Haunted by the Past
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Historical, Tear Jerker, Extra Sensory Perception, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charles and Diana Richards sense trouble looming on their horizon as they return from their Las Vegas wedding and honeymoon. But neither of them were prepared for the pain that arises because of Diana's troubled past. They struggle to get through it with the help of her three girlfriends, who also get their chances at true love because of this tragedy and sheer happenstance. Just when things start to look up, the past returns to haunt them again...

Diana gazed out the window of the plane as it glided through the sky toward Los Angeles into a bright, setting sun. She smiled softly. What a sight! We must have a bright future ahead of us, Charles ... my sexy man ... my loving husband! They were on their way back to L.A. on Sunday evening, April 15, 1956 from their weekend honeymoon in Las Vegas. They just met Friday night in an Irish-style pub in downtown L.A. It had been lust at first sight! But love had followed right on its heels as they'd realized how perfect they were for each other. After all, they'd been searching for each other for 17 years...

Soul mates ... How could they have possibly known at 13 years old that they were soul mates? Diana smiled and then frowned sadly. She thought about all the pain and heartache they'd had to endure before they could truly recognize what they meant to each other.

Then she smiled widely when she recalled actually trying to slap him for kissing her after he'd told her she belonged to him and was going to be his wife! Then he'd played out that scene from The Quiet Man with her. She'd known at that moment that he was the man she'd been waiting for ... The man she had promised the big man—John Wayne—that she'd find to love because she wasn't meant to be with him. She'd even loved and obsessed over him before she discovered he was the boy she'd seen at the carnival that night in Virginia all those years ago ... and dreamt of afterward...

What's going on in that beautiful head of yours? "Penny for your thoughts, pretty lady," Charles Richards asked next to his sexy new wife's right ear. He'd been watching the myriad of expressions on her face as she gazed out the window of the plane.

Diana turned to look at him with a soft smile. "I still can't believe we've found each other after all this time! I just keep thinking of all the pain we went through in our lives that might have been prevented if we'd been able to find each other seventeen years ago! But, I guess you're right ... if we hadn't experienced all that pain, we wouldn't realize how lucky we are now."

Charles smiled softly at the slight sadness on her face. He raised her right hand with his and brought it up to his lips. He twisted it around to place a soft kiss on her palm and tickled her with his mustache. When he looked at her again, he saw her love and desire for him in her sparkling gray blue eyes ... eyes almost the exact same color as his.

The eyes that had haunted his dreams for years as a teenager ... Eyes that had deepened with love and desire for him when he'd made love to his dream girl. Dreams that had caused him to wake up in a sweat with painful erections that he'd had to relieve before he could go back to sleep.

How he'd hated doing that, but he had no choice! He was cursed with too healthy a libido for a young man raised in the Catholic Church who believed that pre-marital sex was wrong. And yet, she'd managed to entice him into foregoing that tenet ... He believed sex was to be shared only between a man and his wife! Passion, desire and lust were God's gifts to humans to make sex between true soul mates the most pleasurable experience of the flesh. But I just couldn't resist her, Lord! Besides ... we were on our way to Vegas to get married...

He still talked to God at times but he was no longer a practicing Catholic because of what he went through with his first wife...

She had cheated on him for five years and he'd confronted her lover the night he found out. He'd beaten the man and forced a confession from him that had revealed the depth of his ex-wife's betrayal. Then he'd almost brutally taken revenge on her until he stopped himself and kicked her out of the house. He'd cried harder that night than he ever had in his life as he feared that he'd never have a chance at finding true love. He'd made a terrible choice based on a "dream girl" that he'd begun to believe didn't even exist...

Until he'd found her ... Charles shook his head to get rid of the unpleasant memories and looked at his soul mate ... his one true love ... sitting next to him on the plane. Diana smiled softly at him. She knew what he'd been thinking. They already knew each other so well—it was like they could crawl inside each other's heads at times. Charles had more skill and practice at it than she did because of his job with the FBI, but he was still amazed at how well she knew him.

"We have a lot of decisions to make before we get back to L.A., you know," Charles began. "Like where are we going to live?"

They finally got around to discussing the practicalities of real life. Diana's apartment was smaller and closer to her job, but Charles had a larger apartment in a nicer neighborhood. He argued that they should live at his apartment for the time being; she agreed. The subject of their finances came up when he mentioned that the money they'd won in Vegas would surely help toward the down payment on a mortgage.

Both of them were pretty well off financially. Diana had a modest income from her movie studio job, which was nicely supplemented by her occasional studio recorded singing jobs and her weekend gigs at the nightclub once or twice a month. Her total combined income was just slightly higher than Charles' salary with the FBI. And they both had several thousand dollars in savings and no debts. They smiled at each other as they realized they had the same philosophy about money and spending. Never spend more than you have coming in and always keep at least several months worth of your income in savings—just in case!

They'd been prepared to spend more money in Vegas than either one of them had on anything else in a long time. But instead, they were going home with way more money than they'd spent all weekend! Diana had saved them the expense of a hotel room when she agreed to sing in The Riviera Resort's nightclub as a favor to the concierge, who'd turned out to be a fan of her L.A. nightclub act. Charles had won a few thousand dollars at Roulette making a bet based strictly on a gut feeling, and Diana had won another thousand from a game of Texas Hold 'Em!

Their life together sure seemed to be starting out with a bang—despite the fact that they'd met and married on Friday the 13th! Charles frowned suddenly. Everything seemed to be pointing toward a bright future, but ... he had a feeling in his gut ... something was looming ahead ... something dark. Something bad was going to happen. He tried willing it to go away...

But the feeling was enhanced when Charles glanced out the window of the plane and saw the sky darkening as the sun slipped further downward beyond the horizon. He had no idea what it was and he tried to push the feeling away—but he couldn't shake it. And all his gut feelings lately had proven true...

He chose the transfer to L.A. because his gut had told him that L.A. would be better than New York. He had no idea why until he'd spotted Diana in that pub Friday night. His gut had told him right away that she was the true soul mate he'd longed to possess ... He'd studied her for a couple of hours and learned enough about her personality to confirm that his gut was correct. It had proven true when he discovered that she was his dream girl from all those years ago. Add to that the gut-shot bet he'd made at the Roulette table ... His gut twisted from that nagging, dark feeling...

Something's troubling you, sexy man... "What's wrong?" Diana asked him.

Charles shook his head slightly. What should he tell her? He couldn't tell her about this ... it might scare her! "You remember I called Gordon before we left The Riviera to let him know we were returning so he could meet us with my car? Well, he told me that the Assistant Director has requested that I contact him as soon as we return. I'm almost afraid of why he wants to see me!"

Diana asked nervously, "Do you think they found out about Gordon flying us to Vegas Friday night? Oh, God! You don't think he would have told them about us joining the 'Mile High' club, do you? How much trouble could this cause for you?"

Charles frowned harder and replied, "I don't know. If that is why I've been summoned, I could be in some pretty serious trouble. The Assistant Director is a real stickler for following policy and the rules. I just hope he'll give me a little leeway since I'm still pretty new there."

When their flight landed at the L.A. airport, Gordon Brown was waiting for them at the gate. "I called the Assistant Director and informed him that you were on your way back. The Director instructed me to drive you straight to the FBI office! Sounds like you might be in big trouble!"

Maybe this was the bad feeling Charles kept having on the plane—but he hadn't expected it quite this soon!

They collected their one suitcase at the baggage claim area and headed out to the car. They made the drive in nervous silence. When they arrived at the FBI building, Diana was made to wait outside the Assistant Director's office while Charles went in to face his boss.

She was afraid for Charles. Tell him ... I kidnapped you at gunpoint!

Charles was standing in front of the Assistant Director. What is this?!! He was scowling at Charles like he was mad as hell ... but then he'd look like he was about to burst out laughing! Charles frowned in confusion. What the hell was going on? Was he in trouble or not?!

Oh, boy ... have I got a surprise for you, son! The Assistant Director cleared his throat and said sternly, "Agent Richards, do you have any idea how much trouble you would be in if I decide to write you up for such a blatant misuse of Bureau resources?"

"Yes, sir!" If you decide... ? He was letting him off the hook? Whew! Wait ... why?

"What made you decide it was OK to waste taxpayers' money to fly off to Vegas and marry some little girl you just met? And compromising her by doing something brash like joining the 'Mile High' club?" The Director put his hand up. You don't need to say anything, son! "Don't even try to answer that! Just get that little girl in here and let me see for myself how she made you so completely lose your senses!!!"

Charles frowned at the Director. What was up with him? He was usually so hard-nosed and now he couldn't keep a straight face! Usually he wouldn't let the agents under his direction get away with the least little infraction of policy or rules. Charles went to the door and opened it and motioned for Diana to come in.

When Diana got to the doorway, she stopped; then her eyes went wide. Her mouth flew open and she squealed, "Uncle Pete?!!! Is that you? Oh, my God ... it's been years! I wondered what had happened with you!" She flew across the office and was enfolded in a massive bear hug by Assistant Director Peter Woods.

Woods hugged her tightly and rocked back and forth a few times as he exclaimed, "Little Sherry Maitland! I can't believe you're all grown up ... and how beautiful you are! It's no wonder Agent Richards couldn't resist you!"

"Uncle Pete, I'm going by my middle name now. Please call me Diana!" When she moved to L.A., she thought that her first name sounded too girlish and that Diana fit her more sensual personality better. Charles preferred to call her Diana as well ... since Sherry had been his bitch ex-wife's name! Just like she preferred his middle name, Charles, to his given name, Robert ... like the bastard who'd stolen her virginity. How ironic was that?!!! They had joked that cruel fate seemed to have a twisted sense of humor!

Charles was shocked. She knew his boss? How on earth could those two possibly know each other?

Diana explained. "Uncle Pete was an Army Air Corps officer assigned to the Pentagon during the war. I told you my father was in the Corps and making trips to the Pentagon every few months and I went with him sometimes. Lt. Col. Woods and I spent lots of time together. He would let me accompany him on errands while my father took care of his duties. Uncle Pete also took me on tours around Washington and we talked about the war. He tried to help allay my fears and sadness over why it was such a necessary evil. He was always so nice to me! I've really missed you, Uncle Pete!" She exclaimed as she hugged him again.

Peter Woods had recognized what a bright, sensitive and talented girl she was as a teenager. But he had gathered from the way she conducted herself that she was full of self-doubt and very insecure. He hadn't understood why ... at first. Her family, and especially her father, adored her and were obviously proud of her. Her father had always bragged about her accomplishments.

He'd learned from later conversations that Diana's insecurity stemmed from the fact that most boys only asked her out to try to take advantage of her because of her shapely body. She never had a steady boyfriend. Boys never asked her for more than 3 dates; once they found out she wouldn't give in, they called her a tease and moved on. He'd told her how proud he was, and that she should be, too, that she was strong enough to stand her ground.

Woods had grown very fond of her and had told her to call him "Uncle Pete." He'd always asked her to come back and visit him as often as she could. But, once the war was over and her father's duties at the Pentagon were no longer necessary, they didn't see each other any more. He'd often wondered what had become of her.

Several other employees and agents appeared at the Director's office door and started to cheer. A couple of them were holding bottles of champagne and the others held glasses.

Woods walked over to Charles and shook his hand. "Congratulations on your ability to spot a good woman. And you'd better be very good to your new bride or you'll pay hell at work!"

Diana walked over between them, looked up over her shoulder at Woods and said provocatively, "Don't worry, Uncle Pete. Charles has been very, very good to me so far!" She reached up and pulled his head down to her and kissed him fiercely for a few seconds. Charles just stood there, still in slight shock.

Woods mumbled, "Doesn't look like it to me! Agent Richards, don't you know how to properly kiss a beautiful woman? What's wrong with you?"

Charles looked in shock at his boss again, seeing the amusement on his face. Then he looked down at Diana, who was also amused at his confusion. And Gordon Brown's face looked smug as he leaned against the doorway.

Come on ... I thought I was in trouble here and now you're all teasing me for not being able to kiss my wife properly?! All right then ... watch this! Get ready to cream your panties, pretty lady!

He wrapped his arms around Diana and dipped her slightly sideways as he looked down at her, his eyes smoldering. He crushed his mouth to hers in a deep, passionate kiss that made her go completely limp in his arms as she moaned desperately. His dick stirred in response. OK ... it was time to end this! He couldn't fuck her right there in his boss' office!

He slowly ended the kiss as everyone in the office whistled and made wolf calls. He stood Diana back up and grinned wolfishly at the look of desire on her face. He turned her around toward his boss. "Now does it look like I know how to kiss a very beautiful and sexy woman?"

Woods was impressed. "It certainly looks like it now! I guess she wasn't lying about you being VERY good to her!"

Pete Woods had worried about Sherry ... Diana ... after the last couple of times they saw each other in 1945 when she was 19 years old. They had gone to dinner one evening in Washington and were walking back to his car. They passed by an alleyway and heard the sounds of a man and woman moaning. Woods knew right away what was going on and had tried to hurriedly grasp her arm and move her along.

But she had broken his grasp and moved to the corner of a building at one end of the alley and had spotted the couple in the shadows. The man had the woman pinned up against a wall with her legs wrapped around him. He was bucking into her wildly.

Woods had tried to drag Diana away, but she had shushed him and stayed where she was, watching with fascination and excitement. The woman had moaned that she was about to come and the man started to say dirty things to her.

"Yeah, honey ... you have a hot, little pussy! I just love fucking you with my big, hard dick..."

Woods had grabbed Diana's hand to drag her out of there, feeling guilty that he had gotten a hard-on. He had been enjoying watching the couple himself! He had forgotten that Diana was a young woman who should not be witnessing something like that.

So he'd grabbed Diana's hand again to drag her away. He tried to make her move but she was braced against the side of the building. Her legs were shaking and her hips convulsing as she moaned softly. He'd suddenly realized what was happening...

She slid down onto the sidewalk, leaning against the building, breathing heavily. She'd looked up at him with a dazed expression on her face and whispered, "So that's what it feels like?!!!"

Woods asked her if she understood what had happened. He'd been flabbergasted when she told him that she knew all about sex and that she was fascinated by it. She'd never watched people fucking before nor had she been fucked yet herself. But she'd read all about how women come and how it could happen to some women without even being touched. But she'd never really believed it was possible—until that night.

Diana had said how sorry she was for embarrassing him and had also apologized if she'd made him feel compromised in any way. Woods had a very good marriage; he loved his wife very much. Diana knew that and had asked him very personal questions about his sex life. He had tried to refuse—it was not something he could discuss with a young woman! But she had persisted. He'd tried to answer her questions in as general and non-explicit terms as he could. But when she asked what kinds of erotic intimacies he and his wife shared, he knew he had to get her off the subject—he wasn't about to go into details with her!

Woods was twenty years older than Diana and he'd realized that night that she was no longer a girl; she had turned into a very sexy—and sensual—young woman. He had hoped she would find the right young man to marry her as soon as possible before her body fully matured and her sexual cravings heightened. He had worried that she would end up getting compromised in some way. Her strong sensuality could get her into trouble...

Peter Woods had no idea how right he was to have worried...

Woods had realized from his last conversations with Sherry ... Diana ... that she would not be satisfied to marry a man who wouldn't be willing to experiment with sex. He was happy to see that Charles seemed to know exactly what kind of woman she was and that he loved her for it.

And, apparently, he could fully satisfy her—according to the wanton look of desire on her face from his kiss! Woods chuckled to himself. You better be careful, Agent Richards! Your sexy, little wife might get you into trouble some day! He thought again about the encounter they'd witnessed in the alley that night in Washington D.C.!

Unbidden, the image of Diana pinned up against a wall with her legs wrapped around Charles as he fucked her hard crept into his mind. He coughed and shook his head. Stop that, you dirty old man!

Woods looked around at everyone else. "Well, this is supposed to be a celebration! Let's get those bottles of champagne open and toast the new bride and groom! I'm sure they'd like to get home as quickly as possible and continue their honeymoon until they have to get back to the grindstones tomorrow!"

When everyone had a glass of champagne in hand, Peter Woods raised his glass and proposed a toast. "To the luckiest and smartest special agent who's ever walked through the doors of this office in finding the most beautiful, smart, talented and sexy woman in L.A.—and marrying her the night they met! To Charles and Diana! May you be as happy in love and satisfied in bed ... or wherever ... as Mary and I have been for over twenty-five years now!"

People laughed and wolf whistled at his toast. Then everyone chorused, "Here, here!" and drank their champagne.

Charles introduced Diana to everyone, including his temporary partner, Dan Miller. Dan was in his 50's and would retire in a few months. He'd been assigned to teach Charles how certain procedures were handled in the L.A. office, and how to navigate around L.A. and the rest of their jurisdiction. Once Dan retired, another experienced agent would be reassigned from one of the other offices to be his permanent partner.

At the moment, most of his work was in-office, providing support to the other field agent teams. Charles only got in on interrogations when suspects were brought to the office. Once he was a field agent, he would use his skills to observe people's behaviors at the onset of investigations to help determine if they were a suspect or not, or a credible witness.

Diana frowned slightly. Once he became a field agent, he'd be carrying a gun all the time! He would potentially face danger ... She'd been completely ignoring that fact since he'd told her he worked for the FBI. She'd thought more about the psychological aspects of his job rather than the physical requirements. Until he'd told her that she could bet her sweet ass that he could've kicked that big Texan's ass at the end of last night's Texas Hold 'Em game! That's why he had such a sexy, hard body—to be prepared for whatever he might face in the field.

Diana felt a gnawing in the pit of her stomach. Something bad was going to happen ... But what? And where was that feeling coming from? He wasn't going to die, was he? NO! No ... he's not.

But she somehow sensed something was going to affect him profoundly ... and test the strength of her commitment to him. I won't let anything tear us apart, my sexy man—no matter what...

Charles chuckled quietly and shook his head as he drove through the streets of Los Angeles, following Diana's directions to her apartment. He still couldn't believe all the amazing coincidences and cruel twists of fate that seemed to have coalesced through some strange alignment of the universe to bring them back together at this point in their lives! He'd never really believed in destiny or fate, but he did now...

"Uncle Pete!" Charles muttered with a laugh. "How many more coincidences do you think we're going to come across in our lives? Is there anyone else we might run into at the FBI that has some connection to you or your family ... Sherry?" he added sarcastically.

Diana chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know ... Robert!" she snorted disdainfully. She smiled when she saw him chuckling. Then she continued, "I had no idea that Uncle Pete was in Los Angeles now ... we lost track of each other as soon as the war ended. I'm just so glad to see him again!"

Let's see if I can shock you again... She added teasingly, "You know, Uncle Pete saw me the first time I had an orgasm. Watch out!" Diana exclaimed, and then laughed at his startled reaction.

Charles snapped his head to the right, gaping at her, and nearly ran the car off the road. "WHAT?!!!" he roared.

Diana laughingly told Charles about the scene they'd witnessed one night in Washington. "It took Uncle Pete a few seconds before he realized what was happening to me. But don't worry; he never laid a hand on me. He always only treated me like I really was his niece."

Charles frowned slightly. He tried to imagine what went through Peter Woods' mind when he saw young Diana ... or Sherry, as he'd called her ... leaning against the side of a building in the throes of ecstasy! Her cheeks flushed a light rose color; her lips deepened to a darker rose shade and her eyes half closed and glazed over with passion as soft moans drifted past her lips...

At least, that's how she looks when he makes slow, sweet love to her. But, he'd also made her groan with passion, wail in ecstasy and scream with lust! She responds to him with such wild abandon ... she stirs his blood like no other woman he'd ever met! His loins were tingling.

He knew it was a damn good thing that Peter Woods was an honorable man who loved his wife! Any other man probably would have taken advantage of Diana in that situation ... He sure as hell would have! Sin of pre-marital sex be damned ... he would've fucked her right there on that sidewalk if he'd been with her that night!

Diana watched his face. He was uncomfortable knowing that his boss witnessed her first experience with sexual ecstasy. Understandable. His expression changed from frowning concern to lustful passion. Now what was he thinking? He glanced her way again—his eyes burning at her ... He wanted to fuck her again! Oh, yessss... !!!

Luckily, they were only about a block from her apartment. He pulled up and parked on the side of the street. They jumped out of the car and she raced up the sidewalk, digging her keys out of her purse as she climbed the steps to her apartment. He was right on her heels the whole way. She stopped to unlock the door. He pressed his body against the back of hers and ran his hands up and down ... cupping her breasts and stroking over her crotch through her dress.

Diana moaned as she fumbled with the lock, trying to get the door open. Oh, God! Stop rubbing your hard dick against my ass ... please! The door finally opened and he pushed her inside.

He closed the door behind them, pausing just long enough to pull her keys out of the knob and flip the switch by the door to turn on some lights. He tossed her keys onto the kitchen counter next to the door. Then he grabbed her and pulled her against him as he kissed her fiercely.

Diana groaned deep in her throat. He grasped her ass, rubbing his dick against the front of her body. Goddamn it, sexy man! You're torturing my pussy again! She put her hands on his casual suit jacket and pushed it from his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor while he nudged his shoes off his feet. Then she started on his shirt buttons.

Charles already had the zipper on the back of her dress lowered and was caressing her back as she hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt. He moaned into her mouth as he kissed her deeply. Oh, God ... I love the feel of your fingers digging into my chest hair! He groaned as he recalled the way she'd buried her face on him and moaned wantonly when she inhaled his scent the first time she saw his bare chest.

A thrill of pure desire had flowed through his loins and his dick had throbbed painfully at the look on her face when she smelled his pheromones. She'd looked like a female in heat who'd just found her mate and was waiting for him to pounce on her and take what was his! He'd almost done that ... except he'd been mesmerized with exploring her beautiful breasts and he hadn't allowed himself to be deterred.

She broke their kiss to drag her lips down to his chest. She raked her tongue across his male nipples and moaned at his scent again. This time, he gave in to his animalistic need for her...

He threw his short-sleeved shirt off his shoulders and yanked her dress forward and down off her body. He unhooked her bra and peeled it from her generous breasts in no time flat. He knelt on one knee to tug her slip and underwear down her hips and legs, pulling her shoes off as he dragged her undergarments away from her feet.

He stood and scooped her naked body into his arms and headed toward the only door that appeared to lead to a bedroom. He practically threw her onto the bed, stopping just long enough to divest himself of his pants, socks and shorts.

Diana reached over and turned on her bedside lamp and was staring in lust at his dick as he shed his shorts. Then she did something that made his blood boil and he groaned. Aw fuck, pretty lady... His dick throbbed when more blood surged into his turgid shaft.

Diana turned over onto her knees with her ass high in the air and her head sideways on the pillows, looking at him with wanton desire. She growled lustfully, "Fuck me, you animal! Fuck me like you wanted to do the second you saw me!"

Charles growled deep in his throat. She was inside his head again! You want me to brand you again, huh? He reached down and grasped her hips, dragging her to the side of the bed and slammed into her with a powerful thrust that made him grunt forcefully. She cried out lustfully.

"YESSSS ... Oh, God, you sexy man! Fuck me hard! Bury your dick deep inside me! Make me come! Oh, yes ... yes ... yes! AAAAAAHHHHHG!!!" Diana screamed as a powerful wave of pleasure ripped through her body.

Charles repeatedly slammed his magnificent eight inches of thick, male flesh deep inside her to that place that gives her explosive climaxes! She slowly recovered. She'd talked dirty to him ... he should've cum! But his dick was still hard as a rock!

It was gonna take more than a little dirty talk to get him off this time! "You ready for more, pretty lady?" he asked her seductively.

She was about to tell him she was ready for another mind-blowing orgasm. But they heard pounding on her front door and a man's muffled voice yelling, "Diana! Diana! Are you all right? What's going on? I could hear you screaming next door! Diana! Are you in there?"

Then they heard the sound of her door being opened. Oh, shit! She'd forgotten to lock the door!

Then the man's voice again, louder. "Diana, are you in here? Are you OK?"

She exclaimed hurriedly, "I'm OK, Mr. Kitchner! Just stay where you are! I'll be there in just a minute!" Charles had backed away from her as soon as they heard the door open. Diana scrambled for her robe and put it on.

She went to the door of her bedroom and looked at the older gentleman standing at her front door. "I'm so sorry if I frightened you and Mrs. Kitchner! I didn't mean to yell so loudly ... I just couldn't help it." She felt Charles moved up behind her.

Mr. Kitchner's eyes widened as his mouth fell open. "Mr. Kitchner, I'd like you to meet my new husband, Charles Richards. Charles this is Mr. Kenneth Kitchner. He and his lovely wife Irene have been my neighbors for almost ten years now."

Charles moved toward the slightly shocked Kenneth Kitchner to offer his hand in greeting. Diana breathed a sigh of relief when she saw he had slipped his pants back on. Mr. Kitchner slowly shook his hand. He smiled knowingly when he saw their clothes scattered on the floor.

Oh, ho ho ... so that's what they were up to! And why she'd screamed! "Well, well, young lady. I see you finally found the right man, huh? Irene and I have worried that you'd never marry. We'd begun to think that maybe you just hated most men! But, I see now that you were holding out for a real man! One who'd be able to make you scream, eh?"

He must be a pretty well hung young man to make her scream like that! Ah, yes ... he could see the bulge in the front of his pants! Kenneth Kitchner chuckled when he saw Diana blush and her eyes widen.

Charles snorted a laugh as they released their handshake. "Sorry if we disturbed you, Mr. Kitchner; we'll try to keep it a little quieter. But, you won't have to worry about it after tonight. Diana will be moving in with me. We just stopped here long enough for her to get her clothes and some other essentials, but ... we got a little sidetracked. You know how it goes!" He turned to glance at Diana and saw her shaking her head with her face in her hand and he chuckled.

"Well, I'm certainly sorry to hear that we're going to be losing this nice, young lady. She's been an exemplary neighbor all these years ... up until tonight, that is!" Kenneth Kitchner and Charles chuckled together when they heard Diana groan. "You take good care of her, young man! What am I saying ... you've already proven you can do that!" They laughed harder when they heard Diana whimper in further embarrassment.

Mr. Kitchner looked at Diana and said through his laughter, "I'm sorry to tease you, young lady! It's just that Irene and I have always wanted you to be happy and now we know you will be! You two love each other and be good to one another and try to keep in touch if you can! Good night, and try to remember how thin the walls are here!"

Kenneth Kitchner continued to chuckle as he shut the door and headed down the stairs and over to his apartment to tell Irene that their lovely, lonely young friend had finally found love. She'd always told them that she'd know the right man when she found him. He was so glad she finally did! And quite a handsome and virile one at that! So, that's what she'd been looking for ... another real man ... like John Wayne! Kenneth excitedly told his wife about Diana's new husband.

They'd always known Diana was a big fan of The Duke. They'd secretly seen him that Sunday night two years ago. Diana hadn't come home that weekend and they'd thought she'd stayed with one of her girlfriends, as she'd done from time to time. Irene had heard a car pull up outside around 10:30 that night. She had peeked out the window and nearly gone into hysterics when she saw Diana walking up the sidewalk with John Wayne! They'd watched out their window as she and The Duke stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

They'd hugged each other like they never wanted to let go. And then they'd shared the most tender—yet desperate—kiss. Kenneth and Irene had looked at each other in total shock. The Duke had looked like a man whose heart was breaking as he watched Diana climb the stairs to her apartment. Then he'd waved to her, walked back to the car that was waiting for him and left ... and they never saw him again.

The Kitchners had waited for Diana to tell them about that weekend, but she never brought it up. She'd looked so miserable for so long afterward that they felt they couldn't intrude. If she'd wanted to talk about it, they were sure she would have; so they let it go. And they never told anyone what they'd seen—in order to protect her. About a year ago, she'd come around and started living again. They kept praying that she'd find a man who deserved her; she was such a kind and thoughtful young woman. The Kitchners were grateful for that answered prayer!

Charles moved to Diana as she leaned on her bedroom doorframe, still looking somewhat embarrassed. He opened her robe and put his left arm around her waist. He took her left hand in his right one and placed them at his crotch. He pressed her palm against the bulge of his still hard dick. "I still need you, pretty lady. Please don't deny me!"

"You know I could never deny you anything, my sexy man. Just promise me that if I start to scream this time, you'll cover my mouth, OK?"

Charles chuckled quietly. "Oh, honey, don't you think the Kitchners would enjoy knowing how well I can take care of you?"

He continued to chuckle as Diana groaned in frustration. She pulled him toward her bed. "Then get over here and fuck me, you cheeky bastard! And make sure you take care of me!" she growled.

During the next thirty minutes, she groaned loudly twice and screamed once more as Charles joined her with a loud groan of his own. Over their heavy panting, they could've sworn they heard the muffled sounds of laughter coming through the wall!

They took a shower and dressed again. Then they packed her clothes, shoes, toiletries and personal items, and started carrying everything downstairs to load into his car. They had to make a few trips.

Mr. and Mrs. Kitchner walked out onto their stairway landing to wave goodbye. Mrs. Kitchner looked at Charles. "Bravo, young man ... bravo!"

Diana chuckled silently. Then she laughed out loud.

Charles turned to Mrs. Kitchner, made a deep, sweeping bow and said, "Thank you for your appreciation of my performance. Too bad we didn't have more time for an encore. The next performance will have to wait until we get to my place!"

"Please, Mrs. Kitchner ... you're not helping!" Diana chuckled. "I created a monster this weekend by making him realize how sexy he is and now I can't control him! So, please ... don't encourage him any further!"

Mrs. Kitchner laughed. "Oh, honey ... don't discourage him! Enjoy it while you can! There's nothing better to keep a woman feeling young than a man who knows he can please her. As long as he knows that, he won't be able to keep his hands off you! Isn't that right, dear?" she asked softly as she looked lovingly at her husband. Mr. Kitchner responded by growling and kissing his wife's neck as she purred with laughter.

Diana paused at the car as she waved once more to the Kitchners. She chuckled quietly. Their mattress was probably going to get a workout tonight like it hadn't seen in years! The Kitchners were in their fifties. Not long after she moved in almost 10 years ago, she'd heard the muffled sound of loud moaning and springs squeaking coming through the walls some nights for several years. It had gradually become less frequent, until she didn't hear them any more. It seemed their sex life wasn't non-existent—just quieter!

Then she chuckled out loud. This was the first time she'd ever had sex with a man in her apartment! The walls of her bedroom had echoed her moans many times over the years. But never had she groaned or screamed so loudly that the Kitchners had been able to hear her! It was the first time she'd ever been fucked in her own bed! And it was way better than any of the fantasies she'd played out in her mind while she'd pleasured herself. But even the big man himself had outdone her fantasies of him!

Charles asked her what she was laughing about. She explained what had amused her ... but she omitted her thought regarding the big man.

Charles grinned. "I'm glad I was able to surpass your fantasies, pretty lady, because you've turned out to be way better than my fantasies as well! Let's go. I'm anxious to get you into MY bed now!" he growled sexily. His cock stirred again when he saw the flames leap in her eyes. Would this fire between them ever be extinguished? He hoped not...

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