Decadent Delights
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My best friend Kim had told me to meet her at the new restaurant she had heard about. It turned out to be a wonderful place, even if the food was very ordinary. The service was what made it special, especially for a couple of horny ladies.

I was running late and practically ran from the parking lot into the restaurant. I knew Kim would be waiting impatiently. She had told me to be there at seven sharp. 'Decadent Delights' the small, discreet sign over the door read. The exterior was very low-key. It looked like the kind of place that relied on word-of-mouth for business. I had never even heard of the place until Kim told me about it. "My new favorite" was how she had described it.

There you are," she said when she saw me come through the doorway. "We almost missed out. They were about to give our room away."

Room? I wondered why we need a room for just the two of us. I looked around the lobby, trying to find a clue as to what kind of place it was. There was an unmanned hostess station in front of us, with restrooms to the left and a small bar on the right. The décor was tasteful and subtly suggestive, with lots of reds and blacks. It almost reminded me of a gentleman's' club one of my boyfriends had taken me to once. As my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness I noticed some paintings on the wall. They weren't the kind of art you might see in a Bennigans or Steak and Ale.

"Are those... ?" I whispered to Kim.

"I think they're called satyrs."

"But they have..."

"Big erections. I know."

"Are those appropriate for a family restaurant?" I asked.

"This ain't McDonalds," Kim laughed.

I started to ask her just what that meant when the hostess returned. "Follow me, ladies. Your room is ready."

She was an olive-skinned Eurasian beauty, wearing a satiny dress, with a neckline that plunged in a tight V almost to her navel, displaying almost all of what appeared to be two very natural, jiggly breasts. As she turned, I noticed that her dress was slit up the side high enough to display a lot of thigh, and no sign of underwear that I could see. Girls really aren't my thing, but I couldn't take my eyes off the perfect rump of Miss China as we followed her. Kim was right, this sure wasn't McDonalds - with all that breast and thigh on display it was more like KFC.

From all the cars I had seen in the parking lot, I expected to see a lot of people in the dining room, but it was almost empty. It was also very small for such a large building. Must have a heck of a kitchen, I thought. That's when I noticed all the doors along the sides and back of the main room. The hostess led us to one of the doors and opened it to reveal a small private room. There was a rectangular table in the middle and what appeared to be a very comfortable looking bench seat against the far wall. There were two chairs on the other side which our hostess quickly pushed aside as Kim and I both went for the cushy, sofa-like seats behind the table. It seemed a little weird to be sitting side-by-side, like we were on a date or something, but neither one of us could resist the plush cushions.

"Carlos will be taking care of you tonight," our exotic-looking escort said as she closed the door.

"So, all those doors lead to small rooms like this?" I asked my best friend.

"Uh-huh," Kim replied, smiling. "this place is basically just a lot of small rooms. Like it?"

"I guess so, even though it seems like you are trying to seduce me. That's what this place is, right, a place for romantic interludes and sly seductions."

"Don't worry sweetie, you aren't my type. Just trust me, okay? I think you are going to enjoy this place."

As if on cue, the door slide open again, and one of the most handsome men I have ever seen entered, holding two menus. He looked like he belonged on the cover of some trashy romance novel, not working as a waiter. He had curly black hair, a dimpled chin, and a smile that could by itself probably get the panties off most teenage girls. He was wearing an expensive-looking shirt, unbuttoned halfway down his chest, to display his very macho looking pecs. His pants were so tight that there was no mystery about the size of his manhood. The only question was whether there would be any room for it to expand if something were to happen to cause that. I almost wished I could find out. My mouth was watering, and we hadn't even ordered.

"Good evening ladies," he said, "my name is Carlos. Can I get you some drinks, or perhaps an appetizer?"

"You've already got my mouth watering," Kim purred. When she wants to, she can be very flirty - and she usually wants to. Give her a target like the luscious Carlos to aim her pussy power at, and she will be on the prowl quickly.

We ordered a round of Margaritas and a vegetable platter for our appetizer. As two single girls still "on the market" (god, I hate that expression), we do try to be careful about what we eat. While we waited for our drinks I studied the menu and soon realized that we must have been in the wrong place. The prices weren't just high, they were about to go into orbit. "I can't afford this," I warned Kim. "Why did you want to come here?"

"Don't worry about the bill, hon, I've got it," Kim reassured.

"Why? Are we celebrating something?"

"Do we need an excuse to have a nice girls night out? You've really been down in the dumps since you and Gary broke up. I really want to see that famous Shayna smile again. Just relax and enjoy the evening, and follow my lead."

"Your lead? What do you m..."

Before I could finish, the door slid open and the very efficient Carlos returned with our drinks and the veggies. After he left, I asked Kim about the hostess. "Why is she dressed like a hooker? It doesn't seem to be very appropriate for a restaurant. She looks more like she should be working at a strip club or something."

"Actually," she laughed, "I think she used to. A lot of the customers here are men, and they enjoy that kind of ... show," she replied cryptically. I was feeling more and more confused about just what kind of place Decadent Delights' was. It was definitely the strangest restaurant I had ever been in. It was not a place that had a kiddie menu, that was for sure.

We were still working our way through our carrot sticks and broccoli spears when Carlos returned with another round of drinks that I didn't remember us ordering. "On the house," he explained as he set them on the table. "Now, what can I get for you ladies tonight?" he asked.

"Oh, I think you know," Kim purred, acting more like a girl trying to pick a guy up in a bar than someone talking to her waiter. "Two of the Ladies Specials," she said coyly, "and make sure they are hot."

Carlos grinned. He didn't bother writing down our order.

"What are the Ladies' Specials?" I asked after he left. "I didn't see that on the menu."

"Shay, just follow my lead, remember? Come on, time for a rest room break."

Kim led the way as we meandered through the almost deserted main dining room. It was obvious that almost everyone who dined at 'Decadent Delights' preferred a private room. The room might have been empty, but it was not quiet. There was a stream of waiters and waitresses buzzing between the kitchen and the various rooms. The waitresses, like Carlos, were unlike any I had ever seen. They were all dressed like characters out of a man's late-night fantasy.

I saw two dressed in some kind of Roman theme, with very short togas and loose-fitting tops. Another one was dressed like the hostess, with a slinky, high-cut Oriental gown. Most surprising were the two girls dressed as cheerleaders who emerged from the kitchen carrying trays of food as we neared the ladies room.

The rest room was just as elegant, in a sleazy kind of way, as the rest of the place. Marble counters, antique-looking mirrors, and more art work. One mural above the mirrors looked like something you might find in an art museum, an x-rated museum that is. It depicted naked and semi-naked women being chased and attacked by mythical creatures, most of which were depicted with large erections.

"Is that supposed to be a turn-on," I asked Kim.

"Well, it kinda works for me," she grinned.

"Not for me, I replied. "I prefer to be the one doing the chasing. That's too much like a rape fantasy."

Between each of the mirrors were smaller, but no less graphic images. One showed a demure, Victorian lady reading a book while she reclined on a chaise lounge. All very innocent, except for the man foraging around under her balloon-like dress. All that showed of him were his legs and feet, but it wasn't hard to figure out that he wasn't looking for a lost puppy in there. On the other side of the mirror was a more modern picture, a naked couple embracing in the woods. The woman's back was to the viewer, and the man's erect penis was poking out from between her thighs. Once again, it was larger than average, judging by those I had seen in my life so far. There seemed to be a theme in 'Decadent Delights' artwork.

"Wonder what they have in the mens room?" I joked.

"Wanna go check," she teased. Or maybe not, Kim is ballsie enough to go charging into forbidden territory if the mood strikes.

"Never mind," I sighed.

As we turned to leave I saw another picture on the wall next to the door. This one was a black-and-white photograph, showing a beautiful woman wearing a sleek nightgown that had been pushed above her waist by the two men holding her up as they serviced her. She seemed to be quite happy about the situation, even though her partners hadn't even bothered to take her panties off, preferring instead to merely push them aside as they sandwiched her between their sweaty bodies. "Is that supposed to be art?" I asked.

"Does it matter?" Kim replied. "By the way, are you wearing panties?"

That was the strangest question Kim had ever asked me, and Kim can be pretty strange at times. "Of course," I snapped.

"You might want to slip them off before we go pout," she suggested with a grin. She pulled the hem of her skirt up high enough to show me that she was already riding bareback. My second drink was starting to take effect, so I just grinned back at her, slipped my plain cotton panties off, and stuffed them in my purse. I was beginning to finally catch on that food wasn't the main attraction of 'Decadent Delights'.

As we were leaving we ran into two ladies coming in. One of them was obviously angry. "God damn it, Liz, look at my dress. It's a mess. You'd think these guys would have better control, and not be spraying stuff all over the place."

"Relax, hon," her companion said, "you just got him a little more excited than he's used to. I'd take it as a compliment."

As the door closed behind us, I whispered to Kim, "What is she talking about?"

"Uh, it looked like a blue cheese accident to me," she replied, still grinning like a mischievous kid, about to do something she had been told not to.

Apparently the very efficient Carlos had been waiting for us to return. We had no sooner settled back into our seats than then door slid open again and Carlos entered, carrying our entrees. He was assisted by another young Adonis. "This is Glen," he introduced his coworker.

Glen looked like a young George Clooney. Not that there is anything wrong with the old George Clooney of course, but Glen looked like he was young enough to be working his way through college. He was wearing bright white tennis gear, complete with a patch on the shirt that read "Instructor". Another fantasy figure for some ladies, I figured.

They carefully set the plates in front of us. Instead of asking if there would be anything else, or offering to grind some pepper over our meal, they stood quietly across the table from us, watching as we sampled the food. The "special" turned out to be a sampler plate, with a small piece of grilled Salmon, a chicken breast with some kind of delicious sauce over it, and a small pasta salad. Nothing special, just one more bit of evidence that the delights at 'Decadent Delights' was about more than just the food.

"How is everything?" Carlos asked after we had taken a couple of bites. "Anything missing?"

"Needs more spice," Kim replied.

I felt like I was eavesdropping on people speaking in some code that I didn't understand. I knew they weren't talking about the food anymore, but I was still surprised by Carlos' response.

"Glen," Carlos said to his partner, "the ladies need some warming up."

Without hesitation, both men got down on their knees and crawled under the table. I jumped a little when I felt Glen's hands sliding up my calves a moment later. I stopped eating, afraid of choking as he continued to work his way up my inner thighs. Without thinking about it, I felt my legs moving further apart to allow him easier access.

Apparently Carlos was an even faster worker than Glen, because Kim was already lying back in her seat, sliding her hips forward in eager cooperation with whatever it was that Carlos was attempting to do to her. It looked like our dinners were going to get cold.

Glen began stroking my labia with one finger, not attempting penetration but just teasing that tender part of my body. I felt myself getting wet almost immediately, which Glen picked up on right away. He continued to lightly massage the outside of my pussy while his thumb found my clit and began rubbing circles carefully around it, as if touching it directly might cause an explosion. In a way, he was right, because I was already close to having an orgasm, right there in the middle of the restaurant.

He squeezed my outer lips tightly together with two fingers while still rubbing my hot button, and somehow managed to slide a finger into my now dripping vagina at the same time. I've had a lot of guys play with my private parts, but no one had manged to use so many digits so deftly before. I lost all my inhibitions — even sitting right next to my best friend while we both were being entertained didn't phase me. I tend to be a very shy, private person, especially when it comes to sex, but the possibility that someone might come into the room or hear us didn't bother me. I just didn't care, I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

It was bizarre having a strange man masturbating me in such a public place. I couldn't even see him, the table cloth was hiding him from my view. I lifted it slightly, wanting to make eye contact with my new friend. He looked up at me and blinked. For some reason, that small gesture almost brought me to an orgasm. I dropped the cloth back down, and tried to relax. I was close to cumming, and once again Glen seemed to pick up on my condition.

I felt a second finger sliding in next to the first one. This time, he didn't hold back. He began thrusting both fingers in and out of my now sopping wet pussy while at the same time still stimulating my clit with his thumb. It was quite a virtuoso performance, and trust me, that comes from a girl who has been stimulated by a lot of fingers, both mine and others. I closed my eyes, trying to forget that I was in a restaurant, and let myself slowly rise to a crescendo of feeling. It was a slow, very relaxing orgasm that Glen extended by gradually slowing the pace of his finger fucking.

"Eat me," I heard Kim's voice next to me. I had almost forgotten she was there. I opened my eyes and glanced over as she slid lower on the sofa. I know that Kim is a very oral person, so I was not surprised to see her body stiffen and her hips lift off the seat a little bit when Carlos apparently began doing just as she had requested. I'm usually not a voyeur, but I was enjoying watching Kim get off. She was becoming more and more vocal, something I didn't know about her. "Do me ... do me ... stick that tongue in there ... come on ... faster ... faster."

Glen was still playing with my pussy, bringing me down from my moment in heaven one cloud at a time. With some disappointment I felt his hands finally move away from my body. I thought my 'warming up' was over, but instead I felt Glen pushing my knees even further apart. His short hair tickled the inside of my thighs as his head worked its way between them, replacing his hands. A moment later, I felt his tongue licking my slit. Once again he took his time, licking up and down the outside of my still damp labia, as if cleaning up my secretions from his digital manipulations before proceeding. When he was content that things were tidy, he gently spread my lips open with a thumb and finger, and his tongue found my clit with unerring accuracy. I jumped a little, then settled down further onto the seat, matching my horny friend.

He gave me two quick licks, getting my juices flowing again, then he sucked my nubbin between his lips. He might have looked like a kid, but he definitely knew what to do with a clitoris. I love it when a guy can flick his tongue over that most sensitive surface while at the same time keeping it firmly gripped between his lips. That combination of suction and tickling usually sends me over the top, and this was no exception. I found it hard not to yell out loud when he added an additional layer of pleasure by slipping a finger back into my hot, steamy opening again. I'm normally not a screamer, but I'm pretty sure I made a lot of noise as Glen's efforts brought me quickly to a second plateau of pleasure. He managed to keep me right on the edge for several agonizing seconds, before the sudden shock of another finger entering my anus pushed me over the top.

"Oh God, " I shouted, in a voice that I was sure the cooks in the kitchen could hear. I held Glen's head tight against my body as I ground my pelvis against his face. It was a long, intense climax that left me feeling drained, but very, very happy.

I just sat there, melting in a puddle of satisfaction while Carlos and Glen somehow managed to crawl back out from under the table while maintaining at least some of their dignity. They grinned at the two of us sprawled helplessly across the table from them. "Mission accomplished," Glen whispered to his coworker.

"I think so," Carlos confirmed. "Will there be anything else ladies?" he asked, quickly resuming his role of the solicitous waiter.

"Maybe a little ground pepper," Kim joked.

Carlos granted that wish also, then our two benefactors left us to finish our meal. Some of my energy had returned by then, and I realized that now I was really hungry. The food before me looked and tasted a lot better then. We sat, side by side, silently finishing our meal without saying a word. Finally I said to Kim, "Damn, that was amazing. Thank you very much."

"I didn't know you liked salmon that much," she joked. "Wait until dessert,"

she added with a nasty giggle.

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