When My Boss Commands It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a secretary doesn't complete a task to her boss' satisfaction.

"Get in here" the deep voice of my boss orders. I hurry into his office to see what he needs. "Where is that file you were supposed to finish yesterday" he demands. I flush as I realize that I was too busy dreaming about big hard horny cocks to even think about my work. "I'm sorry I'll get it done right away" I stammer. "It's too late for that, get over here now and pay the consequences."

"Get on your knees and suck my cock till I cum down your throat." I was both turned and and slightly scared by his demands. I had dreamed of this but now that it was happening I wasn't sure if I was ready. "Do it now, make me cum or you're fired." Quickly I fell to my knees in front of him and pulled his huge hard cock out of his pants. I hummed at the sight and slowly jerked his shaft as my tongue reached out and licked his thick plummy cockhead. He jerked and groaned "Yeah that's it, take it all, suck me good."

I licked along his shaft holding it at the base and running my tongue along his length then sucking on just his crown. "Suck it all, take me deep" he grunted. I slid my mouth down his thick shaft taking as much as I could before backing off then sliding his cock in deep again running my tongue along his length as he fucked my mouth. His moans mixed with my muffled moans as his dick ran down my throat and over my tongue. My pussy was leaking and dreanching my panties from the attention my mouth was receiving. I cupped his balls as I sucked on his cock eager to make him cum, eager to cum myself! Soon he began to spurt his juices running down my throat as he pounded into me his cock jerking as he came and he bellowed "Fuck I'm cumming, god I love your mouth, suck me good, don't stop, drain me dry" I continued to suck and swallow taking his sperm into me.

When he finished cumming he laid my back on the conference table and pulled of my soaked panties and spread my legs wide leaving my moist pussy open and vulnerable. I quivered as air washed over my sensitive clit. I flex my butt and roll my hips as my pussy begins to warm up at the thoughts and visuals that flash through my mind. Mmmm. My boss commands me to masturbate "Fuck that pussy good, rub your clit till you cum!" I obey reaching down and fingering my clit thrusting my hips up at my rotating fingers.

I moan again as my fingers rub and pinch my clit. He reaches down and thrust his fingers into my wet channel fucking them in deep and plunging them in time to my rubbing fingers. "Oh god, that feels so good, I need to be fucked, I need to be filled." My fingers move frantically as I climb towards orgasm. His fingers plunge into me over and over again and he reaches up and tweaks my nipples pulling at them and rubbing them as my hips jerk and thrust. I writhe on the table as my lust reaches new levels. I put my feet on the table beside me thrusting up harder at his thick fingers and my hand as we masturbate me together. I finally cum screaming as my orgasm rips through me and my boss continues to fuck me with his fingers wringing pleasure from me. "oh yeahh, ohhhhhhhhh, im' cummmmming, unhhhhhhhhhh."

When I finally can think again I hear my boss saying "No more panties for you. I expect you to be naked and ready for me at all times, if you are wet and horny all the better." My pussy leaked even more at the thought of how exposed I would be ready and bare for him whenever he wanted me. I felt so dirty and naughty lying exposed and spent on the coference table as he told me what my new duties woudl be. His fingers played over my still stiff nipples and ran through my soaking cunt as he spoke. "From now on your first duty is to sexually satisfy me and anyone else I tell you to. You will still perform your other duties as time permits but sex comes first. As I said no panties ever and you must always wear short skirts and high heals as well as thigh high stockins or knee socks and shear blouses. You may wear a bra to work but you must remove it as soon as you enter your office." I blushed and my pussy throbbed at the thought of how I would look to the clients who visied our office. "Now clean yourself up and finish that file you were supposed to do yesterday."

Once I was clean again I returned to my office. My juicy pussy leaked all over my desk chair as I tried to concentrate on the letter I was typing. Suddenly Bruce my boss's german shepherd padded in and headed right over to me. He pushed his way in under my desk which was not unusual he seemed to enjoy sleeping on my feet. This time was different though this time he stuck his nose up under my skirt and right into my naked dripping cunt! I moaned and tried to push his head away strangely turned on by this perverse action. He thrust his head forward again and licked my pussy rasping his tongue over my puffy lips and stiff tender clit. I moaned again and stopped pushing at his head instead caressing his ears as he licked my horny cunt. My nipples stood at attention clearly visible through my thin shirt as they reacted to the attention that my cunt was getting.

My boss came in and I tried to push Bruce away again scared and embarassed. "Don't stop slut let him make you cum" he said and I let him because it felt too good to stop. I rolled my chair back and spread my legs wide giving Bruce even more room to lick at my eager pussy. My fingers moved to my breasts opening my shirt and plucking at my stiff nipples rubbing them in time to that wonderful tongue. I felt so dirty and naughty and good! I pushed my hips to the edge of my chair as Bruce's tongue shoved up into my sopping cunt and his teeth ran over my cunt combing an intoxicating cocktail of pleasure and pain in my horny body. I pinched my nipples harder as my cunt grew hotter. My boss reached down and pinched my clit and I came hard and fast and wet. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming on a dogs face. It feels so good. I want to be fucked. Yessss" I screamed.

My boss laid my mostly naked body down on the floor and looked at me as I lay their open and wet and ready. "Now it's my turn to fuck you." I groaned as my sore pussy was filled with his hard cock. He pushed my legs wide open and as far back as they would go filling me as deeply as he could with his thick hard cock burying it inside my juicy hungry cunt.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out and I moaned and begged him to put it back. He chuckled and told me he would soon. He turned me over onto my hands and knees and thrust into me from behind filling me again with his cock. I moaned as he thrust into me so happy to be stretched and fucked again. "Just want to get you ready for Bruce" he said "Gotta get you used to doggy action and doggy style" I loved being fucked from behind his fingers danced over my clit and I backed my butt hard against him as he pinched my clit and nipples and filled me from behind like a horny dog.

Bruce moved around to my head his red doggy cock standing out hard and ready and begging for attention. "Suck him" my boss commanded "Let him cum in your mouth. Let him fuck your mouth with his hard dog cock. He is your master as am I. Show him how grateful you are for the orgasm he gave you." I moaned as my lips engulfed his doggy cock and sand down to his hairy sheath taking him deep into my warm mouth.

I was so hot and horny the feel of my boss's cock buried deep in my cunt, his fingers pulling and pinching my stiff clit and nipples and Bruce's doggy cock in my mouth made it almost impossible to think all I could do was feel. I eagerly sucked and licked Bruce's cock working him with my mouth as my boss worked my cunt with his huge cock. I moaned and groaned as my nipples and clit hummed in pleasure and my cunt gripped my boss's cock as he thrust in me. I began to cum my pussy vicing onto my boss's cock as I orgasmed. He grunted "God that feels good, milk my cock, make me cum and fill your pussy with my sperm." I coudln't have stopped my cleanching cunt even if I had wanted to. I moaned and drooled around Bruce's cock as my boss began to cum in my pussy blasting sperm into my hot cunt as he came and I came again with him trembling as he rubbed my clit and ripped another orgasm from my horny body. He finally stopped cumming and pulled his softening cock from my dripping pussy. I was still sucking on Bruce's cock eager to make him cum too, to make him feel as good as I was feeling.

I whined as my boss pulled Bruce away and his hard cock came out of my mouth with a pop as I reluctantly let go of his hard dick. My boss told me to stay on my hands and knees and moved Bruce around to my dripping pussy. I could tell Bruce wanted to fuck me he was whining and his cock was dripping in excitement. "Please sir, please put that dog cock in me. Let Bruce fuck me" He chuckled "Let him fuck you, damn you both are begging to let him fuck you. I have never seen such a horny bitch or a dog so eager to fuck."

At that he guided Bruce up onto my back and lined his thrusting dick up with my dripping pussy. One thrust buried his hammering cock in my juicy cunt and I screamed in pleasure and pain as I was filled again but filled for the first time with hot doggy cock. "Oh yes, its so hot and so big it feels sooooo good" I moaned as he hammered at my cunt trying to force that knot that I had noticed into me. Eager to bury his cock in me and tie us together and fill me with his hot doggy sperm. Finally he buried that thick knot in me and his thrust grew shorter and stopped as his cock erupted deep in my pussy jetting sperm into my already soaking cunt and sealing us together as he bred me. My pussy spasmed and jerked as I came and my face fell to the floor as my body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. I loved the feeling of being used and taken by this huge dog. I loved him and my boss mastering and controlling me using my body and making me feel soooo goood. I moaned at the thought of what was to come and I moaned as I came!

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