Battlemage: Book 1 - Beginnings and Discoveries

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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - In a world of swords and magic, where one is only able to choose one skill or the other, once every millennium there is born one man capable of using both. But while these men have gained such unbelievable power, it also comes at a cost of a painful hidden legacy. What is that legacy and will the newest Battlemage be able to escape it?

In this world, it us unlike the current world around us and there exist two sides in warfare for any battle, sword and steel or magic.

Mages have the most power, but they have also traded the power for the fact they can't wear any real armor.

Medium to heavy armor will prevent them from using their hands and arms to cast accurately. It doesn't allow the freedom of movement. And as most mages dedicate their lives to learning, they do not have the physical strength required to wear heavier armor or use most weapons.

As such they are very fragile when confronted by someone with a weapon or skill to successfully use it. Most avoid any form of physical confrontation if at all possible.

Warriors are ones who use sword and steel, are able to use any weapon they chose too, but they are at a disadvantage against a well prepared mage. And since most dedicate their lives to their skill, they have no real understanding of how magic works or how to better defend themselves against it.

But once every one thousand years there is born a man capable of walking in both worlds.

He is able to learn how to use magic up to its highest form, able to wear any armor, use any weapon he chooses, and able to understand any martial art/weapon just by observation and with limited practice is able to master it.

He has the ability to create powerful magic's on the fly if a situation calls for something not seen before to aid him.

He is known and feared through out the world of war by all as a "Battlemage".

He can strike great fear in whichever side opposes him. The sheer destructive power he is capable of using is to be feared. The unpredictable nature of what weapon or spell he can use causes great concern for warriors and mages alike.

He has the power to solely bring entire armies under his control or to completely devastate them entirely.

He is also known by all for his extremely high intelligence, physical strength, and sheer magical power. He often appears larger than life to all around him.

But the trade off for all of these abilities is that he is often defined by those who know him by his extreme arrogance, self centeredness, deceitful, selfish, and greedy nature.

The Battlemage is also known for easily flying into a mindless rage, using his power to devastate all around him in his anger without a second thought.

He is often only seen doing things that are to be with-in his own self interest. He is only interested in what others can do for him or what he can get from others.

No matter if he works for the side of good or evil, if he doesn't gain anything from it, he has no interest in pursuing it.

But the true hidden legacy of the Battlemage, known to only a select few with-in the mages guild, is that if he uses his power on a battlefield, for power or glory, any close associates he may have, romantic or otherwise, may experience betrayal, mistrust, hatred, or even death.

Those close to him will either cause this in the Battlemages life or may experience these themselves while attempting to remain loyal to the Battlemage, before they finally turn on him.

As in life there is always a choice, but this seems to be the pattern for those closely involved with a Battlemage.

Any Battlemage determined to continue to use his power on a battlefield will lead a solitary, loveless lifestyle, unless he takes the companionship by force. Of course this also will hasten his downfall.

But what happens, when after countless millennium of Battlemages, a new Battlemage is born who is quiet, humble, honest, and selfless?

He only worries greatly about others and only wants to use his power to protect others and not for selfish glory.

Is it possible for him to escape the Battlemages legacy being like this? Is it possible for him to find and experience real happiness if he ever visits a battlefield?

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