Battlemage: Book 4 - the Red Dragon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Aric's daughter Rayne has enjoyed being a young Battlemage, even while she is aware of the trouble it may eventually bring her. Even though she is just as powerful as her siblings, she is starting to yearn for the slower pace of life they both enjoy. But does she really want to walk away? Will the lure and rush of power keep pulling her to fight? Is there anything that could possibly make her ever want stop being a Battlemage?

Rayne was riding her horse back to the guild after an extended visit with her family. It had already been over a season since the last visit.

Even though she was really jealous of her brothers, she always thought she hid it well. But her Dad told her this last visit that he could see that she was ready to settle down.

She had already lived more since she was fourteen than most people did in their entire life, and that was probably why she was ready. Maybe, well past ready.

But she really did enjoy the visit though. Her family time was important to her.

While Caelan and Darla still looked good together, it was their non-verbal communications that she was the most jealous of. It was eerie to watch them work at Darla's parent's tavern when Caelan had a day off and he wanted to be near his wife.

When Caelan was there, Darla would take the orders without a notepad, repeat it back to the customer quietly, and Caelan would have it ready by the time she got to the front and hand it too her. Only those in the family knew how they did it, but it always amazes more than one patron.

But any new sailors or travelers who come into the tavern and doesn't take no for an answer when they try to touch Darla, always seem to find themselves immediately suspended in the air as Caelan put them out.

Darla never has to say a word. She just ignores them and turns to the next customer.

Of course when Caelan isn't around, Darla has learned to either make herself extremely cold to the touch or run lighting through her skin to shock the offending toucher. And a few times she has even made her eyes glow blue if they persist. And that pretty much puts them completely off.

But Caelan never gets jealous of her, and she doesn't either of him. I guess it's hard to when you know your mates actual thoughts and you can't misunderstand their intentions.

Jaden and Gail are doing just as well also.

Gail is back to how she used to be everyone said and is just as outgoing and verbal as before. Rayne is glad she had that talk before their wedding. Gail needed another take on what happened. Rayne was glad she could help her through it.

And anyone can see that she still can't wait to touch Jaden in someway or form, and she takes every chance to touch his face or stare into his eyes even while they are in public.

Rayne even heard her once when she cornered Jaden in the pantry, when they didn't know she was there as she was walking past an open window.

From the sounds Rayne heard they were making out, and then Gail said something about lover and next time, or something like that. Jaden had a goofy grin Rayne thought all night until they left.

The only thing that seemed strange is now sometimes it's Jaden who smiles wickedly as he passes by Gail, who he now often pats lightly on her butt. And then it's she who now turns beet red as she looks at him sheepishly!

Jaden has made her stumble though more than one conversation by smiling and lightly patting her butt as he passed by. And Rayne is sure he only does as much as he can just so he can watch her blush as he gets he revenge for seasons of torments by her.

And neither Jaden nor Gail will tell anyone why she is now doing that.

After everyone learned of Gail's earlier secret, they are just dying to know what Jaden has on her. But neither Jaden nor Gail is talking. Gail just turns extremely red every time she's asked and changes the subject.

But while Rayne is happy for them all, she sometimes just wished she found that perfect guy that she was fated to be with.

As she saw the guild house appear off in the distance, she relived the first day that she came to live there. She remembers it like it was yesterday.


"Uhhhmm, hi. I'm the new girl. My name is Rayne. I was told that this would be my room," said Rayne shyly as she looked around at the other girls there.

There were three other girls in the room. One was a petite blonde that seemed younger than she had to be. One was a brunette who had her hair tied back. And the third looked to be older than Rayne with short black hair, almost short enough to make her look like a boy. But she had it combed and styled oddly.

The blonde looked up, but looked away quickly. The brunette dismissed Rayne out of hand, but the girl with the short black hair got up and reached out to shake Rayne's hand.

While the other girls were slightly built, the black haired girl clearly had developed enough curves to look like a country road. She clearly rivaled Rayne's build.

"Welcome and ignore them. They don't have any manners. I'm Cassie. It's really Cassandra, but the only ones who get to call me that are usually the instructors or the Guild master when I have to go to her office. So don't. That's Belinda the blonde over there and Tina's the brown haired one," said Cassie nodding towards the other girls.

"So, what is your specialty? I figure you must have one and it's probably pretty powerful, because this is the elite dorms and you wouldn't be here if you weren't really good at something.

"But if I have to guess, I'm going to say its weapons, swords actually, based on your twin swords there. So on to the next question, who's your sponsor?" asked Cassie with a smile.

"Sponsor? What's that?" asked Rayne curiously.

"The guild doesn't just take anyone. First someone has to recommend you before they will even consider letting you take the entrance test. And even still, before you are allowed near a dorm, you have to demonstrate the ability to at least hold your own against a first level ranked member of the guild. So who did you test against and who was your sponsor" asked Cassie.

"Well I guess my sponsor was my mother, or the guild master since I was told I had to report here, and I tested again Anne-Marrie and two others at the same time today for my ranking," said Rayne quietly.

"ANNE-MARIE? Anne-Marie the swift? As in the swift blade? Ok kid, now you're just pulling our leg. No one test against any of the Blades, and certainly not against the best Anne-Marie. Not if they plan to get in the guild. Now really, who did you test against?" asked Cassie again with a lopsided smile at what she feels is a joke by the new girl.

"No really it was Anne-Marie. She first came too our house and tested me, then said that I had to report to the guild because I was already on the guild charter as a member and I was expected to report for ranking and further training, oh and squad tactics" added Rayne quickly

"Psssst, sure you did. Ok kid, who's your Mom then?" asked Cassie smiling widely.

"Brianna Griffith, but she was known as Brianna d'Angelo when she was here. "I'm her daughter Rayne d'Angelo Griffith," said Rayne smiling widely also.

All the girls looked at her in shock.

"You ... you ... you ... you are the daughter of Brianna the Scarlet blade?" asked Tina

"Who's Brianna the Scarlet blade? Mom never said that she was called that," said Rayne

"Brianna was the only guild member to ever beat every single guild member, including the guild master, in all forms of single combat no matter what weapon used. She let her opponents pick the weapon and she beat them with it," said Tina slowly.

"They say that she never broke a sweat during combat. They also said that she never used her right hand to fight with her swords because she never found an opponent worthy enough to make her draw it. The guild said she was unmatched in any weapon," said Belinda with wide eyes

"Well, I'm not sure if that's true. My Mom spars against my Dad with her right hand all the time. While it's true that he only sometimes wins, she does spar all the time right handed with him. But he can always beat her in unarmed combat. But I think she lets him win so he can get on top of her. Ewww," said Rayne making a face.

"And I spar with either hand against with her all the time, and I can hold my own. And my brothers are getting good enough that Mom is having a hard time disarming them right handed now as well. Well since they turned eleven that is," said Rayne.

"Who ... who ... who is your dad?" asked Tina in a small voice now with wide eyes

"Aric Griffith," said Rayne matter of fact.

"The Battlemage? The hero of the battle of 10,000?" asked Belinda slowly now with wide eyes also.

"Yes, you've heard of him?" asked Rayne with excitement

"Who in the guild hasn't? The bards still sing of his battle. I already knew they were married because I'm a little older and I listen around the sisters when they think I'm not. It supposed to be a secret. You know that he came here and bested all the sisters as well, in both Blade and Magic, right?" asked Cassie.

"No I didn't. My parents don't talk much about the past with us kids around. Do you know what happened?" asked Rayne taking a seat on the edge of the bed closest to her.

"Some of the sisters said that Brianna brought her new husband to the guild and he was challenged to see if he was worthy enough to be married to your mother. They said that he beat everyone who came and challenged him. Then when a sister tried to distract him from the stands with magic, he cancelled the spell mid flight. The guild gave him their blessing soon after that," said Cassie.

"But no one ever said they had a kid," finished Cassie now looking at Rayne intently.

"Well they have three. Me and my two twin brothers actually," said Rayne smiling.

"Does that mean you know a little magic too," asked Tina now fully facing her.

"I just finished my eighth circle testing in all five circles last month before I came," smiled Rayne.

Now all three girls were staring hard at her.

"YOU'RE A BATTLEMAGE TOO?" asked Cassie loudly. "At your age?! Is that even possible!?!"

"Of ... course?" said Rayne slowly. "So are my brothers. Is that a problem?"

"You do know that there are a lot of senior sisters three times your age, who are also Mages, and who are not that high? And I don't know of a single sister with all five circles high enough to qualify as an Archmage. So you weren't kidding about beating Anne-Marie and the others then were you?" asked Cassie shocked.

Suddenly Rayne was more interesting than she was before to them.

"Nope, I seriously did. And I did it with just my left hand too," smiled Rayne holding up her left hand to wave.

"WHAT!" screamed Tina and Belinda together.

"I guess that means we now have another Brianna the Scarlet blade here then. Can I assume you can use any weapons as well?" asked Cassie with a lopsided frown.

"Yeeessss," said Rayne slowly looking back and forth.

"Damn, and here I thought I was the best of the fighters of our age group in the guild," said Cassie looking at the floor. "And Tina used to be the best mage, and Belinda was a close second. Well that is all shot now."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that I would cause anyone any problems," said Rayne quietly shrinking in on herself.

"No, don't sweat it kid. We just have to get better than you," said Cassie with a smile. "Of course that might be just a bit hard if you're already beating the Guild's Blades on your first day."

"What can you do that you can show us as an Archmage?" asked Tina suddenly while smiling.

Rayne did a trick her Dad liked to do to practice. He improved on it over the seasons.

She created fifteen fireballs that she juggled effortlessly then she changed the shapes of each to various different, sizes and kept doing it each time she touched the fireballs.

"You are just freaking kidding me!" said Tina loudly. "I can only create three and I can't even change the sizes yet. You really are a Battlemage aren't you?"

Rayne just smiled and nodded.

"Well let's take a tour of the guild grounds with your new best friends," said Cassie with a smile "I believe we just became the strongest squad in the entire guild."

"Where is Rayne?" asked Cassie to herself as she looked over and saw her bed was empty. Something woke her during the night.

They didn't need to be up for another two hours, and it had already been a month since Rayne got here.

The guild couldn't believe how she was easily fighting five and six girls at a time during training, and always only left handed. And at times she seemed almost bored. Even the senior sisters didn't seem to be a challenge for her.

What she can do is really scary, always thought Cassie.

As she was putting on her shoes to go find Rayne, she looked out the window, and saw Rayne on the practice ground going through some type of training all by herself.

Cassie saw her doing flips, kicks, rolls, and attacks that were a combination of unarmed combat and sword craft.

"I guess I'm not going to be beating her anytime soon am I?" thought Cassie slowly as she watched Rayne for a few minutes doing things she couldn't even remotely begin to attempt.

Cassie just went back to bed.

"Why were you up so early?" asked Cassie to Rayne as they practiced their sword training with another group of girls.

"What my mother and father used to train us with is far more involved than what we do here. I felt I was getting rusty so I needed to get back to the basics. And my father always taught us to be up early and practice every single day," smiled Rayne.

"Think you can teach me some of what you know later?" asked Cassie.

"Sure," smiled Rayne.

"You know you have to take it easy on me when we do, I am your best friend. Of course I'll eventually learn your secrets and beat you at your own game," said Cassie smiling.

"Ok, but I make no promises on how easy that will be," smiled back Rayne.

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