A New Beginning Again
Chapter 1

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Where to begin? At the beginning, I guess.

My name is William; I am about 5ft 8 and 165lbs. Not bad looking but no movie star, just a decent guy that you wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with. William was my grandfather's name, we were buddies while he was alive. I have finally reached my golden years, I am 64 and retired. I spent about 9 years in the Army. No I wasn't a Ranger, Navy Seal, or Marine Force Recon. Just a regular guy that made the most of the experience.

The Army paid for my college and I had to spend 5 years on active duty after graduating. That was the 9 years. After I got out I had a job in purchasing and supply. I was an inventory control specialist for a little over 20 years and then retired at the ripe old age of 50. While at that job, I used my college education and the things I learned on my job to develop a software program for inventory control and purchasing. It was a big success and I sold the program for a small fortune. I also received a small percentage of all future program sales.

In addition my grandfather left me a small piece of land when he died, about 300 acres. A developer wanted to build a resort and golf course in the area and decided that my acreage was the perfect place to build it. He offered me an obscene amount of money for the property, so I took the money and ran like a thief. My grandfather had always said that piece of property was only good for raising snakes and raising hell on. I know my grandfather is laughing his ass off at the developer for paying that much for that piece of worthless high desert. All of this is to show, that money is not a problem. I can buy just about anything I want and everything I need.


My first wife was Mary. She was the sister of one of my fraternity brothers, Bob. Both Mary and Bob lived with their parents, just waiting to spread their wings and fly but living at home for the mean time. Mary was going with a nice Catholic boy at the time. I had come to pick up Bob, we were going to have a couple of beers. When I met Mary, she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. No she didn't really look like her, other than the blond hair. I mean Mary had that same voluptuous body. That same built for sex and drive men crazy body. An hour glass figure with big breasts and a great ass. God, I would learn to love her ass.

I was 22, young, dumb, and full of cum, and she was 18. I had just finished college and began my Army enlistment. Mary was a good Catholic girl dating a good Catholic boy, so everyone thought.

You see this good Catholic boy was already married. One day the truth came out and her family's world (and her's) collapsed. She thought she was in love and was devastated when she learned the truth about her Prince Charming. Mary's brother, Bob, called me and asked me to take her out. She needed to get out of the house he said. She was just sitting around in a stupor going slowly nuts.

First of all I don't like to be set up on dates at all. Never been on one that I didn't need a lot of booze to make it through the date. Second, my idea of a good time didn't include sitting with a girl all night as she cried about her lost love. Bob almost begged me and said he would pay for everything, even the drinks. Well now, free booze, free food and do a good deed too. I'm your man.

I went to the family home to pick up Mary for our date. Bob let me in and Mary came to meet me. I was dead meat from that moment on. Bob formally introduced us and she shook my hand. When I touched her hand I swear there was a spark that nothing to do with static electricity. From that first touch, that first look into her green eyes and that first hello with her very sexy voice, I was in love. I didn't care if she was intelligent, I didn't care about her politics, I didn't care about her religion, and I just didn't care. All I wanted to do was put my arms around her, love her to death and protect her from the cruel world.

It wasn't that I was inexperienced or unfamiliar with women. I was considered as something of a cock hound. Well my frat brothers always said I would screw an alligator if someone would drain the swamp. Almost right, I was something of a player. Lots of girls, lots of dates, lots of sex, and never got serious. Mary just knocked the wind right out of my sails.

I came to her house on a mission of mercy. This cool college man going to help show her that the world was still there and I left that night almost her slave. Needless to say, that night was the best blind date I had ever had. She was attentive, sexy, and very affectionate. I thought she was trying to swab my tonsils as I kissed her good night.

Mary allowed me to take her places and to be at her beck and call for 2 years before we got married. For the first year, I tried every trick I knew to get in her pants. No such luck, she was waiting for marriage. Every time I thought, this is bullshit I need to get laid, I'm leaving, she would show me a little more love and I was hooked all over again.

First I was allowed to touch her breasts outside of her shirt, then under the shirt but over the bra. Next I got to touch her naked breasts, then her knee and then high up on her thigh and finally her pussy but only outside of her panties. She would rub my hard on, but only outside of my pants. I was wrapped up and couldn't get and didn't want to get away.

Now, I was a guy that would date a girl once and the next date we hit the sheets or it was over. Always more women around and I wouldn't waste my time on girls who wanted a relationship first. Not me, pay up ladies, I have invested my time and expect to be rewarded. (I was quite an asshole sometimes).

It wasn't that Mary was frigid, she would breathe heavy, rub herself against me and try and stick her tongue down my throat. She would just allow me to do just enough to keep me interested in the game. When I asked her to marry me after about a year and a half, she said, yes of course. Mary decided that she wouldn't wait for marriage to make love. She then began to try and kill me with sex. She really liked sex a lot.

Well we got married and began our life together and I was in heaven. Sex every day, several times a day with a beautiful enthusiastic goddess. Mary being Catholic she didn't want to use any birth control except the old standby rhythm method. Now being constantly horny and in love and lust that type of contraception led to Mary getting pregnant after 2 months. Oh well, we both wanted kids, just not quite that soon.

I was stationed in our home town and basically had a 9 to 5 job and came home almost every night for dinner. Just as we found out she was with child, I was deployed overseas. It was my first deployment away from home and the rest of the bad news was that my wife could not join me. I had to leave for about 18 months. Mary was to stay in our small apartment while I was gone. She would have her family to help her and look after her. However I was able to make it home for the birth of our son, William Jr. We didn't get a chance for sex while I was home, but had a lot of cuddle time.

As I was getting ready to leave, a friend told me to watch my woman. I ask what he meant and he told me she had been seen at the local watering hole during the first three months of her pregnancy having a good time dancing and so on. He said also said she didn't always leave alone. I couldn't believe she would do that. The old adage "Trust but verify" came to mind and into play. Before I left I had a couple of friends that owed me a few favors to keep an eye on Mary while I finished my deployment.

I continued to call and write to Mary for the last few months of my deployment. Even made it home once or twice during that time. Mary seemed very glad to see me and we tried to make up for the lack of sex we had been missing. Well, at least I had been missing. I came back from overseas and again was stationed in my home town. My two friends, whose help I had enlisted, met me at our favorite watering hole about 1 week after I got home.

John and Ray bought the first round and we sat at a booth in the back. Ray handed me a large envelope and said "Brace yourself hoss."

I felt a hole open up in my chest before I even opened the envelope. Inside were pictures of Mary and other men. That's right, men, as in more than one. Mary dancing, hugging, kissing and pictures that were much more graphic and damning. My world just fell in on me. I began to shake and had to run to the latrine. I threw up everything I had to eat or drink for the last two days; at least that was the way it felt. Pulling myself back together, I returned to the booth. There was a bottle of Jack Daniels and 3 glasses. Drink number one.

"Okay, tell me about it," I said. I took a deep breath and waited for my world to end.

Ray started, "Just about every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Mary would show up at the Wagon Wheel. You know they've got live music on those nights. Well, it seems she became a special friend to the band, not only a member of the band but the entire band and the bands entourage. She would dance, drink and cuddle with the friends of the guys in the band. When the band took a break, she would usually go out to their van with one or more of the band members. Some of those pictures were from those times and on some nights Mary would leave with the band. I waited in front of you apartment a couple of times and she seldom got home before daylight. One time she left with the band on Friday and didn't come home until Monday morning about 5 A.M. That's the truth William and I'm just as sorry as hell about it."

Drink number two. I sat there and listened to Ray and felt the hole in my chest get bigger and bigger until I was totally empty. "Son of a bitch," I screamed. John waved away the bouncer that started over to our booth. Drink number three. All I could think about was my son and the end of our little family.

"What are you going to do now William?" ask John.

"I have to throw the cheating bitch out and try to get over this some way." I sat and took a couple of deep breaths. "Thanks guys, you are good friends. I know you like Mary and her screwing around hurt you too. I'll talk to you guys in a couple of days, I have to go home and do some house cleaning." Drink number four. I left the bar, jumped in my car and drove carefully home. Last thing I needed was a DUI.

Mary looked up as I came in the door and asked "Where have you been? Oh never mind, I can smell the Jack on you."

"Met up with John and Ray and decided to have a few drinks to celebrate my homecoming. We went down to the Wagon Wheel, you know that little dance place on 5th street."

Mary's face turned pale and she said "Don't know the place, I've never been there. I put you dinner in the oven, should still be warm. I wish you would let me know when you're going to be late." She just rattled on and on to hide her reaction.

Right to my face. She lied right to my face. I said," Don't worry it was just the guys, honey. We wasn't dancing or anything." Mary looked at me quickly when I mentioned dancing. "I heard they have a band on the weekends. Maybe we can go this Friday night, for a little us time. What do you think hon?"

Mary looked at me, I guess she was trying to see if I knew something. "I don't want to go to some smokey dive full of drunks. Let's go out for a nice dinner and a movie. Just you and I, Mom can watch Billy and we can make a real night of it."

"Okay with me. I thought you might want to go dancing. You used to like to dance and we haven't been dancing in a long time." Mary was having a hard time with my little digs. She didn't know if I suspected something or what. Now is the time to hit her with my evidence. "You know the Wagon Wheel has other types of entertainment too. I have some pictures here of other things that go on there. Take a look." I slid the envelope across the table to her.

Mary had a puzzled look on her face. She knew the Wagon Wheel didn't have any other entertainment. As she pulled out the pictures and began to look at them her face became deathly pale. It seemed all the blood left her face. She looked at several pictures and the blood came rushing back to her face and she was beet red. Mary started to sway as her legs gave out. She tried to sit down, missed the chair and fell on her ass.

"What? How did you? Oh no, oh god, on no" Mary kept repeating over and over for 3 or 4 minutes. "Please let me explain. It's not what you think." The typical bullshit spouted by every cheater in history.

"Explain what Mary? My loving wife being a whore and a slut. Is that what you want to explain? I only need to know one thing Mary. Not a long explanation, no excuses, no bullshit. What I need to know is why? Why would you show such a lack of respect for me, our family and our marriage? Tell me that now. No bullshit, no spin, just the truth. WHY? Quit the fuckin' sobbing and answer my question, you bitch. WHY?"

She was still sitting on the floor and sobbing almost out of control. I picked her up and put her in a chair. Mary got some control of herself and began her tale of woe. You have heard it all before. I was gone, she got lonesome, she just wanted to have a little fun and it got out of hand. She couldn't seem to stop herself. She didn't want to hurt me, she stopped once I returned home, and she would never do it again. Please give her another chance and let her make it up to me. Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit.

"Did having a little fun include pulling the train with all the band members and their friends, Mary? Did it mean leaving the house on Friday evening and not returning until Monday morning? Where was Billy while you were out whoring? Did you take precautions or did you stick to you Catholic ideas of birth control?"

"Billy always was taken care of first. My mom took care of him or I had Julie, next door, babysit for me. I would return the favor for her on the nights I stayed home. As for the men I made them wear rubbers except when I knew I couldn't get pregnant because I was in a safe part of my cycle."

"So you fucked them bareback. How about STDs? Ever stop to think that a bunch of musicians, who fuck girls all over the country, might not be the safest partners for unprotected sex. You whore; no I shouldn't call you a whore. Calling you a whore gives whores a bad name. You are just a slut, and a stupid slut at that."

Mary began to cry again and said, "I didn't think, I just did. I'm so very sorry William. I love you so much. Please, can't we get past this? I don't want to lose you or our family."

"You have got to be shitting me. You say I'm sorry, I love you, and I am supposed to just forgive and forget. Not in this life time, bitch. I don't see any way to get past this. Your disregard for what could have happen, your lack of respect for me and Billy has pretty much killed any chance for us. If you had just fucked one guy, one time, I might be able to get over it. That wasn't enough for you. You had to turn into a complete slut and do all those guys all those times. Fuck you! You don't deserve any consideration, compassion or understanding. There is only one way that your cheating ass is not going to be kicked out right now. Do you want to know what that way is?"

She looked up at me with a little hope in her eyes and said, "Oh yes, please tell me how I can make this up to you."

"You can stay for now, but there will be several conditions and requirements of you. First you will get checked out by a doctor for disease. If you are clean we will continue to live here, not together as a couple, but still in my apartment.

We won't sleep in the same bed, you can sleep in Billy's room. I couldn't stand to be in the same bed with you. You will cook, clean, do laundry and generally be a housekeeper. We will be sort of roommates and your duties will pay you share of the rent and your food. It goes without saying that you will take good care of Billy and be an exceptional mother. No more fostering him off on your mom or the neighbors. Understood?"

"Yes William. I understand and thank you for not kicking me out. I will make it up to you, you'll see."

"Don't misunderstand Mary, this is not a way for us to reconcile or get over this. I'm allowing this because it is what is best for Billy. He needs both of us right now. As he gets older that will change and we will have to see what happens then. Just remember, you are on a very, very short leash.One slip and you are gone. No more nights at the Wagon Wheel or anywhere else. Your days of being the life and slut of the party are over. Are you with me so far?"

"Yes William, I understand," Mary agreed.

"No contact with any of those assholes at all. If they call you, tell them to leave you alone. If you meet while you are out, you cross the street to stay away from them. You are to have no contact with them at all, no phone calls, no emails, no letters not even ESP. Stay the fuck away from them. They helped destroy my home and the only reason they will remain alive, is my son needs me here not in jail. Will you agree with these conditions or will you leave now?"

"No, I agree to them, I will show you I can be good," Mary answered.

"If you decide you can't or won't live this way, pack you stuff and leave. I will file for divorce on grounds of adultery tomorrow. I will use those grounds to get custody of our son and keep you cheating ass away from him. By the way where is Billy?"

"Billy is next door at Julie's."

"I am going over to get him. We will be gone for about an hour. If you decide to stay, start dinner. When I come back, have dinner ready and your stuff moved into Billy's room. I'm done talking." When I got back, dinner was on the table waiting for us. So started the first day of the rest of my life. What a fucking joke.

I know the members of the band were just having a good time. Some slag comes on to them and they did what comes naturally. The problem is that slag was my wife and in my mind they overstepped the boundaries. About two weeks after our new arrangement started, I made a little trip to the Wagon Wheel to hear this great band playing there.

I was waiting outside at the back of the building when two of the band members stepped outside for a break. They got a break alright. One sustained a broken knee and couldn't play the drums for several months. The other got a broken shoulder and he also couldn't play for a few months. He was the lead guitar player I think.

I prefer a good old wooden Louisville Slugger (as opposed to an aluminum bat) as it makes less noise when it hits bone, don't you know. No one was ever arrested for the attack. Seems it was very dark and neither guy could see the man that jumped them. Too Bad. So Sad.

Mary lived up to her end of the bargain for the next few years. She tried a few times to talk about "us", but I shut her down very quickly every time. I know I could have and maybe should have kicked her out. But I got comfortable, I didn't have to treat her like a wife or girlfriend. I didn't have to worry about be late for dinner. Nor did I have to get permission to go have a few beers or go to a ballgame.

After I got out of the service we moved to a house. I had my job in purchasing/supply making pretty good money. Mary stayed home and took care of Billy and the house. She really was a good cook and housekeeper. Our life was okay, not great but no fights and at least we were polite and friendly. Too bad, we could have had so much more. But the system was working as far as I was concerned.

The only missing factor was sex. I'm not sure how Mary would have reacted to my dating, but the situation never came up. There was no interest on my part to even have a drink with a woman, much less date. I don't know if Mary's cheating caused the way I felt, but I think it did. Oh I still looked at a pretty girl and fantasied a little, but it didn't seem worth the trouble. I would think about dating, getting involved with a woman and then think she would just shit on me the way Mary had. So I was a sexual hermit. It was easier that way.

My 30th birthday came around and I was wondering where my life was going. This situation couldn't keep on forever; and to truthful I didn't want it to. Billy was about 7 and had accepted that his mother and father were not living like most moms and dads. He seemed okay with his home life. Our son was the best thing that came out of our marriage. He was smart, handsome, and very outgoing. All and all, a very nice boy. (I think he was an exceptional young man, but then I am his father)

The day after my birthday Mary asked if we could talk that evening after Billy went to sleep. "Not if it's the same old song and dance about getting past this or can't I forgive you," I said. Mary cringed a little at the dance comment.

"No this is something different."

"Okay, after Billy is asleep we can talk." About 8, Mary asked me if now was a good time. "It's you dime, start talking," I answered.

Mary hit me with something I knew had to be coming sometime. "William, I can't continue to live like this. You have been very good about not throwing things up to me. Overall, you have treated me very well. Better than I deserved. Even though my actions don't say so, I did and do love you more than anything or anyone. The things I did were disrespectful, stupid, and unacceptable. I understand and I really am very sorry, but I feel I have been punished long enough. If you can't forgive me and let us go on as a real couple, then I need to leave. Billy had adapted well, and I don't believe he will have any serious problems if we are not living together. That is why I have brought this up now. Is there any chance for us?"

"No Mary, there is no chance of us being husband and wife again. You have been very good these last few years. No complaining, no bitching, and have lived up to your part of the bargain. You made one slip when you received and answered an email from one of those assholes about 2 years ago, but that was all that happened. At least as far as I know."

"You are really a good woman, Mary. I guess you just lost you way back then, but I just can't get over what you did. I forgive you but I can't forget. That is the problem. Every time I would begin to forget, I would see you dancing in the kitchen or putting on something a little sexy or any number of little things and I would see those pictures again. I destroyed those pictures a couple of years ago. Thought it might help, but no such luck. They are imprinted on my mind. It would nice if we could go on, but this is about the best I can do. So what are you going to do?"

With tears in her eyes Mary said "I guess you need to file for divorce and let's get on with our lives."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I will see the attorney tomorrow and start the paper work. This is a no fault state so a reason is not necessary. There will be no mention of adultery. Okay?"

The divorce went through in record time. I let Mary keep the house and most of the money in the checking/saving accounts. We shared custody of Billy. I paid Mary child support and though I didn't have to I gave her a small amount of alimony. I saw my son every weekend and a month at a time during the summer. We also worked out a schedule concerning holidays. Mary and I are probably better friends now than when we were married. A common ground is shared in our son and it's better for the boy if we don't fight or attack each.

Mary met a good man and got married about 2 years after our divorce. I liked the guy and he is a good step-father for Billy. About the same time that she remarried, I sold the software I talked about earlier. One month after that windfall, I sold the property my grandfather had left me. I was squatting in tall cotton. Lots of money, but no one to really share it with. I decided the Midwest had lost its' appeal for me and moved to the west coast.

I met and fell in lust with a delightful lady name Cindy. We got along very well. She and I enjoyed a lot of the same things and each other. Cindy knew about my ex-wife and the breakup of our marriage. She also knew about my son and how much I missed him. We decided to move in together, we were together every night and it seemed the smart thing to do.

Living on the west coast, I only got to see my son during the summers. Billy was just about to start high school when I got a call from Mary. She told me Billy and his step-father had begun to butt heads more and more. Our son was and is a head strong young man and he rebelled a little at the disciple of his step-father. Mary would sometimes give in to Billy and step around her husband. I guess she felt a little guilty and was trying to make it up to the boy. You cannot do that. Kids, especially our son, will take any advantage that they can get. Mary asked me if Billy could come and live with me. I told Cindy about Mary's request and her only comment was which room should she get ready

I called Mary back the next day."How quick can you get him here? I was going to talk to you about that very thing next month, after I got back from my annual fishing trip with John and Ray." (Remember them?) "I will send you a check for his airfare and you put him on the first plane, he can go fishing with us." Billy arrived five days later and went fishing with his old dad.

Billy moved in with us, started and finished high school. He did pretty good living with us. Cindy and I presented a united front, so his little plans and schemes didn't work very well. After finishing high school Billy enlisted in the Navy and became his own man.

Cindy and I didn't survive his leaving. I think we only stayed together as long as we did because she loved Billy too. We are still friends to this day. She has met and married a very nice guy. I like him and strange as it sounds, he and I play golf and go fishing together. No talk about Cindy is allowed.

So here I am lots of money and no one to share it with. Oh well,

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