Julie: Savage Beauty
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julie is red hot sexy!!


"Hey, Julie, whatya wearing for this morning's Sex Gala Gal Pal Party?" Monica asked of friend as they got out of bed. It was a Monday morning and since Monica and Julie were wealthy socialites, they lived a life luxury free of common ailments like working a boring job. Julie ran her own charity saving wild animals in Africa, but on the side she loved attending the wildest parties during the strangest hours of the week.

Julie and Monica's friend Sarah had planned a massive party for only about ten of her closest friends at her estate in Rolling Hills Valley. Julie was busy in her downtown penthouse putting the finishing touches on her costume; a Superwoman outfit featuring a red thong, tight blue bikini top with a large "S" emblazoned on it, a cute red cape draping down to the middle of her back and red leather mask covering her beautiful brown eyes. "How do I look, Monica?" Julie asked as she sauntered out of the bathroom.

"OMIGOD! Awesome! I love the dildo in the holster and that red leather whip is making me all wet and hot! Shit, you've even got a vibrating clamp and rope. Holy shit!" Monica praised of Julie. Monica made her outfit a simple gold metallic bikini. Both women were out the door by 8:00 A.M., each wearing raincoats over their bodies as they made their way to the garage under the condo.

"Hey, I think Prisha is gonna be there too. She's dressing as a vampires. She's gonna look hot. That girl is so funny. She wrote me those really sexy stories about being a giant woman in the big city and told me to enjoy it in the bath," Julie explained. "That is hot!" Monica exclaimed. Julie laughed. "I came like four times reading it!" Julie whispered back.

Julie then got all serious. "But that's not the weird part. She hands me this joint last night. First, let's say she tells me it's the best weed on Earth, having come from Amsterdam. I'm like, this is California, we have the best shit on Earth here, please! Anyways she tells me to smoke it last night and that I'll turn into a 100 FT giant in the morning." Monica and Julie laughed hard as they got in Julie's Porsche and headed for the party. "I'd love to be a giant. In this outfit? I'd be the sexiest bitch on the planet. This city wouldn't stand a chance."


"I just can't believe all this traffic. The party starts at 9.00 A.M. and I wanna be sucking and licking all kinds of people in that luxurious pool of hers," Julie huffed as the two women sat in Julie's Porsche on the I-987 Freeway, sun shining brightly down on them.

"I don't feel so good. My stomach is all in knots," Julie complained. Monica studied Julie's face and noticed she was sweating profusely. "Ouch!" Julie wailed. Monica freaked, "Your arms! They're, like, expanding!" Julie twitched and fretted behind the wheel, her car at a standstill amid all the rush-hour traffic stuck on the freeway. Julie opened the car door and hurried out onto the grassy median just to her left. She bent over in pain as she began to grow. People in nearby cars got out of their vehicles to help the sickly young woman.

"Ma'am, are you OK?," a helpful man inquired. Julie held out an arm, as to say 'back off, ' her body still growing. She was ten feet tall laying on the ground, quickly growing to 25 feet. People all around in the traffic stared in dismay. Some people screamed as they watched Julie grow to 75 feet as her body expanded on the ground. "Let's get outta here! This is too fucked up!" a woman yelled as she rousted her family out of the car and herded them off the freeway.

MMMM ... UHHH ... Julie moaned as she lay on the ground. Monica stood by the Porsche with a big grin on her face. Julie rubbed her eyes and sat up, sexy Superwoman outfit still intact, but only larger to fit the sexy woman's now 125-foot tall frame. Julie looked all around at the tiny landscape. All the cars looked like toys and the now panicky commuters appeared like no more than scattering mice.

Julie felt red hot sexy when she purred, HOLY SHIT!! I'M A GODDAM GIANT!! Julie examined her enormous body from head to toe. HUH, THIS IS SO COOL. EVERYHTING IS SO SMALL, Julie boasted out loud as people all around ran, wondering what to do in her presence. Julie's right foot collided with a large truck, knocking it on it side and on to another car. The crash was horrendous and stirred many more screams.

Julie slowly rose to her feet, watching as people attempted to drive their cars around traffic and onto the medians, only to crash into other cars with a loud crash. Julie just stood in a sexy pose watching the chaos. HEY, PEOPLE. LOOK AT ME. I'M A GIANT GIRL. AREN'T I THE CUTEST THING YOU"VE EVER SEEN? I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW. IN FACT, I'M GOING OVER TO THAT FREEWAY OVERPASS OVER THERE AND I'M GONNA HAVE SOME SUPERWOMAN SEXY FUN.


THUD ... THUD ... THUD ... Julie started walking down the super jam packed freeway, making big strides as she walked. Her beautiful bare feet left huge footprints in the grass. She purposely landed her feet ever harder so that she could see all the cars lined on the freeway bounce in unison off the ground. She saw a large bus with people streaming out of it, the passengers making a get away into the woods. The giant peered down with an evil smile, her dark blonde hair waving in the air like if she were a supermodel, watching the little people run from the bus and away froom her.

UM, EXCUSE ME, UM, PUNY PEOPLE, Julie sang in a cute tone. HEY YOU PEOPLE ... ON THE BUS. UH ... YOOHOO ... JUST WHERE ARE YOU HEADING OFF TO? Julie's cape blew in the wind as did her hair. Her ass cheeks glowed in the sun. Her shiny blue bikini top accented her shapely breasts, holding them up in a nice round cup, her nipples' form shaping the fabric ever so cutely.

Giant Julie unleashed her whip from her sexy hips and SWOOSH! SWISH! crackled in the air, the fifty foot long leather whip whipping around so violently that it caught on several cars on the freeway sending them flying hundreds of feet in several directions, landing on people, cars and buildings in the vicinity. The crashes, screams and booms rattled nerves for miles. The leather whip stirred the air, making for a refreshing breeze.

I WANT ALL THE PUNY PEOPLE FROM THAT BUS TO STAND AT ATTENTION, Julie rang out with her booming feminine voice. DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE. Julie strolled over sensuously. THUD ... THUD ... THUD ... THUMP the ground shook like from the dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park. Julie stood over the bus, the people still left inside trembling and screaming. Julie raised her right foot high and placed it on top of the bus. Screams rang out when people discovered two dead people stuck to the bottom of her foot. The bodies were flattened like a deflated blow up doll and peeled off her foot

And landed on the roof of the bus.

BOOM! Julie's soft foot landed on the roof of the bus. Julie knelt down and with her pretty fingers started ripping the roof off, peeling it back like no more than when eating a banana. People inside freaked as they looked up to see the giant using a gigantic vibrating sex clamp to pry open the bus further. The sound was so loud that two people lost their hearing. MMMM ... I KNEW THIS THING WOULD WONDERS OTHER THAN ON MY PUSSY, Julie quipped in fun.

An enormous beautiful face with a sexy Superwoman mask on appeared through the roof. Long lush and shiny dark blonde hair eclipsed the entire view of the sky. HELLO MY LITTLE PETS, Julie smoothly spoke to the passengers as the lovely giant sat on her knees in the freeway, her silky legs crushing several cars with people still inside. I'M FEELING QUITE RANDY TODAY AND I NEED OF SOME PUNY PEOPLE TO HELP ME FEEL BETTER. Julie stared down at the rodent-sized people with big brown eyes peering through her cute mask and plucked two of them from the bus.

Julie brought the screaming people up to her eyes, examining the tiny humans as they screamed. MMMMM, Julie moaned licking her pink glossed lips. Then without warning, the pretty giant in the Superwoman sexy bikini opened up her thong bikini bottom and placed her captives in her vagina, moaning with MMMM as she felt the tiny people squirm ever so luxuriously in just the right spot. GOD THAT MAKES ME FEEL SO HOT, Julie oozed as she rolled her eyes and fluttered her lashes in a rush of sexual zeal. AAAAaahhhh ... MMMM.

Julie stood to her full height and tipped the bus over with her toes before making her way toward that freeway overpass. Julie laughed as people ran and screamed in all directions, the giant not yielding to slow moving groups of people, enormous feet barely missing ten or twenty people at a time. WHOA THAT WAS CLOSE PEOPLE. I ALMOST SQUISHED A WHOLE BUNCH OF YOU. While she just missed crushing a large group, the giant bombshell managed to tangle two unlucky people in her toes. Julie looked down in amusement. MMMM ... WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, CAN YOU CLEAN THE LINT FROM BETWEEN MY TOES, Julie requested in wicked sarcasm.

Julie giggled at the sight of several cars flying down the grassy median not more than twenty feet in front of her. The giant beauty stopped in her beautiful tracks and unleashed her whip. SWOOSH ... SWISH ... The tip of the giant whip snapped to the ground like lightning, tangling among the five cars and whisking them high into the air. The vehicles were tossed like toys in every direction. The drivers hadn't a chance to save themselves. Julie gasped and awed as the cars flew into traffic in the opposing lanes with a massive crash. An explosion ripped form the ground, causing Julie's feet to tingle from the earthquake. The three other cars were thrown in the nearby woods where they tangled among the trees, hanging from large branches like Christmas ornaments. Julie licked her fingers in air of cockiness s and delight, winding up her whip for next time. MMMM, THAT WAS SO HOT, Julie moaned above the world.

Feeling so hot from her whipping demonstration, Julie opened up her bikini bottom to check on the state of her pussy people. She could feel their kicking in her vagina and felt so wet and pampered. MMMM, YOU TWO ARE SO WONDERFUL. I DON'T THINK I NEED ANYMORE PEOPLE DOWN THERE TO HELP YOU. I'M ALLL WET AND MAY EVEN CUM SOON. GOOD JOB. Julie laughed with an evil sigh.


"This is central. Are units stationed at the I-89 Overpass?" Twenty squad cars had parked on the congested overpass only 100 yards from the approaching sexy giant, her aroma quickly blanketing the scene. "Central, we're here," the lead squad commander on location reported back. The police were herding commuters off the over pass and directing traffic to pull over. It was a little late. THUMP ... THUMP ... THUMP ... Julie took large strides as she approached, her feet leaving craters in the median large enough for a truck to park in. The overpass shook in menacing rhythms.

JUST LOOK AT THIS. HOW CUTE. Giant Julie stared down at the mass of humanity on the overpass that sat levels with her knees, her hands fixed at her hips in a power pose. Julie slowly straddled the overpass, placing her left foot on the opposing side so the roadway was beneath her bikini bottom, her knees on either side of the roadway and her cute belly button standing watch over so many people. Julie primped her hair and then began to remove her bikini bottom, throwing the racy cloth aside, where it landed on cars on the freeway below.

The people were in for the sexiest, yet horrifying sight of their lives; above them were two people lodged in Julie's vagina, gallon up gallon of feminine moisture oozing from between her legs. MMMMM ... I'm SO BEING FUCKED RIGHT NOW, Julie moaned above hundreds of people as her juices started dripping on to vehicles and people below. People screamed at the sight of two people's heads protruding from inside her, Julie moaning and purring from the motion of their four legs kicking inside her.

"Help! Help us!" could be heard wafting through the air from Julie's sex toy people. The air filled with the sweet, sexual aroma of a giant beauty named Julie Savage; people trying to run or drive away were rudely distracted by the smell reminiscent of a strip club at 1 AM combined with a brothel in the morning. Julie's presence was sexy evil and it could felt, seen and heard for miles.

Half in an orgasmic haze, Julie rolled her eyes, patted her glowing face and then prepared to introduce herself. MMMM ... HI, PEOPLE. I'M SO ENJOYING TODAY. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE BEEN A GIANT AND I CAN TELL YOU IS THE MOST HORNY I'VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. BEING SO DAMN TALL IS THE BEST APHRODISIAC. MMMM ... I'M ABOUT TO BE THE FIRST GIANT WOMAN IN HISTORY TO CUM. Julie rubbed her legs and then licked her fingers.

Police radios on the road began to crackle, the rude noises interrupting Julie's sexual state of mind, a slight look of annoyance peering through hew Superwoman mask. "This is the police! You have ten seconds to surrender or we will be forced open fire."

OH ... OH ... OH ... DAMN IT! Julie's face got all serious. The giant was super pissed that the puny police had destroyed her sexual trance as the people in her vagina were wiggling just so perfectly in the right spot. HUH, I ALMOST CAME. YOU STUPID POLICE RUINED THE MOOD. Julie reached between her legs and plucked the two people out of her like no more than tampons and tossed them onto the police cars below. Their bodies landed with an horrendous thud and injured two cops.

I'M PULLING OUT THE BIG GUNS NOW. Julie reached to her side and pulled the 15 foot long dildo out of her Superwoman holster handing from her hips. In an orgasmic rush, she quickly inserted the item in her vagina, MMMMMM ... OOOO ... THAT'S IT, Julie moaned with eyes closed, more juices pouring from her. The police and commuters alike who dared stay on the overpass watched as aromatic vaginal fluid streamed down Julie's gigantic silky legs in a shiny display landing in a massive puddle near her enormous feet.

Julie felt so good, moaning and groaning, knowing the whole world watched; in fact the giant girl got a rush as the sound of helicopters above her whirled in a frenzy over hear head, causing her salon-fresh dark blond beautiful hair to wave savagely. Feeling wicked sexy, Julie paused from her gyrations, a feeling of giant power taking over. She opened her eyes, reached down to the road menacingly and chased several people with her long fingers, flicking two commuters high in the air. They landed with a deep thud onto several cars' roofs. She then smashed two cars with her closed fist and scattered several more with her sweeping hand. The scene was pure mayhem; screams, cries and frantic running of puny people filled the air as Julie moaned in pleasure of her giant power. She left a mess a tornado would be proud of.

The show of feminine power to the tenth degree made Julie so hot, horny and wet, she needed only a few more stroked of her dildo ... MMMMM ... OH ... OH ... OH ... UH ... when...

"This is the police! We are gonna shoot." At that precise moment Julie cried out OOOOOO ... MMMMM ... OH ... OH ... MY ... OH ... GOD. The giant girl orgasmed with a moan so loud and sexy, people could masturbate to it in the next town over. WHOA! THAT WAS SMOKIN! I NEED A GIANT CIGARETTE, Julie sighed in a sexual frenzy, her body tingling all over.

Julie was still in a sweaty haze of pleasure, her stomach flexing, face glowing, hair messy and drenched when it occurred to her the police were pointing their guns up at her.

With the reflexes of a young cat, Julie gently pulled her dildo out of her pleasure zone, the wet and sticky sex device dripping Julie juice all over the roadway. Julie shook the dildo, intentionally dripping and splatting female fluid all around on fleeing people, police, cars and the roadway.

Looking down at the serious police, Julie aimed her dildo down at them; the police had never seen anything like it before; Julie winked and pressed a pump on the other end of the plastic penis. Immediately, the penis began spewing gallon after gallon of pussy juice at the police. Julie was a brilliant girl and ordered a dildo that could capture and store her pussy juice inside it. It made for a great party favor and now a useful giant girl weapon.

The police opened fire, but Julie's sweet smelling and sticky foamy spray caused their guns to jam, encasing the 50 or so cops shooting at her in a thick foam that trapped them. Police cars were covered in juices and soon the entire scene looked like a giant bed fit for an orgy of a thousand people. Julie looked down in satisfaction, breathing in her tantalizing and pungent sex smells, giggling at the site of so many people and cars trapped in her womanhood, unable to move.

Julie took in another whiff ... MMMMM ... AAHHH ... I LOVE THE SMELL OF MY PUSSY JUICE IN THE MORNING. Only the sound of people screaming, the choppers whirling above her and the wale of sirens in the distance answered back.

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