Stacy So Tall, So Sexy in the City
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Safe Sex, Petting, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Stacy and Prisha fall in love.


"This is KBCV Radio reporting, updating you on the latest regarding the giant woman invading downtown Port Town. Prisha Patters, as you are aware has grown to the incredible height of 150 feet tall and quite literally is toying with people, throwing their cars at buildings. Somehow she has taken control of several vehicles, including a helicopter, several cars and some boats. She appears to be operating them with some mind control she gained when she turned into a giant. There are early reports of severe accidents and many injuries resulting from her stepping on people. For the time being, authorities have coaxed the giant beauty onto a custom-built gigantic raft in the middle of the Port River. She seems to be calm, but authorities are still trying to track down all the vehicles under her control. In other news..."

"Turn off the radio, ugh!" Stacy's boss, Beth, shouted to the limo driver. "We come in town for this lousy conference and client meeting and we're trapped by some oversized naked bimbo on a raft," Beth bitched. Stacy Beal and her boss were in town for the Women in Business Today Conference. They were heading for the airport mid-morning and have been stuck ever since on Highway 565, just minutes from downtown.

"Sorry, ma'am, you heard the reports, the giant woman has stopped all traffic in and out of the city," the limo driver casually responded. Stacy didn't show it, but she was so turned on by the idea of a giant naked woman taking over a city of millions. Stacy started to imagine herself all naked picking up people and cars and talking dirty in the middle of a crowded city.

Stacy sat luxuriously in the limo's leather seat, half in a daze from all the drinking and pot smoking from the previous night. Her favorite client loved to party and lavished Stacy with expensive gifts. In fact, the beautiful office worker was still wearing the diamond-studded black leather bikini under her jeans and t-shirt he gave her at the after-party the night before. Money not an object to the client, the tiny swim piece cost $5,000.

"Ya know, it's not so bad seeing a woman having so much fun with millions of people. I bet it's the first time she's felt so free and powerful. I can only imagine just what a rush it must be to be so big and beautiful," Stacy sighed as her blue eyes glazed over.


It hit like a thunderbolt. Stacy and Beth's limo went lunging back and forth, violently shaking as the accelerator and brake alternated, jerking its passengers to and fro like rag dolls. The car sped up suddenly, almost smashing into the vehicle in front of it. "Holy Shit!" a panicked Beth yelled out. "What the fuck is going on?" she yelled at the driver. "I have no idea. The car seems to have a mind of its own. I can't control it!" the limo driver retorted. Stacy smirked, but her traveling companion sat stunned and nervous, wondering whether to bail. Then, just as it started, the car resumed a more normal operation. Stacy's red lips creased in an evil smile.

That moment, the limo's TV screens and audio system came on, with it the sight of the very big and beautiful face of the 150-FT tall Prisha. ATTENTION PASSENGERS, Prisha started as she lay floating on the oversized dark blue pool raft in the middle of the river in downtown only a few miles from the limo on the highway. Stacy and Beth could see, in the background on the TV screen, people fleeing, screaming and panicking in the aftermath of Prisha's giant girl antics. Just prior to calling on Stacy and Beth, Prisha had reached into the river at the side of her giant sized raft and plucked a yacht from the water and tossed it a line of police cars at the river's edge.

Prisha let out a sexy sigh of contentment at her control over people and the feeling having just destroyed 20 police cars while lounging like a little girl on a pool raft. The giant Prisha stroked and fondled her naked body, her long fingers pampering her nipples while countless people ran from her. AH, I FEEL LIKE A QUEEN, Prisha sighed in the direction of the burning police cars.

Prisha smiled and then focused her attention on Stacy and Beth in the limo via her supergirl power mind control. THIS LIMO BELONGS TO ME AND I WILL BE DRIVING. Prisha's mind control had taken over the limo and she hit the accelerator for emphasis, just tapping the rear of the car in front of them. Stacy sat calmly, but Beth and the limo driver sat in awe at what was transpiring.

As Prisha lay on her raft, talking to the people in the limo, thousands of people fled the city around her, running, screaming and mostly milling about since all roads and other means of escape were clogged; Prisha had poured raw sewage onto a major highway and pushed over four city water towers.

HI STACY, Prisha oozed. The whole city heard Prisha purr Stacy's name. STACY BEAL, MY HOT GIRL, Prisha squealed into her headpiece, addressing her BFF in the giant-controlled limo. Stacy perked up. "I'm so glad you weren't bullshitting about becoming a giant. And this whole mind control thing is so sexy. I can't believe you super girl powers. Totally fucking with people just by thinking about it ... and being a giant..." Stacy cooed, her panties soaked from the arousal of seeing Prisha so sexy as a giant, toying with people.

Stacy's boss was furious and just had to ask. "So, you know this giant woman?" Stacey laughed and rolled her eyes. "Do I know the giant girl? Fuck yeah! And Prisha's gonna turn me into a giant girl too! Why do you think I asked to come on this business trip? Prisha is like my best friend and lives in town. She made this potion to turn women into giants and I'm not passing up the opportunity," Stacy scolded toward her boss.

Prisha's eyes rolled back in her head with laughter as her face exploded with jubilation at Stacy's words. Stacy's boss was upset and roared at the blonde stunner. "You can't become a giant! It'll destroy your career! You could wind up injuring people!"

"Yes, I can to become a giant if I want. And if I just happen to get careless or decide to eat some people, then fuck it! As for my career, it can only help. Working for you sucks and when I become a giant I'm coming to work and I'm gonna fuck with everyone and destroy the office!" an impassioned Stacy blurted out to her stunned boss. "And I swear I'm gonna eat that disgusting pervert Luke!", Stacy add for good measure.

EXCUSE, EXCUSE ME, PEOPLE, Prisha carefully interrupted through the limo's audio system, as discreetly as a giant could. STACY, MY BFF, JUST REACH INTO THE BACK SEAT GLOVE COMPARTMENT. ALL YOU NEED TO BECOME A GIANT WOMAN IS RIGHT THERE.

Stacy lunged for the compartment before Beth could stop her. Prisha laid back in her raft, with a luxurious sigh, AAAAAAhhhh.


Stacy located a pink box with a pink ribbon, opening it softy. Inside was a single pink pill. As Stacy's boss looked on in horror, Stacy popped the pill in her mouth like no more than swallowing an aspirin. Silence overcame the limo's interior for a few seconds.

Then, like an erupting volcano, Stacy's head, arms and legs pushed against all sides of the limo's interior as her boss screamed in panic. "Stacy, what have you done?" Both Stacy's boss and the limo driver made quick exits before the Stacy's head and shoulders burst from the roof of the vehicle. As the sound of exploding metal rippled across the congested highway, people in their cars stranded in traffic began to stir.

As Stacy grew, she nudged her body out of the roof of the car like a woman out of a tight dress. Moaning in a struggle, Stacy's body expanded to 20 feet as her legs and feet pushed against neighboring vehicles, turning them over as their passengers sat trapped. Growing to 30 feet, Stacy sat on top of the flattened limo, in nothing more than her birthday suit. People wasted no time running away from the gigantic blonde girl as Stacy stretched out her legs over several cars, smiling at the incredible transformation.

MMMMMM, OOOO, Stacy moaned. The still-growing giant was experiencing multiple orgasms as her naked body grew, the transformation tripping off her erotic zone in her brain. Vaginal fluids sprayed over countless people and cars for up to 100 yards. The road was shiny from the feminine spray. The air was thick with girl sexiness and many people were slipping and sliding in Stacy's orgasmic aftermath. Some people passed out the air was so thick with Stacy's aroma. Mostly, men ran with erections and women's panties drenched in desire. Stacy was quite literally 'wreaking' havoc. MMMMMM, THAT SMELLS SOOOO GOOD, the beautiful giant purred in a seeming reminder to fleeing people.

Now 75 feet, Stacy rolled onto her stomach, resting her chin on her folded hands, eyeing all the people and traffic just under her nose and deep blue eyes. Gorgeous blonde hair draped the highway, smothering several vehicles in its wake. Stacy flicked two people from her hair that had gotten entangled while trying to outrun the behemoth blond bombshell.

WOW, THIS IS AMAZING! Continuing her growth, Stacy's eyes were some 20 feet above people's heads and she could see a carpet of fleeing people and bumper-to-bumper traffic for miles. Helicopters flew over, a seeming bevy of bees batting at the enormous woman, now 150 feet tall splayed out on the freeway and laying on people and cars.

Spotting a line of people just fifty feet from her cute nose heading for the nearest safe spot, or wherever a giant woman wasn't lying in the middle of highway, Stacy couldn't resist a few giant woman moments with mere normal sized people. HEY, SCAREDY CATS! WHAT, NEVER SEEN A GIANT WOMAN BEFORE? LET ME BLOW YOU A GIANT GIRL KISS.

Stacy puckered her glossy red lips and blew steadily. The jet stream of wet feminine breath sent several cars nearest her face about ten feet in the air, carrying them into the opposing lane of traffic, where they landed with an ugly crunch onto cars and escaping crowds. Twenty people caught in the whirlwind were treated to the thick sensual aroma of Stacy's tangy saliva before being thrown about like dolls, two people killed among the flying debris. Stacy cringed as her soft ears registered the thumps of flying people land on cars.

THAT IS SOOOO FREAKY, Stacy laughed loudly as she watched several people she 'kissed' land high in the trees just off the highway. Stacy studied more people running and giggled at the sight of toy-sized cars attempting to drive off the road and escape via the median. Stacy placed her chin on her folded arms as she continued lying in the road. She blew another kiss toward some escaping cars, sending them airborne with ease. THIS IS TOO EASY, NOT TO MENTIION SEXY AS SHIT. I AM SO THE QUEEN. Stacy examined the road teeming with people and cars and crushed a new BMW sitting just near her soft breast with the pressure of her palm.

Stacy was thoroughly impressed with herself, when a man within arm's length yelled out, "This isn't right! Stop destroying things! People are hurt! To which Stacy replied, I'M JUST GETTING STARTED. Stacy reached over with her big hand, fingers taller than people, a big grin on her face, sexy dark red lipstick glowing in the sun and trapped the screaming man in her grip. MMMM, LOOK HOW SMALL YOU ARE, Stacy moaned sensuously. "Ah, Ah, put me down!" the tiny man screamed into Stacy's big gorgeous face. Stacy scanned the landscape of puny people, loving the sensation of being such a powerful, beautiful and sexy giant. Stacy giggled at the tiny man in her hand. ALL YOU PUNY PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE. Stacy then ripped the roof off a car sitting just to her right and sat the man inside. Stacy puckered her lips and blew him a very light kiss, enough to fill the car with saliva, drenching the man from head to toe.


Stacy loved her new self. Just for fun she sprawled her body as far as she could over all the vehicles spanning the highway, stretching and yawning as though waking from sleep. Giggling, she reached with her toes and picked up a car. The vehicle, now clasped amid dark red painted toes, whirled in the air with the motion of the giant's feet, before Stacy sent it hurling over a nearby overpass, where it landed with a gargantuan thunder into a nearby office building. Glass and debris scattered like rain and several people were crushed. Stacy sat up to view the damage. The entire front fa├žade collapsed and several cars in the parking lot were totaled. Stacy could make out people pouring out of the building in a frenzy. Stacy's response: OOPSY! SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS OFFICE BUILDING. I'LL COME OVER AND FIX IT.

Feeling carefree and laughing at all the people before her scattering on the congested highway, Stacy began to rise to her full height. First, placing her hand firmly on the roadway, the force leaving palm prints and impressions of her long fingernails several inches into the hard surface, the giant began the ascent. Then, the balls of her feet found themselves on several cars as Stacy pushed herself up to a full 150 feet.

The sight was jaw dropping. Thick, long locks of blond hair cascaded over her head and face, before she lightly brushed them aside. Her big, deep, bright blue eyes focused an evil stare onto people below, a pose she struck for menacing affect. Her smooth and shiny skin reflected the sun like mirrors. If one looked carefully enough before running away, one 'tiny' diamond piercing could be spotted deep in her sexy belly button. Stacy's vagina dripped gallons of juices some 75 feet onto people and cars, her orgasmic afterglow still producing fragrant liquid. MMMMMMMMMM, Stacy sighed aloud, as her cute nose flared from the sensual smell.

Looking down as she placed more hair behind her ear and away from her studying eyes, Stacy could see for miles, car doors flying open and people emerging to make an escape on foot. Above her, some ten helicopters, including those of police, television and radio buzzed to take in the newly minted giant. Stacy's eyes followed them intently, feeling completely invaded by them. Placing her hand on her hips as she stood in the roadway, Stacy warned up to the flying machines. I'M FEELING SOOO GIANT WOMAN, STARTING RIGHT NOW I'M TAKING CONTROL. I FEEL LIKE A SEXY GODZILLA, READY TO JUST FUCK WITH PUNY PEOPLE! THEN HAVE GIANT SEX WITH MY BFF PRISHA. ALL ARE WELCOME TO WATCH ... IF YOU CAN CAN HANDLE A COUPLE OF TALL GIRLS. Stacy laughed as she rubbed her chest, sighing in utter amusement at the terrified people at her pretty toes.

Walking on several cars, the crunching noise ringing out menacingly, Stacy reached over and grabbed a large green directional sign, ripping from its steel posts with a heart-pounding roar, metal twisting. Like nothing more than throwing a dinner plate, Stacy sent the twenty-foot metal sign reeling at 50 mph straight for two helicopters. With no time to maneuver, the choppers met the sign at seeming light speed as the sign spun toward them, slicing the machines in half. Stacy watched amusingly as the flaming wreckage tumbled to the ground onto several cars, erupting into more carnage. Stacy rolled her eyes in pure ecstasy, letting her joy be known with, OOH, SOO SEXY! HEY PEOPLE, I'M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE! AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, BEING A GIANT SHOULD BE LATEST FEMININE FASHION TREND. THEN GIRLS COULD RULE THE WORLD. Stacy fanned her face as if cooling her silky skin after hot sex or a steamy kiss.

Stacy then turned her attention to an overpass a quarter mile from her, but that sat at the top of a steep 75 foot embankment a to her right. Stacy stepped onto the soft grass along the roadway, bending down to crawl menacingly up the hill, intentionally lowering herself so as to maintain an element of surprise as she appeared like a monster from the bottom of the hill. Ever so slowly, Stacy crawled on all fours, hearing the slow moving traffic on the overpass just over the top.


STACY: ... So I slowly bring my baby blue eyes level with the overpass, peering into this luxury car. This overpass was pretty high up, so I must be soo tall. Anyways, the people inside must have shit seeing giant blue eyes peeping at them. Next thing ya know I see the passengers make a run for it. I stared onto the roadway; kinda scanning all the cars and watching people flee like ants.

PRISHA: Go on.

STACY: So I put my hands on the roadway and rest my chin on top. It was the cutest thing just resting there as people ran in complete insanity right below my nose. Well, then I felt my boobs start to rub against the road and naturally, instinctively, I dropped my right hand toward my boobs to adjust it, when my fingers caught on two cars sending them careening into the air, then landing on two SUVs. The crunch was deafening. God, people were really upset.

So ... this is the best part ... I'm totally laughing as I see two people give me the finger. [Stacy Laughing] Holy shit, so I wink at them and ask them in a deep sexy voice ... HOW WOULD YOU PEOPLE LIKE IT IF I TIPPED OVER THIS OVERPASS? That really got people's attention, since they started running more quickly and anyone left in their useless cars starting getting out. People were tripping over each other, running on roofs of cars. WHAT, YOU PEOPLE NEVER SAW A GIANT WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE? WHAT ABOUT THAT CHICK PRISHA? I asked. Naturally, no response so I punched a hole in the roadway with my fingers before stomping off. I could hear the road buckle, so hopefully the damn thing didn't collapse [Laugh].

PRISHA: Freaky.

STACY: Is that all you have to say for yourself? Come on, you're a giant woman. I know you had fun with those cars and stuff with your sexy mind control, so let's turn up the volume.

PRISHA: I did have fun, but I don't want to hurt too many people. Ya know, we're people too! ... Well ... I guess I could do a few more funky things. But nothing that'll get people killed. Prisha's sarcastic smirk was not lost on Stacy.

HELLO! EARTH TO PRISHA! YOU TOTALLY STEPPED ON PEOPLE ... AND PROBABLY ATE SOME TOO, Stacy exclaimed as she lightly slapped Prisha's sun lotion soaked leg.

Sexy giant Stacy Beal had found her way downtown and onto the dark blue raft that so majestically carried the stunning Prisha on the City River that snaked adjacent to skyscrapers, apartment buildings and busy city streets. Both 150-ft giant girls floated as though not a care in the world, no concern for the collapsed bridge that Prisha caused, the panic inflicted by either Prisha's mind control supergirl power or the mayhem Stacy had inflicted on Highway 565, resulting in over 50 crushed and overturned cars, two decimated helicopters, five dead people and patches of impassable roadway.

MMMMM, Prisha moaned as Stacy began kissing Prisha's ear, her lobe soaking in Stacy's moits and sensuous mouth. Stacy whispered, "See all these puny people, small buildings, toy cars?" Prisha nodded cutely. "They belong to us and I wanna make love to you and then party. And when I mean party, I mean totally fuck with this city and its puny, itty biddy people. I want you to stick people in my pussy" Stacy moaned into Prisha's ear. Prisha smiled, a flash of power overcoming her. Both Prisha and Stacy's vagina's flared in moistness from the erotic power over people as Prisha reached between Stacy's legs and massaged her wet clit, then kissed her lips. The two tangled tongues for five minutes.

Prisha scaned the city as her naked body filled with a giant passion for power, destruction and the love of her gigantic gal pal, Stacy. Within a one-mile radius of the towering duo, the air filled with the arousing scent of Prisha's cocoa nut sun lotion, female body spray and the hint of feminine sweat. Police cars dotted both sides of the river and police boats watched over the passenger ferries that were the unwitting participants in a perilous waterway adventure. Stacy laid her head in Prisha's breasts, Prisha stroking Stacy's super long blonde locks, the two gazing at all the humanity. Prisha and Stacy began stroking each other's pussiesas, a prelude of kinky things to come.

The ladies' blue raft was no ordinary pool variety. The city, obviously fearful of reprisals by a less than pampered giant, was sure to make the thing as luxurious as possible, fit for a princess. Think, "Pimp My Pool Raft": 200 feet long by 150 feet wide, two headrests (I suppose they were anticipating the arrival of another giant?), center arms rests that included a built-in sun lotion dispenser, and a water jet system to cool the ladies down, perhaps after a hard day of scaring and eating people. At the feet of the lovely giants was a large refrigerated compartment that contained four 50-gallon barrels of fresh water as well as fruit and fresh fish. Within the headrests was a stereo system replete with ear buds so the women could rock out in privacy.

STACY: "Just look at this view. The city is just packed with people. They're not going anywhere. Cars are just backed up. [Scanning the water before them] Prisha, look all the little boats over there. I think some people are trying to sail off from us giants, but I think the river is also jammed with traffic too. That bridge over there [Port River Bridge is just 200 yards from them. It is a newly constructed bridge that sits just 50 feet above the water with two lanes of traffic in each direction. Some 100 cars sit in traffic on the bridge as the ladies watch them.] Those cars seem so small, like toys or something. Makes me feel like just going over there and playing."

PRISHA: [Mischievous smile on]. "Let's do it!"

Just at that moment when Stacy began lifting her silky legs off of the raft to go play with the bridge, two helicopters appeared in the sky above the destructive diva and a heavily armed Coast Guard gunboat approached the intimidating beauties in the water near their palatial pool raft.

STACY: "Hey Prisha, how 'bout you blow them out of the sky? Or throw something at them. They're cramping my style. And since I'm now a famous giant girl I can't have people crowding my space."

PRISHA: "Easy does big girl. Let's give the little people a chance."

Prisha and Stacy sat back in the luxurious raft, carefully scanning both the sky and the water's surface. Stacy and Prisha sighed in unison as the warm river water lightly rocked the raft, easing their oversized silky bodies into contentment. Prisha took Stacy's hand, both girls looking over at each other, locking eyes, anticipating more love.

The Coast Guard boat found a resting position in the river on Stacy's side of the raft, some twenty feet from the naked blonde goddess. The choppers floated fifty feet above them. Stacy followed Prisha's lead, exercising restraint, assessing the situation carefully as the two reclined fully as their heads floated on the headrests and their bodies lay in a complete horizontal position. Stacy's belly button diamond stud glistened, sometimes blinding the helicopter pilots.

"This is the mayor, Jack Goshen" a voice thundered down from one of the chopper's PA systems. "You can call me Jack, though. The citizens of Port Town want to make you ladies as comfortable as possible. Ms. Beal, I have you boss Beth Porter here to speak with you..."

Stacy turned to Prisha with a sarcastic smirk. The 150-ft tall ladies laughed at the situation as they both positioned themselves higher, resting their elbows and forearms on the raft, kicking up small waves that shook all the boats in the river.

Then in unison, the girls waved with a sexy HI, MR. MAYOR. THANKS FOR THE RAFT. Stacy then whispered into Prisha's ear, both girls laughing hysterically at Stacy's communication, then Stacy resumed kissing and sucking on Prisha's ear lobe. MMMMMMMMMMMM, Prisha moaned.

The mayor continued..."Me and the police are willing to work with you to get you to safer ground. I am concerned that you ladies will get hurt."

Prisha and Stacy looked at each other in disbelief when Prisha countered sarcastically up to the helicopter, US? HURT? DON'T BE SUCH A SILLY PUNY PERSON. MR. PUNY MAYOR, ME AND STACY HERE ARE THE ONES CAUSING ALL THE MAYHEM. WE MUST HAVE STEPPED ON HOW MANY CARS? INJURED HOW MANY PEOPLE? Stacy merely shrugged her shoulders jokingly in response.

"That was awesome, girl," Stacy whispered in Prisha's soft ear. Stacy squinted upward as she too began to address the mayor. I CAN'T THANK YOU PEOPLE ENOUGH FOR THIS LUXURIOS RAFT. GOD, IT'S SO GOT EVERYTHING TO MAKE A GIRL HAPPY. BUT I'M AFRAID ALL THIS PAMPERING ISN'T GOING TO INFLUENCE US ONE BIT. WE'RE STAYING PUT. PRISHA'S HUNGRY AND NEED SOME TAKE OUT. AS IN, TAKE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS AND EAT THEM. Prisha hid the smile on her face with her hand, Stacy starting to laugh.


Stunned by the women's bravado, silence fell over the scene like a bad dream. Stacy then turned to Prisha and the ladies kissed, tongues twisting in each other's mouths, saliva cascading down each giant woman's chest, female moaning filling the air. As giants Prisha and Stacy kissed, caressed and then began licking each other's breasts, the Chief of Police in the other chopper chimed in angrily, "Ladies, we are giving you until...

Stacy and Prisha ignored the authoritative voice as Stacy reached for Prisha's right nipple and began massaging it. Each ladies' nipples were easily the size of truck tires and were too soft and pretty for each giant to ignore. While Prisha moaned in delight of her nipple massage, the giant Indian girl summoned her super girl mental powers and forced the helicopter to come lower, closer to the giant girls.

"Sir, I can't control the helicopter. It's lowering on its own," the pilot exclaimed to the mayor. Beth, the mayor and the pilot screamed as the whirly bird got closer and closer to the oversized pool raft and the gargantuan gals. Within seconds, Prisha and Stacy' beautiful faces were staring down into the windshield of the chopper as it hovered only 15 feet above the pair's silky 75-foot long legs and the comfy confines of the football field-sized raft. The helicopter looked like no more than a small toy in close vicinity to the behemoth naked beauties.

"Ah, ah, help!," the people inside the helicopter screamed and cried as Stacy reached inside the helicopter with her long fingers and plucked her boss Beth out of the chopper. The chopper remained floating in the air as the puny woman squirmed in Stacy's hand. Prisha sat up to examined the tiny human specimen. AW, HOW CUTE, Prisha sighed. Prisha held out an open palm and Stacy placed the pet woman in Prisha's sweaty hand.

YOU CAN GO NOW, Prisha commanded to the chopper as she released the chopper from her mind grip. The Chief ordered the pilot to fly off, but issued a strong command to the ladies as Stacy and Prisha resumed their giant kissing, sucking and moaning, "You ladies have until 2 PM to release your hostage, remove yourselves from the river and be escorted..."

Stacy and Prisha simply ignored the mayor as if nothing more than an annoying fly were buzzing on the beach. Continuing their full-on lovemaking, Prisha reaching for Stacy's vagina and began rubbing her giant clit. Stacy moaned and purred, her eyes closed in ecstasy, blatantly ignoring all the bystanders in attendance as the Chief bantered on.

Prisha slowly lowered the screaming Beth Porter between Stacy's legs as Stacy laid fully reclined on the raft. Prisha placed Beth slowly inside Stacy's pussy, Stacy's queen-sized vaginal muscles virtually swallowing the screaming woman inside the beautiful, wet and fragrant cavern. MMMMMMMM, OH, PRISHA, Stacy moaned and groaned as the puny woman's legs kicked and spun inside her. Beth's gyrations, screams and flailing limbs kneaded Stacy's pussy in some of the most sexually sensitive areas, previously untouched, stimulated or rubbed before. OOOOOOOO ... GOD. Stacy's vagina was pouring out juices, encapsulating Beth in a swamp full of feminine fluids.

Prisha was all smiles, completely content in making her BFF feels so lovely and amazing. Prisha kept twisting, pumping and gyrating the tiny woman inside Stacy. Stacy's eyes rolled back in her head as she began to cry in pleasure. Prisha then started licking Stacy's pussy while continuing to use Stacy's boss as a human dildo. The smell of girl sex filled the city streets, the scent so sensual, men and women began to masturbate in their cars or ... well, everywhere. Prisha's nose twitched as though Stacy's pussy tang were grasping at it. MMMMMMMM, OOOOOOO, GOD, PRISHA, I'M ABOUT TO CUM. Stacy's breathing was intense, her face grimacing and her stomach muscles flexed when ... HOLY SHIT!!!! OOOOOOOOOOO ... FUUUUUUCK! Stacy let out and extraordinary orgasm, releasing so much pussy juice it squirted Beth's body onto the raft's surface.

Prisha brought her face in between Stacy's silky legs and began lapping up all the fragrant fluids she could. For Prisha, eating pussy was next to breathing. She moaned like a dog sipping up the orgasmic remains as Stacy lay on the raft in a near post-orgasmic coma, her every limb tingling. Prisha then kissed Stacy's soft lips.


Prisha looked in amusement at Stacy's boss laying on the raft between Stacy's silky legs, virtually unrecognizable all covered in Stacy's love liquid. HEY, STACY, YOUR BOSS LOOKS LIKE SHE WANTS TO GIVE YOU A RAISE. Prisha and Stacy laughed like little girls. Stacy moaned. RAISE? I ALREADY GOT A RISE OUT OF HER, Stacy joked. Stacy sat up from her pleasured reclining position and plucked tiny Beth from between her legs.

Prisha stared at the puny woman with a hungry gaze. HERE YA GO, Stacy sighed as she placed the woman between Prisha's lips. MMMMM, SO DELICIOUS, Prisha moaned as she swallowed. THAT WAS SO TASTY. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY EAT THE NEXT PERSON YOU SEE, Prisha advised to Stacy.

I SEE THAT FERRY FULL OF PEOPLE OVER THERE, Stacy hinted. LOOKS LIKE A FLOATING BUFFET, the blonde giant joked. Prisha laughed.

EW, MY STOMACH IS A LITTLE CRAMPY, Prisha bitched so the world could hear.

Then, like something out of a really campy horror movie, striking like a freight train and embarrassing all but the giant ladies, KURFPLURP!!! Prisha farted. The thunder was amplified as the sound waves reverberated against the rubber raft, its lotion and sweat soaked surface a sounding board for the giant girl gas. The sonic boom it created shook the choppers and created large ripples in the water that rocked the scurrying passenger ferries in the near distance.

Stacy looked toward Prisha in shock. "What?" Prisha responded in laughter. "That was totally a car that made that noise." Stacy wiggled her nose to get a whiff. "Eww, that's pretty strong. Wonder how the little people will handle it?" Stacy asked curiously.

The two didn't have to wait long as the aroma traveled like a cumulonimbus cloud over to the City Highway that hugged the river's edge. There, it seemed to hang like a blimp. The girly gas stopped traffic on a dime as people rushed to cover their noses. Prisha and Stacy sat up to watch the commotion as cars began colliding, crashing and crunching as though a thick fog had impaired their visibility. Prisha and Stacy were awe-struck, then just couldn't help laughing at the major car pile-ups and screaming people on the highway.

Shrugging her shoulders as she turned to Stacy, WHAT CAN I SAY? SOMETIMES A GIRL'S GOTTA DO WHAT GIRL'S GOTTA DO. I SWEAR I NEVER FART IN PUBLIC. BUT GOD, THAT WAS PRETTY COOL. Stacy giggled as she waved her hand in front of her face, then gave Prisha a girly high five as the two giant girls sat cross-legged on the raft, taking in the entertaining mayhem of a city under siege by sexy monster-sized girls.


The choppers that floated above them made a quick exit, but the Coast Guard boat that lay precariously close to Stacy wasn't so lucky. Amid all the chaos and unnoticed by the five crewmembers, the boat had drifted to within 10 feet of the enormous raft. Stacy just happened to look down to her left, eyeing the boat. YOU POOR LITTLE PEOPLE. Stacy then slowly lowered her left hand onto the boat, where her long fingers found a resting position amid the passengers, lightly flicking them as they stumbled about. "Hey, Prisha. I found something." Stacy then menacingly grabbed a man off the boat, wrapped firmly in her fingers, as she brought him up to her face.

"These little people are soo cute," Prisha oozed as she examined the screaming man wrapped in Stacy's soft fingers. "Let's keep him as our pet," Prisha continued as she took the man in her left hand and placed him on her leg. Gunshots could be heard from the boat below, as the remaining four passengers fired up at the giants. Stacy simply leaned over the raft's edge and sighed. PUNY PEOPLE, YOU'VE GOT TO LEARN TO RESPECT US GIANT GIRLS. With her left hand she sent the boat bubbling beneath the surface, plucking a man from the boat before it sank. MMMM, A TASTY SNACK, Stacy oozed as she placed the man in her mouth.

Now Prisha, don't you have giant woman business to take care of over at that bridge?, Stacy inquired in a lazy sexy tone. "I guess I could formally introduce us," Prisha replied in a serious tone. "Have fun doing it though. Be sexy, girly, not stiff. You're the giant woman, they're the puny people.

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