Golem: Vengence
Chapter 1

I awoke in the dirt, groaning I sat up.

"what happened." I said.

I looked down at my hands, they where different, they also where covered in blood.

"My god it worked." I said to myself looking around.

I was in the forest, I was naked, but that was okay my body was featureless, I felt my face feeling the rough surface of the clay. The old magics had worked, my father the rabbi had not been a raving loon after all.

"I am sorry father." I said

I stood up, I was tall, I knew I was, I had used the statue in my fathers basement, I was at least 8feet tall. With each step the ground thudded with my weight, if only I could remember last night, what did I do.

"the ritual." I said.

I remember standing over the statue, I remember cutting my had and chanting the words, but what had happened to my body. I walked toward the town, some how I knew where I was going, I could sense where I had to go. It was still fairly early, I hoped no one was awake, I reached the outskirts of town, no one seemed to be up. I went to my fathers house, the cellar doors, I opened them and found my body lying on the floor.

I chanted the ancient magic words again standing over myself, I felt myself falling asleep, when I woke up I was staring up at the giant statue, I scrambled away from it but my memory came back quickly.

"Thats right Joseph, you wanted this." I said.

I stood up and looked over the statue, it had moved alright and I had been controlling it, the old magics had worked well, I could use this to fight them, I could use this to get revenge, that was when I noticed it, stuck to the large feet of the statue was a piece of uniform, I picked it up. It was a swatch of grey cloth, the collar of a jacket, I flipped it over and my blood went cold, the twin lightning bolts of the SS.

"Apparently I have already started my revenge." I said to myself.

They had come for my father, he had resisted, they shot him with out warning. I had been away at school at the time, I had forged documents now that listed me as a citizen of germany, lucky my mother had not been Jewish, and I favored her, I could pass, I had snuck into my fathers house and found all his documents. At first I though he had gone mad, but he was so passionate in his notes, the day he died he had gathered all he needed to perform the ritual, I thought how could it hurt to try. Of course I could be killed for trying it, if the Nazi even suspected what I had done.

I threw on my coat and left through the cellar door, I looked around seeing no one I walked away from his house, heading for the hotel near the market, on the way there I heard people talking.

"Did you hear about the attack?" One man said.

"I heard a monster attacked the checkpoint." Another said.

"they say it was nine feet tall." From another.

"they shot it until their guns emptied and it just laughed." Yet another.

"it tore the men apart with its hands." Still another.

"Thats silly, how would anyone know if it killed anyone, stop talking stories." One said.

"No I heard it from a soldier, his patrol came on the scene after the attack, they found foot prints, and bloody hand prints, they deduced it all." Still from one more.

I tucked my hands in my pockets and kept going.

"they say they will send more troops now, they think it might be an american weapon." was the last I heard as I rushed on.

What had I done, I did not remember any of that, I had to be careful, I felt very tired, It was as if I had not slept at all. When I reached my hotel I was greeted at the desk by the clerk, he smiled at me and gave me a knowing wink.

"Late night sir?" He said.

I nodded.

"Ill send coffee and breakfast up to your room sir." He said.

I nodded.

"Thank you." I said

I continued up the steps to my room, unlocking the door I found myself stumbling toward the bed where I promptly fell asleep.

My dreams where chaotic, nightmares of violence, no nightmares of me committing violence, I could feel my powerful hands wrap around the bodies of the soldiers, I could feel flesh tearing from bone, I could feel the bones crumbling beneath my fingers. Gun shots hitting me, and bouncing off, the thrill of battle, I laugh as the soldiers piss themselves in terror, I am vengeance it self and I have so so much work to do, I am saddened when I run out of soldiers to tear apart, I still had debts to collect, oh well time would provide me with more, yes tomorrow night.

I awoke panting, the bell boy had brought my meal, he jumped when he heard me get up.

"Sorry sir I did not wish to disturb you." He said.

"Its okay, I need to eat anyway." I said.

I got out of bed and grabbed my wallet, I fished out some coins for the bell hope, I handed them to him in thanks.

"Thank you sir." He said.

I nodded glumly, he seemed to sense my mood and departed quickly, that dream had bothered me, I had no control, none at all, yet they had deserved it.

The phone rang.

"hello" I said.

"Oh, yes dear, I was just waking up." I said.

"No honey, I don't know when ill be back." I said.

"family things, you know how it is." I said.

"Okay dear, I will dear, no no, you go to the rally with out me." I said.

"ill call you when I know when ill be back" I Said.

"I love you two." I said hanging up.

I frowned, at college I had a forged identity too, I was a fake a fraud, I was playing happy little aryan, while my father was killed, I was a member of the party, I rubbed at my face, my god I had a lot to atone for.

"Father I should of listened to you." I said out loud.

"Father I will make you proud of me." I said.

I pulled out the book I had taken from my fathers basement, his Torah, I flipped through the pages, I remember him reading to me in hebrew when I was little, I remember mother, before her illness, before it all when father and I started fighting. I feel the tears on my cheek and shake my head, yes tonight father, tonight I will atone for much.

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