Chuck's Forced Vacation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Deputy U.S. Marshal Chuck Johnson is forced to go on Vacation so who better to join than the "Vacation" crew led by Steve Sharp and his family. Chuck is just as busy on his forced Vacation as he was at home.

In the northwest corner of the continental United States, there is a small group of islands off Washington State called the San Juan Islands. They are typical of the area; filled with beautiful trees, lots of big rocks, and some of the islands are fairly well populated. Ferries to either the mainland U.S. or Canada connect all the larger islands.

There is abundant wildlife both on the islands and in the surrounding waters. The deep channels host the world's largest population of salmon and host a few pods of Orcas, or killer whales. The rocky, smaller, islands have seals along the shores, in addition to other furry swimming mammals such as otters. The bird life is magnificent and is highlighted by a huge population of bald eagles.

If you sit out along the water line when dawn arrives, you're greeted by dozens of eagles waking, taking off, and screaming their happiness at a new day. You watch them dive to the water, lifting out a fish as large as they are. The dawning of a new day will energize just about any person. You feel cleansed as the early light changes into brighter contrasts, making the ever present dew or raindrops sparkle in the morning sun, when they aren't hidden by the constant overcast in the area.

This morning was just such a cleansing.

Yesterday, my very dear friends had just sailed into the private harbor, or lagoon, where their friend, Dewey, lives, to join up with him for a sailing trip to Alaska and on to Hawaii, Japan, and possibly to the Philippines.

Oh yeah, my name is Charles or Chuck Johnson. Normally, I am Deputy Marshal Chuck Johnson, but I'm here because my boss and his boss were getting too much heat over my proficiency in eliminating some people that keep escaping from Federal prisons. Most were walk off escapees from the country club places you hear about, that are really not very secure. The idea is, if you remain a good guy and do your time, you are treated very well and have much better living conditions than in most prisons.

The problem is that several of the prisoners who walk off keep deciding to gather together in one location to do something they shouldn't. We don't know why they gather, or what they're going to do yet, because we are on to them too fast and proceed to recapture them. These low risk escapees somehow decided to be high-risk threats to the U.S. citizenry and have to be captured. That's where my job came in. I led some strikes to capture some of these groups. If they had not been armed or had not used their weapons, I wouldn't be in trouble. Like I said, I was too proficient at my job. Instead of hiding when someone shoots at me, I was taught to shoot back. The Marines taught me to shoot back straight.

The way I became what I am right now is easy to explain. I had been hired to be a Federal employment office employee responsible for helping returning servicemen and women find employment. In the process of doing this, I ran into a problem with some gangsters trying to defraud the government, and somehow ended up being deputized into the Marshal Service, and then hired full time over the objection of the employment folks. I took advantage of some opportunities and was quickly promoted to Senior Deputy Marshal and Senior U.S. Law Enforcement Officer. Big title, but it is more "troubleshooter" than anything else. If there is a problem, it's my job to eliminate it. I eliminated too many problems.

Anyway, my superiors had an opportunity to hide me out for a while, someplace that I couldn't be found by the bleeding heart liberals and the press who wanted to use me to make the Marshal Service look bad. I had recently been wounded multiple times and they decided I needed a couple of months of convalescent leave. I still do have stitches in a couple of places, and some other things that aren't healed completely yet, but I do not believe I am incapacitated. They want to get rid of me for a while and are willing to continue paying me while I "recover." I took a chance and asked a friend from my home in Tampa, Florida, if I could join him on his sailboat as he and his family sail the seas on an adventure.

There are a lot of people involved that I have to introduce you to. First is Steve Sharp. The man is gold. He'll help anyone with anything and will give you the shirt off his back without you asking. For some reason, he and I hit it off instantly, and I've become a friend of his, along with his wife's and wives', (yes I said wives) since our first meeting.

We have a couple things in common. Steve is a Marine from Desert Storm and was hurt by an RPG while serving. He has a limp that can get pronounced sometimes, but you mostly don't notice it. I am a Marine also, but from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was injured over there as well. My injury was also from an RPG that destroyed my lower right leg. I wear a prosthesis that makes me whole, or close to whole. I get around great, and unless you watch closely, you'd never know.

The commonality doesn't end there. Steve and I both were able to finish a college degree via correspondence. The University of Maryland helps a lot of soldiers with their education. I had a ton of free time while waiting between recons, and then later while recovering in multiple hospitals, so I used that time to study. Watching TV is mind numbing. Studying was at least interesting.

Steve and I have both taken advantages of opportunities. Steve accidentally started a business when he was taking a vacation. The business grew into a huge international business. He keeps taking advantage of opportunities. His wife, Sue, also has a big business, so between the two of them they have some bucks, really big bucks.

You wouldn't know it though, as they live in a trailer park. That's what I said, an old time Florida trailer park. They do live in a huge custom manufactured home with an honest to God air-conditioned, screened, that's right, screened-in patio. This patio is like thirty by seventy and hosts forty or so people for breakfast and supper every day. They are all family or friends. Of course, if you meet Steve or any of his family, you will for sure be invited to join them on their patio for an evening of beer, supper, breakfast, or just to say hi.

Like I said, Steve has some women. There is Sue, his wife. They met at the trailer park and stuck. Sue has four kids. They are Stevie around eight, Lizzy sevenish, and twins Daniel and Manuel, right at six.

Next comes Mercy, another wife, a mysterious, magical, wife that reads minds or does something in your head. Mercy also has four kids with Steve. They are Mike, seven, and triplets consisting of two girls, Trixie and Dixie, and a boy, Tom, age six.

Since I know the order that Steve adopted these wives, I'll stay in order. The next wife is Juanita. She is an older, very beautiful, physically and emotionally, Cuban lady. She was a widow when Sue and Mercy brought her into their hearts and home.

And then there is the conundrum, Kathy. Actually, she was Steve's first Florida girlfriend, but ended up being the last wife. You see, Steve met Kathy when he first went on vacation in Florida, but because of some hostilities out at the trailer park that Steve didn't hesitate to take care of, Kathy left. She moved back up north with her folks. Back then, Kathy was a military widow with four kids. Her four kids are J.J., about twenty, short for Jake Jr. (Jake was her deceased husband's name), Ben about nineteen, Carl about eighteen, and Barb, a tall beauty in the image of Kathy, about seventeen. Well, Kathy and Steve had a torrid last night in Florida before Kathy left and spawned Greg, now about eight and a half. Kathy didn't tell Steve about Greg for almost three years. Anyway, they got back together, and the first time Steve and Kathy got together back down in Florida, you got it, they created Bonita, now about five. Talk about prolific.

There is supposed to be another kid, but I'm not sure about that story, so I'll let it drop, but count 'em, four, plus four, plus six. That's fourteen kids. That's a bunch.

Now if you visit this family and their friends on their patio, you can get confused real quick. All the kids call all the women that are mothers, Mom. They call all the men that are fathers, Dad. One might say Momma Sue or Momma Mercy, but all of the kids out there, from all the different parents, consider all the grownups moms, dads, and grandparents. It can get confusing.

Anyway, I was sitting out on Dewey's deck, or porch, or whatever you call it that afternoon. Oh yeah, Dewey.

Dewey is one of Steve's closest friends. Dewey came into money from family and was able to make good investments over the years and has doubled, tripled, and multiplied what he started out with until he is now very wealthy. He doesn't act like it, but enjoys his life and lifestyle with his two women. Yep, two of them. Steve and Sue were sort of responsible for Dewey meeting Sheila. The loving couple had little Dewey, then Sheila's sister became a widow and Sheila insisted that Dewey take her and her son, Bill, into their home. Sheila and Dewey more than took her in, Sheena, the sister, became a family member. Once the two sisters became permanent, as I guess what would be called co-wives, they presented Dewey with surprises, a girl each, Sharon and Shirley. It figures, Sheila has a Sharon, and Sheena has a Shirley. The two little girls are darling and look and act like twins. They are within a week of being the same age, so they are as close to twins as you'll find.

It was a typical afternoon around the islands this time of year. It was overcast, almost gloomy, but the water still gave reflections of the shore and the trees. I was sitting outside on Dewey's wood deck, looking over the large lagoon that was Dewey's private harbor. A bald eagle flew by twice, then settled on a branch out over the water. Some sea gulls were playing tag along the water line and a harbor seal was sprawled on a big rock about a hundred yards away.

The seal's head came up, alerting me something was up. The eagle spread his wings but didn't take off. It was strutting back and forth on the big branch with his wings spread. The sea gulls all landed on Dewey's dock, looking toward the entrance to the lagoon.

A huge sailboat with all of the sail taken in, slid through the water around the corner smoothly, quietly, obviously under its own muffled power. The scene was surreal, very dramatic, as the boat slid smoothly around the bend and I saw the large script letters, announcing the "Mercy, Mercy." My excitement built as the boat moved steadily closer, slowing, and drifting toward a buoy out in the little harbor. The eagle screamed and the seal splashed into the water just when I heard the clunk of a transmission as the boat began swiveling around the buoy to stop. A small person was tossing what looked like a lasso over the buoy while there was activity at the rear of the boat, as an anchor dropped. A rather large dingy was also dropped into the water, an outboard motor started, and the dinghy pulled to the front of the boat to tie up to the floating buoy.

Dewey came out of the house and stood next to me, watching the activity on deck, now covered with young people running everywhere, doing something, while the dingy went to a platform that was being let down. Dewey said, "It is magnificent, isn't it? When you see all those people on the boat, hear the laughter over the water, and see how they all function together, you get this great feeling inside. My boat is the same way. Giggles and laughter keep the boat happily sailing."

It was as if announcing the sailboat's presence, the eagle screamed again and swooped from his perch to glide down level with the boat, turned, gave his wings a flap, and soared up the other side of the boat. I think the bird was actually ogling the beautiful sailboat, welcoming new life to the lagoon.

Dewey and I walked down to the dock to await the first load of kids and adults coming in from the boat.

A handful of people, that included the four women I knew and two pre-teens, pulled up to the dock where Dewey caught the line and all but one of the people in the dinghy climbed onto the dock.

Mercy broke from the group and ran to me and hugged me, holding me tight and said, "Oh, thank goodness you're okay. I, ah, we have you now. As long as you're with us, we'll know you're okay."

The other three ladies greeted Dewey and then circled me. Each gave me a warm hug and kiss. Sue smiled so very big, gave me a hug against her mammoth chest, and kissed me very nicely. Sue said, "We are happy you are now here with us."

Kathy held me at arm's length, then pulled me into her and hugged me fiercely. She whispered, "There's something about you dangerous guys that just drives me nuts. Stop it, be a gentle person with us."

The sweet, older, still very good looking Spanish lady, Juanita, pulled my head down and kissed me the way my lovers kiss me, and said, "I'm so happy you are with us now. We ladies, especially Mercy and Sue, won't be worrying about you so much."

Another dinghy load arrived on the dock, bringing more kids and, this time, Ben and Beth Phillips got out, along with Mercy's mother, Missy, plus two more kids.

When the dinghy went back to the boat this time, Dewey went out with it to greet Steve.

Ben shook my hand with a sincere grasp, Beth gave me a little hug and kiss on the cheek, then Missy came and gave me a very warm hug and an extremely warm kiss. Mercy was still hanging onto on one of my arms, and Sue the other, as Missy looked at me, my head was suddenly filled with a flood of thoughts and questions. Missy smiled and said, "Mercy is right, we are connected somehow."

The people kept getting off the boat, including a smiling older man that introduced himself to me as Merlin, Mercy's father and Missy's husband. All the folks were going up to the house where Sheila, Sheena, and their kids were waiting for them up on the big deck. Finally Steve, Dewey, and three young men came up to the dock.

Instead of a simple handshake, Steve gave me a hug, then shook my hand, "Damn, it's good to see you and to know you're actually in good shape. Mercy has had us going crazy over you getting hurt every couple of days. You'll have to tell us all about it so she won't worry. She was nuts over you losing your big girlfriend in between all these wars you were in. Glad you're going to be with us, I think we'll have a great time."

He turned and said, "You've met these guys, but let me re-introduce you to them. These are Kathy's older kids. They lost their dad before I met Kathy, and I now like to think of them as my kids too. This tallest one is J.J. He's at USF right now, but is planning on becoming a Marine when he finishes. Next is Carl, he's right behind J.J., also at USF, and says he wants to be a Marine. This is Ben and he has decided to go to the Naval Academy and become a Marine officer that way. Pretty awesome group, isn't it?"

The three boys/men each shook my hand and smiled at me. Steve added, "I've had to tell these three stories of my experiences in the Marines many times. I think they would all enjoy hearing yours."

Dewey said, "How about coming up and saying hi to the family, then we men and some of the ladies will head over to the see the folks in town. They have been asking about you, Steve. They can't wait to see you guys."

It was typical of any family reunion when another family arrives. Kids were immediately running around having a good time, while the adults get reacquainted and try to tell each other of months and months of activities in thirty seconds or less.

Dewey made an announcement, "We're all eating at the bar tonight. They have tables set aside for all of us. I'm having Wade play taxi for us and bring his big cat over to haul us into town. Everyone freshen up real quick, he'll be here in ten or fifteen minutes."

There wasn't any rush since Steve's family figured what they were wearing was perfectly fine to wear to the bar Dewey always went to. Soon, Steve's twenty-three people, Dewey's seven, and I were on the dock, stepping into a beautiful forty foot Catamaran that was primarily used as a sightseeing and Orca chasing boat.

The trip to the Friday Harbor public dock was quick. The big group, herding the youngest kids in the middle, walked together up to the nearby bar. It was like old home week for Steve, Sue, and Mercy, as a lot of the regulars knew them from the many trips out to see Dewey. Kathy and Juanita were known too, but had not been regular visitors.

While we were having some drinks and snacks, the kids were crowded around various games that covered almost the entire far wall of the bar. As the people were excitedly talking about the coming trip, one of the bar's regulars came over to us and asked me, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Are you gonna play for us so we can all sing along tonight? We all sure did enjoy your playing when you were in yesterday or was that the day before."

Steve looked at me and asked, "I heard you and Lisa played with that group that chartered a G5 to Europe three weekends in a row. Everyone has copies of the video and CDs but no one has sent them to us yet. I'm going to have Tiny send them to Dewey while we're here. That was all guitar, what did you play here?"

Mercy was sitting next to me and said to Steve, "I already told you, Chuck played the piano."

Steve said, "Mercy always knows everything before anyone else and I'm ashamed to say I don't always listen."

Sue jumped in, "He's just too bullheaded to think that Mercy knows what's in someone's mind three thousand miles away. He should know as she's always in his head. I think he ignores her most of the time."

It was Kathy that finally got it out, "Well, are you going to play for us?"

Mercy said, "Please, go play for us."

The bartender came over with another tall Beefeaters and said, "I'll put this on a coaster on top of the piano for you. It's going to be at least twenty minutes before your supper's ready. Get these folks singing and I'll buy you drinks all night long."

Kathy was standing and, with Dewey's help, pulled me up and led me to the piano. There I lifted the cover off the keys and tried to think of what to play, then tinkled with the keys like Pops does and then began playing "Ain't she sweet." That's always bouncy enough to get the interest of everyone. A couple of old timers knew all the words and led the crowd singing the chorus. A lot of the kids had migrated to the piano and were watching, so I remembered something kids everywhere liked and began "How much is that Doggy in the Window." This time almost everyone in the bar began singing and, of course, the kids loved a song about a doggy.

I kept playing until Dewey said, "Play and sing "Georgia on my mind" for us. That was really good."

I did play and sing the request, thinking the others would join in with me, but everyone just listened. When it was over, there was a silence, and waitresses bringing in plates of food saved me.

When I closed the keyboard and got up, almost everyone in the bar hollered for more and applauded. I smiled and waved them down as it was time to eat. They understood food.

The food took the focus off me and on eating. The moms were busy with the younger kids. The eight, nine, and ten year olds were being watched over by the older kids. Kathy's oldest daughter, Barbara or Barb, was doing most of the mothering of Bonita, who was sitting with Sheena's and Sheila's two youngest. Just looking around the table at all these kids was amazing. It was total mass confusion, but fun mass confusion.

As we ate, Dewey explained to Steve, "Chuck brought a couple of guitars with some music so he could play for the kids on board and also to teach those who want to learn how to play. I fixed him up with some keyboards for each of our boats and a couple of more guitars for teaching. We probably ought to go buy a few more cheap guitars so there will be more. Chuck will have to alternate between boats so he can teach all the kids or we can just put all the kids on one boat each morning or on the mornings he's going to teach them. But you did good, Steve, you brought us some entertainment. When your friends from Ireland show up with their brood, they will probably want to get in on the fun too."

Sue said, "Their yacht has or had a grand piano in the main salon. I don't know if any of them play, but I'll bet Chuck would love to play that."

Kathy said, "I like you playing music much better than playing cops and robbers. You are much more attractive and friendly that way."

While we were eating, Mercy asked, "Perhaps you can get Lisa to meet us in Hawaii and bring your good electric guitars so we can hear you two play together. I get the feeling you two play well together." Mercy winked at me as she said that. She's always in my head.

We had eaten and drank everything we could hold. We began going outside to go back down to the public dock, saying goodbye to the folks at the bar. Steve, Sue, and Mercy were promising to see everyone soon.

Back at Dewey's, I was required to get out the guitars to show everyone. Dewey showed them the instruments he had purchased.

Steve said, "Our Irish friends will be here in the morning and we'll leave the next day for Alaska. The other folks from San Francisco said they will try to meet us up in Alaska, and the folks who had the troubles down in Panama will meet us in Hawaii. So tomorrow will be a landlubber day for everyone. Chuck, did you get those wet weather clothes? Get Mercy or Sue to go over your clothes and they will help you get what you need. Sheila and Sheena could help you too."

Ben Phillips had been trying to get my attention and was finally able to get two glasses of scotch and entice me out to the deck. "My office told me you made a rather large deposit with us to manage. Did you get this from the same place you got the other?"

I explained to Ben what had happened and about the character who had been defrauding various sports figures with his offshore account scheme. Ben almost moaned, "That's how money managers get a bad name. My group can show you every penny we manage at any time, day or night. We've become big enough that we could pull the wool over some people's eyes, but that would be foolish. So far we've been able to make good growth on our investments. We do use some of our investors' monies on some risky stuff, but over time it has been good for those who do risk some of their capital, just like the deal we did for you recently. We turned ten mil of your money into twenty-two million. We're working on the tax implications right now. When are you going to buy a big boat or a condo in Puerto Rico or Costa Rica? You need some land investments."

"Ben, I'm just a guy. I don't have a family yet and I don't have any family goals yet. I'd like to, but it hasn't worked out. This new money is going to be used to help others. I think if I do this right, I can use what we make from the money to do a lot of good for a lot of people. I figure you and Steve, Sue, and Beth can all help me do what's best. I didn't earn that money. I got it because someone was stupid. Help me use it to make people's lives better."

Ben said, "That's commendable, Chuck. I think you should keep half and use the other half and the investment income from it to help others. That would be a hell of a gift."

"Well, Ben, let me try it my way first. I might change my mind and I am keeping possession of the original capital. I want to make it to be an even hundred, then begin helping others with the proceeds of that hundred."

"I can do that and will have my people get to work on it right away."

Back inside, the people from Steve's boat were getting ready to go back out to the boat. Mercy asked, "Are you going to sleep out on the boat tonight or stay here in the house?"

I didn't get a chance to answer. Sheena said, "His clothes and stuff are here, he should probably stay in here tonight."

Both Mercy and Missy raised an eyebrow. I noticed it but didn't put anything together.

I walked everyone down to the dock and watched as the little dinghy made trips back and forth to get everyone back on board. Before she got into the dinghy, Mercy said, "Tomorrow we will go to the market to restock fresh produce and the guys will take the boat to the public docks to get the tanks cleaned. Our friends should be here tomorrow too. You'll like them. Sleep well." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and got into the boat. I almost wished I was going with them so I could see how the kids were put to bed. I'll bet it's a blast with all those kids.

Dewey and I sat up a little while longer, talking about the trip. He said he used to live onboard his boat, but when he and Sheila began raising a family, he built his home. He said something strange to me, "Do you read people's minds?"

"No, I'm not like Mercy."

"I think you need to investigate that. I feel your scrutiny often and feel you similar to Mercy. You should spend some time with Missy and Mercy to find out what your capabilities are. It's a gift. If you're like that, if you can hear someone from far away, or project to them from afar, you could have a great influence on some people. I think you are so much more than you think, as you give off a very comforting aura. Steve feels it too. We all feel very safe having you with us."

"Don't figure me for more than I am, Dewey. I feel Mercy and Missy, but I don't really try to get into anyone else's head."

"There it is, Chuck, you don't try, Mercy will help you learn how to try."

"We'll see, Dewey, we'll see. Meanwhile, you and I have had a lot to drink. Sure hope you have some Bloody Mary mix for the morning."

"We sure do, and one of my dearest friends is going to be here to make a special breakfast for us. Goodnight, Chuck. Ah, don't be shocked if one of the ladies decides to sneak in with you. They both like you a lot and like to cuddle at night. Don't kick them out; they are both soft and warm."

Dewey got up and went up to his bedroom, leaving me thinking some people were really far out. I must be really backward, as I was having trouble with having multiple wives, sleeping next to someone else's wife, or even having suggestive feelings about Mercy, Sue, or Kathy. Even Juanita would be a treat, and Beth Phillips was an older version of Sue. Mercy's mom wasn't chopped liver, either. There was an unattached lady in the group, Barbara or Barb. She was seventeen or eighteen, I wasn't sure, but she sure didn't look like jailbait.

I finished my drink; put the glass in the kitchen sink, and went up to the bedroom I had been given. I peed, washed my face, and brushed my teeth before sliding into bed. I was just about asleep when a warm body slid in next to me and held me close. We enjoyed the heat from each other's body as we drifted off to sleep.

My dream was of playing with Brandy, switched to loving Lisa as she sang some Cass Elliot songs, then the long, lean Wanda was driving me toward nirvana. The dream included Frieda holding her swollen belly, telling me that she needed another shot. Nancy was sitting cross-legged, watching us while holding her swollen belly, and telling me to love up on the lady with me. This time it was Judy, with Tiani lying with us. As I came out of the dream state, my mind was registering Jan sucking me into oblivion the way she enjoyed doing in the morning.

I caressed the head in my dream as I neared an explosion, and heard Jan moaning for me to give it to her, to let her taste all of me.

What? Jan never told me to give it to her; she always just took it all from me, with a smile followed by a kiss.

The hair on this head wasn't Jan's; it was long, way longer than Jan's. I brought the head and face up for me to look at and found Sheena's grinning face. In the process of coming up my body, her center found me and slid down halfway, groaning as she did. With a few more up and down movements, Sheena was totally seated on me.

She whispered in my ear, "Roll me over and fuck me hard, I want it hard and fast."

Still groggy, but sexually charged and wired, I rolled her onto her back and bottomed out as she groaned into my mouth. As I began to slide into her harder and harder, she pulled my head to her mouth and kept kissing me continuously until our bodies were in a mutual orgasm that was totally numbing. We froze in the ultimate seizure, touching from lips to toes. Her insides quaked and squeezed as she held me inside her. She rolled me onto my back, and laid on me as we drifted back into sleep.

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