard" and that I didn't want him coming back. Alana didn't say anything and I thought that was the end of the matter.

The next three weeks were normal, nothing but straight sex and plenty of it, and then one night I came home from work to find Alana wearing her vinyl corset and black high heeled boots. It was her way of telling me that tonight was going to be a 'light bondage night' and that it was my turn to submit. She ordered me to disrobe and then had me sit on one of our straight back dining room chairs and then she tied my arms and legs to the chair. Next she tied a blindfold over my eyes and said, "Tonight slave, you will learn to suck a cock. I'm going to parade all of my lovers past you and after you have sucked all their cocks you will identify them. If you correctly name them all I will allow you to fuck me tonight. If you fail, you can go to bed by yourself and play with your miserable excuse for a cock."

I heard her leave the room and when she came back I felt something push at my lips, "Open your mouth slave and treat my lover's manhood with the respect that it deserves."

I stuck my tongue out and touched the thing she was holding and she said, "Suck it slave!" I opened my mouth and something rubbery was pushed in. Since I had never sucked a cock in my life and had no way of knowing how all I could do was treat it the way I liked mine to be treated. After a minute or so Alana asked, "Who is it slave?"

Alana has a collection of dildos and she has named each one and I guessed that my task was going to be to identify each one correctly. The one I'd just had in my mouth was small, almost cigar sized, and so I said, "That was Mr. Rectum."

Alana snorted and said, "Lucky guess."

For the next half-hour Alana pushed her entire collection of fake cocks in my mouth and I correctly identified them all. She had even run in a small summer sausage, a carrot and a cucumber on me and I had nailed them all.

Then Alana said, "This next one you do not know. I just bought it a specialty shop and it was hideously expensive because of its unique features. It has the texture of real skin and it has a small sack that can be filled with warm milk that I can have the cock shoot into you by squeezing a bulb. You should know me well enough to know the name I have given it," and then it was pushed at my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in and was surprised to find that it did indeed have the texture of real skin, but what got my immediate attention was the size - it was huge! It stretched the corners of my mouth and Alana said, "My lover is now going to fuck your face until he shoots his cum into your mouth. You will swallow all of it and then if you can name him your prize will be my body."

She began to saw the dildo back and forth in my mouth, going in deeper with every stroke, and all the time crooning, "Suck it slave, suck that big, beautiful cock, suck it."

I thought that Alana was getting a little too carried away with things, but I couldn't say anything because my mouth was full. My arms and legs were tied to the chair so I couldn't push her away from me or move away from her. Suddenly Alana said, "My lover is going to cum now. Be a good slave and swallow it all." A stream of warm fluid hit the back of my throat and my first thought was that doesn't taste like any warm milk I ever had before and then I was swallowing and gagging as I tried hard to swallow all of the fluid.

"Can you name my lover slave?" and she pulled the object from my mouth.

There was a possibility, albeit a small one, that I would be wrong, but I was sure that I was right.

"Your lover's name is Tim."

"Very good slave" Alana said as she moved behind me and took off the blindfold.

I blinked my eyes a few times and then threw up all over myself. Standing in front of me, with drops of cum still hanging from his cock, was Tim. He looked down at me and sneered, "What does it feel like to have a real man's dick in your mouth." Standing ten feet behind him was Todd holding a video camera. I had just been videotaped sucking another man's cock! Alana was wiping my face and trying to clean up the mess I'd just made when I had the sudden realization that another man's cum had just gone down my throat and I threw up again.

Alana said, "You guys go on into the bedroom, I'll be there in a minute." She stuffed a clean rag in my mouth and said, "I'm sorry baby, but I've got to have that huge cock. I love you and I hope you love me enough to forgive me for what I just did to you, but I crave that monster cock between my legs. He is an arrogant, insufferable bastard, but he also has that monster cock. As long as you let him fuck me he won't show that tape to anyone. I really, really do love you baby and I'm sorry for this, but now I know how a cocaine addict feels when he cant get his fix and I've got to have Tim baby, I've just got to have him. I know you're mad now so I'm not going to untie you until they are gone, but please remember that you are the only man I love," and then she left me and walked into the bedroom.

I sat in that chair, in the stinking mess I'd made, and listened to the noises coming from the bedroom. When Tim and Todd left Tim looked at me and said, "You ain't that bad a cocksucker. The next time I come over I'll let you get me ready for your wife," and then he gave me his sneering smile as he walked out of the house.

Five minutes later Alana came out of the bedroom and began to untie me. "I love you baby, honest to God I do and I'll make it up to you, I promise," but as soon as she had me untied I shoved her away from me.

"Get out of my sight you worthless whore before I kill you" and I left the house and I haven't been back.

In the three weeks since Alana, Tim and Todd pulled their little stunt I've not spoken to her - not once - not even to take her phone calls. Other than a divorce I don't have a clue as to what I'm going to do next to get even with the three of them, but as I look out my office window I know it won't be murder. At least not yet!

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