Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, FemaleDom,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cassandra hosts a Halloween ball and finds her perfect conquest in a fallen colleague.

Cassandra inspected the costumes the slaves would model for the party tonight. Her Halloween Ball was a tradition among the Owners, each thinking hard, trying to outdo each other with the best-costumed slave. She watched as her sluts lined up to put on their designated outfit.

"Nurse, over here. Schoolgirl, over here. Bondage slave, here." Jessica lined up each slave with her costume. She loved ordering the slaves she trained around. She smiled as she saw the prize costume for the night. "Imp, come over here." The other outfits had clothing; the Imp had a tail, horns and a pitchfork to go with the body paint.

Cassandra looked over at Alyssa. "Is the pen ready for the evening?"

Alyssa nodded. "Yes, Mistress. The preparations you ordered are ready."

Cassandra smiled. She knew that Alyssa had carried out her orders to the letter. She was so good at doing what she was told. She was even better at making others want to do what they were told. That made her valuable.

Each slave started putting on her costume for the night. They stripped efficiently out of their slave uniforms. This time, they had collars that matched their costumes lying on the bench, but Jessica would have to put them on. A slave could not even think of taking a collar off of anyone, but a Trainer could. Jessica started with the Imp.


The Imp trembled with the fear of not having a collar on.


She sighed and settled down. The painting slave started her work.

"Well, I need to check on the dinner preparations." Cassandra said. She walked out of the room, envisioning her Imp parading in front of the other Owners. She wondered if they would be able to keep their hands off long enough to finish the show. She walked into the kitchen with a smile. "Everything going well?"

The guests arrived with their usual flair, introduced by Jessica and Alyssa. Cassandra chatted with each as they came up the stairs, commenting on their sexy and submissive slaves. It whirled by as usual, and before she knew it, they were sitting down to dinner.

Cassandra came into the room pleased with the way things were progressing. She walked to the head of the table smiling and nodding at each of her guests as they patiently stood, waiting for her. When she rounded the corner, Jessica and Alyssa pulled back her chair for her. She removed her large cloak, handing it to Jessica, and grabbed her glass of wine. "A toast!" Everyone raised their own glass. "To the fine costumes here tonight. May the best win!" They chinked their glasses. "Hear hear!" They all sipped at their wine and sat back down as their slaves pushed the chairs in.

Claire, on Cassandra's right, turned to her and immediately started in on the gossip. "Did you hear about Alexandra?" Claire said excitedly. "Can you believe it?"

Cassandra nodded. "I had to change the seating order completely. I couldn't have Tatiana and Sarah next to each other. They'd start a catfight before we'd finished the soup."

"Oh yes, I'd heard a little about that." Melanie leaned over from Cassandra's left. "Taking the collar. What happened?"

"Well, the 'official' story is that she had gone a little soft and let one of her Trainers slowly gain control." Claire said. "But both she and that Trainer are collared now, and they're both in Tatiana's pen." She looked down the table towards Tatiana.

"Yes, that's what I'd heard too." said Melanie. "The Council investigated, didn't they?"

"Yes, we did." Cassandra said. "And all of the slaves in Alexandra's pen had seen her prancing around in slave costumes months before the Trainer did anything. There wasn't any evidence of tampering with her mind. No drugs or other methods we have were employed before Tatiana collared her. Alexandra was weak and soft long before that. She was getting off on displaying herself in those uniforms. She'd even let one of her slaves top her." She shuddered.

"WHAT?!?" Both Melanie and Claire were incredulous.

"No way."

"She didn't..."

"Yes, she did. And so the Council felt that what the Trainer did was warranted. We can't have Owners behaving that way. The slaves would begin to expect things. Tatiana came in and cleaned house, so to speak. The Trainer had to be collared to be keep her quiet."

"Oh my," said Claire.

"Can you imagine it? Wanting to give up control like that?" said Melanie. "Why would someone do that to themselves?"

"Some people like being out of control," said Cassandra. Her face showed her disdain. "alex I heard is a great slave now." She smiled. "Maybe you can try her later. Tatiana brought her and her old Trainer, christy."

The Owners started milling around after the costume competition, looking for their evening's entertainment among the selection now parading after their Mistresses. Several had already decided on their slave of choice and had headed downstairs with the sluts in tow. Jessica and Alyssa watched anxiously from the Trainer's table, waiting for Cassandra to head downstairs. Their eyes darted from Tatiana to Cassandra and back, hoping that what Tatiana had told them was true.

Tatiana finally made her move. They saw her stop Cassandra as she was passing by and start selling Tatiana's new little toy. Someone had alread chosen christy, but alex was available and trying to entice everyone. Cassandra was obviously interested but trying not to show it. She turned several times to point out others she liked to Tatiana, but always came back to looking alex up and down. Cassandra nodded at Tatiana, who nodded back. Cassandra led the new slave towards the dungeon.

Once she disappeared, Jessica and Alyssa followed their own instructions. They grabbed the training bags and walked out the double door to the entry hall and the stairway. Jessica and Alyssa walked up the stairs with their bags in hand. They were known as Trainers, and they had free reign of the house. The walked into Cassandra's bedroom with a purpose and none of the guards bothered them. They closed the door.

"Oh god, I didn't think I was going to get through that." Jessica said. "I'm still shaking I was so scared."

Alyssa laughed. "Yeah, me too. Come on, let's hurry."

They poured out the contents of their bags. Items tumbled on the bed in a heap as they shook the bags empty. Jessica grabbed a small wireless camera and stood on the bed. Alyssa picked up a small wireless microphone and speaker and moved to the crack between the headboard and the wall. Each pulled the wax paper off the sticky tape and secured the devices hidden in their proper places. Next they each grabbed a container, popped in a small hose and pushed them under the bed. They threaded the hoses up between the bed and the wall.

"Done," said Jessica.

"Yeah, that was quick." Alyssa was breathing a little fast. She looked tense.

"Oh my god, Alyssa, what did we just do?" Jessica looked over at her friend.

"We're making ourselves Owners, that's what." Alyssa said excitedly. She reached for her friend, her lover, and gave her a big kiss. "What are you going to do with your first slave?"

"Let me show you." Jessica replied, and kissed her friend back. She pulled Alyssa to the ground.

Cassandra led her choice down the corridor into a private dungeon room. Tatiana's description of this new slave's skills ran around her head in excited little thrills as she opened the door to the well-equipped cell. She couldn't believe her luck! She was sure that alex would've been taken immediately. The novelty of dominating this once former Owner and colleague had her dripping with anticipation. She turned on the dim light and tossed the slave towards the table that dominated the room. She unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out of it towards the trembling woman, leering greedily at her spoils. The former owner looked so vulnerable in the slave witch outfit.

"Scared, are we?" she said. "You should be. I'm feeling cruel tonight. You need to be taught a lesson." She leaned in, smelling for the fear she knew would be there, that she longed for.


She grabbed the new slave's wrists and forced them behind the slave's body. Her nose was brushing the trembling woman's; she could smell the slave's breath. There was still the faint smell of fruit. Intriguing. Was it mouthwash? Body spray? She forced a kiss on the woman to find out if her mouth was the source. The slut knew her place and kissed back quickly. Cassandra knew that the former Owner would be getting off on this. She forced her tongue inside the submissive mouth of her chosen for the night, but she found no sign of the fruity delight that now occupied her mind. She pushed with her body and the slave stumbled into the table. "I don't know why you did it, alex. You had so much and you gave it up. It will be fun showing you just how much you lost," Cassandra said. She stalked her way around the slave to the top of the table and reached for the throat of her toy. Cassandra lingered a second, looking again at the collar. "alex" was embossed on the velvet strap in small gold letters. It chilled her for a minute to think of what this woman was and what she'd become. What Cassandra herself never wanted to become. She pulled hard on the slave's throat.


Her toy dropped flat on the table. Cassandra leaned over the former Owner, rubbing her hand along the sides of the slut's face. "Do you know what I enjoy about owning someone?" she said. She could smell the raspberries again. "I like watching someone lose control of their desires. I like watching someone give in when they know they shouldn't, when they are fighting against it." She kissed the bauble's chin. Raspberries. Must be a body spray. "Do you know what's going to happen to you? You're going to give in tonight. Give in to everything I tell you to do. Do you know why?" She licked along the slave's neck. More raspberries. It tasted delicious. "Because it's going to feel soooo gooood..." She raised herself up and drank in the submissive beauty. She licked her lips. "Soooo gooooood..."

Wait. That wasn't what I meant to say.

The slave raised herself up and kissed gently on the Owner's throat. "Soooo gooood..." the slut repeated. She lightly licked up to her mistress's ear. Cassandra could feel her skin prickle under the soft tongue. Little electric sparks ran up and down her neck. She could smell the raspberries again, and couldn't resist kissing that delicious skin. The slut reached behind Cassandra's head and pulled the Owner into her throat. Cassandra obliged with a long, twirling lick and an indulgent, sucking kiss. More raspberries.

Cassandra stopped and pulled back suddenly, feeling a little light-headed. Something felt wrong here. She put out her hands to steady herself. Her heart raced and her breathing was quick. She could feel her cunt juicing, ready to use this little slut for her pleasure, ready to teach her a lesson. That thought made her pussy spasm. Teach. She wanted to abuse this girl before her more than she'd wanted anyone in years. Her gut burned with desire and her pussy was melting her reason with insistent longing, but she still knew something wasn't right. She took a step back from the table.

The former owner sat up and turned to her. She looked forlorn, pleading, needful...

"No, no..." Cassandra stammered. She took another step back.

The new slave slid off the table and looked directly at Cassandra. She snaked towards her mistress, her hips sensuously swaying back and forth, dripping hot, mind-melting lust. Cassandra stared openly and longingly at the slave. Her pussy was quickly overpowering her will with desire. Oh, I want that, she thought. The slut kept staring at her Mistress, moving closer and reaching with one hand to grab Cassandra by the neck. The slave cocked her head and leaned full force into an open-mouth kiss.

Cassandra felt fiery butterflies in her stomach. A part of her knew this was not how things were supposed to happen. She was supposed to force kisses on her slaves, not the other way around. Her heart jumped in her chest and her breathing came in excited gasps. She tensed up all her muscles to pull away, but her pussy was screaming for joy and her insides had fallen down somewhere into the molten hot center of her cunt. She knew that she should do something quickly to reestablish dominance, to regain control of this situation, but her arms locked out behind her and her legs tensed as she rose on her toes into the kiss. She felt the former owner reach behind her with her other hand and pull her close. Cassandra felt the tension flood out of her as she melted further into the embrace.

The slave moved her mouth under Cassandra's chin, working her way down her Mistress's neck. Cassandra moaned, letting the pleasure wash over her in waves. Her eyes fluttered closed as the slave started lightly running her tongue up and down from the melting woman's shoulder to her ear. The slut reached over to the Mistress's strap and pushed it down to her arm. She licked around the top of the exposed skin, lower to the top of the breast and then sucked hard. Cassandra shivered and her cunt trembled. She knew in the back of her mind that she was in trouble, that she had lost control. Something about that made her even hotter, made her pussy even wetter. Her mind buzzed with the pleasure of submission, of handing over that control to someone. A former owner. That slut pulled down Cassandra's bra cup and circled the exposed nipple with her tongue.

Oooooohhhh, that feels goooooood ... Such a good slave. Such a wonderful slut to give her Mistress such pleasure. Sooooo much pleasure...

Something in that worried her again. Never before had simple touches, light licks and gentle kisses felt like this. She found her body giving in to the caresses the slave made along her back and ass, sending hot sparks up her spine to the base of her skull. Her heart thumped in her chest. Cassandra felt more light-headed as she arched her back to move her nipple into the suckling kiss of the slave. Her nipple caught fire when the submissive lips sucked it in and the soft tongue twirled it around.

Oooooohhhh, that was even better ... Such an amazing slave. So gooood. So submissive. So soft.

Soft. That was how she felt. A cold spear thrust through her mind. No Owner could feel soft. That wasn't allowed. Soft people didn't dominate situations, didn't dominate people. Soft people couldn't control others, nor could they control themselves. They were weak, compliant, obedient. They let others, the hard, strong people, force them, control them. She opened her eyes and found the hard edges of the room softening into pleasure. The slave kissed down her belly towards the top of her slick pvc panties. She felt the slave's hand slide the strap off her other shoulder. The bra slid lower on her chest. The slave licked across the top of the plastic cupping her melting crotch. She felt a hand on her ass, pulling at the panties.

Nooooooo ... Something's wrong...

She managed to stagger backwards, bumping into something hard. Hard. Controlling. Her knees gave out. She slid to the floor. She felt like a melting candle, the burning pleasure dripping hot wax on the slats of wood underneath her. She vaguely hoped that she wouldn't slip between the cracks as she felt her chest followed by her head flow to the ground.

I need to get out of here. I need to leave.

Cassandra tried to shift her body enough to stand up. She rolled onto her back, brought her knees up and spread her legs. Her arms flopped to her sides, not obeying her commands to help her up.

She giggled. Not obeying. Soft thing always obey. My arms should obey.

She shook her head a little to clear her thoughts. The world stayed behind, moving slowly. Her soft head and soft mind couldn't move it. She rolled further onto her side, then her stomach. She moaned with the effort.

I need to get out of here. Must be strong. Be in control.

She forced herself up on her arms and started crawling towards the door. She slumped back to the ground as her arms weakened. Became soft. She struggled to pull herself closer to the door. It was so close. She struggled further, reaching up to the handle. Her fingertips touched it, found it solid. Her hand grasped and turned the knob. The door started to slip open.

Out. Almost out. Almost in control again.

The former owner gently pushed the door closed. Cassandra felt the knob slip through her weak fingers.


She slumped back to the floor. She knew she was too weak, too soft to regain control now. She rolled onto her side, a tear falling from her eye as she cried her despair. A tear dripped from her pussy, crying for joy. She was so hot. She sobbed.

The Owner - no, slave! - gently pushed her shoulder, trying to get her to lie flat on her back. Her mind struggled to fight it.

I'm not a slut! Slaves are sluts. I'm strong, hard, commanding. Not soft, compliant, obedient.

Her pussy clenched at her last thought.

Me. Obedient. Giving in to an Owner. Oooohhh...

Her cunt wept with desire. She sobbed again, trying to muster her resolve. Her body rolled onto it's back. The slave reached down to caress Cassandra's cheek. She grabbed Cassandra's wrists and forced her arms to spread wide on the ground. She kneeled on the Owner's arms, facing down Cassandra's body, positioning her crotch above the barely struggling woman's mouth. Cassandra felt butterflies in her stomach and fire in her cunt. She briefly fought the welling desire to reach towards the waiting, dripping hot pussy exposed by the crotchless outfit that now sat inches above her face. She struggled feebly to turn away, to make the slave get off.

Get off ... Get the slave off ... Oooohhh...

Then the fiery butterflies washed over her mind and her will disappeared into the white hot flame buring through her now. She started tonguing her slave with long, slow, languorous licks. She was a slut now. She could feel it. The word boiled her stomach and made molten lava flow from her crotch to her brain.

Sluts don't have slaves. Ooooh. This must be not be my slave. No, not a slave. An Owner ... My Owner. Oooohhh. That's hot.

She trembled and burned as she licked and worshipped.

Worshipped? No, wait...

She felt hot breath on her crotch, hands fumbling at her panties, then a warm tongue licking along her folds, and the thought evaporated in the new heat rushing up her body.

Ooooohhh, that was soooo gooooood...

Her mind lit up as the she came hard. The force of it sliced through her soft mind. She groaned into her Owner's pussy and felt her Owner's legs clasp around her head in orgasm. That set her off again, hotter than before, melting through the cracks in the floor. She didn't think she could roll over again, much less sit up or stand.

The Owner (ooohhh, Owner... ) rolled off her. The blood rushed back to her hands, sending cold pinpricks all over. She shivered. The Owner turned around and sat back, facing her. Cassandra couldn't focus on her. Her soft mind buzzed with heat and pleasure. Her knees flopped over as she tried to adjust so she could track her Owner down.


Something in Cassandra knew that click. A sharp, cold bolt blew through her mind, letting her focus enough to see the Owner holding something in her hands. Cassandra felt her stomach drop in despair as she realized what it was. The Owner had taken her collar off. She was holding it by the ends, leaning in towards Cassandra.

Where... ? How... ? Slaves ... couldn't ... Not their own ... Owner... ?

Horror cleared her mind more as she saw the name on the collar.



She tried to sit up, flexing her weak, hot, soft, melting stomach and kicking her legs out. Her heart thumped hard again, and her chest heaved in and out with panic. She managed to get up onto her elbows. She felt so dizzy. She leaned to her right, lifting her left arm and bringing it around in front of her to support herself. She managed to struggle onto her hands and knees. She felt something against her neck. Something soft.

Noooooo ... Must be strong. Must be hard.

She crawled forward a few feet, feeling the collar run around her shoulder and onto her back. Then her arms gave out. She slammed down onto her elbows. She felt the collar run up her back, over her shoulder and slide along her neck. Her breath came in desperate gasps. She trembled with fear. A tear dropped to the floor. Her pussy wept with joy.

Too weak. Too hot. Too soft ... Give up. Give in. Let it happen. Ooooohhh ... I'm owned...

Her stomach flopped. Flame heated her pussy as it burned away her will. She was hot with shame at her weakness, her softness. She felt the collar slide down her neck and a hand slide over her ass, up her back to the other side of her neck. She trembled. Her breath came in expectant gasps. Sweat dripped off her forehead and landed near the tears that rolled off her nose and chin. Her head was hanging low. She couldn't lift it. She felt the hand reach around her neck to the collar. She felt the softness wrap around her throat. She shivered with anticipation and dread.


Oh god, noooo ... Not this. Anything but this.

She stayed still, shivering. Her stomach sank in despair and cold horror flowed through her mind. She felt her hot cunt dripping with need and humiliation. Fiery butterflies zoomed around from her crotch to her chest. She felt hands play along her sides and up her back, unclasping the bra. It fell to the floor, still trapped by her elbows. The hands glided down her back to her ass. She trembled and gasped with the ticklish sensation. They pulled her panties further down. One slid back through her sopping pussy. Cassandra moaned with lust and need. The cold fear was gone, melted into the lava flowing in her veins. The hands pushed her over to her side, then her back.

Her eyelids fluttered with her need, but she was able to make out the Owner unzipping her own costume. She saw the Owner pull down the teddy and step out of it. She saw the Owner bend down to unzip her boots and take them off. She tried to focus a little more. She needed something to focus on, to give her strength. She saw the Owner slide her hose down her legs.

Oooohhh, those hands felt good sliding along me...

No. Focus ... on something else...

Cassandra blinked a few times and flopped her head around, trying to shake it. She felt the Owner pull up one of her own legs. She focused on that. She saw the Owner unlatch the top strap, then the next one. Cassandra felt danger from somewhere.

Why is she stripping me? It should worry me...

The thought couldn't surface long. It quickly drowned in the lava.

The Owner finished unbuckling the boot and slid it off. She started on the other boot. Cassandra kept trying to focus on the thought that kept tickling at her mind. It sent little waves but all solid things melted in the heat. The Owner slipped the other boot off. She slipped the panties all the way off. Then she leaned down between the exposed legs to the hot cunt and started licking.

Ooooohhh, god that's goooooood...

Her mind forgot the tickle. Soon it forgot everything as she melted through the slats again.

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