Suburban Succubus, Part 2
Chapter 1: the Story Continues

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Paranormal, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Pregnancy,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: the Story Continues - In Part 1, a son summoned a succubus and impregnated his mother. In Part 2, the family will grow...

My mother and I had great hopes when we began our newly-married life together; we intended to have daughters, and in numbers. My mother teased me with the thought of impregnating them as I had her, either because Liira's sisters had made a new home in their bodies or by raising them in an environment where incestuous sex was not simply the norm, but visibly desirable. We made love passionately and often- but good things cannot last.

Liira had worked a glamour to convince people around us that we were not mother and son, but merely a man who had been stalked and trapped by a cougar. It held for a time, but then faltered; much of my fortune had been spent on bribes and blackmail to prevent the story from getting out, but the scandal had forced our family onto the run. Liira, barely three years old by this stage, had hypothesised that the glamour had failed because she lacked the supernatural strength to keep it going; without frequent sex, she had to carefully husband her reserves. Those same reserves which were depleted day by day as she made her slow and mysterious changes to my daughter's body.

As a result, we had fled to a rural area with a small population, reasoning that the nature of the place would protect us from rumours and innuendo. We reasoned that by laying low we would be able to escape the notice of anyone who might be inclined to look too closely into our background. This, too, worked for a while- but not long enough or well enough. Every two or three years, whispers had begun to circulate about the true nature of my relationship with my mother, forcing us to again uproot and flee. Because of the chaotic nature of our lives, we agreed with great sadness to hold off from having children until Liira had fully matured and I could, so to speak, fill her up again.

After ... five? Six, perhaps? Moves- I could no longer be bothered to keep track- Liira finally announced that she was nearly ready. I salivated at the thought; she had put a great deal of effort into her transformation, certainly enough to ensnare me. Do not misunderstand; in my heart of hearts, no woman could compete with my mother for my affection, but thinking with another blood-filled organ ... well. Liira had sculptured her new form well; she stood a shade shorter than I did, with glorious blonde hair and dazzling green eyes. She was buxom, even more so than her mother- a prodigious double D, a fact that she emphasised so effectively by wearing lingerie that seemed designed to work me into frenzy. She had a thin waist, flared hips, and long, well-muscled legs- and she knew exactly how to work them, sashaying along. Under a tight skirt, her well-rounded rump looked like two small animals fighting to get free of a sack. She attracted plenty of attention, and loved the effect she had on men- especially me.

I looked forward to the day I would finally be free to cup those wondrous mounds, explore what lay between her legs, and- best of all- seed her, watching her stomach grow large with my own child and grandchild. She promised me, too, that her daughters would be mine eventually; I longed for a way to travel in time to a place where I would be surrounded by a bevy of my beautiful daughters, each one growing round with new life, and my mother reigning as queen of my heart and household.

All that, however, fell apart. Which is where this story properly begins.

The day before her eighteenth birthday, Liira and a group of her friends- well, girls she was leading astray, at least- had gone to do some shopping. On the way home, the car she was travelling in was struck by another vehicle, which fled the scene. Liira was the only one injured, left in a coma; according to the doctors, she had no higher brain function. We left her body on life support, tearfully, and went home to examine our options.

Ultimately, we concluded that we needed more information. It seemed (and Liira confirmed our suspicions later) that the succubus' spirit had been somehow banished, leaving only the body she had inhabited behind. In case of a supernatural emergency, Liira had prepared a ritual for my mother and I to enact that would summon another powerful spirit we could question and appeal to for aid.

At the time, we had laughed; it called for a small amount of blood, a bull's heart, and a Catholic Church. When questioned about that, Liira had merely shrugged- causing her breasts to wobble about in fascinating motion- and commented that they were actually on the right track, despite their abysmal record of implementing it.

And so it was, on a blustery Winter night, that we staged our daring desecration of the local Church. The parish was small, and with the lack of Priests in the Diocese, conveniently untended; one Priest was charged with the administration of three Parishes, and he lived some distance away.

Our entry was achieved by the simple act of drilling through the lock on the front door; our footsteps echoed on the bare marble floor as we prepared for the blasphemous act. Having cleared the white stone altar of its covering cloth and marked out the summoning circle, I loaded the bleeding bull's heart into the baptismal font, covered it with ash leaves, and then helped my mother undress and get up onto the altar.

The coldness of it shocked her, eliciting a gasp; I knew that if she were not already so aroused, my mother's nipples would have hardened with the chill she felt. After running my fingers through the wet folds of her sex to ensure she was ready for her part in proceedings, I disrobed myself. With one last, passionate kiss before we began, she lay on her back, her legs hanging over the side of the altar, spread wide to receive me. I intoned the tongue-twisting words Liira had prescribed, then slid into my mother's waiting channel. As ever, it was glorious; velvety, tight, and heated. Moving in and out, I watched as she sighed with pleasure, writhed against me, and after fluttering them whilst she responded to me, closed her eyes. When she opened them again, they were milky white; not the faded iris and pupil some of the blind display, but starkly white throughout.

The ash leaves burst into flame. Instead of the sizzle and smell of cooking meat, the air was full of a fragrant smell, one that threatened to overwhelm me with lust. Not that I needed much help with that, of course.

Her face changed, its expression reminding me of how cold Liira had been so long ago. I kept up the pace; the ritual would last only as long as the sex did, and one or both of us had to be in motion to keep it in effect. Drawing in a deep breath, I explained the situation as best I could to the entity that now inhabited my mother's dead-still body, sliding slowly in and out of her as I did so.

The being nodded, having taken the information in. My mother's voice responded, curiously free of emotion. "Thou art correct in thy suspicions, mortal; Liira has indeed been cast out. She can be recalled by a certain ritual, which I shall teach thee."

I tried to keep my thoughts calm, difficult at the best of times during sex, but particularly hard when you are not just desecrating a place of worship but are balls deep in your own mother and trying to strike a favourable deal with an infernal spirit. "At what price?"

My mother smiled, slowly, nodding. "Thou art wily, for a mortal. But in this, thou need have no fear; the ritual that has called me here freed me- temporarily- from a prison I loathe. Not only that, but the rut you perform with this flesh grants me sustenance I have been denied for many a long age. And as my escape from the oubliette into which I have been cast is dependent on my daughter's safe return, I shall grant it to thee as a boon."

"Daughter?" I questioned, momentarily forgetting how much Liira had hated being interrupted.

The coy smile widened into a dazzling grin. "Daughter, aye. Liira has long sought to break my chains. Loyalty amongst my daughters is unusual, but Liira has ever been dutiful. I sense thy curiosity, mortal. Thou hast but to ask."

I did. "Who... what are you?"

In as much as the seemingly sightless eyes could, she locked gazes with me, answering with a single word; "Lilith."

Lilith, I thought, my mind whirling. "The first mortal woman?" I choked on the thought.

She snorted. "Mortal? Hardly that. Samael carved me from clay, animated me with his own essence. I was supposed to seduce Adam. That, however, is a story for another day, mortal. I sense great stamina in thee, but this summoning cannot last eternal. Besides, I desire my release as well. For this, I shall require thy aid to help me turn onto this shell's front, that you may write upon its back."

I frowned, but I knew better than to argue. The operation was a delicate one; Lilith drew one leg up and over my shoulder, so that it was at a right angle to her body. Then, carefully, I helped her to roll over. The sensation was incredible. I thought I had enjoyed every possible feeling my mother's femininity could engender in me, but I was wrong; I tried to imagine how I could replicate the feeling of her vagina spinning around my penis again. Perhaps, I mused, a short table with a Lazy Susan on top of it, a hole bored through for my cock? And then she could sit on top of it and turn around...

Lilith chuckled, sensing my thoughts. "Innovative. Thou shouldst make that attempt, mortal. But for now-" she broke off. My left hand came up, by its own volition, and began to move across my mother's back. This time, there was the scent of burning meat; to my horror, where I touched her my mother's pure white skin was sullied by ugly red welts, marking out another summoning circle and the instructions for using it. Again sensing my fear, Lilith assured me that as soon as the new ritual had been cast, Liira could heal my mother's burns. I was still distraught by the thought of the pain my mother would suffer, but I had no desire to argue with whatever kind of creature Lilith proved to be.

Apparently having finished its transcription, my hand returned to my conscious control. Lilith grunted, moving against me for the first time. "Do it, mortal. Sate this flesh. Give me thy seed."

I hardly needed the encouragement. I thrust hard, spearing deeply within my mother's quivering sex. Lilith gasped, enjoying the sensations she had so long been denied. Within moments, we both went over the edge, muttering obscenities to each other as we fucked, furiously, on the church's altar.

As my mother's vagina stopped spasming, the ash leaves went out, leaving behind a charred mess in the font. My mother moaned, but whether it was from the pleasure of having me so deep inside her or from the pain of her back, I could not tell. I made to pull out of her, but her hands clutched at my buttocks, and she urged me to take her again. I did- not once, but twice bringing her to orgasm and flooding her with my semen. Finally spent, we grabbed our clothes and fled...

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