Dominant Black Transsexual Cheerleaders
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Reluctant, TransGender, Incest, DomSub, Humiliation, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The new boy finds himself lusting after Stacy, a black cheerleader and the hottest girl in school. When he hooks up with her at a party though, Stacy reveals her huge secret and turns the boy into her cock worshipping, faggot love slave.

I was the new kid in school, our family recently moving into town, and the first thing I'd noticed were all the black kids. Not that I was prejudiced or anything, but where we'd lived before everyone had been white mostly. Not for any real reason, except that's the way it had been.

My new high school had a lot of black kids though, maybe a third of them, and the second thing I noticed was how beautiful the black chicks were. I mean, they seemed almost exotic to me and I couldn't help staring at some of them. They were all gorgeous teenage girls, like sixteen and seventeen, or even eighteen probably, and my first few days were spent walking around sorta lost as I got used to the place ... with a boner in my pants that refused to go down!

One of the hottest girls had to be Stacy. A cheerleader and an eleventh grade junior like me. She must have been seventeen and just seemed amazing to me. Stacy was tall and slender without being skinny, definitely not that! She had a serious body, toned and hard and colored like chocolate. I loved her long, smooth legs and large, firm tits, and especially her beautiful face. She looked like teenage goddess as she moved through the school. I had several classes were her and I spent those hours just staring and fantasizing about the girl.

I didn't think she'd even noticed me though. A skinny white boy, good looking enough that some of the girls were interested, but not a hot chick like Stacy probably. I'd made a couple friends right away and even met a couple girls, you know, white girls who seemed pretty cool and we'd talked a little. Some of the black girls seemed to like me too, especially my blond hair, kind of long and curling around my shoulders, and my blue eyes. I suppose everyone likes things that are different. I liked Stacy though and she barely glanced at me.

After the first full week of school, this guy named Dave invited me to a party. He was another white guy and we'd gotten along okay. Him and his friends were taking care of me and showing me how stuff worked around my new school and the city as well. Everyplace is a little different and I was glad to have some friends anyway.

"You like Stacy huh?" Dave chuckled as we sat down for lunch and I just nodded as the girl sat with her cheerleader friends on the other side of the cafeteria.

"Everybody likes Stacy," a guy named Kevin grinned. "All those chicks over there."

"They're pretty awesome," Brad, another of my new friends agreed and I'd seen him hanging out with a couple black girls from time to time. In fact, all my new buddies seemed to know them pretty well and I was still trying to figure out the social scene.

Anyway, just then they were talking about the half-dozen black girls sitting with Stacy. Like the hottest black girls in school, all of them beautiful, all of them cheerleaders, and all of them probably stuck-up like you wouldn't believe. They sat at their own table and whispered and giggled and so far as I could tell, everyone avoided them, which seemed really weird. At my old school, girls like that were always getting hit on by the football jocks or whoever, but these girls didn't even seem to have boyfriends really. Not that I could tell.

The only exceptions seemed to be that every now and again one or two of them would sit down for lunch and a white guy would be with her. Usually a cute one, a good looking white boy who would carry the girl's lunch tray, her books too maybe, and sit with her, but otherwise seemed to be largely ignored by the other girls. I couldn't figure it out and every time I asked, my new friends just shrugged and either didn't know or didn't want to tell me what was going on.

Anyway, Dave invited me to a party and that sounded cool. Being sixteen like I was, all I wanted to do was party and especially hook up with some hot black chick. My old girlfriend, Sharon, had been fifteen and I'd liked her just fine, but she wouldn't fuck or anything like that. I tried too, believe me, but I couldn't even finger the girl because she worried about her virginity so much. I eventually got her to suck my dick and that was cool, even though she hated it ... or said she did anyway. All girls love sucking cock, everyone knows that, but she liked to complain if I came in her mouth or whatever.

All my new friends had been telling me how black girls liked to fuck, Dave especially kept telling me I had to hook up with a black girl and he knew the perfect one for me!

"Stacy likes you," he told me and I looked at him doubtfully because she didn't even know I was alive.

"How do you know?" I asked him and he just smiled.

"She's gonna be at the party too," he told me. "She asked if you were gonna be there."

"She did?" I had to smile at that, but I had some doubts too, like probably he was just jerking me around. Having a little fun with the new kid, you know.

"Yeah," he assured me. "Stacy likes white guys a lot."

"Does she have a boyfriend?" I wondered, because I hadn't noticed one if she did and Dave shrugged.

"So you're coming, right? I'll pick you up at the Seven-Eleven, that's where we're gonna meet."

"Yeah," I agreed. "I'll be there."

And that Friday night I finally met the girl of my dreams.

"I told ya, man!" Dave grinned at me as he introduced us. "Is she awesome or what?"

"Hello," Stacy said in a soft, breathless sort of voice and held out her hand. "I was hoping you'd be here."

"Hi," I smiled back at her, holding her fingers for a second and just drinking the girl in with my wide blue eyes.

Stacy had to be a couple inches taller than my five foot nine and in her heels she seemed even taller. She wasn't quite so dark as some of her friends, but more of rich chocolate color with warm brown eyes and thick, black hair that fell around her heart-shaped face in kinky, curling waves. I loved her hair almost as much as I loved her body! Jesus! This chick was healthy, like toned and athletic almost. She had narrow hips and nice, big tits. Firm ones too and perfectly formed so far as I could tell, and barely contained in the tight, one piece mini-dress thing she wore.

She knew what she wanted too! We talked for a little while, finding a corner at the edge of the party and drinking some sort of punch with a lot of alcohol in it. I had a couple glasses and started getting sorta buzzed, horny too and I kept looking at Stacy's long, long legs and perfect tits, feeling my cock swollen stiff in my jeans. She knew what I was thinking and I guess Stacy didn't mind, less than an hour after meeting her, she led me upstairs towards the bedrooms and as soon as we were on someone's bed...

"Mmppph..." I groaned into her mouth as we laid side-by-side.

Stacy had opened right up for a deep, soul searching kiss and my hands were all over the girl. I rubbed her back and shoulders and while Stacy sucked my tongue, I reached for her tits and found them just as firm as I'd imagined. I squeezed her through her dress and felt Stacy's fingers in my blond hair, holding my face to her kiss. We made out fully clothed for a good fifteen or twenty minutes probably, until we'd both gotten hot and sticky with desire.

I ran my hand down her back, all the way to Stacy's perfect ass and felt her thong as it disappeared between her firm, round butt cheeks. I tugged her Lycra dress upward, getting the stretchy material around her hips so I could caress her bare skin and Stacy didn't stop me at all. She seemed to love making out and when I started pressing my hand low behind her, sliding my fingers down as I followed her thong, she didn't stop me the way Sharon would have. Stacy even spread her legs, lifting the left and putting it over my thighs so she was half-laying on top of me.

When I felt her hand on my cock, massaging my erection through the denim of my pants, I was in heaven. I just knew I'd fuck this girl soon. My first time ever, I'd finally lose my virginity and to a seriously hot black girl no less, a cheerleader all of seventeen years old. My heart hammered and my lungs burned as we swapped spit and breathed each other's moans and sighs. That girl could kiss and Stacy squeezed my cock nicely, working me through my clothes while I tried to find her asshole with my fingertips. I loved her ass and I hadn't even gotten a real look at it yet, but I would soon enough, I promised myself. I was going to put this bitch on her hands and knees and fuck her like a dog!

"Like this..." Stacy breathed after another long while of making out and bringing my cock to throbbing life in my shorts.

I had no idea what she was doing at first, but I wasn't about to argue or stop her. Stacy pushed herself up and me onto my back as she straddled my stomach with her widespread legs. She crawled up my body that way and I watched her beautiful face as she looked down, smiling and playing with my hair and caressing my face with her long, red fingernails. She wanted me to eat her out or something, I figured, like Stacy intended to sit on my face and I'd never licked pussy before in my life, but I was willing to try anything just then. She had me so hot, I'd have licked her dirty feet if she wanted me to. Hell, I would have licked her sweet, brown asshole if it meant I got to drill her pussy afterwards!

"You like me, white boy?" she asked, teasing me with a husky giggle while she sat lightly on my chest.

"Oh yeah," I breathed, holding her hips and gazing up at her taut tummy and amazing tits, her smiling face and caramel eyes. She totally ruled me right then, you know? The girl was sitting on me, petting me like a toy, and anything she wanted to do would have been fine with me! I'd worship the girl, no doubt.

"Suck on this now," she whispered, using her hands to lift the front of her skirt and for just a split second I saw the pouch of her thong.

It bulged!

And then Stacy had pulled it aside and freed the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life! It was dark like the rest of her, firm and thick, but not yet completely hard as she slapped my gaping mouth with it. Her balls hung low in a loose sack of supple black skin and she had no pubic hair at all, just an impossibly large cock and huge balls and she held my head with one hand and pushed her cock into my mouth with the other. I'd been so shocked and surprised that I hadn't even tried to stop her! As soon as I felt the smooth, pinkish glans stretching my lips though...

"Noooompph!" I tried to yell, pushing at her and trying to twist my body away

"Shut the fuck up!" Stacy hissed, frowning as she slapped my face with a stinging left hand. "Suck my cock, faggot!"

I tried turning my head and I even tried punching her in my desperation to get away. I hit her thighs and back with my fists, but I couldn't get a real swing and this chick ... this guy? She was solid! Athletic and healthy, and even muscular in a toned sort of way, Stacy ignored my punches and clocked me on the temple with a black fist that sent stars shooting into my dull brain. It was lights out for awhile. Seconds? Minutes? I had no idea how long that one punch had knocked me out, but when I woke up Stacy had her cock in my open mouth and her hands gripping my head.

"Eat my dick, cocksucker!" she commanded in that obscenely sexy, breathless voice she'd been using all night to get me hot for her.

I blinked back tears of humiliation as I felt her cock stretching my lips and sliding across my tongue. I couldn't fight her. I'd tried and it hadn't done me any good. My head hurt, my face felt bruised, and I was crying while Stacy raped my mouth. I surrendered completely, feeling ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief. How could this happen to me? Why was it happening? I didn't deserve it, that's what I was thinking.

"You're my little white bitch now," she told me. "Use your tongue, faggot. Lick my cock, suck on it!"

I did it, slowly at first, tentatively moving my tongue around beneath her long, black prick. It had to be eight inches long, maybe more, and much stiffer than it had been at first. Stacy's cock felt like an iron rod wrapped in silky, brown skin. There was no give to it, no flexibility whatsoever as she pulled my head off the pillow and another inch filled my mouth. She didn't move her hips at all, she didn't fuck my mouth, Stacy just used her strong hands to move my face back and forth along the shaft.

"That's good, bitch," she nodded, smiling as I started using my tongue a little more. "Watch your teeth ... Suck ... Yeah, suck that black cock, faggot. All you white pussies love that black dick, huh?"

"Unghhp!" I gagged as the head of her cock found the back of my mouth and Stacy giggled, relaxing for a second so I could cough weakly and catch my breath.

"Try again, faggot," she told me a moment later, and for the next ten or fifteen minutes she taught me how to pleasure her with my mouth.

Stacy's cock was much too large for me and I could only suck about a third of it between my tightly stretched lips, but she didn't seem to mind. I'd resigned myself totally to what we were doing, having no choice in the matter. If I didn't do it, she'd just beat me down and I'd end up sucking her off anyway probably. My stomach churned and I felt sick with shame and guilt. My eyes were wet with tears and if I closed them Stacy would slap my cheeks until I looked at her again. She wanted to see me looking up while my face was impaled on her thick, black tool.

"Yeah, faggot ... Hmmmm ... Good cocksucker," she'd tease me. "You've done this before, I think. You love sucking cock, don't you?"

If I tried to deny it, she'd slap me and tell me not to talk with my mouth full. When Stacy pulled the top of her dress down, I saw her perfect tits jutting outward from her body and I knew why they were so awesome then. They had to be fake, of course, but even so the sight was amazing. The bottom of her tits were smooth and light brown, curving upward to her long, dark nipples. Enjoying that vision, feeling the sick stirring of lust for Stacy's female body, only made it worse. I was sucking her cock, but the rest of her seemed so beautiful ... I felt confused and hopeless, helpless too as I washed her precum away with my tongue.

"Lick my balls now, pussy..." Stacy urged me, shifting forward as her wet cock slid across my face.

She settled over my mouth and I had no choice but to open as wide as possible, taking her silky soft scrotum and one of her balls between my lips. Stacy held my head and rolled her hips, riding my face as I sucked her sperm filled orbs one at a time, bathing them with my tongue. She seemed to like that a lot and much to my own disgust, I realized my hands were on the girl's ass. I didn't remember reaching for her, but I must have and now I held her soft, warm flesh while I nursed on her tender scrotum.

"Ummm ... Good," she nodded, working my head around between her smooth thighs. "You're going to be my favorite pussy from now on, I can tell."

I didn't know what was going on, but somewhere inside me I found myself enjoying at least a part of what was happening. Stacy looked so sexy, despite her huge cock and balls, and she felt wonderful in my hands. She smelled like perfume, like flowers tainted with the sexual musk of her excitement. My senses were filled with her, my head reeling with conflicting emotions. I hated myself for what she made me do. I felt ashamed and humiliated, but the taste of her dark skin wasn't terrible. The flavor of her scrotum as it filled my mouth wasn't unpleasant. The idea was horrible, but the physical part ... Why did I start liking it?

Maybe because I had no choice. That's what I told myself. Stacy forced me to do these things and once she'd finished with me, I'd run! I'd never see her again and I'd try to forget what had happened to me, never breathing a word of it to any living soul as long as I lived. But for the moment, while it was happening, I had to live with the fact that I enjoyed the attention. I liked the feel of her fingers in my hair, her firm, round butt under my hands, and the view of her dominant form towering above me like a black goddess.

Perhaps Stacy sensed that about me or maybe she'd done this before, but soon enough she'd pulled her balls away from my mouth and undressed me. I didn't stop her or even try to get away; I just let her take off my clothes as if I was a child. When Stacy pulled down my pants and then my boxers, exposing my pale cock and balls, she laughed lightly at how small I looked compared to her. I wasn't hard though either, my cock lay there soft and pink, shriveled up by circumstance, and my embarrassment only worsened.

"Such a pretty little clit," Stacy teased me, rubbing my flaccid cock and smallish balls with a gentle hand.

Worse than that was when Stacy took off her dress and thong, showing me just how wonderful her body really was. Except for her cock and balls, Stacy looked every inch like the beautiful, sexy black girl she pretended to be. A high school cheerleader with firm, proud tits and a flat tummy, long smooth legs and an ass that men would drool over. And her face, perfectly made up and utterly feminine. She could have been a model, I swear, with her generous smile and warm eyes, a smallish, pert nose that didn't look typically African at all to me.

"Shhh ... Kiss me now," Stacy whispered, covering my body with hers and kissing my mouth lightly at first.

I didn't want to kiss her. She was a man, I told myself, but she didn't look like one and I ached so badly inside. I felt lonely and filled with anguish, struggling to find something I could cling to. Stacy had broken me somehow, that's how it felt. She'd stolen my will and assaulted my ego until I had nothing left but the need to be comforted, even if it was in her arms. I'd have never imagined that anyone could dominate me so quickly and easily, but Stacy had done it and now she slipped her tongue into my mouth and pressed her tits against my chest.

We kissed. I let her kiss me and I kissed her back, accepting her tongue between my bruised lips even as I felt her rock hard penis grinding against my own soft, weak genitals. My hands found her back incredibly smooth and warm as I stroked her supple flesh. I licked her tongue and suckled on it, moaning softly as her pointed nipples pressed into my chest, her firm tits flattened against me. I could feel everything and my skin tingled, my heart hammered and rushed hot blood through every part of me.

Stacy's cock moved across mine, sliding wetly back and forth as she humped herself between my widespread legs. I could feel her heavy balls as well, soft and teasing as they moved against my own. I gave into her completely. I became eager and willing and my legs wrapped themselves around Stacy's waist. She was fucking me then, we both knew it, fucking my body without actually penetrating me at all. I felt like a girl somehow, or how I imagined a girl must feel when she's helpless and trapped beneath someone larger and stronger.

My confusion only increased when Stacy moved away from me, but without breaking our kiss. She kept her mouth on mine, but turned her body so that she could pull my hand to her cock. Stacy wanted me to jerk her off while we made out and God help me, but I did just that. I wrapped my fist around her thick pole and stroked her slowly while she tongue fucked my mouth. Jesus! She seemed huge too, like I keep saying, Stacy's cock was rigid as steel, hot and amazingly heavy as I worked my hand blindly along the shaft. Her precum leaked from the head and spilled across my fingers and I massaged the slippery fluid across the silky skin covering the swollen muscle beneath.


I blinked as I looked up, breaking our kiss and momentarily blinded as I saw a grinning Dave standing near the bed with a camera in his hands.

"Wha... ?" I started trying to ask, but Stacy pulled my lips back to hers and extended her tongue to tease mine in a sloppy, open mouth kiss.


Dave took another picture and another, chuckling to himself and I realized I hadn't even let go of Stacy's cock. I still jerked her off, kissing and moaning into her mouth while Dave captured it all on his digital camera. My humiliation was complete, but still I couldn't stop. Stacy wouldn't let me and I didn't want to for some reason. I didn't do anything to resist her when Stacy pushed my head down to her tits so I could lick and kiss her fat nipples for the camera. I held her cock and nursed on her tits and then went lower at Stacy's insistence.

"Suck it again, faggot," she told me, moving my mouth to her cock and I opened for it. "Ahhh ... This white pussy loves black dick!"

I took the head and an inch or two beside, holding her cock in my fist as I started sucking her off. Every now and then another blinding flash would try to distract me, but Stacy wouldn't let me go. She kept my face on her cock and pushed me down until I choked and coughed, my cheeks bulging outward with the effort. Up and down, taking as much of her as I could for Dave and his camera. I must have sucked Stacy's cock for five long minutes while I jerked her off in time with my bobbing head.

"Make me cum, faggot!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck! Here it ... Comes!"

I had no idea what to expect and her warning came only seconds before the first violent spurt of salty semen filled my mouth. I swallowed thickly, having no choice at all as Stacy held my head tightly with both hands. I couldn't pull away and her cock pulsed rapidly, spewing ball juice into my unprepared mouth. It squirted out the corners of my lips and quickly overflowed to spill down her throbbing shaft. I swallowed again and coughed, choking on the snotty texture of semen as it slid down my throat.

"Look up," Dave said, taking another picture as Stacy pulled my mouth off her prick and thick jets of hot ball juice flew at my flushed face.

She wrapped her fingers around my hand so that she could rub her cockhead all over my cheeks and nose, across my lips as her orgasm slowed. Stacy made a real mess of me and Dave got it all with his camera. Long strands of semen dripped from my chin, blobs of the stuff sticking to my face as I caught my breath. Stacy kept rubbing her cock over my skin, spreading the stain of cum until it covered every part of me with a thin, milky glaze.

"Sit up ... Smile for the camera, cocksucker!" Stacy told me, yanking my head upward as she got on her knees.

They posed me like that, smiling in a daze of confusion at the camera with Stacy's semi-hard cock slapped against my cheek. Her glistening black skin was covered with semen and she had me lick her cock clean with my tongue. I felt my humiliation like a knife in the guts and I hated myself for what I was doing, but I cleaned her slowly and swallowed the salty slime like she told me to. I got beneath her, between her thighs and licked her balls clean as well, pressing my nose against the musky, puckered hole her anus. I took her balls in my mouth as I'd been taught, sucking them gently between my lips one at a time so I could bathe them thoroughly with my tongue.

"Got what you need?" Stacy asked Dave and the boy nodded.

"Yeah," he said, taking one last picture of me on my back with Stacy sitting on my face. "I got it for you, Stacy."

"Good," Stacy nodded and jerked her head towards the door. "Get out of here now."

"Ughmmm..." I woke up wincing.

"Shhh ... Don't worry, pussy," Stacy whispered in my ear. "This is gonna be nice."

We were on our sides with her firm breasts and hard nipples pressed against my back, my left leg was bent and lifted high with the crook of my knee caught over her arm. Stacy had me spread and vulnerable, with her thick cock pressing against my already sore anus. The woman was stretching my hole, slowly but surely, and making me gasp as I blinked in the early morning light. I had thoughts of getting away, or trying to, but she'd taken complete control over me. Stacy had already fucked me twice during the night anyway and perhaps that was the real reason I wasn't resisting. She'd totally broken me.

"Again?" I whined in a plaintive voice. "But it's morning..."

"I love your faggot ass," she sighed and then pushed deeper into my asshole with a hard grunt. "Ugh! Fuck ... Tight little whore!"

"Owww ... Slow! Please, Stacy..." I shut my eyes tightly against the discomfort.

"Slow?" She kissed my neck with a soft giggle. "You know you love it."

Her left hand had been playing with my chest, rubbing my flat tits and burning nipples, but now she moved lower and I gasped with humiliation when Stacy found my hard cock. I'd gotten excited by this, as much as I tried to deny it and pretend that I wasn't. My body was giving away my secrets and Stacy's gentle fist wrapped itself around my small hard cock, jerking me off in time with her thrusting cock.

She squeezed and tugged at my sensitive member so that my precum spilled down the shaft and gave her some lubrication to make it even better. I couldn't help the movement of my hips as I hunched myself instinctively against the pleasure, and of course that only served to drive my ass against the thick manhood that impaled me.

"It ... Oh! Hurts!" I groaned, attempting to maintain some small shred of dignity against all reason.

"You're not a virgin anymore, slut," Stacy thrust again, spearing me with half of her long, black cock. "So quit acting like one."

She let go of my dick, perhaps sensing that I was getting close to cumming and wanting to be cruel. Stacy brought her wet hand back to my chest, playing once more with my sensitive nipples and there was a fire burning inside me. I moaned and continued to work my ass against her cock, feeling her stretching my rectum and enter my bowels. My mind rebelled against what we were doing, but my body accepted her eagerly and I had no control over myself. It wasn't fair and I was nearly in tears, wishing she would stop and desperate that she wouldn't.

"Uhhh ... Stacy, please..." I tried to beg, but all I could do was take it, the beautiful transsexual working her prick in and out of my rectum easily now as I stretched to accommodate her.

I could feel Stacy's old sperm from just a few hours before, greasy in the depths of my bowels and being churned by the cock fucking me relentlessly. Her strong hand dug into my hip, urging me to move my ass and fuck myself on her cock the way Stacy liked it. Her other hand stroked my blond hair, tugging at my scalp so that I had to tilt my head, turning my face until she could kiss me. That was the most humiliating thing of all perhaps, the way I accepted Stacy's tongue inside my mouth while she raped my ass.

"Horny little fuck!" she breathed, pulling her lips away while I swallowed our saliva. "Yeah, work that ass, faggot! Fuck me! Fuck my cock!"

I was doing it too, telling myself that I only wanted her to orgasm quickly and leave me finally. I'd thought sucking Stacy off for the camera would have been enough, but she'd fucked me twice during the night, taking my virginity and making me cry like a little girl. Stacy had raped me, that's the only word for it. She'd taken me on my belly like the little bitch I'd become, forcing her cock into my virgin ass and raping me for a painful twenty minutes before Stacy ejaculated deep in my bowels.

After that shameful experience I'd become much more compliant with her perverse desires.

"Well, well ... Still at it, I see?" A female voice pulled my big blue eyes to the bedroom doorway and I stared at her as she scratched her thick black hair and stretched like she'd just woken up.

Veronica was another cheerleader, one of Stacy's friends, and wearing nothing but a pink, loosely tied bathrobe. Like all the girls in their small clique, she seemed incredibly beautiful and hardly a high school girl. The real surprise came when her robe opened far enough that I could see Veronica's long, black cock and wrinkled ball sack hanging between her perfect legs. She was a boy too? Except, not a boy at all ... Like Stacy, she was something else altogether and my mind reeled drunkenly.

"Dave..." I gasped a second later as I noticed my friend kneeling naked at the black girl's feet. He held onto her left leg like a little boy clutching at his mother and I stared as he licked upward along her exposed thigh.

Stacy took advantage of our new audience and slammed her cock inside me as far as she could. I could feel her smooth, plum-sized balls against my skin, soft and warm as she began to grind her pelvis against my ass. I saw the other girl's eyes go to my hard little cock, pink and wet and moving wildly as we fucked. It slapped my tummy with soft wet sounds that only added to my embarrassment and it was clear that Veronica was amused, even pleased by what she witnessed.

"The little faggot likes it, huh?" the high school senior smiled at Stacy. "I didn't think he would. What a homo."

"He's a sweetie," Stacy giggled, holding my back against her perfect tits. "Can't get enough of my cock," she said into my ear. "Can you, pussy?"

"I see that," Veronica stared at us, reaching down to stroke Dave's head and pull his upturned face closer to her flaccid cock. Her black fuck pole had to be six inches long just hanging there and Dave kissed it about the same time Stacy pulled my mouth back to hers for another kiss.

I almost gagged on her tongue as it filled my mouth and I moaned weakly, shivering with humiliation. Veronica watched us, Dave too, although he seemed more preoccupied with kissing and licking the other girl's long black cock for the moment. But still, how could this have happened? He'd brought me to this party and introduced me to Stacy, all the while knowing she wasn't a real girl at all. How had I become a cocksucking fag? Because that's what I had to be now. Stacy had made me her little white bitch and now she had her cock up my asshole and I burned with excitement as much as humiliation.

"Are we going to get some breakfast or what, girl?" Heather, another of the black cheerleaders from school, smiled over Veronica's shoulder at us, not looking surprised at all to see Stacy fucking me. "Hey, Stacy. Having fun, girlfriend?"

"Lots of fun," Stacy agreed with a breathless giggle. "This pussy fucks like a Bangkok whore!"

"Heh! Maybe I'll have to try some of that sometime," Heather laughed, touching Veronica's shoulder with a delicate hand." Come on, everyone else is waiting. I'm starving, Vee."

"Wait," Veronica shook her head staring with obvious interest at the way Stacy's huge cock stretched my hole so easily. "I want to see a little more."

"You just want this faggot to suck your balls dry!" Heather giggled, looking down at Dave who had taken the head of Veronica's hardening cock into his eager mouth.

"Shhh ... Don't bother my pussy while he's eating, girl!" Veronica laughed, reaching down to cradle Dave's head as she gave a little push of her hips. "Fuck! What a mouth on this white boy!"

While I was trying to understand that Dave was sucking Veronica's cock just as I'd sucked Stacy's the night before, Stacy decided to give our audience a real show. Or maybe she'd just grown tired of all the foreplay and wanted to get off finally. I hoped so. Watching those two girls from school watch us was a torture of the worst sort, but still my cock refused to go soft. My heart wouldn't stop pounding and my lungs labored for every breath of cool air I could get. I felt electric and ready to beg for my own release, to do anything if it would unburden the urgent ache in my belly.

"On your back, slut!" Stacy said, "I wanna do you right."

"Oh, that's sexy!" Heather giggled and shook her head at me as Stacy pulled my legs over her shoulders, fucking me face to face like I was a real girl and she was a real man.

"Be nice, Stacy!" Veronica laughed. "That white boy don't know up from down anymore, look at him!"

My ass rolled off the mattress, my knees nearly touching my shoulders as Stacy pinned me helplessly to the bed. She pumped me hard with a straight shot into the burning confines of my well stretched rectum. I moaned loudly and then gave a sharp yelp of pleasure and pain when Stacy's swollen cockhead found my prostate. She caressed me there, or so it seemed, rubbing that sensitive spot and making me love it. Her big, sperm filled balls slapped my ass mercilessly and the sounds of our fucking filled the bedroom.

When Stacy came after a good four or five minutes of that, she was kissing me deeply once more. I sucked her tongue like a slut, with my eyes closed and my hands clutching her ebony thighs as Stacy held her spurting cock deep. Hot semen flooded me with what had become a familiar, soothing sensation. I was being used by her, filled with her rich sperm, and contrary to every expectation I might have had, I wasn't fighting it at all. I was too busy cumming with her, my smaller dick jerking between our bodies as my semen spread in a thin, sticky glaze. Stacy's supple tummy rubbed against mine as she kept her stiff cock lodged inside me and the pressure against my own much smaller penis was everything I'd needed.

"Don't move..." Stacy breathed, " ... Now I can finally piss."

"Wha..." I blinked up at her and the gorgeous transsexual still had her prick buried balls deep inside me, not completely hard any longer, but not soft either ... and then I felt it.

"Ahhhh..." Stacy sighed happily and I jerked beneath her, suddenly desperate to get away, but that proved impossible.

"No! Stop ... God!" I shuddered at the unexpected sensation of my bowels being inundated with hot piss. Stacy was urinating inside my ass!

"Shhh ... Shut up, pussy!" Stacy's brown eyes were full of humor as she let her bladder go completely. "You love it anyway. You came like a little girl."

"No ... Oh!" I gave a short gasp, but I couldn't deny the truth. My orgasm covered both of our bodies; we both knew it and I burned with embarrassment.

I could feel dirty pee and who knows what else leaking out of my sphincter as it stretched around the base of her thick shaft. A wet spot rapidly grew beneath my back and Stacy pissed for several minutes before she was satisfied and pulled her quickly deflating cock out of my drenched asshole. A wash of fluid followed immediately, the unmistakable smell of urine rising from between my still spread thighs. I shivered and lay there with my blue eyes growing wet. I was flushed with humiliation, my degradation acute and utterly complete. Almost.

"Come on. You know what to do," Stacy urged me gently. She was waiting for me, kneeling expectantly on the bed and my surrender was total. "Yeah, clean my cock nice, faggot. Fuck, you're sweet."

I'd gotten on my hands and knees, on the nasty puddle the bed had become, licking the length of Stacy's dirty cock slowly. I kissed it all over, even took it into my mouth and suckled with an eagerness not entirely feigned. I tasted a violent, acrid mix of flavors and tried to forget where that prick had been and what Stacy had been doing with it. I washed her cock with my mouth for five minutes, until it began to show signs of getting hard for what would have been the fifth time that long night and early morning, but thankfully Stacy didn't seem to have quite that much stamina.

"My balls too, cocksucker," she said and I did it. I dropped my mouth low, turning my head so I could take her heavy ball sack between my lips. I washed Stacy testicles carefully, worshipping the heavy orbs with my tongue until at last she seemed satisfied.

"That was a lot of fun, pussy," Stacy said, kissing me one last time on the top of my head. "I'll see you at school on Monday."

She got off the bed and started retrieving her thong and the lycra mini-dress she'd worn the night before, leaving me to lay there, red faced and crying, smelling of piss and sex. Stained with it now. The others had left already, before we'd finished our fuck, and I had no idea how I was supposed to face any of them again. How could I go to back to that school, knowing about Stacy and Veronica and Heather, knowing why those white boys followed them around like puppies.

I didn't want to move from that place. I realized I was holding my cock in my fist. It had grown hard again while I'd mouthed Stacy's dirty cock and balls and I'd started jerking off as I lay there in her cooling piss. In the cum that continued to spill out of my bruised and well-fucked ass. I stroked my penis slowly, already on the verge of another orgasm, remembering all too well how it had felt being fucked by Stacy's big, black cock.

"You okay?" Dave asked me from the open doorway and I blinked at him, frozen with my hand around my dick and lying on that stinking bed.

"Yeah, but ... Stacy made me ... do things," I answered weakly and he smiled.

"You're in the club now," he told me. "Better get used to it."

"What club?"

"I don't know. The black cock fan club," he laughed. "There ain't any name for it, but you're in it. Get dressed and I'll give you a ride home."

I wasn't sure what my friend was talking about, but he was right ... I was deep in it now and Stacy wasn't ever going to let me go.

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