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Glossary for Aggy Books

'Sniffy': "In fah mous" said with a head cold.

AI: artificial intelligence; an intelligent 'puter (an oxymoron).

Bugout: rapidly depart the immediate area as either bad things are happening or are about to happen to the departee.

Buships: department responsible for development and design of warships; usually do not actually build them; considering total numbers of ships built warships make up only a fraction and therefore building expertise is held by the commercial yards. Navy officers ain't that stupid, they might be unlucky enough to have to go to sea / space in one of their own designs.

CI: abv for counter intelligence; efforts by us to prevent them from gathering intelligence about us.

CICO: command information centre officer in charge AKA 'sicko' (thanks to a reader for this one - it has to be a purely USN term, the Britz would never ... HHHHAAAAA)

Clean: as applied to electronic repairs' shop. Double hatch entry to restrict idle visitors. Highly filtered air, always with controlled environment, attractive to idle visitors hence double hatches.

Com: shorthand for communication; Com Officer — knock knock boy aka please speak to me; often seen with two flags tucked under arm clutching an Aldis Lamp.

Drum: received the information and got it drummed into thick skull.

EVA: extra vehicular activity; peculiar to space; never used for getting out of a ground shuttle to answer call of nature.

EW: abv for electronic warfare; using electronic means to find them; CEW counter EW — blocking their attempts to find or destroy me; CCEW — you get the idea; on large vessels crew available to handle each modality, in small vessel a one armed paper hanger working in a gale.

FTL: faster than light; Einstein got it wrong, if it is measurable then can be exceeded.

HAC: heavily armed cutter.

HMG: abv for Her / His Majesty's Government.

HMSS: His / her Majesty's Space Station.

'Jimmy': as in Jimmy the one - the First Lieutenant.

i/c: abv for inertial compensator; just that — compensates for inertia when moving; only boffins know how they work. Painful when fails — for a nanosecond.

Intel: abv for intelligence; information however gathered, usually about them (Carlton regards Intelligence Officer as an oxymoron.

Lloyds: as in Lloyds of London; started as coffee shop in 17th century in London with special interest in marine insurance. Became very influential and was able to lay down structural requirements for ships at building and for reinspection and thus allocate insurance rate. Kept Lloyds register of shipping. Highest standard was A1 at Lloyds — safe ship likely to complete voyage. In 20th century diversified and spread. In 21st century had to be financially rescued. Moral of the story — stick to what you know.

LOB: living off base; depending upon where base is located can save or lose heaps.

Loc: location (hopefully known, if not refer to nav).

Nav: Navigator aka "pilot" as in marine variety. Motto of Navigation School is "Weartafukarwe". When asked usually can't be exact. It is that margin of error which is of greatest interest to enquirers. Invariably seen with compass, sextant and map (not of the space we are occupying at this time).

Navcom: an electronic instrument which receives a navigational signal and displays that result combined with a standard com (transmit and receive)WARNING known to sulk; when it does refer to nav.

NOB: navigational omnidirectional beacon; an electronic signal which when received and properly comprehended can give the recipient an idea of his present location provided the location of the transmitter is known; if loc is not known refer to nav.

PDA: Personal / Pocket data Application; all singing all dancing hand held 'puter with com capability.

PRD: prohibited, restricted, dangerous. Bad things have been known to happen; have another word with Nav.

POR: Personnel Occurrence Reports: The service 'hatches, matches and dispatches'; you are born when you join and you die when you are discharged - dead or alive. Reports with no sense of joy or tragedy. "Amend order of Battle: remove name of HMS "Hood" (51) wef 24 May 1941"

R&D: research and development; an easy place to get tax write offs as usually loses much cash.

Rebro: shorthand for rebroadcast in sense of receiving electronic signal from somewhere and then transmitting the information to somewhere else. Sometime on a different frequency and perhaps further encrypted. Often fails; batteries flat, incorrect rebro freq, recipient does not have the same code.

RX: shorthand for rebroadcast transmission or rotational TX depending upon context.

Satcom: satellite with com equipment.

Sol: shorthand for Solar System; lazily used to refer to its third planet, "Earth".

Tac: abv for tactical; handles matter of the mess we are now in and how we got here; as doesn't have a clue how to get out of this mess without landing in a bigger mess, hands matter to Captain —your problem now Sir.

TX: shorthand for electronic com transmission or transmit depending upon context.

TQO: The Queen's Own 119 Squadron (Reinforced).

URO: Unit Routine Orders; issued by the orderly room - what we want you to know and do; usually given without any explanation - allows rumour to run wild or to slip something in just so somebody can be caught forty years later.

Warship Classification (not exhaustive)

AMC armed merchant cruiser (Q ship)

MTB motor torpedo boat

SS submersible ship

SSN nuclear powered / armed submarine

F frigate

DE destroyer escort

DD destroyer

CL light cruiser

CA heavy cruiser

BC battle cruiser

BB battleship

DN dreadnought - term first used in Fisher's time - a sort of super BB then; was first to use rotating midline turrets carrying humongous 'rifles'

CVL 'jeep' carrier

CVA fleet carrier (all assumed to be nuclear powered)

(CV carrier — a term borrowed from wet-navy days; in space fleets refers to vessel carrying parasitic non-independent small warships)

FURS Fleet Underway Replenishment Ship

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