Battlemage: Book 3 - Return of the Prodigal Sons
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Caelan and Jaden are back after a two year family trip. Against Aric's wishes they and their mother have done worked as mercenaries in a few border wars while they were gone. How will this decision affect their lives and will it possibly spill over and affect the lives of those they love around them?

The Raven haired beauty looked down with a scowl. Her dark blue eyes seemed to be flashing, as she smacked at the customers hands that were reaching out for her.

It was still early for lunch at midday, but some of the folks who worked on the wharf ate whenever they could, so once breakfast started they could be coming in and out all day in steady streams.

Today the young woman really didn't want to serve this customer, but it was her job to serve anyone who was paying for food and drink. But she really wished that this man would shrivel up and die, rather than stay in the tavern anywhere near her.

The young beauty said "No, no, NO! How many times do I have to tell you NO! I am not remotely interested in going anywhere with..."

She suddenly looked up sharply as she trailed off.

Then she looked back and forth around the room with a big smile and said loudly "YES! They're back. THEY'RE REALLY BACK!"

Suddenly she took off and moved swiftly through the tavern, leaving the bewildered man staring after her wondering what she was talking about. Even in his confusion he was still admiring her very shapely form as she left.

Meanwhile she had started looking around the room for her friend Gail. Suddenly she spotted her on the far side serving other customers.

"Gail! They're back, they're back! They really came back!" said Darla excitedly.

"Darla, didn't Galen tell you that though you shouldn't, you might still experience those ghost pains he called it, from time to time with Caelan being gone? I know it's been over a season since you had any, but don't tell me you're starting to have them again?" asked Gail frowning.

She was worried about her friend. She clearly remembered how Darla was during that time when Caelan first left.

Today Gail, who was Darla's very best friend, also had her long deep brown hair pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. Her hair reached just about mid shoulder length on her, and her light brown eyes, with the golden flecks floating in them almost like they were swirling, looked at her friend in concern.

"Maybe we should see Galen and tell him that you're having the problem again," said Gail finally.

"No, no, it's not the same. Before I admit I was hoping that I could feel Caelan and it was getting to me because it felt like I was living in a dream at times, but this time I know it's him it! It feels like he's standing right beside me again. I can't explain it, but it's not the same. Soon as we finish our shift lets go to their house and check it out!" said Darla excitedly.

Gail sighed, "Ok we'll go, but don't get your hopes up too high. They may not be there."

"Great! Soon as we finish with these customers here we're going! I know mom won't care if we leave a little early," said Darla with a wink of her eye at Gail.

Then she turned and with a big smile she headed back the way she came, humming a happy tune.

"Wow, traveling is always fun, but I am happy to get back home after being gone so long," said Caelan as he was the first to walk through the door of their house.

"Admit it, you just want to see Darla again after two seasons," said his brother Jaden with a wide grin on his face. He was looking around for a safe place to drop his pack that wouldn't get him yelled at later by their mother.

"And just who was it who started having wet dreams again about Gail just two weeks before we got here, after all these seasons?" asked Caelan as he poked his brothers chest while he looked at his brother smiling.

"HEY! They weren't wet dreams and ... I ... Uh ... uhm ... uh," said Jaden as he started to mumble turning red.

"So you DID dream about her. I thought so when you kept mumbling Gail, Gail, Gail, in your sleep," said Caelan still smiling. "You can't wait to see her either, admit it."

"Boys, lets clean up a little around the house and then you can go into town and say hi to all your friends," said Brianna with a smile.

She herself was looking forward to a little alone time with Aric soon as the boys were gone. She was sure that she had some ideas on how to keep Aric occupied for a few hours.

Aric looked over at Brianna. Suddenly he had a thought "Let's start with a light house cleaning later after we open all the windows and give it time to air out. Boys I bet you're itching to see your friends so go have fun. We'll meet you all in town for dinner and we'll do the heavy cleaning in the morning."

Both boys looked at each other with a knowing smile, turned and said "Thanks Dad!" at the same time and fled out the door as fast as they could.

Brianna, who was in shock turned to Aric, and it was then that she noticed his smile at her, and suddenly she fully understood, like the boys, why Aric did that.

Brianna dropped her pack and supplies on the table, turned put her arms around Aric's neck and huskily said "Well lets at the very least change the linens on the bed first so we're not doing it on dusty sheets. And then we'll see if we can't wear each other out for a few hours."

Then she smiled big, slowly started stroking Aric's chest, and gave him a really deep kiss for a few minutes.

"Sheets you say! Coming right up!" said Aric as he broke away and started dramatically looked back and forth around the room, in kitchen cabinets and drawers, before he rushed out the door in search of sheets.

Brianna laughed out loud as she followed him out the door, as she knew he was only acting like that for her benefit. She knew they would really enjoy themselves in the next few hours before they went to meet the boys.

"Darla, just why won't you go out with me again? The one time we did we seemed to have a good time. I even kept my hands to myself like you asked and never once tried anything, but I know you must have felt the same attraction that I felt. I could see it in your smile," said the man.

Darla was now back at the table she was at earlier. She really didn't want to talk to this man any more than she had to. But she still needed to get his order.

The man was very handsome and with a slight build and blonde hair with brown eyes. One might guess that he came to about 5'11 — 6' easy. But where most men who worked around the docks in this city were somewhat rugged and stout, he was more slender, but not closely enough to be called feminine by anyone.

But he would also never give anyone the impression he worked a hard day in his life with his hands. But he did have what girls often called pretty boy features. Meaning he had more than his fair share of girls willing to see what he was capable of.

"Quinn that one time shouldn't have happened. I was missing someone really important to me and I didn't realize at the time I was trying to do what ever I could to make me stop missing and dwelling on him. I wasn't in my right mind.

"And if I was, I wouldn't have gone out with you. That date was the only one that we'll ever have. If you're not going to eat please leave, but if you are, let me know what you want to order so I can tell my brother and we can get it for you," said Darla with a frown.

Quinn gave his order, but couldn't stop himself from staring at her retreating form. He couldn't help but notice once again her long raven hair that was pulled back and hung almost down to the middle of her back, her narrow waist, and what he could see of her nice long legs. And that nice swell of her chest would always stir his loins as well.

But what always made his heart skip a beat was when she faced him.

He loved her slightly puckered lips, long eye lashes, and her large innocent looking dark blue eyes.

He would make her his or die trying he always thought.

As Darla and Gail worked, trying to finish up with the customers, they both separately remembered the turning point in both of their relationships with their boyfriends Caelan and Jaden

"Jaden Griffith, I bet you still dream about me at nights don't you?" called out twelve season old Gail with a coy smile.

Gail was irritated at him again.

She was upset that his quick smile and jovial nature drew a lot of the other girls to him.

While she wasn't the most over developed girl in town for her age, she was very close.

She had a good summer and her figure was developing nicely. She was already a full and heavy b-cup, with flaring hips, and her brown hair hung loose around her face just past her shoulders. She knew that the other boys told her all the time that she was very pretty and kept asking her out, but Jaden never seemed to be one of those boys.

But she wasn't interested in any of the other boys and never went out with them. And while Jaden was the only one she wanted to chase her, he never did.

And no matter how much she tried or what she did to get his attention it didn't work.

Insults didn't work. Pranks didn't work. Laughing at him didn't work. Pushing him as he passed her didn't work. Nothing worked. All she just wanted was for him to notice her.

But all he would do is just smiled at her with his deep dimples and dark eyes and would just shake his head, go on, and take whatever she dished out.

It drove her crazy. She really liked him a lot, but he never liked her back the same way it seemed. He didn't treat her special compared to the other girls.

Jaden and his twin brother at twelve were bigger than any other boy at their age and already had some serious muscle showing on them.

Their father made them work as day laborers helping out on the wharf and in various shops. They seemed to do the work of two full sized men each. If the people could afford to pay they asked for a fair price, if they couldn't afford it they didn't charge and called it training.

And ever since their sister went off to fulfill her guild obligations, their father had them filling their days working when they weren't training.

They had not yet learned of the legacy of Battlemages and why their father wanted to keep them from fighting like their sister if at all possible.

But today they were on their way back home after working on the docks loading ships and they were passing near Darla's parent's tavern on their way.

They were wearing sleeveless tee shirts and loose leather pants and they had a crowd of girls following them yet again, trying to chat them up.

And while they didn't seem to be playing to the crowd, just politely acknowledging the girls or answering some of their questions, it irritated Gail that they didn't force those girls to leave them alone.

She knew it also upset her friend Darla to have this much competition for those two boys they really liked. And Darla had even known them both since they were all babies.

Even though she had yet to physically developed, Darla's long black hair, really big dark blue eyes, and slender figure made more than one boy stare at her as she walked by.

Darla knew boys said that they found her cute as well, but she didn't really like all the attention they gave her, so she tried to avoid them.

But Darla had always found herself being drawn to Caelan since they were children. At times for her it was almost like she could feel where he was. She didn't understand why she felt that way, but she sometimes knew when he would come to town, so she would search around for him so she could watch him go by from a distance.

But as the boys passed by Darla and Gail on that day, an irritated Gail, with her hands on her hips, called out in front of everyone: "Jaden Griffith, I bet you still dream about me at nights don't you?"

Suddenly everyone stopped and looked at her, but she smiled a big smile and just stared Jaden right in the eyes.

Some of the girls scowled, some others smiled, giggled, or smirked at her, but Jaden just laughed. All of them knew that Gail was only out to torment poor Jaden every day, and no one else. He was always her target of ridicule.

"Nope, I really don't. It isn't that you aren't pretty enough. Because we all know that you know that you are. And I've heard the boys myself tell you that often enough. But I never will because you just aren't my type. I have always been more fond of the quiet type of girls. One's who aren't always assaulting or making fun of me. But thank you for asking," he said with a big smile.

"No, I bet you really do, but you're too scared to admit it. Just wait you'll admit it soon enough and you won't be able to deny it publicly anymore," said a smug Gail as she crossed her arms under her breasts and smiled at Jaden even wider.

A stunned Jaden looked over at Caelan with both of his eyebrows raised, and Caelan just shook his head in slowly at him while smiling sadly.

Gail was at it again it seems.

She really seemed to be going all out today to embarrass him. They were both used to her antic's, but this time she seemed to be trying a new tactic. They still had no idea why Gail had it in for Jaden. They stayed up at night trying to figure why this one girl went out of her way to abuse Jaden as much as possible.

And even when Caelan tried to pretend to be Jaden to give his brother a break, she always knew he wasn't Jaden. She was fixated only on Jaden and tried to humiliate him at ever turn.

As the brothers started off again, they turned to everyone and said they really needed to get home, and headed off outside of the city.

It never failed to amaze them that they were followed no matter where they worked every day. They had tried hard to dissuade the girls over the season, even trying to change their routes home, splitting up, or even taking the back ways, but the girls without fail always seemed to find them.

So after awhile they just gave up and settled for staying as polite to them as much as they could, while they walked home each day.

Gail turned to Darla after they left, and with a big smile said "I have a plan. Run inside and get a big towel and follow me."

Darla went inside and after a few minutes was back.

As they headed out of town Gail told Darla of her plan. Darla blushed, but said she would try to do what Gail was suggesting.

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