Snowed In
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A raging blizzard brings about some unexpected surprises

It was just before the holidays began. I'd come home from school for a two week visit, it had been several months since I had and was looking forward to it. Both of my older sisters would be there as well, neither of which I had seen in a couple of years now. Mandy lived on the east coast where she worked for a large publishing firm. Never married, she preferred the carefree life style and independence she enjoyed working and living there. She'd always been that way though, and I often wondered if she ever would get married.

There was four years between each of us, for whatever reason mom and dad had purposely spaced things out. Unfortunately because of it, I'd never gotten very close to my eldest sister Collette. She almost felt more like a cousin or an aunt even rather than my sister, and growing up we'd had very little to do with one another. Unlike Mandy, she had gotten married straight out of high school, married to an idiot as I thought of him anyway, which proved itself out as her marriage had lasted only three years. Luckily they hadn't had any children, though we later found out ... she couldn't.

Now Collette worked on the West coast at one of those wild-life preserves, something she enjoyed doing, but which kept her busy and usually unable to spend a lot of time away from her job, let alone coming home for a visit. The fact that both of them would in fact be coming home this year was cause for celebration.

It's funny how people can change so drastically in such a short period of time too. Something I noticed after coming home, walking into the family room and seeing them both again after such a long period of time.

I was only ten when Collette got married and moved out. Only seeing her once or twice a year after that, if that ... what I remembered the most about her was her being very reserved, quiet and plain looking. Not that she wasn't attractive, she was, but Collette never dressed provocatively, or in such a way that would show off much of her magnificent body. Large breasted just as mom and Mandy was, a trait that obviously ran in the family, I had never even seen her naked, not once, unlike my other sister who I'd accidentally, (though sometimes purposely) had walked in on while she lived there.

When I greeted her again now for the first time in over two years, it was like meeting a stranger for the first time. Her hair was much longer now, wearing it in a sexy little ponytail, streaked with highlights of blonde running through it, she looked totally different from how I'd ever seen her before. The fact she was also wearing makeup, though it certainly wasn't overdone was another nice addition. Her "plain Jane" look was long gone. Now she looked every bit the natural beauty I'd always guessed her to be.

Mandy on the other hand had always been the wild one, or wilder than Collette had been anyway. More like me, she was outgoing, had a bubbly personality and tended to push the envelope when growing up, always wearing clothes, or trying to at least, that would have mom and dad sending her back to her room to change. I once asked her why she did that, if she knew mom and dad weren't going to allow her to go out in some of the things she wore, "Why did she keep trying to wear them and aggravating them so much?"

She had laughed at that, sharing with me her secret, "Because I know they're not going to let me go out wearing what I am, and so when I change into something else not quite as revealing, they see it as a compromise, and usually allow me to wear that. Which is what I wanted to wear in the first place!" she said grinning at me.

Now seeing Mandy again, it was almost as though the two of them had changed roles if not personalities. Mandy had cut her long blonde hair short, it was still sassy looking, but "easier to care for," as she put it. Even coming home for a visit on holiday, she was still dressed demurely; unlike I recalled seeing her in the past. She wore a business like white blouse, a skirt that fell all the way to the knee, clothing she wouldn't have been caught dead in just a few years ago.

After exchanging hugs and kisses all around, we settled down in front of a nice warm fire that dad had started. We sat sipping a nice Port that dad had purchased just for the occasion while mom tended to the dinner she was preparing for our first evening home together after so many years.

As the evening wore on, so did the raging storm outside begin to escalate. The weather reports earlier had indicated it was going to be a bad one, and it was. It's not often you get thunder and lightning with a snowstorm, but we were getting that in spades. Twice now the lights had flickered nearly going off, an indication we were in for a bad one before the night was over.

After dinner was over and everything cleaned up and put away, dad worriedly suggested we stack plenty of wood by the fire in the event we needed it for heat. In addition to that, mom gathered up a bunch of candles and a couple of flashlights along with some extra blankets in the event we did lose power. With the flashlights at least, we could find our way to the bathroom upstairs, or downstairs where our old bedrooms were, though I was the only one who could still claim having one. The "girls" room as we'd once called it, had long since been turned into more of a study where dad very often worked or puttered around these days. It was because of that, that the sleeping arrangements had quite naturally been modified in order to accommodate my sisters. Still having my own bed downstairs in the basement, the girls were forced to share the hideaway bed in the living room, though they would have the fire to keep them both warm during the night.

As it was getting late, mom and dad eventually said their goodnights and headed upstairs off to bed. As the three of us were wont to do however, we decided to stay up, catching up, and simply enjoying the eerie beauty of the storm as it continued to intensify. The thunder and lightning was becoming more and more frequent, and it was evident it was going to get worse before it got better.

"Maybe we'd better get ready for bed while we still have light to see by," Collette had suggested. "Brian? Can we use your bedroom to change in at least?" We'd already taken most of their luggage downstairs into my room anyway, so I'd pretty much figured out the three of us would be sharing it in a way. Which is when I also remembered dad had taken the door off, as he'd just recently repainted my bedroom. The door was still sitting off the hinges in the hallway, and hadn't been put back on yet, which I then informed them about.

"While you two get ready for bed, I'll stack a bit more wood by the fire for you in case you get cold later on," I suggested.

"Thanks!" Collette told me, reaching over to ruffle my hair, which I'd allowed to grow a bit longer than I'd normally worn it in the past too. Even as she did that, I felt like the same young kid again I'd always felt whenever I was around my eldest sister. I'd filled out however, bulking up considerably since the last time she'd seen me. Played a lot of tennis, worked out, and stayed in pretty good shape, something that didn't go unnoticed either as she looked at me. It was an odd look, something I hadn't seen come from her before as she seemed to realize I wasn't that same ungainly kid I'd once been.

"How about you pour us a bit more of that Port too?" she then asked, "Unless you're ready to go to bed," she asked me.

"Not tired yet," I told them both. "Unless you two are. I'd sort of like to stay up and keep an eye on the storm," I freely admitted. Down stairs in my room with no windows I wouldn't be able to see it, and lightning had always fascinated me growing up, especially when it was also snowing. And at the moment, it had turned into a virtual blizzard outside. The snow was coming down so fast it had created a near total whiteout, and with the addition of the lightning periodically lighting things up, it had given it a surrealistic beauty. Though neither one of my sisters saw it that way. Unlike me, they'd always been afraid of it, and by the looks on their respective faces, that hadn't changed.

"I wish it would stop," Mandy said worriedly.

"Sorry sis, by the looks of things, I'd say we're in for a long night!" I informed her as I began stacking a bit more wood by the fire. "But, I'll stay up with you two for a while and make sure you're ok," I told them both. With that, they headed downstairs to change while I stoked the fire, and poured us each another Port.

Sure enough, they'd only been downstairs less than a minute when an enormous clap of thunder and almost simultaneous lightning hit pretty closely nearby. The lights didn't even flicker, they just went out. Had it not been for the fire in the room, I wouldn't have been able to see anything. Seconds later, the sound of my sister's calling up to me from the darkness of the basement alerted me to the fact they couldn't see at all.

"Brian? Brian? We're blind down here! Can you bring us down a light?" They both called up asking me.

I laughed to myself, they should have taken the other flashlight with them like mom and dad had when they'd gone upstairs to bed earlier. Turning it on, I began making my way down into the darkness of the basement. Reaching the hallway, the mischievous side of me came out. It had been years since I had scared either one of them, something I was prone to do in the past, always jumping out at them out of nowhere, scaring the BeJeasus out of them whenever I did that. Far more familiar with my surroundings than they were, I turned off the flashlight, now standing in darkness so complete that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Quietly I felt along the wall as I approached my bedroom down the hall, once again hearing them call out. The effect of which merely alerted me as to how close I was getting.

"Damn it Brian? Where are you?" Mandy called out obviously worried and somewhat afraid.

The timing couldn't have been any more perfect. As I felt along the wall, and had now found the open doorway into my room, I stood there and flicked on the flashlight, just as another tremendous thundering boom shook the house, lightning so bright that it had filtered all the way down the stairs from behind me. Several things seemed to happen all at once.

For one, I stood there in the doorway backlit briefly from the flash of lightning, my own flashlight suddenly coming on a second later. Seeing me standing there the way I was, not at all expecting it scared the shit out of both of them, especially when the flashlight suddenly came on a second after that. Like a couple of deer caught in the headlights, they both stood there, screaming in fright for a moment. But I was too stunned to move myself, not at all expecting to find what I now did. Though still wearing her skirt, Mandy had taken off her blouse and her bra. She had just tossed them down onto my bed when the lights went off. She hadn't as yet even located her suitcase. Collette wasn't in much better shape as well, if anything far worse. She stood in nothing more than a very tiny black thong. Once again, a sudden reminder to me just how much she had changed. And though it was only an instantaneous observation, it was a shock in and of itself to cause me to immediately turn off the flashlight as I stood there.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Collette cried out. In all the years I'd known her, I'd never heard her use that particular word before either. "Turn the light back on damn it, I can't see my hand in front of my face!"

I did so, nervously. "Sorry, I ah ... didn't know," I tried to explain, making as to enter the room and hand it off to them so they could have it and then dress. To my surprise, neither one of my sisters tried to cover up, each one now going for their respective suitcases in order to find their sleeping attire.

"Come here," Collette said ordering me into the room. "Point it down towards the bed," she stated as she and Mandy both tossed their suitcases onto the bed. I did so, illuminating their suitcases as they hurriedly began rummaging through them. Taking what opportunity I had, and trying not to be too terribly obvious about it, I stood there glancing back and forth between the two of them.

Like I said, they both had fairly large breasts, though that's where their similarities ended. It was already noticeably colder down in the basement now that the heat was off, which must have had some impact on what I realized were two pairs of very hard, very erect nipples on each one of my sisters breasts. And the fact this was the very first time ever that I had seen Collette's boobs wasn't lost on either one of us either. "Ah Brian? The bed?" she said once again. Inadvertently I had drawn the flashlight away from it, shining it more directly against her for a brief moment. She had slightly darker nipples than Mandy did, and they were also much bigger around, more like mom's were as I vaguely remembered seeing them having again accidentally stumbled into her once when she'd been dressing. They were thick and long too, much longer than any I'd seen, certainly longer than Mandy's were, though hers were just as equally hard. A bit pinker in color, with much smaller areolas tipping her breasts.

"I know this is the first time you've ever seen my tits before, but do you mind?" she actually laughed. Her good-natured kidding had likewise caught me off guard. Collette was more apt to haul off and smack me. Something she would have done in the past. Now she actually made light of it as I stood there redirecting the light as she and Mandy finally both found what they were looking for. To my surprise, Collette pulled out one of my old football jerseys from high school, while Mandy on the other hand had actually retrieved what appeared to be a pair of flannel pajamas. Talk about a change in character and personality!

"Hey, that's mine!" I said in astonishment. "I was wondering where that disappeared to!" I stated. But I stood there and watched as she reached up, slipping it over her head and finally covering up those magnificent breasts of hers. She then shook her long hair out, still smiling at me.

"At least it doesn't smell like you anymore," she continued grinning. "But ... it has been nice having something to have to remind me of you," she then added. And that made me smile, though I think my silly grin finally got through to Mandy as well as she finished unzipping her skirt, tossing it down onto my bed and immediately began putting on her long legged flannel pajama bottoms. In doing that, she of course gave me a bit more of a lingering look at her nicely sized boobs too before hiding them away as she soon after slipped into her matching top.

"Ok, you about through getting your jollies?" she asked me. I blushed only now feeling uncomfortable as I stood there, especially when she reached out taking the flashlight from me.

"Since you're down here, you might as well get ready for bed too," she said holding the light.

"That's ok. I'll just come down and get undressed later when I go to bed," I said fending her off.

"I don't think so," Collette informed me. "There's no way of knowing just how long the powers going to be off before it's restored. And I seriously doubt you're going to be able to sleep down here in the cold while it is," she said making me realize she was correct. "You might as well get changed now into whatever you're going to wear, and then we'll all cuddle up in the bed upstairs in front of the fire," she informed me. "So we can all stay warm," she added almost as an afterthought. Unfortunately, the thought of that sent a sudden unexpected lurch into my cock, and I felt it begin to grow. The last thing I needed was to stand there with an erection while my sisters stood staring at me.

"Well? You going to hurry up? It's getting cold down here!" she chastised me. Unfortunately, it wasn't cold enough. Not enough to affect my ever-growing erection anyway. I decided to hurry, perhaps if I managed to undress with my back turned towards them at least, they wouldn't see much of anything. I usually just slept in a pair of my tighty-whitey's, which I had on, and a tee-shirt during the winter. Having quickly stripped out of my jeans and long-sleeved shirt, I found myself standing on the wrong side of the room from my dresser drawer.

"Ah, you mind throwing me one of my tees?" I asked. I heard Mandy snicker.

"Why? Can't you get it yourself?" she questioned me, though she had lowered the flashlight, pointing it in a very obvious direction when she did.

"Obviously he's embarrassed," Collette observed seeing the same thing that Mandy was. "Or excited peeking at his sister's boobs," she now added still chuckling. Obviously, they were both enjoying my sudden discomfort and not about to help or make things easier on me. I did the only thing I could do, I squeezed between the two of them as they stood there partially blocking the way, my not fully hard at least erection pressing against the front of my shorts as I made my way over to the dresser, and hurriedly picked out a little longer tee-shirt to wear. Throwing it on, I had at least partially covered myself.

"Ok, so we're even," I told them both. "Shall we go back up stairs?"

"Not hardly," I heard in a half whisper as I began making my way down the long dark corridor.

Still giggling, my sister's followed me as I led the way back up the stairs and into the living room. It was considerably warmer upstairs thanks to the fire, and they quickly jumped into the bed for some additional warmth as I quickly attended the fireplace.

"Get our drinks?" Mandy asked as I turned around, though her eyes as I noticed where once again drawn down towards my groin. I took a moment to pull down my tee-shirt, which had hiked up slightly as I'd leaned over stoking the fire.

"Seen enough?" I teased back upon doing so. Hearing them both giggle once again.

"You know, I don't think I ever saw you naked growing up either," Collette stated out of the blue. "But you were pretty young back then," she reminded herself. "Though I do remember Mandy calling me once and telling me how she'd just walked in on you while you were jerking off."

"You what?" I exclaimed turning towards her. "When?" I certainly didn't remember that.

"It was the week before your high school graduation," Mandy said jumping in. "I'd already come home so I could be there for it. Collette wouldn't be arriving until a couple of days later. But I remember that we were all trying to get ready to go out to dinner as I recall," she said as she sat there with a silly grin on her face. "Anyway, mom and dad were both using the upstairs bathroom, which left the only other one, the one down stairs. And you'd been in there forever already. I knew if you didn't hurry up, there wouldn't be much time left for me. I'd even complained to mom about it, and she'd told me to just barge in and shoo you out, that that would do it, as she'd had to do it to you before herself. And as you know, there's no lock on the downstairs bathroom," she reminded me unnecessarily. I'd managed to barge in on her a time or two as well, but I'd never caught her doing that either!

I was still stunned by the fact she would actually call her sister and tell her about it however as she continued.

"So ... with mom's blessing, I decided to barge in, embarrass you into hurrying up, getting out so that I could get ready. Only as I reached for the door to open it, I heard you groan," she said a bit sheepishly. I was glad for the subdued lighting in the room, I could already feel my face reddening as I sat there in dad's chair facing towards the now rolled out bed they were both laying in. It was then however that Collette burst out laughing, interrupting her sister's story.

"What?" I asked.

"The first thing she said when I answered the phone, 'I just saw Brian shooting off!' that's what she told me," she said laughing even harder. "And I said, you just did what?"

Now Mandy was laughing, making things even worse, which was all news to me. I'd had no idea she'd ever seen me doing that for one, but worse ... that she'd actually called her sister and told her about it.

"What do you mean you just saw Brian shooting off, I then asked her, and she told me. She said she had just opened the door, intending to yank back the shower door and embarrass you, except it was just at that moment you were nearing your orgasm. She could see you through the glass doors or course, especially since dad had installed the clear ones, since they were less expensive. Anyway, there you were, completely oblivious to the fact she'd actually come in and was standing there."

"Yeah ... just as you came," Mandy finished for her remembering. "I'd never even seen a guy do that before. Back then, I was still a virgin myself, so I'd never even touched a guy's dick yet ... and there you were, standing there playing with yourself. I almost walked out, nearly turned around in fact to do so ... which is when I saw it."

"Saw you cum," Collette pointed out purposely, giggling once again. "Sort of freaked her out that you did, which is why she called to tell me about it, ask me about it," she added. "The funny part of it was, Mandy was supposedly the wilder one, and yet she was still the virgin in the family ... were you?" she now asked taking me by surprise. I actually had to think about that momentarily, I'd been seeing a long time girlfriend at the time, but we actually hadn't gotten around to doing that yet. That didn't happen until a couple of months later after graduation, and just before Susan left to attend a different university than I would be.

"Yeah, I still was," I found myself admitting, though embarrassed as hell to discover the two of them had actually discussed all this.

"Anyway, I told her that was something guys did all the time, and that they tended to just shoot off in the shower a lot, and then reminded her to check first the next time before she used it ... just in case." Mandy made a face at that, even rolling her eyes in disgust. I just shook my head, surprised at this sudden openness I was hearing coming out of my older sister's mouth. Another loud peal of thunder and lightning reminded us all of the ongoing freaky winter storm going on outside.

The room was growing colder by the second even with the fire going, and I felt myself shiver. Collette noticed that I had. "Why don't you come over and slip into bed between us and warm up?" she stated. I'm sure the surprise of her suggestion registered in my eyes.

"What? You're worried about getting aroused again laying between us?" she asked teasingly. "I'm sure ... even if you do, as long as you keep the covers on over yourself, neither one of us will ever know."

"Unless he rolls over," Mandy teased back which sent them both into another burst of giggles.

"Very funny!" I said though I actually jumped up and hurriedly made my way over to the bed, slipping in between them, though I was very careful to lie there with my hands resting on my stomach when I did. We lay together there in the bed, no one speaking for several minutes. "It's been a while since we've done this," I said a moment or two later. "The last time in fact... ,"

"Two weeks after your graduation, just before I went back," Collette said remembering. "It was hot back then, during the summer, and we'd decided to sleep outside in the back yard just like we used to do when we were kids. Dad had even blown up the air mattresses to lie down on, though we didn't have our sleeping bags anymore, so mom carted out a bunch of quilts to make up a bed with, so all three of us could sleep together beneath. Only then ... you slept on the outside, and I was sleeping in the middle," she said remembering the specific details, which even I'd forgotten.

"Collette," Mandy said with an edge of warning in her tone of voice.

"What?" I said curiously. Obviously I had missed something.

"Collette! No!" Mandy almost shouted, quickly and worriedly looking up the stairs in case she had been too loud, and might awake our parents. "You promised!" she said in a much softer tone of voice.

All Collette did was laugh however at Mandy's expense. "Well, since we're already on the subject, he might as well hear the rest of the story."

Now I was interested, and actually scooted back slightly sitting against the back of the couch, especially as I stiffened, which made it a little easier to conceal as I scooted up. That however, caused each one of them to do the same, now sitting on either side of me as Collette continued, and as Mandy's face got even redder than mine had been.

"Just remember, paybacks a bitch!" Mandy threatened, though Collette didn't seem to worry too much about the threat or take it very seriously.

"Go on!" I urged her now, suddenly excited, though I still had no idea yet as to where she was going with this.

"Well, it was because she'd walked in on you jerking yourself in the shower that we got into the subject of masturbation. You see ... up until then, Mandy never had, well ... not really anyway. Never to the point of orgasm yet at least."

"You're kidding me!" I said looking over at my sister. "You'd never masturbated?"

Though obviously embarrassed by this turn of events and sudden revelation, she admitted that she hadn't. "I always thought it was wrong," she told me candidly, "Until Collette, informed me that she did it all the time, and had been for years!"

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, also a bit too loudly catching a warning look from each of my sisters.

"Shh, be quiet, unless you don't want to hear the rest of it," Collette now said.

I didn't even realize I had my hand on my cock until then, and felt the head swell even harder, as I fondled myself through my shorts before consciously forcing my hand away.

"So ... after I arrived," Collette began once again. "As promised, I told her I'd show her how to do it."

"Holy shit," I said once again, much more quietly this time, though she continued on without further interruption from me.

"The first time, she just watched me, watched how I pleasured myself. And then she tried it while I watched her. Except, I'd actually climaxed ... for whatever reason, Mandy just couldn't seem to get herself off, and gave up in frustration, which apparently is what had happened in the past, and why she'd given up trying to do it herself."

"Yeah, before ... I started to, several times. It always felt good at first, for a while ... and then I just got a bit too numb, too excited I think, and then all it was, was frustrating. So I eventually gave up even trying."

Sitting here sandwiched between my two sexy sisters wasn't helping matters any, listening to this sudden decadent discussion we were having like it was the most natural thing in the world to be talking about.

"So that's when I offered to do her myself," Collette said, shocking me totally, and I gasped, feeling my cock throb almost painfully, though thankfully still hidden beneath the covers when it did.

"No shit! You did? Really?" I said now looking back and forth between the two of them, but as I did that, I then noticed something else too. Something that at first I thought was my own imagination, but the more I looked and kept track of it, I soon got more and more sure of the fact that she was doing it. As I had been, even though I was trying to be very careful about it, I swore I saw a semi-constant, yet very obvious movement taking place beneath the covers next to me where Mandy was laying.

"Yeah, I gave Mandy her first ever orgasm," she said almost proudly. "And then ... afterwards, she gave me one!"

"Collette!" Mandy exclaimed once again trying to sound indignant, but the truth of the matter was, she was sounding more and more aroused instead. "So ... that night, when we all slept out?" She hinted, glancing over towards her sister. "Unbeknownst to you ... I got her off again while we slept out together. The whole time we lay there looking up at the stars, I was fingering my very own sister. I guess I should have known better," she added.

"Why? Were you ashamed that you had?" I now wondered. Surprised when she laughed.

"No, not that ... certainly not! It was because she bit my arm!"

"Bit your arm?"

"Yeah ... when she came," she laughed out loud. "She was trying to keep quiet, so that's what she did."

That whole moment came flooding back to me. I remembered that. Not that I knew Mandy had just had an orgasm, but that suddenly the two of them were wrestling around there beneath the covers, and that Collette had in fact screamed out when Mandy had in fact bitten her, though I'd never known the reason why. That episode had quite naturally led to another one. When I'd jumped in at Mandy's request, pinning Collette down while she tickled her in defense. I had gotten fairly aroused without realizing it at first, now sitting there on my sisters chest, which is when I felt her breasts suddenly grazing my rapidly hardening member. I'd flown off her in a shot, embarrassed, though she'd used that moment to pin Mandy down and begin tickling her back.

That was when dad stood at the window of their bedroom yelling down at us to shut up before we woke all the neighbors. We'd quieted down after that, and eventually fallen asleep. Though I had in fact lay awake for a considerable time, before jerking myself off, but only after I was sure both of them were sound asleep before doing so.

I should have known better.

"You were horny that night too as I recall," Collette said smiling. "You waited until you thought we were both asleep, though Mandy was. I just pretended to be, wondering if you might ... not at all surprised when you actually did. I remember laying there listening to you, just barely opening my eyes, just enough to see, still snoring as I did that. I wondered what you were going to do, almost laughed when I saw you reach over and grab one of your socks, no wonder you never put them back on in the morning," she laughed.

"EEEEUW!" Mandy added upon hearing that. "You came in your sock?"

I ignored that, and didn't respond to it, though I couldn't help but respond to Collette. I now realized the same movement was taking place beneath the covers with her that had been going on with Mandy.

"You're doing that now aren't you?" I asked boldly, almost instantly turning towards my other sister, "As are you," I then said seeing the surprised look in her eyes that I'd actually caught her doing so.

"Oh like ... and you haven't been?" Collette responded back. "I've felt your hand once or twice there Brian, I knew where it was going. And frankly, the thought that maybe you were, had been ... is what got me horny. That, and thinking about that night. Admittedly, I got pretty aroused when I felt your cock brush my breasts, I even masturbated a few times after that just thinking about it, wondering what you looked like." She now looked over directly at me as she spoke. "And after all these years ... I still don't know ... what you look like," she breathed hotly.

"But ... but you're my sister!" I stammered a bit awkwardly, yet highly aroused even so. The admission that she was, had been lying there next to me playing with herself, which Mandy had likewise been doing was an unspoken excitement. As long as no one acknowledged that we were, had been ... then there was nothing to feel weird or ashamed about. Now that we had however, it was something else entirely. Though why I could personally accept, and find it perfectly normal and natural that the two of them could touch and play with one another escaped me.

"Yeah so? You're my brother, Mandy's my sister, we've done this for years now, and neither one of us feel guilty about it, so why should you?"

I didn't know what to say, what to feel. "Ever since that night?" I asked curiously, still in a bit of a state of shock as I thought back.

"Oh yeah," Mandy said chiming in. "Especially that week that I went to California for a visit," she said grinning, and then sighing. This time it was in fact Collette that shot her a look. "Well! I warned you," she now added.

"Obviously, there's even more to the story," I said catching on. "What else have you two done?"

"What haven't we done?" Mandy giggled.

Outside the wind was really howling now, and though there had still been periodic claps of thunder, most seemed to be off in the distance now. Because of it, we were all taken by surprise at the sudden unexpected sound of one happening close by, enough so that we all jumped, though both Mandy as well as Collette rolled into me almost simultaneously. As they did that, each one of them came into contact with my cock, now sandwiched between them.

"Goodness, he's hard isn't he?" Mandy said collecting herself. I'd lost my ability to speak, especially as I felt my other sister's hand suddenly wrap itself around my shaft even though she did so through my underwear.

"Ok, that's it!" She suddenly announced whipping the covers off the three of us. "You two have seen one another enough times, now it's my turn!"

My only defense was the fact I had a thin layer of cotton briefs covering my stiff shaft, though the head of my dick was already trying to peek over the waistband anyway. There was also a very noticeable wet spot on the front of them which all three of us saw when she did that.

"Ante up little brother," Collette told me. "Lift up your ass!"

Without even thinking really, I did so. Which made it a hell of a lot easier for her to reach up and literally rip my shorts down away from myself. My cock sprang like a Jack in the Box, and stood there wobbling about briefly, much to both of their delight.

"Fuck me!" Collette actually said as she sat there staring at it. "That's huge!" She exclaimed.

It wasn't not really. I knew ... I'd actually measured it several years ago when I once wondered about it. I knew from what I'd read it was considered to be in the average-sized range, though perhaps at the top end of that. What it was however, was a bit thicker around than most, a bit more above average, which I think made it appear a lot bigger than it really was. Which made me think about that little warning in the mirrors that you see about objects appearing much larger/closer than they really are.

"No it's not," I answered back, though I was somewhat proud of the way I looked at the moment. I'm not sure I've ever felt this big or this hard before. And now, sitting there with each one of my sister's actually looking at it, fondling it, I was pleased ... more than ... with their reaction.

"Don't tell me it isn't Brian," Collette said suddenly sitting up, sitting Indian fashion on the bed there even as cool as it was in the room. Suddenly none of us were cold any more as things had suddenly heated up considerably. "I've seen enough hard cocks to know, yours is as big, if not bigger than any I've ever had," she informed me.

"Oh? And just how many hard cocks have you had?" I asked her somewhat teasingly, though curious about that now too.

"Never mind," she said simply, though she continued to sit there fondling it, as Mandy now sat up on the other side, joining her. Before I knew it, both of my sister's were sitting there, passing it back and forth to one another like it was a baton or something.

I didn't mind though, as crazy as all this was, it felt too damn good to suggest they do otherwise. Until she said:

"I wanna see it squirt Brian."


"You heard me! Mandy's seen it, now ... I want to see it."

"That was different, I didn't know," I said trying to beg off. "And besides, I don't think I can."

"You don't think you can cum?" She asked incredulously.

"Well no, not with an audience, not like this," I said honestly worried. Even then I was already starting to feel it lose a bit of his rigidity as we sat there talking about it.

"Would it help matters any if we did?"

"If you did what?" I said not quite sure I had heard her right.

"What do you think I mean?" she said, though Mandy had already raised her own concern on top of mine.

"You're not suggesting..."

"That's exactly what I'm suggesting," Collette shot back. "And don't tell me you wouldn't mind seeing that again either, you certainly thought about it enough, or so you told me anyway," she added revealing yet again another obvious secret, especially as Mandy's face began to blush even more furiously than before.

"You ever watched a girl masturbate?" Collette asked before I had a chance to respond to any of this. And hearing that, gave me pause as I sat there, my cock once again hardening, now throbbing as I considered her comment.

"No, I haven't," I honestly told my sister. I'd even once asked Susan to do it for me, but she had adamantly refused, telling me it was too personal. I'd actually laughed at that, I'd just eaten her for the very first time, I still had pussy smell on my face, covered in her juices when I'd asked her to do that for me, and she'd refused. "What could be any more personal than what I'd just done?" I wondered at the time, but again to no avail.

Rather than argue about it with me however, Collette simply grabbed one of the pillows propping it up behind her head, now sitting in the opposite direction from me there on the bed. When she reached down and pulled off my football jersey, once again revealing her magnificent boobs, I knew she had me. But when she likewise now lifted her own ass, and removed that tiny black thong, I knew then I was a gonner, already my hand finding my shaft without even realizing it had.

"That's better," she said grinning at me, though now looking over towards Mandy. "Well Sis, you gonna be a party poop? Or join us?"

Quick as a bunny, and before I actually knew what was happening, she had slipped out of her very unflattering flannel pajamas, and now just like her sister, took up a position sitting next to her across from me on the bed. For the first time, I actually felt like I was on display, had it not been for the fact that I was sitting there staring at the two of them I'm honestly not sure I'd have been able to do what I suddenly began doing.

"Hmmm," Collette moaned appreciatively, watching me as I sat there working my cock slowly up and down.

"Is that the way you always do it?" She asked.

"Sometimes ... yes," I told her. "And you?"

I watched as she half absentmindedly just ran her finger tips up and down between her split, while Mandy on the other hand was actually frigging hers, and none too gently either.

"And what about you sis?" I said turning towards her, watching her as she did that. "Is that the way Collette did you when she made you cum for the very first time?"

"Yes," she moaned audibly. "Though I've learned a few tricks since then," she added with a lusty tone of voice, one I had never heard from her before now as her eyes likewise took on an entirely different look to them. If I didn't know her better, I'd swear she looked like an entirely different person as she sat there working her cunt. Whatever inhibitions or shyness she might have once shown, it was gone now ... replaced by an almost crazed look on her face as her desire and wantonness took over.

When she reached over and actually placed her hand down between Collette's legs, I almost lost it. Seeing the look in my eyes when she did that, Collette smiled, sensually, erotically. "You like that huh?" she asked, now reaching over between Mandy's legs, her fingers now sprinkling little teases over her lips, tickling, touching, and gently rubbing my other sisters exposed swollen clit.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!" I moaned pleasurably, taking a moment to squeeze the head of my dick producing a very fat droplet of precum, which I now gingerly smeared over and around the hard swollen knob of my dick.

"Oh, that's nice! Do that again!" Mandy actually pleaded as she speared some of my sister's juice out of her pussy with her fingers, and then applied that to her hard extended nipples, smearing her essence about on them. Collette now did the same thing to hers, though after she'd done that, she took a moment to suck two of her fingers off, tonguing them as she did so rather decadently, causing my cock to throb hotly with the imaginary sensation of her doing that to me.

"So, what else have the two of you done together?" I wanted to know, my own words now slurred with sexual heat, my cock throbbing with each syllable as I hoped for a response.

"What do you think we did?" Collette teased me, her fingers once again working inside my sister's pussy, drawing my eyes to it as she surrounded Mandy's clit with her fingers, pinching it between them, and then pulling on it. Mandy groaned pleasurably, for a moment unmoving, lost in a world of her own.

"Did you eat her? Did you lick her?"

"Eat her what? Lick her what?" Collette came back with, prodding me. "Go on Brian, say it!" She actually demanded.

"Did you eat her pussy? Lick her cunt?" I said a bit more obscenely, enjoying the sound of it, seeing the expression on her face upon hearing the words as I spoke them.

"Yes, I ate her pussy, licked her cunt, and she did the same thing to me, in a sixty-nine," she said painting the picture for me. "And then after that ... we humped one another too."

"Oh God!" I moaned, my hand now traveling rapidly up and down my dick as I sat there pumping it, imagining it, all the while watching the two of them still sitting there fingering one another.

"Would you like to see that sometime?" She now asked. "Would you like to see us suck one another's cunts, lick one another's pussies? Would you like to lick us? She now asked, or have us suck you?"

"Oh fuck! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I announced no longer able to hold it back any longer. Just hearing my sister's words, seeing the two of them together, not to mention the sudden images inside my head, which she'd just created for me, was more than enough. No amount of willpower on my part could have stayed the inevitable as my balls tightened.

"Yes Brian yes! Squirt it baby! Squirt it! I want to watch you fucking cum!" She cried out pleasurably, cumming with me as I did, as was Mandy.

Thick, long streamers of spunk flew from the head of my dick as I sat there jerking myself off. I watched as it shot across the length of the bed, first hitting Collette squarely between the tits, then landing between them as I missed with the next powerful jettison. Correcting my aim however, I managed to hit one of Mandy's breasts, hearing her squeal in delight as I did. Only now the force and expulsion of my squirting diminishing, though again only slightly. Sitting up now on bent knee, I still managed to produce several more powerful squirts, most of which landed directly against my older sister's bare pussy. She had taken over for Mandy, now fingering her cunt herself, working it fiercely, adding a bit of my sperm to it as she did so, slickening her clit, teasing it with my spunk as she made herself come again, and then again.

Mandy was already spent, she'd had one long drawn out climax, and now lay panting on her back, eyes closed, though her hands continued to rub in and massage the copious amount of cum I had placed there onto her breasts.

For a long time, no one said a thing as we just lay there looking at one another, disbelief that this had actually happened in fact, at least for me. Collette finally came to, long before either Mandy or I had, and once again slithered back up on the bed towards me. My cock had withered down to less than half its size as she took it into her mouth and began sucking it, gingerly, carefully. It was a bit sensitive at first, making me tremble and jump, though I think it was mostly because of the fact that my sister had actually taken my dick into her mouth, spent as I first thought it to be. Then it began to harden once again as she continued, as Mandy now joined her, forcing Collette to share. The two of them now licking, taking turns sucking me, my cock hardening once again in a surprisingly short period of time.

None of us saw, or certainly heard the footsteps as they turned and silently padded down the hallway back towards the bedroom.

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