Accessory to Adultery
Chapter 1

It was a long drive from the airport to my house and I was thinking hard as I drove on the freeway. Let me track back and tell you what made me think so hard. I was in Denver all week attending a conference and on Thursday my best friend Jason called me up and told me that he was getting a divorce. In fact, his exact word were - "The bitch has been cheating on me. I have thrown her out of the house and I am sure that she will be spending the night at your place."

Now, Jenny spending the night at my place would not be a new thing. Jenny and Ana, my wife, often shared houses when either Jason or I were travelling. If I was travelling jenny would stay at my house with Ana and if Jason was travelling, the other way round. We were like four peas in a pod, together since high school. t was incomprehensible for me to even imagine either or us cheating on our spouses. I travel two weeks in a month and although I make it a point to take Ana on as many trips as I could, it was not very often. So, the one person with most opportunities to cheat was I, and I have not cheated ever - never!

He told me that he decided to visit my house, where Jenny and Ana were staying, early in the morning to have breakfast with them and upon reaching there he found a man having breakfast with the two of them. As he observed from the patio he could see Jenny and the man being all amorous with each other. Ana was laughing and talking with the man as if he had been a friend all her life. The best part was that Jenny was sitting in the man's lap as they had breakfast and he was dressed only in boxer shorts.

Now, I am not a prude, if anything, but to hear that a man was sitting on my breakfast table in his boxer shorts when I was away, was a little too liberal for me. I would not take kindly of it was Jason, who I trust with my life, so taking this in my stride was very difficult, to say the least. But, before anything, I had to get the whole story.

As I entered the house I saw Jenny sitting in the living room watching television as if nothing was wrong. Ana was no where to be seen, but since her car was in the garage, I was sure she was home.

"Hey Jenny, how are you?" I asked her as if I knew nothing about what had happened.

"I am all right. how was was trip? Ana is in the shower and she should be down shortly."

I sat down on the couch and took my shoes off. "How is Jason? The asshole has not called me the whole week. We were to play golf this weekend, do you know if it is still on?"

Jenny answered my question vaguely, "If he has not called to cancel it, I am sure it must still be on."

Ana came down shortly and surveyed the situation before welcoming me and asking me if I wanted breakfast. As we went to the kitchen Ana told me that Jenny and Jason had a fight due to some misunderstanding and jenny would be staying with us till Jason came to his senses.

"He better come to his senses." I said and whipped out my cell phone. I dialled Jason and asked him to come over. He protested at first but when I insisted, he agreed. You see, he has implicit faith in me too. After keeping the phone down I finished the breakfast. Ana meanwhile had gone to the living room and I could hear an animated discussion going on there.

As I stepped into the living room I could see that Jenny was on the verge of crying. Ana turned to me and said, "You should not have called Jason, Jenny is not sure if she is sure to face him. It is not our place to meddle in their affairs."

"I am not meddling in their affair. When you took Jenny in after Jason threw her out, it was out of concern. What I am doing is also out of concern. After all, it is only a misunderstanding. I am sure that we will all be having a laugh about this before the day is over." I retorted.

Just then, the doorbell rang and I opened the door and asked Jason to come in.

As he entered the living room, Ana and Jenny stood up.

As we settled, I asked Jason what the misunderstanding was.

"The only misunderstanding that I know of was in the mind of Jenny. Jenny misunderstood how I would react after learning that she has been hanging horns on me for about a year."

"Come on, don't be crazy. Jenny would never do such a deceitful, disgusting thing ever in her whole life." I was going to milk the occasion as much as I could. Jenny could use some comeuppance now. "You remember how she reacted when you had a dance with the busty blond when we were on vacation in Hawaii. Someone who has such such low tolerance for a third party would never be a party to a cruel and hurtful thing."

"Moreover," I continued, "Ana would nip it in the bud even if Jenny had such an idea. Ana would not just sit around and watch as your dreams are trampled and the lives of your children are set adrift on a leaky boat in a stormy sea."

I turned to Jenny. "Why aren't you saying something?"

Jason interjected, "How will she say anything, Matt? I have evidence. I have photographs of her sitting on the lap of man wearing a boxer short." He took out his cellphone and showed me the first picture.

"This is my house!" I thundered for effect and turned towards Ana, "Ana, will you let me know what misunderstanding has caused Jason to throw Jenny out?"

Ana stood quietly, she had no answer to offer.

"Where were you while this was going on?"

"She was right there, talking to them and serving them breakfast." Jason informed.

"And where was your stud?" I asked Ana.

She gasped as her eyes widened. She suddenly realised my line of thinking and spoke up, "There is no one. Believe me Matt, I have never ever been with another man. I could never cheat on you. I respect you too much and love you too much to do anything like this. It was only Jenny who used to have her lover over and believe me that I protested. I could not rat on my best friend so I kept quite."

"I have no reasons to believe you. Even if I do believe you, why should I live with someone who condones such blatant disregard for marital vows." I looked at Jenny, who was crying hysterically, and then at Ana and said, "I hope you have a third friend who is more accommodating because tonight neither of you are sleeping in this house. I am not saying that it is end of the line for my marriage, but it does look like it. Jenny, I hope and pray that Jason never so much as looks at you again. He is young and he will have no problem finding a suitable person to spend his life with. Even you will be able to find a man who believes in Open marriage, if this stud of yours doesn't work out."

Now, it was the turn of Ana to shed some tears.

"Jason and I will be at the golf course till 4 in the evening. When we return you better be gone, with this cheater."

"So, this is it? You would not even ask for the reason why I cheated?" Jenny asked.

"Will it make any difference, Jen? What is lost is lost and that is my trust in you and my trust in my ability to keep you happy. Do you really want to have a husband who will be checking on you every single moment of you life? I know you will say right now that you will not mind it, but in a few years when your guilt will be lesser you will feel caged and my mistrust would make you run away. Let's break it clean so that I can move on."

Jenny and Ana stood speechless as we walked out. Ana must have been wondering what hit her. If she had actually not cheated, the price she was about to pay for a character flaw was enormous.

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