Softball Girls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Mother, Father, Daughter,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A father, a mother, and their softball playing daughters.

Shannon stood outside the doorway to my bedroom, her eyes focused below my waist at the 6" erection standing straight out from my body. I caught a glimpse of her through the crack in the doorway as she quickly moved down the hall.

I needed a date! It's been six months since my wife, Shannon's mother, left the two of us "to get her head together" and I had yet to jump into the dating scene. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that, although parts of me were obviously quite ready, and my 18 year old daughter had just seen how ready I was! I had seen her full head of bright blonde hair outside my door, and odd feelings flushed through me at the idea of being nude and hard in front of Shannon.

It not that I haven't seen any women that I want to date ... it's that I don't really know how to ask. It's been over 25 years since I've asked a woman for a date and I'm just not sure about starting again. Oh yes, I've seen plenty of women that I want to "date" ... and even more I wouldn't mind bedding. But I just can't bring myself to ask! I thought about the whole situation as I got ready for work and I thought about what Shannon had seen. I was horny but had found it was just easier to "take care of the problem" myself than get a date.

Standing beneath the hot water of my private shower I found myself with another hardon in my soapy hand and lightly began stroking my length from its base to the bulbuous head, enjoying the feelings as the liquid soap lubricated both my hand and my cock ... while I thought about my daughter seeing me hard and wanting. Speeding up the movement it didn't take long for me to feel my balls tighten and the cum make its way until finally in a rush of warmth that had nothing to do with the water pounding my back I spurted rope after rope of hot white cum all over the floor of the shower. I kept the stroking until finally I was done and my weak legs barely kept me standing.

I thought about my situation the entire half hour it took me to get ready for work and fill my cup full of my morning coffee.

"Remember Dad, softball game after school today! 4:30 at the high school!" Shannon yelled from her room.

"I'll be there honey. See you tonight!" I yelled back even as I shut the door behind me.

"Jeez Charisse, my dad needs to get laid!" Shannon said to her best friend on their way to school in her car. "You should have seen him this morning. He had this huge hardon! God Charisse it looked great standing straight out!"

"Ooooh Shannon! You saw your daddy's cock? Wow ... I would have loved to have seen that!" Charisse Connors answered.

"I'll bet you would you little slut!" Shannon joked with the other young girl. "You'd love to see my daddy's hard cock wouldn't you! It wouldn't be the first one you ever saw!"

"Nope ... I've seen a few of them! But I'll bet it's the first one you've ever seen, wasn't it?" Charisse teased her freind. She knew Shannon was a virgin ... with boys anyway!

But not with her! The two teammates had also been lovers for a couple of years. Oh each dated boys, and Charisse had even played heavy with a couple of them. She loved a hard cock inside her and had told Shannon how much fun it was to ride a boy until they both came.

But Shannon wouldn't let boys get very far ... she had plans for after high school and they didn't include getting pregnant! That didn't preclude playing with her best freind and she loved it when they would lie with each other, caressing each others breasts and stuffing hard things in each others pussy's. God she loved the taste of Charisse and loved it even more when the girl would eat her pussy!

But what about her dads problem? He needed some help, and from the looks of him this morning he needed it pretty badly!

"What should I do about my dad Charisse? I'd really like to find someone for my him. He needs to get back into the swing of things!"

"I'll bet your dad would be a lot of fun! Maybe I'll give him some help!"

"Don't you dare! He needs someone his own age, or at least close anyway!"

"Hey, what about my mom? She doesn't have anyone right now!" Charisse countered.

"Charisse, your mom's a prude! You told me that yourself!" Shannon said.

"I know, but maybe she just hasn't had the right guy! And it sounds like your dad's built well enought to be the right guy! My dad's dick was so small it's no wonder I'm the only kid they ever managed to make!"

"Well, a prude isn't what he needs right now! He needs someone hot who will just thrash him like he's never been thrashed before!"

"We'll find someone for him! Maybe Alicia from next door! She's pretty hot!"

"Yeah, but she's been hot with every man in town! I want to get him laid, not given some nasty disease! We'll just have to keep looking!" Shannon slid the car into the first empty space she could find in the school parking lot.

As if she'd heard what the two girls were saying several miles away Charisse's mom Claire talked to herself as she eyed herself in the full length mirror hanging on the wall of her bedroom. She took in the full sight of her nude 38 year old body, turning sideways and lifting her breasts in both hands. Although they didn't really sag they didn't stand as high on her torso as they did 18 years ago when she had first married Charisse's dad Paul. She'd worn a 34B back then, breasts full but not overwhelming, but with the passing years she had added a few pounds to her 5'8" frame and with the added pounds came bigger boobs. The two breasts in her hands were now a marginal C cup and she had moved to a 36 to keep the straps from cutting into her shoulders. She had been getting a clean plain white bra from her dresser when she had stopped to look herself over in the mirror.

"You're not really prudish are you Claire? You can be just as sensual as the next woman no matter what Paul says." She grasped the nipples on both breasts and lightly pulled them away from the flesh, generating tingles that reached all the way to her toes. They instantly engorged with blood and even when she let go they stood out from the quarter-sized dark brown areoles a solid half inch. Claire moaned softly in the empty room and let the incredible sensation wash over her. Sheepishly she looked around the room, even though she knew she was the only one home this early in the morning. After making sure she was truly alone she allowed her hands to wander over her breasts once more, enjoying the intensity of the feelings enveloping her body. She closed her eyes and caressed the underside of each breast, running the soft skin of her hands lightly over the even softer skin of the bottom of the full handside orbs. With the thumb of each hand she touched the very ends of both nipples, the twin sensations like jolts of electricity through her entire body. Her knees softened and she had to catch herself from falling by grabbing at the edge of the bed behind her. Pushing herself with both feet she scooted backwards on the freshly made bed, itself empty of anyone but her for over a year.

Lying back against the fluffy pillows she spread her legs wide looking over the swell of her breasts, the slight paunch of her 38 year old body and past the thick patch of dark curly hair, watching even as she felt the skin of her hands against the skin above the hardness above the slit between her legs. She caressed a breast as she spread the fingers on her other hand and ran them down either side of her slit, along the junction of her legs and her inner pelvis.

Her moan, louder this time, filled the room and reverberated against the walls. It felt so good, but even as she enjoyed the intensity of the feeling other thoughts invaded her adult mind.

"I shouldn't be doing this." she thought. "What if one of the kids comes home and catches me?"

But even as these thoughts came to her she touched the lips of her pussy with both fingers at once and her hips jumped off the bed, making her hand push hard against her pelvis. Using both fingers to press the lips together she couldn't believe how good this felt ... harder and faster she pressed her pussy lips together while rubbing her fingers up and down the length of her slit, her hips flexing upward with each movement, raising the excitement level in her loins and in her breasts. She continued to rub her left orb in her hand and gently pulled the nipple, lightly twisting it between her fingers, her breathing coming in shallower faster gulps.

"If only Paul had done this he would have found out how sensual I could be." she thought, her slightly fleshy ass lifting off the mattress with each stroke and new sensations beginning deep inside her pussy.

Claire wanted to orgasm ... she needed to make herself orgasm so badly. But at the brink she remained ... so close ... just so close ... but as hard as she rubbed and as tightly as she grasped the hard nipple between her fingers her orgasm wouldn't come. Finally, her arms tired and her breast sore she slumped against the bed.

"Oh Paul why couldn't you have made me feel like this?" she moaned even as the tears welled in her eyes "I would have come for you." She lie there on her finely made bed but didn't remove the hand from between her legs or the one grasping her left breast.

Softball Dad

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