Molly and Tim After the Reception
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Molly attends the wedding of her sister, but her husband can't come with, so she brings her son Tim. Tim's wife can't come either because she has to work. A twist of fate puts them in the same room at their hotel and an embarrassing tendency of Tim's makes for unexpected relations between mother and son.

"I haven't had that much to drink!" Molly said with a chuckle to her dancing partner.

"Right," Tim replied. "How many glasses of champagne did you have?"

"Not more than three."

"Mom, you're this tipsy on three glasses of champagne?"

"It's my sister's wedding! Why can't I have fun?" Now it was Tim's turn to chuckle at his mother's demeanor, which was much less formal than usual.

"It's not that you can't. You can do anything you want. It's just that I'm not used to seeing you like this."

The pair was enjoying themselves on the dance floor at the reception. They had traveled to the tropical island to attend the wedding as representatives of the bride's side of the family. Molly's sister was getting married for the second time after her first husband had passed away several years earlier. Neither Molly's husband (Tim's father) Edgar, nor Tim's wife Nina could attend, as both had business obligations at home.

"Are you ready to go back to the hotel?" Molly asked.

"Sure you've had enough dancing? I didn't think I would even get on the floor with you. How many different men did you dance with tonight?"

"I don't know. I lost count."

"Like your glasses of champagne?" Tim said with a wink.

"Oh stop! I only had four!" Three had turned to four in a matter of seconds.

Tim was definitely not used to seeing his mother acting so playfully. The idea that her great mind for details would forget how many glasses of champagne she had had was difficult for him to imagine. It was almost as if she were putting on an act. But he knew she wasn't much of an actress.

"Uh-huh ... four. Anyway, sure, I'm good with going back whenever you are."

The fact that straight-laced Molly had danced with at least ten complete strangers was further testimony that she may have had even more than four glasses of champagne. The two didn't take long in making their goodbyes. Most of the family belonged to the groom and neither Molly nor Tim knew any of that side well.

When they arrived at their small but quaint island hotel, Tim was immediately informed that there had been a problem in is room and that his personal items had been removed by the Bell staff. A leaky tub in the room above his had caused part of the ceiling to fall down, directly on the bed. None of his things were damaged, but the room was uninhabitable for several days.

"I'm so sorry, Sir," the hotel manager said earnestly. "We're trying to make an emergency repair on another room that we didn't think we would need to use, but I'm afraid that may take a while. You're welcome to have anything you would like to drink from the bar while you wait in the lobby."

"Don't be silly!" Molly chimed in. "You can just stay with me."

"Oh, no, Mom. That's nice, but I can wait..."

"Of course you're not going to sit out here in the lobby. It's nearly midnight and they don't even know when the other room will be ready."

The manager apologized again. He hated the thought that of one of his guests would have to wait in the lobby until all hours of the night. Although he also was not fond of the idea of forcing one of his adult guests to stay with his mother, he preferred that idea to seeing Tim trying to sleep in a lobby chair. But Tim didn't seem to mind the idea of taking the lobby route.

"Mom, I really don't mind..."

"Have my son's things brought to my room, please. Tim, they'll probably have another room ready for you in the morning." The manager assured them that this would be the case. "We're only here through tomorrow night and then we go home. This is the only sensible thing to do."

With that, Molly turned and headed down the hall to the elevator. This was the Molly that Tim was used to. When there was a problem, she would find the solution and no additional discussion was necessary. He followed her, hoping upon hope there would be a couch in her room. But his hope did nothing to change reality.

"Mom, there's just one bed. And there's no couch ... not even a comfy chair. Only that little table and the desk chair with it. Listen, I'll just go back to the lobby."

"Will you stop being ridiculous, Tim? It's a king-size bed. It's huge. Are you really saying you can't sleep in the same bed with me for one night? You know, when you were little you slept in bed with your father and me constantly ... until you were twelve, I think."

"Thanks for the reminder, Mom."

Tim had rarely seen his mother even slightly drunk. He found that although she was funnier and more playful, she was also more stubborn than normal.

"I'll bet there are one or two men at the reception who wouldn't mind the offer to share my bed tonight," Molly said with a wink.

"Mom!" Tim said, laughing out loud. "I can't believe you said that!"

"Oh, lighten-up, will you? You think I'm too old to get lucky?" This made Tim laugh again.

"Hardly. I'm just so not used to hearing you talk like that. But as you perfectly well know, you look at least ten years younger than your age and you certainly held the interest of plenty of men at the reception."

"Damn right! So consider yourself lucky to be the one in bed with me!"

Tim shook his head and rolled his eyes. He knew his mother didn't understand the real reason for his reluctance to share her bed for the night. Normally he would have been scared to even bring it up with her, but since she was in such a crazy mood after her champagne fountain trips, he decided he might as well be honest with her.

When they had both gotten ready for bed and each had changed into night clothes in the bathroom, Tim made one more plea to his mother to let him put his clothes back on and go to the lobby to wait for the other room to be ready.

"Mom, I just don't think this is a good idea. I'm serious."

"What on earth is wrong now?" Molly asked, having already climbed into her side of the bed.

"I ... Mom, this is embarrassing. I've been known to ... well, when Nina and I are asleep in bed..."

"Ooohh, this should be interesting! Go on!"

Molly was in bed on her side, up on one elbow, looking at him like she couldn't wait to hear what he was going to say.

"Sheesh. O.K., Mom ... it hasn't happened lately, but there have been times when I kind of, well, I sort of ... molest Nina in my sleep."

Now it was Molly's turn to chuckle. She thought what her son had said was hilarious.

"What are you talking about? Molest your own wife? What does that even mean? Honestly..."

"Mom, listen to me! It means that there have been times ... again, not too much lately ... but times when I've, you know, made advances on her while we were both asleep."

"You mean, sleep-screwing instead of sleep-walking?" She laughed again.

"I'm serious, Mom. Look, it is like sleep walking. I'll make moves on Nina when we're both asleep. Serious moves. And it can take a while before I wake up. Nina and I have even joked about how I could never share a hotel bed with anyone when I travel for work, because I might make moves on a guy!"

"Timothy, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard."

"It's not silly, Mom. I would sleep on the floor if it weren't for being afraid I'd throw my back out."

"You're being ridiculous, Tim. Nothing's going to happen. Enough now."

Arguing with Molly wasn't something anyone in the family relished even under the best circumstances. And the half-drunk Molly seemed even more formidable. Tim saw no other option than to crawl into bed with her. He told himself that he was very tired anyway and that he would probably sleep so soundly that he wouldn't budge an inch. That thought got him to relax a bit as he slid under the covers.

"Isn't that better than the floor?"

"Yes, Mom. I'm sure I was being silly. Thanks for putting up with me."

"It's O.K. Now you stay over there, Timothy!"

Molly made herself laugh again before saying goodnight to her son. Tim reassured himself again that there was nothing to worry about. After all, he hadn't made any advances on Nina in months, maybe as long as a year. He figured he was probably over that strange behavior altogether. He drifted off to sleep soon after Molly, who had begun to sleep off her champagne buzz.

Despite his worries, Tim was at home Nina in what seemed like no time at all. They were talking and laughing about how worried he had been at having to share a bed with his mother. It felt so good to have that behind him and to be able to talk openly with his wife about it. Nina shared his mother's opinion that there was nothing to worry about in the first place. She figured that Tim 'molested' her because in his subconscious he knew he was in bed with his wife and that he would never repeat those behaviors with someone else. Tim was glad Nina was so sure there had been nothing to worry about, because he had felt plenty worried back in the hotel room on the island.

Later in the evening, Tim and Nina went off to bed together. Once the lights were out, Tim thought about how talking to Nina about those things, like making moves on her in his sleep, and that made him horny. He figured it must have had the same affect on Nina, because she accepted his gestures of intimacy without hesitation. In fact, it felt like he was receiving more of an invitation into a sexual encounter than he usually got from her.

"Ohh, you feel so good to me," Tim whispered in Nina's ear.

She mumbled a response he couldn't make out, but he felt her silently encouraging him to continue. He kissed her mouth, and she kissed him back hungrily. He kissed her neck and she moaned quietly, turning her head so that he could have access to both sides. He moved down her body, caressing and kissing her small breasts and hard nipples. He kissed down to her stomach and ran his hands over her firm hips and thighs, which felt wonderful to his touch.

"All this talk must have turned Nina on," Tim thought to himself. "She's usually not this open to me in bed."

Normally when Tim kissed down Nina's stomach, she kept her legs tightly shut. For reasons she had never fully explained, she felt uncomfortable with oral sex, both giving and receiving. Tim wanted very much to pleasure his wife in that way, but the few times he had persuaded her to let him try did not turn out well.

But this time he found his wife opening up like the petals of a flower. When he started to kiss below her navel, he expected her to start pushing him away as she usually did. But she did something she almost never did. She started to spread her legs for him. Still thinking he must be misinterpreting Nina's signals, fully expecting to get the tap any second, he continued kissing, two inches below her belly button, three inches. He felt her soft pubic hair. Should he continue?

He did. And before he knew it, Tim was kissing Nina's pussy. And she wasn't stopping him. In fact, she was running her hands through his hair, guiding him to where she wanted to feel his lips, where she wanted him to put his tongue. She moaned and he loved hearing it. The sound of his wife enjoying having his face between her legs was a turn-on like Tim had never experienced. It made him very erect. He wanted to have her. And to his amazement, she wanted that too. And she did something she never did. She told him so.

"I want you inside me," she whispered.

As much as Tim loved his wife and knew she loved him, they had never shared the sexual chemistry he always wished for. They made love at an average rate of once a week, or so. She said she enjoyed being close with him, but he often couldn't tell what that meant when it came to being together in bed. So, for him to hear her actually verbalize a desire, to say that she wanted him, was something he found irresistible.

Tim moved quickly but gently to his knees. He ran his hands up Nina's thighs, then her calves, guiding her legs around him as he got in position. She reached her hands to his shoulders and stroked his arms. As he moved his hard-on to find the opening it sought to penetrate, he felt how unusually wet she was, which made him even more eager to take her. When the head of his hard penis found its mark, Tim paused to take everything in. When she felt him there, she sighed her approval with a single word.

"Yeesssss," she whispered.

Tim entered his wife, lovingly and deliberately. She let out a low moan of pleasure when she felt him inside, another when he pulled back, then an even louder moan when he was fully in her. She ran her hands down his strong arms and moved his hands onto her breasts. Tim squeezed and caressed them, took the nipples in between his fingers and gently pinched. He realized that Nina was not only acting in a more inviting way on this night, but she felt even more appealing to him than usual ... tighter, stronger, more of a fitting partner for him. He had noticed it when his hands were on her thighs and hips, which seemed somewhat muscular. And now that he was caressing her little tits, a thought came to his mind, the clearest thought he had since they had gotten into bed.

"Nina doesn't have small breasts ... she's curvy and she has big ones ... she's soft and cuddly, not firm and fit," was what crossed Tim's mind as the gasp started its way up from his lungs. He didn't understand the feeling. Why was air rushing into his chest like that? It was as though he had been hit hard and was reeling from it. Seconds later his brain snapped into sync with his body just as the gasp reached his mouth.

Tim's eyes sprung open and his entire body seemed to become as stiff as his erection. He looked around him, wanting to see his bedroom, searching for his familiar things ... his nightstand, his clock radio, the picture of the kids, his watch in the place he always put it before retiring. But Tim saw none of these. He saw an unfamiliar room. What it a hotel? Now everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.

"Where am I?" was the next clear thought he had. He realized his heart was pounding. Why had he gasped like that? What could have...

"No... , " Tim said aloud when he finally looked down. His brain had caught up with his body and he saw, really saw for the first time what had made him gasp. He was not with Nina. He was not on top of his wife.

Tim hoped upon hope that this was a dream and that the previous picture had been reality. He knew there were rare occasions in bed with Nina when it was late and they were making love, and he realized he was so in need of sleep that he nodded off once or twice. Maybe that's what was happening now.

But Tim knew that was not true. He was in the hotel room to which he had to move because of the damage in his room. It was still the night after the wedding of his aunt. He had attended the wedding, had dinner, danced and come back to the hotel with Molly. Not Nina. And it was Molly whose legs he was between now ... Molly whose body and behavior had been so inviting to him, and Molly, his mother, who at this very moment, he was making love to.

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