Dr. Brown's Sadistic Experiments
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Mind Control, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is about a woman named Samantha who becomes an unwilling subject of a sadistic doctor who performs perverted sexual experiments on her. These experiments ultimately are used to train her for his numerous clients that have abnormal sexual desires. I hope you enjoy it.

Samantha could not believe her bad luck. She purposely took the scenic way wanting to avoid the interstate on her way home from a 2-day seminar in Atlanta. Now she was standing on the side of the country road, with no cell reception, wondering how the hell she was going to fix the flat tire on her car. She remembered seeing a cute house about a half-mile back and thought like the "olden days" she would ask to use their landline to make a call to AAA. Well at least she was wearing a pair of tennis shoes since she hated driving in her pumps. She locked her car and started the half-mile hike. A mere walk for Samantha who worked out regularly and generally ran about 3 miles twice a week.

In a matter of minutes, she was standing outside a cute white-picket fence looking at a lovely old country home. She felt a bit better about walking up to a strange house when she saw Brown, M.D. on the mailbox. She rang the bell and waited. A nice looking elderly gentlemen came to the door, "May I help you?" he asked. Inwardly, Samantha gave a huge sigh of relief. He looked like the type of man who enjoyed having his grandkids over each Sunday for dinner.

"Yes, my car just got a flat about a half-mile up the road and I don't seem to have any cell reception in this area. Could I use your phone to call AAA? I would really appreciate it."

"Why of course my dear child" he replied as he opened the door for her. As she walked past him he noted her slim, firm built, guessed her age to be between late 20's early 30's and thought yes, she will do just fine.

"I get about 6 people a week needing to use my phone because of flat tires. I guess all those metal bits I put down seem to cause the problem."

"Excuse me?" she replied, beginning to feel rather nervous noting he was blocking the front door. His facial expression had changed from that nice grandfatherly figure to a dirty old man as he was now slowly roving his eyes over her body.

"Not everyone is lucky enough like you to get the special treatment. Most do get to use the phone and go well on there way." he replied. Samantha tried to move past him toward the door. The last thing she remembered was feeling a sharp sting at her neck.

Samantha slowly awoke and tried to get her bearings. Pure terror set in when she realized she could not move and was strapped to some type of table and had an IV stuck in her arm. Her mouth had some sort of gag-ball in it and she had a horrible headache. Her body was freezing and she realized she was totally naked which even made her more afraid. She then remembered Dr. Brown. She frantically tried to pull on the straps that were holding her down panic radiating through out her body. Her breathing became shallow and she was having a hard time catching her breath. There was total fear on her face. Exactly what Dr. Brown had predicted would happen and exactly what he was wanted her to feel. He knew he could control his subjects from the start if he injected pure fear into them.

Dr. Brown appeared in front of her and said "Ah the patient is finally awake. Your head will slowly clear my dear and the pain will subside." He adjusted the IV bag and said, "The IV is simply putting fluids in to your system."

Samantha now wild-eyed was having more difficulty breathing which only inflated the panic she was feeling. She didn't care what Dr. Brown did, she just wanted to be able to breath. She felt she was dying right here on the table. She was beginning to sob which made matters only worse.

Dr Brown continuing in his matter-of-fact voice said, "If you promise to do exactly as I say, I will remove the gag-ball and you can breathe more easily. If you disobey me even once, it will go back into your mouth and I won't remove it. Do you understand me?" He knew if she would just calm down she wouldn't have any trouble breathing, but most patients did exactly what Samantha did and that was panic. It was the panic that was causing the breathing problems not the gag-ball, but she was not aware of that which is exactly what he wanted her to think.

Samantha nodded her head viciously; she felt she would pass out any moment. Dr. Brown very gently removed the gag-ball from her mouth. She took a huge breath to fill her lungs, sobbing loudly she cried out, "PLEASE let me go! What do you want with me?"

"My dear," he said, "I can't do that. Do you know how many flat tires it takes me to get that special specimen that I can use in my lab? You should consider yourself lucky that I picked you for my sexual research. I have learned lots over the years, but there is still so much to do. This is the beginning of first of many experiments for you. You will learn in time to enjoy these experiments, but initially, I am afraid, it will be more painful than pleasurable to you. But that is what my research is all about, finding that plateau of where pain and pleasure mix and brings out the ultimate climax. Now remember, the first time you disobey me, I will put this back into her mouth." showing her the gag-ball to emphasize his point.

Samantha looked into Dr. Brown's eyes and saw he was truly deranged. She was terrified, but knew she didn't want that gag-ball ever again her mouth. Terror still radiating through out her body, she just nodded her head a little. Good, Dr. Brown thought, I have my unwilling participant exactly where I want her.

"By the way," he said, "you may scream as loud as you want because this is a sound proof room. Oh and another thing, lookup. This is also a teaching facility and I have a class of eager students watching today's episode. So I am anxious to make it good for them. And they too can hear your screams, but that is part of the experience."

Samantha looked up and to her horror saw a sea of male faces in the windows peering down at her. This can't be happening to me. Why did I take this route home? Tears ran down her cheeks and she cried out one more time, "Please let me go. PLEASE!"

Totally ignoring her, he addressed his students, "Our new subject is a 30 year old female named Samantha. She is 5'7", weighs 125 pounds, has nice muscle tone, long, lean legs and nice hour-glass shape. Her breasts are currently a 34B. Her pussy was not shaved prior to her coming to us." Upon hearing that Samantha turned bright red thinking of someone shaving her, something she had never done nor had any interest in doing so. She also wondered what he meant by "her breasts are currently a 34B."

Continuing he said, "As many of you know, I have been working on a serum to enhance the females breast by increasing the levels of hormones so that the breasts with proper training can begin lactating. We have found that many of our clients enjoy large lactating breasts. I think I have finally perfected the serum after many futile attempts." To emphasize the point, he held up a syringe with a yellow substance. His students applauded him and Samantha let out a scream, "NOOOOOOO! Keep the hell away from you deranged little man!"

"Samantha dear," addressing her in a very fatherly voice, "you need to accept your predicament and try to remember that all of this," moving his arms around his lab, "is for the benefit of science! These experiments will help you with your future of pleasing my extensive clientele of very unusual tastes." With that, he took a cotton swab, dabbed Samantha's arm and gave her the shot. He applied a little bandage to the spot and said, "We will begin the tit training after your first experiment."

Samantha began to thrash about on the table and screamed obscenities at the top of lungs at him. Dr. Brown roughly twisted her left nipple causing her to scream out in pain fiercely saying, "Listen bitch, you can make it easier on yourself or you can make it harder on yourself. But trust me, you would prefer it easier, so shut the hell up and calm down. The more you fight the more pain you will be in. You want me to stop it, stop your thrashing. Do you want me to gag you again?"

Samantha shook her head and immediately stopped thrashing. Dr. Brown removed his hand and gently rubbed her nipple, very calmly saying, "See that wasn't so hard, was it?" She just glared at him with tears welling up in her eyes.

The first test that Dr. Brown usually performed on new research patients was testing the stretching and elasticity of the anal opening. He was going to do the same with Samantha but add a few new twists by allowing a few of his students to practice the art of fingering and fisting and followed by a good hard fuck. His cock got hard just thinking about what he was getting ready to do to her but quickly put the feeling aside concentrating on getting his instruments ready.

Part one of the test was seeing how deep he could penetrate her asshole and how far he could stretch it. He always started with the asshole because it seemed more humiliating and degrading than working on the pussy. He found early humiliation helped decrease the level of defiance and aided in the acceptance of future experiments. "Now, I am going to release these straps and I need for you to slide your ass to the every end of the table and place your legs in the stir-ups and remember if you try and fight me it will only make it worse for you." he told Samantha.

Samantha did as instructed fearing what he would do if she disobeyed. By the time she got her feet in the stir-ups her ass was part way off the table. She felt totally exposed and embarrassed by her appearance and her face turned crimson red. Dr. Brown placed a strap over her arms and stomach and one around her neck so she was forced to stare up at the ceiling seeing the 20 or so men looking down at her. She could no longer move her body. He then strapped each leg into the stir-ups and turned a crack forcing her legs further apart until her pussy and ass were fully exposed. To add to her humiliation, he showed her a mirror so she could see her pussy and asshole gaping open totally exposed.

"Now we are ready to begin. I'm going to lubricate your asshole then I will be probing it with various instruments. Some of them are long, others thick. They will all measure the elasticity of your asshole."

Samantha heard a jar lid being open and she knew that it was some form of lubricating jelly. She waited, the feeling of dread washing over her. She squeezed her eyes shut hoping to shut out what was happening to her, but Dr. Brown instructed her to keep them open or he would make the procedure worse. She opened her eyes to see the men staring at her and she blushed again in shame.

"Now relax, this is going to feel cold and strange." He placed his fingers on both sides of her asshole, stretching the skin tightly. With one of his fingers, the cold jelly on it, he touched her shriveled little asshole, her body jerking in response. "Relax, its only cold. Take a deep breath and relax. It will make it much easier for you if you do." he ordered her.

He pushed his finger into her asshole. It slid in effortlessly, helped by the slick jelly on it. He heard her suck in a breath as he began to twist his finger, making her feel it. "Another deep breath, Samantha," his finger pushing in harder corkscrewing inside her, lubricating her for bigger things by spreading the jelly on her inner walls.

He pulled out his finger and dipped two fingers into the jelly and plunged both fingers inside her asshole stretching her open. It hurt as his fingers turned and twisted going inside her, not stopping until they were embedded deep inside her. Samantha grunted as Dr. Brown spread his fingers inside her, forcing her anal tract to stretch and accommodate them, her mind going numb trying not to think about what was really happening to her.

He pulled his fingers from her asshole, watching as it closed, the jelly making the tiny hole glisten. He picked up a long, flexible anal probe. The device was about 16 inches long and skinny, about the size of a thick pencil. Every three inches was a bead, about the size of a gum ball. The probe was used to test depths of the anal canal, the beads only purpose was to expand the anal tract as it moved in. Dr. Brown showed it to Samantha. "I'm going to see how deep this will go. The descending colon is about 12 to 13 inches before it hits a bend. I have yet to get it past that bend with other patients, but I hope you will be my first. It is going to feel very strange the deeper it goes. It will probably start cramping inside you and be very uncomfortable. Try and relax."

It looked so long, how the hell was he going to get something like that long inside her? The man was totally insane. Samantha's breathing became rapid, as she waited, unable to respond. She felt the probe at her asshole and it slowly began to slide inside her. It felt strange as it moved in her anal canal, the first bead stretching her anus open before popping inside. Dr. Brown continued to press forward, the second bead now passing through her asshole, indicating she had about 6 inches of the probe buried in her rectum. It wasn't until the third bead was swallowed by her anus that she began to feel the cramping deep inside her. She tried to move but it only increased the pressure and cramping. How the hell is he going to shove any more of that probe in me she thought?

Dr. Brown watched her face in pain as he continued to push the probe deeper inside her until he had the next bead stretching her asshole to accept it. He was now at the 12 inch mark his limit with past patients. Samantha shuddered in pain. The pressure and cramping deep inside her was horrible. "Please stop, I can't take anymore." she pleaded with him.

He began to rotate it, watching as Samantha groaned in pain. He began to pull it out slowing, hearing her gasp each time as her asshole had to expand to allow the bead passage as he pulled it out inch by inch. He finally pulled the last of the probe from her asshole. "That wasn't so bad, was it Samantha?" She let out a sigh of relief. Her asshole felt empty but the cramping and pressure had ceased. "It hurt you crazy bastard." she said glaring at him trying to fight off the fear she felt.

Dr. Brown, ignoring her remark, added more jelly to the probe and said, "It's not over yet Samantha, one more time, this time deeper. I need to see if I can finally past my 12 inch mark. I know your asshole can take more. Take a deep breath and relax, be a good girl," the probe pushed against her asshole, this time not waiting for her response, Dr. Brown pushed it in with one continuous push unlike before.

Samantha screamed out. It felt huge as it continued to go inside her, banging painfully against her anal tract as the balls expanded the walls. She tried her best to relax, hoping to relieve some of the pain and cramping, but Dr. Brown unmercifully continued to press forward. She felt the fourth bead go inside her; she was back at the 12 inch mark. He pushed about another inch in and she let out a blood curling scream. "STOP IT! PLEASE STOP IT!" she yelled through labored breath.

Dr. Brown knew he had hit the bend at the top of her descending colon which was probably at the 13 inch mark. He had a new record though and now he just had to get past the bend. He knew she could take it. Others by now had already fainted and even though she was withering in pain, she still was very alert. He slowly pulled the probe out a bit, Samantha immediately feeling a bit of relief since it was no longer hitting the bend in her colon. Sweat beads appeared on her forehead. She tried to slow her breathing down, willing the cramping and pressure to stop.

"Good girl," Dr. Brown cooed in her ear, "Now just relax a bit more, take a deep breath, we are almost there." His crotch getting hard with anticipation, knowing he was finally going to force the probe past the bend in colon after all this time.

Samantha thought he is totally insane! But knew he wasn't going to stop, so again, tried to force her mind away from what was taking place and tried her best to relax. All her years of physical training took over and she forced her mind to go blank and concentrated on her breathing. The cramping and the pressure became bearable again.

Dr. Brown felt her body relax a bit and began again to slowly rotate and push the probe deep inside her anal canal. He felt the bend again, but continued to twist the probe, forcing it to bend as well. Samantha was breathing in short gasps of breaths, teeth gritted in pain, as the probe slowly made the bend deep inside her. "Hurry, get it over with," she cried out, as the probe continued its journey in her anal tract.

Dr. Brown with one final push shoved the last bead inside her. Samantha had 15 inches of the probe buried deep in her colon. He finally had done it! He past his previous mark by 3 inches! There was applause from up above and he gave them a slight bow. "You hit the limit of the probe Samantha. You took all 15 inches of it. How does it feel?" wanting to make notes in his journal about it.

Samantha couldn't even respond, her breathing taking all of her energy. She just wanted it out, the cramping and pressure was agonizing. Through haggard breathes, she said, "Take it out, cramps terrible, PLEASE!"

Dr. Brown took his time, pulling it out, then pushing it back in again, fucking her with the slim probe. He couldn't help himself as his hard cock took over his scientific mind. He was really looking forward to having some of his students take turns on her later.

"Hurry," she begged the cramping becoming almost unbearable. She finally felt the last bead pop out from her asshole. She let out a huge sigh glad it was finally over.

"You did very well Samantha. You should be very proud of yourself." he told her picking up his journal making some notes. She could only glare at him thinking she could easily kill him if given the chance.

Addressing his students, he said, "I am now going to inspect the inside of her asshole using a rectal speculum that I invented. It is similar to the Pratt and Mathieu speculum in that is has 3 large prongs and has a scissor locking mechanism to allow it to lock at various widths. The difference in mine is that it is 10 inches in length instead of the about 7 inches. The two blades are also longer being about 6 inches instead of 3.5 inches. And finally, mine opens to 4 inches on the internal end and about 5 inches on the external end verses the measly 2 inches and 3 inches. All of this allows for a more in-depth look inside the anal opening. I call it the Brown rectal speculum!"

Again, the men above applauded, many of them getting hard-ons just thinking about what Dr. Brown was about to do to poor Samantha. They all secretly hoped they would be the special ones picked to fuck Samantha at the end of today's experiment.

He turned to Samantha and stated, "You are lucky my dear, you are the first patient that gets to try out my new rectal speculum. I feel you will truly do it justice especially since you were the first patient that was able to handle the entire probe. I don't think the others would have been able to handle this size," holding the speculum so Samantha could get a closer look enjoying the look of horror on Samantha's face.

Samantha's body went tense when she saw the device. Panic again began to set in, and her breathing became rapid, "Please don't do that," she cried, tears running down her face and falling onto the table. Dr. Brown stroked her ass cheeks, "Now, now Samantha, I must inspect you. This makes it very easy for me to hold you open, now relax your asshole. As before, it will hurt worse if you fight it."

Dr. Brown had covered the speculum in lubricate and press the cold metal instrument on her asshole. She tensed up as she felt the three probes running over her exposed anus before finally starting to enter her. As before, she tried to force herself to relax and concentrated on her breathing. It did not hurt too bad as it went in; it felt similar to the beads entering her, only a bit larger. But as Dr. Brown continued to press the instrument further in inch by inch, the pressure built and the cramping began again. She groaned in pain as he finally shoved and twisted until all three prongs were lodged deep in her rectum. It hurt like hell and she cried out, "Please take it out. It hurts way too much!"

He was quite pleased with himself that he was able to get about 8 inches of the speculum inside her feeling he would have to train her a bit before she could take the last couple of inches. Once he opened it though, it would be able to see further up the rectum than he had with past patients. He began to squeeze the scissors grip, watching in fascination as the three pongs began to expand spreading Samantha's asshole open. He adjusted the speculum until the outer flange locked on her anus. He squeezed again, satisfied that they were secure, watching her anus slowly expand.

"AHHHHHH, please stop," Samantha cried, feeling her asshole stretching wide, terrified that he would tear her apart. It felt horrible, her asshole being forced to expand, feeling the cool air from the room enter into her anal opening. "No more," she begged, tears filling her eyes. Not realizing he had only stretched her to about 1 inch internally and about 2 inches externally and was hoping to reach 2 inches and 3 inches respectively today. He still needed another inch!

"We still have a have a way to go, so please try and relax Samantha," he said, as he continued to slowly stretch her anus. It still fascinated him how the asshole could expand to such extreme openings. He ran his finger around inside, letting her know how open she was. "Just a little more, Samantha," watching her anus continue to slowly stretch. Another squeeze and he had his 3 inch opening, knowing the internal measurement was close to 2 inches. He could almost see inside her body.

Samantha had never known such pain, tears flowing freely from her eyes as her ass burned from the stretching. A sharp pain erupted from her asshole, her rectum was beginning to spasm from the shock of being stretched to such extremes. She vaguely heard his voice telling her that her ass was open to 3 inches. The pain was radiating throughout her body. No breathing or concentration could help with this pain. She jerked as Dr. Brown locked the speculum into place.

"AHHHHHHHHH, please stop, release it, it is tearing me open!" she cried out sobbing loudly.

He knew he needed to get her to calm down a bit or he would not be able to continue with the rest of the experiment. "Try and stay calm Samantha, give it a minute, the pain will subside." He took another syringe and added it to her IV. It was a mild muscle relaxer, just enough to take the edge off, but not enough to totally take the pain away or to make Samantha groggy.

Samantha felt the medicine taking affect. Her body relaxed a bit, her breathing slowed, and even though her asshole still felt like it was fire, the spasms had momentarily ceased and she was able to endure the pain of the stretching. Dr. Brown was now ready to use the laser light to look inside Samantha's rectum.

Dr. Brown picked up the laser light and said, "You may find this a bit uncomfortable, but I need to inspect the inside of your rectum." He ran the light inside her, feeling her squirm as her tender insides were not use to the heat of the light. "Look up Samantha, and see inside your asshole" he ordered her.

Samantha looked up into the mirror and blushed in embarrassment as she saw her gaping asshole. It looked so vulgar and disgusting. She flinched again as he beam of light went deeper inside her rectum. Dr. Brown had never been able to do this in the past and again, was fascinated by how well his speculum was working. He couldn't contain himself and wanted to try and open her a bit more before he removed the speculum.

He said, "One more squeeze, Samantha, and we will be done with the speculum." Without waiting for a response, he slowly squeezed the handles forcing Samantha ass to open up about another inch. A new record for now he thought, knowing that he would force Samantha in time to accept the 5 inch opening. He took the laser light and went further into Samantha's anal track purposely touch the sides so she would feel the heat.

Samantha screamed in agony as Dr. Brown stretch her opening to close to 4 inches. She writhed in pain on the table as her rectum started to have yet another spasm. She screamed again as she felt the laser light exploring deep in her anal cavity burning her tender insides. She looked again into the mirror and was horrified to see her gaping asshole with the laser light emulating from deep insider her. She couldn't believe she wasn't torn wide open. "PLEASE," she begged, TAKE IT OUT!"

Dr. Brown slowly released the speculum, watching as her asshole slowly decreased in size. After a minute it was still open over a half an inch, refusing to shrink back to its tiny former self. He was about to go on to the next step of the experiment, working with different dildos in her asshole, when he was interrupted by the sound of a buzzer overhead. "Damn, someone is at my door. I have to answer it." he said.

Samantha totally forgetting about the pain surging through out her anal tract and her asshole began screaming, "Help, I am in here. PLEASE, help me!" over and over again. Dr. Brown totally ignoring her simply took off his white coat and left the room.

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