Child of the Program - Ommitted Chapters
Chapter 2: Salacity of Spirit

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Brother, Sister, Harem, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 2: Salacity of Spirit - When I started "Master PC - Child of the Program" I was attempting to do something similar as with "Master PC - The Protector". That is start with a lot of sex and then taper off. Then I changed my mind, but I kept the chapters that were originally going to open the story. Starting with Chapter 2, this was how I originally planned "Child of the Program"...

The underground complex was two levels deep and could easily house more than forty people comfortably, with two communal showers and restrooms, two working kitchens, dining area and several open spaces for other recreation. What the original intent had been for the site, no one really knew. The original owners had gone broke and declared bankruptcy before finishing what should have been third and fourth levels even further down. The only thing the place lacked was an underground parking — and maybe a temperature controlled pool.

Before my women and I had moved in, the place was owned by Vikkor and her partners, Law and Chaos. Vikkor was a troubled woman who had done a great many bad deeds. After she was carted away by the Feds for kidnapping and housing dangerous materials — namely biological agents that would have killed the male gender of humans and made women hermaphrodites — the ownership of the facility and the store that sat over it fell completely to her partners. I had formed pacts with both of them before Vikkor's fated incarceration and after receiving a healthy monetary award from the Feds, I bought into partial ownership.

Why was I living underground instead of in a college dorm? Well, the answer has two sides. One, it allowed me a get away from the campus. I had struggled with some of my classes, as I mentioned, and needed more solitude. The flip side to the answer was it allowed me to be closer to the women I was bound to. So, it ended up being an internal struggle between wanting physical attention and needing to study for classes. However, I never regretted moving in.

Obviously the underground housing would need exits. There were two that seemed perfectly logical for the location and the store above it. One leading to an above ground parking lot and another leading directly into the store. However, Vikkor had two tunnels added to the facility that led to different parts of the college campus.

One of the tunnels led directly to Maverick Stadium. No one knew why she had that one installed. UTA didn't have a football team. The stadium was primarily used for track and the Marching Band's practice. There might have been plans to continue the tunnel to the baseball fields and tennis courts further to the south, but it didn't look like it.

The other tunnel cut across the campus. It had exits at one of the sorority houses, Zeta Tau Alpha, another exit at a campus apartment complex called University Village, and an ending exit on the west side of South Cooper Street, just south of the Fine Arts Building — where I had entered after my encounter with Professor Belton.

Surprisingly, all of the exits from those two tunnels had never been examined by city officials or even the police while the two year long kidnapping spree had been taking place. It was another mark of Vikkor's skill with Master PC that kept everyone from noticing much less looking into those doors.

The tunnel I had entered was wide enough for several people to walk down side-by-side and we had bought a couple of golf carts to use in those tunnels. It was cheap and quick transportation for all of us attending classes. Since it was my last class and everyone else was already finished with theirs, I was alone for the ride.

For the most part the tunnels had no lights. The golf carts had headlights, so it wasn't an issue. However the exits for the tunnels were well lit. It would be pretty sad to be looking for one of the exits and then break a leg or something when trying to get out.

As I drove, my thoughts replayed the details of my encounter with Professor Belton. I couldn't understand how she could have been a child of the program. Honestly, I barely qualified for it. Personal computers had only been around for just over twenty years and even then, when they first hit the market, someone had to be pretty well off to get one. Professor Belton was easily ten years older than me, at least. She said that she wasn't a child of the program, but if she wasn't, then how did she get her mark?

I stopped at the tunnel's entrance to the underground facility. After plugging the golf cart in to recharge, I grabbed my bag and went in. I just let my feet guide me as I continued pondering the new mystery.

There wasn't really much to ponder. No matter what ideas or thoughts I had about the Professor's statements or actions, I had no real answers. The next thing I knew, I was in the store, opening the manager's office and looking up to see Renée sitting at her desk and talking on the phone.

As soon as I saw her, I knew why I had made the subconscious choice. Professor Belton's blonde hair reminded me of my golden goddess. All the pent up need for female flesh burst forth again as Renée looked back at me. I dropped my backpack and coat in front of the door, locked the handle and pulled off my sweater.

Renée was my first. As in she was the first I'd ever had sex with. However, there was more to her than just a beautiful face and truly hot body. She was intelligent and ran the store as manager. I doubted it would have done as well with me in charge, but then I wasn't put in charge because I had other responsibilities. Renée took up the mantle and wore it well. Then again, it was hard for her to not wear something well.

Renée was like me, a child of the program, but her abilities made her a chameleon of sorts. Her body would automatically change to become physically perfect for her lover. Since she was bound to me, that meant she looked and loved in almost every way I considered perfect.

With a glance, Renée knew why I was there. Sometimes I would deviate from our established rotation because something drew me specifically to one of my women. It wasn't the first time I had wanted her and no other, but it had been a while.

Her phone conversation must have been important because she had to repeat several times that she would call them back before they let her hang up. The link that was forged from being bound to her allowed me to know just how much she wanted this one-on-one time. She normally shared me with one, two or three others all at the same time and though I was more than able to give each what they wanted, it was never as intense as when it was just me with any one of them.

There wasn't anything to say, we both knew what was going to happen. I couldn't wait to touch her, so I walked around her desk and pulled her up to me. The very instant our skin made contact the fire that burned through me flared her desire. Our lips met with a ferocity I hadn't experienced in quite some time. She moaned into my mouth as my tongue invaded hers. We couldn't drink in each other fast enough.

I had taken to the habit of not wearing much even though the colder weather outside should have demanded more. What I wore was heavy enough to make up for the lack of underwear and undershirt. My girls, however, enjoyed having lacy things under their clothing. They learned quickly how to not only entice me but to keep me going when they were of greater need. Renée was no exception.

I started working my way down her neck, licking and gently nibbling along her tender skin as I unbuttoned her blouse. She wore stylish business dresses during regular hours in the store even though the products sold were far more intimate and daring. The girls and guys who worked in the store wore many of the outfits the store sold, but sometimes something had to be worn underneath the garment to meet city codes. Renée enjoyed certain leather outfits that enhanced her curves. As if she needed enhancement.

My cheek rested on the top of one of her magnificently huge breasts while I continued to de-blouse her. She had already unzipped and dropped her skirt while I smothered her golden tanned neck and upper chest with kisses. Still, not a comprehensible word escaped either of us as her mountainous mammaries encased in a special order bra were uncovered. The leather of the bra was just as soft as her skin to my hands, but the taste of her skin was an aphrodisiac that no clothing or exotic outfit could match. I took my time, regardless of my need to plant my straining cock in her, to lavish my attention over her exposed skin.

Renée's breathing became heavier and she ran her fingers through my hair as I sought the catch to her bra. Fortunately it was in the front and made her unveiling faster.

Now, Renée has many physical attributes that catch the eye: long golden hair that falls in cascades over her shoulders and down her back, intense sky blue eyes that were outlined with light mascara, full lips coated with bright red lipstick — which was smeared from our frantic kissing — a tall, lithe body with an unbroken, flawless tan, long shapely legs, and even the curve of her feet could be enticing.

Her breasts were her biggest feature, literally. Large didn't quite give the correct descriptive of her size. Huge was better, but I preferred massive. Not gargantuan because really that would have passed over the line too much. Overall her shape was a full teardrop, but at the peak of each mound, her breasts made a soft, curved cone ending at her standing nipples.

Even with the overwhelming magnitude of each breast, I opened wide and easily locked my lips around her swollen bud as soon as it hit the air. I could suck as deeply as I wanted and that only made her beg me to try and suck in more of her sensitive globes. "More, yes more!"

I held her to me, and kicked away my shoes. Renée got my pants opened and pushed them down. After kicking off that remaining bit of clothing, I started to turn us to the office chair, but Renée stopped me.

"No Lover," she said. Her voice was husky with her need for me. "I got the couch just for this reason." Then she pulled back and led me to the large, plush sofa at the end of her office.

In front of the couch, Renée pulled me to her for more lip-to-lip action. I couldn't feel enough of her with my hands. No matter where I touched her, it led to touching her somewhere else and then somewhere else ... Finally, my hands settled on her round ass, feeling the heat emanating from between her legs. She still wore leather panties that matched the bra she had had, so I pushed it to the side and touched her most intimate area.

Renée moaned and arched her back, pressing her crotch to my hands. A finger slipped in and she pushed me away.

For a second I thought she was denying me, but then she said "Have a seat."

At that point I didn't care what she wanted as long as she and I were soon fucking like rabbits, horny creatures that couldn't get enough of each other. So, I sat down. My cock stood up straight from my lap, pointing at her as if to indicate who I wanted to bring me off.

She smiled down at my throbbing prick and slipped her panties off. As she kicked them away, she let her high heels go with them. Renée knew that I only liked high heels when she was dressed. While having sex, I considered them a potential hazard and it took a couple of bruises on my ribs to prove it. Though shoeless, Renée was still quite tall.

I started to sit up to pull her to me, but she pushed me back. "Slow down, love. I'll be happy to fuck you, but that big hard cock of yours just begs to be sucked first." She knelt between my wide spread legs and ran her hands down my chest and abs, out across my thighs and back in to caress my sac. Feeling her touch me so willingly caused an involuntary thrust and she let my cock slide along the side of her face.

She lowered her face to my crotch, her cheek sliding along my throbbing pole. I watched with growing impatience as she inhaled deeply and then allowed her hot breath to crawl along the base of my cock and balls. Her eyes came up and locked on mine. "You smell so fucking good, Ral. I just know you'll taste good too."

Her wandering hands came together and slid up my pole. Renée gave my cock a kiss here and another there as she sat up to meet the purplish head. Her wet lips opened just a touch and kissed my piss hole. I could feel her tongue pressing against me and it sent a shiver through my entire being.

"Mmm, you love having your big fat cock sucked, don't you?" Her question was rhetorical, because she already knew that I did. Her question was only meant to build me up more, as if I needed it, because I enjoyed hearing her talk to me during sex. I rarely spoke, unless asked a direct question. Usually I just grunted and groaned, just like at that moment, watching her open wide to accept my thick fuck-organ into her hot, salivating mouth.

Renée stayed at the tip for a moment, lashing her tongue about and getting as much verbal encouragement from me as she could. It only consisted of single word statements, like, "More" or "deeper" as she sucked down my throbbing prick. Her hands worked over the length that hadn't made it into her mouth yet. Feeling her breasts pressed to my inner thighs and against my sac helped too. Again, the more skin making contact, the better.

She started fucking me deeper with her mouth. Not once did I look away or close my eyes. I watched her as she continued to push herself onto more and more of my invading organ. Her sky blue eyes washed away the memory of Professor Belton's stare. It was good to know that the effect the Professor had on me wasn't even semi-permanent.

I felt Renée hit the back of her throat. She pulled back, swallowed and lifted her hips up behind her. I knew that pose. She was lining up to swallow me whole. It was a trick that would choke most women, but Renée's body shaping ability allowed her to do it with ease. So easy in fact, it was possible for me to gear back and all-out fuck her throat. I didn't enjoy it as much as her sweet pussy, but she liked it and she was about to make sure she got it.

Renée was in perfect alignment for a good mouth-fucking, but I wasn't. She pulled me into her hot mouth, gulping down the oozing jizz that leaked from my ready cock. For a moment, I thought I would have to get up and take control, but she lowered herself, rocking forward and sliding her lips further and further along my shaft. Her alignment was so smooth that I never felt when I entered her throat. Then she squeezed me as she swallowed.

Again I started to thrust, involuntarily. Renée always had problems getting me to overrule my fear of harming her so I could fuck her throat the way she wanted. My instincts were to protect her, not hurt her, but at that moment it was her desire that filled me, to have me cram all of my hard, thick, cum-filled cock into her. It agreed with my need to shoot all my hot creamy cum as soon as possible and I was lost to it.

Renée held herself up with her hands on my thighs. I held her head in place, just a few inches from my crotch, and began thrusting up into her open mouth. I didn't look, letting my head fall back on the soft couch cushions and closing my eyes. Seeing how I was fucking her would have killed the sensations. All that mattered was fucking. How I fucked her was left up to Renée and she had chosen, so the least I could do was give her what she wanted.

Fortunate for my concerns, Renée could breathe just fine, and that heavy air played across my pubs every time I rammed up into her offered orifice. My body burned with the overall exercise of lifting my hips from the couch repeatedly, but that was nothing compared to the intensity of her swallowing pressure, vibrating hum and the loving emotions flowing between us. The combination was devastating, but instead of exploding deep in her throat, past the point of swallowing, Renée pulled back just as the first jet of cum left my happy cock.

She knelt again, her lips locked around my swollen head and her fists jacked me as fast as possible. She churned my cum from me, helping it to escape the confines of my balls and flow freely into her hot, wet mouth.

When my eruptions subsided, I finally looked. Renée had a couple of shots on her face and her mouth was openly sucking and licking at my tip. Her eyes blazed with the heat of having enjoyed what was just my first load. There was also the glee of finally having me fuck her throat the way she always wanted.

"I didn't feel you pull away, how did you get that on your face?" I asked softly.

She kissed my glistening wet cock head and smiled. "I tried just catching it, but your thrusting made it difficult."

She licked, kissed and softly sucked on my cock a bit more as one of her hands started moving up my abs to my chest. When I kissed her finger tips and licked them she asked, "You ready for more?"

I smiled back. "Only if you are."

"I've been ready since I saw you standing in my doorway, looking at me like you were going to give me the fucking of my life."

"Did I really look like that?"

She nodded. "For just an instant, it scared me, but I knew you wouldn't hurt me, just make it really rough."

I shrugged. "If you say so."

"What were you thinking when you came in?"

"When I hit the door, I just blanked out. Nothing mattered but feeling your skin against mine, any way I could get it. If you hadn't been able to end that call, I would have just knelt at your feet and fed on your hot cunt until you could do more."

"Mmm, that sounds like fun. Talking to a client and trying to keep my whimpering and moaning off the phone while cumming into your mouth over and over." She sat back and let her hands slide down her trim belly to her gold pubs and below. "I'd love to feel your tongue in me," she said giving me blue doe eyes.

I patted the couch next to me. "Come here, I could use a snack."

"Unlike the meal you just gave me?"

I grinned. "Just because I don't want you flooding my mouth like I do yours doesn't mean I don't enjoy it."

She smiled and climbed onto the couch. She knew that if I truly desired her to produce as much fluids when she came as I did, then it would just happen. That was the nature of her body. She laid back and spread her legs wide. One laid leisurely on the back of the couch while the other went completely off of it. Renée ran her hands over herself, letting a finger slip into her juicy pussy.

I pulled her hands away, and sniffed at her aroma. Just as she had enjoyed my scent, her's sent thrills through me that made my cock harden. Renée watched me as I licked the juices already on her hands and sucked on the finger she had used on herself.

"You do like that don't you? Come on Lover, suck my pussy. Make me cream for you." She guided my face down, down between her legs. When my lips met hers she moaned, "Oh, yeah, like that. Lick me deep. Fuck me with your tongue."

I rolled over and got comfortable, lying on my belly with my cock pressed between me and the couch. Then I wrapped my arms under her thighs and over her belly, rubbing her skin and occasionally feeling as much of her massive breasts as possible. However, the primary focus of my attention was between her incredible thighs. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, lapping with a straight pointing tongue, or flattening it out and giving her lips that smooth lingering touch that no other part of my body could provide.

Renée moaned and wiggled her butt in my face. She was enjoying my attentions just as much as I had appreciated hers. The only difference was she would orgasm a couple of times from the different techniques I had learned from her and so many others over the last few months. From soft laps to drilling as deep as possible, from sucking her clit directly to teasing it with my nose while hitting a certain sensitive point just inside her hole with my tongue, Renée soon writhed from her third orgasm.

Gently I lapped her fluids from where it escaped down over her puckered rear and cheeks and then I sat up and looked down at the gorgeous creature sprawled out in front of me. Her legs were still relaxed while spread wide and her pussy was moist from my attention. She played with her massive rolling tits, tweaking her nipples. My amber streak hovered at the center of her chest, completely untouched as she squeezed her tits together. Renée's face was a vision of bliss. I couldn't help but grin at her.

"You're not finished, are you?" I asked.

She bit her lip and shook her head wildly side-to-side. "Not even." To prove it she reached out and pulled my hard cock down toward the slick folds I just fed from. I followed her insistent pull and was rewarded with the feel of her hot love canal embracing me. Once I was in and sliding further forward, she reached up and said, "Come here baby."

Leaning over her, my cock drilled deeper. Renée let out a hiss as I pressed forward to meet her kisses. Her hands roamed over my back and ass as our tongues danced in and out of our mouths. I held onto the arm of the couch as I pulled back and thrust forward. My movements weren't as exaggerated as my cock would allow, but then I didn't want to go that slow either. Once in a while, Renée would ask for long, leisurely strokes that would leave only my bulbous head held tenderly by her full hot lips, and then press slowly forward until my hip bone pressed lovingly against hers. At the moment, both of us were too wound up for anything gentle.

Using my legs and abs, I pistoned into her like a well oiled machine. My thick hard cock drilled through her throbbing, squeezing walls and she cried out her encouragements. "Oh yes, that's good. So good! Harder Baby, fuck me harder. Make me cum all over that big hard cock of yours!"

She wasn't screaming, because I was right there to hear her, but she was getting louder. I wondered for a moment if that was a good idea, because several of my other women worked in the store just outside the locked office door. They might either try to get in thinking something was wrong or just want to join in, hearing what Renée was saying.

"Come on Baby, cum for me," I grunted back at her.

Renée looked back at me, her expression priceless. I doubt it was the fact that I spoke while having sex, but what I said. "Oh, Ral!" she said and then pulled my face down for another sloppy, tongue-filled kiss.

I let go of the couch arm and held her as I continued grinding away at her loins. She started whimpering in my mouth and then I felt it.

I didn't know what it was. It was cold and detached and definitely not part of Renée. The instant I noticed it, it seemed to vanish.

Renée noticed my lack of effort for that instant. "Please Ral, keep going, I'm so close. Fuck me, fuck me harder Lover."

Whatever I had felt wasn't gone. It had hidden itself among Renée's emotions and hers were strong enough to mask it. Strong enough to bring me back to the surface and pick up where I left off.

Renée pressed her thighs to my sides and locked her ankles behind me. Her hips rose up to meet my thrusts and the rhythmic slapping of our bodies filled the room. I watched her eyes, seeing the build of her climax approaching like a tsunami toward a coast.

As if on the wind rushing forward of that wave, I heard her thought.Cum with me! Cum in me, Lover!~

Of all the times I had had sex, I always let my orgasms occur naturally. Never had it occurred to me that I might have more control over when or how much I might release. I thought about it, feeling her approaching climax and knowing that I would release just as much as before, and understood just that easily, that I could shoot off when I wanted. I could hold back and fuck Renée for an hour straight or cum every minute. It was just as ludicrous as my recuperative ability but it also made sense.

I could feel Renée fighting to hold on, waiting for me to be ready. She was losing that struggle but it was okay.

Her eyes were wide, watching me, waiting for my expression to reveal my climax. I looked deep into her eyes, felt her will crumble and said, "Now."

Renée's body went rigid under mine. At the same time, I drove my shuddering cock as deep into her as possible and willed my body to give over to the same level of climax Renée was experiencing. The sensation of feeling my sac contract, my balls throb and my cock burn with the effort to match Renée's orgasm was intense. I held my position as my body followed my desire and focused my energy on maintaining an orgasm that would knock any other man unconscious.

Both of us relaxed and melted into each other. We exchanged soft kisses and generally just held on as if we might slip off into that state of orgasm again.

"That felt so good," Renée commented as she slowly moved her hips side to side, testing to see if her body still worked.

I was extremely sensitive. Her movements made my body spasm in aftershocks that, in turn, caused the same in her. It took us another minute to calm down from those involuntary movements.

We were grinning at one another when I saw it. That something that was cold and not Renée. It was there, like a shadow behind her eyes. Then I felt a chill run down my spine. It was like something utterly cold touched me, and I don't mean cold like the lousy winter weather just outside. This cold was deep, bone deep. Whatever I had noticed, noticed me and it was trying to spook me.

"Renée, what's wrong?" I could feel her shaking under me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on as if she would shake her way off the couch and fall. Fall forever. "What is it? Please talk to me."

I barely heard her whisper, "I don't know."

Whatever was hidden behind her eyes seemed to be moving. It slipped through her, as if just under the skin. There wasn't anything to see or feel with mundane senses. It took all my focus to track ... it. Occasionally it would stop and I could feel it looking at me, as if trying to understand something.

What was it?

That's when a memory was thrown at me. Yeah, thrown.

The memory wasn't mine, it was Renée's. It was what she remembered when Vikkor had attacked. When Vikkor had killed her. Renée had felt a moment of joy as she watched me move faster than thought. I had knocked down the woman holding a gun to my head, then put the other two holding guns over more of my women to sleep. Then she saw a flash of silver just before feeling the cut across her throat. Her vision started to go blurry. Everything became indistinct. She didn't remember falling but she was looking up and I filled her vision. My eyes were the last clear thing she saw. It made her happy to know I was okay. It allowed her to be at peace.

Renée fell from her body and drifted into the infinite blackness. Nothing was there. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. It was coming to collect her. At first she feared it but remembered that there was nothing to fear there. It didn't mean her harm. It couldn't harm her. She was dead and it was a guide that led those who died to their personal Heaven or Hell. Renée knew she was bound for Heaven. She had helped so many people.

It had just embraced her and she accepted. Then I came charging in. I shone like a small sun and moved with a speed unrecorded in the Void. Renée knew the ... spirit ... was still there. It was bound to her to take her to Heaven, but I didn't see it. I wasn't dead. Renée couldn't tell me. She was dead.

When I pulled her back and put her into her body, the spirit followed. It couldn't refuse. It was bound to her in a similar way that Renée was bound to me. Its duty had to be fulfilled. She was already promised to Heaven and it would make good on that promise, but my magic was too strong for it to fight. I was too strong to fight.

The memory ended and I knew the spirit was there even though it had no form or body for me to see. It was abstract, like a muse, and I couldn't sense it with my mundane abilities.

~I couldn't let her go then, and I won't let her go now.

The memory of Renée accepting the spirit's embrace flashed again.

~I understand. You're bound to her. That doesn't mean that I'm going to let her go.

Suddenly, I was flooded with memories, children, adults, the elderly, women, men; all were deaths from accidents, murders, disease or old age. The spirit took each one to their own personal Heaven or Hell. Emotions flowed with the dead: anger, joy, distress and especially fear. None of the emotions were from the spirit, though it consoled the deceased. It helped them or pitied them, depending on their destination, but no matter what, the spirit loved them. It loved all of them and it loved Renée.

All the memories told me what the spirit was and what it did. The spirit was a person at one time. A deceased that had chosen a job in the afterlife as it existed throughout eternity.

~Can't you speak? You were alive once.~

I waited. It was the only thing I could do. There was nothing to see, hear or touch. I couldn't watch the spirits expressions because it had no body to express with.

That thought was apparently heard, because I could feel it expanding, growing, filling Renée's body.

~What are you doing? Stop!~

Then Renée said, "You wanted me to speak. Now I can."

I looked at Renée's face. She had a soft, knowing smile.


She shook her head. "I haven't had a name in a long time."

Renée's eyes were still sky blue but a soft shadow moved around behind them. Fear flittered through me. This ... thing, this spirit just took her body. "What do you want?"

"You know what my purpose is, Ral. Renée was deceased. She accepted her death. I was supposed to lead her to Heaven." Then she looked down. The move was completely unfamiliar. I was seeing Renée's body, but the spirit made it move. I felt her body move here and there, just flexing muscles and relaxing. Then her vagina flexed with me still inside. The spirit closed her eyes. "It's been a long time since I've had sex."

I didn't know what to think, but sex was not even close to the list of possibilities. Renée might say something like that with a bit of Role-play but I wasn't talking to Renée. "You need to leave."

"I'm not leaving without Renée. She's with me." The spirit seemed perfectly comfortable under me. It knew that I wouldn't do anything to harm Renée, so, really, it had nothing to fear.

Maybe a better understanding is what we needed. "I think you have that backwards. She's mine and you're bound to her."

The spirit made her smirk and squirm under me. I could feel her body testing her hold on my cock. "Just how far are you in her?" She brought her legs together around me. I hadn't moved away and didn't intend to until after Renée was back in control.

The sensations were different from how Renée touched me. I couldn't believe just a change of personality could made the body act so different. Unfortunately for me, it felt good and kept me hard. I didn't like that. "Far enough. Now leave."

My golden goddess smiled at me. The smile was unfamiliar. It wasn't Renée's delight or mischievousness. "What would you do to get me to leave?" She pressed her hips into mine, taking me into her deeper.

The spirit knew I was turned on, not that I wanted to be. The way she moved and touched me was somehow new. What was the saying? Can't rape the willing? I didn't want to imply any possibilities. "What would it take?"

"Mmm ... it's been so long for me. In heaven, I can feel pleasure with anyone who wants to join me. There are no qualms about male or female, right or wrong. It's just pleasure in whatever form we choose." She continued to squirm. No matter how much I pressed down to keep her still, she seemed to enjoy it.

"Sounds nice. If you're in such a randy mood, why don't you go back?"

She grinned up at me. "Because we still don't have bodies. The pleasures in heaven are more generalized, like pleasant emotions. Many choose to be re-born just to experience life in the only way any living person can."

That made me worry. If the spirit wanted to feel pleasure in a living body, what about Renée? "I want to talk to Renée. Please, let me talk to her."

The spirit caressed my face with Renée's hand. "She tells me you would be worried about her."

"She tells you? She's there?"

The spirit nodded and a soft look filled those shadowed eyes. "She's here, safe, and she knows how much you care for her, but do you know how much she cares for you?"

I didn't know how to answer that. "I know that she's affected by me. Those emotions couldn't be real."

The spirit shook Renée's head softly. "No, you affect her perceptions, but not her emotions. These last few months have been frustrating for her because she wants to share so much more with you, but you distance yourself with these constant declarations of letting her and all the others free of your bonds."

I was confused. "Why would you be worried about how Renée feels for me? What does it have to do with you putting Renée back the way she was?"

"It has everything to do with it."

I shook my head. "I don't understand."

The spirit grasped my head, held me gently and looked directly into my eyes. "You two share more than you could imagine. You share more than most couples conceive of, but you, Ral, keep the potential from blossoming. You keep it from going farther." For a moment she laid there, staring into my eyes with her sky blues, shadowed by the spirit. "There is a way for you to have Renée back and for her to unbind from me, but from what she tells me, you may not be willing."

"What?" I asked. There was no hesitation, no thinking. I jumped and would have to wait to see what was on the other side.

"So eager to do what you have to do to keep her safe. But can you protect Renée from herself, from her decisions?"

I thought about that. What decision would Renée make that would be a danger to herself? I had ideas, but none of them made any sense. "What kind of decision?"

The spirit shook Renée's head. "No, Ral. Answer my question. Could you protect Renée from herself?"

"I don't understand. Protect her from herself how?"

"If you don't understand then you couldn't protect her, could you?"

"If I don't know what I'm protecting her from, then no, I can't."

"What would you do in such a situation?"

"What, not knowing what I'm protecting her from?"

She nodded.

I shrugged. "Anything I could. Be vigilant and ready. Try to expect anything."

"What if she made a choice, a choice that would affect both of you and all the others too?"

"I guess it would depend what her choices were."

"Would you trust her to make the right choice?"

"I'd try to make sure she had all the information before making the choice."

"So you would let her choose."

"Yes, but choose what?"

She smiled again. "Right at the moment, that doesn't matter. It's the fact that you have enough faith in her to let her make a choice, even though you believe that you affect her choices."

"Is there something specific she's choosing?"

"It's about time you asked that."

"So, she's made a choice ... but what?"

"Ask her..." the spirit said in a faraway voice. She blinked slowly, as if her eyes closed to one thing and opened to another. When they opened, the shadow was gone and tears streamed down Renée's cheeks.


She nodded and sniffed.

I pulled her up, hugging her like she had been gone for days. I missed her so much and had feared for her. "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize..."

"Shhh, Ral. It's okay. I'm okay."

I pulled back to see her eyes. She wasn't terrified or scared. Her emotions were of joy and eagerness. "The spirit ... is it ... gone?"

She shook her head. "No, it's still with me, but we've made an arrangement, and I need your help."

"My help? Sure whatever you need."

"You don't want to know what it is I need or what the agreement was?" Renée asked. She sounded a little suspicious, but that was usually because of how I acted about things. She was expecting something different from me, but I couldn't let her down.

I shook my head. "Well, I guess I'll need to know what you need me to do eventually. I'll have to do it, but as for the arrangement ... I guess as long as you're okay with it, I am too." A tear slid down my cheek. It hurt to admit to what I did, because the only arrangement I could think of was Renée's death. A pleasant death, but still her death.

"Why the tears? Why are you so sad?" Renée asked gently.

"I ... It's ... You..." I couldn't say it. How do you tell someone that you're okay with them dying?

Renée kissed me gently. "Ral, tell me. You always hold back so much. What's got you so upset?"

I just blurted it out. "I don't want to lose you." Then I buried my head in her shoulder.

Renée laughed. She laughed about something that laughter is never the result of. "Oh, Ral, what makes you think you're going to lose me?"

I pulled back. Renée reached up and wiped away my tears. "The spirit is supposed to take you to heaven..."

She nodded. "When I die, yes. But who said I was going to die?"

I blinked at her. I thought about that. No one had actually said Renée would die specifically. "The spirit said the only way it could be let go is if you died..."

"Or if she lived," Renée finished.

"How can it live? It can't have your body. I mean ... you're in your body."

Renée smiled. "Yes, I am, but she can be reborn."

"But you're not pregnant."

I didn't think Renée could smile any more than she was. I was wrong. "That's where you come in." She squirmed under me. Since the spirit had left, I had let up on my hold of Renée's body.

"Wait ... you mean it..."

"Not it. She."

"She ... a girl ... you ... and me?"

Renée nodded slowly.

The pieces finally fell into place. "She wants to be our daughter?"

"Bingo," Renée answered softly.

"And you've already agreed to this." I didn't ask because the short discussion about Renée's decisions with the spirit reminded me of what I had said.

Renée shifted here and there, adjusting her body on the couch, getting comfortable. "We both have."

"How did you know I would agree?"

Renée drew me down. "Because I remember a young man who wanted to be more than just a really fun toy to share." She kissed me softly on the lips. "He wanted to be more than just friends with benefits." Another kiss, with a quick lick. "He wanted so much more than just the pleasures, and now, so do I." She kissed me deep, holding me to her as if nothing else in the entire world mattered.

For the next few minutes, we just laid there, holding each other and celebrating the decision. The joy and elation I felt in Renée was matched by something in me. Those mating instincts we all have may be buried deep — a primal emotionless need that very few avoid. Most are affected by the instinct and they usually don't see it with such distinction. It's like their affected from afar, but my instinct was there. Laying there smiling a wide grin. Not the kind of grin like kids have on Christmas morning. No those smiles are happy ones. This smile was a knowing smile, not mean or happy or any feeling we might associate with a smile, but a meaningful expression. What it meant, I didn't know.

I sat up and looked over the wondrous look Renée had. I thought I had known her happy expressions, but this one was new. "I don't mean to spoil the mood, but I do have a question."

"Mmm, yes?"

"Well, aren't there changes we'll have to make to be able to do this?"

"I'll take longer than you will."


Some of the glow in her elation faded. It wasn't that she lost any of the feeling, but more like she couldn't maintain it. Like trying to flex a muscle for too long. "Well, I've got to stop taking the pill for one, and then there's waiting for it to flush from my system."

It wasn't what I meant, but good to know. "Okay."

"In the mean time, we can get in lots of practice." The mischievous smile that was Renée's trademark was back as she thrust her hips up at me. The move reminded me of how the spirit was acting while occupying Renée.

"What about the spirit? She said you could see and hear everything she did. Will she feel what we do?"

Renée nodded, but the look on her face told me she thought it would be fun. It was a look she had when she shared me with one of my other women and was encouraging me to give them what they were asking for.

I smiled. I couldn't help it. "So, you're okay that you can't be alone with me even when you're alone with me?"

She bit her lower lip with a big grin and nodded. I watched as she let it go and then slowly licked it. Just watching her lip and I was so turned on. I started moving, sliding my cock out and then back in. Renée brought her legs together, low on my back, her ankles riding my butt. For the moment she let me drive but her elation was too much to keep contained.

"Stop, Ral. Get up."

I sat up and back. Renée sat up too and pulled from me. She looked me over and ran her hand down my chest, over my abs, and to the base of my cum-coated cock. Watching me watch her, she turned around and arched her lovely ass in my direction slowly. I knew the game. I was supposed to watch her body and the way it moved. I had my turn-ons and she had hers. Her biggest button was being watched and looked over like a slut in heat. At that moment, that's just what she was.

Holding the couch and kneeling on the seat, she slid her other hand along my hard shaft. "Come on lover. Fuck me. Shove every hard inch of this fat lovely cock deep in my wet pussy. Slam your balls into me."

I began running my hands over the smooth skin of her scrumptious ass as I got up onto my knees behind her.

She wiggled back and forth and stroked my cock. "Don't tease me Ral. Fuck me."

Looking toward her face, I was greeted with a smoldering look from over her shoulder. The spirit may have momentarily interrupted us, but it didn't detract from Renée's desire. She guided me up and pressed her heated pussy against my cock. Wet wasn't the word. Not only did I slide in easily but completely to the hilt.

"Ah, yes," she hissed. "Don't make me beg Lover. Fuck me. Deep and hard. Fuck me the way I know you want to."

Groaning, moaning, and the rhythmic slapping of my hips to her ass filled the room. Being relieved of my building need had been good and following that up with the classic missionary only made it better, but somehow entering Renée from behind did something for me that few other positions did.

Renée knew me well. She knew how I enjoyed using all my senses in our love-making. I could smell her scent like sweet nectar, see the sleek smooth beauty of her skin as she rocked back into me, and feel not only her pussy caressing and squeezing my cock but her soft skin under my hands as I pulled her to me over and over. The flavor of her orgasm was still on the tip of my tongue and it helped, but I wanted more. Too bad we were going at it too heavily for me find something else to suck on. However, my last sense was given reward with more than just natural grunts and groans.

"Yeah, lover. Fuck me! Oh, harder Ral! Fuck me harder!" Her voice reached toward squealing as she pleaded, and with each plea, I drove deeper and faster, riding closer to my next impending explosion. "Oh, God ... You feel so good. You fuck me so good. Yeah, Ral, fuck me good!"

Renée's words sounded as good to me as her pussy felt. Through our link I knew she was close. I also knew she wanted me to cum in her at the same time she had her orgasm. I tracked it, paced with it, felt for it, and when she began bucking in that uncontrollable way she always did, I relaxed and let my juices flow.

Holding on to her hips, I pressed myself as deeply as possible in her quivering pussy. Renée called out, "Oh, Yes Ral. Yes! Give me all your cum!" and I flexed and jerked inside of her as my body quaked with orgasm. We shook together, affecting each other's sensitive organs and drawing out our orgasms more and more. Finally we collapsed together on the couch. My cock still buried deep in her oozing pussy.

She cuddled up against me, and squeezed my cock with her soppy inner walls. I smiled at her. She had that sweaty sexy glow women have after enjoying a good romp. The need to touch her was still present and I ran my hands over her tits, belly and thighs, even though her back and butt were completely pressed to my chest and stomach. She reached back and pulled my head up to her shoulder for an open tongue kiss.

I could feel her elation, not just for what we agreed on, but for the new level our relationship had suddenly taken. She was right. I had wanted more than just to be a boy-toy. Still, what would the others think? How many would also want children and the additional relationship level that should go with it? I didn't panic. No, for the moment I held Renée, shared in her delight, and enjoyed the fact that she was my first.

Then she said something that brought my attention back to her completely. "I love you." She whispered it softly and smiled.

I lay there, with my body pressed so completely to hers and stared back into those sky blue orbs. I felt like a deer caught in headlights until she moved.

Without waiting for me to respond, Renée got up and held out her hand to me. "Come on, Lover. Let's get cleaned up."

What she had said was something I had hoped for, something that I wanted when we had first met. Now that we were going to have a baby together, it was perfectly appropriate.

So why didn't I say it back?

I took her hand and stood up. She started to walk away but I pulled her back and wrapped her up. I kissed her, gentle at first, and then with more passion. It was how I felt at the moment. I couldn't put it in words, but actions spoke so much louder.

"You want to join me in the showers?" I asked.

She smiled. "I'd like that but you already have two others waiting for you. There won't be room enough for me."

I knew what she meant. Though the showers were built with twenty people in mind, I would have one girl against my back while another enjoyed my front. It was difficult for me to please any three or more of my girls at the same time. I managed occasionally but not often.

We went to the bathroom and I helped her clean up. After she was dressed, she helped me too. It was something we all enjoyed, not only undressing one another in the heat of the moment, but dressing each other too. I knew I felt good after getting dressed in the mornings. Something about our bonds made us all feel better when touching. It didn't have to be sexual, but it could lead to it real fast.

"So how did you do on your History final?" she asked.

Between the encounter with our new spirit-daughter, our shared decision and her verbal sentiment, I had momentarily forgotten the talk I had with Professor Belton. "I got a C. Professor Belton said that I passed. I'm pretty sure she meant the course." The way I finished left enough of an opening that Renée knew, even without our link, that I had more to say.

"What else did she say?"

"It wasn't just what she had to say but what happened too," I said stepping out of the bathroom. Renée followed me and stood in the doorway as I pulled on my sweater. The look on her face said that she thought I'd had sex with the Professor. "We didn't but it was close."

With a sly smile on her face she brought up an old subject. "Ral you keep going on about how you've got too many of us already. Are you sure one or two more wouldn't hurt?" Renée had been key in my collection of the other girls. The day after I met her I had sex with and became bound to two of her friends. The day after that there were six more, and the last five occurred over the next couple of days. In less than a week, I had sex more often and with more women than most men could ever claim. My Charm played a big part in it as did many other powers that developed as I became bound to each woman.

"No, I have plenty," I said, hugging her, "especially with one on the way." Renée's smile shifted a bit but it didn't stop me. "But with Professor Belton it was different." I tried to explain how we were charming each other and only when I noticed the Professor's mark had things switched gears. I told Renée about the broken statements and the one thing that bothered me more than anything else. "She also mentioned a society of people like us who call themselves Mind Magi."

Renée was shocked. "Ral, the last time we encountered a group..." She hugged me close, like she was trying to enclose herself with me.

"Don't worry. The way she talked, she would be in trouble for telling me."

Renée pulled back to look into my eyes. "That doesn't mean that they wouldn't come after you or us."

I smiled, trying to disarm her fear. "I think that if they held any interest in me or us, they would have shown up already."

She calmed down because it made sense. When Vikkor and the Users wanted to talk to me they had sent a letter of invitation. I hadn't received so much as a hint that the Mind Magi existed until my talk with Professor Belton.

"That's something else," Renee said. "You said that your Professor said that she wasn't a child of the program like us. If that's the case, how was she charming you?"

"A good question that I don't have an answer for," I replied. "To some degree, the way she went on, I'm not a child either."

Renée raised an eyebrow. "Then how do you explain doing what you can do?"

I shrugged. "I can't."

"Whatever she was going on about, do you think you'll have a chance to talk to her again?"

"I doubt it. She'll probably avoid me as much as possible."

Renée hugged me again. "Well then you better get down to the showers. I've got to return that call."

"I want you in my bed tonight, Renée. I don't care who else is there," I said looking into her eyes again.

Her smile was pleasant and she nodded. "Okay."

One last kiss and I left her to her call.

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