Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Horror, BDSM, MaleDom, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - About a chase gone wrong.

Moira saw him standing at the door of a small restaurant. He was talking to a teenage girl, casting nervous glances around. He definitely had a reason to be nervous. This place wasn't suitable for selling drugs. The girl had obviously caught him by surprise and had started talking dangerous things. Dangerous for a drug dealer of course.

Moira hid behind a car, then took out her gun, feeling its reassuring weight. She was determined to catch him this time. She had longed to send him to jail. For almost two years now.

She looked at her low heeled pumps, wondering if she would be amble to run fast.

Dan slipped his hand in his pocket. Moira jumped out from behind the car and ran toward him. The man saw her immediately, his face turning pale, his lips twisting into a nasty smile. He pushed the shocked girl aside and disappeared into the crowd.

She followed him, running as fast as she could. The people were moving aside frightened by the gun and the wild glare in her eyes. Dan disappeared. She stopped and bent over, breathing like an asthmatic horse. Her blond hair spilled over her face. She was on the brink of tears. A complete failure, again.

She steadied her shaky legs and looked back over her shoulder. Just in time to see Dan climbing over a high tin fence. Despite the fact that she was relatively short — 5'2 she managed to climb over the fence too. There was a deserted construction site on the other side.

A six—storied unfinished building stood at the centre of the plot. The noise from the street was barely audible. Moira looked around her but could not spot Dan. She heard his footsteps though. He was moving up the stairs. She took out her mobile, then realized that she didn't know where she was, and slipped it back in her pocket.

"I have a gun, Dan!" she cried out to him. "Come to me, please."


Moira followed him up the stairs. She was determined to catch him whatever it might cost her.

Moving slowly she lent an ear to every sound. She stopped on the fifth floor, looking nervously around her. Empty rooms and abandoned tools everywhere. A noise came from below, a distant footfall, and she hurried down the stairs. As she reached the forth floor landing she suddenly felt a massive blow to her left shoulder. Her body lurched to the right, to the gaping abyss under an unrailed balcony.

Moira gaped sheepishly, trying to get hold of something. Dan giggled nastily behind her.

"Bye—bye, Mo."

She fell off the balcony, flailing her hands helplessly, screaming at the top of her lungs. Then, the images started to appear — the tricycle her mother bought her when she was four, her first-grade friend Norma, her father putting ice on her sore knee, her first boyfriend kissing her on the mouth, her graduation dress, the admission examination.

Moira made a somersault and landed on her haunches with a sickening thud. Her scream died out. After a second her trembling arm reached up toward the sun, her fingers splayed. She parted her lips slightly, emitting a soft sigh. Then her arm dropped and her body got limp.

Dan burst into uncontrollable laughter.

The pain spilled over her thighs, then shot up her lower back. Moira opened her eyes and tried to prop herself on her elbows. The pain pinned her down, its jagged teeth gnawing at her hips.

"Oh dear, look what happened!" said Dan sarcastically. "Are you ok, Mo? You don't look very well today."

"Fuck of," she hissed, trying to stifle the tears that were about to erupt.

"You scared the shit out of me, Mo. I thought you were dead. But you are a tough girl, aren't you?"


He kicked her shin viciously. Moira clenched her teeth but didn't give any other indication that she was in pain.

Dan looked curiously at her then stared at the building.

"It was a hard fall, uh? Do you think you have broken something?

Moira ignored his questions and fixed her eyes on the gun that lay close by. She reached towards the gun but her shoulder was too stiff and she could not get hold of it.

Dan kicked the weapon aside.

"You disappointed me, Moira. Officer. I thought you were smarter."

Moira remained silent, the shooting pain had made her dizzy.

Dan placed his hand on her thigh, just under the hem of her skirt, and kneaded it gently. Moira's eyes filled with terror which for a moment replaced the pain. He slipped his hand over her knee and traced the curve of her calf.

"No," she said with a trembling voice.

He rubbed her ankle, then tickled her exposed toes. Her pumps had slipped off her feet.

"What do you feel?


"Just answer my question! Now!" he snapped.

"You are touching ... my toes."

"Good girl. I have to go now. You stay put." Dan chuckled, then searched for her mobile. When he found it, he smashed it against a concrete wall.

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